Law & Order: SVU

fsc_ralst: Welcome to the Law & Order: SVU panel. Would the panellists please ensure their text is set to red and then introduce themselves?

Whedonist: Hi everyone, I’m Whedonist, aka 1Shinyboat on LJ.

giantessmess: Hello everyone.

giantessmess: I used to be giantessmess on LJ and I continue to be so everywhere else.

fsc_ralst: As SVU writers and readers are you focused on the current incarnation of the show or previous seasons?

Whedonist: Previous seasons hands down, I have a whole gripe about the last few seasons and the latest one I’ve not bothered to watch…

giantessmess: Honestly, I’m never sure if I will write a new SVU fic. But if I do, I’m focused mainly on the new seasons.

giantessmess: The last few seasons are of course something I seem to be hate!watching.

Whedonist: LOL, how does one hatewatch? yelling and screaming at the TV?

fsc_ralst: A fifty-fify split  what about readers? Do you have a preference?

giantessmess: ha, well I pull a lot of annoyed faces and yell ‘plot point!’ and ‘botox!’ occasionally.

fsc_ralst: I was kinda hoping there would be an upsurge of femslash activity after they introduced Rollins but it never materialised

giantessmess: See, I feel like Rollins has a heap of potential.

booklover81: As a reader, I tend to go early seasons. But I’m a diehard Alex/Olivia shipper.

bcharmer: I personally love Rollins

Whedonist: I’ll have to give it a go, maybe I’ll feel better afterwards.

fsc_ralst: I’ve only seen a few newer eps but I liked Rollins too and after seeing the actress on TGW I know she can do chemistry with the ladies

giantessmess: Rollins is the kind of woman I can imagine would be a little stunned by old school butchy mcabulous, but I find it hard to ship anyone with current Olivia. Olivia 2.0.

Whedonist: Rollins has a ton of potential, but she hasn’t sparked anything in me…not sure why, maybe my pining for Alex as I watch the newer seasons. =0(

giantessmess: *mcfabulous. am sleepy.

the_dhamphir: Olivia 2.0 is a mess

bcharmer: She has the swagger that Benson used to have and it may have been wishful thinking, but I thought I saw potential with Alex, if they just brought her back

fsc_ralst: @book I think diehard Alex/Olivia shippers account for the majority of SVU femslash shippers

fsc_ralst: So are you looking for Rollins to fill the Olivia role?

bcharmer: Yes

dowhatuhavetodo: I am all about A/O, but the the main reason I catch newer eps of the show is to see Fin & Rollins.

giantessmess: I am. Olivia fills no role at all for me anymore.

fsc_ralst: Is there a viable Alex for her to interact with?

Whedonist: I was thinking aboutthat earlier, it would make sense for Rollins to fill in once Olivia goes away, which I’m not sure if/when that’ll happen

cabenson: A/O all the way

je-taime618: Rolivia  and Alex/Olivia also

giantessmess: I wish Rollins had someone less lame to interact with.

Whedonist: The writers need to introduce and Alex 2.0, not sure who they’d get for that, but it’d be interesting to see

giantessmess: to ship with, I mean.

giantessmess: It seems they aren’t capable of writing another female ADA.

bcharmer: There’s not a viable Alex right now, but there could be if someone in charge would get Stephanie back on the show at least part time

giantessmess: It’s odd.

fsc_ralst: Alex2.0 meet Olivia2.0

giantessmess: and it was love!

giantessmess: I know I previously messed around with pairings a hell of a lot, but I am an a/o shipper at heart. and I think that heart is broken beyond repair.

fsc_ralst: I’m guessing that there aren’t any/many Rollins/Olivia sparks?

Whedonist: I’d just like a really good argument, I miss watching that…who didn’t love the Alex/Liv arguments that spawned a thousand fics

Whedonist: I’ve not seen any, you, giantess?

cabenson: “I was not drunk”

fsc_ralst: Yes, those tension filled scenes did wonders

giantessmess: There are sparks, in the form of ‘we’re both female in a male environment.’

giantessmess: but it could never compare.

dowhatuhavetodo: I was excited when Kim Greylek came aboard and hoped she would have some palpable tension with Benson. Since her departure, SVU started grabbing at ADA straws.

giantessmess: I just have a hard time reading Olivia as anything but very very straight now, for obvious reasons.

fsc_ralst: Do they not have a permanent Alex/Casey type character anymore as ADA?

giantessmess: Nope, no other females.

Whedonist: Oh, I forgot about Greylek…she was good and had potential.

giantessmess: Melinda isn’t even in it anymore.

Whedonist: and nope, no solid ADA since Novak

fsc_ralst: No Melinda? So wrong

fsc_ralst: The cop/ADA balance was what made this show interesting

giantessmess: Yep. It feels like the show is in death rattle stages, really.

Whedonist: Agreed on both accounts.

giantessmess: That’s how I hate!watch. They are trying so hard not to be axed. so hard.

Whedonist: are there any SVU authors currenly writing anything? I’ve got one small piece in development, but it’s angsty so…?

giantessmess: I actually finished what may be my last ever SVU fic. maybe. last week.

dowhatuhavetodo: angsty is good, as long as folks keep writing A/O

fsc_ralst: The new stories I’veseen have all been old school A/O

cabenson: I have been working on a fic for 5 years…lol. I doubt it will ever see the light of day, but I pull it out once in a while

Whedonist: I think that’s where most writers gravitate too, ralst.

fsc_ralst: Is it the size of War and Peace by now CB?

giantessmess: I feel like I’ve run out of things to say with a/o

giantessmess: I must read this, CB!

cabenson: I have aa shit ton of notes and we’ll leave it at that

giantessmess: Save me from my unsatisfying Rollins fic writing.

bcharmer: I second giantessmess!

Whedonist: Giant, your recently finished is around the newer seasons? And Cab, you may just be forced to start posting…I’d like to read it as well.

fsc_ralst: With other shows, once all the show based stories have been written, they turn to AUs/ubers. I don’t see that happening with SVU

cabenson: It was to detail how Velez was caught and how Alex came back. Maybe for Epic Proportions 2015, lol

giantessmess: Yep, all my newer fics are based around seasons 10+

fsc_ralst: @CB I’ve put your name down

giantessmess: My newest is season 13ish. and it’s a rollins one.

Whedonist: All right, you post to FFN?

cabenson: lol, just remember I said 2015

fsc_ralst: @giant who have you paired her with?

DiNovia: I have an unfinished C/O series that will never be finished now.

giantessmess: ralst – Olivia. somehow.

giantessmess: I post at Ao3. ffnet scares me.

fsc_ralst: Is t tempting to write season 13 Olivia more like season 5 Olivia?

Whedonist: LOL, I’ll have to check it out then, FFN is a scary place…that is very true.

giantessmess: See, I can’t even imagine Rollins knowing that Olivia. and that in itself saddens me.

giantessmess: When I write a/o she is always season 3-5 Olivia.

fsc_ralst: Butchy McFabulous

Whedonist: There’s temptation to try and fic Olivia’s character…bring her back from the abyss she’s sort fallen into…I’ve nto figured out how to do that, but I’d like write or read someone doing that.

giantessmess: exactly.

Whedonist: *try and fix

giantessmess: I feel like this new olivia is unknowable.

giantessmess: like a great chasm in hell

fsc_ralst: At this point, is she fixable?

Whedonist: I don’t know…

giantessmess: so I find it hard to ship poor amanda with her. she deserves better.

giantessmess: Nope, she’s a lost cause to me.

fsc_ralst: In that case, if you could insert another character, from another show, to give SVU back its spark, who would it be?

giantessmess: I am on a Rizzoli and Isles bent right now, but if I do get back to SVU I would ship amanda rollins with casey.

DiNovia: The show is on life support as it is.

Whedonist: if you don’t know, on the show, they have her paired with Casey  (at least I think that’s his name, the guy she had the one night stand with?)

dowhatuhavetodo: Out of curiosity, does anyone wonder if Smarch would even want to come back to SVU? She seems happy to travel, whereas DNeal always says if SVU offers, she will come back.

giantessmess: steph march seems like she’s sick of it.

bcharmer: hard to blame her for feeling that way

giantessmess: yeah, they give her so little to do that’s interesting.

giantessmess: She’s wasted.

Whedonist: Kate Beckett from Castle would an interesting edition to the cast…I don’t know if the SVU team would know what to do with her.

bcharmer: besides ruin her?

giantessmess: haha, @whedonist, casey as in on R&I?

DiNovia: Stana Katic would know better than to ruin her career that way.

giantessmess: all I can say is *shudder*

bcharmer: Maybe we’ll get a new ME that sparks with Rollins

giantessmess: I think Casey Novak and Rollins would get on veeery well.

fsc_ralst: SVU as career killer?

giantessmess: I think Chris Meloni got out just in time.

Whedonist: The way the writers are going yeah, it seems to be the case, ralst

fsc_ralst: Has Novak been back since Rollins joined?

Whedonist: one or two epis, if I’m not mistaken.

DiNovia: Who would join a show in its death rattle?

giantessmess: Nope, but she wasn’t written out per se.

giantessmess: they just forgot she existed.

je-taime618: casey/amanda is possible

fsc_ralst: Poor Novak, they’ve never treated her very well

DiNovia: Novak was disbarred.  She can’t come back as an ADA

Whedonist: Novak got shafted…

giantessmess: Yep, poor thing.

giantessmess: No she came back as ADA in season 12.

Whedonist: DiNovia, they brought her back and she got her license back, I can’t remember the epi where they addressed it, but the disbarment was only for a period of time…

giantessmess: But then disappeared into the ether.

DiNovia: Really?  How’d they explain it?  I have to admit I have only seen one or two eps since that debacle with Novak.

giantessmess: they claim she was just censured. because they are great with continuity.

giantessmess: and then they hoped we forgot.

fsc_ralst: Continuity, what continuity?

DiNovia: LOL  Yes.  Continuity is not their strong suit.

Whedonist: exactly

giantessmess: characterisation, what characterisation.

giantessmess: Speaking of horrible plots, I think they are going to have Olivia get raped in the s premiere.

giantessmess: sigh.

fsc_ralst: I’m sure this used to be a good show but it’s getting harder to believe that

dowhatuhavetodo: TPTB have a horrible way of reintroducing characters. Alex’s time in witsec was just glossed over and Casey’s censure was explained in a few sentences.

Whedonist: but that’s why we have fanfic, we get to fix that horrible crap the shows seem to do to them

DiNovia: WHAT?

giantessmess: The final had the rapist in her apartment with her.

Whedonist: yeah, go back to the Olivia raped thing…

Whedonist: Well, hell, now I feel like i need to watch some of last season

fsc_ralst: @giant that’s jumping the shark and all the shark’s relatives and friends

giantessmess: and I saw on twitter that they were all ‘we feel bad about what we’re about to do to olivia’

giantessmess: I’m paraphrasing.

DiNovia: Seriously, it’s not bad enough that she plays the “child of rape” card and the “almost raped in prison” card, now they do this?

giantessmess: It’s hitting us over the head with several sharks.

giantessmess: It’s such a cynical grab for ratings.

DiNovia: Agreed.

fsc_ralst: Very lazy writing

giantessmess: The show has gotten more violent and graphic too.

giantessmess: They show more of the blood and guts.

fsc_ralst: Why bother developing interesting characters when you can show more violence against women instead? Idiots

giantessmess: sigh.

the_dhamphir: i’m really getting tired of the Poor Olivia/rape thing and Olivia baybee rabies thing

Whedonist: It seems to be the way they’re going, but does anyone know how many more seasons Mariska signed on for?

giantessmess: I don’t know.

fsc_ralst: for life?

dowhatuhavetodo: All of the major female characters have been assulted or shot…sure it’s a TV show, but it is disturbing.

giantessmess: until they run out of botox.

the_dhamphir: how much you wanna bet that when she’s raped she finally ends up pregnant

je-taime618: i think that it’s a season by season sort of contract thing

giantessmess: yeah, amanda and Olivia even had a ‘we were both assaulted’ bonding moment. ugh.

Whedonist: LOL, i remember a brief blurb that she signed on for two more or something, so this upcoming season and next, which just makes me cringe

fsc_ralst: @dow yes, harming female characters of the week isn’t enough for them

fsc_ralst: @D the odds are too high

giantessmess: I must say I keep being surprised at it getting renewed.

fsc_ralst: How long did the mothership plod along for?

giantessmess: hmmmm. at leastn 20 seasons?

bcharmer: 20+ years I think

DiNovia: It’s become such a major thing in US tv now.  Show the rape.  The more detail, the better.  Show the disembowlment too.  Ugh.  I don’t watch them any more. Especially when it’s 80% women and children as victims.

giantessmess: I only watched the angie harmon seasons ;p

fsc_ralst: They seem to like flogging a dead horse… they need to reboot

giantessmess: I don’t expect anything from this show anymore, even when they try new ways of writing the eps, it’s not that innovative.

fsc_ralst: Yes, all the TV cop shows seem to revel in violence against women

giantessmess: I mean, they did hire all new writers for seasons 13+

giantessmess: (I heard at least)

giantessmess: What a great society we live in, hey?

Whedonist: It says a lot when a show’s fanbase is like, can this show put us out of our misery already.

fsc_ralst: But the same old way of doing things

fsc_ralst: lol

giantessmess: I will be very happpy when it is axed.

Whedonist: That’s kind of the thing that drew me to SVU, was that they were actively calling out rape culture.

giantessmess: Then I can imagine alex and olivia living somewhere happily ever after.

Whedonist: they don’t anymore…

fsc_ralst: Once it’s axed we can go back to season X and forget what happened afterwards

giantessmess: That’s right, they actually were

giantessmess: now they just use rape to get viewers.

giantessmess: *cries*

Whedonist: and especially after plethora of cases here in the states that highlight it, it seems that they’d have a lot more to talk about and expose… =0(

giantessmess: I will happily go back and watch seasons 2-5 and pretend nothing else ever happened.

dowhatuhavetodo: Does anyone like Amaro? Most times,  I find myself disliking him just as much as I disliked angry Stabler.

giantessmess: Amaro is very poorly written

Whedonist: I’m indifferent to Amaro…

giantessmess: so yes, I dislike him a lot.

giantessmess: I keep expecting him to be his character from cold case.

the_dhamphir: I didn’t like him when he was on Cold Case either.

DiNovia: I’ve seen two eps with him and I call him the male Olivia.  Seems as tortured but for different reasons.

je-taime618: no, most of the time i don’t like Amaro

giantessmess: He’s just the ‘I have kids!’ character.

giantessmess: ‘somebody please think of the children’

fsc_ralst: Oh no, not another cop who ‘takes it personally’ all the blooming time

Whedonist: His character does do that a bit…they think they needed it

giantessmess: they can’t do subtlety.

Whedonist: I guess, I mean besides the whole, ‘horrible things happening to children’, like any right thinking person wants to see that happen..

Whedonist: There are a lot of shows that can’t do subtlety (yes, I”m looking at you, Glee).

fsc_ralst: In fics do you prefer to read ones where the crime element is muted?

giantessmess: hmmmmm.

giantessmess: It depends on the skill of the writer.

Whedonist: Depends on how it’s written, if it’s done tastefully and with purpose, yes, I prefer case driven fics

bcharmer: Yes – I prefer to read about the relationship with just a hint of the crime element

DiNovia: I agree with bcharmer.

giantessmess: I’d rather it hinted at, but not used too much. Unless the writer is brilliant and can weave it in well.

giantessmess: I will follow a good writer to some weird places.

giantessmess: and you can quote me on that.

fsc_ralst: The ones I have a problem with are the stories that have the main leads raped or otherwise sexually assaulted. I just can’t read those

dowhatuhavetodo: Crime fics are fine, but the ones that lead to Alex or Olivia being raped, bother me. I just stop reading those altogether.

giantessmess: I can’t read Olviia being raped either, and I haven’t found a fic where it hasn’t bothered me.

Whedonist: Those are too hard to read, I usually have to give up.

giantessmess: They are just pure torture usually.

Whedonist: so favorite type of fic to read?

fsc_ralst: Yeah, I tried persevering with one but it just got worse and worse, with no catharsis n sight

giantessmess: I like everyday fics where Alex is the persuer.

dowhatuhavetodo: angst filled, Alex and Olivia finally “getting together” are my softspot

giantessmess: I see her as the alpha more than Olivia. ;p

giantessmess: I’m sick of the angst though.

giantessmess: I read one too many post-Loss fics I think.

fsc_ralst: Arguments turn to passion types of stories, with a good plot to carry them along

fsc_ralst: When I’m in a snarky mood I life spoof-Olivia, post-Butchy McFabulous fics

giantessmess: Oh yes.

giantessmess: haha, ralst. I wrote a few of those.

Whedonist: Nice, there seems to be a large amount of fic where Alex is more aggressive, which, I like as well.

fsc_ralst: @giant she’s just so spoof-able as she is now

dowhatuhavetodo: Baby making stories tend to bore me and any story that refers to Alex as “Lex” or Olivia as “Livia” are a total turn off, in most cases.

Whedonist: It’s good for snark, ralst.

giantessmess: I know, but I think I wrote my rage out back in 2006.

dowhatuhavetodo: I see, psychotic-cat17 in the members list, that author’s stories are amazing, to me.

fsc_ralst: I’m not fond of Liv either but as it’s used on the show I can’t really complain

DiNovia: As I only write C/O, I like stories that bring Liv out of her angst shell and integrate her into Casey’s family.

giantessmess: I know it’s used on the show, but ‘liv’ is just…meh to me.

Whedonist: I can handle Liv ’cause it’s canon, the ‘Livia and Lex….I never got the need to truncate their names and make me cringe.

psychotic-cat17: Thank you.

Whedonist: Redemption through familial bickering, DiNovia?

dowhatuhavetodo: yes, @whedonist!

giantessmess: yes, ‘lex’. shudder. all the ahudders.

fsc_ralst: Are there any Alex/Casey shippers?

DiNovia: Some, I guess.  But more seeing what a family could be as opposed to what Olivia’s was.

giantessmess: I only ever met one alex/casey shipper.

fsc_ralst: That makes them sound like rare orchids

Whedonist: It’d be a good way to fix the character, a few seasons ago…I’ll have to htink about that.

giantessmess: I think they are.

Whedonist: They exist, somewhere, ralst, just not sure where

fsc_ralst: I think it would be interesting to see the characters in a femslash setting wthout Olivia being at the centre

giantessmess: She was a damn fine writer, quasiradient?

dowhatuhavetodo: I think an Alex/Rollins story could work in the hands of the right person.

Whedonist: that would be interesting, any ideas on pairings?

fsc_ralst: Alex/Rollins does sound intriguing or Casey/Rollins

giantessmess: I’ve never been a very loyal a/o writer, but I would have to really suspend disbelief for Alex/Rollins.

Whedonist: I see Alex totally topping and blowing Rollins mind. Although, I don’t know enough about the character to see if she has the steel spine to take on Cabot.

giantessmess: Maybe I’m so pro casey/rollins because I never shipped c/o.

giantessmess: Rollins wouold take on cabot.

giantessmess: she totally would.

dowhatuhavetodo: mmm…that southern accent trying to make a play on Alex. Yeah, in my head it totally works.

fsc_ralst: I can see them clashing

bcharmer: I agree

giantessmess: ok i am being swayed.

DiNovia: I don’t know enough about the show now to know who would work together.

fsc_ralst: A Rollins, Casey, Alex love triangle!

Whedonist: Carmichael could make a come back (if something happened to Rizzoli  & Isles)…she was fun.

giantessmess: ha, awesome.

je-taime618: i ship Amanda/Olivia, Alex/Olivia, Alex/Casey, Casey/Amanda, Alex/Amanda. I sort of ship c/o but not really.

je-taime618: i can’t decide who should be with who. so there

giantessmess: Oh Carmichael.

Whedonist: LOL that’s ok, je, it happens to the best of us.

giantessmess: Nothing wrong with being a multi-shipeer.

fsc_ralst: @je why settle when you can have them all?


je-taime618: @ralst

Whedonist: I know i forget about Carmicheal, her and Rollins together could make for some interesting times

fsc_ralst: I missed most of Carmichael but as I really didn’t like Lindsay Boxer or Jane Rizzoli it’s put me off her too

giantessmess: awww. I guess each to their own.

fsc_ralst: definitely

giantessmess: Angie Harmon’s voice,,,does things to me.

dowhatuhavetodo: the voices of Abbie and Casey and Amanda’s accent, now there’s a story.

fsc_ralst: does things to me too… anger

giantessmess: haha.

giantessmess: I try not to listen to her speak when she’s not in character.

giantessmess: because she just twits about fashion.

fsc_ralst: Only seven minutes remaining… any last questions?

giantessmess: Is this fandom still alive?

Whedonist: Angie Harmon only tweets about fashion?

Whedonist: It’s on a last leg I think =0(

giantessmess: know she just talks about it a lot.

giantessmess: I feel like it’s very very quiet.

Whedonist: there’s a reason I don’t follow a lot of people on twitter…

fsc_ralst: In the poll we just run SVU was surprisingly popular, still

dowhatuhavetodo: are there any sites besides ralst, FF, and LJ that post A/O stories?

Whedonist: I read a really great on A03 in march

giantessmess: I find that so strange.

Whedonist: Flight Pattern, I think was the name.

giantessmess: I guess people just read quietly, but don’t fangirl so much over it.

fsc_ralst: AO3 I’m sure

giantessmess: hmmm, I will have to look it up, whedonist.

fsc_ralst: Or they just remember the hayday and wish for a return

Whedonist: if you look me up on Ao3 I have it bookmarked I’m sure

giantessmess: I shall be doing that

fsc_ralst: If you have fic recommendations send them to me, I’m trying to start a collection

Whedonist: I live in headcanon, where Alex and Butchy are still messing up the faces of the depraved nyc residents…it’s a good place to be.

michelle_2011: thanks

Whedonist: I have a few, I’ll email you in a bit

dowhatuhavetodo: Does anyone know if Conneticut McPhee is still writing and posting A/O?

giantessmess: haha @whedonist

fsc_ralst: cheers

Whedonist: Don’t think she is

fsc_ralst: headcanon saves lives

Whedonist: preach, ralst, preach

fsc_ralst: We need little badges made

giantessmess: totally.

Whedonist: next con?

fsc_ralst: In closing, we want someone for Rollins, a return of Alex, a return of Casey, a putting out of our misery of Olivia? And less gratuitous violence against women?

fsc_ralst: deal

giantessmess: all of the above, thank you Dick Wolf.

Whedonist: Agreed

DiNovia: Good summary.

dowhatuhavetodo: yes

Whedonist: Demands to be sent to Wolf?

je-taime618: agreed

bcharmer: Absolutely

fsc_ralst: Thank you to all the panellist and everyone else for a great panel and a new SVU wish list!

Whedonist: thanks everyone…it was great to commiserate with you all

giantessmess: Thanks, it was a confort ;p

giantessmess: comfort. ack

je-taime618: thank you. this was a wonderful hour spent with you all

bcharmer: thanks everyone

dowhatuhavetodo: I love you A/O folks


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