Creating Audio-fics

fsc_ralst: Could our panellists please change their text to red and introduce themselves?

minarobins: Greetings, I’m MinaRobins :3

Mapsnika: Hello this is Mapsnika or Maps

LZClotho: audio-fics!

minarobins: Yes!

fsc_ralst: Both mina and maps have new audio-fics for IDF  on P&P

mandygirl78: since this is about audio fic, shouldn’t this room have audio? LOL!

minarobins: All of four, all of four Wkgreen’s time loop

Mapsnika: I am still editng a few more

fsc_ralst: Nah, they need to save their voices for the fics

fsc_ralst: So, honestly, how much of a pain are audio-fics to create?

minarobins: Are we doing more updates in two weks?

minarobins: A whole lot of agonizing pain

minarobins: O_o

minarobins: I was not expecting it to be this difficult at all

minarobins: Or perhaps I’m just a little challenged

fsc_ralst: I’ll add more as soon as I have more

minarobins: Oh we can just keep adding more

minarobins: Cause then I’ll just try to complete all of WKgreens items

fsc_ralst: Yes, slowly build up an audio-fic library

minarobins: I may have to redo the timeloop 50

minarobins: Cause I did the recordings at different times and I learnt that recording in the afternoon vs recording in the wee mornings effects my voice like crazy

the_girl_20: Hey all. Thought I’d drop into this discussion because I had my first audio fic put up today.

Mapsnika: I have to find quiet w/o dogs barking to record more

fsc_ralst: doc, you have a question?

minarobins: Yeay!

minarobins: I have to close my window and lock my door and then place my budgies in the bathroom

docwho2100: thanks, to follow up – you mentioned difficult, what did you find most difficult? And to follow up – what equipment did you use?

Mapsnika: I record best on the weekend less distractions

minarobins: I think the most difficult thing for me is keeping my voice consistent. And while I have Cameron’s voice set quite well, I still need to constantly replay Sarah’s voice

minarobins: Rewatch the episodes to get her tone correctly so her voice can be distinguished from my narrative

fsc_ralst: I found that I tended to talk too fast and needed to slow myself down

Mapsnika: I find being able to pronouce words so I’m not sounding drunk or reading too fast is a problem

minarobins: ^^that

the_girl_20: ralst – can I ask if you did a British or American fandom?

minarobins: So much of that that I can’t even

fsc_ralst: I did a British fandom – I thought it would be easier (I’ve yet to finish the edit, but it’ll be up next update)

Mapsnika: I agree with Ralst slowing down is key

fsc_ralst: I didn’t want to ruin someone American fandom by having it read in an English accent

the_girl_20: That would be my concern – my scottish accent would sound weird doing US or even English fandoms.

fsc_ralst: Oh, and I used Audacity

minarobins: As do I

fsc_ralst: Bad Girls? You’d do a lovely Helen, I’m sure

minarobins: And I learnt the hard way to NEVER EVER SAVE AS FLAC

Alsike: I actually will listen to any fic in a British accent

Alsike: I will listen to J2 if it has a British accent

the_girl_20: Simone comes from the same place as me

minarobins: I would also like to listen to anyone reading in a british accent

fsc_ralst: LZ, your question?

Mapsnika: I wouldn’t want to do English fandoms with an American accent

fsc_ralst: Yes, but you’re used to nice/posh accents

LZClotho: my question: is it better to read directly from narrative, or shape it into an audio-play style first with “narrator” “characterA” and “characterB” format?

taraetoo: I would actually listen to anyone, regardless of the accent.  There’s so little femslash podfic out there…

Mapsnika: I think the more like you could put in a story the more interesting you make it

minarobins: Well, I myself like to give different characters different voices

Mapsnika: I love podfic and there are too few femslash

mandygirl78: So it’s a bad idea for a Yank like me to do a Bad Girls audio fic?

minarobins: And the narrative I do in my own voice. Though all my male characters just sound kinda forceful and a tad angry

fsc_ralst: I chose a story with three distinct characters, so there was more of an audio-play style to it – sort  of – but it would be lovely to read something specifically written to be spoken, rather than read

Alsike: if the sound quality is good the accent doesn’t matter

Mapsnika: I can do a better New England accent than an English accent

Mapsnika: I think it depends on the fandom and listener

fsc_ralst: I agree, clear speaking and characters with oomph gets over any accent incongruity

LZClotho: I participated as a voice actor in a radio production for a season. It was fascinating to get the lines, record them and email them back to the production addy.

mandygirl78: I don’t know, authenticity is key to me.

Mapsnika: There are certain stories written that are made to be read and other made to be spoken

Alsike: really?  Because TV is so authentic.

fsc_ralst: LZ – we’re recruiting readers

the_girl_20: I honestly can’t see my accent working, but perhaps a more generic accent – the one people think of when they think ‘british’, would be okay for an American fandom?

Alsike: but scottish…

LZClotho: I’ve written scripts before, and have been considering writing a few of my stories over in play production format. Focusing in on the dialogue really can change the atmosphere of a fic.

mandygirl78: I mean, people expect to hear someone British in a British show.

mandygirl78: And vice versa

Mapsnika: Good dialogue is also key

Mapsnika: I agree

LZClotho: and very, very visual description, yeah

Mapsnika: Yes

Alsike: For me, Supernatural has a british accent, because I listen to the podfic more than watch the show.  YMMV

fsc_ralst: When I buy audio-books I tend to go for English readers, because they sound more like the voice in my head, so I don’t think I’d have a problem with british people reading amercan shows, but that’s because I’m british

Alsike: I also go for English readers, and am American (It’s not fetishization!  I’m a linguist!  I like the sounds people make with their mouths.)

mandygirl78: I’m fine with both, it all depends on the settings.

minarobins: So Ralst you have a british accent and Maps has?

fsc_ralst: I read a Voyager fic some years ago and at the time I didn’t even think about any accent issues. So maybe just go for it and see how it sounds?

minarobins: I think I still focus mostly on whether the voices of different characters are distinguishable

Mapsnika: I can do southern

the_girl_20: An american recorded one of my fics and I found it really bizarre listening to words that had come out of my head being spoken in american accent. Not so much the dialogue, obviously, but the prose.  Just because they were my words

Mapsnika: American

minarobins: Because I kind of wish that I took up the SQ fandom because Regina and Emma’s voice are so different

fsc_ralst: Yes, I think that’s it. It’s the inside voice – when we write or read – translating over to someone else’s spoken voice. Sometimes, it takes a while to get used to

Alsike: (Now I want to do a sociolinguistics study on podfic attitudes and ‘imitation.’  I could measure your vowels.  )

fsc_ralst: Making the voices unique can be difficult without overdoing it, I found

docwho2100: (I would read your study)

Mapsnika: I can see that being weird hearing your words spoken by anyone

the_girl_20: It was a weirder experience than I’d expected. But nice.

Alsike: (I’m trying to set up a fandom linguistics group.  Let me know if you’re interested.  )

minarobins: I think I kinda cheated when making male voices. Since I imagined John’s voice kind of growly so I would press my hand against my throat while reading his lines

fsc_ralst: @the_girl_20 did you find yourself going ‘no, she wouldn’t have said it like that!’?

taraetoo: mina: I podficced several SQ stories, I always have a hard time with the different voices, but that’s half the fun

Mapsnika: Doing different voices can be difficult

minarobins: Taraetoo: I think it helps when I listen to a certain character’s voice on repeat and it is quite fun

fsc_ralst: @taraetoo where would we find those?

Mapsnika: Especially if you are in the flow of reading and remembering to change

fsc_ralst: I keep hoping to stumble upon a hidden treasure trove of podfics

the_girl_20: @ralst Not particularly, although some of the emphasis was different than I would have made it.

minarobins: I don’t know, does anyone else have tips for make voices unique and set? I have a phrase that I run for Cameron whenever I need to set into her tone. Such as “Thank you for explaining”. I think I said that phrase a good handful of times.

fsc_ralst: I found that colour coding my different characters helped me when transitioning from one voice to another

minarobins: ^^Oh my goodness, that’s genius *Runs off to do that*

LZClotho: considering how many hours it takes to create a podfic, I’m not surprised there aren’t that many.

minarobins: Am I just particularly slow because it takes me a good couple of hours (more) to read, edit a 2k plus piece

LZClotho: Color coding or breaking it out just like a script helps me. The white space reminds me change in voice is coming.

fsc_ralst: Yes, it’s time consuming but the results can be marvelous

taraetoo: @ralst most of them are on my AO3 account: and the latest came out here today for the IDF as part of the compilation:

minarobins: I doubt my attempts are anywhere near marvelous but I’m hoping through more trial an error I can make it work out fine :3

fsc_ralst: No, mina, that sounds about right… much longer for my first tries

Alsike: oh!  I’ve been listening to yours while cooking lately!  @Tarae

fsc_ralst: @taraetoo thanks, I’ll check them out later

Mapsnika: I know I tend to start reading straight through and repeat when I make a mistake and edit later

taraetoo: oops, sorry. here:

LZClotho: you are not slow, mina. At proper reading speeds, the average speaker read about 130 words per minute. So, a 2,000 word fanfic is going to take you several hours.

minarobins: T_T it does. It does take several hours. I can’t really make my voice be the same as it was a couple of hours ago so I normally just keep recording that one sentence if I do something wrong and pray to all of everything that one of my takes worked out

LZClotho: I never read more than a scene in a single take.

fsc_ralst: Do you tend to stumble over the same sentence or word time and time again? I do

taraetoo: @alsike as I have yours (not while cooking though)

Alsike: (I have one…)

minarobins: Yes. So many times. And I know where the word is coming up so I know that I tend to timidly drag the word before it out longer to prolong the dysfunction. But when I do that it just means I have to redo the entire sentence

Mapsnika: I do that as well because I know if will sound different if I stop and record  later

Alsike: (but yay)

fsc_ralst: I tried reading the whole thing to start with – four scenes – but soon learnt to break it down

minarobins: Maps: oh my goodness, I feel like alone in the derp

minarobins: I have to do entire fics in one set because I still can’t quite open my audacity files right and if I copy and paste two seperate mp3s together it crashes my computer

taraetoo: @alsike, yeah, the SPN RP one (and I hardly ever listen to slash)

minarobins: I feel less*

fsc_ralst: Did you find that the more stories you read, the easier it becomes?

minarobins: I found more tricks to not have to repeat more things

LZClotho: from the same author, but not author to author. each author’s style changes my reading style a little.

fsc_ralst: It’s a learning curve for all of us mina

Mapsnika: It gets easier the more you do it

Alsike: I tried doing one of mine, but it was embarrassing

minarobins: I actually started out on one of mine own pieces since I knew the flow of it all

fsc_ralst: I had to do one of mine because I was wary of ruining someone else’s

Mapsnika: Audacity also gets easier the more you use it

minarobins: I knew how the voices need to work and all the emotions.

LZClotho: Not only that but one of the best self-editing techniques is to read your own work aloud. You can really hear flow issues then.

minarobins: I really worry that I’ve butchered someone else’s work

fsc_ralst: You haven’t

taraetoo: LZ: so true!

Alsike: so it’s not, like, self-aggrandizing then?  Because that would be a relief.

Mapsnika: I read the story aloud first before recording

fsc_ralst: the opposite

minarobins: Maps: Audacity crashes for me cause my computer is a little bit of a rock. I runs on hamsters.

fsc_ralst: It’s hard to tell, as there aren’t many out there, but do you think there’s a big audience of audio femslash?

Mapsnika: Sorry I know that is the best free program but it takes practice

Alsike: there’s me.  I listen to the ones I have about nine hundred times.

Alsike: that counts, right?

minarobins: I haven’t a clue. Is there? Also, do people actually read smut scenes?


Alsike: you listen to exmanhater’s stuff, right?

fsc_ralst: We’ll count you twice, Alsike

Mapsnika: I love audio fics

Alsike: this is not a way to get a poll

LZClotho: there is a whole production company banking on femslash audiobook listeners. DogEarAudio. They’ve recorded a dozen or so to date.

Mapsnika: I have recorded some with sex scenes to see if I could do it.

Alsike: we need download stats

fsc_ralst: I love audio-plays and audio-books but I’ve never really come across much in the way of audio-fics until now

LZClotho: They often have the author in to read, but for Radclyffe’s stuff they got a celebrity reader for one book.

minarobins: I think you really rounded everyone up for this goal though. Because I would have never attempted if you were promoting it

Alsike: (supernatural fandom has so many.  Unfortunately, there’s a lot of man love which I could do without.)

fsc_ralst: Are they fandom based fics or original/commercial stories? @ LZ

LZClotho: sex scenes are the best to read aloud — when they’ve been well written the voice naturally flows into the mood.

Mapsnika: I think getting the voice right for sex scenes is harder than other scenes

LZClotho: some are ubers that became originals, but all are published commercial fiction.

minarobins: Clicked my response too quickly

taraetoo: I don’t think there’s a BIG audience for femslash, at least compared to the slash audience. But I LOVE to listen to the stories and I’ll listen to them over and over again.

minarobins: Maps have you done smut scene readings?

LZClotho: here’s the URL:

minarobins: I just want to throw it out there that if people have any advice to just throw them at me

minarobins: Cause I want to improve

Mapsnika: I have read one but haven’t posted it yet

LZClotho: Also the recently closed L-Book was predicated on listening books. They used a sophisticated computer voicing software that was quite natural after a while.

Mapsnika: I need to still edit it

fsc_ralst: One of the projects I didn’t manage to get off the ground this time around, but will try for next, is to produce a femslash radio style play

Alsike: *cool

taraetoo: oooh

minarobins: Maps: What fandom was it for?

taraetoo: I’d love to hear that!

minarobins: And that sounds extremely exciting

Mapsnika: Keep us informed

minarobins: But the editing also sounds like a immense amount of work

fsc_ralst: Yes

Mapsnika: I did it for Law &Order SVU

LZClotho: I want to hear more about that, ralst, if you ever revisit. I have wanted to do a radio style with a pair of WW2 characters i created a decade ago.

Mapsnika: Audio dramas can be fun to listen to especially on your drive after work

fsc_ralst: It’s been on my wish-list for the last two cons but didn’t quite make it. So it’s now at the top of the list. I need to put together a core team, so anyone who’s interested, just give me a shout

docwho2100: shout

minarobins: What characters would we be doing them on. Fandoms or Own?

the_girl_20: If you need a random scot in the mix, give me a yell.

Alsike: I’d be willing.  It might make me get a proper mike.

fsc_ralst: I’m in favour of original but that would be something the core team could discuss and decide

fsc_ralst: I’m sure a random Scot would be most welcome

minarobins: I would be interested to help, though I really would have to make sure I work on them immediately cause gosh, I do so procrastinate

Mapsnika: I would love to do something where I could focus one character

fsc_ralst: I’ll keep you all in the loop

Mapsnika: Cool beans

Mapsnika: Mina what fandoms have you done?

fsc_ralst: Any stories out there that you’d love to see turned into podfics?

Mapsnika: There are some great Fanfics that I can see

minarobins: Yes

Alsike: I always want the long AUs, but so much work.

minarobins: Maps: I’ve only done TSCC and GLEE

minarobins: But the glee one was my own writing and shall never see the light of day

minarobins: If we ever

minarobins: IS there anyone willing to do DWP The rag and boneshop fics

taraetoo: I’d love to listen to some of heartsways’ SQ stories (the Fragments series)

Mapsnika: I’m sure it was good  

minarobins: Gosh, one sec I’ll find the name of that amazing fic

fsc_ralst: Yes, those epic length stories are amazing but they’d take months to record… but could be tackled a chapter at a time

Alsike: I would listen the hell out of Telanu’s stuff

LZClotho: taraetoo: how about Scribes & Scrolls, “The Debt” and “A Ledger Squared in Blood”? OMG. that would be great podfic.

taraetoo: heartsways has podficced some of her own shorter stories already, but that would be a huge undertaking

Mapsnika: I think that’s the best way to start

Mapsnika: many of the podfic dramas release once a month

taraetoo: @alsike I was so desperate to listen to Telanu’s work I put it into a Text to Speech program…

Alsike: I’ve done that!

minarobins: Telanu is incredible

Alsike: yay for textedit – where it’s built in.

Mapsnika: Me too

fsc_ralst: I tried listening to a machine-generated-voice recording but it lost me after the first five minutes

Alsike: I did it with one of my rather porny stories lately

Alsike: and it was Hilarious

minarobins: Truth And Measure by Telanu

minarobins: Oh my goodness, I tried to get goodle translate to read me something

taraetoo: LZ: I was actually thinking about that, but I’m currently working on BaileyB’s “Rules of the Game” (a mere 93k words)…so it might take a while.

minarobins: It has a ridiculously posh sounding voice

minarobins: google*

fsc_ralst: 93k words? wow

minarobins: Though whenever someone does post a audio fic with a sex scene in it I do want to listen so I know what the world I’m supposed to be attempting

LZClotho: I gotcha taraetoo

minarobins: (a ‘mere’)

taraetoo: @ralst I tried for quite a while until I found a voice that was bearable to listen to. Now it’s ok (and all my computerized podfic comes with a british accent now)

Mapsnika: I’m such a slow reader that’s why I wish there were more audiofics

minarobins: There’s a lot of audiofics just not enough of them are femslashed audio fics :<

fsc_ralst: I haven’t tried for a couple of years, maybe I’ll give them another shot

taraetoo: mina: yeah, working on it since easter, still have a third to go

Alsike: @minarobins Go listen to exmanhater’s A Beauty Desired collection right now

fsc_ralst: @alsike has the link to that been posted already?

minarobins: Right meow?


minarobins: Okay, I shall google it now

minarobins: Oh, or post it for me. Thank you!

fsc_ralst: Five minutes left… any last questions?

fsc_ralst: Thanks!


taraetoo: @ralst would it be ok to put a link in here to one of my tumblr posts about podfic. It’s basically a link collection to a lot of femslash podfic and a “how to start”

Alsike: do it

minarobins: Wow, it’s five hours long

fsc_ralst: Sure, and if you want I can add it to P&P’s audiobook section

minarobins: Guess my bus trips are gonna be now filled with girls

Alsike: I know!

Alsike: and it gets more and more porny as you go


Alsike: exmanhater does a lot of femslash, and it’s all awesome


minarobins: wonderful, thank you for introducing me to it all

Mapsnika: Ralst are you gonna post the links that were mentioned here

taraetoo: oh, i love, love, love exmanhater’s works!

fsc_ralst: We’ll have transcripts with links posted onto the idf site sometime over the next week

Alsike: I find her voice the most soothing thing – if I’m having insomnia I can just put on an old fic and relax.

Mapsnika: Thank you so much

Mapsnika: THis was fun

fsc_ralst: Thank you to our panellists and everyone else for a thoroughly enjoyable panel. Here’s to our first radio play!

minarobins: This was a lot of fun

minarobins: Thank you for inviting me  

the_girl_20: This has been really interesting. I might consider doing my own one of these days.

Mapsnika: Mina email me and we can swap hints

minarobins: Oh gosh, yes please

fsc_ralst: You should tg20

Alsike: do it!

minarobins: tg20?

Alsike: I think LOTS in scottish would be great.

the_girl_20: Maybe an MiS one – start off British

minarobins: Maps, do you have a page some where so I can get your email

Alsike: we do not know what the Midlands really sounded like

fsc_ralst: Yes! Although, Scribbs is a pain to say… I tried MiS frst

ariestess: All right, one more minute until Hot Topics.

taraetoo: @tg20 I’m looking forward to listening to your first story

the_girl_20: That is true…maybe my GoT/LotS crossover would work – they’ve got british accents.

Mapsnika: You can find me

minarobins: Got it  

Alsike: I think Victorious would be hilarious, but…


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