Non-Fandom Panels for FemSlashCon

I know we all love to discuss our favourite fandoms and pairings, and we’ll certainly get to do a lot of that at this year’s FemSlashCon, but what other panels would you like to see? In previous years we’ve had panels on subjects as diverse as writing sex scenes, video editing and maintaining user-friendly archives, plus an assortment of themed panels, where we got to discuss a number of genre related fandoms. What would you like to see this time around?

If a particular non-fandom specific panel grabbed your attention at one of the previous conventions, tell us what particularly appealed to you about that subject, or if you wished we’d covered something that we didn’t, this is your chance to put it on our radar.

We’re in the midst of constructing this year’s convention schedule, so if you have an idea this is the perfect time to let us know.

5 thoughts on “Non-Fandom Panels for FemSlashCon

  1. Crossovers panel “grabbed my attention at last year’s convention”.
    I started reading some crossovers television shows last year and enjoyed the stories.
    The panel discussion gave me some insight into why some of these crossovers were written.
    Also what appeals to some readers of crossovers was an interesting part of the discussion.
    I personally like crossovers that may explain something about the character(s) that the television show or movie does not while placing the character(s) in a setting different than the show or movie setting(s) of the character(s).
    I also like the use of an Alternative Universe in fan fiction.
    I agree that “AU is a powerful tool in the arsenal.” as bearblue commented in the panel discussion.

  2. I meant to write “I started reading some crossovers with characters from a few television shows last year and enjoyed the stories.”
    I would like to see a Crossover panel and a Diversity panel this again this year.
    I agree with this point “ariestess: For the most part, femslash is pretty homogenized with the usually tall, thin, white, young-ish women.” I agree with this point “ariestess: @stephanie :: That’s true. But if we want diversity, we have to start creating it, and then it will eventually become more mainstream.” Both of ariestess’s comments come from the 2011 panel discussion.
    I do not fit the discription of most of the characters in fanfiction. I read fanfiction. I am not an arthor of fanfiction.
    However, I can participate in this convention and hopefully bring another voice to the conversation.
    This can become a truely International Femslash Convention when a more diverse group of women participate in the convention and a more diverse group of women are represented in the fanfiction written.

  3. I enjoyed the Longevity panel and the discussion about why some fandoms are still around after several years.
    I can watch televisions shows and movies that I like over and over again. But this discussion gave me some insights into when fanfiction based on characters from some television shows/movies is still being read/written.
    I agree with this post:
    Gin Akasarahsmom: I think maybe like the “baby boomer” thing… the people who watched these shows are now to a point in their lives ‘creatively’ that they CAN write for the characters they grew up loving…

  4. I enjoyed the Publishing panel very much.
    I learned several things about getting your work published that I did not know about.
    I did not know about ebook publishing, MLA and marketing for example.
    I believe I missed the Beta panel, but I think both panels go together.
    I like the idea that there are volunteers willing to read your work and offer feedback that can help you improve your work. Spell and Grammar checkers only help me so much. A few of the mistakes I make in writing the checker catches. But the Beta reader can offer feedback that helps in other ways.
    I agree with this point:
    Gin Akasarahsmom: from a work in progress beta I want comments… why does she do this… why are they doing that… didn’t they do this earlier…Â Â from a final beta I want grammatical errors corrected and any rough spots pointed out so that they can be smoothed
    I would like to see the Beta and Publishing panels offered again.

  5. Some of these are repeats from previous cons, but possibly worth revisiting.

    * diversity
    * crossovers
    * longevity
    * beta [if it’s still wanted, as I know we’ve done it both of the last 2 years]
    * graphics / vids [if we can come up with a good way of doing the panel]
    * how to garner interest in small/rare fandoms/pairings
    * getting out of the creative slump [or did we do this already?]
    * where do you get your ideas
    * how to create and use effective original characters vs. Mary Sues in established fandoms
    * how to create an interesting world and/or characters for original fiction

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