International Day of Femslash and FemSlashCon 2014

What would you like to see included in this year’s weekend of femslash celebration? Something new? The return of something old? Or a continuation of something we did last year?

Would you like to hep organise the event? Would you like an event you’re organising to be associated with IDF/FSC?

Let us know what you’d like to see and do this year and we’ll try our best to make it happen… and by ‘we’ I mean me, at the moment, until those loudly voiced ‘I want to help’ start trickling in :)

The next mini-con

New Fandoms

Date: 28th September
Host(s): ralst & dhamphir
Synopsis: A look at the new femslash fandoms that have emerged over the last six months, including: Orange is the New Black, Orphan Black, Wentworth and The Fosters. Plus the likes of Rookie Blue, Mistresses and any others ourĀ attendees may have discovered.
Times: Saturday: 19.00-22.00 (UK), 20.00-23.00 (Central EU), 14.00-17.00 (Eastern US), 13.00-16.00 (Central US), 12.00-15.00 (Mountain US), 11.00-14.00 (Pacific US), 8.00-11.00 (Hawaiian), Sunday: 2.00-5.00 (Western AU), 4.00-7.00 (Eastern AU), 6.00-9.00 (NZ)
Venue: FemSlashCon Main Room

Mark theĀ date in your diary, and tell a friend… and if you’re a budding graphic artist, how about creating a banner to announce the event?

The Devil Wears Prada mini-con

Times: Sunday: 17.00 (UK), 18.00 (Central EU), 12.00 (Eastern US), 11.00 (Central US), 10.00 (Mountain US), 9.00 (Pacific US), 6.00 (Hawaiian), Monday: 0.00 (Western AU), 2.00 (Eastern AU), 4.00 (NZ)

Location: FemSlashCon Main Room

Come and join in the fun at today’s The Devil Wears Prada mini-con!

Mini-conventions, your suggestions?

We would like to institute a system of regular mini-conventions to fill any gaps or expand any ideas that came up in this year’s FemSlashCon as well as explore new fandoms as they arise. With that in mind, we’re opening the floor to suggestions for future mini-cons.

Is there a panel subject you’d like to see given its own spot? It could be something new or something you feel needs more time or something to tie in with an event in that particular fandom or genre.

We can’t guarantee that every suggestion will result in a mini-con but we’ll try to cover as many as possible over the coming months.

If you run a site or community and would like to suggest a joint venture, please do, as we always love making new femslash connections (and recruiting possible future hosts and panellists).

Also, if you have a suggestion, include any names (contact details if known) of people you’d love to see as panellists for the mini-con, as tracking down panellists in unfamiliar (and sometimes familiar) fandoms is one of the hardest parts of organising any convention.

Mini-con: The Devil Wears Prada

The first in a new run of mini-conventions will be held on Sunday, 18th August by those intrepid ladies of the Devil Wears Prada fandom. More details will be available soon, but mark it in your diary now so you don’t miss out on what I’m reliably informed will be an amazing chat.

18th August
The Devil Wears Prada

Questions for our Panellists

If you’re unavailable to attend the convention tomorrow, but would still like to ask one of our panellists a question, please include it in a reply to this post, along with the name of the panellist and the panel in question. I can’t guarantee we’ll have the time to ask all the questions but we’ll try to include as many as possible.

FemSlashCon 2013 – Schedule


The schedule for this year’s FemSlashCon has been finalised and you can see all the times etc. here:

Information on the panels, including a list of panellists, times and a rough idea of what we’ll be discussing in each panel will be added to the IDF website over the following month. So get your diaries out and start planning how you’re going to spend the International Day of Femslash weekend.

FemSlashCon Fandom Poll

To help us decide what panels to feature at this year’s FemSlashCon please choose the top 5 fandoms for which you’d like to attend a panel at this year’s convention. If your fandom of choice isn’t listed, simply add it in the text field at the end of the poll.

The poll will close on 5/5/13 and an initial list of panels will be published the following week. As always, we will be including non-fandom specific panels as well, so if you have a suggestion for a craft/skill or other type of panel you’d like to see, please let us know in a reply to this post.
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Suggest a Femslash or Femslash-Friendly Community or Site

Every year prior to the International Day of Femslash and FemSlashCon we need to contact femslash and femslash-friendly sites to ask their permission to advertise the event – between three and five posts over a four month period – and see if they’d be interested in becoming part of the project. Every year, the list of sites changes, as new fandoms, pairings and websites spring up, and others close their doors. So we need your help to make sure we have an up-to-date list of femslash groups to approach.

If you know of a site that’s not included below, please pop the details in a reply to this post, but keep in mind that the site needs to be for adult pairings. If you’re the owner or moderator of a femslash or femslash-friendly site – listed below or not – and would like to give us permission, please do, as it will save us a lot of time.

The rise of Tumblr and other such sites makes this kind of collective advertising more difficult, but if you’d like to be kept informed of IDF and FSC events through Tumblr or Facebook or Twitter you can always like or friend or whateveritscalled our accounts and help to spread the word that way.

If you’d like to be on the advertising committee for IDF/FSC – we’ve decided to have smaller groups, responsible for specific tasks, this year, rather than one big group, to save on confusion – please drop me a line at

Femslash needs You!

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