Hot Topics – Day One

fsc_ralst: And now we segue into Hot Topics…

ariestess: All right, so the general topic for today’s Hot Topic is FemSlashCon itself.

ariestess: What do you like about it, what do you want to see happen, etc?

ariestess: Do you think there are specific panels we should or shouldn’t have?  Not fandom specific, necessarily.

Xenavirgin: Longer DWP panel please. lolol

Xenavirgin: Ralst and her Minions are da bob!!!

Xenavirgin: oops Da Bomb.

minarobins: I missed the DWP panel T^T

mandygirl78: A panel for Yuri I think.

Xenavirgin: It was ermmm fun

fsc_ralst: Can we have it plan itself next year?

Gin Akasarahsmom: transcripts will be posted

ariestess: LOL @ Ralst!

Xenavirgin: AHh blesss Ralst.

minarobins: I have so many feels that need to be shared at the DWP panel

minarobins: hear hear

Liberty Stewart: I never really understand how did DWP became such a popular femslash film.

minarobins: RAsLt

Xenavirgin: Feel me later Mina. lol

ariestess: lib: I agree.

mandygirl78: neither do i liberty

Gin Akasarahsmom: it’s a great pairing!

Xenavirgin: @ Linberty because Miranda Priestly is God!!!!!!

Gin Akasarahsmom: it’s the older/younger thing…

yurianimeotaku: Mirandy rocks!

minarobins: asdfjkl;. You invited this on yourself Xena

Xenavirgin: Bring it.

fsc_ralst: We need a ‘what’s on the horizon’ panel next year, to look at new fandoms that are just emerging

minarobins: Always the older/younger.

Shatterpath: I’m with Liberty on this one

Xenavirgin: Oooo that’s a really interesting idea Ralst.

minarobins: There’s Orphan Black

ariestess: Okay, guys, let’s not diverge off into a DWP discussion.  That’s not what this panel’s about.

minarobins: My apologies

the_girl_20: Funny, ralst, I was just gonna suggest a ‘nostalgia’ panel, where we look back at fandoms past

raiderL: DWP allows you to explore all kinds of interesting and juicy power dynamics!

minarobins: i would immensely enjoy a nostalgia panel

Gin Akasarahsmom: a nostalgia thing would be cool

raiderL: That’s all I’ll say!

mandygirl78: i second a nostalgia panel

fsc_ralst: Orphan Black, Oranges is the New Black, Wentworth… we should have had a panel for those types of shows this year

yurianimeotaku: @the_girl How about both? Past and Future?

Xenavirgin: Bringing in from the Web series panel, Do you think Orange is the New black will be the next big fandom?

ariestess: That wasn’t aimed at anyone specifically.  Just that there was a panel for DWP already.  And I believe we’ve had a panel for it at every con, so that’s different.

minarobins: I still haven’t entered into the Orange is the New Black fandom since I heard the horizon holds heart break

minarobins: (Ariestess: No I know. I’m just apologizing is all)

Liberty Stewart: I’m glad there’s a small fandom section because I think a lot of good things get overlooked.

Gin Akasarahsmom: OITNB doesn’t really seem like a “web series” to me…

fsc_ralst: Nostalgia, yes (cough Mis)

Gin Akasarahsmom: web series to me are 15 minute bits on YouTube

the_girl_20: MiS. My thoughts exactly

Mapsnika: it is good should check it out

yurianimeotaku: @ariestess This is my third con. I really liked the voting for your favorite fandoms held before this one.

Gin Akasarahsmom: OITNB is AWESOME

mandygirl78: As I said earlier, I think a yuri (lesbian anime/manga) should be a consideration. And small fandom could be extended to two hours.

ariestess: @yuri: we do that each year to determine which fandoms are represented by panels.

fsc_ralst: Orange is the New Black is a TV series made for the web, really, but it’s fantastic and should be HUGE!

Xenavirgin: Mandy there’s lesbian Anime??? I’d heard about the lads but not girls.

yurianimeotaku: @ariestess I only saw this year’s.

ariestess: The six with the highest votes get 2 hr panels, the next 12 get an hour panel.

minarobins: I’m so glad that there was a Voyager one present

ariestess: Ralst will correct me if I’m wrong on that.

minarobins: And then I missed it

yurianimeotaku: @XV Yes. There is a HUGE fandom for Yuri.

mandygirl78: There are a few. Yuri – lesbian anime. Yaoi – gay anime.

Xenavirgin: Cool

fsc_ralst: Nope, that’s right… vote counting

mandygirl78: There are more yuri anime than yaoi anime, but there are more yaoi manga (comic) than yuri manga

quietheartedfsc: xv, I has links.

minarobins: Yaoi just has a much larger fanbase than yuri

Liberty Stewart: Many of my favourite lesbian scenes and gay/bi characters at the moment are from franchises that don’t even have a fandom (or barely).

mandygirl78: just like slash has a bigger fanbase than femslash

Xenavirgin: Ralst, if you could get the panelists, to help could we maybe do a repeat of say the top three fandoms voted for, on the second day?

fsc_ralst: I think we had anime one year – maybe two years ago? I could be wrong

ariestess: So going back to the DWP comment, if you want a longer panel, it has to get enough votes to be in the top 6 for next year.

yurianimeotaku: @ralst I think it was two years ago.

Liberty Stewart: @mandy: Many fic writers are straight girls, so that should be expected.

mandygirl78: exactly

fsc_ralst: XV – that would screw with the second day’s schedule but we could look at repeat options

fsc_ralst: Question: do you like the two day/weekend con or would you prefer a single day, maybe two Saturdays or Sundays in a row?

Xenavirgin: What I mean is, I might not have been able to make tonight at all if the Bar Mitzvah we did today had their party in the evening. So I’d have missed out. But if there was even one of the panels I wanted on the second day repeated, that would be great.

mandygirl78: I think we have a hard time fitting things in with two days

Xenavirgin: I think the 2 day was a stroke of genius Ralst.

mandygirl78: So one day would be even worse

yurianimeotaku: @ralst I like the entire weekend setup. It allows me to take off from work better.

fsc_ralst: And the three panels? Does that work or would you rather see two panels open longer?

mandygirl78: artist – And that’s the problem. If what we vote didn’t get to be the top six, then what are the other options?

ariestess: We did a one day con the first year. I don’t ever want to do that again.

fsc_ralst: It was a test drive and done at very short notice… it was phenominal

Xenavirgin: Well I think the Genre hours tomorrow morning may pick up if things have been missed out because of lack of vote,.

wolvie_dk: What about starting on friday?

wolvie_dk: Hi everyone, btw

Xenavirgin: Well, personally Friday is out for me, but if it works for folk, more power to it.

ariestess: Mandy: I’m not sure I understand what you mean.

mandygirl78: You said that only the top six gets longer panel, right?

fsc_ralst: Then the next twelve have hour panels

Liberty Stewart: There is a big 8-9 hr break in between panels, maybe we can expand the middle panels more?

fsc_ralst: So what I’m getting is MORE PANELS? *g*

Xenavirgin: Or have a free chat room left open for people to Chill in and bring all the different panels together?

ariestess: mandy: That’s right. It’s a matter of pimping out the voting poll to people in the fandom you want.  IF it’s one of those top 18 panels, then you need to help us find panelists.

psychotic-cat17: How do you guys choose panelists?

fsc_ralst: Recommendations and begging

ariestess: Pretty much what Ralst just said.

fsc_ralst: Finding panellists is by far the hardest part of organising the Con

Xenavirgin: Lots of begging I guess.

mandygirl78: Well what I voted did not make it to the top 6, or 18, but I want to talk about it, or I want to discuss it more than the allocated time slot, then where else can I, or anyone else, talk about it?

ariestess: LOTS of begging.

fsc_ralst: and head against wall banging

wolvie_dk: What are the requirements for panellists?

Liberty Stewart: I think I might have been the original panelist for the crossover and AU panels the first year.

Liberty Stewart: @wolvie: anyone willing to host the panel basically.

fsc_ralst: Knowledgeable about the fandom in question and interested and able to talk about it

ariestess: Mandy: if it fits into another category, like small/rare fandoms, which we usually do each year, that works.

taraetoo: Well then….THANKS for all the begging, because I enjoy reading all of their/your input very much!

ariestess: Or if there are other “non-fandom” categories where it fits, that works.  Plus, we have general chat sessions each day of the con, usually in this room [I think] after all the panels are over.

mandygirl78: Then I think there should be like a 4th room, like if we go past the time, then we can take it to another room to discuss about it.

fsc_ralst: We’ve been lucky where some fandoms, like Pitch Perfect, where I’ve approached someone and they’ve said ‘I’m not really involved in that fandom, but try so-and-so’ and that’s lead to a handful of very knowledgeable panellists. Recommendations are king.

mandygirl78: I don’t see a general room right now in the schedule.

Xenavirgin: That’s an interesting idea Mandy.

the_girl_20: Glad you got peeps for Pitch Perfect, ralst.

Liberty Stewart: @mandy: I think general room is now replaced with open room.

fsc_ralst: It turned into one of my favorite panels very quickly, those guys are so nice and helpful!

the_girl_20: I knew they would be

yurianimeotaku: @ralst I found one Perfect Pitch fic on P&P, so how did it get a panel this year?

ariestess: @yuri: It was voted on.  Inclusion of stories on P&P or any other website aren’t indicative of what’s in the con.

fsc_ralst: The fandom vote isn’t based on P&P stories, it’s open to all

mandygirl78: @libert – yeah, but that’s room 2, and that won’t be until 1:00 AM Eastern time.

the_girl_20: There are 600 PP fics on AO3.

yurianimeotaku: @the_girl Really?

the_girl_20: Yep, huuuuge fanbase.

yurianimeotaku: My gf just turned me on to the PP fandom.

Liberty Stewart: @mandy: 10pm for me. So good timing.

fsc_ralst: Bottom line, not ever fandom will be represented, as we don’t have infinite amounts of time. So if you want your fandom of choice to be among those chosen you have to put in the work and help get people involved.

yurianimeotaku: I think it’s payback for me turning her onto the Mass Effect fandom.

wolvie_dk: Last year we just continued talking about everything and anything after the official fandoms/rooms ended

mandygirl78: What I’m trying to say is that there’s no open room right now.

quietheartedfsc: I generally stay until the night panels and keep one room open for general chatting.

fsc_ralst: I only watched Pitch Perfect a couple of days ago, in preparation

Liberty Stewart: @ralst: Maybe I should try and get more people to vote for a 2hr small fandoms next year. The overlooked fandoms can get more discussion time.

grumpybear1031: Mass Effect femslash?  Where?

yurianimeotaku: @QH THANK YOU for doing that the past two years I have been attending. I had a GREAT time.

yurianimeotaku: P&P

fsc_ralst: @Liberty votes and panellists. I love small fandoms, personally, so I’d be in favour

yurianimeotaku: @grumpybear P&P

ariestess: @Lib: Small fandoms isn’t actually a votable panel.  That’s considered part of the “non-specific” panels.

grumpybear1031: really? I missed that

ariestess: Unless I’m misremembering, and Ralst can correct me there, too.

quietheartedfsc: ty, yuri

fsc_ralst: But sizeable votes for small fandoms add up

yurianimeotaku: @grumpybear FFN as well, but most of the stuff there kinda…bites.

ariestess: OH, that’s true…

Liberty Stewart: @ariestess: Then let’s make that it’s own category next year as it is an official panel.

fsc_ralst: most small fandoms got one or two votes but if they were all getting twenty or thirty and there was a pattern that could be enough for a small fandom panel. It would depend on the figures

grumpybear1031: will have to check it out

yurianimeotaku: It would be nice to have a two hour “Small Fandom” room.

fsc_ralst: What about craft panels. Anything you’d like to see there? (the non-fandom panels)

ariestess: We’ve done small fandom at least twice in the past, because I hosted them.  some panels get rotated out for a year to give it a rest.  I know we did that for the beta panel, too.

mandygirl78: ditto on 2-hour small fandom room.

yurianimeotaku: @grumpybear I just read a really steamy Miranda/Jack fic on P&P.

grumpybear1031: Cool I’ll take a look this week

yurianimeotaku: “Teambuilding” by Eldritch Sandwich

mandygirl78: @ariest: I don’t think the two subjects could ever be tiring, especially beta…

ariestess: Well, we can definitely put small fandoms on the books to consider for next year.

Liberty Stewart: We do have a 3 hr open room later on, could do some small fandom discussion there too.

fsc_ralst: We also have the option of mini-cons – we did a couple last year – to either add to what’s done at FemSlashCon or provide time for subjects we didn’t get to cover

ariestess: @mandy: I don’t either. I hosted both each time they were done, but we don’t want all the panels to be identical each year.

yurianimeotaku: @ralst Like the Warehouse 13 one?

ariestess: I’d actually like to do more with the mini-cons.

mandygirl78: true ariest

fsc_ralst: Yes

fsc_ralst: Ideally, I’d like to do a mini-con a month

yurianimeotaku: @ariestess How about a Yuri mini-con?

mandygirl78: yeah!

fsc_ralst: Maybe swap out who’s in charge each time so the workload gets spread around

yurianimeotaku: @mandy HI! <waving frantically>

mandygirl78: HI

ariestess: @yuri: I don’t have an issue with that, but I have absolutely NO knowledge of it, so we’d need experts.

mandygirl78: will PM you

fsc_ralst: It also means we can time things to coincide with events, such as having the w13 mini-con after the new season (and resolution of the cliffhanger) happened

mandygirl78: Well you got yuri ariest

yurianimeotaku: Yep. Just tell me what I need to do and how to do it…LOL

fsc_ralst: I’m pushing for a Murder in Suburbia mini-con

Liberty Stewart: I like the idea of a monthly minicon. Don’t have to wait a year to discuss things.

quietheartedfsc: <— knows yuri.

mandygirl78: a minicon would be wonderful!

fsc_ralst: The secret to ensuring monthly minicons is volunteers with subject specific knowledge

yurianimeotaku: @QH So…when can I expect to read some Yuri fanfiction of yours?

Liberty Stewart: Maybe we should have a voting page for which topics we want in the monthly mini cons similar with what we did for this con.

ariestess: It really does boil down to people stepping up to help out.

wolvie_dk: @ralst second that. will give me a reason to watch the DVDs again (as if I needed a reason)

yurianimeotaku: @Liberty Agree.

Liberty Stewart: Let the voting page have a comments section for people willing to be panelist. There’s certain categories I’ll be more than happy to help host.

the_girl_20: Bit behind but totally in favour of an MiS mini-con. And willing to be involved in whatever capacity.

ariestess: It’s more a matter of having panelists than hosts.  I’ve stepped up to host for panels where I don’t know the subject matter, but got a crash course and had really good panelists.

yurianimeotaku: My gf would love to see min-cons for Mass Effect and Defiance. Sadly, I have become a Defiance widow.

Gin Akasarahsmom: if it’s more informal.. the people attending can all chat and it becomes great… if no one talks… you’re in trouble

ariestess: I’ve a feeling Defiance might be a contender for next year’s con.

grumpybear1031: Luckily I have no one to widow,

Liberty Stewart: @ariestess: Assuming Mia Kirshner’s character is still alive.

fsc_ralst: We will accept suggestions for minicons but I don’t see voting working or we’d just end up with a repeat of the two hour panels as those are what attract votes. We want to give more time to fandoms that didn’t get the lion’s share this time around as well

Gin Akasarahsmom: I watched two episodes of Defiance and decided it wasn’t for me.. now if Mia’s character leaves.. I might give it another chance

Gin Akasarahsmom: probably not though

Liberty Stewart: @Gin: Mia and Jamie Murray’s characters became secret lovers.

Gin Akasarahsmom: it was too hokey for my taste…

ariestess: @lib: I don’t watch the show, so no clue…

yurianimeotaku: @ralst How about asking for Suggestions instead of voting for ones listed?

Gin Akasarahsmom: don’t care… I hate Mia’s characters

Gin Akasarahsmom: it’s just another reason not to watch…

Gin Akasarahsmom: lol

Gin Akasarahsmom: the whole show was too hokey for me…

fsc_ralst: @yuri yep, suggestions

mandygirl78: And how about an open room that’s open for the entire two-days?

fsc_ralst: We don’t have the volunteers necessary for that

ariestess: @yuri: If it’s only suggestions, there may not be a clear consensus.

Gin Akasarahsmom: mini con with no real topic?

Liberty Stewart: @ralst: I support the whole give the overlooked fandoms some room time idea.

fsc_ralst: A general – walk about what the heck you want – minicon

fsc_ralst: talk not walk… that wouldn’t work

Gin Akasarahsmom: lol

yurianimeotaku: @ariestess From the suggestions, take out the known big fandoms and you’ll have a list of the smaller ones.

Liberty Stewart: Where would we even discuss what to put in the minicon? Would there be a special forum or post we reply too?

fsc_ralst: All suggestions would be looked at individually.

yurianimeotaku: @ralst Once you get the list of the lesser known fandoms, then you can find out who among the minons can be a panelist.

ariestess: @yuri: All written in suggestions would require more manpower to go through and tabulate.  And I know we get a lot of votes.  Ralst would have a better idea of the exact numbers.

fsc_ralst: So I take it that in general people are in favour of the minicon idea?

psychotic-cat17: My suggestions would be that if you want to see a particular small fandom panel, don’t just say you want to see one, but suggest panelists that could be invited to participate if someone were willing to host.

yurianimeotaku: @ralst I think it’s a great idea and perhaps it might even take some of the pressure off Femslashcon to cover EVERYTHING.

Liberty Stewart: @ralst: I am at least.

mandygirl78: psychotic-cat17 is right.

the_girl_20: Definitely in favour of minicons.

mandygirl78: And i think minicons can bring more socializing elements for all of us.

ariestess: Psychotic-cat17 is right. At the risk of potentially sounding snarkier than I intend, it really boils down to PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS.

fsc_ralst: Great. I shall put up a post on the idf site next week asking for suggestions and, as psychotic-cat pointed out, if you can give suggestions of panellists or other helpful notes that would go a long way to getting that minicon greenlit

yurianimeotaku: @psychotic-cat17 Those of us that are not minons need to know where to find this information.

ariestess: Suggestions are lovely. But without volunteers to back it up, the planning committee is small and can only do so much.

psychotic-cat17: I agree. I myself don’t know, but if I were that adamant about something, I’d look into it.

Liberty Stewart: @ariestess: show me where to respond to in regards to minicon suggestions, and i’ll be there.

mandygirl78: or become a panelist itself.

yurianimeotaku: @Liberty Me too

ariestess: @lib: As soon as we have a post up, we’ll announce it everywhere.

fsc_ralst: As I said above, I shall be posted to the idf site asking for suggestions next week

yurianimeotaku: I was chatting with XV about Takarazuka and told her there is fanfiction for this as well.

ariestess: Also, any and all suggestions can be sent to the IDF site email address.  One of us on the committee will see it and respond to it.

fsc_ralst: So, any other – non-fandom specific – suggestions or questions?

yurianimeotaku: This fandom would fall under Stage, along with Wicked.

yurianimeotaku: Is there a more “mobile friendly” site for panelists who are logging in from their smartphones and tablets?

ariestess: All right, with five minutes left in this Hot Topics panel, are there any further suggestions that are NON-FANDOM SPECIFIC?  Or any questions?

fsc_ralst: Not that we know of but if you find one we’d love to know

ariestess: @yuri: As far as I know, this is the first year that there’s been a mobile option, so that is absolutely new territory for us.  We’re certainly looking for people using it to help us update our training materials.

yurianimeotaku: @ralst If I find one, I will definitely let IDF know.

michelle_2011: thank you for the panel

ariestess: We do appreciate all of the suggestions and will certainly put them in the list of things to discuss toward next year’s con, as well as any suggestions that come from the post going up in the next week on the IDF site.

ariestess: Thank you all for participating. 



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