Bomb Girls

quietheartedfsc: Hello, and welcome to the very first Bomb Girls panel

quietheartedfsc: Julie Verne is our guest today.

quietheartedfsc: Julie tell us about yourself

JulieVerne: Hey, how’s it going

quietheartedfsc: and why you love Bomb Girls

locksmithoflove: haaaai

JulieVerne: Well I’m an electronic engineer with a BA in English

quietheartedfsc: interesting combination.

JulieVerne: And I love Bomb Girls because a) Canada is awesome and b) would you just look at all those pretty ladies? And those costumes?

quietheartedfsc: I know. I love the period costuming too.

JulieVerne: It’s the first show I’ve watched in a long time where I felt a connection with almost all of the characters.

quietheartedfsc: So what’s your OTP ?

JulieVerne: McAndrew, of course, but I am so glad that McBond happened because it was getting pretty miserable up in there.

quietheartedfsc: I’m afraid I’m way out in left field. I’m a McWitham girl.

JulieVerne: I like that the ensemble cast is able to split up into pairing that, as a viewer, one might not have expected.

quietheartedfsc: I have a strong desire to give Kate a spanking.

JulieVerne: So McWitham is a possibility, I think (personally) that Gladys is a little offended that Betty hasn’t put the moves on her yet!

quietheartedfsc: There are a lot of pairing potential.

quietheartedfsc: I so agree.

JulieVerne: A Kate spanking, can we ask for that in the movie?

quietheartedfsc: lol

locksmithoflove: why? Kate is freakin awesome man!]

quietheartedfsc: I’d totally like to see that.

quietheartedfsc: She is, but she’s got Betty in jail now and don’t be messin wtih my Betty.

JulieVerne: She’s… younger, I think, than the others, and it shows in her little temper tantrums and such. I’m trying to get into her head and I’m a little afraid of regressing to highschool.

JulieVerne: *younger. It took me three tries to type that. I’m sorry, it’s late.

quietheartedfsc: sokay, we all do it

JulieVerne: I gotta say though, I still haven’t watched the finale, but I kind of did expect Betty to take the rap for that.

quietheartedfsc: The whole sheltered society girl cued to Betty’s lesness flipped a switch for me right away.

JulieVerne: You look up chivalrous in the dictionary and Betty’s there in armour like “‘sup, you need rescuing?”

quietheartedfsc: lol that’s a perfect description of her

JulieVerne: Yeah, Gladys seems open to the idea of ladyfuntimes

quietheartedfsc: Kate’s head has been seriously messed up, but I’m tending to think Betty in jail did something good for her.

JulieVerne: And Kate was definitely eying her legs for more than her silk stockings

quietheartedfsc: also true lol

JulieVerne: Yeah, it’s not easy to see someone, even an abuser, die, and be the cause of that death, so it takes its toll, what with the lack of singing and the drinking and such

quietheartedfsc: Kate wants it, but her background keeps getting in the way, even as much as she rebels against it.

quietheartedfsc: You said you were glad to see McBond. Do yu think that ultimate hurt or helped Betty?

JulieVerne: I guess it’s hard to reject a belief you’ve held firm your entire life.

locksmithoflove: Kate’s just very very very effed up and that’s partly why she’s my FAVE EVAR

JulieVerne: oh locksmith, the damaged women really are the best


quietheartedfsc: definitely have multiples openings for plot bunnys that way.

JulieVerne: I think it helped her, because it gave her some hope, gave her reassurance that she wasn’t alone and wasn’t ‘wrong’ somehow.

locksmithoflove: mcbond was beautiful while it lasted. I loved Teresa

JulieVerne: Teresa was just what she needed – at that point. But soldiers ship out, it’s what they do. It was nice she came back though

quietheartedfsc: Teresa was great, but I almost feel like she put in for that transfer.

JulieVerne: She’s all about the Betty-lovin’

quietheartedfsc: true, but she was getting really unnerved by how Betty handled things.

JulieVerne: I feel it was a pivotal moment for Betty – she lost her sense of shame, she wanted to show off what she had to a world that really wasn’t ready for it

JulieVerne: It’s scary when someone sees you for who you are, and when what who you are is illegal, well.

quietheartedfsc: I found it interesting how often Gladys popped up to be Betty’s shoulder to cry on.

locksmithoflove: The way Betty was dancing at the beginning of that episode, so carefree…

JulieVerne: I know!

JulieVerne: I think that was partly out of necessity, though, because not a lot of people could know (although I’m pretty sure Lorna had an inkling)

quietheartedfsc: I somewhat got the feeling that BG was written to have those subtexty moments.

JulieVerne: Ah yes ‘the refrigerator door’ evoked such praire-girl turn-of-the-century imagery.

quietheartedfsc: I agree about Lorna. She always has Betty’s back.

JulieVerne: Well, in that case Vera and Gladys are awful chummy too, and Ivan’s friend Buster did give him chocolate with the disclaimer of ‘don’t expect me to put out’.

quietheartedfsc: lol

quietheartedfsc: I loved that moment

quietheartedfsc: BG is studded with those priceless moments

JulieVerne: I find the character I’m most puzzled by is Lorna’s husband, I teter between hating him (Lorna sleeping on the bench in the factory) and having a deep empathy for him (he phones Lorna at work)

JulieVerne: It’s visually stunning, well written and cast, it’s like an aural-visual extavaganza that I never knew I wanted.

quietheartedfsc: Agreed.

locksmithoflove: Lorna and Betty just kill me! They have such a sweet mother-daughtetr vibe, and Betty always wants to make her proud

quietheartedfsc: I have a wish that it goes Webisoe.

quietheartedfsc: webisode

JulieVerne: That moment, after Lorna hung up the phone and Betty had to tell her something and she’s hovering and then just gives her the most awkward, heart-felt hug…

quietheartedfsc: I know! When Lorna’s disappointed in her, b

quietheartedfsc: Betty just wilts

JulieVerne: That would be amazing!

quietheartedfsc: That was a great moment. Even though she’s not a hugger, or comforter, for Lorna she’ll make the effort.

JulieVerne: I find it really hard, when writing fanfic, to remeber all the characters I want to put in so they don’t awkwardly appear at random intervals.

quietheartedfsc: book, you have a question. Sorry, getting really involved here.

locksmithoflove: I think they’re both nurturing in their own way

booklover81: What would you like to see happen in the TV movie?

quietheartedfsc: Betty out of jail first and foremost

booklover81: As a time jump? Or because she was exonerated?

quietheartedfsc: I’d prefer exonerated, but can go with either. She’d make someone a nice husband in jail.

JulieVerne: Well, I still haven’t seen the seasonĀ  2 finale because my sad little heart can’t handle Betty’s face right now, but based on the rest of the series, Marco gets some justice and Gladys gets to be a proper spy because the dude with the mysterious accent is cramping her style.

quietheartedfsc: lol You write the show or something?

JulieVerne: And, of course, Betty gets some lady-loving from someone. Anyone. Because murder is a hanging offense in that day and age and to take the rap for that she deserves someone who respects her and is actually gay for the lady-loving

quietheartedfsc: Definitely watch the final Ep.

JulieVerne: Oops, no, was just making hopeful predictions

quietheartedfsc: Didn’t mean it harsh, you’re just definitely in the neighborhood of what happend.

JulieVerne: I don’t know, does Ali Liebert’s face do that thing where it makes me want to throw puppies into a mulcher?

quietheartedfsc: lol

locksmithoflove: I would pay good money to see Gladys and Kate team up to get Betty out by means of questionable legality

quietheartedfsc: for a bit, then she’s all “off to save the damsel in distress”

JulieVerne: Oh really? Sweet. I kinda called it on Betty taking the rap too, sometimes it’s hard to do the thing where it’s not all wartime Canada and ladies in pants.

JulieVerne: Oh man. Questionable legality. That’s an option I would love pursued.

quietheartedfsc: lock, that would be a great save

booklover81: That sounds awesome

quietheartedfsc: Heck, throw in Vera and it’s all about questionable legalities, She and Gladys step over lines all the time

JulieVerne: But they’re both kind of running from things already so I think Gladys will get her daddy’s lawyers on it.

JulieVerne: Oh and Marco handles they dynamite. Look no further, BG spolier ahoy!

JulieVerne: *the

quietheartedfsc: or strike a bargain with spy guy

JulieVerne: He confuses me.

quietheartedfsc: he’s a poor little Italian boy looking for love and fighting shadows.

JulieVerne: I would love the last scene to be like, Betty and Kate and maybe Gladys on the back of a train, heading nowhere, while Leon sings ‘Chain Gang’.

quietheartedfsc: lol

mandygirl78: Hey, who would be the best person to pair with Gladys in a BG fanfic?

JulieVerne: But I’m a little odd like that. No, Mr. Spy Man of the various accents confuses me, Marco I like

quietheartedfsc: Betty. Big McWitham fan here.

JulieVerne: I think Carol in their younger days, and she defs has thought about Betty a couple of times.

quietheartedfsc: otherwise, I’d say Gladys and Vera.

JulieVerne: And vera never gets a lookin

JulieVerne: Perfect timing!

mandygirl78: So before the accident, or the accident never happens?

locksmithoflove: I like imagining her with some scruffy bohemian communist poet

JulieVerne: that’s beautiful.

quietheartedfsc: Nah, I’d leave Vera as she is. Gladys sees past all that.

JulieVerne: that’s a difficult question. Vera pre-accident had so much more confidence, but post-accident, she’s more… down-to-earth.

quietheartedfsc: I mean Glad knew all about Vera’s goings on and still considers her a close friend.

mandygirl78: A communist poet.

JulieVerne: Less of a glamour-girl, more of a gets-things-done and treads-on-toes-girl.

JulieVerne: Gladys is not one to judge.

quietheartedfsc: yep, which is what Gladys is trying to be as well, I think that aspect would attract her grealy

quietheartedfsc: greatly

mandygirl78: I like Vera and Gladys myself.

JulieVerne: But yeah, probably Betty because she knows she won’t get turned down.

quietheartedfsc: even better, Glad would have to do the chasing.

locksmithoflove: Ever since that burlesque episode I’ve had a soft spot for Vera/Kate, idek

quietheartedfsc: Can you see Glad trying to “court” Betty?

JulieVerne: Betty would be like ‘no, my heart belongs to another but oh wow you have boobs yeah let’s get it on’

quietheartedfsc: locks, I can see that too.

locksmithoflove: ahahaha that would be brilliant. And Betty would have no idea what the hell Gladys was doing

quietheartedfsc: I know! She’d just think it was Glad trying to cheer her up

JulieVerne: I liked that scene and it was a nice foreshadowing of Ivan getting a little overvealous and overprotective while having Vera dance in underthings.

JulieVerne: ‘Oh Betty, Kate’s not the only woman, there may be other fish… closer by’ *comforting hand on knee

quietheartedfsc: lol

JulieVerne: “Reggie? Well I guess” saith Betty, consideringly.

quietheartedfsc: Ivan needs a clue-by-four.

JulieVerne: “Oh you damned fool,” saith Gladys, springing upon Betty in a previosuly undiclosed lesbain passion.

JulieVerne: Sorry, just amusing myself.

quietheartedfsc: lol

locksmithoflove: Ivan needs to gtfo

JulieVerne: All the dudes except Leon seem to need to calm their tits.

mandygirl78: But it sounds like Gladys/Kate is out of the question?

JulieVerne: Gladys’ dad, kat’es dad, Mr Akins, Mr Corbett, Gene Corbett, Ivan, etc

mandygirl78: Yeah, Leon’s the cool one there

quietheartedfsc: Now I’d have Glad determined to have Betty make the first move and totally frustrated because no matter which direction she turns her, Betty just doesn’t see it. Until finally she just can’t take it and jumps her.

JulieVerne: I don’t know if that ship has sailed yet, but it should sail and be buffeted by the winds of ladylove.

locksmithoflove: I don’t know, Marco’s an idiot sometimes but he’s pretty great

quietheartedfsc: Yeah, Marco is pretty cool

JulieVerne: I like Marco, but I love his mother.

JulieVerne: She’s hella tight

quietheartedfsc: oh, yeah, she’s amazing

locksmithoflove: I can actually see Gladys/Kate more than McWitham? McWitham are such BROS, I adore them beyond repair but I just can’t see them going all oogly googly over each other

JulieVerne: McWithdews is something I’ve been thinking on a while.

locksmithoflove: yes! love Mama Moretti

JulieVerne: Yeah, LESBROS. No, I know what you mean but you can kinda see Gladys getting tipsy and asking Betty ‘how ’bout it?’

quietheartedfsc: That’s just it. I don’t think McWitham would be oogly googly. I think it would be very matter of fact, which suits Betty’s personality better. She goes a bit crazy with oogly googly.

mandygirl78: Same here, I think Gladys would prefer a more femme type.

quietheartedfsc: I can see that, but I also thinks she’d be attracted to something solid and supportive. She’s never had that.

JulieVerne: quiethearted makes several good points.

quietheartedfsc: We have 1 minute left. I want to thank Julie for being our guest and thank all of you for a lively and educational discussion.

quietheartedfsc: dang, can I misread a clock

quietheartedfsc: ten minutes left.

quietheartedfsc: erase all that. lol

JulieVerne: Cheers guys, it’s been great talking about this with people who watch it rather than force dudes to look at Kate’s face an say LOOKIT SO PRETTY

JulieVerne: ha lol

quietheartedfsc: you’ll find I can rationalize almost anything when I want 2 characters together. *G*

quietheartedfsc: running on 5 hours sleep here.

JulieVerne: It’s really nice to have actual lesbian characters on the TV these days too, rather than the old Xena and Gabby wtfness.

locksmithoflove: You make a good point quiet, Betty can get rather intense but I think she needs someone to direct all her awkward vulnerable sweetness towards?

quietheartedfsc: Xena should ahve gone web. then the wtfness would have vanished and there’d have been real action in that hot tub

JulieVerne: Oh the hot tubs. The many, many hot tubs.

mandygirl78: And Betty needs someone to tell her she doesn’t need to be a hero all the time.

locksmithoflove: and yeah it is. Too bad Kate’s still in the area of wtfness. JUST COME OUT WITH IT ALREADY

JulieVerne: ‘Awkward vulnerable sweetness’ – a rather apt description

JulieVerne: It’s hard to throw off a religion for a lady.

quietheartedfsc: locks, I think Gladys could give her that, plus Glad is at the point she isn’t about making excuses for what she wants.

quietheartedfsc: very true. especially one beaten into you, literally and figuratively

JulieVerne: Gladys is a steamroller, a shiny, pretty steamroller that crushes anything that stands in the way of her and what she wants. She’d make it happen. Law be damned.

quietheartedfsc: yep

locksmithoflove: oh I’m not frustrated with Kate, I understand her completely. It’s the vague wink wink nudge nudge writing that pisses me off sometimes

JulieVerne: Oh season 1 was a total troll!

quietheartedfsc: Plus she’s becoming strong enough to reign betty’s temper in.

JulieVerne: She was all looking at Betty longingly and dancing and holding her hand and such and then BAM you’re gross.

quietheartedfsc: it was only gross once it had a name.

JulieVerne: True.

quietheartedfsc: Betty jumped the gun and scared Kate, so she ran back to the only thing she knew.

locksmithoflove: well she didn’t know, she thought that was normal in a friendship. To, you know, want to spend the rest of your life with a person…?

quietheartedfsc: besties forever.

JulieVerne: LLBFF’s

JulieVerne: living together to ‘share the rent’

locksmithoflove: I think Kate can be every bit as strong as Betty she just needs time

locksmithoflove: ahaha

JulieVerne: Yeah. They’re all wonderfuly complex characters and they all deserve another 4 seasons and a movie

quietheartedfsc: Unfortunately, Kate wasn’t experienced enough to back off and let that happen

locksmithoflove: but one day she’ll be ready… and she won’t back down for anything

quietheartedfsc: this is the virtual season I’d like to seee happen

JulieVerne: I’ll hold that very close to my heart until next year then.

quietheartedfsc: before the movie messes it up. as they always do.

michelle_2011: thanks for the panel

locksmithoflove: I love them all SO MUCH. every character, except Ivan

locksmithoflove: thanks guys! and Julie, i love your fic

mandygirl78: And Kat’s dad…

quietheartedfsc: you’re welcome and this time I have it right. Thanks, July and thank you all.

locksmithoflove: oh yeah, obviously

JulieVerne: Cheers guys, happy travels and may your bathing suits always go down to your knees.

JulieVerne: Thank you and goodnight


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