FemSlashCon ’17 – today!

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Wynonna Earp
Women Behind Bars [Orange is the New Black, Wentworth, Bad Girls]
Superheroes [Any female superheroes beyond Supergirl, includes DC and Marvel]
Once Upon a Time
Fandoms on the Rise [what new fandoms are popular now or should be]
What’s Next [the future of femslash & plans for FemSlashCon 2018]

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As of December 2016, PalTalk removed the browser/express option for using this chat. At this time, the only options available are the downloaded client or the mobile app.

If you have any issues with PalTalk, please contact @ariestess via tumblr messages or twitter prior to the con or via PalTalk IM [also ariestess] during the con.

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