Web Series

docwho2100: Hello everyone and welcome to the Web Series Panel.  We’ll get started by having the panelists introduce themselves.

christintellofilms: hi

christintellofilms: I’m christin mell and I’m the founder of tellofilms.com and producer and director of a few webseries

Nancylee: I’m Nancylee Myatt writer producer of 3Way, Cowgirlup and The N&N Files (Nikki and Nora)

docwho2100: If anyone has any questions, please raise your hand and we’ll get to you in the order your hand was raised

christintellofilms: just call it N&N for short

docwho2100: always with abbrevs. when online j/k

docwho2100: ok Xenavirgin has a question


Xenavirgin: Umm forgive my ignorance, but what is a webseries?

christintellofilms: show that’s only on the internet

Nancylee: A T”V” series made exclusively for the web.

docwho2100: Adding to that  – since this panel is about web series, what web series with lesbian characters would you recommend watching?

Ravenfairy11: Netflix counts right??

Alma0_0: never see one

Xenavirgin: Is it like Venice? and how Sanctuary started off?

Nancylee: Netflix, Amazon and Hulu are all jumping in the game with shows created and distributed via the internet

ariestess: XV: That’s it exactly.

Xenavirgin: Ahh okay. Gotcha…I think. lol

Nancylee: Speaking as a writer/creator the web has given us a place to tell the stories about characters we care about without going through the studio/network system

fsc_ralst: there are hundreds of webseres out there

Ravenfairy11: Well then on that note i would recommend Orange is the New Black. it is beyond awesome.

Xenavirgin: A friend of mine once called Venice TV-fanfic in the same medium.

docwho2100: Geek what’s your question

Nancylee: Orange is the new Black is off the hook amazing

geekgrrllurking: Thank you first of all for joining us today. Speaking of Sanctuary, do you feel that web series are a genre of their own, or is it a way to get a show onto the networks, or is it still in flux?

Nancylee: I’d say if your webseries gets attention by having a large audience you might get a shot at being considered to jump to network, but it’s still hard

Nancylee: The new internet distribution outlets are going to really help us.  Especially for those of us that have network experience.

christintellofilms: oh- stuff on tellofilms.com


christintellofilms: of course

mandygirl78: I say networks are getting passe and it should be considered a bonus, not a must-have goal.

docwho2100: ralst you have a question

fsc_ralst: Given how many people are unaware of webseries and the potential they have – especially in niche markets – what can be done to spread the word?

Nancylee: Amen, mandygirl178

christintellofilms: ralst your stuff has been great – the work you do to lift it up

Nancylee: I say what’s more important is being able to get funding for the shows that are on the web vs. trying to jump to network

christintellofilms: also- when we get reviewed by other sites and publications

mandygirl78: Totally agree Nancylee

Nancylee: And those naked pool parties we throw for investors.

docwho2100: I am there

christintellofilms: those pool parties are the best

ariestess: The networks have unfortunately been going downhill for many years.  The “big” ones don’t want to change up their formats.

christintellofilms: just watch getting sun burned

christintellofilms: nancylee had that problem last time

Nancylee: Shut it

ariestess: lol

Nancylee: I’m going to pretend to bumped off the site and go get a beer

christintellofilms: you don’t have to get bumped to get a beer

christintellofilms: at tello we say we want to be the HBO of lesbian content

Alma0_0: A lot of money to see the webseries must be paid?

christintellofilms: not like a network


docwho2100: Funding  -every web series needs it. Recently Nancylee, you ran an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for The N&N Files and Christin, I believe tello films helps creators with production

christintellofilms: for tello we charge $3.99 a month

docwho2100: Would you both talk a little bit about how web series are/can be funded?

christintellofilms: yeah Nancylee did an AMAZING job on that

ariestess: @christin: Is that per series or across the board>

Nancylee: The indiegogo campaign was great.

christintellofilms: yes we do

christintellofilms: monthly

christintellofilms: $3.99 monthly

ariestess: Okay, wasn’t sure if that was a monthly charge per series or for the whole site.

ariestess: And my brain is vaguely mush atm, so excuse any stupid questions.

christintellofilms: tello funds our series with our subscription funds

christintellofilms: we also have done crowdfunding campaigns for our more expensive series like Cowgirl Up season 2 and N&N

christintellofilms: no worries ariestess!

christintellofilms: most folks do it for free or really cheap

Nancylee: Horses and guns and whiskey really ups the budget

christintellofilms: or they do crowdfunding

christintellofilms: Nancylee drinks a lot of whiskey

Nancylee: Let’s just call it my muse

christintellofilms: i help her drink so she will finish scripts quicker

docwho2100: : )

Xenavirgin: Should I still raise hands or just jump in?

christintellofilms: ha!

christintellofilms: we’ve gone rogue

ariestess: Nancylee’s muse sounds a bit like a few of mine. LOL

Nancylee: Tello is awesome – they say YES when the rest of the “industry” says no.

christintellofilms: I blame nancylee

docwho2100: go ahead xena

Nancylee: I got to do two of my dream projects.

christintellofilms: so glad to be part of NL’s dreams

christintellofilms: yes Xena?

Xenavirgin: It’s XV, wanted to ask. I assume most of these series are being generated from the USA. What about international availability?

christintellofilms: our series can be viewed globally

christintellofilms: we don’t geoblock anything!

christintellofilms: I also would LOVE to have a foreign series on the site

mandygirl78: great.

fsc_ralst: Most US shows are available oversees. The US and Canada seem to be the big webseries producers for lesbian content

Xenavirgin: Some of my ‘Merican cousins keep telling me to see things on Hulu, is that where these series are hosted?

mandygirl78: then subtitles would be important if the foreign series are not in english

christintellofilms: yeah Hulu I think might be geoblocked

Nancylee: The reason we create more webseries is we see less of what we want on network TV

christintellofilms: yeah – I would need the series to help with that

geekgrrllurking: even in Canada, I get geo blocked from Hulu

christintellofilms: the subtitles

christintellofilms: geoblocking needs to die

docwho2100: subtitles, a future project for tello

christintellofilms: we are a global entertainment community and it just needs to be open

mandygirl78: yeah, for non-english speakers as well.

Nancylee: I like it.  I’ll write the first episode later today

Alma0_0: Chance do they come from with subtitles? Because am seeing them to me black women to translate these panels

christintellofilms: we have over 30% of our viewers overseas

fsc_ralst: Chica Buscha Chica was a good Spanish series, but it’s only available on DVD now with subtitles

Alma0_0: ah ya preguntaron, lo siento

Nancylee: I’m drinking a Corona now as a nod to our international fans.

Xenavirgin: Okay. I can totally see the potential for broader exploration of lesbian or gay material with a web series. But it could be a double edged sword having the effect of almost ghetto-ising groups who use it so they get even less representation on mainstream tv. I mean potentially.

christintellofilms: the problem with mainstream TV and lesbian content is that it’s usually written by men

Nancylee: Huh.. I think everyone wants to see themselves or stories that resonate with them – wherever they can find it.

christintellofilms: so even if they have our stories it’s not from an authentic perspective – and that makes me sad.

mandygirl78: exactly

Shatterpath: hear hear

geekgrrllurking: its annoying

christintellofilms: they start to put a straight lens on a lesbian character and they don’t have a great 3rd dimension

christintellofilms: or they make them have a baby

Nancylee: Wait wait – writer’s write.  If you hit the voices and lives you do not have to have lived them.

Nancylee: No babies on N&N I promise

christintellofilms: I like working with lesbians who write for lesbians

christintellofilms: they write straight guys into their scripts too but the lesbian is the main character

docwho2100: You touch on something Nancylee not just web series writers but all writers I think hit, do you have to be something or lived it to really write it

geekgrrllurking: ok, where do I pick up a subscription, lol! the Lesbians with Babies storyline is getting old

Nancylee: Wait, Christin, you’re a lesbian?  Ah that explains the wife. Great wedding BTW.


christintellofilms: tellofilms.com

christintellofilms: !

docwho2100: I have a question about web series and genres.  Do you think there is a genre that web series, especially lesbian-oriented, have not really explored yet? And as compliment, is there a genre/topic/type that web series may be more suited to showcase? 

Nancylee: No you don’t have to be an alien or a cowgirl to write the life.  You have to know how to write that character’s heart and dreams and challenges.

yurianimeotaku: @doc Lesbians writing lesbian fiction is a topic being hotly debated within the lesbian community.

Nancylee: I was the only female writer on 3 comedy staffs when I first started out. No one cared who was voicing the men or the women

christintellofilms: I hope to see more exploration in gender issues

christintellofilms: or how fluid those roles are

Nancylee: Christin that almost sounds like a line to get someone to go home with you

christintellofilms: I also think taboo subjects are areas the web can explore

Alma0_0: You mean that you turn out to be them but profitable doing series that is not lesbian for example, for ace avoiding to wound sensibilities

christintellofilms: look at orange is the new black on netflix

Xenavirgin: Dr Who, (heheh) I’m not familiar with what is out there in the webseries that cover lesbianism. But I could take a leaf from lesbian fiction and ask is there anything being done about  your average, multi back-grounded, multi sized, multi talented ordinary dyke on the street?

geekgrrllurking: the sad part of that statement was that you were the only female writer on the staff Nancy

christintellofilms: so many things in that you’d never see on network

fsc_ralst: Love OitnB

Jojohump: ya, I just finished watching the first season yesterday

christintellofilms: LOVE OitnB

christintellofilms: they are shooting season 2 next week

christintellofilms: i was so happy to see that!!!

Jojohump: kool

christintellofilms: jojohump

Alma0_0: Excuse it is not all the same to say it in Spanish than in English

christintellofilms: go back and watch the first ep again

Jojohump: will they show a season a week like tv?

christintellofilms: you get a new perspective on it when you know the end and it’s genius

docwho2100: hello King is a Fink

christintellofilms: hey!!! King is a Fink!

King is a Fink: hello!

Nancylee: King is a Fink!  Sup!

King is a Fink: yo, nancylee & christin!

King is a Fink: what have we missed!

King is a Fink: ?

docwho2100: We are talking about web series, who can write them, what genres are good and also a sidebar on OITNB


Nancylee: Nothing, we’re changing the world one lesbian webseries at a time.

King is a Fink: how exciting! we’ve just finished OITNB. minds blown.

docwho2100: Also we are told you two are crowdfunding queens regarding web series

King is a Fink: that is very kind…but Christin is the real crowdfunding powerhouse.

Nancylee: True dat.  King and Christin can make it happen.

christintellofilms: no way

christintellofilms: you guys

King is a Fink: we were lucky to get to work on the cowgirl up crowdfunding campaign, LOVED seeing the fans vote for the programming with their dollars.

Nancylee: What we did learn is that getting a cast that the audience wants to see, invested in the crowdfunding campaign really helps.

King is a Fink: and then seeing how they rocked the Nikki & Nora campaign…wow.

Shatterpath: Where is a good place to start for a noob *points at self*

christintellofilms: what do you want to do shatterpath?

christintellofilms: make webseries or write?

Shatterpath: no clue!

christintellofilms: oh well

Shatterpath: I’ve never even watched. I am grooviness challenged

docwho2100: talk about both, please

fsc_ralst: Watch as many as you can

christintellofilms: first i’d look at a lot of them

christintellofilms: yes Ralst

christintellofilms: watch

christintellofilms: see what you like and why

ariestess: Okay, following on Shatterpath’s question… If one wanted to start writing for webseries, what’s a good starting point?

christintellofilms: look at series that you like

fsc_ralst: the scripts panel you just missed, aj

christintellofilms: know why and then think of what you want to write about

christintellofilms: great advise in that one!

King is a Fink: and then gather a great team.

ariestess: Haha, ralst, I was hosting another panel.

christintellofilms: i mean really one of the best panelists out there

Nancylee: are you a writer?

christintellofilms: super amazing

mandygirl78: learn how to write in script format. (It’s very different from regular writing)

Shatterpath: I am!

docwho2100: Also, I recommend tellofilms.com and also take a look at http://www.ppwebseries.com/ – we list a lot of web series on that site

ariestess: I am a writer and working toward some original/publishable stuff atm.

christintellofilms: read scripts

Shatterpath: sweet. Thjank you. You guys have been a lot of fun to read here

King is a Fink: are you a writer that needs a producer? are you a producer that needs good actors to bring the story to life? you don’t have to do it all by yourself…and you shouldn’t.

christintellofilms: look at the formatting

christintellofilms: get to know that

Nancylee: Yes, you have to know how to write a TV or Film script. Tell stories visually as well as in dialog.

fsc_ralst: are scripts available free on-line?

christintellofilms: if you can get one of Nancylee’s scripts

christintellofilms: she is an amazing writer who can paint a picture that you can see

mandygirl78: You have to be more detailed with the action than you would in regular writing.

King is a Fink: true day re: nancylee.

christintellofilms: you can find scripts

Shatterpath: we’ll have to send out the ninjas to finch one…

christintellofilms: online

fsc_ralst: be afraid of the script ninjas coming your way soon

ariestess: I love reading scripts almost as much as reading novels/short stories.

christintellofilms: oh good!

King is a Fink: yes, you can find scripts for this year’s biggest movies pretty easily.

christintellofilms: that’s perfect then.

ariestess: I’m one of those writers that will read ANYTHING you put in front of me.

Shatterpath: I’ve always had trouble visualizing the scenes described in scripts. Is that my failing or the writing?

King is a Fink: reading the scripts of others and figuring out what worked and what didn’t is helpful for us. helps us look more critically at our own work.

christintellofilms: my guess would be the writing

King is a Fink: ditto

Nancylee: If you are dedicated buy Final Draft which is a script writing program.  It does all the heavy lifting with format.  The story telling is up to you.

christintellofilms: read a script that you’ve seen the movie to

christintellofilms: so you can see if what you read was what you saw

christintellofilms: then see where you think they failed

King is a Fink: great scripts carry you away, make you laugh, make you cry. you can see it. that’s the whole point.

Shatterpath: good advice

christintellofilms: again- that’s a nancylee script

Shatterpath: clearly, I’ve never been blessed to look over a good script…

Nancylee: Ah thanks…


docwho2100: Yuri has a question, go ahead

yurianimeotaku: @christin Why did you start Tello Films?

christintellofilms: people who donated to the N&N campaign will get that script

ariestess: So it sounds like getting my hands on one of Nancylee’s scripts is going to be like getting my hands on Jane Espenson’s scripts, which I covet.

christintellofilms: i started it because I was frustrated with the lack of lesbian webseries

christintellofilms: and didn’t like being told NO because it was a lesbian project

christintellofilms: so I decided to support lesbian filmmakers and creatives

docwho2100: go ahead and ask your next question Yuri

yurianimeotaku: Did you start out in the “industry?”

christintellofilms: I worked in films and television for 3 years

christintellofilms: then moved

Nancylee: Here’s the Robert McKee outline format. Works everytime – Inciting Incident, Progressive Complication, Crisis, Climax, Resolution

King is a Fink: and christin’s experience shows. best run sets we’ve ever worked on.

Nancylee: My scripts are easy to find.  I’ve been at it a long time.  But not always writing my shows.  Voicing other people’s shows is the best training ground you can get.

Shatterpath: what do you mean, ‘voicing’?

docwho2100: ralst you have a question

fsc_ralst: What was the first webseries you created and, if it were possble, would you go back and change it?

Nancylee: Christin is a great producer — she won’t let me spend all the money though…

christintellofilms: who is that for?

christintellofilms: haha!

christintellofilms: not money we don’t have

fsc_ralst: all


Nancylee: Again shut it

King is a Fink: ha! re: nancylee…yes, christin is great at guarding the change purse…and this allows us to make LOTS of great things.

Nancylee: First webseries I created was during the Writer’s Strike.  3Way it was a comedy.

fsc_ralst: Ah, Ladycops!

christintellofilms: first one i did was called Human Potential

docwho2100: <3 Ladycops

King is a Fink: our first webseries was for christin, I Hate Tommy Finch. was so fun. performed it as a play first, then shot it for the web.

Nancylee: Ladycops was the show within the show. As was Young Doctors Who Cry (our soap opera)

christintellofilms: I spent too much money on it

King is a Fink: thank you for spending too much money on that, c.

Nancylee: And now we’re all paying for that

christintellofilms: yep

christintellofilms: that’s exactly what happened

King is a Fink: can you really put a cost on making the world a better place, christin?

christintellofilms: sorry NL


Nancylee: I kid because I love

Shatterpath: Well, all of us will keep writing, we can promise that

christintellofilms: I know

christintellofilms: it’s not bothering me

Nancylee: Writer’s Write baby

docwho2100: I have a question regarding, more, intimate type scenes   do you think web series allow for more exploration of what, well, we would call femslash

King is a Fink: with webseries, you just don’t have anyone telling you to ‘cover it up’ or pull back because our sponsors would be upset.

Nancylee: Yes, probably.  But it still goes back to what your actors are willing to do on camera.  Some of the hottest love scenes I’ve seen on network TV and Films hint rather than show

King is a Fink: we get to do what we think best fits the story.

fsc_ralst: You don’t want webseries to become a form of soft porn

christintellofilms: i’m always trying to get more kissing into a script

christintellofilms: it’s my #1 note for writers

Nancylee: When I was writing South Of Nowhere, the hetero couples got to do EVERYTHING and I had to fight for Spencer and Ashley to kiss.

King is a Fink: yes!

Nancylee: Webseries are letting us tell a more truthful story, that’s for sure.

geekgrrllurking: someone get Christin another drink for that one

Shatterpath: I like what you said about not turning things to soft porn. As we would all like to be less exploited

mandygirl78: Well at least you got rid of Danso, Nancy.

Gin Akasarahsmom: glad you did… that was a nice pair

christintellofilms: it doesn’t have to go too far but really have a nice moment for characters

Shatterpath: and more kisses will always be welcome

Xenavirgin: So what you’re saying is if Xena had been a web series, we’d have had a much more real experience of the hot tub scenes?

King is a Fink: yes, shatterpath. i think the difference, when we’re talking about girl-girl scenes, is that often they are for the titillation of male viewers – however, we get to create scenes that resonate with female viewers.

christintellofilms: YES

christintellofilms: i love that scene

Nancylee: But everyone needs to remember — webseries pay less, often don’t get seen by the people that will give an actor their next job.  The truth is the actor has to feel safe and that’s it’s important to the story.

King is a Fink: trust = better performances.

King is a Fink: and sexy comes in many forms.

Shatterpath: King, you keep this up and you’re going to get marriage proposals

King is a Fink: we love marriage!

christintellofilms: King is correct

christintellofilms: with I Hate Tommy Finch we have this awesome scene and you can tell it was directed by women

Xenavirgin: Do you think people like Kate Mulgrew being in a web series will help to raise their visibility?

christintellofilms: it’s just lovely

King is a Fink: whose visibility? Trekkies.

christintellofilms: I think the more actors are in webseries the more legitimate people will see them

Xenavirgin: LOL  No dear the web series genre. lol

christintellofilms: the more important thing is money invested in them

Nancylee: Most of my nearest and dearest are actors.  They want to work. If you write it they will come.

King is a Fink: thanks for being a good sport…

Nancylee: And now webseries are a bona fide credit for people to use

King is a Fink: i do think recognizable actors being in webseries helps the general public open their mind to the experience.

christintellofilms: isn’t kate mulgrew amazing on OITNB?

Ravenfairy11: yes!! Red rocks my world!!

docwho2100: You tweeted about that NL a little earlier in the week regarding Emmy nods

mandygirl78: Do some of the actors/actresses have input in webseries writing? More or less so than regular?

christintellofilms: Preach!

Xenavirgin: Haven’t seen it yet.  I’m more afraid of her new hairstyle than I was of the Bun of Steel.

King is a Fink: but we’re lucky on tello to get to cast the people who are right for the part. that’s the first consideration. ‘no diva’ zone.

christintellofilms: depends on if the actors are also producers

Ravenfairy11: omg her hair is awesome! it so makes her character that much more interesting.

docwho2100: Yuri go ahead and ask your question

yurianimeotaku: Money, or lack thereof, seems to be a predominant concern for everyone involved. How does anyone make a living?

christintellofilms: I have a 9-5 job

King is a Fink: for us, our webseries don’t support us. but it’s a GREAT supplement to our other income.

christintellofilms: the good thing is tello funds itself for series

King is a Fink: we’re no longer ‘in the red’ when making our work. this was key.

christintellofilms: so I don’t have to put my own money into it

Nancylee: For N&N Liz Vassey and Christina Cox and ALOT of input.  For Cowgirl Up, a comedy, they all made it better because they were comedic actors.

christintellofilms: yeah- it’s not costing me money on a credit card but our subscriptions pay for our ability to make content

King is a Fink: great actors elevate a great script, for sure.

christintellofilms: sometimes actors will pitch other dialogue that makes sense for them

Nancylee: I write network TV

Nancylee: When they let me

King is a Fink: for the record, we are extremely jealous of / admiring of Nancylee.

docwho2100: Ok, we have five minutes left, would our panelists like to share any final words?

Nancylee: Okay, the next rounds on me

King is a Fink: she’s worked hard for what she’s gotten.

docwho2100: Ditto that

Nancylee: And have the scars to show it.

christintellofilms: I think webseries=freedom

King is a Fink: if you want to make something, find a way to do it. now is the perfect time. and gather a team of people with your values, dreams. it makes it more fun.

christintellofilms: and that is what makes them great and why tello has been able to bring in great talent

christintellofilms: you don’t have anyone to tell you no

christintellofilms: I have to run

christintellofilms: thanks everyone!

King is a Fink: bye, c!

christintellofilms: love you NL and Finks!

Nancylee: Thank you all for all you do to keep the characters and stories alive we care about.  Without FemSlash, there would be no new Nikki and Nora.  And that’s the truth.

christintellofilms: thanks doc who and ralst

docwho2100: Thank you Christin, Nancylee and King and Keck for an awesome panel and time!

King is a Fink: love you back.


King is a Fink: thank you, doc!

Nancylee: Love you Chicago Bitches.

docwho2100: aww group hug

fsc_ralst: thanks!

King is a Fink: ha! back at you.

King is a Fink: hugs. thanks! this was so fun!

geekgrrllurking: thanks all!

Shatterpath: thanks for your time!

quietheartedfsc: I want to welcome everyone to the second half of the Web Series Panel

quietheartedfsc: Our guests for this hour are Christa Morris, Co-Executive Producer of Open Book Products and Linda Hill of Bella Books. It seems Linda is running a bit late, so we’ll start with Christa. Welcome.

cmmorris: Hello

cmmorris: Thank you for having me

quietheartedfsc: Christa, could you tell us a bit about OBP and what it does?

cmmorris: Open Book Productions is a New Media Company

cmmorris: We are known for web series

cmmorris: But also do music events and other projects

quietheartedfsc: OBP produces Venice and The Grove.

cmmorris: Yes, currently we are in post-production for Venice season 4

quietheartedfsc: So first thing I have to ask you..what the heck does “soonish” mean?

cmmorris: LOL

ariestess: LOL @ QH!

cmmorris: Well that is a word Crystal Chappell came up with when we couldn’t get an exact date from an editor

cmmorris: concerning something she wanted to release

quietheartedfsc: You wouldn’t believe the number of folks that have urged me to ask that.

cmmorris: So she said to say soonish and it stuck

cmmorris: I can only guess…LOL

quietheartedfsc: and created untold hair pulling groans.

quietheartedfsc: *G*

cmmorris: I’ll let Crystal know

quietheartedfsc: OBP has partnered with Bella Books Productions, the new brain child of Bella Books to produce a new web series called Beacon Hill. Could you tell us a bit about how this came to be?

cmmorris: Sure

cmmorris: About 5 months ago Bella reached out to Crystal and OBP concerning an idea they had to create a web series

cmmorris: Crystal and Bella talked back and forth. Crystal read the script, she liked it and we moved on to budgets, locations, actors etc.

quietheartedfsc: And Crystal will be appearing in this one too, correct?

cmmorris: Yes, that actually came after the fact. We met with Bella in Boston back in June and

cmmorris: it was talked about then

cmmorris: Crystal and Bella really liked the idea of her playing one of the characters

cmmorris: So she agreed, but that was actually after the production deal was signed

quietheartedfsc: Even understating, Crystal Chappell is a lesbian icon, and a huge drawing point.

cmmorris: Yes, with Crystal it is all about the part and the writing.

cmmorris: She really liked the role and Bella liked the idea of her in it.

cmmorris: So it worked out she would also act in the series

quietheartedfsc: That makes sense as I’ve not seen her in anything that was badly written. She’s an excellent actor and breathes life into her roles.

quietheartedfsc: There is still a Guiding Light panel at Con after all this time.

cmmorris: Yes, she is a master an her craft

quietheartedfsc: shatter, you have a question

Shatterpath: was Beacon Hill in house or did it come from someone else?

cmmorris: Really? She would be thrilled.

cmmorris: In came from Bella Books.

cmmorris: They wrote the script.

cmmorris: OBP is only producing it

bellabook linda: We had a great time writing it!

cmmorris: Hi Linda!!

quietheartedfsc: geek, main supporter for all things GL, you have a question?

cmmorris: Hope all is well in Boston!

quietheartedfsc: Hello Linda, and Welcome

geekgrrllurking: Hi Christa, thank you for joining us today. I’m a fan of both Venice and of The Grove and look forward to hearing more about Beacon Hill. I was wondering how you would compare producing a webseries is versus say a daytime show, such as Guiding Light? Both seem to be on tight shooting schedules at the very least.

bellabook linda: Crazy hot with thunderstorms right now.  Sorry.

quietheartedfsc: Our new East Coast Monsoon Season.

cmmorris: The production of Webseries is actually pretty different from broadcast.

bellabook linda: Thank you. Glad to be here.

cmmorris: Something like Guiding Light has a much larger budget, is normally filmed on a stage, and the cameras are big and hard to move around.

cmmorris: Web series are smaller camera’s, mostly on location, and have much MUCH smaller budgets

cmmorris: But yes the shoot one show each day. We shoot like a film, by location

geekgrrllurking: do you prefer web series?

cmmorris: For me personally…yes. It gets crazy. But it is also fun and very rewarding

quietheartedfsc: Linda, how did Bella Books get into this partnership?

bellabook linda: We actually finished the script for the first season about a year ago and talked to a few people locally here in Boston about partnering with us, but everything seemed to fall short.  Then we thought of Open Book and sent them a note. 

bellabook linda: We’ve been so thrilled with everything so far!

quietheartedfsc: First let me say, all your novels are in my permanent collection and so glad to see you writing for Beacon Hill. Where did the original idea come from?

bellabook linda: Oh that’s so sweet of you, thank you.

bellabook linda: Honestly we were just kicking around different story ideas and we really wanted to do something in the political world because it provides such dramatic possibilities.  We already had the romance part down pretty well, we just wanted a way to marry the two genres.

quietheartedfsc: I’ve read the synopsis for Beacon Hill and you seem to have done that very well.

quietheartedfsc: Could you give our audience an overview of what Beacon Hill is about?

bellabook linda: Thank you.  We’re having so much fun and writing a script like this is so much different from writing novels.

bellabook linda: Sure.  It’s a drama set in Boston.  Think West Wing meets Dallas.  Political families with a manipulative grandfather who likes to control everyone around him.

bellabook linda: With definite romantic twists.

bellabook linda: Our tag line – Take Political Intrigue, mix in some romance, add a dash of blackmail and a handful of family dysfunction. That’s Beacon Hill

quietheartedfsc: Either of you, was casting difficult for the roles, or did you have actors in mind?

cmmorris: LOL! I like that!

quietheartedfsc: definitely a good tag

cmmorris: I would not say difficult.

cmmorris: Every actor we have shown the script to loves it

bellabook linda: We certainly had some wish lists but Open Book has really run with it.

cmmorris: The issue comes in when trying to mix schedules together

quietheartedfsc: yuri has a question

cmmorris: Yes, Bella gave Crystal a list and she has been mixing and matching since then

yurianimeotaku: How is this series going to appeal to the lesbian audience?

cmmorris: Linda you want this?

bellabook linda: The two lead characters are lesbians. Former lovers who reconnect after years apart.

cmmorris: One of those characters has been cast with the amazing Sarah Brown

bellabook linda: One is a State Rep, the other the granddaughter of the manipulative grandfather, who is a senator.

bellabook linda: Yes!  We are thrilled that Sarah is playing the role of Katherine, who is the State Rep and new to politics.

quietheartedfsc: Can we expect a good bit of ex rabidness to start?

bellabook linda: Let’s say that neither is particularly happy to see the other – in the beginning.  But they have so much history, and so much unresolved from their past together…

quietheartedfsc: Having just googled Sarah Brown, since I’m horrid with names, but always remember faces, may I say…YES! She’s excellent. I remember her form back in her General Hospital days, up to her B&B role.

bellabook linda: She’s fabulous.  We’re so thrilled to have her on board.

cmmorris: Yes, Sarah is an amazing actor and she is really excited to be a part of the project.

quietheartedfsc: I grew up in the South on what we refer to as “The Stories”. There are a large number of faces I recognize from the stories in all three series. An excellent choice btw. Is this intentional, luck of the draw?

cmmorris: All casting is Intentional on Crystal’s part. She have been in the business for over 20 years

cmmorris: She knows and has worked with a lot of people and she is good a spotting

cmmorris: an actor’s strength

cmmorris: even when the show they are on may not

bellabook linda: We’re lucky that these amazing actors are available and excited to be part of the project.  Our goal is to cast the strongest possible actors for the roles.  We’re real lovers of ‘the stories’ as well!

quietheartedfsc: I’ve always thought story actors got far less credit than they deserved. It’s been wonderful to see them stretch their talents into roles that fit them so well.

quietheartedfsc: And thrilling to have them come over to our side. *G*

cmmorris: LOL

bellabook linda: It will certainly be amazing for us to watch them bring our characters to life!

quietheartedfsc: I know your site says Beacon Hill is slated for the fall, anything you want to share to narrow that down a bit?

quietheartedfsc: or is this another “soonish”? lol

quietheartedfsc: I’m thinking you need to coin that for all your productions. It definitely creates chatter.

bellabook linda: We’re filming in October around Boston. 

quietheartedfsc: Any ideas about the release date?

cmmorris: Crystal would say…soonish

quietheartedfsc: lol

quietheartedfsc: I’m really starting to love that word.

ariestess: LOL And there’s “soonish” again.

quietheartedfsc: Have you got a distribution plan in place? Where might we be watching this from?

ariestess: I’ve a feeling it’ll be creeping into my vocabulary now.

quietheartedfsc: I can see it trending very soon, aj

quietheartedfsc: Yuri, we’ll get you right after this answer.

bellabook linda: It will be distributed online via the web.  From beaconhilltheseries.com

quietheartedfsc: I knew there was a reason I bookmarked that site. *G*

quietheartedfsc: yuri, your question?

yurianimeotaku: @Linda If this project is a success, do you see other Bella authors having their “stories” turned into a web series?

bellabook linda: I’m so glad you asked!

bellabook linda: I’ve had conversations with many of our authors and so far four have expressed interest in developing projects with us.

bellabook linda: We’re already talking about a possible spin-off and other original ideas as well.

quietheartedfsc: want to drop a few names?

yurianimeotaku: @Linda GREAT news!

quietheartedfsc: can’t blame a gay for asking

bellabook linda: Oooh.  Wish I could.  You’ll know “soonish”!4

quietheartedfsc: lol

quietheartedfsc: I really am getting fond of that word.

quietheartedfsc: We’ve got just over 10 minutes to go. I want to give you each a chance to tell us about anything else your companies have coming out soonish. *G*

cmmorris: Well for OBP

quietheartedfsc: Linda, that includes Bella as a whole btw.

cmmorris: We are working hard to roll out the first episode of Venice the Series season 4 on August 7th

cmmorris: It is currently in color correction and sound

quietheartedfsc: That’s right! You heard it first here! Let the re-tweets begin!

bellabook linda: Well of course right now, Bella has all kinds of new books coming out – about three or four new titles every month. 

quietheartedfsc: It’s a line item in my budget. I like that you can get not only Bella Authors but the majority of the others too at the Bella site.

bellabook linda: All kinds of authors are available on our site, yes!  We’ve also just released some new audio books, and we’re working on writing season two for Beacon Hill.

quietheartedfsc: Femslash on the car radio. Could life get any better?

quietheartedfsc: Maps you have a question

Mapsnika: I know the topic is Webseries which I love and watch but has there been any thought of audio drama through podcasts. There are no femslash audio dramas and only a few gay characters

quietheartedfsc: Excellent question. It is a niche as yet unfilled.

bellabook linda: Interesting.  We haven’t thought of any here but we are always open to new ideas.   

cmmorris: You know I was just thinking the same thing. Very interesting thought

cmmorris: Yep, I will pass that one by the Boss Lady

bellabook linda: You’ve given us something to think about and mull over.  Thank you for that!

cmmorris: Yes you have…Thanks!

quietheartedfsc: You could start with Never Say Never….all time fave and the first les book I ever found. I was a late lit bloomer.

docwho2100: bring back radio serials

quietheartedfsc: yep

bellabook linda: Wow, that’s so sweet of you.  It makes me happy to hear you say that.  Thank you.

quietheartedfsc: only the truth. and you’re welcome.

bellabook linda: You never know…

Mapsnika: The cost may cheaper than a webseries but you can still get the same quality

quietheartedfsc: There’s actually a good size audience for them. It’s come up before but no one has truly run with it.

LZClotho: If you love radio serials, check out the pulpiness of “Decoder Ring Theatre” out of Toronto… http://www.decoderringtheatre.com

bellabook linda: Can any of you send me more information about this idea?  Since we’re running out of time?

cmmorris: It would all be about how to record it and what kind of casting it would take.

quietheartedfsc: We’re down to the last moments. I want to thank Christa and Linda for joining us today. It’s been both fun and educational. I hope to see you both back next year or for one of our mini-cons.

docwho2100: thank you

quietheartedfsc: Linda, I’ll see it gets to you.

bellabook linda: I appreciate it.  Many thanks to everyone!

cmmorris: Thank you everyone!

quietheartedfsc: just email me at the femslashday.com site so I have your email

bellabook linda: Will do.  Thanks.


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