geekgrrllurking: I loved Birds of Prey, when I finally watched it on DVD

Alsike: agh, I loved all the birds of prey fic

Shatterpath: there was some AMAZING fic for boP

Shatterpath: i ranted a LOT in the early days of my falling for the SGverse about ‘what is this new fetish with freakin’ superheroes???’

Shatterpath: then remembered BoP

Alsike: haaaaa, superheros never die, they just wash the grit off or fall in the dirt

Shatterpath: Geeky, that’s where the twins came from. Bug too, technically

geekystorytelling: I thought it was stargate

Alsike: i’m always like, I want Barbara Gordon to show up in Supergirl, but no, I want BoP Barbara Gordon to show up in Supergirl

Shatterpath: we could WISH

fsc_ralst: Dina Meyer…. Ahhhhhhh

geekgrrllurking: happy sigh

Shatterpath: then again, I’d like to see Dina Meyer in ANYTHING

geekystorytelling: please feel free to recommend gay superhero media to me

fsc_ralst: I have watched far too many bad movies for that women

wolvie_dk: mmmmmmm… Dina

Alsike: (I wanted her to be working with Maggie to investigate the DEO. I had a _plan_ ;_;)

Shatterpath: even I toyed with using the Birds somehow!

Shatterpath: my twin OCs mentioned that they ‘have friends in other parts of the country’ which was my homage to BoP

Alsike: also, they’re a great small set, because usually once you open the Batfam, omg, you have the entire batfam, but BoP is nice and contained

Shatterpath: good point!

Shatterpath: that can of Batworms would be chaos

Shatterpath: though it’s canon to SG…

Alsike: that _other_ city wears masks!

theg1rl20: It always surprises me that X Men shipping isn’t a bigger thing. I remember bits and pieces from when the movies came out but not a whole lot.

Shatterpath: i loved the comics for a bit in high school, but never got into the movies, oddly

geekystorytelling: I’m a fan of blackhill in terms of marvel

Alsike: oh no, the X-men come up and all of my guilt about my unfinished Emma Frost fics rises tooo

Shatterpath: i like blackhill, just never got an idea for them

ThatRumple: to the Tune of partridge and a pear tree * and black widow still doesn’t have a movie

geekgrrllurking: A Black Widow movie would help

Alsike: oh man, i don’t care, I just really want Jessica Drew to be in the Captain Marvel movie and I know she won’t be and I preemptively cry

Shatterpath: they’d just screw it up

Alsike: as I sit here wearing my homemade spiderwoman t-shirt

geekgrrllurking: Maybe with Wonder Woman successful a Black Widow movie might actually be good

ThatRumple: I’m still wondering why we’re getting a captain marvel movie when Black widow is standing right there not getting any younger

geekystorytelling: as attractive as I find scar jo I’m so up in the air about her as black widow

ThatRumple: no don’t give a new female character and not talk about the one you currently have

Alkmaion: wasn´t there a yahoo x-men femslash group once?

ThatRumple: yes there was

geekystorytelling: that wouldn’t surprise me in the least

Alsike: i was on it

Alsike: there was some AWESOME fic

theg1rl20: I’m sure there was a yahoogroup, yeah.

geekystorytelling: there was a yahoo group for everything

Alsike: (i didn’t post on it, because I was a terrified child, but good times)

ThatRumple: I was a bit cranky about kitty pride being a hot ship topic , she’s ace leave her alone x.x

Alsike: eh, if they made a Black Widow movie they’d have to actually settle on a characterization

fsc_ralst: Just don’t let Whedon write or direct

ThatRumple: fair enough , they like to write her around

Alsike: #preach

geekgrrllurking: amen Ralst

wolvie_dk: Whedon has jumped ship to DC

Alsike: brought his plague rats to DC?

ThatRumple: oi vey

fsc_ralst: Whedon is insidious I don’t trust he wouldn’t worm his way back and ruin her

wolvie_dk: He’s finished the JL movie after Zach left

ThatRumple: can’t joss just be put on time out in a corner with a web show or something so him and his fans stop plaguing mainstream ?

fsc_ralst: Rumour is they’re still trying to stick the film together

geekystorytelling: what about the birds of prey movie they were supposedly making?

wolvie_dk: "Themyscyra – Next on the CW"

Alsike: "a plane of fratboys crashes on the island–watch them, completely despite what would actually happen–_not_ all be tortured to death"

Alsike: I’m just hoping for Gotham City Sirens

geekystorytelling: wait maybe that’s what it was alsike

geekystorytelling: all this BoP talk has me confounded

Alsike: I have shipped Harley/Ivy since I was a wee fandomite

fsc_ralst: but they’re also talking a Harley and Joker twisted romance movie… No, no thank you

Shatterpath: gone old school on ya!

wolvie_dk: And a Joker origin thing

Alsike: the Joker origin thing needs to die.

wolvie_dk: especially if it’s with Jared

fsc_ralst: The Joker needs to die… off screen, no more, he’s done

Alsike: he’s _tired_, let’s move on

Alsike: it’s why I was really enjoying Gotham before I . . . stopped watching TV again. Because I was like, oh, the Penguin? this is new?

Alsike: (I also stopped watching because I loved Fish Mooney too much to not see where it was going)

Shatterpath: the only DC film I’ve seen is Wonder Woman and DAMN was it good!

geekystorytelling: I saw batsman vs superman and suicide squad

geekystorytelling: bvs was awful

theg1rl20: WW was the only good thing about BVS.

fsc_ralst: BVS was terrible except for the glimpses of WW

geekgrrllurking: I think that’s why I enjoy Supergirl, its more light and warm, where as the movies seemed so dark and gritty

fsc_ralst: Suicide Squad was bad but I still loved Harley in it.

geekystorytelling: and suicide squad was good because of Margot Robbie and viola advised

ThatRumple: cringes * I feel like a terrible person but I thought wonderwoman felt like every hero movie ever made , want impressed with the fight scenes because I’m bored with long drawn out hero fight scenes , it felt like a copy and I was expecting something completely different from it I was dissapointed

geekystorytelling: Davis

geekystorytelling: everything else sucked

wolvie_dk: You gotta give props to Zach Snyder – it takes a special set of skill to create an unlikeable Superman

Shatterpath: that’s pretty much what I’ve been hearing. And Bats has never been my thing. Boring!

fsc_ralst: Oh, yeah, Amanda Weller was a great villain, much better than the wiggly witch

geekystorytelling: yeah I loved hating her

geekystorytelling: the joker was AWFUL

Shatterpath: though, when I’m writing in the Supergirl verse, I see the Henry Cavil Supes in my head. Not the weenie they hired for the show.

Alsike: ha, I just cross it over with Lois & Clark

Alsike: or Smallville

fsc_ralst: I want some Diana Prince and Lois Lane scenes

geekgrrllurking: I was disappointed they cast a Superman to be honest. I liked the off screen references, and texts

Shatterpath: that would be awesome!

Alsike: (mostly smallville TBH)

wolvie_dk: WW was a relly good movie, but also very much a copy of the first Captain America

Alsike: YESSS

geekystorytelling: I would loveeee Lois Lane on supergirl

geekystorytelling: it was better than the first captain imo

ThatRumple: I couldn’t get into the suicide squad either , I tried , I started it 4 times but the bar scene with joker and I’m done , just no more interest , Jared is terrible and an insult to Heaths mental sacrifice

geekystorytelling: if only because of themyscria

Shatterpath: not unless they bring Lucy back too!

geekystorytelling: I still don’t get why they completely wrote her off

geekystorytelling: and max lord

geekystorytelling: not even wrote off

geekystorytelling: just disappeared

Shatterpath: ignored

Shatterpath: and it was very weird

Shatterpath: like, I loooooooooooved despising Max Lord, but at least he was INTERESTING

fsc_ralst: The SG writers did a good coming out storyline and then went home and let their pet cockateal write the rest of the season

geekystorytelling: maybe Jenna was like fuck the cw

geekystorytelling: I can respect that

Shatterpath: yes and yes

Alsike: i got so upset with the Alura recast because I’d been headcasting Erica Durance as Lois in it, and then suddenly things got incesty in a way I had not prepared for

ThatRumple: Thankyou I didn’t want to say it but yes it felt like a copy of cap America

Alsike: (while writing MJY)

geekystorytelling: I am awful with actors

geekystorytelling: I’m lucky I know the people we have been talking about for the most part

fsc_ralst: Apart fro it being set during a world war I don’t really get the Cap comparison

Shatterpath: it promises to be a weird 3rd season

geekystorytelling: yeah agreed

geekystorytelling: and it’s world war 1 which is sooooo different

geekystorytelling: because the sides aren’t as clear

Alsike: me neither, I mean, they both had an aesthetic? but like, that’s all I could see

geekystorytelling: and there are bigger questions about what is evil

geekystorytelling: agreed alsike

Shatterpath: it was surface similarities to me. The films read completely unique in their executions

Alsike: if they’d just hit it home and not had Ares actually be real, and instead made mankind take f*ing responsibility for the messes they got themselves into, I would have been 100% O.O

wolvie_dk: Set during a world war, steve/peggy, howling commandoes/ww’s group, frees a village/prisoners, ares/red skull

wolvie_dk: it’s mainly the storyline of both films

Shatterpath: a perfect example of how we all take different things from a project!

geekystorytelling: I get that but that’s honestly like only the last third of the film

geekystorytelling: that’s what I took anyway

geekystorytelling: everyone’s entitled to their own opinion! 🙂

Alsike: and the pacing and character arcs are very different

ThatRumple: I think I was expecting an entirely different human approach from Wonder Woman and nah …, let’s blame Greek mythology

wolvie_dk: don’t get me wrong, I still really like the movie and I love the fact that it is the biggest hit in the DCEU

Shatterpath: ain’t THAT the truth!

ThatRumple: just like cap America blamed Norse myth

Alsike: i think part of what was remarkable about it was that it was a straight up superhero movie

Alsike: the writers didn’t go–but a woman, and fall over their own feet

Alkmaion: Does Smallville has a good female cast to write good femslash?

ThatRumple: I love Chloe

Alsike: I love Lois on smallville So Damn Much

wolvie_dk: Chlana

theg1rl20: As long as it doesn’t involve Lana

Alsike: and even Lana grew on me when she went badass and married Lex to find out his secrets

Alsike: (Clark/Lana is just So Bad, it makes both of them worse)

Alkmaion: interesting. maybe I have to watch

geekgrrllurking: oh, so who else thinks that General Antiope and Menalippe are married and that’s how Menalippe is Diana’s aunt? Is it just me? that running to dying Antiope is too queer to be anything else

fsc_ralst: Married

Alsike: that’s totes canon, rt?

geekgrrllurking: Is it? I keep reading that they are supposed to be sisters. As if

Alsike: she hasss a sister

geekystorytelling: my favorite rl game: sisters or lovers?

ThatRumple: I appreciated the boyfriend dying , seeing Steve die like cap America was amusing to me

ThatRumple: yeah Steve go down with that plane like Steve will in the next war

Alkmaion: @gee: As the great Kosh would say: Yes!

geekgrrllurking: lol Geeky Kalex much?

Alsike: (my favorite fanfiction game: sisters _and_ lovers? can I do it?)

geekystorytelling: lmao kalex is a whole different story

geekystorytelling: for me I’ll be walking in the village trying to figure out if those girls are together or if they are sisters or what

theg1rl20: Some people see Jessica Jones/Trish Walker as sisters. I very much do not.

fsc_ralst: Jessica and Trish are future Mrs and Mrs Jones-Walker

geekgrrllurking: really? I haven’t watched much Jessica Jones, but I thought they were canon ex gf

Alsike: 100%

ariestess: Ugh. I watched Jessica Jones finally. Mostly because of Robin Weigert. I won’t be tuning in for S2. I just cannot get into Jessica.

wolvie_dk: canon step-sisters, I think

ariestess: Canon foster sisters.

theg1rl20: Everyone who watches thinks they’re ex-lovers in the first ep.

ariestess: Trish’s mom took in Jessica as a foster sitch basically. Or at least, that ‘s the way I read the canon presentation.

fsc_ralst: Trish’s mother took in a teenage Jessica for publicity. Not sisters.

theg1rl20: @ariestess Jess is my kind of superhero. I love her.

geekgrrllurking: really? WTF people. My femslash goggles must be on too tight

fsc_ralst: They’re portrayed as exes even though they’re not

theg1rl20: @geek No, the canon gifsets give off that impression. Very much so.

Alsike: they have too much baggage for nothing to have happened

geekgrrllurking: well that’s queerbaitish

ariestess: Now, I’m not saying that they can’t have gotten a bit sapphic, but the canon showed Trish’s mom taking Jess in on a foster basis.

geekgrrllurking: I couldn’t get into the show though, although I hear its good mostly

theg1rl20: Trish’s mother is a monster who only wanted publicity. It was never to give Jess a home or Trish a sister. It was good PR.

ariestess: I didn’t much care. Like I said, I was there for Robin Weigert. She was the doc that, uh… won’t be returning in S2.

geekgrrllurking: and the new Defenders looked interesting but I was leery

Alsike: i don’t find any show that ends with a key broken emotional "I love you" between women to be anything but omg, yess

theg1rl20: I honestly don’t see it as queerbaiting in this instance.

Alsike: not at all

theg1rl20: Everyone was in agreement that Trish and Jess’s relationship was the core of the show, and will continue to be.

geekgrrllurking: ok, that’s fair enough

theg1rl20: Whether you read it as sisterly, friendly or otherwise, they mean the world to each other and that is rare.

Alsike: if we can get epic love stories like that, i don’t care if they say they’re platonic, I’m there

theg1rl20: Yes, exactly, it was a love story. It ended with an ‘I love you’ and it was beautiful.

fsc_ralst: Is there a lot of Jess/Trish fic out there?

theg1rl20: 273 fics on AO3.

theg1rl20: But a lot of them are just the ship bundled in with a lot of others.

fsc_ralst: *makes another note to check out fic*

theg1rl20: As some superhero verses tend to have.

theg1rl20: There are a few really good ones.

fsc_ralst: Any recs?

Alkmaion: what she said

Alsike: i know this is the top one and obvious, but I LOVE IT:

theg1rl20: YES! That’s the one I was gonna rec.

theg1rl20: It’s great.

fsc_ralst: Noted, thanks.

Alkmaion: Any stories with a slow relationbuilding?

geekgrrllurking: ooh it does look good

Alkmaion: And thanks as well

wolvie_dk: I lilked that one

Alsike: fics that can manage to be tropey and also so authentic to the characters’ pain are just ;_;

theg1rl20: I’m rubbish at reccing off the top of my head.