Pitch Perfect

ariestess: Good morning and welcome to the first panel of Day 2!

ariestess: This is the Pitch Perfect panel. Panelists, please change your font to bold red, like mine, and introduce yourselves!

perpetuallyfive: I’ll go first? Hi! I’m sexonastick on AO3 and perpetuallyfive on tumblr, but … basically everyone calls me p5 now.

sinandmisery: ‘Ello everyone! I’m sinandmisery aka Mads and you may or may not know me as the one who has been terrible at updating lately 😐 Sorry about that!

caresays: Hi! I’m Care on AO3 and maladyofthequotidian on Tumblr and caresays on Livejournal, which is why this is my screenname.

les cousins dangereux: Well, okay, I’m Desi! I’m les cousins dangereux on FF.net. And thecousinsdangereux on Tumblr

ariestess: Fantastic!  Welcome!  And in case there are people who don’t know me, I’m AJ, ariestess, A. Magiluna Stormwriter — take your pick, I answer to them all.

ariestess: So today, if you’ve got any questions, please raise your hands and I’ll get to you ASAP, based on the current conversation.

ariestess: So let’s start this off with a relatively easy question for our panelists.  Which pairing/pairings do you write for?

les cousins dangereux: Man, we’re going to be one-sided on this one, I think. Beca/Chloe for me!

caresays: Beca and Chloe. Yeah, I don’t think there’s going to be much variation here.

sinandmisery: Mainly Beca/Chloe, but ohnice talked me into writing Aubrey/Stacie and there may or may not be a Triple Treble fic in the works…

perpetuallyfive: And now is the point where we all look bad… Yeah, I write Beca/Chloe, too. Though to be fair, there’s a weird amount of Beca/Jesse in my fic…. somehow. Not that that’s relevant here.

ariestess: @sin: Triple Treble?

sinandmisery: Aubrey/Beca/Chloe. I’m not a fan of the name, considering the boys are the Trebles, but it’s kind of taken over as the predominant name. I prefer just calling it my ABC fic.

perpetuallyfive: I’m intrigued, Mads.

les cousins dangereux: Ditto!

ariestess: Oh! Gotcha. I haven’t had my morning coffee yet as it’s still brewing. *g*

sinandmisery: It’s a definitely a work in progess type of thing. Who knows if I’ll ever have time to complete it so I make no promises.

ariestess: I will admit that I haven’t written fic for this fandom yet, having just seen the movie in the last month for the first time, but I think I may end up writing some sort of ABC triangle type fic myself.

sinandmisery: Welcome to the dark side!  

les cousins dangereux: It’s a pretty popular pairing, I think?

ariestess: I have known couples like Aubrey and Chloe, so I can see the allure there.

ariestess: lol

caresays: Yeah, there’s a fair amount of Aubrey/Beca/Chloe stuff.

les cousins dangereux: I tried writing Aubrey/Chloe once but it just didn’t work out.

caresays: I think when I first watched the film I really wanted Aubrey/Beca hate!sex, but the interest died down after a bit.

perpetuallyfive: I mean, Aubrey and Chloe are definitely my brotp. Possibly the most important relationship in the movie.

ariestess: I can see the allure of Aubrey/Beca hate!sex.

les cousins dangereux: I agree with P5 on that. I love that friendship a lot

caresays: Me toooo. It’s really wonderful.

sinandmisery: YES. 110% behind that brotp.

les cousins dangereux: And really complicated, actually

ariestess: What about Fat Amy? Does anyone ship her?

perpetuallyfive: I’ve said in my tag spirals before: Aubrey is a neurotic queen and Chloe is her lady in waiting.

les cousins dangereux: haha Fat Amy has like 27 boys on the side in my mind

ariestess: Again, having just finally seen the movie for the first time abuot a month ago, and ramping up for the con,  I haven’t had teh chance to look at the fi.

perpetuallyfive: I don’t think Fat Amy ends up in a lot of femslash just because she clearly gets all the dudes. (Yeah! What cuz said.)

caresays: Um, yeah. I was reflecting back on my fic and I think when she crops up, she’s always deciding between a bunch of guys.

les cousins dangereux: I think some people ship her with Aubrey?

sinandmisery: I’m totally down with Fat Amy/Bumper.

quietheartedfsc: Fat Amy Rulez!

quietheartedfsc: sorry, aj, had to say that

les cousins dangereux: Yes! Fat Amy is one of my favorite characters to write

ariestess: Yeah, I can understand not shipping her with the other girls.  There’s a perverse part of me that wants to take the challenge of writing her some femslash with all the girls, but IDK.

ariestess: Ahaha, QH. Shush!

perpetuallyfive: She actually intimidates me more than just about anyone else when it comes to writing her. She’s got such a great specific voice and some people write it so well.

sinandmisery: I’m always so nervous writing Amy because she’s epic and I’m terrified I can’t get the one-liners right, but people loved her in 9 or 10

quietheartedfsc: *shushing*

sinandmisery: (which will be updated this week I PROMISE.)

les cousins dangereux: Yes! It’s very hard to write Fat Amy… but she’s so fun. (And Mads you do an excellent job!)

ariestess: I agree that she’s got a specific style of speaking, so that is daunting, but I love challenges, so…

caresays: Amy’s definitely harder for me. But honestly she doesn’t come up that often in my stuff because it’s so Beca/Chloe focused.

les cousins dangereux: Yup – what Care says. I always try to sneak her in for at least a line or two though.

ariestess: Okay, that’s fair.

ariestess: Now, has anyone done anything like an AU for the characters yet or do you all stick pretty much to the canon universe?

perpetuallyfive: Well.

les cousins dangereux: haha

caresays: HAHAHAHAHA

sinandmisery: I think we’ve all gone AU. P5 do you want to take point on this? lol

caresays: Seriously.

perpetuallyfive: I’ve actually only written one thing that’s canon so far, and it’s by far my least popular fic.

les cousins dangereux: I was wondering how long it’d take to go Beca Stark

caresays: We should’ve made a betting pool.

les cousins dangereux: I bet on 15 minutes so I was a little off

sinandmisery: I was actually going to ask a question about Beca Stark so I’m glad I wasn’t the first one to bring it up.

perpetuallyfive: Look, I am not going to make the conversation about her if you don’t make me!

perpetuallyfive: (That sounds so bad.)

les cousins dangereux: We’re all Beca Stark fangirls

caresays: It’s true.

ariestess: LOL! Okay, clearly I have some interesting reading ahead of me.

perpetuallyfive: Uh, so the first thing I wrote in this fandom was a high school AU. And then I wrote something canon. And then (based off dubcliq’s fantastic graphic) I made an Avengers AU.

les cousins dangereux: You do! Interesting and traumatizing! (Whoops!)

sinandmisery: I’m such a fangirl I’ve convinced myself she’s an actual Marvel fangirl and was disappointed when she didn’t show up in Avengers upon my rewatching or IM3.

caresays: Yeah, Beca Stark is incredibly real to me now.

sinandmisery: marvel character, not fangirl obviously.

les cousins dangereux: Me too, Mads!

perpetuallyfive: I do spend an excessive amount of time thinking about Beca Stark.

sinandmisery: Basically the biggest thing I got out of IM3 was my Beca Stark feels, tbh.

ariestess: Traumatizing?  Should I be preparing myself for a lot of tissues?

sinandmisery: YES.

les cousins dangereux: Hah. Just pain.

caresays: I think about Beca Stark a LOT. Like weirdly a lot for someone who doesn’t write her.

ariestess: Oh! So traumatizing as in H/C or whumping then?  Hmm…

perpetuallyfive: Well, it’s going to reach the comfort eventually…

les cousins dangereux: EVENTUALLY

caresays: So you say.

caresays: 😐

caresays: Oh.

caresays: That was not the face I wanted.

ariestess: *nods*  Good to know.  I’d rather be forewarned.

sinandmisery: P5 is good about trigger warnings!

perpetuallyfive: Haha. Aww, thanks, Care!

ariestess: So where do all of you post your fic?  Since you’re clearly going to be getting at least one new reader.  LOL

les cousins dangereux: I’m on FF.net. But mostly Tumblr, because I’m lazy

les cousins dangereux: P5 keeps trying to get me to go to Ao3, but it’s intimidating!

perpetuallyfive: Mine is all up on AO3, under sexonastick. I sometimes post snippets on tumblr, but not much. My layout isn’t as clean for reading as cuz’s.

sinandmisery: I’m on ff.net and AO3 under the same name!

caresays: I’m on AO3 or LJ. I hate posting things on Tumblr.

perpetuallyfive: cuz will be on AO3 soon. Mark my words.

caresays: I’m a serious Livejournal holdout.

les cousins dangereux: Aw, LJ! I just joined… way late to the game. And only because P5 made me.

perpetuallyfive: I posted my first fic there, but the response was minimal, and I’m super lazy. Plus I have a tendency to like tweak stupid things after I post.

perpetuallyfive: Like I’ll decide I want to break a paragraph into two.

perpetuallyfive: After a quick reread.

ariestess: *nods* When I start writing PP fic, which I’m sure I’ll be dabbling in as soon as I get a good idea and the time to do it, I’ll be on LJ, DW, AO3, and my archive for sure.

sinandmisery: I was on LJ forever with a lot of different fandoms, but I recently cleared everything off there and just went to FF/AO3. Maybe one of these days I’ll repost my old stuff.

caresays: Yeah, LJ is not really great for readership anymore. But I’m sentimental. Plus, a lot of old fandom friends are still there.

caresays: It’s hard. I’m trying to post old fics on AO3, but I’m so lazy.

ariestess: That’s very true.  It’s hard to find a good balance of sentimentality for a site and getting readership.

Shatterpath: Yeah, where has everyone GONE on lj? It’s depressing

caresays: I’m VERY sad about it!

perpetuallyfive: Everyone’s on tumblr now.

perpetuallyfive: Until they ban all the butts.

caresays: Tumblr isn’t conducive enough to what I want out of fandom interactions.

Shatterpath: i hate Tumbler

caresays: Basically I want everyone back on LJ. But with more gifsets.

sinandmisery: Yeah I was wondering if we were all going to migrate back to LJ when Yahoo takeover is complete.

les cousins dangereux: I do pretty much everything on Tumblr, but I never experienced the glory of LJ

caresays: I’m down.

les cousins dangereux: So I’m uncultured.

ariestess: I agree re: tumblr.  I find it difficult to follow fic and have proper interaction like LJ, etc.

Shatterpath: as I am on the autism spectrum, Tumbler is very chaotic and hard to follow. I can’t do it

perpetuallyfive: One of the reasons tumblr sucks for fandom is the terrible inbox.

les cousins dangereux: Yes, P5. I complain about this all the time.

caresays: I really want threaded comments.

caresays: And the ability to friends-lock.

sinandmisery: My inbox is broken apparently and I can never decide if someone hates me or if Tumblr just ate the messages.

ariestess: I wouldn’t say uncultured, just that LJ isn’t for everyone.  I don’t honestly think there’s one single social media-type site that’s perfect for everyone.

sbrn10: Also a search function that doesn’t suck

sinandmisery: I need some sort of Tumblr / LJ hybrid.

caresays: I agree with Mads.

les cousins dangereux: To be fair, Tumblr is how I met all of you. So it seems to work well enough!

caresays: I want the wide audience of Tumblr, but the intimacy of my LJ friends list.

grimpotato: There is always wordpress for blogging purposes. But it’s not very.. conductive for ‘following’ people.

sinandmisery: 100% THAT.

caresays: I’m pretty sure I told P5 that Tumblr asks rank just above flashlight morse code on my list of ways-to-communicate.

grimpotato: Sorry about that.

ariestess: I totally agree with you, care.

perpetuallyfive: Yeah, you said that. When you said you were mocking me to your roommates for using it.

perpetuallyfive: Just so we’re clear about who is the better person here!

caresays: I wasn’t MOCKING.

perpetuallyfive: (Hint: Me. It’s me.)

caresays: Oh, it’s a contest now, is it?

ariestess: Remember, everyone, if you have a question for our panelists, just raise your hand and I’ll get you.

les cousins dangereux: Otherwise we’ll descend into chaos

ariestess: lmfao

les cousins dangereux: as seen above

caresays: Everyone, I just sent P5 a handwritten four-page letter that has a PRESENT. So I’m clearly the nicer person.

ariestess: Not that chaos is necessarily a bad thing.  I just want to make sure we don’t have someone with a burning question that doesn’t get asked.

sinandmisery: I feel like when you get us all together it’s gang up on P5 time.

les cousins dangereux: Presents always make you the better person

perpetuallyfive: It’s always gang up on P5 time. :\

caresays: Yesssss. I’m winning.

ariestess: Astrangerhere, you have the next question.

les cousins dangereux: That may be true. But in a loving way!

Alert: astrangerhere hand was lowered by ariestess

astrangerhere: So many of you write Beca/Chloe and Aubrey always fits into that somewhere.  Often times it is a one dimensional thing.  Either she is the protective big sister threatening Beca if she hurts Chloe or she genuinely hates Beca.  Thoughts on the roots of this?

perpetuallyfive: Ooh.

caresays: Good question.

astrangerhere: (and why Aubrey gets pigeonholed so often in this way)

les cousins dangereux: Of course it’s a good question. Look at the source!

caresays: I think she’s mostly like that in Beca POV fics, and with fairly good reason.

perpetuallyfive: Yeah. I’m not sure sometimes how much is actual Aubrey characterization, and how much is Beca perception.

ariestess: It is a fantastic question and I’ll admit that my first comment on reading it was “Because Aubrey wants Chloe”.

caresays: HA.

sinandmisery: I think a lot of people don’t think of the psychology of the characters outside of their pairing

les cousins dangereux: I think, far too often, a lot of the characters get written as one-dimensional in PP, honestly.

perpetuallyfive: Aubrey is my second favorite. I mean, I adore Chloe. (She is actually technically the birthday girl today.) But Aubrey is fantastic.

perpetuallyfive: Well, they read as pretty easy archetypes. I think it can be easy to just go with that.

sinandmisery: Agreed.

perpetuallyfive: People use Aubrey as the source of conflict since that’s kind of how she functions for Beca in the film.

ariestess: Okay, I can see what you’re saying about perception.

ariestess: All right, the next question goes to intersects.

Alert: intersects hand was lowered by ariestess

intersects: Most Beca/Chloe fics are from Beca’s POV rather than Chloe’s. Thoughts? As well as the characterization of Chloe in fics. Go forth

les cousins dangereux: Oh, don’t get me started.

sinandmisery: For me it’s because I relate a lot to Beca

caresays: YUP. I identify very closely with Beca.

perpetuallyfive: I’ve talked about this … probably too much for someone who mostly writes Beca pov.

perpetuallyfive: I’m not sure I have any room to talk.

les cousins dangereux: Chloe is a really complicated character. And she’s hard to write. I think most people see themselves as more like Beca, and we have the most information on her so it’s naturally to go there. But with Chloe- people tend to slip into the ‘perky redhead’ thing.

perpetuallyfive: But I think it can be a problem even if you accept that Beca is considered more relatable to fandom as a whole that Chloe is often written as somewhat one-dimensional.

perpetuallyfive: Yeah. What cuz said.

ariestess: Okay, now I”m sensing another writing challenge for myself: to write Beca/Chloe from Chloe’s POV.

sinandmisery: I’m always very interested in Chloe’s POV – I’ve actually poked P5 a bit about this for the Some Assembly Required verse.

caresays: Oh. I would like that.

les cousins dangereux: I think P5 said that Chloe is sort of the ‘perfect woman’ in a lot of people’s eyes, because they’re coming from a Beca standpoint

ariestess: Yep based on this, I am totally getting ideas now.  Thanks, everyone!

les cousins dangereux: So she gets written very flatly – without any interesting flaws.

caresays: Also, Beca’s emotional stuntedness is fun to write.

caresays: I mean, for me.

perpetuallyfive: She’s written as the Madonna.

perpetuallyfive: I’d like to write some Chloe Barton pov. Definitely.

perpetuallyfive: So, there. I’m on record, Mads. HAPPY?

sinandmisery: VERY. 😛

ariestess: LOL!  Fantastic!  I need to watch the movie again to get actual plot ideas, there we go.

ariestess: All right, grimpotato gets the next question.

grimpotato: Why Georgia? I read a lot of fics where Barden takes place in Georgia.

caresays: Barden is in Atlanta.

les cousins dangereux: I think that’s canon?

sinandmisery: Yep.

grimpotato: OH huh… go me for paying attention.

caresays: It is. I believe Elizabeth Banks had it on her website.

perpetuallyfive: Yeah, that’s canon. Also, it’s hot so excuse for less clothing.

perpetuallyfive: I mean.

les cousins dangereux: Also, I went to college in GA. So. That’s nice – to know the area

ariestess: LOL @ P5

sinandmisery: Yeah Beca arrives in a Decatur Cab, which is a “suburb” of sorts.

les cousins dangereux: Oh, P5. hah

caresays: ……THANKS, P5. (said like Beca)

sinandmisery: UGH don’t get me started on the heat of the south.

perpetuallyfive: You’re welcome.  

ariestess: LOL

sinandmisery: Ok so I actually have a question for P5

perpetuallyfive: … yes.

sinandmisery: Are there plans in Unreal to actually reveal what happened with the whole Chloe thing or is it sort of open ended for the readers? (Trying to be vague for anyone who hasn’t read)

les cousins dangereux: (In which case you should start reading)

caresays: Haha, I think I’ve actually asked you that question before.

sinandmisery: (yes, what cuz said.)

perpetuallyfive: I feel like everyone has asked me this before…

ariestess: LOL!

perpetuallyfive: And my answer is probably always really frustrating.

ariestess: So, P5, if everyone’s asked, do you have a set answer?

caresays: It was a LITTLE bit frustrating.

les cousins dangereux: Cut and paste. hah

perpetuallyfive: No, mostly squirming.

ariestess: LOL

perpetuallyfive: Um. It’s definitely going to be … more clear. I don’t have any plans to just lay it all out explicitly step by step, you know?

ariestess: All right, that’s acceptable.

perpetuallyfive: … also trying to be vague. On multiple accounts. Double vague.

perpetuallyfive: But.

sinandmisery: That answers well enough. We have a betting pool going on for what happened. I want to win so as long as there’s some sort of answer

perpetuallyfive: I will say one thing that it is NOT, that remains the best idea I DIDN’T go with.

sinandmisery: the one intersects asked about?

perpetuallyfive: Right after I posted chapter 2, I got an ask from intersects that said, basically: OH MY GOD IS IT SKRULLS?

perpetuallyfive: YES.

caresays: There’s a betting pool? I want in.

perpetuallyfive: That’s so much smarter tha nme.

ariestess: All right, astrangerhere will give us the next question.


Alert: astrangerhere hand was lowered by ariestess

astrangerhere: I have discussed this at length with a few of you, but all Beca-centrecity aside, how do y’all as writers feel about Chloe being used in a vast majority of fic merely as a catalyst to progress Beca’s character.  Either she needs saving or does the saving, but it is all about how she propels Beca’s story forward.  It is never about her story.  Thoughts? Rebuttals?

les cousins dangereux: People often write from Beca’s POV and they like to focus on how she needs to grow as a person- emotionally, especially. So Chloe- who appears so put together is often used to bring that about.

caresays: I’m guilty of this myself.

les cousins dangereux: And that’s not wrong! It’s just – how Chloe is written a lot of the time

sinandmisery: I’ve read a few fics that go into Chloe’s backstory and I haven’t found any one in particular I’m fond of. I’m actually working on a Chloe-centric story but it’s definitely a longer process because I have to take myself out of Beca’s head, which is so easy to slip into.

perpetuallyfive: People also write Beca as REALLY stunte sometimes.

perpetuallyfive: Stunted.

caresays: Or weirdly cocky?

perpetuallyfive: Oh, god. Yeah.

perpetuallyfive: I’m not a big fan of aggressively confident Beca, to be honest. I don’t think it rings true?

les cousins dangereux: I think – with Chloe you can go in a lot of different ways, and people aren’t always sure how to proceed.

ariestess: So what kinds of backgrounds do most people give Chloe?  I’m just curious and the muses are starting to plot in the muse cave known as my brain.

caresays: That’s one of the nice things I like about Chloe, is that there’s so much to develop with her.

les cousins dangereux: See, even the conversation gets turned to Beca! hah

perpetuallyfive: I have a few friends who hate Beca as a character and they all say it’s because she’s so smug and cocky, and I just think that’s a big facade that she puts up… not very convincingly.

astrangerhere: (i was about to point that out)

perpetuallyfive: Oh god. Yeah. :\

les cousins dangereux: Chloe’s harder to talk about.

perpetuallyfive: No, but my point was that people make Beca stunted or cocky or an asshole or something and then Chloe comes along to “fix” her. Which is… offensive to both of them.

caresays: Chloe in my head is studying chemical engineering.

perpetuallyfive: Chloe isn’t just a vessel for Beca’s betterment and Beca doesn’t ONLY get to be with her when she meets Chloe’s standards.

sinandmisery: I love the background you gave Chloe in Love Love Love, cuz. (I’m biased to the story but it’s REALLY GOOD)

les cousins dangereux: A lot of the time people say Chloe lost someone she loved and that makes her sleep around?

caresays: Yeah, I’m not a big fan of that.

caresays: To put it mildly.

perpetuallyfive: People like writing Chloe as sleeping around. Is it because of the shower thing?

les cousins dangereux: I think so.

sinandmisery: Probably, which is funny because we later see her with Tom at hood night.

sinandmisery: so it clearly wasn’t just a one time thing.

les cousins dangereux: I was just writing that exact thing, Mads

ariestess: Oh, I like that idea of Chloe being a total brain.

caresays: The very first thing I wrote for PP was Chloe POV — that I deleted — and Tom is her long-term boyfriend in that one.

les cousins dangereux: Chloe is actually often written as pre-med!

sinandmisery: I think it was Nirav who introduced Chloe as a med student. I love that!

caresays: Yeah, that was awesome.

les cousins dangereux: I think, possibly Tom could be her long-term boyfriend

les cousins dangereux: We don’t know! We don’t really know anything about Chloe

ariestess: And you know, the more we talk here, the more I’m realizing that Chloe is a far more fascinating character than I’d thought.

ariestess: LOL

caresays: She’s great. I’m very very fond of her.

sinandmisery: Chloe is incredibly fascinating and I think she’s a lot stronger than most people give her credit for

les cousins dangereux: I’m writing her now as an astrophysicist.

sinandmisery: A lot of people think she’s a pushover because of the whole thing with Aubrey

perpetuallyfive: Emotionally, you mean, Mads?

les cousins dangereux: YES.

perpetuallyfive: I really really disagree with that.

perpetuallyfive: Like, a lot.

sinandmisery: I know you do. And that’s why we like you, P5. (among other things)

perpetuallyfive: I mean, with that assessment of her. Not with you, Mads. But! I think people misread her interactions with Aubrey as how she ALWAYS behaves.

les cousins dangereux: Oh, boy. P5, stiring up trouble

ariestess: I don’t honestly think any of the women [I almost said girls and that felt wrong] in the movie are pushovers.  They all have their own strengths, clearly.

perpetuallyfive: Haha. Well! I think it’s a misreading to assume that Chloe doesn’t stand up for herself or ever act assertive. She pursues Beca.

perpetuallyfive: She REFUSES TO LEAVE the shower until Beca does what she wants.

perpetuallyfive: That’s not someone who never gets her way.

caresays: For me Chloe is always challenging Beca.

perpetuallyfive: Constantly.

sinandmisery: Your Chloe in the business AU is really, really awesome. Like… I know it’s still a story from Beca’s POV but that side of her personality should be explored more often.

perpetuallyfive: I mean, I see where the mistake comes from. Most of what we see of her is interacting with Aubrey, and what Aubrey needs most is a feeling of control and being respected, so Chloe gives her that because she loves her best friend.

les cousins dangereux: But I think there’s a lot of frustration in Chloe too – I mean, obviously it kind of explodes at the end when she gets in an actual physical altercation with Aubrey. hah.

caresays: Oh yeah, definitely.

perpetuallyfive: (The business AU is actually meant to be a lot of POVs. So far it’s just Chloe and Beca, but the next chapter is Aubrey. And… there will be others. Maybe Donald.)

ariestess: So in other words, Chloe redefines herself, so to speak, to fit what the others need from her?

les cousins dangereux: There’s a lot bubbling under the surface. But Chloe puts on a good-front.

les cousins dangereux: So people just write what she puts out there. And forget to explore what’s underneath sometimes.

perpetuallyfive: Yeah, I think Chloe is a good performer. And– yes.

les cousins dangereux: I mean, myself included!

les cousins dangereux: I keep saying it, but writing Chloe is really hard.

caresays: I’ve been challenging myself to do more with Chloe.

perpetuallyfive: Which is why you’re writing her pov for our fic together and I am not.  

les cousins dangereux: I’ve been writing a lot of Chloe lately.

les cousins dangereux: haha

les cousins dangereux: No, you’re just so good at Beca!

ariestess: LOL!

les cousins dangereux: I got Chloe on default.

sinandmisery: I think she’s really good with people and adapting to them is part of her charm – she knows how to push people in the right way and when to back off.

ariestess: *nods*

sinandmisery: which is probably why people write her as so bubbly, because she gets along with everyone.

ariestess: All right, I see we’ve got about 8 minutes here.  Does anyone have a question to ask our panelists before we start winding down?

les cousins dangereux: If Chloe wanted to, she could be really manipulative. (Which is why Chloe Barton…)

perpetuallyfive: (Harsh.)

les cousins dangereux: (But true!)

sinandmisery: UGH. Unreal!Chloe. Punch to the heart.

les cousins dangereux: I’m still emotional about it.

caresays: Heeeeee. Chloe has a lot of…control over Beca sometimes. Emotionally.

les cousins dangereux: hah. Isn’t that the truth, Care.

ariestess: Booklover81, you have the next question.

perpetuallyfive: Maybe that’s why people write Chloe with less autonomy.

Alert: booklover81 hand was lowered by ariestess

ariestess: Or rather, the last question.

perpetuallyfive: Give her too much of the power, who knows what she could do…

booklover81: Favorite minor character from the movie that you know you should write a fic about or from their POV?

perpetuallyfive: Well, cuz already did Kimmy Jin perfectly.

booklover81: Nothing dangerous, P5

caresays: Oh my god, I’ve wanted a Kimmy Jim and Beca fic for FOREVER.

sinandmisery: @P5: YES!

caresays: It’s in my pile of things to write.

les cousins dangereux: I have such a soft spot for Kimmy Jin. Obviously.

perpetuallyfive: Care. CARE.

sinandmisery: Well I’m writing Aubrey/Stacie, so I won’t use Stacie, but I’d love to write something with Jessica.

sinandmisery: Luke’s being worked into that Chloe centric fic I mentioned earlier.

ariestess: So more minor character pieces are wanted then, too?

les cousins dangereux: I really want to do a Lilly POV fic.

caresays: I have this idea that won’t go away about Kimmy Jin and Beca running into each other senior year, drunk, because Barden hosts a drag dance.

les cousins dangereux: I think people really love the minor characters in PP. They’re all so great.

caresays: And they’re both really different.

sinandmisery: That would be awesome. I also love Donald, I’d like to write something about how he and Bumper ended up friends.

perpetuallyfive: Well, like I said, the business AU is supposed to be multiple povs. One of them is definitely going to be Lilly, I think.

perpetuallyfive: But that’s not the same as an entire fic.

ariestess: *nods* I like that idea of working with the minor characters.

les cousins dangereux: Well, I dunno what the plot would be! It’d be insane. So a chapter works for me!

caresays: I’d like more Cynthia Rose too, being the only canon lesbian.

ariestess: All right, we have 4 minutes left.  I’m going to thank all of our panelists and attendees for an awesome panel.  I now have a lot of ideas to work with for fic for this fandom.

perpetuallyfive: I have PLANS for her in some assembly required, but who knows when I’ll get to them.

les cousins dangereux: Yay! You should definitely write something!

ariestess: One last thing.  Do any of our panelists have something they’re putting out soon that we should know about?

ariestess: I

sinandmisery: Don’t tease me with SAR, P5.

ariestess: I’ll definitely write something. It’s just a matter of timing. LOL

les cousins dangereux: I’m working on an apocalypse fic from Aubrey’s POV right now

caresays: I’m working on New Girl fic that’s pretty…insane, so PP is on the backburner a bit. But I’m actively working on a sort of wing!fic that’s mostly crossover with these sci-fi books that no one has read.

perpetuallyfive: Haha. Um. Hopefully the next chapter of Unreal in the next two weeks. I can’t make promises because it’s crunch time at work.

les cousins dangereux: And P5 and I are working on something!

perpetuallyfive: But yeah, cuz and I are cowriting an excessively massive thing.

les cousins dangereux: Super massive

perpetuallyfive: And I might have started a Pitch Perfect/Pacific Rim crossover. Because why not.

sinandmisery: I have several things that are in progress – I’ve got updates on all the WIPs people have been poking me about and then on a non-PP note, I’m writing an Orphan Black/Orange is the New Black crossover.

caresays: I have a new Trope Bingo card to tackle.

les cousins dangereux: Oh, and Love x 3 sequel.

perpetuallyfive: (I’m impressed you typed that correctly, Mads.)

sinandmisery: (it took me awhile to get it right)

sinandmisery: YES TO THE LOVE X3 SEQUEL.

les cousins dangereux: It’ll happen

les cousins dangereux: eventually

michelle_2011: thanks for the panel

caresays: Thanks for having us!

perpetuallyfive: Yeah, this was fun. Except for all of you being bullies.  

sinandmisery: thanks for “listening” to us ramble! Come inbox me on Tumblr if you wish (if it works…)

les cousins dangereux: Yeah! Ditto!

sinandmisery: we all love you P5. It’s like kindergarten mentality.

caresays: Yeah, me three.

les cousins dangereux: Hah. Too true, Mads


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