Graphics 2013

Now that 2013 is well and truly upon us we need to turn our attentions to preparing for this year’s International Day of Femslash and FemSlashCon’13.

One of the first things we will need are graphics, with which to advertise the event, and spread news of what’s happening to all four corners of cyber-space. So this is where you come in, at least those of you with a graphics-bent, because we need as many graphic submissions as possible, covering as many different fandoms and pairings as possible.

Graphics should include the title of the event: either ‘International Day of Femslash’ or ‘FemSlashCon’13’ and the date: 20th July, 2013 or 20-21st July, 2013, plus the url of this website.

There aren’t any set dymensions but as these are to be used on websites, journals, tumblr etc. they should be adequate for the task.

Please submit your graphics either in a reply to this post or to the IDF e-mail address:

How to Use PalTalk

This year’s FemSlashCon will once again be run via PalTalk (text chat only) and to make sure you’re all up to speed with that particular chat client ariestess has kindly put together a handy ‘how to’ guide.

Simply follow the link or look under the FemSlashCon tab of the website for all the details.

The Committee: Dos and Don’ts

From: Andy Sachs []
To: Emily Charlton []

Re: Fashion dos and don’ts


I TRIED to discuss it with Miranda last night at dinner, but she wouldn’t hear anything about the con at the table.

Miranda is fully aware of Seven of Nine’s attitude toward fashion.

I am dealing with the situation as best I can and decided not to discuss the con last night at bedtime either.

You should find Miranda in a MUCH better mood today. <smirk>


btw – Lunch on Thursday will be at my favorite Blimpies!  Don’t make that face, they have salads.  See you there.

The Committee: Dos and Don’ts

From: Emily Charlton []
To: Andy Sachs []

Re: Fashion dos and don’ts


It is vital that you stress to Miranda that the decision to veto her ‘femslash fashion dos and don’ts’ idea was entirely Seven of Nine’s. I pleaded with her to include the panel, but what can you expect from a woman who wears a lycra bodysuit with heels? What is this, the seventies!

I shall endeavour to persuade the Femslash Radio sub-committee to adopt Miranda’s suggestion, but the chairwoman appears to wear dead animal skins – skins! not furs – so I am less than confident of the outcome.


P.S. I am free for lunch on Thursday, but as I’ve told you before, I refuse to eat in the greasy spoons that you frequent. I shall send you a list of suitable eateries tonight.

FemSlahCon Schedule

FemSlashCon is just weeks away, so it’s time to familiarise yourselves with the schedule of events, to make sure you’re ready for the panel of your dreams.

You can view the schedule here: Further information on the panels, panellists and more will be made available under the FemSlashCon tab of this website.

We are currently in the process of gathering names and contacting potential panellists, so if you have any suggestions, please let us know.

In the meantime, you might want to read what the femslash characters have been saying about the convention:

FemSlashCon – 14-15th July, 2012

The Committee: Panel Schedule

From: Seven of Nine []
To: IDF Committee []
BCC: B’Elanna Torres []; Captain K. Janeway []

Re: Panel Schedule 2012

The executive committee has finalised the schedule for this year’s convention, and the details will be published on the earth website in forty-six point two minutes. Familiarise yourselves with the timetable and, should questions be unavoidable, please direct them either to myself or another executive committee member.

Panels that have been designated unacceptable are as follows: lawyers, lawyers and yet more lawyers; femslash fashion dos and don’ts; romancing the un-dead; how to put the butch back in your lover; femslash characters sing Elvis.

Unacceptable panel suggestions can, with the exception of ‘femslash characters sing Elvis’, be submitted for consideration for Femslash Radio.

Please be advised that executive committee members cannot be bribed, and all ‘presents’ – with the exception of the twenty-eight bags of blood and two severed heads – will be auctioned on ebay. The proceeds from the sale with go to the Femslash Benevolence Fund.

Seven of Nine

Alternate Reality Games (ARGs)

What if, instead of reading a story, you could become one of the characters? Alternative Reality Games (ARGs) allow participants to e-mail, tweet, blog, and interact in real time with other characters, uncovering clues and the story, thus creating an immersive experience that blurs the lines between reality and fiction.

Join the ARG panel at FemSlashCon where our expert will reveal how to use modern means to craft your fanfic into Alternative Reality Games (ARG) and Transmedia stories.  In addition to the panel, we are looking to form a group who might be interested in working on developing an ARG for next year’s International Day of Femslash. Plus, there will also be a segment on ‘ARGs and femslash’ as part of Femslash Radio.

Come join us and play!

Non-Fandom Panels for FemSlashCon

I know we all love to discuss our favourite fandoms and pairings, and we’ll certainly get to do a lot of that at this year’s FemSlashCon, but what other panels would you like to see? In previous years we’ve had panels on subjects as diverse as writing sex scenes, video editing and maintaining user-friendly archives, plus an assortment of themed panels, where we got to discuss a number of genre related fandoms. What would you like to see this time around?

If a particular non-fandom specific panel grabbed your attention at one of the previous conventions, tell us what particularly appealed to you about that subject, or if you wished we’d covered something that we didn’t, this is your chance to put it on our radar.

We’re in the midst of constructing this year’s convention schedule, so if you have an idea this is the perfect time to let us know.