Once Upon a Time (1)

ariestess: All right, everybody. It’s time for Once Upon a Time to start. We can continue the MCU love in the 2 hr panel later today.

Shatterpath: ok, fans, see you tomorrow for the big 2 hour!

ariestess: For our Once Upon a Time panel, can our four panelists please introduce yourselvs?

ariestess: yourselves*

Shatterpath: take it away, Oncers!

Exquisiteliltart: Hi, I’m Exquisiteliltart aka Lisa. I’ve been writing for SQ for 100 years, or so it feels like

space_dementia5: Hi, Lisa. I love reading your stories.

the_girl_20: *waves* I’m thegirl20 on tumblr.

LZClotho: I’m LZClotho

LZClotho: I’ve been writing since season 1.

ariestess: All right, y’all know the drill. If you have a question, raise your hand via the button and I’ll get to you.

LZClotho: hey Lisa, hunnyfresh, good to see you here!

ariestess: For now, let’s start with an easy question for our panelists. What pairings do you write?

hunnyfresh: You too! Good to see everyone here

LZClotho: Ok. now that I’m the same color.

ariestess: @LZ: You can be any color you want. Admins are bolded.

LZClotho: ok.

Exquisiteliltart: I write Swan Queen primarily…strictly? Exclusively…

hunnyfresh: Predominantly Swan Queen, but sometimes I’ll do side pairings in the stories

the_girl_20: I write Red Queen, whatever Regina/Kathryn is called, and the odd little Regina/Snow drabble here and there.

LZClotho: I write SwanQueen primarily, too, but have dabbled recently in DragonQueen and in the recent past in RedQueen.

ariestess: Maybe I should have asked which pairings besides SwanQueen. LOL

ariestess: Oh yay! Another RegalPrincess writer!

the_girl_20: I don’t write Swan Queen.

the_girl_20: I should throw that out there 😉

LZClotho: the reason: SQ is abundant with screen time. It’s been harder to be inspired for DQ or RQ.

arbitrary_greay: *weeps for sleeping warrior*

Exquisiteliltart: I get prompts to write other pairings often. I may have a bit of an interest in some Dragon Queen

ariestess: This is true. SQ does have the most screen time.

chilly-flame: i love my swan queen, but i think i’ve read all your stuff, the_girl_20–I love it all!

the_girl_20: Awww, chilly-flame, that’s sweet. Thank you 🙂

hunnyfresh: I would love more sleeping warrior

LZClotho: I started writing a commiseration fic where Emma sees Mulan’s interest in Aurora, and they talk about being attracted to straight girls. But I haven’t finished it.

chilly-flame: i’m hoping with meghan’s return we’ll see more good ruby on the show. hopefully.

LZClotho: so it’s confirmed, Ruby’s coming back?

LZClotho: Yay!

the_girl_20: It’s not confirmed. It’s rumoured.

hunnyfresh: Awesome!

ariestess: I thought it was confirmed at SDCC?

chilly-flame: i think so, right? wasn’t that talked about last week? oh duh. my bad. i’m spreading rumors!

the_girl_20: Nope.

Alkmaion: Rubylicious

Exquisiteliltart: Chilly, Ruby better come back now or you’ll be receiving a strictly worded letter.

the_girl_20: As soon as it is confirmed, I will celebrate, but it is only rumoured at the moment.

chilly-flame: whoops

ariestess: Oh! I swore it was confirmed. Then again, I was mostly muting SDCC stuff, so got a lot secondhand and/or out of context.

LZClotho: bummer.

chilly-flame: :-#

hunnyfresh: They really should. A Ruby-storyline is long overdue

yurianimeotaku: Robin and Zelena have officially joined the cast.

Exquisiteliltart: Ruby is alive and well in fic, I read about her and imagine her all the time.

ariestess: Though I swear there was an article that came out this week talking about Merida that said she’d be seen with Ruby.

the_girl_20: I’ve always wanted a Dark!Red storyline.

the_girl_20: That’s one of the things adding fuel to the rumour, ariestess.

the_girl_20: Eddy mentioned that Merida fit with a lot of characters and he mentioned Ruby.

Exquisiteliltart: oooh, dark!Red – the Crimson Wolf rarr

ariestess: Honestly, offiicially joining the cast means nothing on this show, given how they’ve used and abused some of “original cast” characters.

hunnyfresh: There’s sort of a dark!Red character in MonsterGalore’s fic

the_girl_20: But nothing is confirmed yet. Believe me, I’ve been trying not to get my hopes up too much 😉

ariestess: Ahh. Okay. Thanks for the clarification. That’s good to know.

ariestess: Next question: If there was another femslash pairing you’d like to write if you had the opportunity, would you and what would that pairing be?

yurianimeotaku: When dweebs write a show. what do you expect?

the_girl_20: I want to write Cruella/Ursula and I think I’m gonna give it a go in the upcoming SeaDevil week.

ariestess: Ugh! True enough, yuri.

hunnyfresh: I want to explore more of Marian’s character. I’ve seen her paired with Mulan in some instances, and as much as I love SW, I can see Marian and Mulan happening

Exquisiteliltart: With Xfiles Returning, I want to write some Scully/Regina or Scully/Emma fics… any way i get scully into the OUAT verse

LZClotho: dropping back into Regina’s past, I’m enjoying the development of DragonQueen, really. I envision a lot of magical mayhem and celebratory sex as Regina gets steadily more skilled and dark.

ariestess: I need to look into the SeaDevil prompts. I’ve written a couple short things [a drabble and a poem I think] for them, and I’m itching to write more.

Exquisiteliltart: yes, hunny, please give Marian some hot lesbian happiness

the_girl_20: SeaDevil are so cute and there’s a lot to explore in their backstories.

yurianimeotaku: @ariestess After watching those two at ComiCon this year. They fell from “Nerd” to “Dweeb” in my book.

ariestess: Oh yes, hunny. I’ve been considering ways to write Regina/Marian, actually.

LZClotho: I couldn’t stand Cruella, so I try to avoid her in my fics at all.

ariestess: I was more impressed with Cruella than I thought I’d be. Until they turned her into a run of the mill sociopath with no real depth.

hunnyfresh: I was pretty upset that Marian was ungracefully written out

the_girl_20: I loved Cruella.

Exquisiteliltart: I”m writing a story about Crushella, henry’s pet hermit crab- it might be seadevil…

hunnyfresh: I wish they hadn’t had showed Cruella’s backstory and death all in the same episode

ariestess: The way that Marian was deal with bothered me deply.

the_girl_20: A Cruella and Ruby story would’ve been fun.

the_girl_20: With Cruella’s ability to control animals.

hunnyfresh: That would have!

ariestess: @hunny: I agree. It was too much in one episode and made her useless. Then again, I could say the same about Ursula getting Ariel’s– I mean her backstory then getting her happy ending all in one go.

ariestess: Okay, Cruella/Ruby could be fascinating. I hadn’t thought of it, but hmm…

ariestess: Yuri, you have the next question.

hunnyfresh: @ariestess: exactly – too much rush and go go go on the plot, not enough development

yurianimeotaku: What about some FrozenSwan fics?

Exquisiteliltart: Cruella teaches Ruby some ‘new commands’

hunnyfresh: With Elsa?

ariestess: @hunny: But that’s kind of par for the course with the two idiots at the helm.

LZClotho: the Ursula story was so short, I had no investment in her as a character. At all. It was like Rapunzel, really, essentially one and done, and I was unimpressed.

yurianimeotaku: Yes

the_girl_20: Cruella and Ruby could be fascinating – especially if Ruby’s feeling abandoned by everyone else and Cruella kind of takes her in and she doesn’t realise she’s being controlled.

ariestess: @LZ: Yes, I agree. It was too short, too trite, too easy, and I’m not sure that I like her getting her happy ending when no one else in that group did.

the_girl_20: I love Frozen Swan. There’s one really long FS fic I read recently that was fab.

yurianimeotaku: Which one?

ariestess: @yuri: I certainly haven’t considered FrozenSwan. I mostly see them in a sisterly way.

the_girl_20: Most storylines on Once are too short and wrapped up too neatly.

space_dementia5: or not neat enough

hunnyfresh: @yurianimeotaku – I preferred them as brotp Might have had my shipper glasses on, but I thought there was implication in Elsa’s words whenever she brought up Regina to Emma

Exquisiteliltart: I’d read or write a jealous! Regina over Frozen Swan. I liked Elsa, but I already kinda forgot about her…

the_girl_20: @yuri The Hot and Cold of It: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10954019/1/The-Hot-and-Cold-of-It

yurianimeotaku: I’ve been searching for some FrozenSwan fics, but those are like dragon’s teeth.

Shatterpath: it doesn’t seem like they gave the audience much to speculate one with the Frozen crew

hunnyfresh: @the_girl & @space_dementia – agreed, there’s no pacing whatsoever

the_girl_20: @yuri Yes, I was surprised by the lack of FS fics when I went looking recently.

yurianimeotaku: @hunny Thank you

Alkmaion: @the girl: ‘The Hot and Cold of it’, per chance

the_girl_20: Do SQ writers feel disloyal if they write Regina or Emma with anyone else?

Exquisiteliltart: Who needs pacing or characterization and emotional development when you have magic, right? 🙂

the_girl_20: @Alkmaion Yep. That’s the one 🙂

Lurk Amo: right!

Alkmaion: sorry, belatedly saw your line

Exquisiteliltart: Thanks Lurky!

space_dementia5: *wavy hands* magic! all is fixed

LZClotho: Writing Emma or Regina with someone else? Do I feel guilty if I do it? I don’t really, for a couple reasons:

ariestess: @the_girl_20: Good question! I don’t feel disloyal because I multiship Regina with so many people. As long as she ends up happy, I’m happy. Though that’s mostly with Emma, but still…

LZClotho: 1) more often than not, it’s not a current timeline story (in either Emma’s or Regina’s past)

Exquisiteliltart: I’d feel some major pain when I write OQ or CS even as a means to SQ. I try to avoid pain

LZClotho: 2) or it’s a mistaken/jealousy interaction, not actual.

Lurk Amo: love the mistaken and jealousy interactions

LZClotho: There was this Ruby/Regina interaction that made Emma jealous in the series I wrote with paradoxalpoised

ariestess: I have less issue writing OQ than I do CS. It’s hard to explain, but yeah…

hunnyfresh: @the_girl_20: agreed with LZClotho, I usually have other relationships in the past

LZClotho: and I am not consciously thinking about Regina being with Emma in the future when writing Regina/Maleficent.

LZClotho: or Regina/Ruby for that matter.

Lurk Amo: how so, ariestess?

ariestess: @lurk: I like Robin more than Hook. Hook was only useful when he was Cora’s sidekick. When that SL ended, he should have been gone.

hunnyfresh: @ariestess I’m actually more open to OQ than CS. I find Robin in most fics isn’t terrible (excluding his decisions post-Zelena baby)

Lurk Amo: ok. I get that

Exquisiteliltart: hunny, I was so afraid LFW was gonna turn Regina/Robin, my heart was in my throat! So glad it didn’t.

ariestess: @hunny: Same. I can understand his motivations and their complexities more than with Hook, who really just feels like he’s a one trick pony.

Exquisiteliltart: I love to write Robin terrible! Abrasive and rednecky, that’s my fave!

ariestess: LOL

Shatterpath: Hook= male bimbo

LZClotho: oh gosh, handling either Hook or Hood as past, or ending, relationships before writing Emma/Regina makes my stomach upset. I almost didn’t finish writing “Nine Months to Love” because the catalyst was an Emma/Hook relationship.

hunnyfresh: @Exquisite: a few people did! and honestly, in that situation, I wouldn’t have minded it

ariestess: @LZ: I remember that. I loved that story, but I think you did it very well.

hunnyfresh: I don’t think I’ve read a story where Hook wasn’t some type of sleeze

ariestess: @hunny: Same. I just can’t find a single way to redeem him.

space_dementia5: i’ve read one or two where hook turned out okay and was the “good guy” pushing Emma and Regina together

hunnyfresh: @Exquisite: redneck Robin is fun to read though!

ariestess: Okay, so next question: What are your favorite or least favorite tropes when writing Once femslash?

Exquisiteliltart: Reerrrghina!

LZClotho: I can’t stand to write Robin at all, so I always begin stories without even mentioning Regina ending things with him. I just figure she lets him go, washes her mouth out, takes a shower and moves on. Canonically she is showing so little interest in being around him, except when forced to it, I feel justified.

ariestess: @LZ: Yeah, that’s pretty much how it seems. Like she gets over the “pixie dust prediction” and moves on.

Exquisiteliltart: Magic sex and bed sharing is a total staple, and also my very favorite is swan queen picnic!

the_girl_20: My feelings towards Robin are all tied up in my childhood crush on Sean, so I can’t be objective about him at all 😉

hunnyfresh: Favourite is totally best friends turned to lovers. I love watching those two idiots beat around the bush with their feelings

LZClotho: my most unfavorite trope is, honestly, the awkward sharing a bed one. These are grown women. While there might be misgivings, or fears about sleeping together platonically when they are attracted, I leave that unspoken. All the angsting in the head is just not me.

Lurk Amo: what was he in, Girl, that spawned the crush?

LZClotho: another trope that bugs me is “making the other jealous” Intentionally making a partner jealous because you feel slighted is very childish behavior and I simply do not see either Emma or Regina as that childish.

hunnyfresh: @the_girl_20: he’s still pretty dashing now :p

the_girl_20: @Lurk A few things. Grange Hill, notably. (long running British school drama series)

LZClotho: Can Emma be child-like? Yes, of course, but relationships are not her strong suit. She wouldn’t play games in them with her partners emotions.

ariestess: @LZ: Yeah, the intentional jealousy thing doesn’t make sense to me either. I sometimes think some of the tropes are very age-specific to the writers.

Lurk Amo: omg! as soon as you said it! wow, he was too! bahahahaha!

LZClotho: I will do accidental jealousy though I never let it get very far. Both Emma and Regina would too quickly, IMHO, bring up that they are jealous, and the other would shut it down with honesty.

Exquisiteliltart: Tropes I’m over is the act of true love, I still read it and write it but it’s been done a lot

hunnyfresh: @LZClotho: what about unintentional jealousy? One realizes they like the other while the other is in a relationship?

Exquisiteliltart: like how Regina acts around Hook in canon

LZClotho: I do write that (there’s a moment in my SwanQueen Week fic as a matter of fact)

hunnyfresh: Haha exactly

ariestess: @LZ: Unintentional jealousy is beautiful and tends to get them to be honest with each other a lot faster.

the_girl_20: @Exquisiteliltart Yes. The show bashes us over the head with it too.

Exquisiteliltart: especially, the shattered sight spell episode. still can’t wrap my head about that.

the_girl_20: As a Ruby fan, it makes me sad that she’s very often the catalyst to get Emma and Regina together in fics. Either intentionally or not 🙁

ariestess: @Exquis: Yeah, I actually had a lot of issues with that intentional jealousy in that ep. It was uncalled for.

Exquisiteliltart: I’ve been loving Ruby’s role in the mistaken for a couple fics this week, I can just picture her quiet exasperation so vividly

ariestess: @the_girl: If I use Ruby as a catalyst, it usually ends up as a RedSwanQueen triad.

LZClotho: Regina’s clear jealousy of Hook has led to some wonderful sass, but it is very teenager-y, like both the Hood/REgina and Hook/Emma relationship are being written as jealous cheerleaders in a high school. One has the head of the bad boys, and the other the captain of the football team.

LZClotho: but it makes them both popular so they stick with it, ending up as rivals in the high school food chain.

LZClotho: I did not sign on to watch another 90210.

the_girl_20: @ariestess I don’t mind a bit of RSQ every now and then 😉 (Although I find threesomes impossible to write)

ariestess: @LZ: YES! I don’t need high school/college drama.

Exquisiteliltart: no, it’s show about murderers really, like who isn’t a murderer on OUAT? Did Archie kill anyone yet?

ariestess: @Exquis: Technically Archie killed Gepetto’s parents.

LZClotho: Archie feels responsible for the deaths of Marco’s parents. Not quite the same, but yeah, death accompanies his story too.

Shatterpath: but it’s a family show.

ariestess: And technically, Henry hasn’t killed anyone. Nor has baby Neal.

the_girl_20: Does anybody other than Regina get arrested for murder?

Exquisiteliltart: Mary Margaret for Kathryn

LZClotho: Snow did. LOL

space_dementia5: it’s a family show, yet Hook talks about Emma playing with his sword >.>

the_girl_20: Oh yeah.

the_girl_20: Ha.

the_girl_20: I miss Kathryn 🙁

hunnyfresh: Me too

hunnyfresh: I love her in fics. She’s usually the sassy friend

Exquisiteliltart: I like Kathryn as Regina’s bff fics, and she’s always nosy

Exquisiteliltart: cheers! Hunny

LZClotho: they step over hte family show line for the het ships all the time. It’s really quite disgusting.

ariestess: I currently have at least 2 different AU series with Kathryn/Regina.

ariestess: Or is it three?

LZClotho: I write Kathryn as a friend if I write her at all.

the_girl_20: Kathryn/Abigail is really fun to write.

the_girl_20: Abigail particularly.

LZClotho: her FTL persona was really a stuck up bitch

Lurk Amo: I prefer Kathryn to Ruby

ariestess: I didn’t honestly like her at first, but she grew on me.

hunnyfresh: I love them as besties, but seeing Regina as besties with Tink, Marian, or even Ruby – that girl is seriously popular

LZClotho: but Kathryn is really a wonderful Storybrooke persona

the_girl_20: @LZ You didn’t like Abigail??

the_girl_20: She was the most sensible of all the princesses.

LZClotho: It was circumstance, and my description isn’t a dislike, just a fact.

Exquisiteliltart: She was portrayed as more high maintenance than Snow in FTL

LZClotho: I see kathryn with her frederick happy ending, and move on.

space_dementia5: she was, until she helped Charming escape their marriage. even though that was a bit self-serving

LZClotho: I certainly never wrote her season 1, married to David.

Exquisiteliltart: Regina is besties with Mal, Cru, and Urs too

LZClotho: I almost never write Snowing. Even in their cursed personas they were bland and uninteresting to me.

ariestess: Snowing is the most boring pairing on the show.

Exquisiteliltart: I like to write Snowing as super obnoxious and self-righteous. 🙂

LZClotho: When I write Snowing, it’s later seasons, and david is way more level headed than snow

LZClotho: ditto, exquisite

hunnyfresh: I always saw the act of her helping Charming was because she could see he didn’t love her and why would they go ahead and encourage arranged marriages

the_girl_20: I see Abigail as pragmatic and intelligent. She did the best with her circumstances until an opportunity arose to fix the things that had gone wrong in her life.

hunnyfresh: I like it when David is the protective father

LZClotho: i agree @the_girl

LZClotho: I go more with understanding father, but yeah

ariestess: @the_girl: I utterly agree.

ariestess: @LZ: Yes, I prefer him as an understanding father. If nothing else, that balances out Snow’s flighty helicopter parenting.

the_girl_20: @ariestess Ugh. Snow’s parenting of Emma since Neal came along makes me ill.

hunnyfresh: But where is Neal?

ariestess: @the_girl: Her parenting of Snow since the curse ended has made me ill.

Lurk Amo: I’ve said it before, I don’t get how either of them can parent when they’re the same age as Emma

ariestess: @hunny: In the magical baby nursery with the other babies.

the_girl_20: @hunny Ruby’s probably babysitting him now Henry’s too big for her to babysit.

ariestess: LOLOL

yurianimeotaku: @hunnyfresh Will you be doing any more videos with Miss Lane?

LZClotho: no, they had Belle babysitting last time, reember?

hunnyfresh: I can imagine Ruby sitting down with all the Storybrooke babies and letting them know, story time style, the shit storm the town has become

ariestess: All right, as we come into our last 15 minutes of this panel, I’m going to ask one last question for speculation: What do you think the rising of Emma as the Dark Swan will do to fanfic?

the_girl_20: There’s also a princess mother/baby group isn’t there? Cinders and Aurora and Snow go there.

hunnyfresh: @yuri: I believe she’s making a Sense Memory video, but as for another video/fic collab we haven’t discussed it yet

Exquisiteliltart: and now a song about the 3rd curse…this little pan of mine, he wanted to kill everyone, lalala

ariestess: LOLOL

yurianimeotaku: @hunny Thank you

Lurk Amo: I think her eyebrows indicate a great deal about the new Dark One

Exquisiteliltart: I’m sick of the word Darkness

LZClotho: based on JMo’s commentary, Emma’s seriously gonna go off the rails. I don’t think that it can go as far as they imagine/want

LZClotho: but it will be interesting to see.

hunnyfresh: @the_girl: did you notice that Alexandra was a baby when she should have been two or three then?

Exquisiteliltart: she has toothpaste in her hair and REgina’s raven died for her dress

hunnyfresh: @Yuri: You’re welcome!

LZClotho: As for fanfic, lots of Dark Emma seducing Regina, IMHO

the_girl_20: @hunny Yes. I have no idea how time works in SB.

space_dementia5: and her eyebrows fell into the glue sticks?

hunnyfresh: It would be cool to see Regina trying to help Emma battle it, but then they both kind of fall into darkness together

Exquisiteliltart: I liked how JMO said she’d be free… i want to be free like that.

LZClotho: I don’t want to see coerced or D/s DarkEmma/Regina stories. I’m not a fan of most D/s anyway, but I also think that Regina can be really hard to write consistently as a sub

Exquisiteliltart: sounds like my naughty nuns story…definitely falling into the darkness together.

hunnyfresh: I liked the JMo researched the heck out of Dark Swan stories

ariestess: I actually have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of noncon/dubcon SQ fic with Emma as the Dark One and I am NOT comfortable with that idea.

LZClotho: I wrote a touch of Dark Emma in my SQW fic, and she goes off the rails with Regina diving in to “bring her back from the edge”

Exquisiteliltart: if Jmo’s research actually pans out and influences her portrayal will be really interesting

ariestess: And FTR, I don’t like it when Regina’s the aggressor like that either.

LZClotho: a physical encounter, but similar in motivations to the Lily at gunpoint scene

hunnyfresh: I feel like she does a lot for the role and her lines and the direction just doesn’t do it justice

Exquisiteliltart: having a dagger to control her every move makes the non-con aspect too easy to write

ariestess: @LZ: I actually see Regina as subby as hell at her core, but I don’t write it a lot.

LZClotho: A&E are apparently aware of that, because they now say that the dagger will work differently with Emma; she’s not “controlled” in the same way as Rumple was.

ariestess: My SQBB fic is a Dark Swan-based fic, but not quite a dark fic.

Exquisiteliltart: that’s convenient

LZClotho: (I think they are over justifying because of that exact reason you state exquisite)

hunnyfresh: very convenient

LZClotho: but they are saying that because Emma didn’t kill Rumple, only took on the untethered darkness, her connection to the dagger is different

Lurk Amo: ?

LZClotho: it’s likely just another plot hole, lurk. *g*

Lurk Amo: they suck

LZClotho: yeah, they do

the_girl_20: Their lack of consistency makes a number of aspects of writing fic quite difficult.

hunnyfresh: You can play with it though. Clean it up and loop the holes into a more coherent fashion

Exquisiteliltart: if she just sucked up untethered darkness than how is she the dark one…not the dark sucker of evil…wait that was a different character named wraith monster. rip wraith monster

Alkmaion: on the other hand…the possibilities!!! 😀

Lurk Amo: fic canon generally makes much more sense than show canon

Lurk Amo: she’s still wearing the “rags of shame”

space_dementia5: agreed, lurk

Exquisiteliltart: i just want a simpler time when emma ate a lot of bear claws and grilled cheese…not some unholy war for the purity of all souls…give me pop tarts and town meetings

hunnyfresh: It’s like how Regina sucked up a death curse and nothing happened to her

Exquisiteliltart: she just needed a breather and leaned against a tree

Lurk Amo: that still rankles, hunny

hunnyfresh: The domesticity of Storybrooke post-curse would have been amazeballs

Exquisiteliltart: Regina looked better after absorbing a death curse, than i do after 10 minutes on the elliptical

LZClotho: I would have preferred there be longer tension between the townspeople as their FTL and Storybrooke selves tried to merge.

hunnyfresh: The virtual series provides that very nicely

LZClotho: Old grudges, new grudges, crossing back and forth between FTL and Storybrooke “rules” of justice, etc

ariestess: @lurk: “rags of shame” LOL

LZClotho: They touched on that just a little with George’s vendetta against Charming, and Ruby’s wolf reemerging, but it was hardly representative.

LZClotho: the entire second season could have been that, culminating in Cora’s return, trying to bring FTL dominion to Storybrooke.

ariestess: I feel weird with a virtual series when the actual series is still running. But that’s probably just me.

hunnyfresh: That was an episode and a half? Maybe just the one

the_girl_20: Ruby brought up the fact that the curse had been a benefit for some people. I wish they’d explored that more with her and others.

Exquisiteliltart: even dealing with time suddenly starting again would have been interesting to see, but no one is concerned

LZClotho: I agree @the_girl

hunnyfresh: That was really insightful of Ruby

ariestess: @the_girl: Yes! I loved that she brought that up, and use it often to make her more of an ally/friend to Regina post-curse.

space_dementia5: *wavey hands* all the plot holes and questions go away, exquisite

LZClotho: LOL @space

LZClotho: you’re right

the_girl_20: We RQ shippers love that part. 😉

Exquisiteliltart: Yeah, Hook should be able to get a nice modern prosthetic by now, instead he got Thing evil hand from the rumple collection

hunnyfresh: I liked when Happy made the comment that things got quiet when the Charmings went away

ariestess: @hunny; YES! That amused me greatly!

LZClotho: that was funny, hunny

ariestess: *glances at the clock* All right, we have 2 minutes left in this panel. I’d like to thank our four panelists and our audience for a fun and fascinating panel. Come back later today for the 2 hour panel to discuss some more!

Exquisiteliltart: Thanks ariestess, you rock!

hunnyfresh: Thanks for hosting!

the_girl_20: Thank you for holding the panel!

ariestess: Thank you! I love doing this panel every year. It’s one of the things I always look forward to.



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