quietheartedfsc: Would our panelists please introduce themselves.

beachbum3668: Hi, I’m BeachBum

DiNovia: I’m DiNovia!

LemonOrange: hi, i’m LemonOrange (aka Adrienne Lee aka deBonheur – yes a name for each fandom. sigh)

quietheartedfsc: I think we already covered fav pairings in the earlier talk

quietheartedfsc: To what do each of you attribute the longevity of this fandom

Xenavirgin: It’s damn brilliant???

Xenavirgin: Who can resist the younger woman and powerful cougar motif??

beachbum3668: Lara, is right, but I think we have to give credit to the on-going fascination with all things Star Trek

TegansMuse: ROFL Xenavirgin

DiNovia: The strength of the female characters in the canon world, the continued work and visibility and support of Jeri Ryan, and the fans themselves.  Everyone on VJB is a family.  The group has been around and active daily since 2000.

beachbum3668: I mean with JJ Abrams doing his take on TOS it’s just fueled interest in a whole new generation of Trekkers

Xenavirgin: Well yeah there is the Trek angle too BB, lolol.  But I got into J/7 kind of despite that fact. never having been a Trekkie as such.

beachbum3668: Once you get into Voyager the subtext just grabs you

raiderL: Agree, it’s the Star Trek mystique.  Especially when it’s not always all about J/7!

Xenavirgin: DiNOvia:  Bowing, bowing, bowing…we’re not worthy!  How ya doing?


Otakugamer01: i was a trekkie, loved TNG but Voyager and more importantly Janeway captured by imagination

DiNovia: True, BB.  Even before Seven arrived, there was subtext between Janeway and B’Elanna and later, Janeway and Kes

TegansMuse: wait, raiderL there are non subtexty eps???

shaych03: it’s all about 7 – or Jeri Ryan’s portrayal of her, really.  Put her in a room with any other character and you have story potential because of what Seven really was – a catalyst for discovering human truths

beachbum3668: you bet. I have no idea if the writers just had no idea what to do with a female captain or if it was deliberate, but the subtext was there

Xenavirgin: LOL Tegan…yeah apparently the ones with Plank Boy, ewwwww

quietheartedfsc: as an aside if you’re Janeway fans check out her new series on netflix Orange is the New Black.

raiderL: Oh, not knocking the J/7 subtext.  My imagination just does the Klingon thing!

TegansMuse: double ewwww xena

DiNovia: Well said, Shay.

beachbum3668: Oh please! Do we have to deal with Planky this early in the discussion? Can’t we impose a NO PLANKY ban??

raiderL: I second the no wood zone

quietheartedfsc: many of us did that in our fic, Beach

TegansMuse: I second that BeachBum

Xenavirgin: That’s the beauty of fanfic Tegan, you get to fix those eps, by I don’t know, dropping a cow on Plank boy’s head. heheh

DiNovia: LOL

LemonOrange: lol re planky

TegansMuse: lol

DiNovia: That’s an image.

quietheartedfsc: *opening door and tossing the Oak head out*

beachbum3668: I still DO QH. It ain’t a finished fic until Plank-boy gets bashed a couple of times

MiddleEarthBarbie: Perfectly logical occurrence

caillean: LOL

MiddleEarthBarbie: 😛

Xenavirgin: LOL

LemonOrange: he simply disappears from my universe from early on.

beachbum3668: I do so enjoy writing him out

Xenavirgin: It was rather weird for me, as I got into the fanfic LOoooong before I bothered to even watch the show.

TegansMuse: LO that’s the best way to handle him

raiderL: ok we’re still talking about him!

quietheartedfsc: You know I waited years to watch the final episode. Now I wish I could still say I waited in many ways.

LemonOrange: lol

TegansMuse: OH right he’s been airlocked.  Back to the hot femmes

DiNovia: Never saw it.

beachbum3668: And you WATCHED IT???

beachbum3668: God, did you require drugs afterwards?

Xenavirgin: Yeah but QH, The ADMiral!!! You gotta see the Admiral!!! WOrth it for her alone. :0

quietheartedfsc: I fell prey to Admiral Janeway….I have a thing for white hair.

caillean: One of the best things about fanfic is you get to get rid of the characters you don’t like, send them off on a mission, lock them in a trunk, etc.

Xenavirgin: QH, **Snicker, heheh

TegansMuse: lol QH

LemonOrange: agreed. or make them divorce their spouse and hook up with hot Borg

caillean: absolutely!

MiddleEarthBarbie: Conveniently long away mission…

TegansMuse: LO that’s always the way to go

Otakugamer01: Admiral Janeway was hot…she could command me any day

beachbum3668: Hell, as many transports as he crashed, it’s easy to write him out in the first 2 pages…

quietheartedfsc: ^5 Ota

caillean: Hehe, that’s true

TegansMuse: you need two whole pages BB?

beachbum3668: yeah, I’d follow Admiral janeway long before I’d follow Captain Janeway

Xenavirgin: Heheh

DiNovia: Was actually contemplating a new fic that takes place post-last ep.  Would end up B/7 of course, but there’s always the sticking point of Chuckles.  Or Planky.  Whatever we’re calling him these days.

beachbum3668: Well, If you’re really going to SELL it you may need 2 pages

raiderL: Why not write him out when the Caretaker’s array trashed everything.

quietheartedfsc: AJ had that lil bit of extra crazy that’s so delicious

Otakugamer01: i don’t know Admiral Janeway and Captain Janeway at the same time…hehe

TegansMuse: OH Otaku you are bad 😛

DiNovia: Ooh, Raider.  Have him die but keep the Betazoid first officer.  She was great.  Briefly.

Xenavirgin: Oh Lord, jumping into the Threesomes Otak??

quietheartedfsc: I think someone wrote that fic, Ota

beachbum3668: I’d like to ask the other writers in here a question. Is it just me, or is it kind of REQUIRED that you have your own rewrite of ENDGAME?

Xenavirgin: Yeah  there are several of those QH. heheh

LemonOrange: Di: we could assume the break up attempt succeeded.

LemonOrange: i don’t think i

Xenavirgin: Hmmmm, rewrite of the ep itself BB, or the After it?

quietheartedfsc: Not so sure it’s a requirement as much as a deep seated need to make it all end the right way

beachbum3668: Rewrite of the EP itself

LemonOrange: oops – don’t think i’ve re-written endgame but worked around it

beachbum3668: writing it like it SHOULD have gone

TegansMuse: even though I don’t think anyone here besides LO has read me, I haven’t gotten to Endgame in my series yet, but I assume there will come a point when that happens.  so yeah… agree with QH a deep need

DiNovia: Since I refused to watch it and all my fic thus far has taken place before its events, I don’t deal with it, as such.

beachbum3668: I’ve done lots of POST_Endgame fics, but I mean an actual rewrite of the ep

Xenavirgin: Hmmm, no, well, it can be useful and I admit I’ve done…not that anyone knows because I haven’t posted that part yet… lol

beachbum3668: I mean we all hated it right?

quietheartedfsc: only a few specific parts, Beach

DiNovia: Yep.

beachbum3668: So what about taking a shot at doing what TPTB should have done?

LemonOrange: endgame itself doesn’t bother me as much as some of the other eps? like human error…

caillean: I’ve read you Tegansmuse, just not for a while.

DiNovia: Raider?  Your hand is raised?

LemonOrange: or unimatrix zero

raiderL: This discussion of how to deal with an inconvenient plot element/character.  How do you all feel about breaking from canon when writing?  Does it bother you?  And I mean totally disregarding episodes and creating your own take that changes the rest of the universe.

TegansMuse: Parts of it QH and it felt like it was a hey we’re at the end and don’t know what to do, let’s throw the two most unlikely people together and get them back to earth in 2 hours or less

Xenavirgin: Well, Raidr I always say, there’s Canon, and then there’s Fanon, and I sure get them mixed up a lot.

beachbum3668: I still maintain the Braga lost a bet with Planky.

TegansMuse: lol Xena I think I suffer from that

LemonOrange: as a rule i try to stick as close to canon as possible and work with TPTB’s foibles (to put it nicely)

caillean: It bothers me sometimes, but when the story is really good, I can go off in that direction with no problem, especially if its an ongoing story.

DiNovia: Oh, I love the idea of changing canon to suit my universe.  I haven’t done it successfully, though.  I had a great idea for an epic fic that had them crash landing on a class M planet and working out how to survive.

Xenavirgin: And Raidr, I really like the fics that go off Canon, so long as what is created still contains decent characterisation.

beachbum3668: Raidr – I stick with Canon as much as I can and if I need to veer afield, I try to keep it as close to what actually happened as I can.

raiderL: Agree XV, I’ll read just about anything if I like the pairing and it’s well-written

TegansMuse: For me since i write OFC, I stray from canon from the get go at least in adding my own flare and it probably just gets worse from there

raiderL: and adheres to their basic character traits

LemonOrange: lol TM whatever you’re doing w it, works

beachbum3668: Here’s another question – which is more crucial to a good voyager fic: characterization or plot?

Xenavirgin: Raidr, I suppose that might beg the question, is characterisation dictated by canon, or is it only the situational details.

TegansMuse: I agree Raider I at least try to keep the canon characters in character

DiNovia: writing against canon is one thing but making the characters OOC is entirely different.  I don’t like OOC.

TegansMuse: Thanks LO *blush*

caillean: that’s key, I think raiderL, if you recognize the characters and their actions stay true to their character then a lot of the other details are possible

DiNovia: BB: characterization, hands down.

LemonOrange: i don’t like OOC either

TegansMuse: I agree Di

raiderL: I think the essence of character transcends canon

quietheartedfsc: Characterizaion for fanfic, get it wrong and it doesn’t matter how good the plot is.

beachbum3668: So as long as we keep the characters true to themselves we can pretty much do what we want with them?

Xenavirgin: BB, for me it’s characterisation. You can have a great plot, but if you weaken the characterisation it can come across as a generic lesbian fic rather than fandom fic.

raiderL: Yes BB

TegansMuse: agree Characteristion first, but I’m not big on PWPs

DiNovia: Yes, BB.

caillean: I agree with that

raiderL: oooh, there’s a time and a place for PWP!

beachbum3668: I ask because i have received some flaming emails about my departures from Canon, LOL

quietheartedfsc: Not if you’re planning to kill one off forever.

raiderL: BB, really?1

DiNovia: Agree, Tegan.  I like to see some thought in a story.

raiderL: !

TegansMuse: well this is true Raider but as a whole I want some plot

Xenavirgin: Yeah, Raidr there is, it’s called Foreplay.  heheh

DiNovia: Can you give us an example, BB?

raiderL: XV, and I wouldn’t know a thing about that!

quietheartedfsc: Fanficers can get really set on how things should follow Canon.

Xenavirgin: Snort

TegansMuse: BB flames are good at least they were moved enough by your writing to send you something to heat your home in the colder months

LemonOrange: isn’t slash by definition deviation from canon?

raiderL: I think life’s too short to drink swill and get hung up on canon.

Xenavirgin: Good point Lemon

raiderL: Lemon, agree!

Otakugamer01: i don’t mind deviating from canon but OCC characterizations or off the wall over the top violence..yeah don’t like that in any fandom

raiderL: So why limit yourself?

beachbum3668: I got flamed for marrying Janeway and Seven in Decisions and Destiny

caillean: What also helps IMO, is having the stories true to the character of the show. Like, don’t turn an adventure, problem solving type show into a sappy romance. You can have an element of the sappy romance in it, but I like when it also has some element of the original style of the show

TegansMuse: I don’t know LO look at the subtext…. wasn’t that Canon? We just take it a step further

raiderL: BB, oi!

Otakugamer01: I love that fic

Xenavirgin: You married em both BB?? welll.

beachbum3668: Yep…got called some REALLY iinteresting names on that one let me tell you

DiNovia: Well said, Caillean.

caillean: Then again, sometimes, it’s fun to totally divert and experiment, and that can be fun too.

TegansMuse: Ouch BB

LemonOrange: agreed cailean

raiderL: def. caillean

TegansMuse: Agree with both statements caillean

quietheartedfsc: How often have ya’ll gotten flamed for a fic?

Xenavirgin: So in relation to the Canon idea, what do you all feel about crossovers??

beachbum3668: I agree. I mean, the series was set in space…in a hostile quadrant. They got into fights every week for one reason or another

TegansMuse: I personally like crossovers if the work together

beachbum3668: thankfully not that often.

quietheartedfsc: xv, love them if they’re done right and are plausible

DiNovia: Flaming for marrying a slash couple in a slash story?  How many times have we married B/7?  Crikey.

beachbum3668: Not that fond of crossovers

TegansMuse: and if the xover is believable

Xenavirgin: Yeah me too QH…like one of yours heheh

mandygirl78: I like crossovers

raiderL: Ask Jazzy about X-overs!

caillean: I think they can be fun and like you are saying, believable

quietheartedfsc: xv, I’ve a goal to cross dwp with everything eventually.

raiderL: And QH – both successes!

Xenavirgin: The Xover for J/7 that blew me out of the water was Blondes and Redheads xover with ER

LemonOrange: if theyre believable, sure.  dwp?

quietheartedfsc: ty raider

jazwriter: not fond of crossovers, Beach? *pouts*

DiNovia: I have gotten flamed for one story and it was an ER fic.  I never wrote in that fandom again.

Xenavirgin: Oooo Sounds like a plan QH. heheh

caillean: That can be a fun challenge too, to do xovers where you wouldn’t think it would work. that’s harder though

Xenavirgin: Lemon: DWP = Devil Wears Prada

beachbum3668: Not fond of Xovers…I guess I have a hard time suspending my preconceived notions enough to buy into the premise

quietheartedfsc: took a lot of thinking to cross voyager and DWP

LemonOrange: Ah. thanks XV!

TegansMuse: I’ve done SVU/Xfiles crossover…. and a little SG1/Voy just in the beginning to get an OFC where she needed to be.

beachbum3668: Don’t pout Jazzy – I like yours

tassiedevil7: please do.

MiddleEarthBarbie: Same BB, needs a plausible link somewhere

caillean: Tegansmuse did an awesome xover

LemonOrange: 2nd that re TM’s xover

caillean: oh yes, that’s the one svu/xfiles

Xenavirgin: Yeah QH, and ya did it Bril…and started a trend. heheh

jazwriter:  *blows kiss to Beach*

tassiedevil7: xovers are genneraly either really good or really bad

TegansMuse: Thanks Caillean You were my beta for that one!

TegansMuse: thanks LO *blush*

raiderL: success for a  crossover comes down to characterizations AND plot

jazwriter: QH’s xover is great

caillean: Oh, yeah, I forgot about that

LemonOrange: how crew 1 meets crew 2 is the part that gets me

quietheartedfsc: I know! All of a sudden there were all these stories with the same xover.

TegansMuse: lol it was a looooong time ago Caillean

beachbum3668: QH – liked yours too…sorry: brain fart

mandygirl78: Depends on how you use crossovers, the plot and chracterization makes ALL the difference.

DiNovia: I’ve only written one xover: B/7 and CSI:Miami.  All about that ridiculous computer they use on CSIM.  Reminds me of Astrometrics.

raiderL: keep true to characters and then come up with a compelling story – like a SG fic with SVU can”t remember name – interesting stuff.

quietheartedfsc: sokay, Beach. personal preference is never an issue for me.

TegansMuse: Oh QH I think you always need to start with how they came together.  No pun intended

beachbum3668: Well, if you start with Voyager you’ve always got the time travel card to play so a crossover with almost any other fandom is possible

LemonOrange: BB – thats very true!

jazwriter: Or Q interfering

caillean: that’s true about voyager!

TegansMuse: Exactly BB

Xenavirgin: Yeah time travel, an interesting use.

raiderL: Time travel – the ultimate plot device or cop-out.  Dpends about how it’s used

quietheartedfsc: exactly, Beach. It’s just a matter of giving it a plausible reason to happen.

caillean: who’s going to write voyager/little house on the prairie?

quietheartedfsc: lmao

jazwriter: Writtensword wrote a DWP story with Q acting up

DiNovia: LOL

tassiedevil7: *calls dibs on that*

LemonOrange: OMG caillean

caillean: yeah, raiderL, that’s true

TegansMuse: no…. *shakes head and stares blankly at caillean*

raiderL: Loved that Q story – brill!

TegansMuse: *stares

tassiedevil7: caillean, thank you for the brilliant idea!

beachbum3668: Yep…then you get to play with the Janeway “time Travel always gives me a headache” thingy and Seven coming to the rescue with some nifty Borg algorithms

Xenavirgin: There was one fic that had shades of Ironman in it, I really enjoyed that one. And it introduced the idea of two characters of an Older Seven with the younger Seven, like Admiral and Captain J.  Brilliant stuff.

caillean: LOL< do it tassiedevil

quietheartedfsc: send the name on, xv

Xenavirgin: Just a sec.

tassiedevil7: could be hard seems how iv never watched little house on the prairie, but ill try anything once!

raiderL: XV, you got spreadsheets for Voyager as well?

caillean: YW, tassiedevil! I want to read that one!

quietheartedfsc: What would the ultimate crossover be for ya’ll?

TegansMuse: That’s the spirit Tassie

beachbum3668: She STARTED with Voyager spreadsheets

raiderL: It’s been done.  DWP and HP!

quietheartedfsc: XV has a spreadsheet for everything.

Xenavirgin: QH it’s called Valkerie by Vyrexuviel, but I don’t have the link… I do have the fic though.

raiderL: ah, BB, that’s why she’s so damn good!

TegansMuse: not sure I have an ultimate xover

mandygirl78: That’s a vague question QH

caillean: It’s on hallmark or some weird cable channel around dinner. I flipped by it one night recently

Xenavirgin: I spread what?1!?!?!?   

quietheartedfsc: *puppy eyes at xv*

TegansMuse: ROFL XV  *I didn’t look*

LemonOrange: i’m x-ing STV and DS9 – does that count?

quietheartedfsc: Now so, Mandy?

raiderL: Love, XV, love!

quietheartedfsc: yep, counts Lemon

Xenavirgin: Yep Qh just a sec.

TegansMuse: yes LO I think it counts…. in my book it counts

caillean: I think it counts LO

beachbum3668: I gotta go with JAZZY’s Cerulean Dragon as my fav xover

raiderL: Second that bb!

caillean: what was crossover was that?

quietheartedfsc: That is an excellent one

tassiedevil7: best xover is criminal minds/xmen. brilliant!

mandygirl78: Because, it depends on the genre, type, etc.  I could have an ultimate for sitcoms, and utimate for drama, an ultimate for yuri, etc.

raiderL: Miranda as a witch… sigh.

beachbum3668: it’s DWP and HP

caillean: Ooh!

beachbum3668: and BRILLIANT

raiderL: Sexy as all get out!

beachbum3668: Premise is fantastic as is the execution

LemonOrange: note to self: must catch up on reading

beachbum3668: I still want to get my hands on that spellbook!

quietheartedfsc: Miranda Priestly, Dragon Tamer

beachbum3668: Dragon Whisperer

raiderL: mmmm

DiNovia: That sounds fantastic!  I will have to read it.

jazwriter: *blushes* thanks for the praise Raider and Beach!

raiderL: just calling it like it is!

the_dhamphir: it’s worth the read!

quietheartedfsc: I stand corrected, Beach. And I beta’d for it. lol

beachbum3668: jazzy – are you SURE you don’t have the excerpts from that spellbook?????

Xenavirgin: Okies QH, present is sent.

quietheartedfsc: ty, dahlin


jazwriter: I’m sorry…it’s been handed down by generations, and only certain individuals have access to it

Xenavirgin: Speaking of the Spreadsheet, (I didn’t bring it up, lol) I am doing a major revamp of my J/7 sheet during August.

beachbum3668: Hey – I’m Gryffindor to the bone….I want a shot at it!

jazwriter: QH was a champ with the edits

quietheartedfsc: she won’t even let her loyal betas take a peek.

beachbum3668: *heavy sigh*

jazwriter: lol Beach

mandygirl78: @beach – Then you and Betty from bomb girls would be best friends! LOL!

raiderL: Slytherin all the way!  I think that should count!

beachbum3668: Okay – that leads to another question:  BETAS? yes or no

DiNovia: YES

TegansMuse: I have a ?  How many of you actively have someone BETA your work?

quietheartedfsc: Do ya’ll have any new stories in the works? Or updates on current ones?

TegansMuse: GMTA BB

raiderL: Hell yes!!!  Betas rock!

mandygirl78: Don’t get me started on reliable betas….

jazwriter: BETAS, BETAS, BETAS!!!!!  YESSSSS

caillean: When you’re a beta, you get a sneak preview. hehe

beachbum3668: Nothing I write gets near being posted until two betas have gone over it with a fine tooth comb

Xenavirgin:  I have my main Beta reader over on the couch asleep, heheh my Lady Wife. :0

raiderL: I just found the best damn Beta and she rocked my last fic.

quietheartedfsc: Betas are a must! I try to have at least 3.

DiNovia: You can’t catch everything yourself.  A reliable, talented BETA is like gold.

beachbum3668: amen

shaych03: and just as hard to find

LemonOrange: would like one – TM has been wonderful though reading fresh of keyboard

Xenavirgin: I’m determined to finish up the J/7 I started, When All is Said and Done.

TegansMuse: LO I”ve offered lol

mandygirl78: Finding a RELIABLE beta for a story is like a task in itself.

TegansMuse: I’m in need of one too

beachbum3668: when I get asked what’s most important for a fanfic writer I tell them to find a beta who’s a marine DI and listen to everything they say

jazwriter: I am fortunate to have a few great betas

TegansMuse: My old Beta works too hard 😛  though I still love her

quietheartedfsc: or one that has a fetish for red ink

DiNovia: I’m working on some original work right now.  My 9yo niece and I are writing a book of poetry together.  But I have some ideas for new fics and a desire to finish some old ones just hanging out there.  *sigh*  Those weigh on me.

DiNovia: BB:  LOL

LemonOrange: i’m working on sequel to “Year of Dishonor”

beachbum3668: I still keep the first draft of my first fic….when it came back from the beta it looked like somebody had slaughtered a pig on it there was so much red ink

Xenavirgin: LOLOLOl Poor BB

jazwriter: @QH *whispers -> stop telling all my secrets*

mandygirl78: What about LACK OF BETAS for a fanfic…

beachbum3668: find one

quietheartedfsc: when I got my first one back from jaz, it looked like a remake of Jason Does Beta. I cried.

beachbum3668: check into the communities to see who’s listed as available to beta

mandygirl78: Or better yet, lack of RELIABLE BETAS…

TegansMuse: I don’t mind betaing at all, but I feel I have to apologize when I send it back for all the redmarks

Xenavirgin: I think then if you haven’t had a Beta the least you can do is utilize your spell/grammar checker.

beachbum3668: ASK people to beta

raiderL: XV – hell yeah!

jazwriter: Sorry, QH. Didn’t mean to make you cry

mandygirl78: And what if they all said no?

raiderL: I actually had my beta volunteer!

beachbum3668: Never apologize for bleeding on a fic. Correct grammar and punctuation and spelling only strengthen a story

jazwriter: Gin didn’t send me anything for months after the first time I betaed her

quietheartedfsc: Yes, you did. And I needed to. I was totally sloppy with grammar and such

the_dhamphir: a good beta is worth their weight in gold!

LemonOrange: TM: i agree w BB

quietheartedfsc: youse a hellion with that red ink, grrrl

mandygirl78: YOu making it sound easier than it really is

TegansMuse: true…. but it’s the pisces in me.  I can’t help but feel bad

jazwriter: I have a box full of red pens, and I’m not afraid to use them!

raiderL: I hadn’t felt so picked apart since design school when my beta got done with it.

beachbum3668: And – for what its worth – I damn near cried when I got that first draft back.

beachbum3668: then I got pissed

raiderL: bb – pissed at yourself?

TegansMuse: Raider you have to not take it personally.  it doesn’t mean they didn’t like your story

beachbum3668: then I actually READ what she suggested and realized that she was dead square right on everything she suggested

quietheartedfsc: mandy, that’s true. It isn’t easy to find a good beta. A lot of those lists are out of date.

jazwriter: I think any good writer will want to improve, regardless of hurt feelings

beachbum3668: No pissed at the beta

Xenavirgin: Lost Fic.  How do we feel about fics that we once read that are no longer available online.  With the loss of geocities etc, the older fandoms like Xena and Voyager were decimated.

TegansMuse: Agreed BB

raiderL: Tegan – oh I know that.  I relished it actually!

mandygirl78: Very QH….

the_dhamphir: they don’t mark it up all red to hurt you…. they’re only there to help you do your best, to help you be better.

mandygirl78: And I’m getting really upset about it as well.

DiNovia: I love to BETA.  I beta for my director for his published medical articles.  I love the red ink.   

raiderL: Design school taught me that criticism is a good thing if it’s constructive  Suck it up and learn from it.  Get better.  It’s a gift!

LemonOrange: agreed JW!  i’m usually deliriously happy when i get con crit with that in mind

caillean: I love to Beta too, I just find myself with little time at the moment;

TegansMuse: It’s Sad Xena  I also hate when I got to send praise etc to the author and they are nowhere to be found

beachbum3668: Stop and think about it. Every author who’s ever broken into the NY times bestseller list thanks their EDITORS

jazwriter: Good betas donate a lot of time and effort to make the story better…it’s not easy!

quietheartedfsc: mandy, check out all the I love to beta comments. *W*

beachbum3668: and no book gets near a printing press without several editors taking a pass at it

beachbum3668: that ought to tell you something

LemonOrange: yeah, and i get 1st dips caillean!

TegansMuse: Caillean you are a great beta when you have the time

TegansMuse: not uh LO

DiNovia: I’m guilty of being the disappeared writer, so let me apologize for that.

mandygirl78: QH, but do they know the fanfics?

TegansMuse: HOw’s it feel to be fought over caillean?

caillean: LOL, relax guys. I need a new job first

LemonOrange: TM she already did one of yours!

mandygirl78: That’s #1 rule for beta-reading, know the fanfic

caillean: but thank you! LOL

TegansMuse: *glares at Di* though I have been guilty of the same

quietheartedfsc: mandy, check the beta panel. Might find what you want there.

TegansMuse: And it was a series LO

Xenavirgin: Just in case you missed the question i asked. Lost Fic.  How do we feel about fics that we once read that are no longer available online.  With the loss of geocities etc, the older fandoms like Xena and Voyager were decimated.

quietheartedfsc: If you could see any story as a film, tv show, or web series, which would it be?

mandygirl78: What beta panel? On here? On Ralst?

beachbum3668: I’m crushed. I’ve lost so many of the fics that got me started reading fan fiction

Ravenfairy11: it makes me cry a little and then pout and then want to throw things.

TegansMuse: I answered Xena but then I got lost…

LemonOrange: TM so like i said, 1st dips!

caillean: I miss some, and one fandom or the other took down all her stories for personal reasons. That was sad because I found her stories not only fun to read, but a good writing lesson

raiderL: Lost fics are the bane of the electronic world.

DiNovia: So much of my stuff from back then is lost.  Thank goodness for Lunacy and the Athaneum.  For the Wayback Machine.  I can still read, say, Something More Than This or Raise a Bright Flag of Honor because those places exist.

Xenavirgin: lol Me too Raven  And I did see your answer Tegan

quietheartedfsc: Beta panel tomorrow in Room 3. It’s the third panel.

LemonOrange: Lunacy’s site is still around? awesome! i miss the xwp stuff

TegansMuse: good Xena… I meant I got mentally lost though happens to me sometimes.  My muses have ADHD

LemonOrange: thanks QH re beta

quietheartedfsc: yw

beachbum3668: My muse throws up her hands and runs screaming into the next county

jazwriter: I’m on it! WOOT!

TegansMuse: BB mine likes to slap me, and pretend I’m the muse (hence the nick)

caillean: LOL TM

caillean: She does act up.

LemonOrange: TM: OH! ive always thought it meant “Tegan IS muse” 😛

mandygirl78: I’ll sure be there… To make it clear how I feel.

quietheartedfsc: When geocities went down, I was highly thankful that I have to make copies to adjust the fonts so I can actually read things.

TegansMuse: lol yes she does Caillean

TegansMuse: no LO it’s Tegan’s muse lol

raiderL: How many of you all save the stories to your hard drive?

DiNovia: Speaking of muses: do you have a personal muse external to you (someone you know) or an internal one that has its own personality?

Xenavirgin: Yeah QH.  That’s why I harvest all the fics I like now and keep them as word docs.

beachbum3668: I’m embarassed to admit it, but I downloaded a ton of fics when I first started reading. I’ve still got some

shaych03: there are a couple of sites on the web that did the best they could to archive all of geocities before it went dark

raiderL: me too!

quietheartedfsc: I have both. Q’butt da muse grrl and Gin

TegansMuse: Di I have two internal ones, both female with distinct personalities

TegansMuse: they drive me nuts sometimes

TegansMuse: it’s like a peanut gallery in my head.

LemonOrange: i don’t re saving fics on HD

raiderL: why not?

TegansMuse: me either on saving to HD caillean

caillean: That’s good BB. I’ve been asked for several fics by authors who lost their stuff for one reason or another and because I had beta’d I had them. That’s another nice thing about these communities.

LemonOrange: internal muses, 2: Lemon + Orange

TegansMuse: opps raider

DiNovia: TM: I have one internal with her own personality and I think she’s in a self-induced coma.  LOL

Xenavirgin: I don’t know about an external muse I did have some friends who dragged me by drunken promises into writing, does that count as a muse?

Ravenfairy11: i never even thought to save things on my hard drive.

raiderL: opps? TM

quietheartedfsc: I save to usb, and backup to portable HD

beachbum3668: I save to HD then to flash drive

TegansMuse: I got confused Raider, just ignore me for two more seconds


beachbum3668: so I’ve always got a portable copy to carry around in case the pc crashes

LemonOrange: great friends XV

TegansMuse: ok I’m fine now…. I think

raiderL: my personal motto. Back up everything!

quietheartedfsc: I never keep that kind of thing on my HD. I run too many resource hog programs for that.

Ravenfairy11: drunken promises XV? you wench. lol

DiNovia: XV: I think that counts as motivational action  LOL

TegansMuse: I do that too BB usually

Xenavirgin: Not so sure Lemon,  the fic was done on a drunken dare. lol

LemonOrange: lol

beachbum3668: I like drunken dares

beachbum3668: Where’s this fic???

TegansMuse: were you drunk when you wrote it is the more important question Xena?

Xenavirgin: Raven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Has Gin been talking??? Who told you the word????

quietheartedfsc: *snicker* I almost said it earlier myself.

Ravenfairy11: what word?

Xenavirgin: BB the fic is Go Inside it’s on my Ffnet page.

Xenavirgin: Oh behave QH.

beachbum3668:  bookmarking it now

quietheartedfsc: The word that makes xv go all squishy and MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

Xenavirgin: PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPFffffffffffffffffffffftttttttttt

TegansMuse: oh I was thinking the safe word

Xenavirgin: Yeah and apoplectic with embarassment

quietheartedfsc: that word is so not safe to use around xv. lmao

Ravenfairy11: uhm wench? lol i was looking up something swan queen on fb. it’s comicon in san diego right now. so that word came to mind when i saw drunken.

raiderL: TM!

TegansMuse: lol

Xenavirgin: Have you seen the vid on Fb of me when Claudia Christian whispered it in my ear?? Damn Gin!

Ravenfairy11: alrighty then. i’m going back over here to my corner.

Gin Akasarahsmom: Hehehe

TegansMuse: Now you have to share a link xena

jazwriter: Anyone going to the Staar Trek convention in Las Vegas this year?

TegansMuse: it’s not fair to tease the room like that

Xenavirgin: Pppppppppppfffft  what are you doing here Gin? Aren’t you Moderating elsewhere????

beachbum3668: Somebody throw a bucket of water on XV

quietheartedfsc: We’ve got time for one more question

Ravenfairy11: i freaking wish.

DiNovia: XV: Oh myyyyy.

Gin Akasarahsmom: I am…

raiderL: when is the ST Vegas con?

Gin Akasarahsmom: I have many skills..

quietheartedfsc: which explains what panel gin is hosting

raiderL: That’s another question.  How many of you all beat yourself up over unfinished fics?  And does all that self-flagellation actually get you to finish it?

jazwriter: August 8 – 11

beachbum3668: AUGUST 8 – 11

raiderL: ignore first part.  I m curious tho.

TegansMuse: I do sometimes and no it doesn’t help me finish.  The muses do and get what the muses want.  I have no say.

caillean: Well, I don’t beat myself up, but I would like to finish them

Xenavirgin: Well umm, yes it can help to get beat up so long as they don’t break your fingers so you can still type… lolol

beachbum3668: I beat myself up all the time over unfinished fics

Ravenfairy11: shut up it is??? omfg why god why? i’ll be there 2 days before it starts

quietheartedfsc: I stomped myself into a gooey puddle over unfinished fic for the last 2 years.

Ravenfairy11: *is crying in the corner like a toddler*

LemonOrange: yes i do beat myself up and would like to finish but gotta follow the muses

DiNovia: Raider: I do and no, it doesn’t help.  Nothing helps until I reread it and am interested again.

raiderL: We are a tortured lot aren’t we?

LemonOrange: lol

TegansMuse: I believe we are Raider

beachbum3668: It sends me to the keyboard, but if the muse doesn’t cooperate nothing gets written

jazwriter: I am in the middle of writing a story, but I do not have time…much beating up on myself here

LemonOrange: slaves to the muses

Xenavirgin: Yeah Raidr and there’s a fic about that. lol

quietheartedfsc: tortured artist syndrome

raiderL: LOL

caillean: LOL

TegansMuse: speaking of slaves I hear the whips in the background

raiderL: ooo…

beachbum3668: I don’t know about tortured….I’m more of the “I’m terrified they’ll think its crap” school

Xenavirgin: Promises Tegan promises….

caillean: That’s pretty common for you, TM.

TegansMuse: lol xena and I forgot my safe word

jazwriter: sorry, Raven! I’m going!

TegansMuse: oh noes!

Xenavirgin: LOL

raiderL: bb, you’re not past that by now?

caillean: They’re ruthless

TegansMuse: true true caillean

quietheartedfsc: I’ve been really good the last couple of weeks. Been cleaning out the plot bunny hutches left and right. I’ve got 2 going up on P&P for IDF>

LemonOrange: lol that’s true

beachbum3668: nope – still terrified every time I post a new story

ariestess: 5 minutes to the Glee panel.

Xenavirgin: Yeah QH fic WOOOT

raiderL: so am I – I thought it’d get better by now!

quietheartedfsc: xv I’ve finished off 5 and wrote 1 new one so far.

beachbum3668: no – doesn’t seem to ever get better

jazwriter: QH’s story are great! You’ll love them!

TegansMuse: wow that was fun.  Been a while since I’ve been in an old school chat.  Twitter is my bitch

Xenavirgin: Okies kidlets, been a blast, now I’m off to the motherland..XENA. hehehe

TegansMuse: not that I’m on there so much lately

beachbum3668: ta ta Xv

Otakugamer01: @Beachbum i love your fics

DiNovia: Thanks to everyone on the panel today and to those who came to the Virtual Reception.  Lisa and I are very happy to have you all as friends.   

beachbum3668: thanks

jazwriter: bye XV

the_dhamphir: don’t be such a stranger, DiNovia *hugs*

raiderL: thanks guys!  See you later in DWP!

TegansMuse: Congrats to Di and Lisa sorry I missed it. *hugs*

jazwriter: nice to see you, DiNovia

quietheartedfsc: I want to thank all our guests. It’s greatly appreciated. As well as thank all of you for coming.

DiNovia: I won’t!  Promise!

beachbum3668: DiNovia – I love your stuff…always have, always will

jazwriter: see you later! Back to packing…

beachbum3668: see you all in DWP

caillean: Thanks guys. Nice to talk to you all! And thank to the panelists and organizers!

TegansMuse: I’m out… gotta do the muses bidding.  HAve a great one.  And thanks for the fun time.  Nice to meet you all.

DiNovia: Thanks BB

quietheartedfsc: Xena is still going on in Room 1, Glee here and Creating Scripts in Room 3.

LemonOrange: looking fwd to all the new work to read! thanks everyone!

beachbum3668: bye bye

TegansMuse: Catch you all on the flip side

Ravenfairy11: see you all later for dwp!

grdnofevrythng: I’m probably going to stop in on that DWP one


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