The Committee: Dos and Don’ts

From: Emily Charlton []
To: Andy Sachs []

Re: Fashion dos and don’ts


It is vital that you stress to Miranda that the decision to veto her ‘femslash fashion dos and don’ts’ idea was entirely Seven of Nine’s. I pleaded with her to include the panel, but what can you expect from a woman who wears a lycra bodysuit with heels? What is this, the seventies!

I shall endeavour to persuade the Femslash Radio sub-committee to adopt Miranda’s suggestion, but the chairwoman appears to wear dead animal skins – skins! not furs – so I am less than confident of the outcome.


P.S. I am free for lunch on Thursday, but as I’ve told you before, I refuse to eat in the greasy spoons that you frequent. I shall send you a list of suitable eateries tonight.

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