The Devil Wears Prada

quietheartedfsc: WE’ve got enough folks here to get started. So how did everyone like the July stories?

raiderL: Awesome!

beachbum3668: I’m still reading some of them

Silverie: they were great!

vivianny Martins: oh my God

Xenavirgin: Still Reading…and reviewing…and updatng my spreadsheet…and writing…and uploading to AO3.

jazwriter: @QH–Vegas was a lot of fun…and I didn’t lose much $$ gambling, either

Gin Akasarahsmom: I haven’t read all of them.. but the ones I read were very good

vivianny Martins: this is so cool

obsidiana_1: I really loved the july fic

Xenavirgin: Hey Vivianny

beachbum3668: All in all I think the July ficathon was a great success

jazwriter: July fics were good…

vivianny Martins: July fic was a dream lol

Gin Akasarahsmom: it was nice to get new things every day

vivianny Martins: was a shame to be so busy p continue my fic

beachbum3668: And by a variety of old and new writers

Xenavirgin: Yuppers.

Menzosarres: wish I had time to read all of them: who doesn’t like a fic every day?’

raiderL: Got spoiled in july

jazwriter: yup, beach, the variety and mix of all and new writers was great

obsidiana_1: I wish I have the time to write one each month

obsidiana_1: so many ideas, so little time

jazwriter: I’m still finishing the 3rd one I promised

Gin Akasarahsmom: LOL…

Menzosarres: @obsidiana – Isn’t that the truth.

raiderL: Cant wait jazzy, loving it so far

Xenavirgin: Oh Message from KitnKaboodle “I’m really sorry I can’t join you today…pre-marital obligations…but hope you have a great mini-Con. Oh and XV is busy needling me to finish The Queen’s Favour as a wedding gift to my intended.  We shall see, We Shall See.”   

jazwriter: thanks, raider!

vivianny Martins: I can say this wholeheartedly, have all been wonderful and I feel honored to have the opportunity to have read fantastic stories

obsidiana_1: I´m so frustrated! I´m crazy to continue with It Only takes a Moment, but my life is a joke now… a bad one

quietheartedfsc: hehehe…you go xv…don’t let up

jazwriter: kitnkaboodle was very nice. I’m glad I got to meet her.

Gin Akasarahsmom: things happen… readers understand, usually.. 😛

shesgottaread: you said it, vivianny!

Xenavirgin: Aww @Obsidiana, real life is just so inconsiderate sometimes. Hope the punchline isn’t too harsh for you.

beachbum3668: can I pose a question here?

Xenavirgin: Did you Squeee too Jazzy???

quietheartedfsc: sure, bean

vivianny Martins: said yes … I love our community

raiderL: But when the muse walks out the door on a story, I hate that!

Xenavirgin: Kit still teases me so much about that, because Glo introduced her as her fiancee and we spent like a day and half at the Xena COn together before Puppeh revealed who Crystal was. lolol

quietheartedfsc: beach….grrrr….my typing is dangerous today

beachbum3668: when readers DEMAND a sequel are they really serious? or is that just their way of saying they liked a particular story/

Xenavirgin: OOOO New Nickname for BB, heheh BEAN!

shesgottaread: lol

Gin Akasarahsmom: I just take it as them liking the story a lot

obsidiana_1: I believe it´s a way to say they´re not prepared to finish a good story

quietheartedfsc: Both, beach….I’ve never known them not to be serious about sequels and it’s a sign of how much they loved the story.

Xenavirgin: Generally Bean,   I take to mean they just really like a story.

Gin Akasarahsmom: mostly because if I thought they were actually DEMANDING it, then it would tick me off..

Gin Akasarahsmom: LOL

beachbum3668: I’m being inundated with demands for sequels to the July stories – never been like this before

obsidiana_1: I fell that way about a few ones. And about a few books

beachbum3668: and you’re right Gin – it’s starting to piss me off a little

Xenavirgin: What I find interesting is when they are so enthusiastic they try to entce you nto a sequel by giving suggestions.

Gin Akasarahsmom: just know that they liked the story.. and want to see more of the characters…

quietheartedfsc: beach, certain writers are always going to get those kinds of requests. Just take it as a sign of how much they love your work. kinda like rock stars getting their clothes torn off. lol

jazwriter: oh, beach, to have your problems! lol…and just to satisfy my curiosity, did you receive the betaed versions from me?

obsidiana_1: It´s terrible when someone it´s demanding and sometimes not even polite asking for sequels or updates

beachbum3668: riiiiiiiiight

Xenavirgin: My response to a couple of people has been. “I’ve finished this story line, but if you want to riff on my story and make sure you credit me, why don’t you continue it?”

obsidiana_1: great answer XV

jazwriter: LOL, QH!! rock stars–yes!

Gin Akasarahsmom: rofl… but having my clothes ripped off would tick me off too…

quietheartedfsc: yes, you’re femslash rock stars. Face it!

Xenavirgin: Wait I missed something?? We get to rip BB’s clothes off??? Oooo how’d that happen?  hehehheeh

raiderL: Lol!

obsidiana_1: Sometimes I´m pissed with the comments in some stories. I keep thinking if people imagine that an author will write under presure…

beachbum3668: *shaking pachongas* HERE I AM!!!

quietheartedfsc: xv we just got lucky today, i guess

shesgottaread: it’s true! You’re definitely rockstars!

Gin Akasarahsmom: XV… take a deep breath… look at TLW… and tell her you love her.. then come back to the chat.. 😛

Xenavirgin: LOL Go BB!  heheheh

Xenavirgin: Oh pppfffffffftttt Gin, TLW knows what happens in Paltalk stays in Paltalk. lolol

beachbum3668: boom-chicka-boom-chicka-boom

quietheartedfsc: no worries, gin. TLW gots the minion on a short leash. lol

Gin Akasarahsmom: Hehehehe

Xenavirgin: Okay I think we’ve hit our general level really quick today. lol

Gin Akasarahsmom: rofl.. yeah.. I know.  ;P

quietheartedfsc: pretty much…lol

shesgottaread: too true, XV!

quietheartedfsc: familiarity breeds tacky chat and all that.

Xenavirgin: But BB, the only time I’d worry about the ‘Demands’ for more is if they get repeated by the same person.

vivianny Martins: Girls know how annoying it is a story without continuation or without being finished, but I have to defend Some cases: 1) My English is horrible, 2) not having a Betta, 3) often insecurity or lack of inspiration; 4) and most importantly deficiency of talent.

beachbum3668: I’ve never had it like this before. They are relentless!

Xenavirgin: I did have one person who pm’d me like 20 times on ffnet to continue my Adoption piece.

Gin Akasarahsmom: yeesh

beachbum3668: I keep telling them that what they imagine is like 20 times better than anything I could write but it’s not doing any good

Xenavirgin: LOL

quietheartedfsc: beach, welcome to the bigs, baybay.

jazwriter: I just keep thanking them and let them know that if my Muse gives me inspiration, I will write it.

Xenavirgin: DO they have Fanfic withdrawal support groups?

Gin Akasarahsmom: no one likes my stories that much… lol.. I get a few requests for continuations.. but nothing really annoying from the same person

quietheartedfsc: yep, this is the first meeting, xv

beachbum3668: LOL Hello, my name is Beachbum and I’m a fanficaholic

quietheartedfsc: hello, beachbum

Gin Akasarahsmom: I’m more addictied to writing it than reading it…

jazwriter: Gin, you get requests all the time!!

Gin Akasarahsmom: but not over and over from the same person… not like 20 PM’s… that’s what I meant…

Xenavirgin: I’m a fanficaholic and if anyone tries to take that away I’ll cut em…ggggrrrrr.  lolol

beachbum3668: this has been just nuts

jazwriter: it only took me 3 years to write a companion to Secret Service–lol–easy peasy

beachbum3668: some of them are a little scary

quietheartedfsc: beach, are they off the ffnet posts?

beachbum3668: yeah

lazysunday30: i’d take it as a sign they liked the story and brush it off

quietheartedfsc: that’s why. you’re reaching a much wider audience.

jazwriter: readers can be really demanding

Gin Akasarahsmom: readers like to think they’re contributing to the story

beachbum3668: now I’ll have to admit that my ffnet stats have never been higher, but the PMs are blowing my mind

Gin Akasarahsmom: giving comments/feedback to guide the story the way they want to see it go

vivianny Martins: We could put together a list of the most visited and read fics that had no end? insetivar and author with many, many requests, begging to complete?

brithna: hugs!

quietheartedfsc: yeah, ffnet readers are really involved.

beachbum3668: dja think????

Gin Akasarahsmom: unless I post something my fanfic stats hover right around 100 visitors a day

obsidiana_1: I have to confess that I make a few requests myself. Brithna is one of my victims

quietheartedfsc: and the Con ups those stats drastically. Mine has gone nuts lately.

Menzosarres: @beachbum agreed! July was crazy in response compared to my (admittedly limited) previous stuff.

beachbum3668: I’ve been averaging 250/day since I posted in mid July

jazwriter: my stats have been crazy, too

brithna: if I could just complete something that would be fabulous but oh well

Gin Akasarahsmom: if I post something.. the day I post.. and a few days after spike…but then it settles back down to an average of 100 or so visitors per day

vivianny Martins: Pesol let’s at least leave a kiss to tell our authors that we are having fun with their fics

obsidiana_1: I don´t see any problems in getting requests as long as people are polite and not psychopaths

Xenavirgin: I think the stats went nuts because eveyone was so focused on new suff forthe whole month

brithna: I just keep on till it’s done I guess

Xenavirgin: You know checking every day and maybe discovering fics they’d missed.

brithna: amen obi…polite goes a long way

beachbum3668: Hence my question about DEMANDS

Xenavirgin: @ Obsidian, but several of my friends are Polite Psychopaths. heheh

brithna: lol

Silverie: I saw a big rise in reading even though my last chapter went up in June ….think people were trawling for things to read..

obsidiana_1: Thank God for Polite psychopaths!

brithna: good. the more readers the better

brithna: keeps the fandom alive

quietheartedfsc: I mostly tell folks that Q’Butt da muse grrrl has not let me in on her plans for any sequels, but I’ll let folks know as soon as I do. It’s nice to have a well-known muse

Xenavirgin: Which actually begs a sort of background question….Did anyone have the feeling before June that the fandom had been slowing down at a greater rate than before?

brithna: no

beachbum3668: I’m getting requests to write stories about ancillary characters that appear in mystuff.

Menzosarres: Definately, XV

brithna: people said add much before but I dint think so

Gin Akasarahsmom: I think every fandom goes through slow times

Gin Akasarahsmom: Even Xena did for a while

beachbum3668: I attributed that to people gearing up for July

quietheartedfsc: definitely. I was getting a bit worried and very glad you and punks stepped up

obsidiana_1: Yes, I have this feeling

Xenavirgin: Ooooo Beach, a springtime lesbian affair for Ruth way back in her pre-married days??

vivianny Martins: I felt rather a slower pace

obsidiana_1: some great authors are not posting anymore

Menzosarres: It wasn’t so much losing numbers as losing quality, I thought

beachbum3668: We had 4 months to write for the fication and things quieted down during that time

brithna: true mez…

Gin Akasarahsmom: sometimes it just works out that the writers in the fandoms are busy… or writing but not finished with the stories yet…

Gin Akasarahsmom: I’ve noticed more and more have been posting completed stories…

Xenavirgin: Interesting comment Menzo,

quietheartedfsc: or their muse took off for Club Muse for fun in the sun.

Xenavirgin: Qbutt’s favourite vacation place QH?

beachbum3668: god knows we were all bust for July. I pulled 3 all-nighters in a row trying to finish to post on my day, LOL

obsidiana_1: about quality, there was a period of very violent fics

obsidiana_1: I used to go to the reviews before reading it

Silverie: if you have more experienced writers dropping off and new, less experienced writers coming in, quality will ….be different….

quietheartedfsc: oh, yes, xv….keeps turning up with a sunburned butt ready to lash me into shape.

Xenavirgin: Ahhh yeah, I see what you mean Obsid,  a lot of darker stuff.

obsidiana_1: really dark

brithna: I’ve been thinking about posting some stuff that’s not totally finished yet but people would Bitch too much

beachbum3668: yeah they will

obsidiana_1: Oh, please, oh please post it Brithna

beachbum3668: hell, even when it IS finished they bitch

Gin Akasarahsmom: LOL!

jazwriter: Well, brithna, I am posting a WIP, and people don’t seem to mind

quietheartedfsc: lol

Gin Akasarahsmom: yes… you can’t please everyone

brithna: but I also thought it might serve to kick me into gear

punky_96: i post usually post WIPs, people only complain if you take a long time between posts

obsidiana_1: #ILOVEBRITHNA

obsidiana_1: lol

Xenavirgin: Ahhh Brithna, that can be true, although the fact is if I hadn’t taken the plunge and posted up TT way back when I’d never actually have finished it.  Which I have, just waiting to get it back from my Beta.

brithna: I stopped after the one that’s still not finished lol

Gin Akasarahsmom: LOL.. and Yay XV… now… get to typing on Lord of the Nile!  😛  (See.. you can’t please everyone) 

vivianny Martins: IIIIIIIIIII

obsidiana_1: I love Lord of the Nile

Xenavirgin: Ppppffffttt Gin, guess what I was working on this morning, ppppppppffffffft

Gin Akasarahsmom: hehehe

vivianny Martins: I Too

Xenavirgin: Aww thans Obsid.

quietheartedfsc: beach, a great example…..several of us DEMAND xv finish Lord of the Nile. *G*

lazysunday30: I do too

Gin Akasarahsmom: Yes… I DEMAND it! 😛

Xenavirgin: Help Misttress P  Save me. lololol

Menzosarres: I read the first chapter of Lord of the Nile and knew it was going to be so good that I haven’t read any more since because I can’t deal with WIPs.

quietheartedfsc: gin demands I finish one of mine that she likes.

brithna: I refuse to read till it’s done because I know I’ll die for more lol

beachbum3668: How does everybody feel about posting warnings about their stories? There was a major kerfluffle on the DWP/FB group when someone posted that they thought writers needed to post warnings on their stories

punky_96: Hahahha.  XV, you know you need to finish it.  Just take it as a compliment

obsidiana_1: I already told you how much I love it. I don´t even care about the time between the updates, because is so damn good!

beachbum3668: Warnings for character death

Gin Akasarahsmom: Yes!  QH!… Finish it!  I DEMAND it!

quietheartedfsc: I always post warnings.

quietheartedfsc: always

brithna: omg I will not comment on that

Gin Akasarahsmom: *stomping feet*  I demand it!! 

obsidiana_1: I think that some stories should have huge warnings!

quietheartedfsc: Even have my own special warning…the Jazzy Alert.

Xenavirgin: LOLOL are we going to have to put in a time out corner Gin???

beachbum3668: yeah, but doesn’t the reader have to assume responsibility for what they read?

shesgottaread: I’m conflicted abt warnings. They don’t include them in published books, even for trigger-y things

Gin Akasarahsmom: 😛

beachbum3668: I mean, if they don’t like it don’t read it.

punky_96: People complain either way on warnings

Xenavirgin: True BB. Absolutely true.

beachbum3668: Exactly SGR

brithna: beach…..shut up…lol

Silverie: QH, pas de problème…

punky_96: i used one this time, but then you had to click for the specifics.  no one complained, yet!

quietheartedfsc: with a pub’d book…look at the cover…read the synopsis….plenty of warning there.

jazwriter: that’s right, QH–I even posted my own Jazzy alert for my current story–lol

Xenavirgin: LOL  Ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh the Wolfie Gooddneeesssss of Puny fic.

obsidiana_1: Okay, but sometimes you´re in a story and out of nowhere there´s a violent event.

beachbum3668: What really cheesed me off was that this person was complaining about an 11 chapter story. The character who dies starts talking about having terminal cancer in chapter 4 and dies thru chs 7-8 and 9. And this twit was complaining because the character actually went and died!

Xenavirgin: oops Punky fic.   

brithna: I love the jazzy alert

shesgottaread: not all the time, QH. I don’t recall the book, but I remember getting smacked in the face midway thru.

punky_96: maybe that isn’t a warning for the violence, but the shark jumping…

quietheartedfsc: in general fanfiction isn’t the type of work where triggers generally appear….so it just seems to be a courtesy to include a warning.

obsidiana_1: Ok, BB, in this case you´re got a point

shesgottaread: omg, BB. that’s someone who wouldn’t have read the warnings

obsidiana_1: I´m talking about rape scenes, murder scenes, sexual violence, with no warnings and out of nowhere

punky_96: yes and there’s a lot that won’t/don’t read the warnings!!!

beachbum3668: Why?If you post an A/N that it’s gonna be a sad story then its reader beware

Xenavirgin: @SGR  now there’s a good observation. I realy think a lot of people don’tbother with the author notes at all.

beachbum3668: Again – that’s the readers fault then

quietheartedfsc: pffft…if my name’s on it that’s a warning in itself.

Gin Akasarahsmom: I had a story where I warned the readers about the story theme… and that I would not be continuing the story in any way.. I told them I wouldn’t continue it at all… TWICE.. and the second comment I got asked for a continuation.

lazysunday30: I think they don’t bother if here are a lof of them

brithna: lol!!#

Xenavirgin: @QH  lolol

quietheartedfsc: Hey I say NSFW and they read it there anyway…..not my issue.

Gin Akasarahsmom: back in the day, in the before time.. the long long ago.. when I wrote Xena fic… the author’s notes were sometimes as entertaining as the story itself.

brithna: I mostly use a/n to tell you a little about what the hells going on in my head at the time…

Xenavirgin: Ahh but Gin, Disclaimer writing was a true Xenite artform, heheheh

beachbum3668: I always try to make the a/ns fun

obsidiana_1: I love author´s note!

punky_96: Gin.  I totally agree on the entertainment of A/N

Gin Akasarahsmom:

quietheartedfsc: My a/ns are always beta bows and warnings.

shesgottaread: I admit to not always reading the A/N as as deeply as I ought.

Xenavirgin: Psst QH, since when do you make your beta’s wear Bows??? Bit girlie innit?  heheheh

punky_96: bow tie for you XV?

brithna: ha ha

quietheartedfsc: camo bows with sharp arrows…lol

shesgottaread: they’re very tailored, tasteful bows, XV

Xenavirgin: oh okay then.

obsidiana_1: I just would love to be warned, before reading it, if anyone is raping one of my favorite girls…

jazwriter: I like QH’s bows (and pigtails)

Gin Akasarahsmom: LOL

quietheartedfsc: lol

nicka_13: lol

Xenavirgin: @Obsid yes I agree, because I don’t read fics like that, it woud be nice not to have to start one. but then much as the channel changer on my tv, i can always stop reaing.

punky_96: Obsidiana,  I hear you on the warning part, but it’s also gotta be author’s choice to use them.  On bingo and (I think) AO3 there’s a place where you put Content Notes or you put ‘author chose not to use’ so you choose whether or not to read it

jazwriter: well, as someone mentioned earlier, we’ve seen quite a bit of violence in the stories, lately.

beachbum3668: My point exactly – reader’s choice

beachbum3668: readers responsibility

obsidiana_1: Sometimes, I read faster than I should, so I just stop when it´s late

Gin Akasarahsmom: there should be some sort of warning for graphic violence…

obsidiana_1: Yes, please!

Gin Akasarahsmom: they have that in movies/tv.. via the ratings…

brithna: oh lord..ao3- I need to update there so bad

beachbum3668: There is: NC17

Gin Akasarahsmom: that’s how I know which movies to watch…

Menzosarres: I’ve always though that rating a fic properly as M or NC17 is enough warning for pretty much anything, though I personally appreciate a warning for explicit, nonconsensual sexual violence, I respect an authors choice not to use one.

Xenavirgin: @ Jaz and everybody else.  I got the impression that some of the violent fics were coming from much younger writers, ones that may have cut their teeth on the Twighlight saga or something were violence is almost mandatory.

brithna: I’m going to just start using the “movie” rating and be done with it.

Gin Akasarahsmom: sure.. even that would be something… but to have NO warning at all is a little irresponsible…

Gin Akasarahsmom: is Twilight violent?

Gin Akasarahsmom: I’ve not read the books… I’ve only seen one of the movies.. the first one… I’ve tried to block that out…

Gin Akasarahsmom: it didn’t seem particularly violent to me

brithna: not really but I understand what xv is saying

Xenavirgin: Well, the description of the female character’s deflowering is essential forced sex..until she starts to like it. set as normative

lazysunday30: I’ve heard the fanfic is quite violent

Menzosarres: Twilights not so much violent as what violence there is is fairly gratutious

shesgottaread: blergh

punky_96: i don’t think it’s particularly violent, then again i’m around teens allllll the time.  i’ve read all 4 and watched 3 i think

Gin Akasarahsmom: hmmm…

beachbum3668: hey guys – lousy writing is lousy writing

Xenavirgin: LOL poor Punkmeister.

beachbum3668: doesn’t matter the fandom

Gin Akasarahsmom: that is true beach

Xenavirgin: Ahhh fair point well sid Bean.

Gin Akasarahsmom: hehehe

Menzosarres: …accurate.

obsidiana_1: good point

beachbum3668: thanks you minion

beachbum3668: so how do we keep the quality of DWP fics high?

obsidiana_1: read the reviews can save a reader´s life

jazwriter: I know, beach! I began reading a story from a DWP writer who’s been around a few years. That person’s writing has not improved one iota!

Gin Akasarahsmom: Hey.. Jazzy.. don’t talk about me like that…

brithna: use your imagination and not just rewrite what had been done

Menzosarres: Tough, because everyone has different standards.

jazwriter: HAHA….Gin!

Xenavirgin: Soooooooooooo, anywho,   my tumblr buddy Bored Random and I are working on reviving the Mirandy Book Club starting next month. (Thanks for the help with that QH  )  We’re thinking of setting it up on a several tier system.

beachbum3668: ow do we convince the youngsters that using a beta is NOt a crime against nature?

quietheartedfsc: the only way to keep the quality high is for the quality writers to post a lot!

Gin Akasarahsmom:

Silverie: mentoring through great beta’ing?

Gin Akasarahsmom: EVERYONE needs a beta!

brithna: amen

beachbum3668: yeah – a good beta can help a writer get a whole lot better

quietheartedfsc: only if hte writer wants to get better

obsidiana_1: No doubts about that

Menzosarres: *whispers* really awkward about asking for a beta. Still don’t have one.

Gin Akasarahsmom: not one book on the shelf in the library or bookstore didn’t go through some sort of editing process… EVERYONE needs a beta

jazwriter: unless the writer totally ignores the beta’s recommendations, of course

brithna: y’all would have left me a long time ago without peetsden

the_dhamphir: a good beta is worth their weight in gold!

jazwriter: *totally

jazwriter: mutters *stupid fat fingers*

quietheartedfsc: thanks heavens they don’t get paid their weight…though I try to do hefty credits for them.

the_dhamphir: pfft

obsidiana_1: peetsden is a goodeess

the_dhamphir: you don’t have fat fingers, jazzy

brithna: lol

jazwriter: lol

Xenavirgin: Ummm, hand up to say at Gin the last 4 Harry Potter books may have been spell-checked but JK didn’t let anyone edit them.

Gin Akasarahsmom: LOL.. I would owe a lot of people a lot of money if that is the case

brithna: yes she is

Gin Akasarahsmom: Peetsden is awesome…

punky_96: XV, that’s hilarious and true

jazwriter: I heart peet

beachbum3668: Well, when you’ve sold as many books as JKR i guess you can decide you know better than the editors

Gin Akasarahsmom: LOL… then my point is made XV

shesgottaread: as a beta, the credits are much appreciated.

beachbum3668: But not until

quietheartedfsc: xv, yes, but JK can self-edit very well….not so true of most folks.

Menzosarres: True XV but she said she regretted it for the fifth book, so more reason to have betas!

brithna: true

Xenavirgin: But, that said, re J.K. it totally proves our point that they SHOULD have been edited.

jazwriter: hey, even great writers need another set of eyes, IMHO

Xenavirgin: Why do my keys keep jumping out of the way when I try to type???

Gin Akasarahsmom: yepper

brithna: yep

the_dhamphir: totally agreed

quietheartedfsc: judging by what I’ve been reading lately…several pairs of eyes.

Silverie: so if beta’ing is the magic ingredient…how does that communicated to new folk or any folk?

punky_96: Sil,  i don’t think it is being communicated

jazwriter: that’s why I use 4 normally

beachbum3668: the kids don’t want anyone interfering with their creations it seems. My stories only get better with betas

Gin Akasarahsmom: Beta’ing isn’t the magic ingredient.. but it is essential… if the story and writing truely suck then even the best beta in the world won’t be able to fix it

punky_96: the last beta post on DWP was from grdn, a few years ago and it caused a fuss, though it was a good post

jazwriter: overkill? I think not. Each one finds different things

quietheartedfsc: yep… I agree

brithna: if like another to beat more punctuation into my head but haven’t bothered

Menzosarres: My issue is as much as I want someone to look over it, I just don’t know who to go to and its hard to tactfully ask which betas out there actually do a good job.

Xenavirgin: @Silverie I was wondering if it might be an idea to Encourage readers to Volunteer as beta readers, we harangue the writers, but they do sometimes have trouble finding a beta they can work with. Maybe we should be encouraging folk who say, leave clear, concise good comments to volunteer as abetas

Gin Akasarahsmom: two or three or four people reading over the story can only help… comments from each one will be different.. it’s kind of amazing how different people find different things to comment on

punky_96: I can re-do grdn’s beta post, if you guys think it would be a good idea?

brithna: I think I’ll just go back to school….seriously lol

obsidiana_1: it´s wonderful when the Beta reader appreciates your writing

lazysunday30: i have the same problem, menzosarres

jazwriter: true, Gin…sucky writing can be neatened up, but it’ll still suck…lol

brithna: I hate when I hear of people nit using there betas advice…continually

Gin Akasarahsmom: That depends Menzosarres… because a beta that works well for one person may not work at all for someone else… finding a beta that you can work with is not as easy as it sounds

quietheartedfsc: Okay, we get that we need betas, but I see folks asking how to get a good one.

jazwriter: Look at the A/N’s of good writers to see who they use

Silverie: that’s a great idea, XV ……

brithna: that might be why we don’t see many open offers nite days

Xenavirgin: Thanks Silverie, thought it got lost in the rush. lol

obsidiana_1: I can be a Beta for ideas or the plot, anytime, but I can’t help with English

beachbum3668: Has no one ever learned that there can be TOO MANY ADVERBS in a story???

punky_96: XV, asking readers to beta is great, but I have had a couple issues with non-writers as I don’t know what they can do, and I’ve had one or two way back that really didn’t catch anything

shesgottaread: lol

brithna: lol

quietheartedfsc: good point, gin. I wouldn’t aim Jazzy at any new writer….unless I never wanted to see another post from them.

Gin Akasarahsmom: LOL… but I like to see people cry… 😛

Xenavirgin: @Obsidiana and Punky, well like everything else it should be trial and error.

jazwriter: @brithna–it pisses me off since I don’t have a lot of spare time to be betaing

beachbum3668:  not every noun needs to have a separate descriptor

brithna: yepp

Xenavirgin: But what does need to increase is the pool of available beta’s

shesgottaread: and I’ve had writers that I never heard back from after I betaed their story

beachbum3668: writers with thicker skins

brithna: that sucks

Xenavirgin: I’d be more interested in giving some of the writers a basic instruction lesson on how to use spell/grammar check.

beachbum3668: If your story arc falls flat and your beta tells you that don’t run off and cry in a corner…FIX THE DAMNED THING!

brithna: amen

jazwriter: OUCH! *glares at QH and Gin*

obsidiana_1: lol

quietheartedfsc: heck, jazz…you made me cry and I’m a capital B witch.

Gin Akasarahsmom: What?!

Silverie: writers need to know what having a beta really means and what it means to be willing to accept the feedback you get ….gracefully

brithna: amen

beachbum3668: Jazzy – you’re the Mick Jagger of betas

Xenavirgin: Hey, I know. I still get accosted by someone I tried to beta for, who refused to make ANY of the changes, even spelling corrections, that I pointed out. But still noted me as a beta on the dross they posted. I had to ask them to take my name off and why.

brithna: oh god, lol

jazwriter: lol

beachbum3668: Amen XV

lazysunday30: lol

jazwriter: ty Beach

beachbum3668: Don’t want my name anywhere near some of this crap

Gin Akasarahsmom: that is annoying XV…

Silverie: Yeah, I get that XV

quietheartedfsc: I got a re-request from someone like that, told them I’d do it if my name wasn’t attached and why. Haven’t heard back from them.

the_dhamphir: other than our writing group, I’ve only beta’d for a couple of writers.

obsidiana_1: the feedback it´s so important. But some people have problems with other´s opinions.

jazwriter: I did that before, XV…it was embarrassing to be associated with the story since the writer did not make the changes, even the grammatical ones!

obsidiana_1: That´s terrible

quietheartedfsc: I mean dang, correct the spelling at least

beachbum3668: I wish there was a diplomatic way of telling some people that they really don’t have much talent for writing and that perhaps they should pursue other creative adventures

the_dhamphir: i had to drop one because of that

shesgottaread: yeah, I’ve had that happen, Jazzy. Then I got email that the feedback complained about the beta.

obsidiana_1: I believe that some people are just too arrogant to take opinions

beachbum3668: rule #1: LISTEN TO YOUR BETA!!

brithna: I feel that too obi

quietheartedfsc: beach, I’d never tell anyone that. Creation is a precious thing. I’d hate to be the cause of snuffing it out for anyone.

Silverie: well, if you want to grow as a writer and you can’t hear the feedback of someone who is giving their time, talent, knowledge to help you out….then good luck with the readers, cause you will hear it…

Xenavirgin: You know how they have Writer Workshops, maybe it would be an idea to set up a Beta Workshop, both beta and writers could learn the ins and outs of things work and maybe hook up with someone who is compatible that way.

brithna: amen beach

the_dhamphir: they’re not trying to tear you down… they’re trying to help you make the story better!

shesgottaread: rule #2: spell check your character names!

Menzosarres: XV YES PLEASE.

brithna: AMEN

shesgottaread: great idea, XV!

jazwriter: my card is full

Gin Akasarahsmom: Years ago I beta’d a Xena story for a gal… who didn’t speak English as her first language.. so I was constantly changing word choices… and when we got to the end she didn’t know how to finish it.. so I actually wrote the ending of it… I think she might have given me credit for beta’ing it…

quietheartedfsc: FSC is doing a NaNo event, 2 actually. Would ya’ll be interested in doing a beta event in prep for that?

beachbum3668: Look – not eveybody is good at everything. I, for one, cannot make a pie crust to save my life. I accept this about myself and buy Pet-ritz frozen ones. Not everybody is meant to be a writer

Xenavirgin: I appreciate that Jazzy, but perhaps you could help guide new beta’s or just share your experience.

shesgottaread: I’m in, QH.

Xenavirgin: Yeah QH I would  me me !

jazwriter: I can teach aspiring betas how to make their writers cry?? *rubs hands together*

beachbum3668: I’ll help

quietheartedfsc: beach, I can’t make a pie crust either, but I keep trying. Cause I just love cooking and pie.

shesgottaread: HEHEHEHHEHE!

beachbum3668: Go you Grammar nazi!

Xenavirgin: Excellent analogy BB.

jazwriter: lol

Gin Akasarahsmom: Jazzy totally needs the “Grammar Nazi” T-shirt

obsidiana_1: I can say it´s difficult to write in a second language, but I try to learn with my betas. I just love when they explain the changes.

Xenavirgin: Where’s my comma club??

beachbum3668: *waving hand* OO  OO  choose me!

shesgottaread: does this mean I can try to eliminate more epithet usage?  *evil cackle*

brithna: …I’d love a grammar nazi, lol. I think.

jazwriter: …ok, I’m in…just let me know when and where

obsidiana_1: Grammar nazi Rocks!

Gin Akasarahsmom: LOL

Xenavirgin: AHh and that’s a key thing Obsidiana, when beta’s change things, even grammar when it’s someone writing in a different language, they do need to explain.

beachbum3668: GRAMMAR NAZI RULZ!!!

quietheartedfsc: There is no October mini-con as of yet. I’ll prose a beta con and let ya’ll know.

beachbum3668: ok

winter156: hello everyone sorry I’m late to the party…are we volunteering for something?

jazwriter: I do explain unless I am changing the same thing over and over on several of the same wiriter’s stories…it tells me that the writer just isn’t going to learn the rule

Xenavirgin: Thanks QH.

quietheartedfsc: a Beta workshop mini-con.

Gin Akasarahsmom: we were talking about a possible “beta reading’ workshop/convention

obsidiana_1: My wonderful betas are so patient, they explain, and explain, and explain. Even the meaning of some words. It´s funny actually

beachbum3668: beta workshop and writing workshop for new writers

punky_96: a beta event in October and beta-ing in general, Winter

brithna: beta cons, grammar nazis and spanking I think winter

obsidiana_1: I´m in!

brithna: lol

winter156: ah betas…hard work that

jazwriter: very tough, at times

jazwriter: most times, my writers at least thank me, though

winter156: I’m sure…and it’s awful but I don’t really use betas…mostly because I haven’t found a good one

brithna: they should.

Xenavirgin: @Winter, keep your eyes peeled for the next Mini con in October then cause we’re going to do a beta workshop thingy.

Gin Akasarahsmom: Not using a beta because you can’t find one to work with is different than not thinking you need one…

Xenavirgin: Well said Gin.

brithna: true gin


Silverie: how about some outreach to newer writers about this? I can do some PM’ing again but it might be good to drop a note in some reviews about the beta con

punky_96: i think that all things time effect the beta process and the ability to have one

brithna: post a write up about it in lj for sure

Xenavirgin: That’s an idea Silverie. I’ll certainly put things up in my Yahoo Group and on Tumblr

quietheartedfsc: I sent the email to propose it. Anyone interested in helping/attending email me at and I’ll make a maillist to keep you updated.

Xenavirgin: True Punky. I know I’ve had to let you down a couple of times.   but RL is a bitch sometimes.

punky_96: some writers will be offended if you put a beta event in their comments.  I’m not saying don’t do it, just know you might cause a fuss

Xenavirgin: I be there!  ANd I have an idea for some pre-Con reading maybe we could put up QH.

quietheartedfsc: k, xv. send it on.

Xenavirgin: When I dig it out of my old computer I will do that.

punky_96: XV, you are a total doll.  don’t you worry.  besides it sounds like I should have 4-5 folks lined up anyway

Menzosarres: I think a lot of new writers aren’t on LJ and Tumblr and the FB group and such where they can see the resources you guys post. They seem to pop up out of nowhere on not knowing much about the community side of DWP.

brithna: true mez

Silverie: cuase a fuss…? might be  interesting…..LOL

Xenavirgin: I here ya Menzo.  Isn’t there supposed to be like forums on FFnet as well as fc posts?

jazwriter: writers don’t always have thick hides. That takes time and confidence

punky_96: i have no problems with fuss, I just like to know what I’m getting into

Silverie: and punky, you gave me some great suggestions for beta’ing….

the_dhamphir: i must admit my very first beta was gentle with me. made the process a good one for me.

punky_96: glad to have helped Sil!  I know I owe ya an email   I think I’m best in a 1-1 setting like PM or email in general

Silverie: I’m being a brat. It could be done very diplomatically. I’ve seen quite a few wishing they had a Beta.

Gin Akasarahsmom: most artistic types are a little thin skinned when it comes to critiques(sp?) of their own creations

quietheartedfsc: xv was very gentle with me too….otherwise I would have run for the hills after the first post. lol

Xenavirgin: SOoooooooooooooooooo ummm can we move on to another topic yet?

Xenavirgin:  Gentle yes, comma club is very gentles.

quietheartedfsc: yes, xv…go right ahead


Xenavirgin: Okay the Mirandy Book CLub.

quietheartedfsc: knew she had an agenda…lol

Gin Akasarahsmom: lol

winter156: What is the Mirandy Book Club?

the_dhamphir: of course

Xenavirgin: My Tumblr buddy and I have some plans to revive this on a several tiered system.

brithna: do tell.

Xenavirgin: She has the technical knowhow and the SPlendiferous QH has helped me out with finding the old forum and such

brithna: I get a kick out of that blog. Being promoted there isn’t too bad either lol

Xenavirgin: So here’s our idea to keep things ticking over and interest up in the fandom etc

quietheartedfsc: xv…you had a question from winter

brithna: yes please. I’ve never even heard of it. what is it

Xenavirgin: 1. Have a weekly recommendation of one or two drabbles put up with a link and asking for peoples feedback on them. (which we will copy over to the writers)

Xenavirgin: 2. A bi weekly longer fic recommendation along the same lines.

Xenavirgin: 3. A monthly or possibly bi monthly forum chat afternoon about either a specific fic or writer.

brithna: that’s kind of what br does now…recs fics

kimkimmy127: just try to figure this out

brithna: oh I see

Xenavirgin: Oh winter you had a question???

quietheartedfsc: Mirandy Book Club existed in the Way Back. Basically there would be a fic rec which folks would read and discuss like any other book club. There would also be writer interviews once a month.

quietheartedfsc: I got it xv

Xenavirgin: Thanks Qh.

brithna: okay I get it

kimkimmy127: and you all are writers and I’m more a reader

quietheartedfsc: yw

winter156: That sounds like a good idea

raiderL: so the book club offers critiques of the work?

quietheartedfsc: yes

Gin Akasarahsmom: Yay… Kimkimmy… we love readers!

Menzosarres: I’m really excited about this MBC actually. It’s like super-involved read-and-review.

Xenavirgin: Well it’s a discussion like you would have in a regular book club session

bored-random: Some critiques, yes, but mostly talking about the stories, the characters as they were built in the story, the interactions.  Or at least that was part of my hope.

brithna: discussion is good

winter156: I think that will keep interest alive in the fandom

raiderL: It would help to model good writing I’d think

brithna: I like

quietheartedfsc: for anyone not in the know….bored-random is the buddy xv mentioned

brithna: can’t wait

Xenavirgin: One of the things I sometimes do is reply to replies on a fic because someone brings up a good point I’d like to explore further with the commenter.

bored-random: Not so much feedback, comments on places like ffn and ao3 offer more than enough chances for that.

raiderL: I like the idea a lot.

Xenavirgin: Oh yeah thanks again QH

winter156: So, when would the MBC get started (restarted)?

jazwriter: sounds cool, although as a writer I am squirming around a little uncomfortably…lol

Xenavirgin: Hey BR, sorry I didn’t see you there. lolol And I still owe you the reply to your email. Real Life jumped on me this week, in a very good but very busy way. sorry.

raiderL: As a writer, I’d welcome it.

bored-random: One of the reasons I asked XV about the Book Club was because no one in my world is in the fandom.  When I’m reading a really good fic (because you all are such great writers) I want to be able to talk about it with others.

quietheartedfsc: no worries, jaz. gin and I have been on the hot seat and we survived. lol

raiderL: Always like to see what peeps have to say, always want to get better.

bored-random: Real life happens, no worries

jazwriter: lol QH

Menzosarres: @bored-random exactly!

Gin Akasarahsmom: yeah… the uncomfortable-ness passes, with time

Silverie: this all sounds really interesting….

Xenavirgin: Yup well put BR

brithna: @ jazz I’ll squirm with you…

shesgottaread: true, BR, true!

Xenavirgin: LOL

jazwriter: hey, raider, how’s Like a Hurricane going?

Xenavirgin: Hey like the kidlets who were interviewed have said, they survived. heheh

jazwriter: ty, brithna!

raiderL: LOL!  I just was in FLA and took a pic of the house I modeled the fic on; didn’t have time to write yet.  Hoping to kick start the muse!

brithna: no prob

Xenavirgin: And it isn’t about tearing anyone down, it’s about being able to enthuse with other likeminded readers.

brithna: amen

Menzosarres: How do you decide who to interview/what to read?

jazwriter: well, people can enthuse about my stories any time!! *smiles*

jazwriter: I don’t mind that at all!!

Gin Akasarahsmom:

kimkimmy127: I do Jaz!

raiderL: Don’t know why I have such a block with finishing it.

Xenavirgin: So many times I’ve read a fic and I always read the comments after them and sometimes something will be mentioned and I’ll think, “Hey I missed that” go back find it and have a different understanding of the fic altogether.

jazwriter: thanks, kim!

jazwriter: me too, XV

brithna: maybe you just don’t want it to end…I have that problem

jazwriter: I always read the comments

brithna: letting go

Gin Akasarahsmom: it’s amazing how different people get different things out of the same fic

punky_96: i love when people talk to each other in the comments in a good way and with me too

shesgottaread: I try to avoid reading comments until after reading a story, especially when it’s posted over time.

raiderL: Huh.  Maybe, but ran out of gas with it.

Xenavirgin: @Menzorres For the fic lists for readings we put up a suggestion pool. Sometimes we choose a theme, like AU or Fluff, or Humour.

bored-random: I think that interviews should be decided by the members.  Once we discuss a fic, based on people’s response to it and the questions that come up.  That would help us figure out who should be put in the hot seat.  I think it would just work better if there were already questions on people’s minds before the interview

kimkimmy127: punk I loved your latest

punky_96: thanks

Xenavirgin: ANd as to the interviewees I used to go and hog-tie my friends, errr I mean I would use my connection to super talented splendiferous peeps like QH and Gin and such and invite them nicely to be grilled over an open fire.


raiderL: yeah Punky, I just read it sitting on the beach!  Great read!

Gin Akasarahsmom: it’s fun to see what people like about the stories specifically.  So often their comments/feedback is just a general.. I liked the story… which is nice, but not terribly helpful for the next story you’re writing.

bored-random: Quite honestly, I hate leaving comments, because I can never figure out what to say in them.  They all come out the same, unlike what could happen in a conversation.

brithna: don’t give anything

jazwriter: well, I am looking forward to reading the rest whenever you get to it, raider

raiderL: thanks jaz!

punky_96: thanks raiderL

bored-random: @gin: which is why I think reading a discussion had about your story would be more helpful

Silverie: Yeah, me too…it’s a great story


shesgottaread: same here, raider

quietheartedfsc: xv friends are always hog-tie-able for a good cause

brithna: I always like jazy comments because they’re constructive…I like ALL comments but constructive is awesome

Xenavirgin: @ BoredRandom – Yes we would have a question board up the month before a guest so people could leave questions, and even if they couldn’t make the interview the questions could be asked. Transcripts of the interviews were posted afterward.

punky_96: any comment is good, even the generic ones.  I can’t encourage commenting enough.  then when you’re more used to it, try to be specific, etc.

jazwriter: I like constructive comments, too, which is why I try to leave them.

raiderL: Constructive is the best, it just helps when I move to the next story, shapes ideas.

brithna: awesome Idea

Gin Akasarahsmom: LOL.. BR… or you can just email me or find me on FB and we can chat about it… I’m always up for a chat about my stories. 😛

brithna: thank you jaz

bored-random: Maybe we can do small workshops, too, like how to best form a useful comment

Xenavirgin: I don’t know, is my squeeeeee all over your fics constructive??

Menzosarres: I have this problem where when I start a review… I never finish because I have so much to say. I’ve only left a handful of reviews ever, because if I reviewed everything I’d never have time to write a story again. I’m trying to do it more often, though, because people seem to like long reviews.

jazwriter: yw brithna!

quietheartedfsc: bored, you have admin on the MBC site

brithna: lol I love your squuuueeeeees lol xv

Menzosarres: XV’s reviews are hysterically great.

Silverie: that’s a great suggestion bored-random

Silverie: yeah, they are and encourgaging

jazwriter: @ Menzosarres–I have people who send me PMs so they can get it all out–lol–long responses to my stories. I love them!

bored-random: Thank you quiet, I really wanted to check out what all that meant, and maybe see if I can mess with the HTML and add a banner or something, make it more, I don’t know, more Mirandy.

Xenavirgin: Great suggestion BR.

brithna: I do too. love those

quietheartedfsc: let me know if you need any help accessing anything.

Xenavirgin: We will have to do a serous planning session.  My week is fairly free.

obsidiana_1: Reviews are very important to me. When a story is a WIP, they always feed my muse

punky_96: i like reviews that let me begin to sort of know the person and eventually become quite valuable.  Jah doesn’t write crazy long reviews, but over time I’ve really gotten to respect what she says and look for her name.  then I asked her to beta and am sooo happy that I did

bored-random: WIP?

quietheartedfsc: work in progress

bored-random: Never mind

bored-random: lol just got it

brithna: reviews are the reason why I keep trying. period lol

brithna: let’s me know I’m half decent! lol

Silverie: I went hunting after some decent feedback and got some from a few…*eyeing a couple of writers here*, it was extremely helpful

Xenavirgin: That’s another thing we can put up on the MBK, a gazetteer of Fanfic teronology.

Gin Akasarahsmom: because we can’t make any money off the fanfic… reviews are the really the only ‘payment’ we get… they’re nice

obsidiana_1: I agree with Gin

raiderL: Sometimes I’ll PM instead of review if I have something to say that may be a bit more constructive beyond just the “I really liked this”.  Just to ensure the writer doesn’t see it as being disrespectful.  Because sometimes I will point something out that may not be comfortable, but I try to be respectful.  Writing tho sometimes doesn’t get the right tone.

Xenavirgin: Watch where you put that eye Silvie, lolol

bored-random: XV, if you can, send me an email with times and such, we can do planning, and I can make sure I’ve checked out the site more completely beforehand/

punky_96: make sure to include TERONOLOGY in the list XV

Xenavirgin: @raidr. yeah me too.

obsidiana_1: good reviews are an amazing way to keep going.

Xenavirgin: Pppppffffffttt Mistress!

kimkimmy127: Okay y’all don’t hate me…..but I read so much often times I can’t remember who wrote what.

Xenavirgin: I’ll make sure I’m not tipsy when I writes it up. :0

Silverie: Ha!only in nice places….

Gin Akasarahsmom: I never remember who wrote what

brithna: me too…

raiderL: LOL XV, good idea!

bored-random: @kim I know that feeling.

Xenavirgin: That’s what my spreadsheets are for Kimmy.

quietheartedfsc: sokay, kimmy…I can’t remember my own stories….I’ll get comments on things I posted long ago and think “I did that in that story? cool.”

brithna: praise God

Menzosarres: Unless it’s one of the ‘bigs’ I often get fics mixed up.

raiderL: Depends on the writer. If I’m really familiar with them I remember.

Gin Akasarahsmom: LOL

brithna: is it still up on fb??

kimkimmy127: I don’t always have your spreadsheet xv

raiderL: LOL QH

brithna: me and your yahoo site don’t get along

jazwriter: what’s worse is when you read a story, and halfway through, realize you wrote it

Gin Akasarahsmom: hehehe

shesgottaread: LOL @jazzy

obsidiana_1: lol

brithna: lol!!!!!!

Menzosarres: Lawlz that actually happens?

quietheartedfsc: I do that too, jazzy….lol

Silverie: yikes!

raiderL: Seriously?! jaz?  That’s classic!

Xenavirgin: Yup Brit it is but I’m almost done the update with June and July stuff in it. So it will be replaced this week.

bored-random: @jaz lol i never pay much attention to the writer while I’m reading.  Just before and after

raiderL: Actually Jaz, that sounds like peri-menopause!

Gin Akasarahsmom: I can’t enjoy my own stories unless I forget that I’m the one that wrote it

quietheartedfsc: I’ll come up with a plot bunny and ask gin or someone about it only to find I already wrote it.

Xenavirgin: JAZZYY!!!  So COOL!11111111111

brithna: no lie..was going through my doc folder the other day and said what is this?? read it…it was mine. Forgot all about it

bored-random: I can’t reread mine because I can’t fight the urge to start changing things

obsidiana_1: lol

jazwriter: LOL…raider! It was an early story for Star Trek Voyager

shesgottaread: QH, you should write it again! Never know what different story will come from the same plot bunny


punky_96: Yes SGR!!!

Xenavirgin: @QH, I was reading one you posted once and thought, “Hey this is so familiar” and then I realised I’d beta’ed it ages before. lolol

quietheartedfsc: so many bunnies in the hutches now I can’t keep them cleaned out.

obsidiana_1: I just miss a few writers, like writtensword for example

Gin Akasarahsmom: QH has a billion cool ideas.. she doesn’t need to be rehashing ones she’s already done…

bored-random: Okay, so I read this note on someone’s fic (Love and War, I think) that was saying that ffn was deleting all the lemons, but it was never updated, does anyone know if that’s true?

raiderL: Hey jaz, is that Voyager fic out there to be read somewhere?

brithna: oh god yes

obsidiana_1: And I miss Brithna too…. lol

quietheartedfsc: ffnet threatens that regularly….it’s just that….a threat…no action

raiderL: really miss Kendo.  Does anyone one know what’s happened?

brithna: me too!!!! lol

kimkimmy127: oh I have an update on the infamous Womanizer fic.

shesgottaread: I hadn’t seen that, BR. But they do go through periodic purges.

Xenavirgin: @Obsidiana.  Writtensword is dealing with some major RL stuff at the minute. But she has been working on the White Queen Falls very recently.

Xenavirgin: TELL KIMMY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

raiderL: I hope she’s okay.

obsidiana_1: I´m so glad to know

brithna: oh good

bored-random: @obsidiana thanks.  I have one I want to post, but it is a lemon, and no need if they are just going to delete it.

brithna: me too

Menzosarres: Writtensword! She’s the only reason I’m in this fandom. I read her stories before I even watched DWP.

jazwriter: ummm, raider, you can get to it from my list of fics on my LJ page

Xenavirgin: She’s managing and things are sorting themselves for her.

obsidiana_1: I hope she´s okay

shesgottaread: oh good!

kimkimmy127: They absolutely never went further than prologue, nothing on a lost hard drive.

raiderL: Ah, Iusually go to I’ll look there!

Xenavirgin: Ahhh Kimmy, thought as much.

raiderL: Keep forgetting about LJ!

jazwriter: I sent WS an email a while back, but I got no response.

bored-random: Is it wrong that I have yet to actually watch the movie? I found the fandom by accident and I don’t want the movie to ruin it’s awesomeness….

obsidiana_1: bored-random, can´t you post on livejournal?

brithna: I think you should watch it

shesgottaread: @BR, I’m kind of like that about OUaT.

bored-random: I don’t have lj, can’t seem to figure the site out.

Gin Akasarahsmom: if you’ve read a ton of fanfic.. the movie won’t ruin anything for you

Silverie: The community here is impressive. Getting/letting new folk in is really important to the life and health of this fandom.

quietheartedfsc: movie shouldn’t ruin it, bored….books will totally destroy it…

brithna: the movie won’t ruin it

raiderL: she’s got – yup, same way with OUaT

Gin Akasarahsmom: it will help in some instances… so you’ll get the “looks’ that are described

brithna: the BOOK will though

bored-random: lol, okay so staying away from the book

kimkimmy127: book was awful

shesgottaread: Definitely stay away from the books. They are two separate beasts, and the book is crap.

jazwriter: lol–no books!

obsidiana_1: I hate the book, but love the movie

brithna: and it’s just  fabulous in bluray……….lol

Menzosarres: We’re one of the few fandoms where the movie really is better than the book.

raiderL: and “the voice”.  The Cerulean speech is the best!  Meryl’s interpretation there is brill!

Xenavirgin: @Silverie, new blood is absolutely essential!!

kimkimmy127: its a meryl thing

quietheartedfsc: I’m even leery of the second movie should it be maid

obsidiana_1: Probably because it´s Meryl Streep

shesgottaread: only got three pages into it before realizing it needed to go back

obsidiana_1: hot lady!

brithna: yeeeessss lol

Silverie: yeah, it is

obsidiana_1: hot, hot, hot lady!!!!

brithna: no second!!! please God no!!!

obsidiana_1: Fantasy material!

raiderL: I think of the second book as a really bad AU

Gin Akasarahsmom: Meryl is amazing

bored-random: lol

quietheartedfsc: definitely, you have to see Meryl’s Miranda to really understand how well the character is portrayed in the fanfic

Xenavirgin: And the wonderful thing about NEW LOOD is they often find that “new Angle” that no one else has seen or done before.

brithna: sorry but that’s just how I feel

Xenavirgin: New Blood even doh!

shesgottaread: haven’t seen the second book

obsidiana_1: The fanfics are so much better than the book

jazwriter: I was trying to figure out what you said, XV…LOL

brithna: amen

Gin Akasarahsmom: I shocked myself with the AU I did for July… lol

bored-random: I can’t help but think a lot of the fics are better than the movie, but it is in my netflix queue

raiderL: yeah obisid, agreed.  I’ve not been able to read it

raiderL: first or second book

Silverie: yeah, which may partly why the new fics are further out there….more violent, whatever as people look for those new angles

Xenavirgin: Did you figure it out Jazzy?

shesgottaread: oh, “new blood”…. couldn’t figure the LOOD

quietheartedfsc: the really good fic, portrays Miranda as she is in the movie…she’s iconic

Xenavirgin: @ Brithna ppppppffffffffffffffttttttt lolol

obsidiana_1: to me the fics are just better than both books

bored-random: yeah, violent is one way to put it.

Xenavirgin: Here here what Obsidiana said. lol

raiderL: I always try to keep to Miranda’s core character.  I hate when fics abuse her.

jazwriter: lol…see! I wasn’t the only one!

Xenavirgin: Except for the yummy visuals that our master mannipers can use to make our dreams come true. :0

bored-random: raiderL@ agreed

jazwriter: um, raider…

quietheartedfsc: I agree raider…if I can’t hear Miranda’s voice in my head when writing, I know she wouldn’t say or do those things.

Gin Akasarahsmom: it is essential to keep the central characters core character intact

atavares: I guess I’m the only one who did like the first book (didn’t read the 2nd)

raiderL: I just don’t see her as taking it…

shesgottaread: I have to say I’m thankful that the DWP writers never veered too often (if ever?) into the “DWP characters in high school” trope.

Silverie: iconic but no necessarily one dimensional

raiderL: Yes jazzy?

obsidiana_1: Miranda is almost mysterious to me in the movie, but in the book…. crap! She is an idiot!

jazwriter: My current story does reflect an abusive childhood…

Xenavirgin: And the first book does provide a lot of underpinning facts for some very excellent fics.

quietheartedfsc: I think a good bit of book lore has become fanon.

atavares: agree, xv

raiderL: Ah, but that’s different than the ones where Stephen beats the crap out of her and she’s a doormat.  That’s just MHO.

jazwriter: true–I don’t believe she would take it as an adult

bored-random: *random side note* it is really hard to be in this chat room and not pull a fangirl.  Look at who’s in here.  You people are fucking awesome!

Xenavirgin: Loves me the FANON  (You still here Kimmy? Fanon is important, says the Wonderwand. heheheheh  ) (Editor’s Note: Xenavirgin refers to the infamous Wonderwand 2000 found in Gina Dartt’s Between series of Star Trek: Voyager fanfics. The Wonderwand has since appeared in stories by various other Voyager fanfic writers.)

Gin Akasarahsmom: ROFLMAO!

kimkimmy127: yes

quietheartedfsc: I only did one Miranda doormat, just recently, and it took a lot of thinking to come up with a really good reason for it, the twins.

shesgottaread: I think it depends on how desperate you read her as being during the argument at the top of the stairs.

raiderL: There’s a dif between backstory that builds the character and abusing the character.

jazwriter: some of my favorite writers are here

kimkimmy127: gina should have trademarked that

Xenavirgin: @Kimmy totally!! lol

raiderL: she’sgotta… that’s an interesting point

bored-random: yes, jaz, that.

obsidiana_1: I love to explore Miranda, she is so full of possibilities

atavares: hi silverie  loved your fic (that I didn’t remember the name but I read it twice)

punky_96: bored.  I think most of us are squeeeing a little bit at the line up

jazwriter: yeah…I think it can be a building block to show why she will not allow anyone to control her

shesgottaread: @BR: I *know*, right?! These’ are truly some of the creme de la creme!

Xenavirgin: And yes I often go squishy with Fangirl Squeeeeeeeeiiinnng being kept in check when I come to these chats.

raiderL: but still, I think she knows where to draw the line.  But this is just my view.

Gin Akasarahsmom: rofl…

bored-random: I’m just saying.  I randomly stop reading and start clapping.

Xenavirgin: When Gardenofeverything turned up on Femmslashday I was beside myself. lolol

Menzosarres: I’ve been internally squeeing since I got here.

raiderL: exactly jazzy!

Silverie: glad you liked it…and good to see you here…

Xenavirgin: Mutual Group Squee???


the_dhamphir: lol


quietheartedfsc: lol


obsidiana_1: swuuuueeeee



bored-random: SQUEEEEEEEE


vivianny Martins: kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

jazwriter: LOL

Gin Akasarahsmom: hehehe

quietheartedfsc: unfortunately, I know most of these folks too well to squee over them….I just luv them to pieces.

Xenavirgin: God I love maintaining a mental age of 12 heheheh

bored-random: lol

raiderL: LOL!

brithna: I’m lost what are we squeeing for

bored-random: @XV best way to live

Silverie: laughing too hard to squuuuueeeeeeee

vivianny Martins: \0/

Xenavirgin: Squeeing for each other’s awesomeness Brt.

brithna: was gone for a sec

obsidiana_1: it´s so healthy to maintain a mental age of 12

Gin Akasarahsmom: I have the advantage of not knowing who wrote what… so that helps keep the ‘squee’ factor down somewhat…

brithna: oh okay

shesgottaread: *cough* *cough* QH, I squee internally every Sunday

Menzosarres: I die a little inside every time I think that in reality this fandom has a pretty old average age compared to most but y’all act like kids most of the time.

Xenavirgin: Niicceee SGR

jazwriter: lol sgr

raiderL: Gotta stay young somehow!

quietheartedfsc: lol

bored-random: pretty much

shesgottaread: true, Raider!

atavares: I guess only people who is on know who I am.. lol

brithna: yeah…sometimes I call a certain someone to scream about how awesome she is…seriously

obsidiana_1: I don´t know what you´re talking about. I´m very young!

jazwriter: I love that we also have some older writers *stares in mirror*

the_dhamphir: pffft

jazwriter: lol

Gin Akasarahsmom: Hey!  Who you callin’ older?!

quietheartedfsc: lol

Xenavirgin: @ Menzoarres, I honestly think that age difference does account for the incredibly high ratio of quality fic in our fandom. I mean comparatively speaking

the_dhamphir: you’re a youngun, jazzzy

raiderL: Gotta love Lady Clairol…

vivianny Martins: \0/

quietheartedfsc: <—- is older than dirt

kimkimmy127: here’s a question…… do you think the age disparity between M & A naturally translate into growth from life’s lessons to be part of A’s journey?

raiderL: YES kimk.

brithna: yes

winter156: Absolutely

obsidiana_1: Definitly yes

jazwriter: (my brainwashing is working)

quietheartedfsc: definitely

angelrose28: yes

Gin Akasarahsmom: sure

Xenavirgin: Yup Kimmy. Nicely put.

obsidiana_1: to both of them

Silverie: XV, think you are right about that….how can you write Miranda if you are 15?

Menzosarres: Agreed XV. Though I’ll admit I think I’ve given people an impression that I’m older than I am. I’m definitely on the *coughs* very *coughs* young end of this fandom.

Gin Akasarahsmom: but a lot of people can identify with that sort of relationship… who hasn’t had a crush on an older teacher/mentor person??

brithna: but I dint like it when people make Andy a whiney ass because of her youth

jazwriter: lol Menzosarres–you can help us cross the street with those young eyes

raiderL: But I don’t think it’s an exclusive thing.  We all learn where we learn but yeah, it helps to have more “experience” when writing her.

obsidiana_1: Agree, Brithna

bored-random: @gin and @brithna right!

kimkimmy127: I agree brit

Xenavirgin: @Menzoarres, Hey I’m not saying some youngsters aren’t amazing writers, but they are rarer.

Gin Akasarahsmom: I’m told Andy was a whiny baby in the book…

raiderL: oh yeah Brith

Gin Akasarahsmom: I don’t think she was so much in the movie

angelrose28: she was

the_dhamphir: she wasn’t whiny in the movie

obsidiana_1: Andy is not an idiot for Christ sake

atavares: In the book she really hates Miranda, that’s what I felt

raiderL: Right.  Youth doesn’t = idiocy

Xenavirgin: I know one writer in the Gelphie fandom in Wicked who is just 17 and definitely one of the best writers I’ve ever read.

quietheartedfsc: in the movie she was more finding out who she was and growing into that which is always a somewhat staggerly walk.

Menzosarres: In the movie I don’t think she was much of anything, really, which is nice because it gives us so much room to develop her in fanfiction.

raiderL: Some peeps are old souls

kimkimmy127: I love when an author turns the tables and Andy is the teacher

Gin Akasarahsmom: she was a little bit… because she went running to Nigel about how she never gets a break from Miranda and how unfair it was… but then she got over it 

winter156: Just out of curiosity…what is the average age for this fandom?

jazwriter: I guess it depends how you define whiny…Andy was subjected to a harsh work environment and a reality check about the cut-throat nature of the business world

kimkimmy127: 45

raiderL: Is this where we pony up with our ages?

Xenavirgin: Ahh Kimmy, yeah, just like when Seven takes charge too.

raiderL: Gulp

quietheartedfsc: <–methuselah’s grandmother

atavares: lol

Menzosarres: I consider myself an old soul for sure, but if I told you how young I was when I wrote The Fix I think you’d kick me out of this chat.

obsidiana_1: But in the book Miranda is some kind of idiot savant

Gin Akasarahsmom: I’m 44

raiderL: 50

punky_96: 12

kimkimmy127: I’m an old soul in an aging body

bored-random: 32

the_dhamphir: lol

raiderL: riiiiiiight pun

quietheartedfsc: 54

atavares: punky hahah lol

raiderL: punky

obsidiana_1: I´m 35

brithna: I dint look at the Nigel scene as whiney so much as desperation

brithna: 34

Xenavirgin: Yes, Mistress Punky, transpose the numbers so you can get me a drink please.

obsidiana_1: but my mental age is about 17

vivianny Martins: 32

obsidiana_1: lol

Xenavirgin: I’m 46 going on 12.

punky_96: hee hee

atavares: I won’t say how old I’m

vivianny Martins: kkkkk

the_dhamphir: I’ll be 51 next week

atavares: nobody will believe

obsidiana_1: astavares is old

Gin Akasarahsmom: I’ve met XV… that’s true… going on 12

Gin Akasarahsmom: LOL

brithna: happy bd

raiderL: go ahead ata…

punky_96: I think I’m turning 38

brithna: lol

raiderL: it’s safe here!

winter156: Okay…that explains how you all have such an in depth understanding of Miranda. I find her extremely difficult to write sometimes.

Xenavirgin: I’d say the average age in the DWP verse is more in the mid-forties.

kimkimmy127: xv is like a little kid….

raiderL: Sounds ’bout right xv

vivianny Martins: congratulations!!

obsidiana_1: I think there are a lot of young women too

brithna: ironically I have a hard time with Andy

Xenavirgin: What do you mean like???? I is a little kid. lolol

jazwriter: I’m actually VERY young *gets out some of Miranda’s face lotion and slathers it on*

raiderL: The mix of ages is really one of the great things about this fandom I think.

obsidiana_1: agree

shesgottaread: agreed

Xenavirgin: LOL oh oh Jazzy is slathering again.

brithna: yes

bored-random: I think my problem with writing Andrea is that she seems to babble a lot.

punky_96: here here Raider

atavares: 24

quietheartedfsc: agreed

obsidiana_1: Yeah

obsidiana_1: @atavares, you´re older

obsidiana_1: older

Gin Akasarahsmom: I don’t think my Andy babbles too much…

Menzosarres: Oh crap am I really the youngest one here?

obsidiana_1:   @atavares

kimkimmy127: I think the babble is some actress driven…..I love Annie though, not an insult

raiderL: I hope mine doesn’t babble too much, but she can be inconsistent.

shesgottaread: ya know, I thought about the “babbling” recently, and wonder if Andy had a stutter… ’cause sometimes she reminded me of my boss who has a stutter

angelrose28: andy only babbles around miranda

bored-random: No, Gin, she doesn’t, but overall canon (I’m only speaking from reading many many fics) says she babbles.

raiderL: She’s still finding herself

punky_96: menzo, remember not everyone is one here

bored-random: I do need to watch da movie.

quietheartedfsc: it’s okay menz. I’m the oldest….as usual…..*getting out the Geritol*

vivianny Martins: compared to the second book and possibly movie. What is the opinion of you, anyway not always continação is the height of the first.

brithna: lol

raiderL: Right QH, freakin’ ancient…

Xenavirgin: The first fic I started in DWP and still haven’t finished and don’t see it being finished unless my muse gets a ruffie, is Who Asked You to Be a Martyr where I wanted to explore Andy as basically a snot nosed self-righteous teenager.

Gin Akasarahsmom: I tend to make my Andy a bit more mature than most… because that is how I see Anne, in interviews and such…

obsidiana_1: Andy is a wonderful character. She is as complex as Miranda

jazwriter: are you, QH?

vivianny Martins: compared to the second book and possibly movie. What is the opinion of you, after all is not always the sequel is the height of the first.

brithna: yeeessss!!!

vivianny Martins: subtext?

kimkimmy127: qh…..the fact you said geritol proves it

brithna: @ obi. yes!

obsidiana_1: I don´t know if I want to see a movie from the second book

obsidiana_1: it´s a crap!

quietheartedfsc: yes, jaz….usually am

jazwriter: what’s geritol? lol

the_dhamphir: lol

jazwriter: j/k

brithna: I don’t!!!

quietheartedfsc: something Lawrence Welk hawked.

raiderL: Like I said, the 2nd book is just a really bad AU

brithna: lol

Xenavirgin: @Vivianny, subtext is the term used to describe if the writer of the actual book is trying to tease the reader with the possibility of a F/F relationship

shesgottaread: LOL, was thinking about Welk

the_dhamphir: a one ana two

raiderL: LOL!

Gin Akasarahsmom: I’ve never read either of the books…

Xenavirgin: I’m with Gin.

Silverie: her other books, did not do as well….she needed to do this one, I’m guessing

obsidiana_1: so don´t read it

brithna: good! lol

Gin Akasarahsmom: I will have to think long and hard about seeing a sequel movie, if they make one

obsidiana_1: save your life

kimkimmy127: bwhahaha…..geritol

quietheartedfsc: haven’t read the books….never will…..

raiderL: yup, why clutter my mind?  Won’t read it.

brithna: lol obi…

quietheartedfsc: only book I ever wanted to see featured prominently in a book burning.

shesgottaread: LOL!

obsidiana_1: lol

Xenavirgin: QH ????

Gin Akasarahsmom: I have the characters firmly in my head.. I don’t need the actual owner of the characters messing that up

raiderL: oooh, QH, cold!

bored-random: woah.

brithna: amen

quietheartedfsc: yes, xv?

Menzosarres: TBH I think the moment Meryl played Miranda ownership got a big iffy.

Xenavirgin: What was the book?

jazwriter: @menzosarres–did you state your age?

quietheartedfsc: dwp

shesgottaread: True, Menzo!

obsidiana_1: you know what? To me, we could have a permanent room to discuss TDWP

vivianny Martins: say about the scenes, I hope you astante interaction between miranda and andy, so at least it will be more attractive.

Xenavirgin: @ Menzo. most excellent observation about Meryl.

raiderL: Heck yeah about Meryl, she took it to the next level

Menzosarres: I didn’t. I just turned 18 though so you don’t have to kick me off the chat!

Gin Akasarahsmom: LOL… Meryl’s take on the character is cool, but although she made the character hers.. she doesn’t legally own it.

raiderL: Agreed!

jazwriter: lol

shesgottaread: Meryl wipes out the book canon for me.

obsidiana_1: Meryl gave a new life to the character

obsidiana_1: as she always does

Xenavirgin: @Obsidiana, that’s what we’re hoping the MBC will be like.

obsidiana_1: That´s great

bored-random: I have a question about sites.

brithna: the BOOK and movie do not touch

quietheartedfsc: yes, bored?

bored-random: I have been playing around on ffn, ao3, p&p, and lj.  What have you found to be the major differences in them?

bored-random: Does anyone use all or just one?

brithna: and to make a second..they won’t be and to look at the book at all

Xenavirgin: Here’s a question. Do you think Anne or Meryl have ever actually read any Mirandy FF?

quietheartedfsc: I have a presence on all of them

brithna: probably

raiderL: I just use because it’s easy to post.

obsidiana_1: Good question

brithna: lol

quietheartedfsc: a03 and P&P are archives.

Gin Akasarahsmom: I use both LJ and

winter156: @Menzo: You are an excellent writer for any age, but that you’re so talented at writing at such a young age is pretty incredible.

kimkimmy127: glo asked meryl she said

obsidiana_1: I love both. LJ and

quietheartedfsc: LJ is a community

obsidiana_1: they´re different

Xenavirgin: Sorry BR, didn’t see your question first. :

Gin Akasarahsmom: I doubt they read it… they’re busy…

raiderL: I  have finally learned to do an LJ cut though!

quietheartedfsc: ffnet is pure fic and comment.

atavares: I use and lj

bored-random: So what does that mean? That’s it’s an archive?

jazwriter: what did she answer, Kim?

Menzosarres: @winter156 Thank you!

Xenavirgin: I post everywhere I can because I’m a self-promoting junkie. lol

bored-random: And what’s the learning curve for figuring out LJ – haven’t signed up but debating it.

Xenavirgin: Well actually I do it because people asked me to, because they don’t go on LJ.

quietheartedfsc: ffnet and ao3 are personal archives….

punky_96: i’ve used AO3, DW and LJ and prefer LJ for a variety of reasons.

beachbum3668: amen to that XV

kimkimmy127: she said she knew of it, but had never read anything

raiderL: I tend to write looong fics and isn’t there a word count restriction on LJ

raiderL: ?

atavares: and I’m thinking about posting again only on ff and put the link to it on lj

jazwriter: I bet Jack has read some

beachbum3668: anybody still maintain their own websites?

Menzosarres: I have accounts on LJ and AO3 but haven’t gotten around to fully setting anything up. is just, well, easy.

Xenavirgin: I’ve almost finished uploading everything to AO3, it’s all on FFnet and some of it is on P&P.

kimkimmy127: jack?

raiderL: atavares, that’s what I do.

punky_96: you just have to post in more than one part for the longer worded fics

Gin Akasarahsmom: total cop out raider… all MY stories are on LJ..

jazwriter: Anne Hathaway

Gin Akasarahsmom: you just have to chop it into parts…

kimkimmy127: I bet too jaz

raiderL: Yeah well Gin, I am kinda ADHD and don’t have patience…

raiderL: to figure it out.

Gin Akasarahsmom: LOL

raiderL: Yes, cop out!

quietheartedfsc: I still have stuff to upload to ffnet. And I send it all to ralst to archive on P&P as a backup.

kimkimmy127: I know katie has read some of hers

Gin Akasarahsmom: it is easier to post on

Xenavirgin: @BB, I’m thinking of putting up a simple website because I want to have somewhere to properly keep and make accessible all my different spreadsheets.

atavares: @raiderL It’s easier

Gin Akasarahsmom: I haven’t sent anything to Ralst in a long time

jazwriter: Gin–stop giving raider a hard time *strokes raider’s arm soothingly* Just keep writing, raider

bored-random: lol

raiderL: Awwwwwww.

kimkimmy127: from this readers perspective…. I like ffnet and archive

obsidiana_1: I don´t know how to explain the feeling, but I feel that on LJ the readers are closer to me

Gin Akasarahsmom: hehehe… just said not posting on LJ because of word limit restrictions is a cop out.. because my stories are the longest damn stories out there.. and they’re on LJ

bored-random: Kim, I agree

obsidiana_1: We actually talk

obsidiana_1: and I love it

raiderL: Tru dat gin.  I admitted the cop out thingee…

beachbum3668: I have longtime fans who go to my websites regularly to check for updates

quietheartedfsc: LJ won’t let me post….the creep

jazwriter: you are rather long-winded, Gin…lol, we love your long stories!

Xenavirgin: @ Obsidiana, I know what you mean. When I think about the DWP COmmunity I always think LJ>

punky_96: LJ has been wonky for over a year now on the post/formatting stuff.

beachbum3668: me too

quietheartedfsc: I like ffnet cause I can follow stories and writers so get notices when they post

raiderL: But in my defense, my job keeps my brain working overtime and I just get freakin’ tired…

punky_96: It’s not you QH!!!

Gin Akasarahsmom: yep… I just keep talking and talking and talking… you know… when we meet up I never shut up do I?

punky_96: you can get notices on LJ

bored-random: notices?

jazwriter: LOL Gin!!

Gin Akasarahsmom: hehehe

punky_96: yeah.  It’s a message that says so and so posted so you know there’s something new

quietheartedfsc: I honestly just don’t have time to fight with LJ and hate to keep sending stuff to gin to post for me.

bored-random: ahh.  ffn and ao3 does something like that as well.

atavares: @qh same here, so you can keep following the story without the need of F5 hehehe

raiderL: Ah, like on ffnet, did I know that about LJ?

kimkimmy127: beach I will read your stories there, or ff, but I find out about updates from fb, or lj……although I do like the lj app for my ipad

jazwriter: I get a lot of followers on who sign up for notifications of when I post a new chapter or story

bored-random: is the archive bit the reason it seems no one posts comments on ao3?

Menzosarres: My fight with LJ usually starts with: I’m going to post this! Then five minutes and fifteen formatting issues later it turns into: I’ll just post a link

Gin Akasarahsmom: yeah… I get a lot of followers on that follow stories that are complete… which baffles me to no end

beachbum3668: there’s no question that ffnet had the most traffic. But ousting on my web sites lets me use graphics to add to the story

quietheartedfsc: same here, Menz

raiderL: exactly menzo, it’s frustrating

obsidiana_1: To post on LJ you can use an APP. That makes your life easier

raiderL: Really obsid?

quietheartedfsc: APP for everything…*sigh*

obsidiana_1: Semagic is a good app

bored-random: Does any of the posting sites allow you to play with fonts? Like using two or three in one story?

atavares: @gin I still get followers for stories that I finished ages ago

Xenavirgin: @ BB, that’s what I discovered I really liked about AO3, I can put the graphics at the start of each of my Chapters for Lord of the Nile.

brithna: never heard of it

raiderL: Oooh, putting graphics in would be cool.

Gin Akasarahsmom: Atavares.. It’s weird right?  There’s no reason to ‘follow’ a completed story

brithna: I like ao3 but need to update my shit baaad

raiderL: Semagic?  Will look that one up.

Xenavirgin: @Bored Random, I’m not sure….but now I want to experiment on AO3.

Menzosarres: AO3 looks like magic sometimes but it took me so long to get an account that I haven’t bothered to log in yet.

shesgottaread: yeah, I just started logging into AO3

beachbum3668: I can bed graphics ANYWHERE in my stories on my websites

obsidiana_1: I use Semagic and it´s really great. It´s easy and fast, but I don´t know if you can put graphics

quietheartedfsc: I have an account that I’ve looked at once in 3 years.

Silverie: Semagic looks interesting, xhtml and all that….

jazwriter: lol Beach!

shesgottaread: Yeah, the few times I’ve posted to my LJ, I’ve used Semagic

brithna: I like ao3 because you can download easy

Xenavirgin: Well, those that no me, no my phobia of the “BUTTONS!”  So the simpler the most essential.

raiderL: I’m going to check it out.  THanks!

Xenavirgin: Know my phobia even, lol

atavares: @gin something that ff should work on. not allow followers in complete stories

brithna: you don’t have to have an account to download either

shesgottaread: I use ljarchive too, to help save communities in case they get deleted.

raiderL: Yeah, AO3 is easy to download, but so is if you use an app like FanFictionDownloader

Xenavirgin: SGR what’s LJarchive?

bored-random: @raiderL or Stanza

brithna: true

raiderL: not looked at Stanza, for LJ or downloading on

shesgottaread: it’s a windows app that allows backing up your journal, and communities

obsidiana_1: cool

the_dhamphir: i crosspost from DW so i don’t run into posting problems from LJ anymore

Xenavirgin: eww apps, they’re skeeery.

bored-random: ffn and ao3, and a bunch of other fanfict sites i don’t really look at

raiderL: why XV, because of viruses?

Xenavirgin: Okay definitely techno as a foreign language here.

bored-random: it doesn’t do LJ

beachbum3668: I’m old fashioned – I use a flash drive to back up

shesgottaread: and yes, raider. I love Calibre and FFDL. working on writing up a how-to for it for XV and others

the_dhamphir: i do not go to ffn

brithna: dw?

the_dhamphir: DW= dreamwidth

jazwriter: sgr, shoot it my way too, please!

brithna: ffdl is the bomb

vivianny Martins: affff

brithna: ah….it cross posts? hm….

Xenavirgin: @Raidrl, Not because of viruses, merely because I’m only truly comfortable with stone tablets, parchment and papyrus.

bored-random: does ffdl do lj?

the_dhamphir: it will let you crosspot to your lj

atavares: lol

raiderL: LOL!  Surely you’re not a Luddite are you now XV?!

the_dhamphir: and it will import everything from lj as well

shesgottaread: Will do, jazzy. Will probably be posting it to my LJ when done. Need to update it, which is whats taking longer. They’ve made a bunch of changes since my first edition

brithna: hm…..must check this out

bored-random: hm, gonna hafta check that out. what about p&p?

jazwriter: *looking for translator to figure out what the heck people are saying* I have some problems with using apps

vivianny Martins: way you have set up pendrive not to get virus and thus keep everything safe

Gin Akasarahsmom: I have a DW account.. but never use it… I dunno if I can even get into it anymore

brithna: I live calibre but it frustrates me too

shesgottaread: No, there’s not much right now for automated d’ling and converting LJ to ebook

jazwriter: I’m sitting next to you with my chisel, XV

Xenavirgin: @Raidr, not so much a luddite, I think the interwebs and techno is marvelous but I don’t understand it and rely on the kindness of clever friends.

the_dhamphir: i send my stories to ralst to be archived on P&P

Menzosarres: DW is in the same boat as AO3 for me. I have one because I noticed other people do, but I have no motivation, so it has nothing in it. And calibre is a lifesaver.

obsidiana_1: []

quietheartedfsc: sgr, which is why I love my Kindle. I can email it docs for reading. copy/paste/email…instant eBook. life is good.

Xenavirgin: @Jazzy, think I should tell them I write my fics out long hand before transcribe them??

raiderL: XV, truly, you aren’t alone.  I was so pleased with myself when I got the ffdl to work!

beachbum3668: smooch over you two and give me room to hammer

brithna: I get toooons of readers on ao3 but almost no comments lol

Xenavirgin: @ BB, lol

the_dhamphir: true brithna, but I do get kudos

raiderL: Considering I can’t get the g**damned universal remote to work for our TV and sound system!

shesgottaread: yeah, QH, but not all of us want to bow down to the Bezos.


jazwriter: @XV,  keep it a secret

Xenavirgin: @ raidrl We use an aerobic remote…it’s called get up and change the damn channel on the Tellie

atavares: the last comments I received were all “update this asap don’t go work”

jazwriter: @Qh, I can’t do that either

Xenavirgin: @ Jazzy. okay then I will. pppppppffft  lol

obsidiana_1: lol

the_dhamphir: I’m still in the process of xfering my stories to AO3

shesgottaread: so we’ve got three with chisels and hammers…. anyone with quills?

raiderL: LOL!  We can change the channel, but our volume control is now of the aerobic variety!

quietheartedfsc: jazzy, I can teach ya…just a couple of keystrokes.

quietheartedfsc: <—quills

bored-random: I love quills.  But I would take a typewriter any day.  I love the sounds of writing in the morning

Xenavirgin: Oh I use reed pens me. heheheh

jazwriter: I have magical quills, thank you very much!

shesgottaread: pfffffffft! QH, you’re a techno person… you don’t fool me

Menzosarres: Well there’s always the typerwriter setting on Zenwriter…

raiderL: Pass some of those magical quills my way please!

quietheartedfsc: just because I can, doesn’t mean I do.

shesgottaread: LOL

jazwriter: yes, QH, I want a private tutorial *winks*

raiderL: Typewriters give me horrible flashbacks to term papers…

Xenavirgin: @QH oooooooooo now there’s a T-shirt. lolol

quietheartedfsc: oooo, baybay….*G*

beachbum3668: I keep my research ideas etc in essay books. Anybody else kick it old school and work in longhand too?

vivianny Martins: know any translator app directly?

Gin Akasarahsmom: I can’t write longhand, legibly, as fast as I need to… I type very fast though, so when I’m writing I type, so the words on the screen can keep up with what my brain is thinking… and I can read it afterward.

brithna: zenwriter….?

punky_96: I’m out of here guys.  I’ll post about Dragon Dates for October soon on LJ if anyone is interested

brithna: I do sometimes…notes

shesgottaread: Dragon Dates?

bored-random: @raiderL lol I never used them for school, found my mom’s old one, it only has good memories for me

Xenavirgin: SGR Check out Punky’s post on LJ

punky_96: maybe a next challenge on DWP LJ. i have notes on my personal LJ already

raiderL: No one can read my handwriting but me.

Silverie: There are some translator apps out there…and google translate is good for a quicky….

shesgottaread: ok.

quietheartedfsc: beach, I work longhand a lot.

raiderL: Oh god. I think typewriters were why I majored in graphic design!  No research papers!

jazwriter: as a lefty and an attorney, I have two good reasons to write illegibly

Xenavirgin: Longhand me.

quietheartedfsc: especially when I’m plotting and researching.

Menzosarres: @britha its free writing software that gives you pretty background relaxing music and the option for your typing to sound like falling rain or a typewriter haha.

beachbum3668: I knew I loved you guys for a reason

bored-random: Menzosarres, what app?

Menzosarres: Zenwriter

brithna: I’m here

Menzosarres: Just a computer thing not an app though.

Silverie: Scrivener is a nice writing app, storyboarding and stuff in it…

brithna: I use one that does a cafe sound

bored-random: I think I missed that it was a real thing.  Thanks

brithna: can’t remember what it’s called

obsidiana_1: cafe sound?

shesgottaread: I want to try Scrivener. Waiting for November, when they run a 50% off NaNoWriMo sale

vivianny Martins: had a crazy dream last night where Andy goes to a game and loses a bet to a friend, that she would have to wear a shirt where it says his love for Miranda. By coincidence the game was being broadcast on TV and some form Miranda sees Andy. I think fics are addictive.

beachbum3668: Bic pen. Essay book. Period

brithna: yes…..I’ll have to post link tonight

jazwriter: I write longhand or type out notes/outlines–so I do both

Xenavirgin: It has been a BLAST and a half.

obsidiana_1: ]Viviany, this a good idea

brithna: yes this was fun

Gin Akasarahsmom: dreams are a good place to get story plots

Gin Akasarahsmom: have a nice dinner XV

Xenavirgin: Thanks for organising this QH, mucho huggles of tonnes

vivianny Martins: thanks … if I had talent I would write p a chance lol

Silverie: thanks interested in the beta bash….take care, mes amies….

brithna: @ obi….

obsidiana_1: thanks Bri

Menzosarres: I’ve got to be off: My senior year of high schools starts tomorrow (there’s that age thing again) and I have summer work 😛 This was really neat, thanks QH

jazwriter: lol…Menzosarres…have a great first day!

brithna: yw obi

brithna: it’s really cool

obsidiana_1: I´ll check out

brithna: works with your music too in the background

brithna: good volume control too

obsidiana_1: that´s great

shesgottaread: gonna take a look. Thx for the rec, Brit

brithna: and it’s a phone app too or desktop either way

shesgottaread: apple-only.

bored-random: So, is there any fics that anyone would like to discuss? As in starter fics once the Book Club is up and running?

obsidiana_1: So, when are you guys posting again? how are your muses?

shesgottaread: <— win/linux/android…

brithna: it’s for all things

quietheartedfsc: Lord of the Nile? *G*

atavares: no idea

winter156: Does it have to be a new fic? Or can it be an old one?

obsidiana_1: Lord of the Nile is one of my favorite WIP

Gin Akasarahsmom: I have time and health working against me… lately when I’ve had time to write I’ve ended up sleeping instead… I don’t have a clue when the next time I post will be

bored-random: Doesn’t matter new or old

beachbum3668: I’ve got a question… Jazzy how do you feel about smut?

shesgottaread: *g*

atavares: same as @gin

jazwriter: should it be only finished fics, or can we discuss WIP too?

quietheartedfsc: beach, you propositioning jaz?

the_dhamphir: lmao

obsidiana_1: lol

jazwriter: I love smut, thank you very much, when written well

jazwriter: my lucky day!

Gin Akasarahsmom: smut… smut… smut… smut….

quietheartedfsc: she’d have to….jaz betas for me. *G*

bored-random: I think it might be easier to talk about finished ones, for me anyway, but if we do WIPs it might help return muses.

beachbum3668: I’ve written a dirty story and I don’t want to offend her asking her to beta

brithna: lol

Gin Akasarahsmom: but I don’t read WIP’s

shesgottaread: jazzy’s the first one I gave a “smokes” rating to.

obsidiana_1: there are so many wonderful stories. It’s hard to pick up one

shesgottaread: yeah, I try to avoid WIPs too

quietheartedfsc: well, there’s dirty and then there’s downright filthy…send me the latter….jaz will do the former.

bored-random: @Gin, I never pay enough attention.  I haven’t learned.  Then I get sucked in.

jazwriter: that’s fine, Beach…and did get my last edits for your July stories?

obsidiana_1: I´m too curious to avoid WIP

Gin Akasarahsmom: hehehe…

shesgottaread: LOL

beachbum3668: it’s the latter

beachbum3668: gin can vouch

quietheartedfsc: wooot! I’m here for ya bb. *G*

jazwriter: LOL…send it along Beach.

Gin Akasarahsmom: honestly.. there have been a couple of WIPs that people have been raving about.. so I tried to read them… but I didn’t see what the fuss was about.. and I don’t care if they’re finished or not…

obsidiana_1: what about the book club. When it will get started?

Gin Akasarahsmom: so that is the danger of WIP’s for me

bored-random: So, Lord of the Nile?  Any others?

jazwriter: you read my WIPs, Gin

Gin Akasarahsmom: I read yours Jazzy.. and XV’s.. and QH’s…

winter156: I suggest anything by Telanu

Gin Akasarahsmom: but not many others… I will read WIPs by Gun Brooke…

quietheartedfsc: yeah, but that’s before they’re posted, gin. So I’m not sure it counts for mine.

shesgottaread: for me, there’s something different about betaing a WIP and reading it

bored-random: Well, I’m not completely sure. RL had a way of messing with plans, but I would like to have something we can play with sooner than later

jazwriter: an older story might be a good idea since many of the newbies might not have read them

shesgottaread: good idea, Jazzy

jazwriter: at least a story from a few years ago

brithna: every newbie needs to read truth and measure. period.

quietheartedfsc: how about something older that got 5 stars on the spreadsheet?

beachbum3668: amen

bored-random: okay

brithna: and I hear from people all the time that have no fucking clue what it is

quietheartedfsc: and Small Favors

Gin Akasarahsmom: Truth and Measure is too long for the book club…

quietheartedfsc: Like Andrea

winter156: I agree with QH…we could even use one of her stories

Gin Akasarahsmom: so are mine…

Gin Akasarahsmom: Small Favors would be good…

obsidiana_1: I vote on small favors

brithna: hell no it isn’t lol

obsidiana_1: perfect one

shesgottaread: Small Favors… what got a lot of us into the fandom

brithna: amen…and its long..the whole thing

bored-random: How is Truth and Measure too long?

shesgottaread: so the first story, or the ‘verse?

Gin Akasarahsmom: LOL.. to START the club… we need shorter things… to get people interested… THEN spring long ones on them

brithna: I know right

jazwriter: Small favors with the other two stories, or just that first story?

beachbum3668: small favors breaks well. manageable parts

brithna: if you do small favors you’ve gotta read it all man

atavares: Five Minutes

shesgottaread: but for the first chat?

obsidiana_1: We can read all of them

jazwriter: Why not ask for recommendations on the DWP community?

brithna: yep

shesgottaread: Good idea, Jazzy

beachbum3668: what do you guys consider a good length?

quietheartedfsc: do the first story in Small Favors….then they can do the verse on their own if they want.

vivianny Martins: one unfinished historical marking ‘a really stupid idea, “I know qa author has no intention of ending, but will she let anyone go because it really is a wonderful story

bored-random: It kind of sucks that if you get kicked out of this room you can’t scroll up and see what you missed.

obsidiana_1: agree

bored-random: What was said about Truth and Measure?  Why is it too long?

jazwriter: I mean, in case you haven’t noticed, we have several excellent writers here, and no one wants to single out one over the other or volunteer their own stories.

obsidiana_1: I love this story, but she update on 2010

brithna: I have no idea

bored-random: What about doing discussions on chapters. Like a five month thing?

Gin Akasarahsmom: rofl… I think mine are too long

brithna: yes

beachbum3668: you guys are welcome to use any of my stuff

Gin Akasarahsmom: maybe not Serendipity… but the others… for a first meeting are far too long…

winter156: Truth and Measure is literally book length isn’t it? It took me two sleepless nights to read through it.

brithna: if you think tm is then yes yours are too long

shesgottaread: T&M is like 1000+ pages?

brithna: why set limits?

bored-random: Well, if no one wants to do the “single out” thing, I can understand that.  My email is

Gin Akasarahsmom: we need short things to get people interested… and THEN do the longer fics

bored-random: But without suggestions it’ll be really hard to find fics that people honestly wanna talk about.

brithna: and it was worth those two nights wasn’t it

winter156: How about “in the deep” by Politic X. That one was really good…not too long and not too short.

obsidiana_1: vocalise

atavares: It would be good if the writer was able to participate too

bored-random: @gin good idea. and @brithna yes it was

brithna: yeees

winter156: Oh it was really worth the two sleepless nights

Gin Akasarahsmom: the thing is.. we want people to show up… if you ‘assign’ a LONG fic.. and they don’t get a chance to read it.. then they aren’t going to show up to discuss it… because they haven’t read it…

atavares: T&M has 450+ pages

shesgottaread: Ya know, I’ve never really said this in public, but I have extremely mixed feelings about T&M

winter156: That’s one of the best things I have read…fanfic or not

brithna: amen

shesgottaread: disagreeing with most folks

quietheartedfsc: not necessarily, sgr

obsidiana_1: We could also choose an author and pic up a fic, maybe skipping authors, so We could discuss different perspectives

jazwriter: sgr, I think we might have discussed that at some point.

brithna: read 20pgs or less and nooooo one will care about length

brithna: good one obi

obsidiana_1: I don´t care about the size

shesgottaread: but group’s not really “public” lol

atavares: I agree with Gin

bored-random: I think “Incomprehensible Desire” gives me the most mixed feelings I have gotten from a fix, but then again, I still need to finish TM.  Long stories are hard for my adhd and I end up reading a bunch of shorter ones at the same time.

brithna: no…please no

brithna: not that

obsidiana_1: lol

bored-random: what? no “Incomprehensible Desire”?

brithna: you haven’t finished tm???

shesgottaread: that’s one I wish would finish but caused my avoidance of WIPs.

brithna: no…..I can’t…I just can’t with that story

obsidiana_1: We could start with complete stories

brithna: whew it kills chest hurts just thinking about that story

bored-random: no.  rl got in the way and i have to put it down for a while, i need to start it again, but that’s hard for me too, reading was never a strong point for me.  wish i would have found Mirandy in my teens, i’d be much better with it at this point if i had

beachbum3668: can we ask the authors to attend too?

bored-random: :0

Gin Akasarahsmom: I think the authors being there is a good idea

brithna: true

shesgottaread: I think having the authors in attendance would be cool, but not required?

shesgottaread: *very very cool

obsidiana_1: I think We could choose an author to begin, and them a story. So, we keep going…

atavares: With authors there, would be more easier to discuss divergent points, y’know

obsidiana_1: and going, and going…

obsidiana_1: forever…

brithna: yes

bored-random: or pick an author and let them pick which stories

bored-random: dammit, too many possiblies.

atavares: @qh ??

brithna: mine too babe. mine too.

quietheartedfsc: yes, ata?

quietheartedfsc: bored, how about these….all should be short enough…..Beach’s Basic Black, Gin’s Sisters and Jazzy’s Secret Service

beachbum3668: BTW QH I’ll send that smut-piece to you tomorrow for your beta pleasure

bored-random: okay.  sounds good (mentally adds Sisters to her to read list)

quietheartedfsc: ty, beach….

Gin Akasarahsmom: Sisters is one that has a ton of warnings on it

Gin Akasarahsmom: I basically told people not to read it

bored-random: I have read the others but I haven’t seen that one.

quietheartedfsc: yes, major warnings, but an intense read that would create much discussion.

beachbum3668: yeah but it’s great

Gin Akasarahsmom: it’s VERY short

bored-random: okay.

Gin Akasarahsmom: and fairly intense

shesgottaread: Read it anyway, and it is terrific. Very intense

Gin Akasarahsmom: lol

beachbum3668: only one complaint about Sisters: not enough bullets

bored-random: i can, um, handle, um intense…

quietheartedfsc: lol

quietheartedfsc: def needed a reload

Gin Akasarahsmom: clips only hold so many

atavares: lol

bored-random: i’ll keep that in mind bb

winter156: That gun needed an extended magazine

beachbum3668: yep

Gin Akasarahsmom: meh… it did the job it was intended for

winter156: Truly. That was actually a very tough piece to read…short though it was

Gin Akasarahsmom: difficult to write as well

beachbum3668: made me want to kill the bastard too

winter156: @Gin: where did you even come up with the idea?

Gin Akasarahsmom: I was driving home one morning after dropping Sarah off at school and I got a flash of Andy holding a gun to Stephen’s head.. and wondered why she would do that… and then I realized why she would do that.. lol… fleshed it out… that one was written pretty quickly.

Gin Akasarahsmom: did I get kicked out?

Gin Akasarahsmom: no one is talking… lol

the_dhamphir: nope

winter156: No one really knows what they’re capable of until that moment huh? It was something not usually touched on in fandom. You’re pretty brave for taking it on.

Gin Akasarahsmom: that’s what prompted the author notes and basically telling people not to read it

bored-random: i was thinking about why she would do that, and wondering if I’ll take a break from Working Title and read Sisters when this is done

Gin Akasarahsmom: you can probably read it now… it’s really short…

Gin Akasarahsmom: I’ll wait. 😛

bored-random: Okay, brb

Gin Akasarahsmom: hehehe

atavares: there is some stories that didn’t warn anything and when you read it, it’s too late

atavares: and more people should do it, being careful and putting warning notes

Gin Akasarahsmom: sometimes it’s difficult to put a warning note without giving away the story plot…

atavares: before each chapter? don

Gin Akasarahsmom: this story isn’t graphic at all though.. and only deals with the aftermath of child abuse… the only violence is at the end and it isn’t terrible graphic either…

atavares: I guess it won’t give away too much

Gin Akasarahsmom: no… if you have anything in the story that you believe should have a warning then you need to put it at the BEGINNING of the story… so people can decide if they want to read it or not

quietheartedfsc: You’ve got your October Beta Mini-Con as long as it’s not limited to dwp, so broad advertising.

beachbum3668: writers write. they are not responsible to coddle readers with warnings

Gin Akasarahsmom: having them read 10 chapters and THEN putting a violence/whatever warning on chapter 11 is not right

Gin Akasarahsmom: IF you put warnings on a story, put them at the beginning… Movies don’t start playing and then when the blood starts spurting stop and say ‘you might not want to watch this’ 

quietheartedfsc: I agree, gin

winter156: @Gin: I think the brevity of the story makes it that much more poignant. Especially in comparison to your other stories. The end just happens and there is no real resolution (I mean other than the obvious), so it kind of just stays there with no sense of hope…it just is.

the_dhamphir: unless they didn’t know the story was going to take a violent/whatever turn until they wrote that particular chapter, but then they should go back and add the warning to the beginnig of the story for later readers

Gin Akasarahsmom: yep… sometimes it just is what it is…

Gin Akasarahsmom: true D… but then I only post completed stories, so that never is a problem for me…

Gin Akasarahsmom: if that is the case and they’re posting a WIP… then when they post the violent section they should say… “this part took a turn I wasn’t expecting and may be more violent than people might like”

bored-random: not done yet, not really back, but *deep breathe* um, holy shit?

bored-random: okay, going to finish

Gin Akasarahsmom: ROFLMAO…

beachbum3668: I’m sorry I just don’t get this whole warning thing. Why are we obligated to give away our plot lines just to protect some readers delicate sensibilities?

Gin Akasarahsmom: k

Gin Akasarahsmom: you aren’t… I’m saying IF you feel it’s necessary to put a warning on your story, do it at the beginning

atavares: the first story I wrote, I got a bunch of bad reviews just because I didn’t put a “warning” of het sex. But warnings of violence shouldn’t be important just because the reader is sensible…

quietheartedfsc: You don’t have to give away the plotline. heck, tv shows list ratings and warnings now.

atavares: right into the point, @qh

Gin Akasarahsmom: L V SC MA  Those are what I look for when looking for a late night movie to watch.. 😛

beachbum3668: not for some of the stuff we’ve been asked to warn about. CHARACTER DEATH???

quietheartedfsc: ya kinda have to remember that fans are rabid about the characters….ever watch Misery? *G*

beachbum3668: Sorry, still pissed off about that discussion at FBI

Gin Akasarahsmom: yeah… you can’t warn about everything

Gin Akasarahsmom: s’okay

quietheartedfsc: And I can understand why, beach. CD is just a really touchy subject for some folks. Heck, I wrote one myself and gave the warning. Though I honestly think it didn’t turn out a sad fic at all.

atavares: I just said about violence (eg rape and it being very graphic)

atavares: and yes, you can’t warn about everything

the_dhamphir: the things i warn for are rape, domestic violence, character death, and graphic violence.

quietheartedfsc: true, you can’t warn about everything.

bored-random: Okay.  So yeah, that was very well written and pretty damn intense.

bored-random: oh, back

Gin Akasarahsmom: oh.. hello BR

quietheartedfsc: wb bored.

Gin Akasarahsmom: thanks

Gin Akasarahsmom: I dunno if I should have put a character death warning on Lucky Girls or not… for Patricia

quietheartedfsc: lol

quietheartedfsc: ummm minor character death?

atavares: lol

Gin Akasarahsmom: nah… they had to leave now anyway… not because of the discussion

bored-random: I don’t know.  The reader doesn’t get to see that . . .

atavares: minor? Patricia is very… large

Gin Akasarahsmom: true

bored-random: lol

Gin Akasarahsmom: it didn’t happen IN the story

quietheartedfsc: I wouldn’t worry about it gin…it’s not like it’s Miranda or Andy. They’re the ones that trigger screams of loss.

the_dhamphir: patricia is a secondary character

bored-random: I thought warning were for the stuff the reader got to see, or things that could be trigging if the reader had something happen in their life.  Like I understand why the warning for Sisters…

the_dhamphir: not a primary character

Gin Akasarahsmom: yeah I know

bored-random: But then again, I’ve never had a dog die, maybe it can be triggering?

Gin Akasarahsmom: lol… pet deaths are horribly difficult

the_dhamphir: i have, but i still wouldn’t warn for it

the_dhamphir: and yes, a pet’s death can be devastating

Gin Akasarahsmom: but it didn’t happen IN the story…

Gin Akasarahsmom: so I guess I’m okay

the_dhamphir: you are

Gin Akasarahsmom: I was kinda just being a smart ass when I said that anyway

bored-random: lol

quietheartedfsc: lol

atavares: I thought it @gin lol

bored-random: Now I have Sisters running around in my head with Working Title.

Gin Akasarahsmom: LOL… sorry BR

bored-random: Don’t be sorry

bored-random: It says something about your writing that it’s not slipping away

atavares: Working Title it’s a story that I couldn’t put M&A being the central couple

Gin Akasarahsmom: it was a running theme in the “Like” story that Stephen couldn’t tell the girls apart… so that played a part in the Sister’s story… even though Sisters is NOT set in the same ‘verse as the Like stories

bored-random: Yeah, but I could feel it.  Him not knowing which is which, and ‘Ma.’

quietheartedfsc: Yep, like i said intense

quietheartedfsc: but a lot to discuss about it

Gin Akasarahsmom: right… it was pretty much an AU of the “Like” characters

bored-random: which makes it a great pick for a book club

Gin Akasarahsmom: thanks…

quietheartedfsc: yep

bored-random: Miranda and Nigel . . .

Gin Akasarahsmom: shudder

bored-random: lol

Gin Akasarahsmom: even worse….

Gin Akasarahsmom: Miranda and….

Gin Akasarahsmom: IRV!

quietheartedfsc: serious “squick” factor on that one…lol

bored-random: i know, but this story has me kinda confused.

bored-random: shudder for that

Gin Akasarahsmom: lol… that one makes me throw up a little in the back of my throat.. LOL

bored-random: lol that

atavares: there is a story about them

atavares: geez

bored-random: hm

Gin Akasarahsmom: I know… someone just mentioned it on the DWP group on Facebook…

Gin Akasarahsmom: made me cringe

atavares: it’s like a story where Andy was with Stephen

bored-random: can i still be DWP if i only read Mirandy?

Gin Akasarahsmom: yes

bored-random: Spice of Life?

bored-random: okay. thanks gin

atavares: of course!

Gin Akasarahsmom: the one where Andy/Miranda/Stephen have a threesome and then Miranda kicks Stephen out to have Andy all to herself.. LOL… gross that he was there to begin with.. but nice ending

bored-random: yay!!

bored-random: and yeah, i think that is Spice of Life

atavares: no

atavares: it was by another writer

bored-random: oh.

Gin Akasarahsmom: I have no idea titles or authors… I never remember that… but I remember plots and storylines fairly clearly

quietheartedfsc: lesbians really don’t like het in their fanfic….terribly off putting

the_dhamphir: isn’t it just!

atavares: if I’m not wrong, Stephen saw them (M&A) together and tried to do something against Miranda

bored-random: and that, the rareness of it is why i remember

Gin Akasarahsmom: there are a few stories with Andy/stephen… one where he tries to rape her…

bored-random: i remember the names for ones i have read too many times to admit, or the ones with different stuff in them

atavares: Andy was with Stephen as his companion

atavares: to protect Miranda

bored-random: nope, haven’t found that one yet

Gin Akasarahsmom: I don’t recall that one either

atavares: @qh most of authors here are lesbians?

Gin Akasarahsmom: but many times if I see Andy/Stephen in the author’s notes I won’t read it

the_dhamphir: that is just all kinds of wrong! EWWWWW

Gin Akasarahsmom: I am not atavares… I’m happily married to a wonderful man who I love very much… LOL… BUT… if anything were to happen to him, or my marriage.. I wouldn’t discount the POSSIBILITY of my next partner being a woman…

quietheartedfsc: most, but not all, ata

Gin Akasarahsmom: although at this point I don’t think I’d have another partner…

Gin Akasarahsmom: it’s a mix I think

quietheartedfsc: dwp writers are a mix of les, bi, str8, male, female, etc. We’re kinda inclusive that way.

bored-random: my best friend was extremely surprised to find there was het fan fic.

Gin Akasarahsmom: LOL!

bored-random: i think she thought that since i’m les, and so is the fan fic i read … she just applied it to all of it.

Gin Akasarahsmom: one of the best DWP fanfic writers there is is a guy

quietheartedfsc: lol

quietheartedfsc: yep, David’s great.

Gin Akasarahsmom: yepper

atavares: male I just know duwinter

atavares: 99% that I read is f/f or m/m

Gin Akasarahsmom: and he likes my stories… so he gets points for that too..

Gin Akasarahsmom: lol

bored-random: i must admit, through, my brain just assumes everyone is female.  but after the yahoo DWP thread, i try not to

Gin Akasarahsmom: right… DuWinter…

quietheartedfsc: David is DuWinter

Gin Akasarahsmom: yep.. David

Gin Akasarahsmom: I don’t really read or write anything that isn’t f/f

Gin Akasarahsmom: I dunno why… I just don’t

bored-random: i read a mix, most of the time it’s by accident (because i didn’t actually read the ANs)

Gin Akasarahsmom: hehehe

atavares: Before dwp, I just wrote and read m/m

Gin Akasarahsmom: there is a m/m pairing in a Harry Potter story I follow… so I put up with that in order to read the rest of the story

bored-random: lol. how kind

atavares: HP has the most weird pairings

Gin Akasarahsmom: lol… it’s not really my cup of tea..

bored-random: if I read m/m it’s Crimial Minds

Gin Akasarahsmom: and I wouldn’t read a story just about them alone… but as part of a larger story it’s fine

bored-random: yeah, HP does.  I don’t read any of it.


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