Wynonna Earp

fsc_ralst: It’s Wynonna Time…

fsc_ralst: So, who here has seen the season finale of Wynonna Earp?

ariestess: Bahaha! I literally only saw the s2 premier. I’m SO behind!

ThatRumple: I read the tweets about it

ariestess: But don’t worry about spoiling me. Fcking Scrofano does that with her livingtweeting every damned Friday night. LOL

geekgrrllurking: just what scrolled by on Tumblr last night

ThatRumple: read the trend a good hour and a half

geekystorytelling: the finale of WE yesterday was a lot

fsc_ralst: Yes. Some good, some not so good

geekystorytelling: would have loved a convo about the marriage but there was definitely no time

geekystorytelling: between wayhaught

fsc_ralst: Yeah, the end of the world kinda trumped the domestic drama

geekystorytelling: i just want a good romantic comedy tv show with femslash

geekystorytelling: why is everything about the end of the damn world

fsc_ralst: TV loves a good apocalypse

geekgrrllurking: a la Buffy the vampire Slayer

fsc_ralst: Yeah, a new big bad every year

geekystorytelling: there’s enough of an apocalypse in real life…regardless Im intrigued to see if we get a glimpse of baby earp growing up with Gus

Shatterpath: it’s lazy

fsc_ralst: I’m keeping to my weird head-cannon that somehow Waves gets transported back in time and she is the baby

geekgrrllurking: Ooh good head canon

Alsike: O.O having Doctor Who flashbacks

fsc_ralst: Exactly

geekystorytelling: true Ive heard that one before

fsc_ralst: I can just see Wynonna and Doc giving Nicole the ‘dating our daughter’ speech

geekystorytelling: would the DNA test have shown the relation though?

ariestess: Wait! There’s a marriage this season? I gotta get caught up!

geekystorytelling: Im not sure how they work

fsc_ralst: Time travel could have warped it

geekystorytelling: true

fsc_ralst: marriage?

geekystorytelling: nothing is logical when its a sci fi

geekgrrllurking: and we are assuming the DNA test is real and not tampered with by anywone

fsc_ralst: Black Badge might have tampered, they’re sketchy as hell

geekystorytelling: im still holding out hope that nicole is something more than she seems

ariestess: I though GST [geekystorytelling] mentioned a marriage up there somewhere.

geekgrrllurking: me too Geeky

geekystorytelling: dont get me wrong i love her…but werewolf nicole would be cool

fsc_ralst: She’s a kickass deputy, that’s good enough for me

geekystorytelling: did i?

geekystorytelling: ohhhh

geekystorytelling: yes

geekystorytelling: there is no wedding

geekystorytelling: but someone is married

geekystorytelling: and its a big shocker

ariestess: OH! Okay. I’m very easily confused this morning. The coffee hasn’t kicked in yet.

geekystorytelling: im lucky to be on eastern standard time

ariestess: LOL So in other words, I need to be catching up asap.

Shatterpath: -perks up- werewolf?

ariestess: Got it.

fsc_ralst: I have a soft spot for the non-magical-mystical-whatever person amidst the group

geekystorytelling: I get that ralst

geekystorytelling: and definitely respect it

geekystorytelling: part of me feels for them though

fsc_ralst: Although, if Nicole turned out to be an angel I wouldn’t be surprised

geekystorytelling: because it is another way for them to feel like an outsider

geekystorytelling: yeah Ive seen a few angel fics

geekgrrllurking: yes I’m thinking part angel as well

geekystorytelling: Id be down with any like unseen before thing

fsc_ralst: I think with WE they’re all outsiders, in different ways, so that’s go so it’s not important.

geekystorytelling: yeah but remember the whole black badge thing at the beginning of the season

geekystorytelling: i mean they were just protecting nicole

geekystorytelling: but you could tell she just felt like it was another door/wall separating her from them

fsc_ralst: Oh and Nicole being able to taste that goo-Waves wasn’t normal Waves does hint at her having some powers or something

geekgrrllurking: or really great taste buds

geekgrrllurking: there’s a super power for you

Shatterpath: kinky

fsc_ralst: I think that wall came down around the middle of the season. The way every character reacted to her dying proved she’s at the heart of the group

ariestess: Okay, everything y’all are saying is making me want to catch up. Guess I know what I’m doing this coming week, AFTER I get my writing commitments for Monday done. LOL

fsc_ralst: I fight crime with my taste buds… I don’t see it transferring well to cinema

geekystorytelling: honestly if you have the time definitely catch up

geekystorytelling: i was slow to get into the show

fsc_ralst: It’s kooky fun, AJ

geekystorytelling: but season 2 has blown it out of the water

ariestess: @Geeky: I’ve been planning on it. I was initially waiting for Doggie to watch S1, so we could watch S2 together.

geekgrrllurking: Come on Ralst, running around licking things, what could go wrong?

Shatterpath: um…. -backs away nersously-

fsc_ralst: lol true

geekystorytelling: @ariestess: ahh the waiting game! ive been there!

ariestess: I admit, I only watched S1 because of Fcking Scrofano [yes, I actually call her that ALL. THE. TIME.] because I loved her on Damien.

geekgrrllurking: just not metal fences in the winter, but otherwise…

Shatterpath: she really does

Shatterpath: I brace myself for it

ariestess: But I kinda fell in love with the show. I admit that WayHaught doesn’t really do much for me, but I’m a cynical bag who craves the cougars, so…

fsc_ralst: She is fun to watch and I love her scenes with Nicole… friendship fun

fsc_ralst: This season I’d be tempted to say I preferred the Wynonna and Nicole scenes to the Wayhaught scenes, but not in a romantic way

geekystorytelling: I just love Nicole as a character so I definitely can understand why you could feel that wa ralst

geekystorytelling: Nicole has such an interesting energy its fun to watch the dynamic it brings about with different people

geekgrrllurking: Nicole has a lot of potential character growth I think. I love her as well.

geekystorytelling: especially the BROTP Nicole & Wynonna

ariestess: So question: Who is this Rosita [sp?] that I keep seeing commentary about? Particularly for writing f/f with Waverly?

geekystorytelling: OMG

geekystorytelling: ><

geekystorytelling: bringing up rosita right now after the finale

ariestess: @Geeky: Does this mean I have to catch up ASAP.

ariestess: ???

geekystorytelling: yes.

ariestess: Okay. Then don’t tell me anything and I’ll just get caught up.

ariestess: I can always rewatch with Doggie after S2 hits Netflix.

geekystorytelling: there’s so much to be said about rosita…and so much changes after the finale

geekgrrllurking: Oh oh, I haven’t seen the last two eps *bites nails*

fsc_ralst: I love Rosita

ThatRumple: I’ve only watched episode 6 of season 1

geekystorytelling: did anyone else see the finale?!?

fsc_ralst: Me!

Shatterpath: i smeel spoilers. Hide your eyes!

geekystorytelling: Ralst, you still love rosita? (being purposefully vague as to stop any spoilers)

ThatRumple: because I was asked to join a friend in watching it XD I don’t mind spoilers , it’s good to know what to expect so you are anticipating something else

fsc_ralst: Absolutely. Considering what happened last time and what would have to happen in the future, I get it.

geekystorytelling: I can respect that

fsc_ralst: Not saying it was anywhere near right, but I do get it

geekgrrllurking: damn it now I want to see the end

geekystorytelling: Yeah without a doubt! Ill stop talking about it though so as to not get too spoilery

ariestess: LOLOL

fsc_ralst: Also, you can tell it’s not what they want to do but what they’ve been pushed into having to do… I blame bloody Wyatt

ThatRumple: when you’re hurting from anticipation of something that ended up not happening , it’s best to know what’s ahead so you come knowing and not hoping

fsc_ralst: We’ll go back to being un-spoilery to save people’s peeking though their fingers

geekgrrllurking: True Rump or scare you away

geekgrrllurking: I was about to start watching The 100 and then sadness happened

geekgrrllurking: so didn’t even go there

fsc_ralst: a lucy escape

geekystorytelling: another f/f show with war and death and sadness

ThatRumple: exactly my point right there , so glad I didn’t start

fsc_ralst: Thankfully, this show isn’t The 100

geekystorytelling: yes

ThatRumple: knowing spoilers saves heart ache

geekystorytelling: Emily Andras is honestly amazing

Shatterpath: so I hear!

geekystorytelling: yeah like with sanvers season 3

fsc_ralst: I save all and any praise for TV creators until the show’s over because I’ve been caught out too many times

Alkmaion: back again

ThatRumple: Godz Shoot x.x

geekgrrllurking: *cough*whedon*cough*

fsc_ralst: Exactly

Shatterpath: whedon can die in a fire. But I digress

ariestess: LOL

Alkmaion: isn´t that unfair to the fire?

fsc_ralst: Do you think they’ll make Nicole a main character – in the opening sequence – next season? I felt like she was there already this year

ariestess: Y’all know my thoughts on certain showrunners. I’m sure I’ll bring it up again in the Once panel.

geekgrrllurking: I thought she already was a main character. huh, gonna have to read the credits closer

geekystorytelling: yeah thats the one thing i dont get

fsc_ralst: She’s a ‘with’

geekystorytelling: if kat isnt a regular she should be

ariestess: Seriously? Kat’s not main cast? WTAF?

geekystorytelling: yeah

fsc_ralst: Yeah, she’s written as a main character this season, but not in the opening credits as such

geekystorytelling: exactly! thats what i dont get

ariestess: *shakes head* Well that’s BS. I expected more out of EA than to allow that.

Alkmaion: Heureka!

fsc_ralst: Probably just a contract thing – I doubt they realised how popular she would be

geekystorytelling: unless we are just biased

geekystorytelling: but i dont think thats the case

ariestess: LOL

fsc_ralst: Nope. You can see from all the cast stuff that she’s treated as a main

geekystorytelling: yeah its probably a contract thing

ariestess: Then that probably goes higher than EA’s paygrade for the fckery.

geekgrrllurking: do they always live tweet during the show or is that just recent

geekystorytelling: hopefully we will see that change for season 3

fsc_ralst: But next year she needs to be in the credits. Jeremy too. Rosita maybe.

ariestess: They’ve been doing that since S1, Geek.

geekgrrllurking: I just started watching last week so I think I"m allowed, lol

ariestess: Hell, in S1, Dom would usually spend the night at Fcking Scrofano’s house and they’d livetweet together.

geekgrrllurking: Binged watched just in time for end of season

ariestess: LOL

geekgrrllurking: I highly recommend it AJ, lol

fsc_ralst: I do love to binge watch

geekgrrllurking: except for the long wait now for season 3 when I’m addicted

ariestess: LOLOL

geekystorytelling: always the worst

ariestess: Yeah, I’ll catch up on S2 this coming week, then when it’s on Netflix, I can get Doggie to watch teh whole thing.

ariestess: Just not sure if it’s TOO graphic for her delicate sensibilities or not. LOL

fsc_ralst: Has it been officially renewed? I thought it had but can’t remember if that’s wishful thinking

geekystorytelling: yep!

Shatterpath: i get distracted!

geekystorytelling: comicon again this year

geekgrrllurking: yah the freaking gross factor is high for this show, but then I don’t like horror

ariestess: I was pretty sure I’d seen Fcking Scrofano talking about it being renewed.

fsc_ralst: Good. I’m still awaiting news of my other syfy show.

geekystorytelling: the commercials watchign it live are the WORST

fsc_ralst: Luckily I don’t have to sit through the ads

ariestess: I think all of my shows have been renewed for the new season, so I’m good.

geekgrrllurking: yeah its hard to go back to tv viewing after binge watching

ariestess: LOL No kidding! Though I’m good at tuning out commercials, much to Doggie’s dismay, as I tend not to mute them.

wolvie_dk: Only thing I don’t binge is GoT – can’t wait that long/avoid spoilers/not talk to my co-workers

geekystorytelling: im not saying it took me an extra 30 minutes to fall asleep because of the IT commercial

geekystorytelling: but thats exactly what im saying…

geekgrrllurking: lol

ariestess: @wolvie: Oh, don’t get me started on GoT! LOL

fsc_ralst: I’ve week by week’d Wynonna Earp and Dark Matter but that’s about it lately

geekystorytelling: true..GoT is a thing people watch

geekgrrllurking: So do you recommend Dark Matter Ralst?

geekystorytelling: I feel like I am the only person who just doesnt watch it

geekgrrllurking: I haven’t seen it either Geeky

Shatterpath: -hisses at commericals-

geekgrrllurking: and yet I’ve lived a full life…

fsc_ralst: Absolutely! I love that show more and more each season

Shatterpath: I am a WUSS and can’t watch horror or gore

ariestess: I’ve read all the books to date and OBSESS over the show.

Shatterpath: but the dragons are cool

geekgrrllurking: yes the dragons are the only thing wooing me

ariestess: I have LOTS of feels over last week’s ep. But that’s not this panel, so I’ll be a good girl and that’s all I’ll say.

fsc_ralst: Oh, question, what happens now to face-less Mercedes?

geekystorytelling: true

geekystorytelling: I hope she gets better

geekystorytelling: I love Dani Kind

fsc_ralst: Yeah, I’d love real Mercedes back… with a face

geekgrrllurking: Is she still alive? In the hospital

fsc_ralst: In the hospital, yeah

geekystorytelling: shes just chilling

geekystorytelling: you know how it is

geekgrrllurking: She was fun with the smart ass

geekystorytelling: being faceless and all

geekgrrllurking: lol geeky

geekystorytelling: for a second I thought you said hot ass geek

geekystorytelling: and i was like….

geekystorytelling: theres no lie there

geekgrrllurking: lol

fsc_ralst: lol

Shatterpath: omg, it’s a geek love-off

fsc_ralst: I felt that they brought in a lot of good characters this year

geekgrrllurking: geeks of a feather stick together doggie

Shatterpath: <3

fsc_ralst: Geeks shall inherit the earth

Alkmaion: Get a room, you two…or get us out of the room

geekystorytelling: I looked away for a second

ariestess: LOLOL

geekystorytelling: and things escalated

Shatterpath: bahahahahaha

ariestess: @Geeky: You will learn not to do that in this group. LOL

geekgrrllurking: yeah that happens geeky, you get used to it…

Shatterpath: welcome to the tribe!

geekystorytelling: I was just minding my business on tumblr when shatterpath accosted me

fsc_ralst: Yeah, that’ll happen


geekgrrllurking: yeah, it was livejournal for me back in the day

fsc_ralst: livejournal caught a lot of us

Shatterpath: it was my rarepair that did it, not me

geekystorytelling: true

Shatterpath: but that will wait for … about 10 minutes

geekystorytelling: mwahaha

fsc_ralst: Oh, talking of rarepairs, any WE rare pairs out there?

ariestess: LOLOL

geekystorytelling: i mean

geekystorytelling: Rosita/Waverly perhaps?

geekystorytelling: i think they were also like winking at that in yesterdays finale

geekystorytelling: but thats all ill say

geekystorytelling: as to not be too spoilery…again…

geekgrrllurking: I like Rosita so I could read that

fsc_ralst: Any Wynonna (character) femslash pairings out there?

geekgrrllurking: What about Nicole and the wifey

geekystorytelling: true Shae!

geekgrrllurking: oh, sorry, spoiler alert

geekystorytelling: I kinda liked her

geekystorytelling: LMAO

fsc_ralst: yeah

geekgrrllurking: cringe sorry AJ

fsc_ralst: *forget the last thirty three seconds*

geekystorytelling: its so hard to talk about the show so ambiguously

geekystorytelling: so I get u geekg

Alsike: I wanted Wynonna and Nicole to hook up For the drama.

geekystorytelling: true…that top shelf ass

geekystorytelling: according to Nicole

ariestess: LOLOL Geek, do I have to spank you for spoiling me?

geekystorytelling: very weird to read that when your username is also geek

geekystorytelling: LOL

ariestess: Wait. You might like that, Geek…

fsc_ralst: I get’cha Alsike

geekgrrllurking: I look away from the screen for a minute…sigh

Alsike: and all the Earpcest kissing was A++++

fsc_ralst: Last five minutes of WE


fsc_ralst: Waverly kisses all the ladies

geekgrrllurking: AJ you so need to catch up lol

fsc_ralst: How did you miss that on tumblr?

ariestess: *chairbops* Earpcest! I gotta fcking catch uuuuuuuuuuuppppppppppppp!

ariestess: I’m less on tumblr than you think, Ralst. LOL

geekgrrllurking: that was a great episode though

geekystorytelling: it was something alright


Alsike: (Earpcest is so ripe for sexy angst ;_;)

geekgrrllurking: And then when the aliens landed in antarctica and kidnapped Wynonna and Waverly, wow that was cool


geekgrrllurking: oh oops spoiler alert

ThatRumple: I’m happy for you guys that’s great , wynona sounds like a victory despite it being on s I figured and not a regular channel

quietheartedfsc: she’s messing with you now, aj…I think.

fsc_ralst: lol

geekgrrllurking: bwahahaha

ariestess: Geek, if you’re fcking with me, I’ll kick your @ss!

geekystorytelling: geek I cant believe you ruined the antartica episode!

geekgrrllurking: I might like that AJ

fsc_ralst: Damn, cold

ariestess: I’ll find a way that you WON’T like it, brat!

Alkmaion: It wasn´t aliens, but antarctica Nazis!

fsc_ralst: Yep

geekgrrllurking: Right, I forgot about the cool uniforms the aliens wore, thanks Alk

geekgrrllurking: And then Peacemaker turned black when Wy shot them, very awesome

ariestess: I swear to Satan, Geek…