Crossovers & AUs

quietheartedfsc: Hello and welcome to Crossovers and AUs

jazwriter: hi QH

Xenavirgin: Are we raising hands?

quietheartedfsc: Our guests today are Jazzy, Alsike and Tamoline.

Alsike: Hi!

Liberty Stewart: hey

Tamoline: Hi

e_m_praetorian: @Gin: that is what mine is…mostly cameo.

quietheartedfsc: xv you have a question right off.

Xenavirgin: Course I do, heheh

quietheartedfsc: and yes, to raising hand.

jazwriter: Want me to tap, XV, while you type it?

jazwriter: *starts dance around the room*

Xenavirgin: What do you think the most bizarre crossover you’ve come across that worked. 

jazwriter: @XV, good question!

quietheartedfsc: very good question

shaych03: criminal minds and legend of the seeker.

Tamoline: Would you count transplanting the cast of a legal drama into a fantasy/world-travelling setting (Good wife into Amber)

Alsike: Um, my favorite ever is the Gilmore Girls/L&O SVU/Supernatural one.

grumpybear1031: @shay I loved that one

quietheartedfsc: oh, wow, that’s a stretch!

Xenavirgin: @ Shay,   

quietheartedfsc: My goal is to cross DWP with every fandom that takes my fancy

mandygirl78: I won’t call it much of a cross over, but a Yuri fan-comic I’m writing about knew Jo and Blair personally from the Facts of Life.

Xenavirgin: Go QH YAY!!!

alannasky: meow mew hi

Nikkeh: i love the mini Facts of Life/RENT crossover series

jazwriter: Of course there is DWP and STV from our own quiethearted

the_dhamphir: that was handled quite well

je-taime618: law and order: svu and once upon a time

quietheartedfsc: So which crossovers have you attempted and how easy was it for you?

Xenavirgin: Yeah and DWP Star Wars by um Punky and help I can’t remember.

quietheartedfsc: ty

mandygirl78: once and again and south of nowhere

Alsike: well, somehow Criminal Minds and X-Men were just made to work together.  I take no responsibility for that kismet.

Nikkeh: im so lame but glee and twilight

Alsike: lame!  (jk)

Gin Akasarahsmom: The Facts of Life gals fit into my DWP stories pretty easily..

Nikkeh: but the fic was so good….and discontinued

Tamoline: @QH My Good Wife/Amber one was surprisingly easy. Though I’ve gamed enough in the Amber verse that mutilating it to fit is pretty much second nature by now

the_dhamphir: I’ve no trouble crossing over x-files and csi miami

mandygirl78: I once read a very good Once and Again and DEBS crossfic. Too bad the writer discontinued it.

Alsike: (OMG. I kind of love all the hunger games fusions that have been going around.  lots of death, crazy drama.)

yurianimeotaku: I read a Cold Case/SVU that worked well.

Tamoline: I’ve started an Indexing/Once Upon a Time crossover, but that’s amazingly easy

jazwriter: @XV I thought that was Telanu’s In Motion

quietheartedfsc: that one has definitely become a trend, Alsike

shaych03: it was, of course, easy enough for me to cross the wes craven dracula movies with buffy and angel.

Tamoline: They’re very similiar universes, though Indexing is horror to OUaT’s fantasy

Xenavirgin: Thanks Jaz

Alsike: now I need to check that out

jazwriter: HP/DWP

Xenavirgin: i meant Telanu’s In Motion that inspired Punky’s Where there’s Smoke there’s Fire. )

quietheartedfsc: I have one of those in the works too, jaz. You started a trend. *G*

Alsike: I accidentally crossed OUAT and SPN at the end of one fic, and am considering actually continuing it and taking it seriously.

Liberty Stewart: @qh: My current fic has 10 franchises or so in it. But my muse can fluctuate drastically, so sometimes I find it hard to write it.

jazwriter: cool, QH

quietheartedfsc: xv, go ahead

jazwriter: I am in the middle of writing one where Miranda Priestly and Severus Snape are twins

quietheartedfsc: lmao. I can soooo see that.

Liberty Stewart: @qh: funny thing, not one of those 10 franchises are the usually suspect franchises.

jazwriter: lol


Xenavirgin: AU, what’s your definition. COmpletely different univere and backgrounds for the characters even different names. Or just off canon?

Liberty Stewart: @alsike: is that addressed to me?

Tamoline: @Alsike – thank you for asking.

Alsike: yeah, like what?

Xenavirgin: DOh! Universe even

Alsike: I asked before, but it must have been missed.

quietheartedfsc: Alsike, I’ll get it in a sec.

Tamoline: I was hoping that you’d get an answer that time too


quietheartedfsc: Let’s get XV’s question out of the way first and then I’ll get it

Liberty Stewart: @aslike: taken from my fic: Judge Dredd, Community, 90s Batman movies, 007 James Bond, Heroes, Star Wars EU and a few other surprises. Action fic needles to say.

Alsike: nice

Tamoline: @XV – I’d say AU is any significant variation from canon

quietheartedfsc: There ya go, Alsike

Gin Akasarahsmom: any story where the pairing is not canon, is technically AU

Alsike: I think that may be not true

je-taime618: i see most au as high school settings

Tamoline: So, frex, just different ages or different circumstances can work as AU for me

Nikkeh: lol unless its glee

je-taime618: in fanfiction at least

Xenavirgin: I’m sorry Gin but that definition means 98% of all fan fiction out there.

Alsike: ‘canon’ is a state of mind.

quietheartedfsc: Yuri you ahve a question.

Gin Akasarahsmom: Yes… exactly.. pretty  much all fanfic is AU

yurianimeotaku: Who has written a crossover between their fic and another writer’s fic?

Gin Akasarahsmom: it has to be.. by definition

Liberty Stewart: high school AUs are lame

Kithri: Most of the AU stories I’ve seen tend to focus around a ‘what if?’ question. Such as: what if these two characters were attracted to each other? What if the characters were superheroes? What if the story took place in the modern day? etc.

Alsike: only if you use that definition of AU

Tamoline: I’ve written a fanfic for one Alsike’s, if that counts. (It was also my first fanfic, so…)

Xenavirgin: Ahh Nice Question Yuri.   I’m working on a riff of one of Writtenswords works in DWP.

Gin Akasarahsmom: What other definition of “Alternate Universe” can there be?

quietheartedfsc: if anything I’ve come closest to some of Gin’s work, but never out and out.

Gin Akasarahsmom: My Xena stories were written with Wordwarrior’s “The Babysitter” as a background…

Alsike: I think if you maintain the continuity of the story, it’s still ‘canon compatible’ so it’s not AU

Xenavirgin: @ Gin, well for me AU, means when they characters are put into completely different worlds or times.

je-taime618: some high school au’s are okay, but most are lame

shaych03: oh goddess, wordee LOL loved her stuff.

Alsike: it depends on what the core of the universe is – whether a differing romance would derail it, or would be a perfectly valid possibility

quietheartedfsc: Nikkeh, you have a quetion.

Gin Akasarahsmom: that is an extreme example.. but Alternate is alternate.. and non-canon is alternate… no matter how small the change

Alsike: I use a modal theory of possible world.  Canon-compatible is possibility modals, AUs are weak-necessity modals.

Nikkeh: yeah

Tamoline: @Gin – that’s a defintion, but not neceaarily a useful one. I mean, it helps to distinguish between run of the mill fanfic and putting the characters in a different setting

Alsike: sorry – unnecessary nerding

jazwriter: I guess in my story Cerulean Dragon, it is alternate universe since Miranda and Andy are paired and Minerva and Hermione are paired…not one character paired with another from a different universe…

e_m_praetorian: no matter how many people trumpet the story or pairing…fanon would never be canon as such it is AU

Nikkeh: What is like your top crossover/AU that you would want to read

Gin Akasarahsmom: I did say ‘technically’

quietheartedfsc: Nikkeh, what was your question, or did it get answered?

quietheartedfsc: top crossover, or AU?

quietheartedfsc: THat takes a bit of thought

Xenavirgin: Hmmmmmmmmm

Nikkeh: like your perfect crossover or AU fic. that you want to read that doesnt exist

Alsike: mmm, I just want more AUs.  (real ones – where the background universe is different)  Long ones.

the_dhamphir: there are too many possiblities for me to come up with just one

Xenavirgin: I have so many fandoms that do AUs and Xovers it’s hard to pick.

Tamoline: Honestly, for me it would be more the author, and their ability to sell me on it

Xenavirgin: Ahhh nw that’s an interesting one Nikkeh.

quietheartedfsc: I think I would like to see HP and MAC dropped into Xena.

Alsike: honestly, the best thing about AU/Crossovers is the unexpected.  I want something totally out of left field, that’s written well enough to work.

Nikkeh: cause mine was actually written and i found it

jazwriter: LOL QH…good one

Xenavirgin: HOLY HEck QH.

Xenavirgin: lolol

quietheartedfsc: doesn’t mean you can’t post it anyway, Nikkeh.

quietheartedfsc: I know, it has a ring to it, right?

Nikkeh: lol im not a writer. i wish

Alsike: I’m also a sucker for Quantum Children.

Alsike: like – a total sucker.

Tamoline: Didi?

Liberty Stewart: At the moment I really want to see a LA Complex fic around Laura Knight for example.

quietheartedfsc: the ones Libery writes in teh most

Alsike: She’s mine – but I will read all sorts of kids from alternate timeline stories.

Alsike: Are you reading the Avengers one?

Tamoline: I… think I may have read one of those.

Tamoline: Some time back

quietheartedfsc: what fandoms do you all think of when you hear “usual suspects”?

Nikkeh: glee

Cherokee62: dwp

Nikkeh: that is all


Liberty Stewart: @Nikkeh: Basically the fandoms you so constantly popping up on Passion Perfect are the usual suspects – W13, OUAT, Lost Girl, R & I, etc.

Tamoline: (I have the bad habit of searching by f/f on AO3, hitting refresh every so often and reading anything that looks interesting)

Alsike: that’s how I found this one

Alsike: it’s got some Pepper/Natasha

Nikkeh: oh! ok. omg i love that fic

Tamoline: Oh, thanks. I’m not sure that I’ve read this.

Alsike: Quantum Children FTW

Nikkeh: @Liberty: ok that makes sense. so basically the big popular fandoms

mandygirl78: The reason why they are usual suspects is because they fit so where.

mandygirl78: i mean well

quietheartedfsc: Which do you prefer to write crossovers or AU?

Alsike: I like to write AUs of my crossovers.

mandygirl78: A slight edge over AU

Liberty Stewart: @QH: my xovers tend to have a fair amount of AU in them.

quietheartedfsc: Is there a crossover that you feel just would never work and if so, what?

Alsike: that’s a challenge, QH.

jazwriter: I think when the writer is good enough, he/she can sell any crossover

quietheartedfsc: That’s what I’m here for. *G*

Liberty Stewart: @QH: I think everything has the potential to work. Just have to be creative enough.

Xenavirgin: Personal belief only…Star Wars / Star Trek.  The fans would combust. lolol

Alsike: but it’s been done.

Tamoline: But that would be hilarious

Liberty Stewart: @XV: They should make a Star Wars/Trek crossover battle video game. Then the fans can have fun killing each other LOL.

quietheartedfsc: Can just see Janeway encountering the Force!

mandygirl78: SW/ST?  If it’s a parody, it would definitely work.

Nikkeh: lol do even realize how quickly it would be wrecked

quietheartedfsc: or better yet, Seven.

Xenavirgin: I Like it Liberty.

Nikkeh: if it was an MMO

Tamoline: X-men/Star Trek is technically canon, but possibly shouldn’t have been

Nikkeh: is it?

Alsike: sadly, yes.

Liberty Stewart: X-men/Star Trek happened twice. Batman/Judge Dredd happened numerous times.

Nikkeh: how? i dont really know antthing about the history of those

quietheartedfsc: And who had the brain hiccup that caused that?

Tamoline: The 90s

Nikkeh: i love the batman/JD ones tho

Alsike: It might have been a ‘merchendizing opportunity’

quietheartedfsc: It would have to be.

quietheartedfsc: Yuri, go ahead

yurianimeotaku: What’s the difference, if any, between “AU” & “Uber?”

Liberty Stewart: I’ve seen some funny reviews on X-men/Star Trek.

quietheartedfsc: Yuri, a much debated topic.

Xenavirgin: @ Yuri. For me, and from my experience I tend to associate uber only with Xena fics..

Nikkeh: oh! Yuri ive always wondered that too

Alsike: I think Uber has to have more internal coherence.  And someone played by Lucy Lawless.

Nikkeh: lol

Liberty Stewart: What is an “Uber”?

Alsike: Go here:  Scroll down.

quietheartedfsc: There has been so many dif answers to that, that I’ve come across that I no longer know. I just know that either way, I won’t be sitting on Voyager while Janeway chases 7

Liberty Stewart: oh, Uber seems to have more of a specific definition while AU is basically a retelling in any form.

Nikkeh: i think my favorite is the T:SCC Uber

Alsike: Oh!  This may be where my modal analysis actually works:  Ubers must be distinct from the original world.  AUs should be distinct from the original world.  Fic may be distinct from the original world.

Tamoline: I think it says something about me that I find that ridiculously cool, Alsike

Nikkeh: @quiethearted: what does the second half of that sentence mean?

Nikkeh: i think im gonna copy/paste that somewhere

quietheartedfsc: simply that the ‘verse will be different

yurianimeotaku: @Alsike So “Uber” really only applies to the Xenaverse.

Gin Akasarahsmom: Ubers don’t use the original characters names…. AU’s put the original characters in a different environment

Alsike: I’m glad my nerd cred it admired.

Gin Akasarahsmom: No… Uber applies to any fandom.. it was just started in the Xena one

Tamoline: I bow down before it

Nikkeh: me too

Alsike: I might even be able to write that in Kratzerian semantic notation.

Kithri: Of course, now I can’t help but see any blonde/brunette pairing as uber, whether or not it’s intended that way by the author.

Alsike: Only if the blond is shorter.

Kithri: If the blonde is taller, would that be AU-Uber?

Gin Akasarahsmom: no.. it would be a Voyager Uber… J/7

Alsike: or B/7

Gin Akasarahsmom: right

Gin Akasarahsmom: depending on the personality of the characters

Liberty Stewart: Are Ubers basically any story following a female duo that resembles Xena and Gaby set in a different environment?

Nikkeh: omnom B/7

Alsike: lots of short brunettes on that show

Alsike: Xena-Ubers are

Nikkeh: only because 7 is tall as shit

Gin Akasarahsmom: doesn’t have to be Xena/Gabrielle… the pairing depends on the characters personalities

Tamoline: Shit being well known for its ability to stand tall

Alsike: it is possible to write them for other fandoms – including my crossover fandom – which is where my current original novel project started.

Nikkeh: yup. dont you watch the discovery channel? XP

Tamoline: Not for its piles of shit

Alsike: 7 also has very good posture.

Nikkeh: but its the best part

Nikkeh: 7’s good posture is also awesome

Alsike: Also, 50 shades of grey – now an Uber?


Tamoline: And *so* many published lesbian romance stories

Nikkeh: is it?

Alsike: I think so.

Tamoline: Reskinned Twilight fanfic

Nikkeh: it is! its twilight uber

Tamoline: Famously so

Nikkeh: she made a lot of money tho

Kithri: Infamously so?

Tamoline: One of the two


Nikkeh: i think its both

Nikkeh: depends what side of the media your on

Nikkeh: you’re

the_dhamphir: I have this fear that 50 shades has hurt the credibility of fanfic and future professional writers for some reason.

Tamoline: I’d say it was a boost, in some way

Alsike: this assumes there was any credibility to begin with.

Nikkeh: oh it did

Tamoline: Business has seen that fanfi can make money

e_m_praetorian: @D: right there with you.

the_dhamphir: and also shown the worst side of fanfic

quietheartedfsc: I share that fear D

Liberty Stewart: @d: After Twilight, I don’t think the mainstream public takes any written work by or for females seriously.

Tamoline: It didn’t before

Tamoline: Seriously

Alsike: truth

Nikkeh: preach

quietheartedfsc: and yet another reason to dislike the whole thing

Alsike: Do you have a question, T?

the_dhamphir: agreed

Tamoline: Yeah – why do the rest of you write AUs and Crossovers?

e_m_praetorian: too true QH

Gin Akasarahsmom: there are weird ways that books sell… apparently being a terribly written book can make it a best seller…

Alsike: Why do you?

Tamoline: I mean, my first set of stories was a blatant ripoff of your universe

Alsike: I consider that to not be a crossover.

Xenavirgin: I got blackmailed into writing mine.

Alsike: I have just formed a cohesive universe that you fanficced.


jazwriter: I was asked to write it

Gin Akasarahsmom: the characters fit.. so I used them.. because I’m lazy and didn’t want to make up my own original characters..

jazwriter: I think…lol

Alsike: I know for me, I’m kind of obsessed with possible worlds.  It’s why fanfic, and then everything else.

the_dhamphir: I write crossovers because I like to pair Scully up. Scully/Reyes was never OTP for me because I stopped watching before Reyes came around. So to slash Scully it’s either crossovers over OFCs, and I’ve done both.

quietheartedfsc: I love the challenge of bringing two disparate things together.

Tamoline: And I’ve written a lot of Good Wife AUs and crossovers mainly because once I’ve written a serious story for a pairing once, I find it difficult writing them again

Tamoline: Unless I change up some of the dynamics.

Xenavirgin: My AU is also fun for me because it brings aspects of my real life into my fic.

Liberty Stewart: I write crossovers because I either like the idea of merging and blending various characters and elements together and/or I really like a franchise, but I feel it doesn’t have enough material by itself.

Tamoline: And AUs and crossovers are a great way of doing that for me

Alsike: Yeah you’ve got to keep mixing it up.

Xenavirgin: In other words it’s a chance for me to lecture on Egypt to my fanfic buddies.

Alsike: I think that’s why I stopped with the E2 verse, because I had written So Many versions, that it didn’t feel fresh anymore.

quietheartedfsc: and we both love and appreciate it, V

quietheartedfsc: XV

mandygirl78: I like crossovers and AU for the ‘what if’ element.

Xenavirgin: TY  QH. lol

Kithri: I write crossovers and AUs because I want to see particular characters interact, or react to different settings/situations than their canon allows.

quietheartedfsc: hehehe I’m finally getting that school stuff you promised me. *ulterior motive*

Xenavirgin: OY!! SO sorry, and mea culpa. :9


Kithri: And, yeah ‘what if?’ drives a lot of my writing.

quietheartedfsc: lol

Alsike: But right now, I write one story, and there are these three lines, totally one offs that are for the joke, and then I’m like, oh, but maybe… and there’s a new fic.

quietheartedfsc: I think “what if” is the beginning of every plot bunny

Xenavirgin: Is it their Nose or their tail QH?

Tamoline: @Alsike – Re: E2 There’s a fair amount of truth to your assertion that I did just fanfic your universe. Though I did actually watch Criminal Minds for research purposes and read up on X-men, just so I could try and provde my own spin.

quietheartedfsc: for ya’ll the nose, for me the tail. lol

quietheartedfsc: I always come at things by the backdoor.

Alsike: You may have watched more CM than me.

Tamoline: Don’t judge me

Alsike: I’m terrible at actually looking at the source material.  But x-men wikipedia is the best.


Alsike: hey, I would have watched CM if I could actually watch TV.  I just suck at watching TV.  All I do is read fic and fanfic other fics.

quietheartedfsc: And it’s time now for Hot Topics. Thank you all for being with us today. I’ll turn it over now to D.

Tamoline: Whenever I’m writing something, I *have* to look at the source materal. Generally specifically with an eye to dissecting it for fic purposes

jazwriter: the one piece of advice I have for anyone writing a crossover is to do your research so that the two universes mesh enough that a reader can believe it to some extent

the_dhamphir: Alright ladies, I’m Dhamphir, or D for short, and I’lll be hosting the Hot Topics Panel

Liberty Stewart: I never write something unless having a good idea what the source material is like. For example that crazy crossover of mine that has 10 franchises in it? Yeah I’ve seen all of them.

Alsike: I think sometimes the fandom zeitgeist is really different from the source material, and it’s more important for me to get that right than worry about the ‘creator’s vision’.

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