Legend of the Seeker

Gin Akasarahsmom: if the panelists for Legend of the Seeker please change their font color to Red… and introduce themselves… we can get this party started!

Gin Akasarahsmom: no worries Staci… Bomb Girls went a tad bit over..

Arbryna: Hey all, I’m thedawn from LiveJournal :

Arbryna: Oops

Arbryna: Itchy enter finger.

Arbryna: You can also call me Alex, if it’s easier.

Stacicle: Hi, I’m Statuepup from LiveJournal

Gin Akasarahsmom: If you have a question just raise your hand and I’ll take you in order… I’ll start things off…  What got you interested in this fandom… the books, or the tv show?

Arbryna: Haha…for me, it was actually the fanfic. I stumbled across the lots_femslash group and started reading, then I had to watch the show.

Gin Akasarahsmom: How about you Staci?

Stacicle: For the sake of disclosure, I should probably say that I’m a beta reader, not an author.  And it was the fanfic that got me interested in the show… in fact the first “new” episode I ever saw was the series finale. 😛

Gin Akasarahsmom: LOL…

Arbryna: I was pretty close to that, I think…”Desecrated” was my first new one.

Stacicle: What a good episode to start with Arbryna!

Gin Akasarahsmom: This question is for the whole room… What is your favorite pairing for this fandom?  Just go ahead and chime in…

Arbryna: LOL…I dare anyone to guess. *eyes long list of Cara/Kahlan fics*

Gin Akasarahsmom: I very much prefer Cara/Kahlan

Stacicle: I’m afraid I’m a femslash purist – Cara/Kahlan is my OTP

Gin Akasarahsmom: okay… the room seems reluctant to chat, for the moment…

Arbryna: It’s fun to play around with other pairings, but I can never seem to get away from those two.

Nikkeh: Cara/Dahlia

Gin Akasarahsmom: panelists… what about the Cara/Kahlan fandom do you like.

Arbryna: The fandom or the relationship?

Gin Akasarahsmom: the relationship.. what makes them perfect for each other

Stacicle: There have been a couple Cara/Dahlia fics I’ve chanced reading and liked them.

Stacicle: C/K… part of the draw to their relationship for me is the whole opposite thing

Arbryna: Ah. Well, to me it’s that classic “sworn enemies falling for each other” thing. The fact that they’ve both been brought up hating everything the other stands for, yet they can’t seem to hate each other. The fact that Cara is in more danger than most from Kahlan’s powers (because she’d die) just makes it that much more exciting.

Stacicle: Opposites without really being opposite – they’re trained to hate each other but their work ethic, their loyalty and dedication are so similar.

Stacicle: Well put, Arbryna.

Stacicle: They open up new and unexpected worlds in each other.

Arbryna: Exactly. There’s so much they can learn from one another.

Gin Akasarahsmom: Cara is a bit different than other Mord’sith too though right?  She took the training but pretty much continued to think for herself.. something the others don’t really do…

Arbryna: True. Cara’s training gave her a fiercer loyalty to her sisters than to Rahl, which left the opening for her to betray him.

Stacicle: I only know the TV show, but that seems true, Gin.

Gin Akasarahsmom: yes.. I only know the TV show as well… if the books contradict that, anyone who has read the books is welcome to chime in

Stacicle: And she established much of her own code, which makes her loyalty, first to her sisters, then to Richard, (ahem), then to Kahlan, all that more meaningful.

Arbryna: Hm…well it’s harder to say in the books, really, because Richard claims his title as Rahl immediately.

Alsike: I was really interesting in the Mord’Sith dynamics – because Cara is so odd on her own, I wanted to find out what she’d be like in a quad, especially a quad of the more free thinking Mord’Sith.

Arbryna: So her loyalty to Lord Rahl is never really questioned.

Arbryna: Alsike – I would have been interested to see that as well.

Stacicle: Right, Arbryna.

Alsike: Well, if I ever finish that fis…

Alsike: fic*

Stacicle: Alsike, I would have loved to see what Cara, Berdine, Raina, and …someone else… could have accomplished as a quad.

Arbryna: Something to look forward to


Alsike: I did the set up with my Berdine/Raina fic, where Cara’s a minor character.  But I have the set up for them going to find her after Darken dies and totally messing up the Kahlan/Cara/Richard/Zedd dynamic.

Alsike: not plot though

Nikkeh: I have a question

Gin Akasarahsmom: go ahead Nikkeh

Nikkeh: WHat do you guys think of the other femslash pairings in LotS. most of them dont get as much visibility as K/C

Gin Akasarahsmom: what other pairings are you talking about Nikkeh?

Stacicle: Sometimes, I think you need fuel for a fire, and it’s inspirational to see your pairing onscreen.  Lots of that with C/K, and significant scenes with C/D.

Arbryna: Oh, I love them. They may not reach my “Ultimate OTP” status, but I love playing with other pairings. I was really aching for some Kahlan/Nicci fic at one point, and there have been a few Denna/Kahlan and Denna/Cara fics I was into. Cara/Dahlia never quite did it for me, funny enough.

Arbryna: I mean, they clearly were in love at one point…and I’ve read a couple of fics that go back into their past together, which I can get behind. But post-“Eternity” I just can’t quite do it.

Stacicle: The point made earlier about Cara’s Mord’Sithiness being unique – I don’t see Kahlan hooking up with Denna, or Dahlia, not without Cara in the mix somehow.

Arbryna: Staci–well, that’s the fun of fic, though…you can always find reasons

Arbryna: Of course I’ve always been of the opinion that Kahlan is a lot more of a sexual being than she lets on, or maybe even admits to herself.

Stacicle: I agree, Arbryna – Dahlia’s betrayal turned me off post-Eternity, post-Tears C/D fics.

Stacicle: *You can*, Arbryna, you’re the writer. Heh.

Arbryna: It’s just lack of opportunity, since her powers limit practical experience.

Stacicle: Yes, and Cara brings that out of her so nicely.

Arbryna: LOL Staci…I’ve had a few readers suggest things in the past 😛

Nikkeh: so was it mainy the betrayal that put you off cara/dahlia?

Nikkeh: because you both mention that specificaly

Gin Akasarahsmom: possibly because Kahlan CAN’T be close to anyone.. it’s not lack of opportunity.. it’s an actual barrier stopping her

Arbryna: Nikkeh…it was more that I can’t see them finding common ground anymore. Dahlia put her loyalty to Lord Rahl above everything else. She thought she was doing the right thing for Cara, but she still refused to let Cara make her own choices.

Stacicle: The betrayal, yes, but not by itself.  It’s Dahlia’s betrayal reflected against the unwavering loyalty and caring shown by Kahlan (and the merry band).

Arbryna: Gin – that’s what I meant, really…the lack of opportunity to overcome the “powers” obstacle. It’s not like Rada’Hans are lying around all over the place

Gin Akasarahsmom:

Arbryna: Staci…exactly. Cara is a different person than the one Dahlia knew.

Stacicle: Dahlia would always choose herself, which by extension, is choosing Darken.

Arbryna: Traveling with Richard and Co. changed her, and I’m not sure that Dahlia could find common ground with this Cara.

Nikkeh: thats a good point. i think thats why they’re my favorite.

Arbryna: Given time, maybe they could…but I’m not sure Cara could manage the forgiveness required to find out.

Stacicle: There are one or two fics that have Dahlia joining the band, and C/K, but that shows a transformation of Dahlia that frankly just wasn’t achieved in thte show.

Gin Akasarahsmom: Each character has a loyalty to Richard… but each is different in the way they show it… how do you think Richard changes the way Cara and Kahlan see each other?

Arbryna: Hmm….well first, there’s the obvious- Richard more or less forces Kahlan to see Cara as a potential ally, rather than an enemy.

Gin Akasarahsmom: true…that is a “she stays because I say she stays” kinda thing

Stacicle: Best gift he ever gave Kahlan! lol

Arbryna: Staci…lol, much to his eventual regret 😛

Stacicle: Right!

Gin Akasarahsmom:

Arbryna: And it’s Richard that really encourages Cara to question what she’s been taught about everything, including Kahlan.

Stacicle: Serving Richard, however unintentionally, gives them common ground.  A necessary building block.

Arbryna: Yep. Their loyalty to and protection of Richard brings them closer together.

Stacicle: And in doing so, Alex, Kahlan herself gets to question everything she’s been taught about Mord’Sith.

Gin Akasarahsmom: so without Richard… if Cara had been tossed out of the Mord’sith and just happened upon Kahlan on her own… do you think they would have become friends? 

Arbryna: Mmhmm.

Arbryna: Oh, not a chance.

Arbryna: Kahlan would quite possibly have confessed Cara on sight.

Stacicle: Probably not without a talented femslash writer at the reins.

Arbryna: Assuming Cara let her get close enough.

Gin Akasarahsmom: LOL.. I see

Arbryna: There would have to be another factor that sort of replaces Richard’s influence…some common goal or something.

Alsike: Or, you know, if they strip her of her leathers and Kahlan doesn’t know.

Stacicle: Yes.  But Cara  – expunged by the Mord’Sith – she was sort of a potential blank slate.  Who knows what could have influenced her?

Arbryna: Alsike…very true. But would Cara know Kahlan was a confessor? Because you’ve got the same sort of instant animosity on her end as well.

Stacicle: Yeah, but take away their ritual garb, and could they have discerned each other’s nature right away?

Arbryna: Staci…I don’t know that I’d agree about the blank slate part. She’s been Mord-Sith almost as long as she can remember…that training stays with you.

Alsike: Cara still needs a reason to stick around – she’ll only hold on to things that are useful to her.

Arbryna: If not the loyalty to Rahl, then the core values she adheres to–pride, strength, etc.

Stacicle: Right, the training stays, but what would she do with it?

Arbryna: Little to no value of human life, lol.

Stacicle: Rigth, she definitely needed a redefining influence in her life.

Alsike: I always thought that one of the ways Cara was unlike other Mord’Sith was that she wasn’t at all cunning.

Gin Akasarahsmom: Kahlan had a lot of training as well… did she not?

Arbryna: Gin, yes she did. Very different from Cara, of course…more focused on diplomacy and morality.

Arbryna: Alsike…true. She’s not exactly the best liar.

Gin Akasarahsmom: because it’s so moral to capture someone’s mind and bend them to your will?

Arbryna: Gin…well you can see that she struggles with that part of it 😛

Stacicle: So both very disciplined, very trained, and adhering to that training.

Arbryna: Morality more in terms of what’s right and wrong, how to judge disputes fairly and objectively.

Gin Akasarahsmom: LOL… yeah.. I know.  needed a /sarcasm tag on that last comment

Arbryna: To ensure that she doesn’t bend anyone to her will that doesn’t deserve it.

Stacicle: Ha, Gin!  Good point.  I guess you gloss that over when you hold the title “Moral Authority of the Midlands”.

Arbryna: Haha oh I got that, I’m also just a brat sometimes 😛

Alsike: it’s probably a lot of formal logic.

Alsike: Kahlan – unexpectedly good at maths.

Gin Akasarahsmom: but if Kahlan went a little off her training… and Cara went a little off her training… then they may indeed find some common ground, other than Richard

Arbryna: Alsike…LOL, not in the books…you give me the odds of 5,000 men vs. 50,000 and I’m running the other way 😛


Arbryna: Gin–Oh, the potential is still there. It just needs some kind of catalyst.

Stacicle: Exactly, a catalyst.

Arbryna: If we’re talking about Kahlan just happening upon Cara alone instead of with Richard, back in Marked, I’m not sure they’d get there.

Stacicle: Surviving catastrophe, some common goal maybe.

Arbryna: Exactly, Staci. Common goal.

Gin Akasarahsmom: yes.. I can see that..

Alsike: or each one coming up with a use for the other – like a hostage, or something

fortunata1: Hello all.

Arbryna: Ah, true. Maybe if Cara thinks she can win her way back into the Mord-Sith by capturing the Mother Confessor, or something.

Arbryna: Hey fortunata

Stacicle: I hate to think of Kahlan taking someone hostage

Stacicle: Hi fortunata!

fortunata1: Hello!

Arbryna: Ha…well the problem with Kahlan taking Cara hostage, is why? Who’s she going to deliver her too? 😛

Stacicle: But yes, I can see her trying to get in Darken’s good graces doing that.

Gin Akasarahsmom: hello fortunata… welcome

Arbryna: *to

Alsike: Really?  Kahlan would totally take a hostage.  She’s hardcore.

Stacicle: Maybe using her as a shield to escape a situation?

Arbryna: Oh, I don’t doubt that Kahlan’s got the nerve to do it. There just has to be a point.

Alsike: That is where plot intervenes.

Stacicle: Yes, she can be ruthless, but with a purpose.

Arbryna: Cara being used as a shield would require her to be important to someone. Which, depressingly enough, she’s not. Not until Richard.

Gin Akasarahsmom: Kahlan left her own sister dead in a river… she can be ruthless when necessary.

Stacicle: Mmm, I guess that’s right, Arbryna.  The Mord’Sith would just kill Cara to get to Kahlan, casualty of war.

Alsike: hmmm, now I’m having a thought about both of them actually being aware of each other’s identies, and Kahlan wanting to use the mord’sith as a human sacrifice for… crossing the boundary, or something, and Cara wants to lure hier into Darken’s grasp.

Alsike: and they lie to each other a lot.

Stacicle: Go forth and fic, Alsike!

Gin Akasarahsmom: yepper… write it all down…

Arbryna: Do it

Gin Akasarahsmom: sorry.. Staci… you have a question?


Stacicle: Yes. Because that leads us to the big elephant in the room, the apparent slow death of LotS fic.

Stacicle: Discuss.

Arbryna: *sigh* It’s terrible, I know.


Gin Akasarahsmom: What do you think has contributed to the lack of fic in the fandom?  Natural because of the show being off the air… maybe?

Stacicle: That’s always a big factor, Gin.

Arbryna: I think the show being off the air for so long, plus more and more shows coming out with F/F storylines, or even subtext…

Alsike: there also was a glut of it.  Maybe people think most of the stories have already been written.

Arbryna: It’s a bit too easy to move on.

Stacicle: Agreed.  New shows, new subtext inspire new pairings.

fortunata1: I think lack of readership is also a factor.

Stacicle: Path of least resistance and all that.

Arbryna: Alsike – also a good point. If I were just stumbling into the fandom I’d be a little daunted by the mass amounts of fic. I’d have to read them all to know I wasn’t re-doing someone else’s idea.

Gin Akasarahsmom: I suppose so… there do seem to be a lot more shows with subtexty content..

fortunata1: Writers write to be read.

Alsike: yeah, yeah, – go to the small fandoms panel

Gin Akasarahsmom: 10 minutes left in this panel…

Gin Akasarahsmom: there are a lot of small fandoms

Gin Akasarahsmom: but still quite a few juggernauts in the femslash world…

Arbryna: fortunata…Also true. As a writer, I tend to get most excited about the fics that draw the most attention. I still write whatever I get inspired to write, but a more active fandom means more ideas and inspiration.

Stacicle: True, fortunata.  And if folks aren’t following an older, or off the air, show’s fic site, readers are hard to come by.

Gin Akasarahsmom: Xena still seems to be up and running after how many years off the air?  Buffy still has a big following…

Arbryna: Those shows also had 6/7 seasons each, though.

Alsike: is there a tumblr community for LotS fic?

Arbryna: Much more material to mine for stories.

fortunata1: Don’t get me wrong, I write anyway but it is a bit of a bummer.

Gin Akasarahsmom: Star Trek Voyager…

Stacicle: Yeah, so when I hear the word “glut” mentioned, I think Xena not LotS

Arbryna: Alsike…not really :/

Alsike: Xena has a tsunami, not a glut

Gin Akasarahsmom: that is true too .. they all had more seasons

Stacicle: Right, and we only had Cara on LotS for one season.

booklover81: @Alsike – I don’t know of one for fic, but I do see some gifs/manips cross my dash on a semi-regular basis

Stacicle: lol, Alsike

Alsike: that was what I was thinking – that there are a lot of gifs still going around on tumblr, and maybe that’s an opportunity for fic too?

Alsike: marketing.

Arbryna: I mean, heck, I’ve still got a list of nearly thirty different LotS fic ideas that I wanted to write, and I still intend to do them some day…it’s just easier to get excited about shows that other people are excited about.

Gin Akasarahsmom: do you think the fandom will totally fade away?  Or will fans always be fans?

Stacicle: Poke poke poke, Arbryna – I know about your list.  And boy, do I want to read those fics.

Alsike: I’m still hoping for a season 3 kickstarter.

Stacicle: madame_denna said that SMGO is trying to get a third season going.

Nikkeh: as someone who doesnt write anything ever. i think that it wont fade out

Gin Akasarahsmom: readers are important though.. without readers… why write?

Arbryna: Oh, I don’t think it’ll ever be gone. It may just become one of those things that people mention randomly, like Popular. That show was two seasons, and I still see some fans from time to time talking about Brooke/Sam and whatever.

Stacicle: I’ hope it will linger, and have a resurgence.

Gin Akasarahsmom: I have a few fandoms like that… I know they are there.. lingering in the shadows…

Gin Akasarahsmom: lol

Gin Akasarahsmom: Five minutes left… any last comments??

Alert: Welcome.

Alsike: especially new longfic – like a nice 30k fic all in one go.

Alsike: i may be fantaisizing here.

Stacicle: Guys, I’ve got a storm brewing in my area, so I’m going to have to sign off early.  Thanks for the chat, and be inspired – write more C/K, write more LotS fics, please!

Arbryna: Heh…well, when I write longfic, I have a rule that I can’t post it until it’s finished, so it’s not that far out of an idea

Stacicle: And I’ll keep beta-ing and doing my part.


Arbryna: Adios Staci! Stay inside and warm

Stacicle: Bye!

Gin Akasarahsmom: sorry Paltalk  hiccupped on me…

fortunata1: Bye Stac

Stacicle: And warm isn’t the problem  this summer.

Alsike: try dry.

Gin Akasarahsmom: Thanks to everyone attending.. and thanks to the panelists for being here…

Arbryna: Haha…well, dry then 😛

Gin Akasarahsmom: Up next is SVU

Arbryna: No problem. I had a blast  Thanks to everyone who asked questions and participated…and thanks to the lurkers who just kinda stalked us all creepy like

fortunata1: Take care everyone.


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