Marvel Cinematic Universe (1)

Shatterpath: The Marvelverse

Alkmaion: Cinematic, or in general?

Shatterpath: cinematic

Shatterpath: i don’t read comics

Shatterpath: which is actually a good thing in this case, because talk about backstory!

Shatterpath: s’ok. I obsess enough for 2

noacparker: what are you obsessing over?

Shatterpath: MCU

yurianimeotaku: Does MCU include “Agent Carter” the TV show?

Shatterpath: *swoons*

Shatterpath: YES

Shatterpath: Peggy is my fandom goddess

xJadedGrlx: cartinelli forever

Alkmaion: Multifannish…I like the word 🙂

Shatterpath: yay Cartinelli!

ariestess: Yes, MCU includes Agent Carter and Agents of Shield. We should have clarified that better.

yurianimeotaku: <—blames Shatterpath for turning me on to MLPFiM a few years ago.

Shatterpath: we’ll save the detailed squeeing for the panel.

Shatterpath: That MLP story was great fun

yurianimeotaku: Thanks, that sent me searching for more…and more.

arbitrary_greay: Congrats to Cartinelli for breaking the top 15 its first year XD

ariestess: Cartinelli hit the top 15? Nice!

xJadedGrlx: yay!

ariestess: I don’t ship it, but I’m glad it’s so huge for so many who do.


ariestess: And the MCU [and related series] panel is set to start in just a few minutes.

Shatterpath: I have a Dark!Peggy Cartinelli piece I’ll get done for that

tristianmakhai: Damnit, do I have to go find Grim and drag her in here?

yurianimeotaku: I’ve started reading Cartinelli. Interesting.

Shatterpath: Come on my MCU peoples! Time to SQUEEEEEEEEEE

Alkmaion: No, no, no…not the squee

quietheartedfsc: yes, tristian, you do

Shatterpath: Angie and Peggy get me right in the feels. I love ’em

Shatterpath: and, can I add, for some entirely bizarre reason they’ve turned me into an AU junkie?

tristianmakhai: hah. [dances in victory]

yurianimeotaku: Been reading the blogs. LOTS of speculation about Cartinelli becoming real next season.

ariestess: All right, so admin only have bolded text, everyone else has regular text in your choice of colors [but don’t go too light or we can’t read it easily].

Shatterpath: yes, Tiger, you are at least partially to blame

ariestess: If you have a question, raise your hand. I’ll get to you in order.

tristianmakhai: /smug

ariestess: We don’t actually have any panelists for this panel, so we’re just going a kind of coffee talk style panel. This has worked well in past cons.

Shatterpath: I’m nearly done with a Dark mobster Peggy. Drool, you striped monkey!

ariestess: So let’s start with an easy question. Within the MCU verse, including the two TV series, which is your favorite femslash pairing?

Shatterpath: duh

xJadedGrlx: cartinelli!

Shatterpath: seconded

Shatterpath: hee!

Shatterpath: though, I’m hoping to get a BlackHill idea at some point. because YUM

tristianmakhai: Ship all of the things. [nods sagely]

Shatterpath: I tried to get the authors of Gone With the Dogs here, but it didn’t pan out

tristianmakhai: Gone with the Dogs and Weekend Plans will make you ship it. Damn them

Shatterpath: if you MCU fans have NOT read Gone With the Dogs, GO BOOKMARK IT ON AO3

Shatterpath: ok, for those of you new to Cartinelli, what sold you on it?

ariestess: Because I forgot to mention it before, Shatterpath is your cohost for this panel. She’s the in-house expert.

yurianimeotaku: YouTube vids

Shatterpath: there were/are some good ones out there

yurianimeotaku: Yep

yurianimeotaku: Makes my screen sizzle

Exquisiteliltart: I’m just hanging out, but please sell me on Cartinelli, I haven’t read any fics

xJadedGrlx: I have to say I shipped them from the beginning. I just love the way angie lights up when peggy’s around.

Shatterpath: they are a classic case of fandom reading more into friendship, but they make it spectacularly easy

Shatterpath: oh yeah, Angie got it BAD

arbitrary_greay: Doesn’t hurt that, like with Bering and Wells, the actresses themselves are playing it

arbitrary_greay: or seem to be, at least

Shatterpath: agreed

tristianmakhai: Starting the show (I came into it late), I wasn’t sure I would get hooked on it. And then I watched it and it was a ‘shit’ moment, because I knew. I knew I shipped it. Atwell and Fonseca sell these too goobers unbelievably well

Shatterpath: damn right

Shatterpath: now we jsut need Fonseca back, dammit!

Shatterpath: we’re already gonna get too much canon ‘pointless love interest’ in season 2

Shatterpath: Tart? I have quite a collection bookmarked on AO3 if I might recommend starting there?

Alkmaion: PLI: kinda like in ‘Rizzoli&Wife’?

Shatterpath: *chuckle*

Shatterpath: the contrast between the two women is fun to watch

Shatterpath: was anyone else wondering early on if Angie was the evil Russian Assassin?

xJadedGrlx: yes

arbitrary_greay: does anyone here ship carterwood?

tristianmakhai: [laughs] because she played a russian assassin in Nikita, I figured we would not be that lucky no matter how brilliant it would’ve been.

tristianmakhai: 🙁

Shatterpath: that could be fun in a dark way. And there are some awesome fics out there of the SRR recruiting Dottie

tristianmakhai: [pounces on Grim]

grimorie: hi!

Shatterpath: Makes me miss Natasha, particularly after that OOC horror show that was the latest film *shudder*

Shatterpath: ah, the infamous Grim!

grimorie: hi!

Shatterpath: Tris speaks highly of you

tristianmakhai: Grim is the biggest Peggy (and Steve Rogers) fan I have ever met in my life. You’ll take a shine to her, Pup

Shatterpath: good, I always need a ear/eye to squeal at

arbitrary_greay: I just wanna ship all of Bridget’s characters XD

Shatterpath: and Steggnelli has done amazing things for my creativity

Shatterpath: I can’t wait to see Dottie again!

arbitrary_greay: ooh yes

ariestess: I <3 <3 <3 Dottie. IJS

arbitrary_greay: you can never go wrong with polyship

arbitrary_greay: ot3 ftw

Shatterpath: the MCU is ripe with poly opportunities

Shatterpath: though Idon’t think I’ve made it past 4

tristianmakhai: so muc to ship, so little time

Shatterpath: lol

Shatterpath: pack dynamics are excellent for damaged characters and the MCU is rife with them

Shatterpath: we need a universe where Dottie strings JAck up to dangle until he stops twitching and run Sousa off

ariestess: Oh, I kind of like that idea, Doggie.

Shatterpath: Sousa is ok, I guess, but there has GOT to be better guys out there, c’mon

Shatterpath: sure, Jack’s dea, the SSR gets messy, BOOM, Shield!

tristianmakhai: The problem I have with Sousa is the sun set and rose on Peggy until he thought she was with Stark, then, the only thing that redeemed her in his eyes was the fact she was ‘still faithful’ to Steve. Thompson is an ass, but at least he started as an ass, and has shown some amount of growth in the Iron Ceiling and after. Sousa, on the other hand, exhibits a far more pervasive sort of sexism.

tristianmakhai: The fact that he’s parade as some kind if a legitimate love interest is concerning as hell, at least to me. BEcause of his actions in the last few episodes.

Shatterpath: THAT

tristianmakhai: UGH, my grammar/typing is horrifying. I am so sorry I am inflicting this upon you guys

Shatterpath: one step forward, two steps, back, huh?

ariestess: *silently judges the pup*

Shatterpath: oh hush you, there is no place for grammer or spelling in squee

tristianmakhai: Yeah. Meanwhile, Thompson took at least a tiny step forward in terms of how he interacted with and trusted Peggy.

Shatterpath: at least we’ll see more assertive Peggy season 2

Shatterpath: now we just Private Loraine to come be her secretary

tristianmakhai: Don’t get me wrong: I femslash like whoa and I OTP Steve/Peggy to an embarassing degree (how did I end up here?), but if I *had* to pick between the two? Well, I dislike Thompson less after the last two episodes.

Shatterpath: Tumblr has been a great resourse for fellow fans and lots of prompts

ariestess: If they get Dormer to do Private Lorraine again, I will be a happy girl and probably ship her with Peggy. NGL

tristianmakhai: So, does anyone watch Agents of Shield? I mean: MELINDA MAY. SKYE. Bobbi Morse. Jemma Simmons. ALL OF THE LADIES. Maria Hill

Shatterpath: Peggy/Loraine would be fun as hell

xJadedGrlx: yup, I love AoS.

grimorie: Skye grew on me so much, And Melinda is love!

arbitrary_greay: I would ship Private Lorraine and Dottie :3

Shatterpath: ooo! That’s a fun rare pair!

arbitrary_greay: (Just Dormer and Regan going head to head in acting? Unf)

ariestess: *blinks* Pri– and Dot– *faints from the sexy*

tristianmakhai: If you haven’t made it through season 1, anyone, push up to the episode Tracks and then trust me: it takes off. It takes off and season 2 is breathtaking. It’s not perfect, but oh my god. The things they get right. Skyyyyyye. (May. Always May.)

ariestess: GDI! Now I’m going to be writing MCU femslash, aren’t I?

Shatterpath: so in other words you wanna see Dormer climb tall Regan?

msfire00: dont we all

tristianmakhai: You know, I think that is something we would not survive. I think that might actually kill the internet

ariestess: OMFG YES! I want to see Dormer looking at Regan like I look at tacos. Or vice versa.

Shatterpath: *dies laughing*

Shatterpath: I have a reoccurring headcanon of Loraine joining the New York SSR and not taking ANY CRAP

ariestess: I’ve written exactly one fic in the MCU verse. It was a Peggy/Steve, but I’m open to Peggy/Dottie or Lorraine/Dottie.

Shatterpath: anyone else with headcanons? I never get tired of this discussion

ariestess: So when do we get the May/Peggy fics?

ariestess: Because I’m okay with that.

Shatterpath: that’d be sexy!

Alkmaion: I don´t put cannons to my head, sorry

tristianmakhai: When the MCU finally pulls it’s head out and brings Peggy to the present day

tristianmakhai: But then you’re dealing with Peggy in literally all of the ships

arbitrary_greay: Remember, Sharon Carter totally hero-worships The Cavalry

tristianmakhai: (which is not a bad thing)

arbitrary_greay: I am so okay with Peggy having a harem :3

Shatterpath: LOL

Shatterpath: PimpDaddy Pegs

Shatterpath: we’ll have to add that in one of the pirate ideas, Tris

ariestess: Is there a problem with Peggy in all the ships? Really? Because yum?

Shatterpath: it must be a spy personality thing. Being able to interface with anyone

Shatterpath: Natasha does that two. When Whedon isn’t be a douche….

ariestess: Probably. Of course, saying that now makes me want to do some weird crossover with BSG. Then again, I blame that on someone’s awesome artwork of May in BSG gear.

tristianmakhai: That artwork was amazing.

ariestess: I saw that MingNa had RTed it and just drooled at teh possibilities.

ariestess: I kinda want to see if I can figure out how to make May an ancestor of the human model for Sharon.

ariestess: IJS

Shatterpath: dayum…

ariestess: Did I just give you ideas, Doggie?

Shatterpath: i feel i should make a dirty joke of some sort

Shatterpath: “Ideas? Is that what the kids are saying now?”

Alkmaion: It´s not the ‘ideas of March’, isn´t it?

ariestess: LOLOL


Shatterpath: any last thoughts, MCU fans?

arbitrary_greay: please get Runaways and Young Avengers into MCU ASAP

xJadedGrlx: yes!

arbitrary_greay: hrm, so it looks like an anime panel would be out due to the age problem

tristianmakhai: BTW, pups, unless you clearly explain the genetic connection between May and Sharon, I’d recommend against it. Dealing with different ethnicities of the actresses

arbitrary_greay: whoops, wrong room

grimorie: anyone excited for the new MCU shows in netflix?

Shatterpath: that would be awesome!

ariestess: Oh, good point re: May and Sharon. And my fuckup. I just made the closest connection… *slaps hand*

xJadedGrlx: yes, especially jessica jones

tristianmakhai: I have got to finish Daredevil, but what I’ve seen so far is good!

tristianmakhai: What impresses me the most is how well they’re quietly working it in.

grimorie: love the shared world aspect of it all!

tristianmakhai: The MCU world building has really been impressive as hell. Even if it is doing my head in trying to get a timeline down!

Shatterpath: it does make for a fascinating shared universe, yes

tristianmakhai: (which: once I have one down that’s usable/editable I’ll share if anyone needs it)

Shatterpath: woot!

ariestess: That sounds like me trying to come up with plausible OUaT timeline.

xJadedGrlx: haha, good luck with that

tristianmakhai: Worst part is, i am trying to tie down Person of Interest AND the MCU. And then mesh

ariestess: You are a glutton for punishment, my friend.

grimorie: haha oh man

Shatterpath: masochist

tristianmakhai: I blame Grim. It’s probably not her fault, but I still blame her for most things because she pulls me into things

grimorie: who? me?

arbitrary_greay: didn’t EW put out a timeline for PoI?

grimorie: 😀

arbitrary_greay: although meshing, always fun

grimorie: oh and there’s a timeline in POI wiki too if you need it!

Shatterpath: ok, gang, five mintes until Once Upon a Time

tristianmakhai: It’s in a spreadsheet (easiest to chop and change) though I will upload to google doc or something and make it accessible to anyone who is interested.

grimorie: i have most of Shaw’s timeline down though

tristianmakhai: That is one of my sources, Grim

tristianmakhai: Yeah, I need to steal that 🙂

grimorie: steal away!

tristianmakhai: Sam Wilson’s timeline is what is giving me grief

Shatterpath: anyone with any last minute MCU thoughts?

grimorie: i’m good 🙂

tristianmakhai: More ladies, less bullshit. :p

ariestess: LOL

tristianmakhai: And please: more fic!

Shatterpath: by next year, we’ll have Agent Carter season 2 to look forward to!

ariestess: Very succinct.

arbitrary_greay: I want May to escort Wonder Woman

arbitrary_greay: because

tristianmakhai: Also: bring back Hartley

tristianmakhai: You want Lucy Lawless in your MCU. you really do.

Shatterpath: heh

ariestess: LOL, Lucy Lawless needs to be in all fandoms, lesbihonest.

tristianmakhai: totally.

Shatterpath: go Amy!

tristianmakhai: But a verse that has Atwell, Dormer, and Lawless? And Regan? [swoon]

arbitrary_greay: and Ming Na

ariestess: I’d happily write in that ‘verse 5eva.

tristianmakhai: And Ming-Na. And I am just going o keep going and will shut up now

arbitrary_greay: and Johansson

Shatterpath: hear hear!

arbitrary_greay: and Smulders

Shatterpath: i miss my badass Nat

arbitrary_greay: and Paltrow

tristianmakhai: either way: there are heaps of ladies in this verse, we should play with them all

arbitrary_greay: and Portman

arbitrary_greay: Thor/Buffy crossover pls


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