Shatterpath: SCC was done a bit better, but it too fell to poor execuition after awhile

Shatterpath: just as Supergirl has!

ThatRumple: supergirl suffers because CW

ariestess: Everything suffers because CW.

ariestess: Even iZombie is starting to get on my nerves.

Shatterpath: No one will argue that the CW is a plauge

Alkmaion: And, not to forget: Life(2008)

Alkmaion: CW?

ThatRumple: T.T I’m still slaughtered over Riverdale fiasco , thanks CW , how about not baiting again

quietheartedfsc: One minute to Supergirl

ariestess: @Alk: The CW is the network/station involved.

Shatterpath: I still loive the Supergirl universe, but the show ended for me at the end of Alex’s coming out saga

Alkmaion: Calista Wlockheart?

geekgrrllurking: I saw something about a Supergirl Riverdale crossover. I hope it was just a rumour.

ThatRumple: I’m not surprised

geekystorytelling: oh god

ThatRumple: I am hoping for a OUAT/izombie crossover

ariestess: LOL It’s the CW, the crossover is kind of inevitable, no?

Shatterpath: it’s a shame too, because there’s such fantastic potential in both Maggie and Lena as characters

geekystorytelling: fuck the CW

Alkmaion: Thanks, aries. I don´t have all the american station secured on my mind

geekgrrllurking: I do like the crossovers with the other superheroes though

ariestess: Never gonna happen with OUaT/iZombie. Different production companies/networks.

ariestess: The Mouse does NOT share easily

geekystorytelling: thank god for that

ariestess: @Alk: No worries!

Shatterpath: i didn’t watch the second crossover. Mayo-Hell gives me hives, the bastard

fsc_ralst: Mayo-Hell?

geekystorytelling: I just don’t even want to acknothe exists

geekystorytelling: *acknowledge

ThatRumple: I realise it’s different companies but same actors / set up / they share lots for petes sake why not

Shatterpath: quite

geekgrrllurking: Havind signed a 2 inch thick contract with the Mouse I can attest to that

geekystorytelling: same geek!!!

ariestess: @Ralst: One of the many nickname for Mon-El.

intherain: Hey all! I just got online and have never been here before–can anyone tell me how this works?

Shatterpath: the a*shole ‘boyfreind’ they had to drag into Second season

fsc_ralst: Yeah, sorry, being slow

Shatterpath: even teh straights hate him

ThatRumple: only Csers like Mon El

geekystorytelling: can we concentrate on the powerful amazing female characters

Shatterpath: aaaanyway, no one here will argue that he’s worthless

Shatterpath: the GOOD parts about the show!

Shatterpath: the ladies, when WE all get our grubby hands on them!

geekystorytelling: lmaooo

ThatRumple: umm

geekystorytelling: did any of u read the latest sanvers season 3 crap?

intherain: @ariestress okay! Cool, thanks. Just wanted to make sure there wasn’t some kind of structure I was missing.

geekystorytelling: seems like flo is in the first 5 episodes and maybe they break up or something

geekgrrllurking: Hi intherain, just jump in, the water is fine

ThatRumple: I heard about Sanvers omg what a disaster that is going to be

Shatterpath: I got dragged down by a rarepair, so I can’t really talk

geekystorytelling: the interview ended saying they are committed to Alex’s romantic future or something

intherain: @ariestress @geekgrrllurking Great, thanks! And hi @Alkmaion!

geekystorytelling: true shatter

Shatterpath: glad for the Supercat crew that Cat came back though!

Shatterpath: Alex is 90% of all I care about in contex to the show, I admit it

geekgrrllurking: I still miss Lucy and only one ep with Vasquez was not nearly enough

geekystorytelling: omg yes

geekystorytelling: bring Lucy back

geekystorytelling: I’d buy a shirt that said that

geekgrrllurking: she’s busy running the desert facility I’m sure

Shatterpath: I have had so much fun in my writin’s with BOTH of them

geekgrrllurking: but couldn’t you tell us that

ThatRumple: I’m going to love though when straight Sanvers shippers hypocrisy comes out though when that Episode airs and they either realise they were played , or show what absolute frauds they really are

Shatterpath: Lucy and Vas are ABSOLUTELY running the desert pit

intherain: When what episode airs?

Shatterpath: Wha Would Lucy Do?

ThatRumple: when they end Sanvers

Alsike: Lucy, my bae ;_;

ThatRumple: they only wrote it apparently for tokenism reasons the bastards

Shatterpath: i hope for the Sanvers fans that maybe it doesn’t happen

geekystorytelling: also they will def be making lena evil

intherain: Woooow wonderful

geekystorytelling: and I am not happy about it

Alsike: well that needs to happen

Shatterpath: yeah, I really dread the lazy cliche of making Lena evil

Alsike: it would be nice if they could manage complexity tho

Shatterpath: it would be nice if they even TRIED

geekgrrllurking: Although, playing devils advocate, because well I"m evil, it would be great to see Alex go through a breakup

Alsike: there are ways to be antagonists without being evil, moment of silence for Astra ;_;

Alsike: NO

Alsike: sigh

geekystorytelling: listen I am fine with sanvers breakup

Shatterpath: -sniff- Astra….

ThatRumple: moment of silence for Root too then

Alsike: i’m a liar, I love seeing Alex cry

geekystorytelling: as long as they actually get alex dating other women

intherain: hahaha

geekystorytelling: and show it

geekgrrllurking: Alex crying is heartwrenching and amazing

geekystorytelling: I love Chyler

Shatterpath: Alex needs a challenge!

ThatRumple: I don’t think they will it’s the CW

geekystorytelling: yep

geekystorytelling: rumple you are very correct

Shatterpath: and Chyler is amazing

geekystorytelling: my slogan is

Alsike: i just want Alex to have a f*ing plot, that’s like, PLOT

geekystorytelling: fuck the cw

geekgrrllurking: Alex needs long rides on her bike and crying

Alsike: notuseless romance backdrop

intherain: Plot and more onscreen time with Kara maybe

ThatRumple: I have no faith though because Riverdale

Alsike: all the screen time with Kara

geekgrrllurking: yes, more Kara and Alex time for sure

Shatterpath: well, at least there was enough good stuff early on to build fic universes on

intherain: 100%

geekystorytelling: no more Kara and alex

geekystorytelling: remember

Shatterpath: i still read on the regular, because the tenants of the cahracters are sound, DESPITE the stupid network

Alsike: (can we just pretend S2 never happened and open S3 with Kara and Alex processing the fact that Kara was going to suicide and Alex was going to end herself too if that happened? I’m like, processssingg)

geekystorytelling: Kara dancers does not exist anymore

intherain: @geekstorytelling why no more Kara and Alex?

Shatterpath: we need a ‘Kara in a coma and dreamed most of S2’

ThatRumple: because the CW is ending it

intherain: (@Alsike yes, please)

ThatRumple: it was about Tokenism

Shatterpath: that would be a twist that would actually imprive the show

geekystorytelling: they are doing something weird with karas character this season

ThatRumple: that’s all that was just like Clexa

ariestess: If they "Bobby in the shower" it, I’ll laugh my @ss off.

ThatRumple: ooweh?

Shatterpath: I dream of it

ThatRumple: Bobby in the shower ?

intherain: @geekstorytelling alright, that makes me even more scared for s3, haha

geekystorytelling: yeah what’s that

geekgrrllurking: Dallas reference Rump

quietheartedfsc: Original Dallas

ThatRumple: OH

geekystorytelling: sorry if my responses lag I’m in this on the iPhone app

ThatRumple: for a moment ….ok

ariestess: LOL I’m showing my age again… "Bobby in the shower" is a trope from the original run of Dallas. It was used to "erase"/retcon an entire season.

geekystorytelling: I’m committed to telling you all how much I hate the CW

Alsike: that’s so ballsy

Alsike: i think that needs to happen more

intherain: Wow yeah

intherain: I mean that would be great

geekystorytelling: l word season 7

ThatRumple: and for the record I will be furious if Riverdale pulls a token in season 2 to silence me , because I will rip that apart

Shatterpath: it would be posively CLEVER for that show, unfortunately

intherain: Ha. I am waiting to see what Riverdale decides to do with Jughead’s sexuality before watching

geekystorytelling: I’m pissed they are bringing Maggie’s Dad into season 3

ThatRumple: that’s what I’m talking about

geekystorytelling: they could have done so much to give visibility to homeless queer youth

geekystorytelling: with that storyline

ThatRumple: they won’t give us Ace juggy because sex

Alsike: (the problem is, you need it to fix sh***y writing mistakes, and sh***y writers never sort their shit)

Shatterpath: it’s a weird choise, right? Knowing that he threw maggie out years ago

intherain: Because sex and CW

geekystorytelling: but they didn’t and now they are going to make peace with it or some bs

Alsike: Maggie’s backstory is called No One Wrote Down Anything and they are Making It Up as they Go Along

Alsike: maybe he’s Batman.

geekgrrllurking: lol ALS

geekystorytelling: I know nothing about riverdale

Alsike: I am so checked out of canon, babes

geekystorytelling: just supergirl

ThatRumple: I’m very worried about a season 2 ace minor character rumor fir Riverdale , that is going to hurt and I will not be happy and be screaming at CW and someone please stop me when that happens

Shatterpath: I have my little splinters of canon to enrich my fics with. screw the rest of it

intherain: @Shatterpath that sounds like a great way to deal with canon.

geekystorytelling: what did u all think of the comicon thing

Shatterpath: but I maintain that fic writers have enough to work with if they squint a little

Alsike: Rump, soon you will develop enough ennui to not have the energy to care

Shatterpath: we’ve all fallen for shows/pairings/idea with far less!

intherain: @Shatterpath yeah for sure

Alsike: totally!

Shatterpath: Comicon was a nightmare

Shatterpath: I’m SOOOO glad Chy wasn’t there

geekgrrllurking: I think the comicon thing hurt a lot of fans and it wasn’t handled well at all after the fact

Alsike: but people need to get over it

Alsike: it’s gone on too long and people are using it as an excuse to be spiteful

Shatterpath: she either would have been choking or thrown it down

Shatterpath: we hope

geekgrrllurking: and I too am glad that Chyler wasn’t there

ThatRumple: comic con fiasco was hideous talk about straight privilege right there

Alsike: it’s not like the actors have anything to do with the story, they just have to deal with fandom shit as if they do

ThatRumple: absolutely clueless

geekystorytelling: it made me lose a lot of respect for the actors going into this season

Shatterpath: i don’t think it’s at ALL a coincidence that she’s gone silent. Things must be really awkward onset

Shatterpath: Katie pretty much spelled it out

geekgrrllurking: I lost respect for the actors, but I watch supergirl for the show not the actors.

geekystorytelling: yeah I get that

Shatterpath: yeah separating actor from character is a necessity

geekgrrllurking: I’m more upset about Kara’s lack of character developement to be honest.

Shatterpath: though, I stalled out on writing for over a week after the con

geekystorytelling: I just don’t like supporting people who don’t support me…you know?

Alsike: I am so much more pissed at the writers and the execs

Shatterpath: I couldn’t even look at Kara, y’know?

ThatRumple: I heard it’s pretty deplorable for karas development

geekystorytelling: exactly shatter

intherain: What’s pretty deplorable for Kara’s development?

geekgrrllurking: I hear that Geeky, but Chyler has been so overwhelming positive that I can focus on that

Shatterpath: I finally got past it

geekystorytelling: I get you I met Chyler a few months ago and she was wonderful

geekgrrllurking: Now if they kill off Maggie or Alex, that would end it for me

Shatterpath: good thing too, because I got things still left to do in my ‘verse. LOTS of things

intherain: Ha ha

Alsike: good!

geekystorytelling: maggie is def moving or something

geekystorytelling: they have to explain floriana absence

geekgrrllurking: Maggie leaving is one thing, killing her is another

Shatterpath: i don’t trust the show to not kill Maggie off, no matter what the exes say

Alsike: lol, I’m writing about the f*ing In-Ze twins, canon? what is that?

Shatterpath: we can only hope for a pleasant surprise

intherain: Yeah, #buryyourgays was so 2016

Shatterpath: ugh, right?

intherain: slash all TV up to this point also

Shatterpath: SLASH ALL THE TV

intherain: But y’know

Shatterpath: screw heteronamatiy!

Alsike: wait, which meaning of slash are we using? both? both is good

Shatterpath: yes

intherain: HAHAHA YES slash all the TV!

intherain: PLEASE. All queers, all the time. Great.

Shatterpath: YES

geekystorytelling: that’s supposed to be logo

Alsike: this is why I stopped watching TV after they killed Tara and only read fanfiction

intherain: Hahaha

Shatterpath: fanfiction has saved my sanity and possibly my life a thousand times over

intherain: Fic is so great.

geekgrrllurking: Fanfiction truly saves us, like queer therapy or something

Alsike: i keep being confused when I try TV– why are there so many men and when is the gay kissing going to happen?

Shatterpath: perfect! Queer therapy

intherain: Like, aside from many of the other wonderful things it does, like… fic is my only model for alternative relationships. Like, of any kind. Queer, poly, queerplatonic, kink…

Shatterpath: i dunno what I would do without it. All that creative energy pushing on my brainpan

intherain: It’s just so helpful. Really comes up when I’m talking to friends who just consume mainstream media.

geekystorytelling: okay so out of left field but….anyone else love the rare ships in supergirl?

geekgrrllurking: At least there are canon lesbians now. We had talked about Xena earlier, we have progressed at least a bit.

Shatterpath: hear hear

Alsike: ha, Supergirl got me started writing polyfic, and then I ran into a friend who told me Harlequin was looking for Triads and I was like . . . HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?

intherain: Hahaha nice!

intherain: Yeah, also, what? XD

Shatterpath: I had started leaning towards a poly group that didn’t pan out

geekystorytelling: which poly? director sanvers?

intherain: Canon lesbians are great! If they don’t die it is a bonus (sorry y’all)

Shatterpath: Director Sanvers is a good one, they balance out better

geekystorytelling: agreed

geekgrrllurking: I liked Lucy/Kara for awhile and Lucy/Cat/Kara

intherain: @geekystorytelling There are so many great rare ships in Supergirl

geekystorytelling: I just read a Lucy lena Kara one

Shatterpath: i never leaned to Sanvers, I don’t dislike them at all, jsut meh

geekystorytelling: I know I love them

Alsike: I wrote poly back in season 1 Kara/Lucy/Alex/Cat/Astra (not like, every bar matching)

geekystorytelling: shatterpath got me into alex and lena

Shatterpath: too similiar for my tastes

Shatterpath: -bows- I live to serve!

intherain: Regardless of whatever the fuck canon is doing now, holy fuck it is nice to have a show with SO MANY female characters you can ship in different ways

Shatterpath: and it’s a surprisingly great pairing

Alsike: I did calculations once, and out of 21 fics I had 21 different pairings for Supergirl

Shatterpath: yes, we’re good at looking past the failings of canon and doing our own thing

intherain: Hahahaha wow

intherain: @Shatterpath yeah for sure

Shatterpath: nice!

geekystorytelling: yeah that’s why supergirl is great

Alsike: Lena/Alex is hot af, I loved writing it

geekystorytelling: so many strong female characters

Alsike: I am still waiting for the Lena/Roulette epic backstory fic tho

geekystorytelling: too bad it was canceled after season 2 ep 8

Shatterpath: I’ll have to check to see if I’ve read yours, my lousy memory handicaps me sometimes

geekystorytelling: I wish more people would write it

geekystorytelling: but that’s me being lazy

ThatRumple: I’m so jealous you all have fic

Shatterpath: greedy! lol

ThatRumple: I don’t have any

Alsike: you did

Shatterpath: rarepairs are such a weird space to be in

Alkmaion: Than read and review, ruple! It is another big part of the fandom

Shatterpath: I am 200k deep in my rarepair

Alsike: I love my rairepairs

Shatterpath: and plenty more to talk about

intherain: Niiiice

ThatRumple: I do write but I’m tired of writing my own stuff

intherain: Ahh

geekgrrllurking: who is your pair Rump?

Alsike: idk why writing MJY is now my thing, but I fucking love MJY

ThatRumple: I want validation from somebody else’s work

intherain: I only have one fic and it is not Supergirl haha but am working on two that just keep getting bigger and bigger (ahhh) so eventually!

intherain: (*two supergirl fics)

Shatterpath: i have to write for myself to save my sanity and creativity. If others like it? Bunus!

geekystorytelling: I have rambling one shots that are not good

ThatRumple: I don’t have a pair , that’s my problem

geekystorytelling: I’m more of a reader than a writer

intherain: @Alsike what’s MJY?

geekystorytelling: but I like to challenge myself to do new things *shrugs*

Alsike: Lucy/Alura (majorly judging you)

intherain: Hahahaha great

geekgrrllurking: thank you! I was sitting here going MJY??

Shatterpath: @Alsike: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! You wrote THAT fic! OMG, I’m an IDIOT

Alsike: :

intherain: @Alsike I don’t think I had read it before your cruise ship AU, unless it was another one of your fics I read it in, but it really worked for me!

ThatRumple: I literally posted on Tumblr I’ll pay 75 bucks a fic just for some piece of mind to soothe my pain

geekystorytelling: true I feel like there are quite a few Lucy alura

intherain: @geekystorytelling challenging yourself to do new things is good!

geekystorytelling: haha I run a series on challenging myself

geekystorytelling: so the writing fit

intherain: Nice

geekystorytelling: rumple what pain

geekystorytelling: what is it u want people to write

Alsike: I first encountered MJY in this:

Alsike: and I was sold

geekystorytelling: sorry the waitress was there so I typed that a bit fast I mean to say: "what is it you were looking for people to write for you to soothe your pain"

geekystorytelling: I hope I didn’t come off as rude! sorry

intherain: @Alsike I have not read that one but it looks great and like it would keep me up till 3am or something with the word count haha

Alsike: Yes. yes this is true.

intherain: Noted. Will plan accordingly.

ThatRumple: my iPod froze sorry

geekgrrllurking: I was into SuperCat, has anyone been reading the Virtual Series, I haven’t and was looking for thoughts on if I should

ThatRumple: aro ace characters is all I’m looking for

ariestess: I just know that, given who’s in charge of the VS, it’ll probably be good?

Shatterpath: i really need to get to the VS, it looks so interesting

intherain: @ThatRumple oh man, that is a hard one. I would love to see more of that too.

geekgrrllurking: the artwork is fantastic, it’s wooing me in

intherain: I am planning to read the Virtual Series!

Alsike: I’ve written Ace/Demi Kalex platonic BDSM? (because lol, that’s just the kind of fic writer I am)

intherain: … I need to watch ep 2 of season 2 first…

geekystorytelling: I started the virtual series but stopped for some reason…lithe writing was great though…I have to be in a particular mood for super cat though

geekgrrllurking: And so much work goes into a VS that I want to support it, but I miss Cat in canon and not ready yet for VS

Shatterpath: I’ll get to it once I have the braincells to do so. As neither pairing is my fave, I’ll be reading for the story! There are some amazing author in there

geekystorytelling: I’m loving the on the high wire

geekystorytelling: season 2 rewrite with director sanvers

geekystorytelling: it’s magnificent

geekgrrllurking: Well, Kalex is my otp, but like SuperCat too

geekystorytelling: but then again I love director sanvers so I’m biased

geekgrrllurking: and with more Cat in season 3 that could be good

intherain: I am getting lots of great recs from this conversation haha

Alsike: yah, I got over SuperCat after too many fandom characterization choices I wasn’t all that into, so I didn’t feel up to reading the VS

geekgrrllurking: problem with writing for a VS is it can burn you out on the couple

ThatRumple: for me it’s more Aro Aces being contentedly single and still getting accepted into a family , that’s a big one for me

geekystorytelling: what I will say about the virtual season is the marketing was phenomenal

geekgrrllurking: so I bet the writers will evenutally move on to other fandoms or pairings

intherain: I think I’m most into Kalex and SuperCat, but end up reading a wide variety of pairings just for the writing

intherain: @ThatRumple that sounds like great fic

Alsike: oooh, good family feels fics are in short supply too

geekystorytelling: I ship alex danvers with everyone

geekystorytelling: (female)

intherain: (good clarification LOL)

geekgrrllurking: well to be honest Geeky so do I, lol

Shatterpath: Give me all the Alex!

Alsike: YUP

geekystorytelling: (glad you approve LMAO)

geekystorytelling: I’m glad you do as well Geek!

Alsike: i would ship Alex with Lilian Luthor :nods:

Shatterpath: the sisters, platonic only, but that’s my personal squick. Carry on!

geekystorytelling: I could see an awesome dark alex in Cadmus

geekystorytelling: rising through the ranks

geekystorytelling: falling for Lillian

geekystorytelling: then again I’m a glutton for AU

Alsike: sounds awesome

intherain: @Shatterpath leaving your personal squick alone but oh man this fandom has given me so many opinions on what counts as incest or not haha

Shatterpath: EvilAlex would be as scary as Evil Peggy in teh Marvel-verse

intherain: Ooh, I have not seen Evil Peggy but that sounds great

Shatterpath: hey, I don’t stop anyone else’s fun

Shatterpath: I did a great AU with Peggy as a mobster in the 30s

intherain: @Shatterpath Oh for sure! Sorry, didn’t mean to imply that

intherain: That sounds like an awesome AU

Shatterpath: I had to sit on it for FOUR MONTHS for a big bang and editted it to DEATH and it might be some of my best writing


geekystorytelling: there’s a great marvel crossover fix

geekystorytelling: fic

intherain: So many fic recs from this conversation

Shatterpath: you didn’t. I just like to clarify that this is a friendly sandbox.

geekgrrllurking: Doggie: link to 30’s au please sounds awesome

geekystorytelling: alex is besties with Natasha

Shatterpath: I REALLY gotta get my head straightened out on my fantasy-verse Alex/Lena

geekystorytelling: and gets her hands on some super serum

geekystorytelling: it’s like 22 chapters

intherain: @Shatterpath thanks! That is the best kind of sandbox

geekystorytelling: 50k words

geekystorytelling: but it’s kalex so if that’s not ur thing u should skip

intherain: @geekystorytelling I am really enjoying that one too!

geekystorytelling: yes!!!

geekystorytelling: right? it’s great!

intherain: The crossover works surprisingly well! Also super serum Great

geekgrrllurking: what’s the title Geeky

Alsike: links please!

geekystorytelling: give me a moment

intherain: Also yes please link to 30s AU! @Shatterpath I went to your ao3 to look for it but MAN you write a lot of fic! *super impressed*

Alsike: for all the things!

Shatterpath: Mobster Peggy:

Shatterpath: my muses get… chatty.. when something grabs them by the short and curlies

intherain: Hahahaha

intherain: Thanks for the link!

Shatterpath: and Ariestess MURDERS me on fic count