This is your chance to submit a prompt – fanfic, fan-art or fan-vid – for your fellow femslashers, and hopefully see your prompt spark somebody else’s imagination.

Simply reply to this post with your prompt or prompts, including the following information:



Media type(s):

All prompts will then be collected together on the giant Prompts page for that year and everyone will be free to use those prompts to create lots of lovely femslash (they might always want to check out the pervious years’┬áPrompts pages).

Over the weekend of IDF and FemSlashCon a post will be made to this site allowing people to send in the links to their challenge response(s) which will again be collected into a giant masterlist.

Prompt responses can be posted to anywhere that welcomes femslash, but are also very much welcome on the femslash_day livejournal.

ETA: No RPS/RPF, non-con, dub-con or under-age etc.

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