Questions for our Panellists

If you’re unavailable to attend the convention tomorrow, but would still like to ask one of our panellists a question, please include it in a reply to this post, along with the name of the panellist and the panel in question. I can’t guarantee we’ll have the time to ask all the questions but we’ll try to include as many as possible.

One thought on “Questions for our Panellists

  1. For: DiNovia in the Star Trek: Voyager panel.
    First, Congratulations! Second, I feel a lot of the authors from this fandom have moved on to other fandoms. Do you feel the same way? And have you yourself found another fandom that you enjoy?

    For Gin, in the Devil Wears Prada panel.
    I loved the concluding story in your Like series. You left it open for it to be continued, has anything come of that lately? Basically, are you working on anything new at the moment even outside of the Like series?

    For all panelists in the Devil Wears Prada panel.
    What time of time frame do you enjoy writing the most? Such as do you like writing fics that take place during Andy’s time at Runway (and extending it in some cases) or do you like writing stories within a year or two after Andy has left Runway or even longer since she’s left?

    For Christin Mell (Tello Films) in Creating Scripts
    What is the best tip you can give to aspiring screen play writers?
    Is there a particular screenplay writing competition you find more reputable then others?
    Or a ‘how to’ book you like better?

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