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quietheartedfsc: grammarGoddess stomped down the hallway, opening doors and flipping on lights as she went.
quietheartedfsc: She was furious. Nothing had be prepared and the Meet & Greet was less than an hour from starting
quietheartedfsc: Where was quirkyHead? As #1 minion and techie it was her job to get the rooms straightened up from the Australian hour panels and ready for the next day.
quietheartedfsc: Throwing open the door to Room 1, GG gasped.
Shatterpath: *howls in the distance*
quietheartedfsc: There on the panel table lay quirkyHead with what looked like an iPad around her neck.
quietheartedfsc: gg didn’t remember iPads having large holes in the middle. In fact, that would seem to make their usage problematic.
quietheartedfsc: Sticking her head outside the door, she shouted down the hallway.
quietheartedfsc: “Wolfie, get your furry butt in here. There’s a mess I need you to clean up.”
quietheartedfsc: howlingWolf trotted down the hall and looked over gg’s shoulder.
quietheartedfsc: “Ummm, I don’t do clean up. That’s quirky’s job.”
quietheartedfsc: gg pointed toward the body. “I don’t think she’ll be jumping on that any time soon.”
quietheartedfsc: Wolf strolled over to the table and stood looking down at the body.
shesgottaread: Andy Sachs, on her way to the conference center’s Starbucks, heard the yell as she was passing the conference room hallway.
quietheartedfsc: Signing, she turned back to gg. “I’m an enforcer. I throw out the roving randies. And nosey reporters like that one,” she said pointing toward Andy who now stood in the doorway.,
quietheartedfsc: (lol go for it)
quietheartedfsc: “What you need is a cop,” Andy commented.
quietheartedfsc: “Room 3,” gg replied. “Procedurals is first up in there. Should be tons of cops.”
quietheartedfsc: Wolf headed back down the hall way to room 3 to look for a stray cop.
shesgottaread: Pulling out her phone, she looked up and said, “Better to get one first, rather than a whole group.” She sent a text to one of her contacts.
quietheartedfsc: It was still a bit early, but they really needed to get that body moved before the Warehouse 13 group showed up and started searching everyone for artifacts.
shesgottaread: In the meantime, it might be wise to close the door. Don’t want to cause a lot of looky-loos getting in the way of the forensics team.”
shesgottaread: Andy stepped in the room, closing the door behind her.
quietheartedfsc: The clack-clack of heels and the light thump of boots could be heard in the hallway.
quietheartedfsc: The door opened and stylishly dressed woman in a white coat peeked in. “I’m Maura Isles. You have a body for me?”
quietheartedfsc: gg pointed at the body and continued to tap away at her own iPad.
quietheartedfsc: “Could you hurry this up? We got Meet & Greet in under an hour.”
quietheartedfsc: Andy jumped back as Maura was suddenly propelled into the room and followed by a tall thin brunette. “Rizzoli. Boston PD homicide. This is a crime scene now. Who are you people?”
shesgottaread: Taking a look at the scene in front of her, Maura suggested “I’m afraid you’re going to need to reschedule that or hold it elsewhere. The CSI team will need more than an hour.”
shesgottaread: (dang, not fast enough. lol)
quietheartedfsc: (nah, still works)
quietheartedfsc: “Maura, that’s my line.” Jane sighed and rolled her eyes.
quietheartedfsc: “There will be no eye rolling her unless I’m doing so,” Miranda Priestly snapped as she stood in the open doorway. “Andrea, really! Our panel is not for several hours yet.”
quietheartedfsc: here, not her
shesgottaread: *snorts*
Menzosarres: (is the % pass off thing still in effect or can we just slip in a few lines…?)
shesgottaread: “I was just going to get your coffee, Miranda.” Andy tried to explain. “And I had wanted to attend some of the earlier sessions.”
shesgottaread: (go for it Menzo)
quietheartedfsc: (I was alone then just sgr….but with more we’ll use %. put it in and we’ll wait for your lines.)
docwho2100: (I’ll go after too)
shesgottaread: %
Menzosarres: Ignoring the gathering crowd of too-early panelists, grammarGoddess caught sight of a familiar face lurking anxiously in the doorway. “webGuru. You’re early, too.”
Menzosarres: “I know,” wg said with a shrug. “But has anyone seen my iPad? I think I – Is that Quirky?”
Menzosarres: %
docwho2100: wG stepped closer to the body. “Is that my iPad? I just put a new Google sticker on it. Eww what is that smell?”
docwho2100: %
shesgottaread: “You have access to the next model iPad?” Miranda asked wg. “We should talk when this situation is sorted out.” Miranda Priestly was never one to lose an advantage to get the inside scoop on the next big thing.
shesgottaread: %
quietheartedfsc: “You say you’re missing an iPad?” Jane homed in on wg.
quietheartedfsc: %
Menzosarres: “Yeah I… I haven’t seen it since last night but, um. That could maybe be someone elses?” wg stammered, glancing nervously at what she was beginning to realize could be a big problem.
Menzosarres: %
quietheartedfsc: Maura spoke from where she stood leaning over the body. “Jane, the iPad, while not my first choice in fashion accessory, doesn’t seem sufficient to have killed the victim. Though I’m not supposing at all, mind you. Even if TPTB have me doing that at odd times this season.”
quietheartedfsc: %
quietheartedfsc: Andy glared at Miranda who was giving Dr. Isles a careful once over and a small smile. %
Alkmaion: “Excuse me? Is there a problem?” A voice suddenly interrupted her. Maura frowned as she turned to the owner, a woman in her forties.
quietheartedfsc: (% means you’re done or keep going Alk)
Alkmaion: Renee Raddick was definitely ´’not’ the person she wanted to see here.
Alkmaion: %
Alkmaion: (sorry)
quietheartedfsc: (no worries I jumped the gun)
Menzosarres: “Why is everyone here early?” grammarGoddess hissed angrily, shaking her head. “This is a disaster.”
Menzosarres: %
quietheartedfsc: “I could toss them,” Wolf offered.
quietheartedfsc: “Try it,” Jane encouraged.
quietheartedfsc: %
Menzosarres: As tempting as wolf’s offer was, gg knew the faster they had this sorted out, the faster she could get things back on schedule.
shesgottaread: “Andy, you called for me?” Jo Polnizak asked as she entered the room. Spying the body on the table. “Oh. Everyone freeze.”
shesgottaread: %
quietheartedfsc: “And who are you,” Jane asked. %
shesgottaread: “Lt. Jo Polinizak, NYPD”
Alkmaion: While her eyes turned back to the matter at hand Maura tried to find an answer dor the reason as to why the sometimes confrontional attorney was up so early for a con like this. %
Menzosarres: “Okay, that’s it. Everone without a gun, badge, or medical license: out! We don’t even have chairs set out in here yet.” gg ordered.
Menzosarres: Wolf was happy to usher at least a few bodies partway into the hallway.
Menzosarres: %
quietheartedfsc: “Wolf person,” Miranda spoke in her quiet voice.
quietheartedfsc: Wolf trotter over and retrieved a chair from where they were stacked against a far wall. She held it for Miranda to be seated.
quietheartedfsc: “Andrea wants the story and the story she shall have,” Miranda glared at them all daring anyone to contradict her.
quietheartedfsc: %
shesgottaread: “Neither of us is leaving.” She opened her Dolce & Gabbana purse and Wolf saw what looked like a silver pistol peeking out.
shesgottaread: %
Menzosarres: Even without Miranda’s interferance, Andy had taken the initive, hiding behind the tower of unopened folding chairs to make sure she could stay where the story was.
quietheartedfsc: “Gun!”
Alkmaion: “If any of the people present would be in need of my services…” he attorney offered her card to the next potential client. ‘Mcbeal & Raddick’ could be read on it. %
quietheartedfsc: wg took the card absently while gazing at all the cops lying on the floor. %
quietheartedfsc: Everyone please remove your names from room 1 so we can close it
quietheartedfsc: Rooms 2 and 3 will remain open.
quietheartedfsc: “They said one body, where did all of these come from?” Megan Hunt asked Kate Murphy as they strolled in.
quietheartedfsc: “Once more into the frey?” Kate quipped and gestured for Megan to precede her toward the body, or bodies. %
Menzosarres: webGuru, never much of one for crouds, began edging around the side of the room.
shesgottaread: “Jane, Lieutant. I believe you can get up.” Maura spoke up.
shesgottaread: %
docwho2100: bodaciousBrit walked down the hallway, moving around the assorted people and bodies looking for her staff. “What exactly is going on here? Why is the Meet and Greet not set and ready to go? Did you start the Procedural panel out of schedule?” %
Menzosarres: “Well then. If that iPad isn’t the murder weapon, it’d definitely mine, and I’ll need it back ASAP to send in with the warranty,” webGuru muttered. “And I’m going to need some new tech support for my panels, too,” wg muttered as she passed by BB, their clearly flustered fearless leader.
Menzosarres: %
Alkmaion: “Renee?” Maura Isles looked up only to see the partner, in life and job, of Renee Raddick look into the room. She looked rather unhappy. “Just walk away. We´re not on the job at the moment.”%
Menzosarres: Jane, finally leading the other cops in rising cautiously from the floor when it became apparent no one was getting shot, stopped wg before she could make a full escape. “Not so fast. Everyone in this room is a suspect, whether your iPad did it or not.”
Menzosarres: %
shesgottaread: “You might find this useful, Andrea.” Closing her bag, Miranda held out the digital recorder she had been carrying. %
Alkmaion: “Coming.” Renee Raddick agreed, before giving her potential future client a smile. “Have a nice day.”&
docwho2100: “Suspect? Suspect for what?” bB demanded. “I have a con to run, rooms to open, panelists to appease. Either voluntold and pitch in or move out of the way.” %
shesgottaread: GG pointed toward the table, “suspect for that! Quirky is dead!!”
shesgottaread: %
Menzosarres: “No,” bodaciousBrit gasped, staring down at the lifeless face of the best techie she had ever known.
Menzosarres: %
quietheartedfsc: “Bloody hell! and she has all the social media passwords!” bB groaned. %
quietheartedfsc: Andy cleared her throat loudly and started tapping her foot at Miranda who was still watching Maura and smiling slightly.
quietheartedfsc: “What?” Miranda asked. “She’s efficient, intelligent and dresses divinely. What’s not to watch?”
quietheartedfsc: “You’re a sucker for anyone who rocks the Manolos” Andy snapped and walked over to help Jo up off the floor now that the “gun” was safely in her hand and set to record.
quietheartedfsc: Miranda tsked as Megan and Kate edged in on Maura spoiling her view.
quietheartedfsc: “Is that an iPad she’s wearing?” Megan asked.
quietheartedfsc: “Yes, the newest model,” Miranda offered helpfully.
quietheartedfsc: “I really must know where she got it from. My girls have been asking for one.”
quietheartedfsc: “Miranda, dead body.” Andy pointed out.
quietheartedfsc: “She’s dressed attrociously and beneath notice, Andrea.”
quietheartedfsc: “Blair would agree,” Jo added.

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