Your International Day of Femslash Links

If you’ve posted a story, graphic or video for this year’s IDF pop the link, along with the fandom and pairing, into a reply to this post so that everyone can find it. All links will be added to an IDF Masterlist once the weekend is over and we have time to blink.

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8 thoughts on “Your International Day of Femslash Links

  1. Bionic Woman
    Fall From Grace – Part Two by Geekgrrllurking.
    Graphic complement by Geekgrrllurking.

    The Devil Wears Prada
    Voice Messages from Friends by WastedOn.

    Doctor Who
    These Are The Days We Live Now by ElizaJane.
    Video complement by crumpledquill.

    Anabasis by Crimsonlotus.

    Resident Evil
    Resident Evil – After Extinction, Resident Evil – Prison and Resident Evil – Arcadia by MissMonaJ.

    Warehouse 13
    Wish You Were Here by mysensitiveside.
    Icons, Graphic and Wallpaper complements by grumpybear.

  2. Bad Girls
    The Potting Shed by Christie.

    Bionic Woman
    Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death by Geekgrrllurking.

    Birds of Prey
    Taking Flight by dhamphir.
    Black Bird Singing In The Dead Of Night by Geekgrrllurking.
    Dreams by annebar76.

    The Bold and the Beautiful
    New Beginnings by Geekgrrllurking.

    Decisions, Full Circle, Darkness Falls and Reunited by annebar76.
    Witches Powder, Hunting Tigers and Running With the Devil by Dark Wyldchilde.

    CSI: NY
    Eden Ashley Chronicles parts 19-3 by EdenAshley.

    Cold Mountain
    Adagio by needled_ink1975.

    Criminal Minds
    The Rolling Thunder of Emotions by Prentiss-be-mine.

    The Devil Wears Prada
    See a Bear by Geekgrrllurking.
    The Blessing, The Blessing Revealed, The Blessing Received and Faithful part 3 (Complete) by Brithna.

    X-files, Stargate SG-1 and Lost Girl drabbles by dhamphir.

    The Facts of Life
    Common Ground 15: Absence of Malice by Slave2Free.

    The Gilmore Girls
    Longing With a Cherry Tomato on Top series: Mother…It Might Not Be Right For You, But It’s Right For Me by Nate.

    Guiding Light
    You’ve Got Mail parts 1-11, Gaily in the Night Wind Stealing parts 8-12 and Whither Thou Goest parts 10-13 by Geekgrrllurking.

    The Hollows
    The Bet and Gravity by mel.

    Hospital Central
    Come Back to Me part 1 by Cathy Bassler.

    Law & Order: SVU
    Holiday Short – Tax Day and Holiday Short – Mother’s Day by sunsetwriter.
    Flight Pattern by The Party After You Left.

    Lost Girl
    Aurora by Valksy.
    Hunger by dhamphir.

    Mass Effect
    Six Degrees of Separation Series Book 1: Tangled parts 15-19 by Firedancer.
    Rising From the Ashes parts 44-48 by Elizabeth Carter.
    Keepsake by EldritchSandwich.

    Gradation and Snapshots by needled_ink1975.
    Witches Powder, Hunting Tigers and Running With the Devil by Dark Wyldchilde.

    Once Upon a Time
    What Happened to Happily Ever After? by Geekgrrllurking.

    Rizzoli & Isles
    Deck the Halls, Words With LLBFFs and A Night at the Ballet by mel.
    Tortoise Interruptus, The Big Test and Gnocchi Night – Translated by sunsetwriter.

    Shortland Street
    Starting from Scratch and A Trip Down Memory Lane part 1 by ralst.

    Stargate SG-1
    The Secret Admirer by dhamphir.
    Contraband, Epiphanies, Phoenix, Glad You Came and Human Reality by Firedancer.

    Warehouse 13
    Apples, Twizzlers, And Nuts by wiffyscoob.

    Come What May and Hell to Pay by mel.

    Hunger by dhamphir.

    Redemption parts 1-20 by Del Robertson.

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