It’s finally here!

Yes, after months of planning FemSlashCon has finally arrived, with the first of the Southern Hemisphere segments having already taken place and the main day one schedule only hours away. So a few quick links to answer any of those burning questions and point you in the right direction of the various schedules so you can plan your day:

Joining Instructions – how to find and join the panels.

Schedules – the where and when with added time zone fun.

Paltalk guide – a quick guide to get you up to speed with the chat client we’ll be using.

If you’ve looked at the schedule and realised you have a panel conflict or some other obstacle that will prevent you from joining a panel, but still have a questions you want raised, pop that question in a reply to this post and if we have time the host will pose it for you. Wow, that sentence ran on for a mile.

FemSlashCon 2014 – Schedule


The schedule for this year’s FemSlashCon has been finalised and you can see all the times etc. HERE (time zone specific versions will be added in a few days).

Information on the panels, including a list of panellists, times and a rough idea of what we’ll be discussing in each panel will be added to the IDF website over the following month. So get your diaries out and start planning how you’re going to spend the International Day of Femslash weekend.

Graphics Wanted!

The International Day of Femslash and FemSlashCon are less than two months away and in order to get the word out we need your help. Not only do we need you to blog and tweet about the upcoming convention and challenges, but we also need graphics to help advertise those events.

So if you’re one of femslash’s graphics geniuses – I practically live on tumblr so I know how good femslashers are when it comes to creating amazing graphics – we’re asking for your help. What we need are graphics: all shapes and sizes, single fandom, multi-fandom, non-fandom specific or character-centric, the choice is entirely yours.

Please include as many of the following as possible: 19th July, 2014 or 19-20th July, 2014 (convention), International Day of Femslash or FemSlashCon and the site’s url:

Either e-mail them to or pop them into a reply to this post.


Femslash Fandom Poll


To help us decide what panels to feature at this year’s FemSlashCon please choose the top 5 fandoms for which you’d like to attend a panel at this year’s convention. If your fandom of choice isn’t listed, simply add it in the text field at the end of the poll.

The poll will be open until the 10th May when the results will be collated and the fandom-specific panels chosen. Then begins the real work of choosing, and approaching, prospective panellists, a feat that would be made much simpler with your input; so if you have suggestions for interesting panellists and, better yet, know how to contact them, please leave those details in a reply to this post.
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International Day of Femslash and FemSlashCon 2014

What would you like to see included in this year’s weekend of femslash celebration? Something new? The return of something old? Or a continuation of something we did last year?

Would you like to hep organise the event? Would you like an event you’re organising to be associated with IDF/FSC?

Let us know what you’d like to see and do this year and we’ll try our best to make it happen… and by ‘we’ I mean me, at the moment, until those loudly voiced ‘I want to help’ start trickling in :)