Hot Topics – Day Two

the_dhamphir: Alright ladies, I’m Dhamphir, or D for short, and I’lll be hosting the Hot Topics Panel

the_dhamphir: We’ve spent the last couple days talking about current and past fandoms

the_dhamphir: What do you think the next big fandom will be?

Gin Akasarahsmom: Orange is the New Black

fsc_ralst: Orange is the New Black

Whedonist: I second both of those

quietheartedfsc: yes agreed

the_dhamphir: lol, I knew you’d say that, Ralst

Xenavirgin: Beat me to it Ralst. lol

Nikkeh: OitNB

Whedonist: it’s a great great show

michelle_2011: hello dhamphir

Xenavirgin: Here in the Uk it might be Wentworth.

Alsike: I totally started watching OitNB right after the con ended last night.

the_dhamphir: Wentworth is also a good Women in prison show

Whedonist: I keep on hearing about Wentworth, I need to find it online…

fsc_ralst: Orphan Black and Wentworth are other contenders

the_dhamphir: wentworth is darker than Orange/Black

Liberty Stewart: It’s really hard to know these things without having an idea what sort of shows/movies are coming out in the future. Though 90% of the time, it’s a show.

fsc_ralst: Wentwoth is a darker Bad Girls

the_dhamphir: Forturnately for us, both Orange/Black and Wentworth have both renewed for a second season!

Whedonist: I’m a bad gay, I’ve not seen Bad Girls…

Nikkeh: YUS!

yurianimeotaku: @Gin Only if writers are able to watch the show.

Nikkeh: me neither its ok

fsc_ralst: @whedonist

mandygirl78: So Wentwoth is like Oz?

the_dhamphir: I didn’t have access to Bad Girls for a long time Whdonist

Liberty Stewart: I haven’t seen Bad Girls either. Prison shows don’t appeal to me.

the_dhamphir: I don’t know, Mandy, I haven’t seen Oz

fsc_ralst: I’m in England so Bad Girls was a must

Whedonist: I’ll have to hunt in down in my quest to backfill my series catching up…

quietheartedfsc: Love Bad Girls.

Nikkeh: how many seasons is it?

fsc_ralst: Erm seven or eight series

the_dhamphir: which show, Nikkeh?

mandygirl78: Bad Girls is still my favorite, even though season 8 sucks like hell.

Whedonist: I think the UK has better TV sometimes, you guys got Lip Service too

Xenavirgin: @ Ralst – Yeah it’s on our Rabid Lesbian Hordes must watch list.

fsc_ralst: and a musical (that was in the theatre but also available on DVD)

Nikkeh: Bad Girls

the_dhamphir: I still have to get the musical on dvd sometime

fsc_ralst: I managed to see it at the theatre and it was great. Got the dvd too

Nikkeh: is there a must watch list somewhere i can sheat from?

Nikkeh: *cheat

fsc_ralst: I think we all have our own, don’t we?

Xenavirgin:   Technically the must watch list should be anything and everything that has strong femal characters in it.

the_dhamphir: Did anyone notice the parallels between the main characters in Orange/Black and Wentworth?

mandygirl78: Saw it when I was visiting England in 2006.

the_dhamphir: Between Piper and Bea?

Xenavirgin: Um D,  as soon as I saw the info for Orange, I realised it was a rif on Prisoner Cell Block H/Wentworth and Bad Girls.

Liberty Stewart: Is there any canon femslash in Orange/Black and Wentworth or is it only subtext at the moment?

the_dhamphir: it canon

fsc_ralst: Not a rip off. Most prison dramas have recognisable elements, but it’s how they’re executed that makes all the dfference

docwho2100: Throwing in good British shows with potential, has anyone seen The Fall?

fsc_ralst: Oh canon baby

Liberty Stewart: Both?

fsc_ralst: I saw The Fall… stupid bloody ending

Whedonist: Nope, I’ve heard about it though…does it live up to the hype?

docwho2100: hehe

fsc_ralst: Yes

Xenavirgin: No I missed it Doc,

Whedonist: LOL, so the it gets the ralst stamp of approval?

Liberty Stewart: What is the Fall?

the_dhamphir: It stars Gillian Anderson…. of COURSE I saw it.

docwho2100: they are filming the second season

the_dhamphir: that woman gets hotter with age!

fsc_ralst: I was not overly impressed with The Fall but I did like seeing Gillian Anderson and Archie Panjabi in scenes together, not to mention the actress who played the young PC

docwho2100: I figured you would D  and I agree

Whedonist: Preach D.

Whedonist: Gillian Anderson could be on my screen more

the_dhamphir: whew

the_dhamphir: just got hot in here

fsc_ralst: @whedonist which?

Whedonist: *fand D*

quietheartedfsc: *fanning D*

Xenavirgin: LOLOL

Whedonist: Gillian Anderson, Archie, too…I haven’t caught much of The Good Wife

the_dhamphir: *drinking ice water*

michelle_2011: I could stand to hear some more about GA

the_dhamphir: GA… makes straight women gay and gay men straight… lol

Liberty Stewart: I never saw the appeal of Gillian Anderson. I probably enjoyed a cartoon character raved about Scully more then I actually enjoyed Scully.

the_dhamphir: and lesbians swoon

michelle_2011: She is an aquired taste

Whedonist: Scully was def. a chracter I crushed on…damn her

Whedonist: smart women are hot, hands down.

the_dhamphir: AMEN!

fsc_ralst: true

mandygirl78: GA is still hot.

docwho2100: I want to see more of the ME

michelle_2011: there you go

fsc_ralst: Cosima – Orphan Black – fills the smark woman = hot thing too

the_dhamphir: Scully defined Smart is Sexy

Cherokee62: Amen

michelle_2011: Yes she did

michelle_2011: I beleive Chris Carter wanted to cast a beautiful women with brains as Scully

fsc_ralst: The X-files was a long time ago, has anyone re-definited the smart, sexy woman since then?

Whedonist: I don’t think I know many women that are attracted to the hot, but not a lot going on, I know in characters, they need to have more than a pretty face for me to get.

the_dhamphir: dr hotpants, maybe

yurianimeotaku: Cosima is HAWT

Whedonist: Maura Isles…Emily Prentiss…DR Hotpants!, I can’t believe I blanked on Lauren

docwho2100: Myka?

Whedonist: Myka for sure, doc

the_dhamphir: Lauren Lewis

Cherokee62: yes to ALL the above

quietheartedfsc: HG

the_dhamphir: HG is just…. sex on a stick

fsc_ralst: Ah

quietheartedfsc: ain’t she just. *G*

the_dhamphir: lol

Whedonist: I miss Thirteen on house a lot, but Olivia Wilde is sexy at all times forever, so…

the_dhamphir: she can’t help but be, that just Jamie

quietheartedfsc: Yep, Jaime rockes it in all her roles.

Whedonist: Jamie was hot even as a raving psycotic on Dexter, did you all see it?

the_dhamphir: yep

quietheartedfsc: definitely worked it with Lucy Lawless in Spartacus

the_dhamphir: and as a alien on Defiance

the_dhamphir: *an

Whedonist: yes to Sthama

Whedonist: and those baths

fsc_ralst: Some actors just seem to bring that vibe to all their roles

the_dhamphir: she really seems to enjoy playing bi characters *G*

e_m_praetorian: So true, D

Liberty Stewart: Smart and sexy? Little seen show, but Autumn Reeser was a fan fave on a show called No Ordinary Family for playing this type of character.

quietheartedfsc: Bad Girl is her thing too.

Whedonist: What was it about, Liberty?

Whedonist: never heard of it

Liberty Stewart: No Ordinary Famiyl was a superhero show on ABC. Autumn played Julie Benz’s sidekick.

Gin Akasarahsmom: I loved that show… No Ordinary Family

Whedonist: oh, i remember that now, short lived if I recall, Chickliss was the dad, right?

the_dhamphir: yeah

Whedonist: I liked him in the Commish

the_dhamphir: So other than Orange/BLank and Wentworth, do you think there are any other new fandoms that may be ready to explode with fanfic?

Liberty Stewart: @Gin: It sucked the show ended right before Autumn and Chickless’s sidekick George were going to get superpowers. Though Autumn had superpowers temporarily.

Xenavirgin: Major Crimes?

fsc_ralst: Orphan Black

Gin Akasarahsmom: Under the Dome has potential… but I don’t really see anything else on the horizon.. nothing big I mean

fsc_ralst: I guess The Fosters isn’t the kind of show to get the fanfic treatment?

the_dhamphir: Orphan Black and Under the Dome have canon pairings. As does the Fosters.

fsc_ralst: Yes

the_dhamphir: Do you think canon pairings hurt or help fanfic?

Nikkeh: under the dome i dont think itll explode

quietheartedfsc: No really great matchs for Sharon in Major Crimes. The Closer had more potential

Whedonist: I was thinking about the Fosters…but I don’t think it’ll be fic’d much

Xenavirgin: @Ralst I’m not sure, haven’t watched it yet. But the L Word had fanfic so i suppose it might.

Whedonist: I think canon hurts more than it helps…

Xenavirgin: @ QH, I’d love to see her tame the snotty new DDA. heheheh

Liberty Stewart: @Gin: BTW I always had a fic idea where that pairs Autumn from NOF and Glory from Buffy.

fsc_ralst: Depends on the pairings. I can see Orange/Black, Orphan Black, Wentworth doing well with the canon pairings, but not so much The Fosters

Whedonist: What, do you think, D??

quietheartedfsc: Yes, definitely hurts, no need to fix what ain’t broke, which drives fanfiction.

Liberty Stewart: @D: Canon pairings seems to hurt fanfic for some reason.

the_dhamphir: For the most part, I think canon pairing hurt.

the_dhamphir: though there do seem to be exceptions

quietheartedfsc: XV, yeah, the DA does have a bit of potential. lol Whips and chains time on that one.

the_dhamphir: like Grey’s Anatomy

the_dhamphir: and Lost Girl

quietheartedfsc: GL

Liberty Stewart: @D: Majority of femslash revolves around straight characters which speaks for itself.

fsc_ralst: But a lot of the current canon pairings are broke, so you still need to fix them. Like the fic explosion during the Bad Grls early years

the_dhamphir: Oh yes, there was a lot of GL fic.

the_dhamphir: is a lot

the_dhamphir: the Fosters are a cool couple, but they don’t need fixing

Whedonist: ABCFamily has done some solid work with their lesbian characters

the_dhamphir: and personally, I’m not into kid fic, and that show focuses on their kids a lot

fsc_ralst: Broken canon is good for fanfic but happy canon is not

Whedonist: Emily Fields on PLL has been a game changer to the younger audience

the_dhamphir: it’s great to see that representation in that age group

the_dhamphir: and to see her fully accepted by her friends

Xenavirgin: I’m afraid I must be off kidlets.  I really want to work on my net chapter of Lord of the Nile before bed.

Whedonist: I know I didn’t have that type of representation growing up…I watch with my niece and her and her friends are all much more accepting, which is cool to see

fsc_ralst: Night XV

the_dhamphir: I rememeber being that age, and someone wrote so and so was a homo on the chaulkboard. most of us shrug and had to ask what it meant!

Xenavirgin: Ralst, QH, AJ, D and all you lovely Minions and Mistresses. You are TOTAL AWESOME SAUCE!!!

the_dhamphir: night xv

quietheartedfsc: *hurrying XV out the door* Bye, been fun, get to work

Whedonist: have a good night XV

Xenavirgin: Yes QH, off to Nubia and Lurid wet dreams for a certain female Pharaoh… bwahahahahah

quietheartedfsc: heheheh Need my fix.

Whedonist: Did any of you see the graph that charted the correlation between lgbtq representation on tv and lgbtq acceptance and the stance on marriage equality?

the_dhamphir: so yeah, the change in openness and acceptance is really nice to see

the_dhamphir: no

fsc_ralst: no

Nikkeh: nope


Whedonist: it’s pretty interesting to look at

Whedonist: the article’s pretty good to read too =D

fsc_ralst: So I’m guessing better representation equals better acceptance?

Whedonist: It’s the exposure, and the ability for people to identify with the character

Whedonist: I’ve had conversations with people that have only had exposure to the LGBtQ community through a chracter they’ve seen on tv which is silly, I’m sure they know someone it’s just that someone is in the closet

Liberty Stewart: going back on canon, anyone writes canon gay/bi characters who have little to no one? This can actually qualify as broken canon in a way.

Whedonist: What do you mean Liberty?

fsc_ralst: @Liberty do you mean write for single gay/bi characters?

Liberty Stewart: I mean write pairings (often crossover) involving characters who don’t really have anyone to ship them with in their source material.

Whedonist: usually, I don’t crossover, if there’s a character that needs a pairing, I’ll probably create one.

fsc_ralst: I don’t tend to write crossovers but I’ve definitely felt the urge to pair characters who don’t have anyone in their own fandom

yurianimeotaku: @Liberty Like Lilly Rush?

fsc_ralst: Creating original characters can be tricky but sometimes it’s the only way

the_dhamphir: but Lilly wasn’t canonically gay/bi that we know of

Liberty Stewart: @yuri: Lily Rush is straight isn’t she?

yurianimeotaku: @Liberty The woman wore boxer shorts, so I kept wondering.

the_dhamphir: lol

fsc_ralst: lol

e_m_praetorian: lol

quietheartedfsc: Yeah, don’t find those at Victoria’s

yurianimeotaku: @QH True

Whedonist: I’ve never met a straight woman who wore boxer shorts….I’m sure they exist…but….

the_dhamphir: she was only shown to date men on the show. but does that automatically mean she’s canonically straight?

Gin Akasarahsmom: I wear boxers…

Gin Akasarahsmom: oh.. wait…

the_dhamphir: I do get tired of the default orientation of straight unless otherwise stated outright

Gin Akasarahsmom: LOL… I’m pretty straight.. married to a guy and all.

fsc_ralst: My mind is blanking on gay/bi characters without potential in-fandom pairings, I know they’re out there but I can’t think of any

quietheartedfsc: *biting my tongue at gin*

e_m_praetorian: right there with you D

Gin Akasarahsmom: I’m sorta straight!!

the_dhamphir: *snickering* at gin

Gin Akasarahsmom: kinda…

Gin Akasarahsmom: really

quietheartedfsc: sorta being the optimal word

Liberty Stewart: For example there’s an bi character from the show the LA Complex who doesn’t really have any other woman to pair her with since she started going at it with a straight woman.

quietheartedfsc: best you’ll get from me is male leaning bi, gin

yurianimeotaku: @QH LOL

Gin Akasarahsmom: LOL…

the_dhamphir: considering you’ve said you’d consider a female partner if anything ever happened to your husband, yeah, i’d agree with QH

quietheartedfsc: I read your work, remember?

the_dhamphir: that too!

the_dhamphir: lol

Cherokee62: @Gin…well that answers a LOT of questions I never wanted to ask…lol

quietheartedfsc: HL just got to her first

fsc_ralst: Would you rather a writer make up an original character, to pair with a lonely gay/bi character, or involve them in a crossover?

Liberty Stewart: @D: Funny thing another character I had mind was a character who wasn’t outright stated as gay, but everything about her shows no signs of being straight.

quietheartedfsc: ralst, either works, just depends on whether you want to deal with the extra fandom dynamics

Liberty Stewart: @ralst: crossover or fall under the trap of writing a Mary Sue.

e_m_praetorian: I would like an OC if the character was well written

the_dhamphir: not every OC is a Mary Sue. I’m sick of that fallacy as well.

fsc_ralst: Not all originals are Mary Sues, if written correctly

Nikkeh: ditto

e_m_praetorian: true that D

Whedonist: Depends on the character and what I want out of them, sometimes I need the character to grow a certain way and the best way is to crossover with a character they will do that with.

Whedonist: I’ve toyed with an Alex Cabot/Willow Rosenberg pairing a few times…it’s always interesting the places they go in my head.

fsc_ralst: I think if writing an original character into a fandom I’d want someone else to read it and tell me if I’m Mary Sueing, just to be safe

the_dhamphir: that’s what a good beta can do for you

the_dhamphir: or even just a friend

fsc_ralst: Yeah. I think you need that.

quietheartedfsc: My friends would tell me in a heartbeat. None of them tolerate MSs

the_dhamphir: I’m SO thankful I’ve got one of the BEST betas out there as my primary. And I’ve fantastic secondary betas as well.

Liberty Stewart: Question about Mary Sues, can a character qualify as one if they’re the villain of the story?

fsc_ralst: Mos writers aren’t that lucky

yurianimeotaku: @Liberty How about “straight” female characters that the writers never paired with a man…ever.

Liberty Stewart: @yuri: who would be an example?

the_dhamphir: @ ralst. I know. I’m very lucky and very thankful

quietheartedfsc: same here

yurianimeotaku: @Liberty I’ve been trying to think of one.

Whedonist: i heard rumblings about a beta reader list going up after the con, Ralst, can you confirm or deny? I’m in need of a good one…

the_dhamphir: aj said you and she were going to work on up dating a beta list, ralst

fsc_ralst: I wasn’t on the Beta panel but I know it’s something we’d dicussed, so I’m gonna say probably

fsc_ralst: Oh, in that case, yes I am

Whedonist: LOL, good to be looped in?

Liberty Stewart: @ralst: you can’t think of any bi/gay characters who don’t have anyone to pair them with? I can think of 3 at the moment. Or at least not breaking major canon in the process.

fsc_ralst: I’ve got two beta lists already, one on the archive and one on the lj comm

quietheartedfsc: She’s just the leader. The minions scurry about and update when they think about it. lol

fsc_ralst: @Liberty who are they?

yurianimeotaku: @Liberty It seems every single character I think of gets married off, either right before the series ends or the character leaves the show.

e_m_praetorian: married off or killed off

fsc_ralst: did I crash again or have we slowed down?

the_dhamphir: your still here

the_dhamphir: you’re

fsc_ralst: That’s a relief

quietheartedfsc: slo-mo replay

fsc_ralst: Anyone planning to tackle a new fandom in the coming weeks/months?

Liberty Stewart: @ralst: Laura Knight from LA Complex (canon bi), a character Joanna Garcia played named corrine in a abc family supernatural movie called initiation of sarah. Joanne wasn’t outright staighted, but showed no signs of being attracted to men, charmed women and kiss a women.

michelle_2011: thanks for the panels and everything femslash

quietheartedfsc: *raising hand*

Liberty Stewart: outright stated*

the_dhamphir: yes, qh?

fsc_ralst: Not seen eiher of those

quietheartedfsc: was respondng to ralst’s question

Liberty Stewart: Judge Cassie Anderson from Dredd is canonically ambiguously gay too.

fsc_ralst: What fandom, Q?

fsc_ralst: Was she the empath from the movie? Isn’t Judge Dredd gay?

quietheartedfsc: BG, PP and O/B

fsc_ralst: You’re trying to kill me with acronyms, aren’t you? I know the last but what are the other two?

the_dhamphir: bomb girls

Liberty Stewart: @ralst- Yup she’s the empath. Both are ambiguously gay according the creators.

quietheartedfsc: Bomb Girls, Pitch Perfect and Orange is the New Black

the_dhamphir: ah, PP is the one i didn’t know… lol

Whedonist: ah! I was struggling with the PP

Gin Akasarahsmom: OITNB… live it.. learn it… use it

fsc_ralst: Gotcha. What pairings?

alannasky: hi and thanks everyone for this and panelts and helpers and etc…im sad that i could have only attended for a short time on this panel and others today due to circumstances…but no matter i enjoy each moment and i thanks you guys for it

Whedonist: The dogs need to take me for a walk ladies and I need to go, thanks to you all for a wonderful con!

yurianimeotaku: Thank you everyone who gave their time to put on another GREAT Femslashcon.

fsc_ralst: @alannasky I’m glad you enjoyed what you did manage to get to

quietheartedfsc: McWitham, Becca/Chloe and Chapman/Vauss

fsc_ralst: Thank you to everyone for taking part

Liberty Stewart: @ralst: Dredd’s original creator was a creative adviser for the new movie and word has it there was a mouth to mouth scene between Dredd and Anderson near the end of the film in the script, and the creator opposed to the scene cause he didn’t want there to be any romantic subtext between to two.

fsc_ralst: Yes, McWitham! They’re hard to find. Also, Chapman/Vause

Liberty Stewart: @ralst: Dredd creator is faithful to their ambiguously gay protagonist. So that’s a plus.

fsc_ralst: @Liberty good call. It would have been out of place

the_dhamphir: Thanks to everyone for attending the Hot Topics panel.


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