Grey’s Anatomy

fsc_ralst: As we wave bye-bye to SVU we say hello to Grey’s Anatomy… hello!

fsc_ralst: Would the panellists please ensure their text is set to red and then introduce themselves?

beachbum3668: Hello

beachbum3668: I’m beachbum

Whedonist: Hello all!

fsc_ralst: So, if the Grey’s fandom was a trauma case, what would be its chances right now?

Whedonist: After a 16 hour surger, 40/60, depends on how they handle season 10

beachbum3668: I think that the season 9 finale was one of the better episodes in recent memory. If they just maintain that level of writing they should be okay

fsc_ralst: So we’ve hit it at a critical stage?

fsc_ralst: And the rest of season 9 how do you think that stacked up?

Whedonist: I trust the writers on the show to do okay, I just saw an explosion from the Calzona camp…there was much flailing and gnashing of teeth

fsc_ralst: See, I don’t trust the writers

Whedonist: why not?

beachbum3668: boy you got that right. Somebody needs to slap the writers silly for having Arizona cheat of Callie

Whedonist: I take it the cheating was not received well?

fsc_ralst: They’ve just done some very odd things in the past and ignored characters – like Arizona – until they wanted to ruin them

Whedonist: I mean it sucked, but I can see why they did it.

Whedonist: I’m not sure if I agree with their execution though

beachbum3668: I thought it was handled kind of ham-handedly

bcharmer: The execution was rushed, but I understood the motivation as well

fsc_ralst: I actually liked the build up with the pretty doc because it put some life back into Arizona but it was rushed

Whedonist: that’s where I’m Bcharmer…I get it, but the execution was poor, I need to see how they handle it in S10 to really come up with a verdict.

fsc_ralst: I also hated how they sidelined Arizona as a doctor the entire season

beachbum3668: I understand the rating game too, but c’mon, poor Callie has had nothing but drama in her life. I was kiinda hoping for a little peace for a while.

Whedonist: True, Callie’s been dumped on a lot, poor lady, I thought she’d be due for a break

fsc_ralst: But if they give a character peace they pretty much lose all their screentime

Whedonist: Is it so bad to see a happy couple on tv?

beachbum3668: Well, it may be on Grey’s Anatomy

fsc_ralst: Nope, but you don’t tend to in these types of show. At least not for long

fsc_ralst: I guess we can be thankful that they’re still alive

Whedonist: This is why I don’t trust writers with my favorite ships, keep it out of canon and let us fanfic writers play

bcharmer: at the end of seaon 9 I was chanting “don’t kill off the lesbian, Shonda”

fsc_ralst: How would you like to see it handled, going forward into s10?

beachbum3668: Well, we certainly don’t have to answer to networks or sponsors

fsc_ralst: @bc yeah, we treat our ships with respect

Whedonist: LOL, is it sad that the com, has to actually fear that, bc?

Whedonist: i’d like Arizona to get some solid time to address what she’s going through, I don’t think they’ve properly addressed that in S9

fsc_ralst: I thought they’d kill off Arizona last year, so we’ve had at least one extra year of angst

bcharmer: I personally would like to see Lauren stick around and build an actual triangle with her, Arizona and Callie

Whedonist: I wasn’t so much worried that they’d kill her, but that they’d ruin the character past the point of fixing, which hell, they still might.

beachbum3668: Personally, I want to see Callie and Arizona hang in there. And I’d like to see Arizona get her act together finally.

fsc_ralst: @bc Oh, I like that idea. I feel a little disloyal for liking it so much

Whedonist: see BC, I just went to naughty place with that, and i don’t think network tv’s ready for it. Damn it all to hell.

bcharmer: I’m okay with Calzona being end-game, but I’d like to see them earn it and they need a good obstacle

Whedonist: That’s be welcome, beach.

fsc_ralst: lol that’s why we have fic whedonist

Whedonist: Right, but a girl can dream, right?

beachbum3668: Much as the idea of a triangle would make it interesting I don’t think network TV is quite ready for that

bcharmer: Believe me, I’ve thought of writing it

fsc_ralst: Certainly

fsc_ralst: and I think the actress is signed up to something else

Whedonist: I read she won’t be back…or it was implied but she didn’t state

bcharmer: her pilot didn’t get picked up and White Collar doesn’t plan to use her heavily, so maybe Shonda is just keeping it under wraps

fsc_ralst: I get a little tired of the break them up, get them back together merrigoround though

beachbum3668: One thing you have to give the GA producers props for is keeping things close to the chest. when they want to keep a secret, they do

Whedonist: Also is anyone over the Owen/Christina thing, or is it just me?

fsc_ralst: It’s not just you

bcharmer: I love them together, but I’m tired of the whole I want I child / I don’t want a child storyline

fsc_ralst: Yes, it’s been a battle without an end in sight

Whedonist: I thought for sure they were going with the adoption story line last season…

beachbum3668: Christina will never be happy not giving 150% to her surgery. they’ve beat the kid thing to death. Let them part and grow as people. Doesn’t mean they can’t hook up from time to time for a good shag

Whedonist: It would have at least gave us an end.

fsc_ralst: Do we know what, erm, interns are coming back? (the newbies)

Whedonist: all of them from what I’ve seen. Which I actually like.

Whedonist: I’d like to see how Karev and his intern turns out…

fsc_ralst: I got a little tired of the female interns’ (two of them) stories revolving around ‘their men’

fsc_ralst: I loved Brookes, though

beachbum3668: The interns need some strong story arcs to develop their characters more fully. LOL, I find myself wishing for the Nazi to return to teach them.

Whedonist: Beach, I miss Bailey so hard.

fsc_ralst: Yeah, Meredith doesn’t have the same power as old school Bailey

beachbum3668: Altho Meredith was pretty hard core talking the intern through her surgery in the finale

Whedonist: it’s actually sad how much I miss Bailey. I don’t know what they were doing with her character this season, but I didn’t like it.

beachbum3668: Yeah, Bailey with doubts is not a pretty picture.

fsc_ralst: Bailey has always been one of my favourites but we haven’t had enough of true-Bailey in a while

fsc_ralst: I love her friendship with Callie and Arizona too

beachbum3668: That was the one single character I wish they’d left alone. I want Bailey to stay strong. It’s ain’t GA without Bailey kicking ass.

Whedonist: her and Callie’s dynamic is just so interesting, I don’t read/have seen enough fic exploring that.

bcharmer: that will be interesting when she finds out about Arizona cheating – you know Bailey will have something to say about that

fsc_ralst: Yeah, she’ll be right in there

beachbum3668: I hope she kicks her ass around the hospital a couple of times

Whedonist: The If/Then epi was enough of TimidBailey for me…and her with braids was…interesting.

beachbum3668: Knocks some sense into her

Whedonist: oh, bailey kicking arizona’s butt would be a good season opener…

fsc_ralst: a bit of tough love

beachbum3668: yeah sparky!

the_dhamphir: that would be good

Whedonist: Ralst, put it on the list we can send to Shonda…they could redeem themselves, a litle, that way.

fsc_ralst: Do you think the others will ostracize Arizona when it comes out?

fsc_ralst: ‘k

bcharmer: Maybe, but Karev has her back

beachbum3668: I hope so – she needs to have her butt kicked. Everybody’s treated her with kid gloves since the crash Time to expect her to be OVER IT

fsc_ralst: Yeah, although they haven’t seemed as close lately, probably because his story has been taken up with Jo

fsc_ralst: I don’t think she’ll ever be over it

bcharmer: She still has to work through it before she can get over it

the_dhamphir: she needs a damn attitude adjustment though

beachbum3668: I don’t mean over it as in forget it happened. I mean over it so that it stops being the driving force is everything she does

fsc_ralst: She needs and should have had counselling

Whedonist: I would say Arizona needs called out on her shit, but then I think of the character, and the only person I’ve seen do that to her is Callie, Mark, and the one dr. that’s name is escaping me

Whedonist: Altman,

Whedonist: damn.

bcharmer: I miss Teddy

fsc_ralst: Yeah, she needs someone, not Callie, to be straight wth her but she doesn’t seem to have any friends who could do that (Bailey is too much Callie’s friend, maybe)

beachbum3668: that was one character leaving I did NOT like. I liked Teddy too

Whedonist: she got shafted, character wise.

fsc_ralst: I liked Teddy

Whedonist: Arizona doesn’t have anyone besides Callie…  =0/

bcharmer: Maybe Owen will step into that void

Whedonist: which is a sore point really, there’s not support for her there.

the_dhamphir: i’m about fed up with Owen too

beachbum3668: Owen needs to grow a pair.

fsc_ralst: Besides Calzona, do you ship any other femslash pairings?

beachbum3668: I ship in J/7(Voyager) and Mirandy (Devil Wears Prada)

fsc_ralst: Sorry, I meant GA pairings

Whedonist: I have a ton, but for Grey’s not really. I’ve read a few Addie/Callie

beachbum3668: oops…my bad. Sorry. No, I don’t

bcharmer: Obviously, I like Laurzona, but I can’t think of anyone else current on Grey’s

beachbum3668: I think they’re going to have to introduce another strong female character for me to abandon Callie/Arizona

fsc_ralst: Could you not ship two separate pairings in a fandom, beach?

Whedonist: Like Casey/Olivia, there are the rare unicorns that do still ship Erica/Callie…

beachbum3668: I can, but my head gets confused when I try

fsc_ralst: lol

bcharmer: Way back in the day, I liked the Izzie/Addy pairing

fsc_ralst: Erica/Callie were shafted or at least Erica was

beachbum3668: I find that I invest in individual characters, not pairings per se

Whedonist: Izzie/Addy was how I got my start in GA, but then I watched the show and hated Izzie on screen…it ruined it for me

fsc_ralst: Yes, I want Brookes to find a nice girl and settle down

bcharmer: ooh – that would be awesome

Whedonist: That would fantastic.

fsc_ralst: I hate it when you find a character you love and think would be perfect femslash material but there’s no one in her fandom to pair her with

Whedonist: Can someone do something Kepner while we’re at it…I think she needs something.

fsc_ralst: I like Kepner

bcharmer: I totally agree Ralst.  It’s like Rollins on SVU

fsc_ralst: Yeah, I keep hoping someone will come along but they’re never right

Whedonist: Maybe I need the adjustment, I can’t find the charm in her. All I want to do is cuff her on the back of the head and tell her to act right.

fsc_ralst: Brookes or Kepner?

Whedonist: Kepner. I like Brookes just fine…she’s fiesty in the subtle way

beachbum3668: There’s nothing wrong with Kepner that getting laid regularly won’t cure

Whedonist: I really liked watching the evolution of her relationship with Derek play out last season.

the_dhamphir: @BB:lol

fsc_ralst: @beach too true

bcharmer: Maybe Brookes will connect with a patient next season

Whedonist: But she won’t! and really, that’s where the hitting comes in.

bcharmer: @Whendon lol

bcharmer: *Whedon

fsc_ralst: Brookes needs to put those magic hands or her to good use

Whedonist: LOL…Kepner would freakout…

Whedonist: well, wait, that might be fun to watch

fsc_ralst: lol yes

fsc_ralst: It would be nice to have a happy/silly pairing to counter balance the impending angst-fest of Calzona

beachbum3668: May I ask a question here?

fsc_ralst: sure

beachbum3668: What do you all think of the TV guide “25 Episodes of GA you HAVE to watch before Season 10” blog?


beachbum3668: Has anybody else read it?

Whedonist: I’ve not seen the blog…give me a minute…

beachbum3668: Hello? anybody else in here?

beachbum3668: LOL

bcharmer: I think they got most of the eps right

bcharmer: not sure about the order

Whedonist: a cursory view, meh, I’ll be honest and say that

fsc_ralst: I skimmed it just then but nothing in particular jumped out

Whedonist: I watch mainly for Callie and Bailey, I could avoid the Izzie eps, but that’s my not liking her character

Whedonist: they had some good ones on there that were key for the remaining characters though

bcharmer: what about you @beach?  what did you think about it?

beachbum3668: I agreed with the ranking for the most part. Few I would have changed around, but I DO agree with their choice of #1: Now or Never from Season 5. That’s where we lose 007

beachbum3668: I liked the blog for the reason that it prompts people who may not be die-hard fans to go back and re-discover the reasons why GA is still one of the best shows on TV

bcharmer: I miss George

Whedonist: God that epi was horrible to watch.

beachbum3668: It was…the emotional impact of that ep was amazing

Whedonist: in the angsty, hold hand kind of way…

fsc_ralst: But why do we need to watch those eps in particular before the new season? Are they relevant or just a top 25?

beachbum3668: they’re a top 25 that show how GOOD the show can be

fsc_ralst: I was trying to discern clues and coming up blank

beachbum3668: Just think of how great the writing is (for the most part) in those eps

Whedonist: I’d agree with beach, a lot on that list remind you of why this show’s going into it’s 10th season

beachbum3668: I think it’s kind of a not-so-gentle noodge to the producers to keep the show focused on what’s made it great and not wimp out on us

fsc_ralst: So what would you all like to see the writers focus on in season ten?

bcharmer: Sticking with the Lauren, Arizona, Callie triange

Whedonist: the obviouis is Callie/Arizona and fixing what’s broken there for me. Bring Bailey back to being Bailey, and a new Cardio God for Christina to mess with would be great

beachbum3668: I want to see Meredith step up and become a fitting heir to Ellis Grey

fsc_ralst: How about a Cardio God who Christina cannot mess with? ’bout time she met her match

beachbum3668: I want to watch her invent a new surgical procedure on the fly saving a patient and become her mother’s daughter

Whedonist: and hell, I forgot about Webber, I’m not sure how I’ll feel if Webber is dead.

beachbum3668: Oooo…that would be fun

bcharmer: I like that idea ralst

beachbum3668: The Cardio God, not Webber dying

Whedonist: I’d be okay with tha ralst, Christina is amazing when there’s competition.

fsc_ralst: Yeah, Webber dying is not so much fun

beachbum3668: Please can we not have Christine SLEEP with the Cardio God???

Whedonist: that would be novel

Whedonist: bring Teddy back for that to happen though

fsc_ralst: I loved the scenes between Cristina and St, Elsewhere doc last year

bcharmer: me too

beachbum3668: Kim Raver was pretty adamant that she did not want to return to the show

fsc_ralst: Unless Cardio God is female and sparky

Whedonist: That sucks, beach, I hadn’t heard.

fsc_ralst: Is it a not-so-nice place to work?

Whedonist: actresses that could play the cardio god christina could spark with, suggestions?

Whedonist: No clue, ralst. There’ve been skirmishes on set, but nothing recently that’s hit the press out here

beachbum3668: I haven’t heard anything major blowing up

fsc_ralst: Someone who looks soft on the outside but with a spine of steel… my mind is blanking

bcharmer: The actress that played Charlotte on Private Practice would be perfect

bcharmer: blanking on her name

Whedonist: I haven’t really watched Private Practice

fsc_ralst: Four minutes until the end of the panel

fsc_ralst: I haven’t seen PP either

beachbum3668: Are you thinking of the actress or the Charlotte character from PP?

bcharmer: Both

bcharmer: kaDee Stickleand

fsc_ralst: Rachel Weisz because I always want to see more of her

bcharmer: Christana would never push her around

Whedonist: yes, ralst, yes to that

fsc_ralst: The actress who played Dee on Battlestar Galactica?

Whedonist: gina torres

fsc_ralst: Nice

Whedonist: Although I kinda want her in everything so…

bcharmer: she’d be good, but she’s playing a badass on Suits

fsc_ralst: I knew cloning was the way to go

beachbum3668: We need a fiona Glenanne on GA

Whedonist: hell yeah, orphan black shouldn’t have the market cornered

beachbum3668: I mean totally kickass female lead

Whedonist: oh, that would be nice too, but I think our times up…  =0(

Whedonist: thanks everyone!

fsc_ralst: We’re out of time, so a big thank you to all our panellists and everyone else. Convene back next year to see how well the GA writers did

Gin Akasarahsmom: Guiding Light panel starts momentarily

beachbum3668: thanks everyone!

bcharmer: thanks everybody!


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