Warehouse 13

fsc_ralst: Welcome to the Warehouse 13 panel. Could the panellists please ensure their text is set to red and introduce themselves…

Typey: Hi, everyone! Typey here — I tag stuff and make you hate me

webgeekist: *raises hand*  here.  I’m Web.

Beagmactire: Hey Guys! I’m Beagmactire. (But I also respond to katie, kat, or get out the bloody way- as my mother likes to call me)

fsc_ralst: Any questions, just raise your hand

tristianmakhai: Hi guys.  I’m Tristian, and i have no idea how I ended up on this panel next to these brilliant people.  But I’ll see if I can’t hold my own or contribute to the Feels

Typey: Ralst, can we start with a group hug after last night’s panel?

fsc_ralst: An easy one to start with… what’s everyone’s favourite W13 pairing? Or is that too easy

fsc_ralst: Sure


Kayryn: **hugs everyone**

webgeekist: *huuugs*

pbandfluff: *accepts group hug*

fsc_ralst: huggles

webgeekist: because that panel very much hurt to follow

Beagmactire: *Hugs!*

fsc_ralst: which panel was that?

webgeekist: and to answer the question, Bering and Wells.

Typey: I think the “favorite” pairing might be easy for most people, but it is so interesting to see how people treat other pairings, too

webgeekist: Comic Con, Warehouse 13

Kayryn: favorite pairing… that’s a reaaally difficult one, but Wells and Bering

fsc_ralst: Ah, I didn’t have time to check on the Comic Con buzz. Do I need to have a hanky at the ready?

Beagmactire: Beiring and Wells.

Typey: whole box of kleenex

pbandfluff: lots of chocolate on hand

fsc_ralst: Damn

webgeekist: yes, ralst.  The entire cast apparently broke out into tears

MiddleEarthBarbie: Seconded Typey

Beagmactire: Oh flaming hell.

pbandfluff: eddie had to stand up to get a hold of himself

tristianmakhai: Bering And Wells.  They were what initially caught my attention (well, HG but Myka is too aawesome to not be enamoured with)

fsc_ralst: because of the cancellation?

Kayryn: get something/someone to hug, too…

webgeekist: and it ended with a group hug on stage

fsc_ralst: How can you not love that cast?

Typey: So, Tristian, did you not start watching until after HG? I’m interested about how much the pairing lured viewers instead of existing viewers loving the pairing

tristianmakhai: I watched For the Team and immediately went and found the 2 seasons of the show and mainlined it.  And think I had a Warehouse13 hangover!

fsc_ralst: I know that I was lured back in because of talke of HG Wells and Myka shenanigans

webgeekist: @Ralst probably.  there was a lot of nostalgia

pbandfluff: it happens to the best of us

Typey: yeah, I was the “watched season 1, lost track of it, saw For the Team, never stopped watching again”

webgeekist: personally, never stopped watching it, but didn’t pick up on the subtext until Emily Lake/Stand.

Kayryn: I was told during season three to start watching it, didn’t, was told again to start watching it, but was warned about the season ending… and then I stupidly went and watched and… well…

webgeekist: those episodes are sledgehammers

tristianmakhai: For some reason, I lost track of it after season two, and then ended up catching up with Season 3 and the start of season 4 all at once, again.

webgeekist: @Kayryn:  yeah.  SLEDGEHAMMER.


Kayryn: @Web, yeah…

Beagmactire: Even my mother can see the subtext in those! She cried! (bering in mind she hadn’t seen the show before.)

fsc_ralst: Even without the Bering and Wells it’s a fun show but with them or even the hint of them it becomes must-watch-TV

Kayryn: No amount of warnings could’ve prepared me for that

tristianmakhai: That was the funny thing, I started watching for HG, and ended up thoroughly in love with the entire show. I never expected it.

e_m_praetorian: @Ralst: Too true

Beagmactire: It was a ” *Screams at the TV* *Storms off in a fit of denial*” moment.

Typey: I wasn’t expecting to ship anyone after getting into it Season 1

fsc_ralst: Yeah, I expected to get annoyed at the Myka/Pete romance pushing, but there isn’t any (hardly any), which is so refreshing

Typey: because I never saw Pyka, which is one of the things I liked about the show

Typey: very refreshing not to have to see conrived will they-won’t they with a male-female lead combo

webgeekist: lucky you…but like Ralst said, there’s hardly any pushing, and that’s nice because I love them the way they are

fsc_ralst: They’ve even added ant-Pyka scenes, as with waking up in bed together and screaming

webgeekist: and lines like, “Myka would NEVER kiss me!”

Typey: and “exactly”

fsc_ralst: They did the same with Claudia and Steve by quickly establishing that he was gay. so it looks like it’s something they’re trying to avoid all over

Gin Akasarahsmom: I think the Myka/Pete relationship is just as fun as the Garcia/Morgan relationship on Criminal Minds…. it’s fun watching them interact, but they would NOT be good partners… more brother/sister things

fsc_ralst: Yeah, they definitely love one another but as very close friends or siblings and that’s nice

Typey: I definitely agree that Myka and Pete act like total siblings, but I’m also really glad the show does’t have them flirt the way Garcia and MOrgan do

Kayryn: and I, for one, love that there are male and female main characters that *aren’t* being pushed together. It happens on every other show, so it’s refreshing

Gin Akasarahsmom: Yeah… that would be kinda icky… it’s not that they flirt like that.. just that the Myka Pete interactions are fun to watch… because they are so much like brother/sister

fsc_ralst: Yes, it’s as if men and women can’t be friends unless they want to jump each other’s bones on TV-land

Typey: right, because show’s assume that because they have a closed universe of characters that everyone has to pair off within the rosters

Typey: which isn’t how it works in real life

Typey: somettimes you meet someone who’s your match while you’re at work (or saving the world)

Typey: but most of the time you don’t

fsc_ralst: Thankfully, or I’d be married to my work colleagues

Typey: and your whole office doesn’t pair off

webgeekist: and can we all be grateful for that authenticity?

Typey: I’m super grateful for it

fsc_ralst: Yep

Kayryn: I’m very grateful

Beagmactire: Thank Jo for genuinly just platonic relationships!

tristianmakhai: It’s refreshing and so lovely to see.  And also? extremely entertaining!

pbandfluff: Jo bless

fsc_ralst: I do still like the Artie/Vanessa slowburn romance, though

webgeekist: oh absolutely

Typey: and that romance has so much else going for it to, in terms of subverting normal tv tropes

Kayryn: most definitely!

pbandfluff: I love the Artie/Vanessa romance and their dynamic with each other

fsc_ralst: and on how many shows would it be the older character who get the romance while the younger ones stay single?

Typey: and when does a dude with Artie’s eyebrows ever get the hot, brilliant lady?

webgeekist: but that slow burn is, again, pretty authentic, especially to Artie’s paranoid nature.  I have to love how well they’ve portrayed those personalities — all their personalities — over the last several years

fsc_ralst: @typey lol

Beagmactire: It brings out a whole new side of Artie, he’s like an excited kid around Vanessa; it’s so fricken cute!

pbandfluff: the hot, brilliant lady who doesn’t but up with his bullshit to boot

Alkmaion: hm

Kayryn: But that’s another thing that I love about this show… when they make the romantic parter characters that are recurring and not there every week, you also get to focus on the ‘cases’ and other fun, it’s not all about the relationship drama

webgeekist: @kayryn YES

Typey: @Kayrn, YES. and I also think the slight changes in personalities around romantic interests are totally authentic too

Kayryn: it feels more real

fsc_ralst: And their not falling in love wth a guest star every week

Kayryn: @ralst EXACTLY

Typey: (grrr not EVERY week…)

webgeekist: and also, because there IS drama, it’s not over-the-top…or, at least, isn’t in the context of a warehouse filled with artifacts

fsc_ralst: I love how the others get to tease Artie about Vanessa too, that’s very family

Typey: @web that’s also really important to some things I think about HG and Myka…

Typey: because the context of saving the world always takes precedence in the drama category…

webgeekist: @typey:  context?  yes.  I believe that would be important to you

Typey: the fact that Myka and HG have this timeless, epic thing going on, means that it is on the same level as artifacts and world-ending drama

Typey: @lol web

webgeekist: timeless, epic thing that never seems to have enough time

Typey: did that make sense, now that Web’s made fun of me?

fsc_ralst: >>>I keep getting booted, so apologies if I miss raised hands or anything<<<

Beagmactire: @Typey, you’re so right! I think it’s what makes the ship so powerful (and painful!) They have the sledge hammer effect, and its clear for all to see.. except Jack Kenny.

Typey: Oh, I think he sees the connection

webgeekist: @kat I think he sees it

Typey: but he’s more focused on the Warehouse-level drama

pbandfluff: *hisses* we do not speak his name…

webgeekist: exactly

pbandfluff: *his

webgeekist: focused on the core family

Kayryn: I think he sees it, but “for reasons” can’t commit to it

fsc_ralst: what’s he got to lose now?

pbandfluff: his pride in saying no all this time

Beagmactire: He would be blind not to! Ha ha! I’m just holding off the plethora of rant’s I’ve got stored in my head on this!

webgeekist: I’m holding off entirely

fsc_ralst: Oh rant away

Beagmactire: We only have an hour and a half…!

fsc_ralst: lol

Typey: perhpas unpopular opinion: I think what he’s got to lose maybe is the fact that he’s been shepherding a show that at its core is about found family and saving the world

fsc_ralst: Okay, maybe mini-rants

Typey: not saying I”m not mad he couldn’t write in omre overt acknowledgment

webgeekist: re: typey’s comment, and very little time to wrap it up

Typey: and not saying there’s not a problem with that lack of acknowledgment

fsc_ralst: I don’t think anyone expects him to turn it into the Myka and HG love show – I’d watch – but he could include it the same way he has Artie/Vaness, for instance and not lose the core of the show

Typey: but Bering and Wells has never been the focus of the show; it’s a GLORIOUS SERENDIPITOUS CREATIVELY IMPORTANT THING

webgeekist: because 6 eps seems like a lifetime to us, but when you consider they’d worked out a full season and then that got chopped….I think of a fic and wonder how I would cut it n half.  not sure I could

Typey: (I’d watch too)

Typey: yes, @Ralst, there is a way to do it

webgeekist: wouldn’t we all watch?

Typey: and I wish (hope?) he does

webgeekist: (and probably bawl because Bering and Wells)

Beagmactire: I just hope he does SOMETHING to at least offer the fans some semblance of catharsis!

fsc_ralst: I think, at this point, I’d settle for having HG back with Myka where she belongs, solving crimes and being amazing

Typey: yes, HG at the Warehouse with Myka where she belongs

Typey: then we can write ALL THE FICK

webgeekist: @kat I think a lot of that will depend on just how much of Jaime we see in the last season, and in what capacity.

Typey: FIC

Beagmactire: (Which will likely lead to extreme heartbreak and mournful wails of fangirling anguish- because the feeling I have is that it would be the classic “I love you!” *Gets hit by a bus* )

webgeekist: we’ll be hit by a bus of feels one way or another

Typey: getting hit by a bus would be so *ahem* pedestrian compared to other ways our fandom’s killed her/Myka/both of them


Beagmactire: @Web I agree, I hope they are able to get her for at least a few episodes.

tristianmakhai: I have to say, I don’t think i’ve ever seen a fandom as enamoured with angst as Bering and Wells (and I *love* that about it).

tristianmakhai: @typey -groans- puns

Typey: Peebs, you got a a question?

pbandfluff: Ah yes I do

pbandfluff: If i may ask it

Typey: GO!

pbandfluff: alright

pbandfluff: So since there is now an end point to the show, has that fact changed how you look at Bering and Wells, like when you look back on the whole journey the characters and the ship has taken?

webgeekist: @kat: I think that’s…overly optimistic.  Unless she’s in ep 3, Defiance starts filming this week, and her time will be limited.  My worry/fear.

Beagmactire: @Pb, yes, it fills me with fear, terror and dread. We now have a time limit!

pbandfluff: @beag hahahaha yes i am with you on that

Typey: I think it would only change if one of them is dead at the end in canon or there really is a closed door to the relationship in canon; because I see their love as so bigger than the time frame that any show could give it, so I’m expecting SO MUCH post-run

webgeekist: re PB: yes and no.  Obviously, we need to see season 5 before anything can really change.

Beagmactire: I don’t know what would be worse. Them not ending up together; or them being pushed together in a rush without giving them a proper build up.

webgeekist: yes if something major happens and the door is shut, no if (as I believe they will) they keep that door opened

tristianmakhai: Agreed, Typey.  If the ending is open ended enough, I think that it’s not going to slow down a lot of people.  If anything, not having canon to abide by opens a lot of doors. T he downside is less new material, of course.

webgeekist: and if they shut the door I’ll pull a mythbusters and reject their reality and substitute my own

Typey: for me it might even be less about material, though, and more an acknowledgement that Bering and Wells is a romance that is literally outside the bounds of time and so therefore will have an arc that never tails of

pbandfluff: @web won’t we all

webgeekist: @kat either is unacceptable, to me

fsc_ralst: bad endings sometimes fuel great fics, but I’m hoping for a good one

webgeekist: I want what I’ve come to expect out of this show:  something genuine

webgeekist: *highfives pb*

tristianmakhai: Then again, an unhappy fandom can be an extremely productive fandom.  When there’s a lot to fix, we get on it.

fsc_ralst: @beag but having we had years of build up already?

Typey: I’m with web on that; thihs show has done so much really really well with genuine charaterization, growth and narrative  that it woudl suck to have it fucked up at the end because of the short season

Alkmaion: hm

Typey: I think there will always be tons to “fix” about our damaged and vulnerable Myka and HG

Beagmactire: @ralst, We have, what I meant is, would a sopranos type ending be worse? As in having to cut off the end of the arch because of a lack of time.

fsc_ralst: So what would be your ideal way to end the season? Firstly, as a viewer, but also as a writer/reader?

Beagmactire: One thing, if -touch wood I’m wrong- the worst should happen to Myka, A graveside confession I think might kill many shippers.

webgeekist: @kat: but I…do kind of expect an abrupt end for everyone.  I think they’ll do what they can with what they have, but overall there’s so much to wrap up, and I think they’re not trying to END it so much as just bring it to a save point, to use a gamer term

Typey: viewer: overt reference to all the themes we’ve seen — family, finding home, saving the world — and acknowledgment that Myka’s path (because I really think this is her story) to the Warehouse also included the Endless Wonder of finding her soulmate

webgeekist: (graveside confession like “sometimes it’s people that we care about and sometimes it’s even the people that we love?  yes.  that would hurt)

Beagmactire: @web, Yeah I think there is no avoiding the abruptness of the ending. Alas!

Typey: (I don’t want to think about that line, web *weeps*)

Redlance: (I hate you all)

tristianmakhai: I think the best we can hope for is something open ended, as Web said, at a savepoint.

Typey: (mutual, Red)

pbandfluff: (That’s a bit rich from you, red :P)

Redlance: (<3, typey)

Redlance: (you shut your face, fluffy. I haven’t angsted in at least a week)

tristianmakhai: It doesn’t all have to be wrapped up, but some sort of resolution on the big things.

fsc_ralst: A savepoint would be good. Also works if the idiots at Syfy should ever decide to re-open the show

Typey: (Red, how’re the lungs doing with the sulfur?)

webgeekist: end the season [series] as a viewer: I want an answer to the Leena question.  They keep bringing it up, and I want to know.  But that’s one example of many quesstions I want answered.  Overall, I want them all at a place where they’re happy with the direction their lives have taken, and cohesive as a family, and I want to see what’s next for the Warehouse.

Beagmactire: @web, “I still need your strength.”

pbandfluff: (i think that’s a new record, red)

webgeekist: as a reader:  all teh Myka/HG sexytimes

tristianmakhai: Or if they have to pull a Buffy and go for comics.

Redlance: (it might be. Goes to show how depressing this season has been if even i can’t angst)

Typey: to Web’s point, the fact that there are so many questions unanswered that are central to the plot of four seasons of the show means that 6 eps will have to be SO warehouse-focused

Beagmactire: If they could continue the webisodes, that would be epic.

fsc_ralst: any form of continuation would be welcome

Typey: and include some R-rated ones?

webgeekist: @kat STAHP

webgeekist: my heart

Beagmactire: NOPE!

tristianmakhai: Then again, when you look at the success of Veronica Mars and Nikki & Nora, there is some wiggle room for fan funded projects

Beagmactire: @web, beware of an angst off web!

tristianmakhai: the creators just have to be willing to go there

fsc_ralst: there are more options now than there used to be

Beagmactire: @ralst, you’re so right. With so many options out there, we can just hope to hell the creators take advantage of it!

fsc_ralst: Is there a particular line or scene you keep coming back to when writing or talking about the Bering and Wells relationship?

fsc_ralst: yep

Otakugamer01: god mi wish we could talk them into a fandom funded movie, a la Veronica Mars

Typey: “how do you say goodbye…”

Otakugamer01: I*

Beagmactire: “How do you say goodbye to the one person who knows you better than anyone else.”

tristianmakhai: I second the ‘how do you say goodbye?’

webgeekist: @typey:  yes, and also the “people that we love” line

fsc_ralst: people we love line was killer

Beagmactire: Also “A wise, but also psycotic woman once told me; don’t walk away from your truth.”

Typey: because for me it’s about both Myka realizing that someone finally really knows her, and also about having to find words that aren’t the real words she wants to say

Beagmactire: @Typey, The way Jo delivers that line gets me everytime.

webgeekist: quick note re:kickstarter, etc:  I think it’ll come down to campaigning at the right moment.  Successful ventures usually do.

Beagmactire: Someone (I don’t know who) posted the theory that in her last moments, HG said I smell apples, instead of I love you, because she was afraid Myka wouldn’t have time to say it back… That hurt.

webgeekist: @kat:  YES.  the truths keep coming up in their relationships, and both of them are so bad about staying put.  Both of them run — Myka to DC (after Sam) then to colorado, HG to the bronze and then to suburbia

Typey: That hurt, def; but I also see that moment as part of the HG redemption arc theme: she smells apples and knows she’sbeen accepted at the one place that was a comfort to her

webgeekist: the thing I DON’T like about the apples revelation is that it was invalidated, so HG doesn’t know that anymore

Typey: and part of hwy the warehouse accepted her again at the moment of sacrifice had to do with her saving Myka

fsc_ralst: I liked how they echoed that with Claudia after she gooed the warehouse

webgeekist: it reset her character growth to an extent


fsc_ralst: But did the warehouse know? It’s kinda magical so maybe it remembered as well as Artie?

Typey: @Ralst also indicates that Helena is in the special class of people who are so in tune with the Warehouse that it really is their destined home (Myka doesn’t smell apples and her “home” is Helena)

webgeekist: @ralst YES, I loved that moment.  And that it was in Instinct?  even better

pbandfluff: Yeah the fact that Artie is the only one who really knows what lengths HG went to now frustrates me so much as a viewer and a reader

webgeekist: The Warehouse might also know, but as the only character on the show without a true voice, it’s hard to gauge through canon.

fsc_ralst: Do you think Artie would tell them about her sacrifice? Now they know about the time-do-over?

Beagmactire: That would be something that it would be brilliant if they addressed in the next season. To have Artie tell Myka what Helena did for her. That would be amazing.

webgeekist: @ralst:  didn’t he?  I seem to recall that Myka knew HG would have been dead if not for the time reversal by 4×10

webgeekist: although i suppose he may not have explicitly said “she gave her life to save us”

Beagmactire: @ralst (Which is the point of course that Myka leaps into her car and drives straight to Wisconsin and wins her girl back!)

Typey: but not the specifics

fsc_ralst: @web I’m not sure

pbandfluff: Well, there’s a difference in saying the Warehouse blew up with HG in it and saying HG sacrificed herself for us

Typey: and that it was about saving Myka and not antyhing else (like, you know, the Warehouse)

fsc_ralst: @beag oh yeah

Beagmactire: (I apologise, I’m having an OH! I like that, let’s do that! Moment!) Plus, Pat Bentar’s version of “I drove all night” would have to be playing at the time.

fsc_ralst: That last scene before and during the explosion was so ‘love story’ that I still find it hard to believe that Kenny denies the romance angle

tristianmakhai: I think that would be my ideal ending at this point: Artie explaining and Myka dashing off.  Jack said that THEY don’t go off into the sunset, but he said nothing about Myka running off to get the girl.  (and I mean ideal in the TV world sense, because we won’t get what we really want).

Typey: ugh, the tears, though. Jo would kill us if we got to watch Myka hear Artie say, “Helena sacrificed herself to save us…to save you.”

Beagmactire: Imagine her eyes…. Even picturing it hurts!!!

webgeekist: typey she’s gonna kill us anyway

webgeekist: she’s exceedingly skilled at that

Typey: I actually would prefer a scene that had Helena coming home to a family that is fully accepting of her, who were waiting for her, than to have Myka run off o get her


webgeekist: and i don’t want to picture it because it’ll mkae my drawing hand itch

Beagmactire: We’re all gonna die! But we can at least be happy about it! please….

tristianmakhai: True.  That would be much, much better.

Alert: An admin left the room: fsc_ralst

Typey: because for me it’s all about these people finding the place they fit

Beagmactire: I second that!

e_m_praetorian: that type of ending…that’s sort of a Lost moment

webgeekist: I’m with Typey

Typey: and her leaving the Warehouse for Ehelana, even if it’s implied she’d come back, would be another running away

e_m_praetorian: it would be nice

webgeekist: (because ugh…HG wells does NOT belong is Wisconcin)

tristianmakhai: Although, if HG says anything about apples upon reaching home, I don;t know if anyone will be left to flail at the net over it.


fsc_ralst: @web sing it!

Typey: (but it is part of her path, and a path that I think logically can only end up with her back at the Warehouse)

Beagmactire: Have Myka go get her, without the others realising. Then Maybe have Pete panic, thinking she has left; runs out to see the car pull up; and end as the pair of them walk into the B&B hand in hand.

webgeekist: apples…yes.  But how cool would it be if MYKA smelled like aples instead of the Warehouse, or if (again) she smelled apples in Myka’s presence?

Typey: with the sun rising instead of setting?

fsc_ralst: Or if Myka smelt the apples as soon as HG arrived and they were together

Typey: hmmm, web…I see the apples thing as part of th Warehouse’s ability to communicate with it’s favored few, so it’d have to be apples in Myka’s presence in the Warehouse as a sign that the Warehouse approved

tristianmakhai: I like the symbolism of a rising sun.  That the story just isn’t over yet.

Otakugamer01: anyone else gets the bad feeling that somehow HG finds out about Myka’s cancer and grabs an artifact that kills her while saving Myka’s life…

pbandfluff: …you had to go there

Typey: taht’s a fic Red would write

Beagmactire: DON’T! We couldn’t cope with HG Hg-ing herself again!!!!

webgeekist: @otaku: I don’t think they’ll do that

pbandfluff: i’ll be waiting for red’s take on that

fsc_ralst: @otak I doubt they’d have her die twice while saving Myka, would they?

Typey: @otaku there’s incredibly interesting themes for how our characters would act in that situation, but I agree with Web that the show won’t do that in the final 6 after having already killed her

webgeekist: @typey: yes, but another thing I want to see, globally, is how the Warehouse is connected to its people, and if they can be an extension of it, then maybe the magic will follow them around

michelle_2011: thanks for the panel

Beagmactire: @ralst… don’t tempt fate here. it is Warehouse. You know, it is Bering and Wells. If it is up to them, this ship’s going to look like the flipping Marie Celeste by the time they’re finished!

Otakugamer01: i hope so typey and ralst

Typey: hmmm, Web. thinking about conections to the warehouse and how it communicates its approval or diapproval (Claudia’s ass may have an opinion on that…)

webgeekist: genuinely, though, all indications are that they will not go down that path eith Myka’s cancer

fsc_ralst: @Beag yes, erase what I just said *looks around nervously*

Typey: @web, right kenny said outright that cancer isn’t the plot-driver for S5, right?

fsc_ralst: How do you see them dealing with Myka’s cancer?

Beagmactire: @ralst What you just said? *Feigns confusion* whatever are you talking about Ralst… (Kenny’s spies are everywhere….)

Beagmactire: I have a feeling the cancer will be resolved in the first episode via artefact. That possibly somone is going to get into serious trouble for using an artefact to save her. Pete seems desperate, so I have a feeling he might be pushed into acting.

webgeekist: I do actually see them involving an artifact, intentionally or by side effect.

Typey: would you have a preference, Web?

Beagmactire: (Or if Helena finds out, heaven help any poor bugger who gets inbetween her and her ability to save Myka.)

Typey: because I’m not inclined to like them intentionally using an artifact

Typey: because DOWNSIDES

webgeekist: side effect. Paracelsus went to great lengths to achieve his immortality.  I kind of want him to lose it, and for that loss to benefit Myka

pbandfluff: could they create an artifact? i mean, there’s a lot of emotions running through that whole family

Typey: I love you Web

Typey: what would the moment be, Peebs?

Beagmactire: They might end up transferring it to Paracelsus.

Typey: because it’s emotion and moment, so has Myka flatlined?

Beagmactire: Then have the whole moral issue kick off.

webgeekist: The immortality theme in parallel with Myka’s imminent mortality is just…perfect for that, I think

pbandfluff: @ typey yeah myka flatlines or slips into a coma or something

Typey: @Web and Kat, ugh the beautiful parallels with Myka’s acknowledgment of her own mortality in front of Charlotte

Beagmactire: Question; does she still have Helena’s locket? Perhaps, it could happen that Helena’s feeling of failure to protect somone she loved fused with the locket, and made it an artefact. And so, because of helena’s affection for Myka, the locket will protect her.

fsc_ralst: @beag yeah, I can see that

pbandfluff: @typey in my b&w shipper mind, hg creates an artifact from her locket when she sees myka in the hospital

Typey: there we go…resolved by quoroum of fandom

pbandfluff: *bangs gavel* it is law

fsc_ralst: It was the Helena, with the locket, in the hospital room

Typey: who’s writing it?

Typey: lol @ralst

Beagmactire: Brilliant!

pbandfluff: @typey don’t look at me, i’ve got too much on my plate

webgeekist: @kat:  she SHOULD have the locket, but the way they flip flop between the tiny one and the square one has left me a little confused about it all.  I would guess she can have two.

Typey: TNG

pbandfluff: don’t even start

Typey: starting…


fsc_ralst: some just needs to sneak into the Syfy offices and exchange our idea for whatever the writers are working on

webgeekist: ROME

Beagmactire: We never did see her return it.

e_m_praetorian: So long as they don’t end with a teary eyed ‘Saving Myka’s B&B room’

pbandfluff: @wipey I SAID DON’T START

webgeekist: @ralst:  IF ONLY.  Unfortunately, they’ve shot the first 2 eps already

Beagmactire: @ralst I’ll get the blue prints, I.. uh.. know a guy….

Typey: it’s WYPEY child. spell it right

fsc_ralst: @web we should have stolen the rushes instead, just to check

pbandfluff: that’s an awful lot of that portmanteau going to you, typey

Typey: there is no “wi” in “web”

Beagmactire: @web, We’ll just have to pull a jenny Schecter with the first two eps.

pbandfluff: yes but there is an ‘i’ in webgeekist

fsc_ralst: @Beag you mean we need to be very annoying and unpopular?

Typey: (whatevs, did you see the thing about language study of ship portnmanteaux)

webgeekist: @kat, I understand that is an L Word reference and that’s as far as my understanding goes

webgeekist: @typey & pb:  enough

pbandfluff: (@typey no i haven’t you should shoot that my way)

pbandfluff: (@web fine, fine)

Beagmactire: @ralst, not quite! However, we do need to steal and delete any and all copies of the two things and hide them someplace they will never be found! To force them to re-shoot! (We also need to get rid of all the scripts etc.

tristianmakhai: I’ve got a question for you guys:  has there been talk of or interest in a Virtual season?  I know that Once Upon A Time is looking this as an option, but with the success of Otalia and Xena’s, would this be something the fandom (or you guys as writers) be interested in?

fsc_ralst: Did HG and Myka ever have a portmanteau before the Bering and Wells?

webgeekist: AH I like this plan

Beagmactire: I reckon jo and Jaime should have their own web based spin off; and put them in charge!

pbandfluff: @ralst there was talk of helyka or something

Typey: No portmanteau that ever caught on, and I LOVE that the ship named itself with such flirting

webgeekist: (can’t answer the new question:  joined up after the ship named itself)

tristianmakhai: Seconded, Beag!

fsc_ralst: @pb oh, not good

pbandfluff: @ralst yeah, it was following in pyka’s footsteps on that

fsc_ralst: @pb pyka is terrible, poor ships

Beagmactire: is it just me, or would Helyka be a damned good name for a rockband>

Beagmactire: ?

pbandfluff: @kat it would

fsc_ralst: A Virtual Season is a lot of work but they can be so, so good

pbandfluff: @kat or a good made-up ancient greek name

webgeekist: @tristian:  serious talk, no.  But there’s been some chatter.  I’d love to see that, actually, with the level of talent this fandom has.  And after the finale?  the world is open to us.  I’d love that so much

tristianmakhai: It seems intimidating as hell, Ralst.

Gin Akasarahsmom: Women’s Murder Club had great virtual season episodes.

grumpybear1031: I so miss that show

fsc_ralst: I’ve worked on one VS – Sarah Connor Chronicles – and they need strong leadership and a plethora or talent. I think W13 could do it.

webgeekist: helyka sounds like, and has been made into, a disease

webgeekist: totally

grumpybear1031: I’ve worked on three and it is a lot of work but fun

Beagmactire: It has symptoms, and a fatality rating that is through the roof.

fsc_ralst: So how soon after the end of play do you need to start work on the VS?

grumpybear1031: we started right away pretty much

fsc_ralst: So, anyone up for a VS?

pbandfluff: count me in

webgeekist: yes, with the caveat of waiting until I see what they actually DO to make a final commitment

pbandfluff: what little i can offer

Beagmactire: Oh heck yes!!!

grumpybear1031: I’d be up for it in my usual capcity anyway

tristianmakhai: I’m a total slackass and learning to write again, but I’d definitely volunteer however was needed.

Typey: yeah, I’m having trouble palnning for after (even emotionally) until I see what happens

Beagmactire: Whatever you guys would need!

fsc_ralst: Sounds promising. The ending would be the decided, I guess

tristianmakhai: Hell, I’d resort to offering services as a beta if it helped.

fsc_ralst: Betas always help *g*

fsc_ralst: Well, that’s one thing to potentially look forward to after ep 6

webgeekist: and we need things to look forward to

tristianmakhai: yes, lets wait to see if anyone is still alive after the fandom collectively ‘loses their shit.’

fsc_ralst: lol yeah

Beagmactire: Screw my degree! If you guys need anything, a writer, a beta; or a history researcher (I knew doing a history degree would serve me well at some point!)

pbandfluff: @kat damn, where we you when i started writing my rome au

fsc_ralst: I did history too, so that’s at least two researchers!

pbandfluff: *were

Beagmactire: *Historical High five*

fsc_ralst: *five*

tristianmakhai: <– history and mythology nerd, so I’d help out as much as I could too!

Mondoshawan555: this fandom has lost its shit so many times already it’s business as usual already

Beagmactire: @Pb, my bad, if you need anything in the future though give me a yell!

pbandfluff: i’m a lowly fors anth major but i’m good with wounds and dead bodies

pbandfluff: @kat i will! thanks!

tristianmakhai: Losing ones shit is a fandom past time. It’s how you know you’re in Bering and Wells.

pbandfluff: it’s an initiation. the rite of losing one’s shit.

fsc_ralst: and a collective sport

Typey: and a contact sport

Beagmactire: One thing, it is rather handy for sporting purposes. I play rugby, and watched instinct the night before a match…. It got very ugly…

webgeekist: with serious injury potential

fsc_ralst: Not an episode to watch before yoga, unless you want to punch out the leader

Xenavirgin: You play Rugby Bea? Are you a hooker?

webgeekist: Warehouse 13 is an artifact.  It causes feels

Beagmactire: Ha ha! No dear, I’m a Prop. I get to smash stuff!

fsc_ralst: @web what’s the downside?


Xenavirgin: Niiiiicce Bea.

tristianmakhai: I was just wondering whether a VS would retain that provokation of fandom flails, but then I remember the frequent angst storms.

pbandfluff: @typey no, typey, that’s just you

Typey: lol

Typey: you, too, dear. YOU TOO

webgeekist: @ralst:  tears, the desire to kick media execs in the shins

Xenavirgin: Sorry I’m sooo late, my interwebs has been being an absolute pig.

pbandfluff: (can’t argue that)

fsc_ralst: Better late than never, XV

Beagmactire: @web, its not just potential injury! There are girls still in plaster because of my ritual ‘losing of the shit’…. I’m a terrible person…

Kayryn: Meeep, I’ve missed an hour, but I was chatting with lysachan via text messages. She unable to get online this weekend

webgeekist: @kat or just a really, really good rugby player

webgeekist: wb kayryn

Beagmactire: @web, *blushes*

fsc_ralst: @kayryn we’re looking for VS peeps but won’t forget her or you

fsc_ralst: XV a question?

Alert: Xenavirgin hand was lowered by fsc_ralst

Kayryn: Web, ty

Kayryn: Ralst, sure thing

Xenavirgin: Erm yes, forgive me but I’ve come to the Bering and Wells fandom very late, Am I correct in saying the two actresses have said they have been playing the roles with subtext?

webgeekist: yes

webgeekist: yes they have

Xenavirgin: Ahhh Coool.

Beagmactire: They are our beloved capitans!

webgeekist: in fact, a good chunk of the crew has intentionally put effort onto that

Xenavirgin: IS it both of them or just Jamie Murray?

fsc_ralst: And Eddie is cheerleader

Beagmactire: he’s the sassy best friend! Ha ha ha!

fsc_ralst: Both of them, definitely

webgeekist: very much both of them.  Go look at Jo’s Comic Con intervews from the last few years, annd go read the AfterEllen article with both of them that Heather Hogan wrote a few months ago

webgeekist: they’re amazing

webgeekist: oh yes, Eddie is definitely an honorary fangirl

fsc_ralst: Even the Syfy promo people are behind it

Beagmactire: Salute the capitans!

fsc_ralst: *salute*

webgeekist: oh that promo.  Sooooo much win

Xenavirgin: Cool, thanks for the reading pointers.

fsc_ralst: The only person not 100% onboard in the cast and crew is Kenny

Kayryn: *salutes*

Xenavirgin: Wait what Promo??  Damn I’m always late to the party.

Beagmactire: Kill the non-believer! (To be yelled in John Cleese’s voice)

webgeekist: and even he’s recently revealed some more clarified perspectives.

Typey: the pormo? “single brunette female in search of same for hologram lay and rope tricks”

fsc_ralst: The promo to 4.5

Xenavirgin: LOL @ Bea

webgeekist: @typey:  yes that one

Xenavirgin: SERIOUSLY?!

pbandfluff: @kat I didn’t vote for you!

fsc_ralst: That promo was great

fsc_ralst: Besides out beloved Bering and Wells are there any other femslash pairings you’re into for the show?

Typey: I know that people have Cleena feels, but I’d love to see Claudia and Abigail sort some things out…

pbandfluff: ship all the ladies

Kayryn: Pete’s mom and his ex

webgeekist: I’ve read some Cleena, but mostly for the Bering and Wells content.

Beagmactire: @Pb, Of course you didn’t! The Lady of the Lake, her arm clad in the purest shimmering samite, held aloft Excalibur from the bosom of the water, signifying by divine providence that I, Beagmactire, was to carry Excalibur. That is why I am your Queen.

pbandfluff: hahahahaha yes @kayryn

webgeekist: @kayryn: lol, in an AU set in space

Typey: with uniforms

Beagmactire: YES @Karyryn!

pbandfluff: @kat that’s no basis for a system of governement

Xenavirgin: I love CLaudia all on her lonesome. LOLOL  But I’d be interested in seeing something with her and Abigail too.

Kayryn: omg, that’s a brilliant AU idea

Kayryn: lol

Beagmactire: @pb, bloody peasant.

fsc_ralst: Claudia and Abigail has potential, yeah

tristianmakhai: I second the Claudia/Abigail.  Very intriguing.

Typey: especially if we learn about the dynamic of caretaker and keeper

tristianmakhai: exactly

pbandfluff: i like cleena, but claudia/abigail is gaining ground in my multi-shipper heart

fsc_ralst: Yes, that could be something explored in the VS

webgeekist: claudia and abigail does pique my interest, but not necessarily for the femslash potential.  It’s just a very interesting dynamic without taking feelings into account

Typey: Claudia coming into her own as caretaker as the *new* keeper arrives (she woudln’t nec have been ready for it with Leena?)

Xenavirgin: @ Ralst, the VS? Is someone doing a virtual series??

pbandfluff: yeah, new caretaker, new keeper, new dynamic

pbandfluff: @xv it’s a possibility

fsc_ralst: @XV we’ve been talking about the posibility

Typey: “now *that’s* a caretaker”

fsc_ralst: Abigail did seem impressed

webgeekist: i kind of have this headcanon, though, that Leena is part of the Warehouse now.  It’s supported by her unexplained reappearance at Artie’s side in the finale

pbandfluff: @web yeah i was kind of thinking the same thing

Xenavirgin: OOOOO  waves hand in air. PLease let me know if it happens.

webgeekist: but also, the Warehouse has had a different personality in 4.5, and I’d like t think it’s because she’s there as an intermediary

Typey: do you headcanon that as normal for a dead keeper?

fsc_ralst: @XV I’ll put you on the list

Xenavirgin: Ummm, the only other pairing that kind of intrigued me was maybe Mrs Fredricks and Pete’s mom.

Xenavirgin: Aqwww thanks Ralst.

webgeekist: @typey:  maybe, but no.  Another thing that’s been mentioned, especially recently, is how the Warehouse has changed.  From what we’ve seen of it in the past, that change has so much to do with its current (and recently former) residents

fsc_ralst: I dislike Pete’s mom far too much to inflict her on the wonder that is Mrs, F

webgeekist: @ralst:  never recovered from the s3 finale?

Typey: @web do you think that ocul dbe part of a “natural” lifecycle of a warehouse…part of why there might need to be a W14 sooner rather than later?

Kayryn: Why do you dislike Pete’s mom?

fsc_ralst: badly acted and just really annoying

grumpybear1031: she doesn’t like Kate Mulgrew…lol

Kayryn: ahhh, yeah I can relate

fsc_ralst: KM is okay in Orange/Black but I find her nearly unwatchable in W13

grumpybear1031: agreed Red is kinda awesome

pbandfluff: i’m not a huge fan of her b/c she comes to all the warehouse situations with an air of absolute knowledge that’s very pretentious, imo

Kayryn: I’m torn when it comes to Kate

webgeekist: @typey:  no.  I think it’s unusual and special.  i think, ultimately, that’s part of the family theme — they’ll find a way to minimize the crazy, evil, and dead because of it

Xenavirgin: WHAT?!?!?  Not like Kate Mulgrew?  Well I’m not overly fond of her, but Janeway can have me anytime she wants. lol

x15a2: Hi

grumpybear1031: I liked Janeway

Kayryn: I liked Janeway… It’s KM that I have issues with

fsc_ralst: I disliked Janeway… I think that’s where it started

fsc_ralst: Do we know if KM is going to be in season five?

Xenavirgin: Ahhh the glorious diversity of fandoms.

Kayryn: and my KM issues didn’t start until 5th or 6th season of VOY, so…

Kayryn: but anyway…

webgeekist: @ralst:  is your improved opinion of KM in Orange/Black influenced by the fact that she’s a slightly unlikeable criminal, and the character embodies your personal feelings?

pbandfluff: sort of bringing it back to one of the questions, i’m still vacillating between ship and brotp feels, but i really liked the claudia/hg dynamic when it happened

justsing: @ralst according to Jack Kenny, KM won’t be in S5

Typey: @web, what would hte long-term impact of minimizing crazy, evil, or dead be, do you think? makes it more likely to have long-term relationships, which would be nice…

webgeekist: @ralst re s5:  I don’t think so

Typey: I can’t ship Claudia and HG ever since I started having the maternal/filial feels

fsc_ralst: @web possibly. she’s tended to play ‘i know best’ character that I’ve found very annoying before

fsc_ralst: @just yay!

webgeekist: javeway had those moments

pbandfluff: @typey yeah, what little ship feels i do have occur in a very au vacuum

BetweenLove_n_Hate: @ Typey, I liked the idea of Claudia/Leena. So sad so few write for that couple.

fsc_ralst: brotp for Claudia and HG/Mya, definitely

Beagmactire: Hey guys! Sorry for vanishing, had to see a woman about a cat.

fsc_ralst: Claudia/Leena had potential but just didn’t seem to take off

webgeekist: @typey:  yes.  makes it far more likely they can have lives that resemble what is traditionally considered normal.  We already know Pete wants that, at least in part.  I don’t think we’ll see that come to fruition in the show, but it would be nice if, again, that door was left open and we got the sense that it COULD happen

webgeekist: wb kat

pbandfluff: @ralst oh it tried, at least on my end of it

Xenavirgin: Do we know if any agents are said to have retired to a normal life?

pbandfluff: @xv well there was rebecca

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Rebecca did.

fsc_ralst: Yes, Rebecca

Beagmactire: Not particularly. Most are either, mad, dangerous, or dead. Aside from Rebecca.

webgeekist: @xv:  not officially.  Rebecca “retired,” but she dropped off the map to do it while searching for Jack

Typey: ugh, Rebecca and not getting old enough to DIE OF CANCER

grumpybear1031: but we’ve only seen a limited number of ex agents

Xenavirgin: Ahh I thought so.

fsc_ralst: I’m now imagining a Warehouse Retirement Community… it’s epic

pbandfluff: hahahaha we could be extremely bitter and say hg, technically

grumpybear1031: lol

webgeekist: @grumpy:  also true

Xenavirgin: Yay Ralst!! Oh such a good humour fic that would be.

MiddleEarthBarbie: Cleena was so good around the Season 2 conflict they had with each other.

webgeekist: @pb:  yes we could, but…story isn’t finished

fsc_ralst: Ten minutes left… any last questions?

pbandfluff: @web well, yes obviously


fsc_ralst: Between? your question?

webgeekist: (and so grateful it isn’t, even though it’ll be short)

Alert: BetweenLove_n_Hate hand was lowered by fsc_ralst

fsc_ralst: @XV now I want to read it

BetweenLove_n_Hate: This is kind of to readers. What are readers looking for most in HG/Myka fics at the moment?

Xenavirgin: Does anyone know a location for some Bering & Wells Manips?

Xenavirgin: @ Ralst, well I have some time in August, maybe I’ll write it.

pbandfluff: @xv hit up kayryn’s tumblr

fsc_ralst: A happy ending. I don’t mind angst but I need angst-resolution too

Xenavirgin: Ahhhh thanks. fluff

tristianmakhai: And Absderian’s (SP?) tumblr

fsc_ralst: @XV written down into the book of femslash law

Xenavirgin: @ Ralst??? huhuhuh?

Xenavirgin: Ah well, Absderians I get direct. heheheh

pbandfluff: @between just some happiness. complicated is kind of their m.o. so i’ve come to expect that, but just some happiness.

webgeekist: @between: agreed with ralst, but I’m in a tough spot with that.  Fix-its, some longer main universe stuff would be good too.  And of course, AUS are always welcome

shaych03: xv: my tumblr has some as well, plus my deviant art

justsing: B&W isn’t called Angst and Pain for nothing…

sendibo: I know some people really aren’t keen on them because it’s a bit OOC after ‘No Pain, No Gain’, but I love B&W baby fics.

webgeekist: @xv: also look at fuckyeahpikacha’s tumblr

Xenavirgin:   Is your tumblr the same name Shay?

pbandfluff: @xv ooooh, yes, go check out shay’s stuff. sooooo good

BetweenLove_n_Hate: ABSedarian has some great movie poster manips as XV mentioned.

Xenavirgin: Thanks Web.

Typey: I’m looking for them getting their moment to allow themselves to accept themselves in relation to the other woman — I want the emotional catharsis of reading, “yes, I belong with you” even if they don’t (have to) say it

shaych03: xv: yes, shaych03

Typey: but, yes AUs too

Xenavirgin: Cool.

pbandfluff: @typey yes, i totally agree

fsc_ralst: what type of AU?

pbandfluff: and yes, aus

BetweenLove_n_Hate: @sendibo, I like baby fics and their child from the future coming back to help set them up thanks to warehouse incidents too

webgeekist: ALL THE AUS

Beagmactire: You’ve got to love a good Au!

Typey: all AUs  ones where Christina comes back as an adult, for instance

Beagmactire: An AU a day keeps the writers block away!

BetweenLove_n_Hate: She does? In which fic?

pbandfluff: @ralst all the aus. this fandom can make an au out of anything

fsc_ralst: AUs and ubers are great

tristianmakhai: I keep getting tempted to write a straight up Steampunk!verse W13 fic.

Typey: PB?

pbandfluff: @typey damn you, i’m working on it

Alkmaion: back

pbandfluff: @between i have a series of ficlets that make that an au

sendibo: I like the child from the future ideas, but I think they have to be written carefully. Time travel is a tricky business and can make no sense sometimes, which ruins the story for me.

webgeekist: we need another AU Week

Typey: @between it’s spectacular go read them

pbandfluff: @web most definitely

Xenavirgin: AU week??

fsc_ralst: @tristian a steampunk challenge will be going up sometime over the next week or two and it already has a W13 tie in

Typey: Ithought it was always AU week?

tristianmakhai: ooooh!  I will have to keep an eye out for that!

webgeekist: eternal AU week

Kayryn: Au week is eternal

Beagmactire: AU week????? How, where, what? When does this happen?

fsc_ralst: sounds like fun!

webgeekist: @kat:  check the AU Week tag on tumblr

pbandfluff: @beag we wanted it, tumblr, we pick a week, and watch the au pile up

webgeekist: you may have to wad a little, but most of the stuff from last year is there

Beagmactire: Awesome! Will do!

Beagmactire: This sounds fantastic! (being as I’ve actually learned to use Tumblr now!… this time last year it only confused me)

Xenavirgin: AU tag on tumblr like all fandom au’s or just W13?

BetweenLove_n_Hate: And femslash AU’s I assume?

grumpybear1031: i wish i didn’t hate tumblr

Shatterpath: AMEN

fsc_ralst: I find it difficult to find fic on tumblr but I love the pretty pictures

Shatterpath: the visual stimuli is too much for my brain

sendibo: I just track the Warehouse 13 and Bering and Wells tags and wait for the fic that pops up in there.

Shatterpath: shame really

fsc_ralst: We’re coming to an end, so a big thank you to all our panellists and everyone else for making this such a fun panel

tristianmakhai: As mentioned on other panels: I think we all wish we could get a combination of LJ and tumblr.  the ease of reblogging from one, and the stability (and support of longer posts) form the other.  But eh.  Can’t have everything.

michelle_2011: thanks

webgeekist: thanks for having us, Ralst!

Typey: THANKS!

tristianmakhai: than you for having me, guys.  ^^

sendibo: Thanks for the panel guys, it’s been most entertaining to read!

Xenavirgin: Thanks.

justsing: Thanks to ralst and all the panelists! Jo bless.

Beagmactire: It’s been a blast guys! Thanks so much!

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Thank you!

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