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This is your chance to submit a prompt – fanfic, fan-art or fan-vid – for your fellow femslashers, and hopefully see your prompt spark somebody else’s imagination.

Simply reply to this post with your prompt or prompts, including the following information:



Media type(s):

All prompts will then be collected together on the giant Prompts Page and everyone will be free to use those prompts to create lots of lovely femslash (they might always want to check out the 2012 Prompts).

Over the weekend of IDF and FemSlashCon a post will be made to this site allowing people to send in the links to their challenge response(s) which will again be collected into a giant masterlist.

Prompt responses can be posted to anywhere that welcomes femslash, but are also very much welcome on the femslash_day livejournal.

ETA: No RPS/RPF, non-con, dub-con or under-age etc.

9 thoughts on “Submit a Prompt

  1. Fandom: Devil Wears Prada
    Pair: Mirandy
    Prompt: First time.
    Media: Fiction

    Fandom: Law and Order: SVU
    Pair: Alex/Olivia
    Song: A Thousand Years by Christine Perri
    Media Fan-Vid

    Fandom: Voyager
    Pair: J/7 or B/7
    Prompt: Getting Caught in the Act
    Media: Fiction

    Fandom: Voyager
    Pair: J/7 or B/7
    Prompt: Futuristic Toy
    Media Fiction

    Fandom: Legend of the Seeker
    Pair Kahlan/Cara
    Prompt: Cara becomes the new Rahl somehow and to futher relations Kahlan and Cara must marry and produce an heir through Magic.
    Media Fiction

  2. Fandom: Rizzoli and Isles
    Pair: Rizzles
    Prompt: trying to find the right moment to propose marriage
    Media: fiction

    Fandom: Last tango in halifiax
    Pair: Kate & Caroline
    Prompt: “Any bets on who’ll be the first to ask us?” now that the equal marriage act is on the horizon in the UK
    Media: fiction

    Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Pairing: Buffy/Willow
    Prompt: Willow in bossy mode, Buffy enjoying it
    Media: fiction

  3. 1.
    Fandoms(s): Susan Ivanova/Talia Winters & Susan Ivanova/ Deleen (Babylon 5)

    Criteria: Ivanova leaves Babylon 5 after Marcus Cole uses an alien device to heal her injuries. She recalls her feelings for Talia. She morns the loss of the Talia that she thought she knew. She returns to Minbar and comforts Delenn after the loss of John Sheridan

    Media type(s): Fiction

  4. Fandom: Law & Order: SVU
    Pair: Alex/Olivia
    Prompt: Alex is worried that Amanda Rollins is getting too friendly with Olivia, while Olivia is worried that Amanda’s “southern charm” is charming Alex, a little too much.
    Media: Fiction

  5. Fandoms(s)/Generic/Original: Law and Order SVU: Alex and Olivia

    Criteria: Alex and Olivia have just gotten together and Olivia is introduced to Alex’s dog who she has named Benson because of her long time crush on Liv. And every time she calls out to the dog Liv automatically responds.

    Media type(s): Fiction

  6. Fandom: I am Number Four
    Pair: SixHart (Number 6/ Sarah Hart)
    Criteria: Anything really fluff or smut, really there’s just not enough out there. Only condition is that John and Sarah’s relationship has to have happened.
    Media: Fiction

  7. Fandom: Once Upon a Time
    Criteria: SwanQueen – Video to Ramble On by Led Zeppelin (preferably Anastacia’s cover of the song)
    Media type(s): Video

    Fandom: Rizzoli and Isles
    Criteria: Jane and Maura watch Once Upon a Time together and one of the notices the sexual tension between Regina and Emma.
    Media type(s): Story

    Fandom: Once Upon a Time
    Criteria: Set at end of season 2, Greg and Tamara kidnap both Regina and Emma and handcuff them in a room or in the mines together.
    Media type(s): Story

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