IDF 2012 Big Bang Final Drafts Information

Dates of Importance:
Phase One Sign-Ups: 29th April – 13th May
Phase One Summaries Due: 31st May
Phase Two Sign-Ups: 1st – 30th June
Final Drop Deadline: 30th June
Phase Two Pinch Hits: 1st – 10th July
All final drafts due to mods: 11th July
All projects go live: 14th & 15th July

It’s that time, everyone. Time writers to make use of the last of the beta notes on your IDF 2012 Big Bang and prepare to turn it in. Time for artists to polish up your complements for the artists you were assigned to.

Turning in your final draft

All final drafts are to be emailed to internationaldayoffemslash[at]gmail[dot]com no later than 23:59 Pacific Daylight Time on 11th July 2012. This means the final copy of your story and artwork must be turned in by this date.

Once your final draft is turned in, ralst and ariestess will prepare your stories and artwork for inclusion in an International Day of Femslash 2012 site update at both Passion & Perfection and ShatterStorm Productions on 14th July 2012.

You will be able to post your stories and artwork wherever you prefer to post them as of 14th July 2012, but no sooner.

We will also post a masterlist on the femslash_day LJ comm of all of the Big Bang projects over the weekend. When that post goes live on 14th July 2012, please feel free to post your stories and artwork wherever you wish.

IDF 2012 Big Bang Story Summaries Due!

If you are participating in the IDF 2012 Big Bang and would like a complement, please head over here to submit your story summary information by 11:59 PM Pacific Daylight Savings Time on 31 May 2012.

We will be posting all of the summaries anonymously for artists to select which project(s) they would like to create visual complements for.

If you’re an artist and want to participate in IDF 2012, please consider checking out the story summaries when they go live over on the femslash_day LJ comm on 1st June 2012.  Also, if you know of any artists who may be interested in doing complements for these projects, please send them over to the femslash_day LJ comm on 1st June 2012 to start signing up for complements.

Thank you!