Women Behind Bars

ariestess: Welcome to Women Behind Bars. Let’s get our prison love on!

ariestess: Okay, I’m gonna probably be in the minority here, so I’ll answer last, but who watches Wentworth and what’s your pairing of choice?

geekgrrllurking: I am a bad lesbian and have seen neither show

ariestess: *stares at Geek* I don’t even know who you are…

geekgrrllurking: I know, right?

ariestess: Bruh, you need to catch up!

ariestess: The two shows are lightyears apart, but both worth watching.

geekgrrllurking: maybe another binge watch. which do you recommend first?

ariestess: It depends on whether you want more comedic/dramedy or gritty.

ariestess: OITNB is former, WW is latter. I actually prefer WW for how the show runs [phen-fcking-omenal], but love the cast for the OITNB.

ariestess: And y’know, sexy accents on WW. And Danielle Cormack.

geekgrrllurking: ok, comedy drama sounds good to me

ariestess: OITNB also has Kate Mulgrew as a dead sexy Russian bish.

ariestess: So am I the ONLY one here who’s seen Wentworth? Really?

geekystorytelling: only show I have seen of all of these is OITNB and only until halfway through season 2

Shatterpath: poor Spotty

ariestess: LOL Okay. Maybe I was overextending on this panel suggestion? LOL

ariestess: Okay, so Geeky, what do you think of OITNB, based on what you’ve seen so far?

ariestess: Any pairings you like?

ariestess: *prays* Please not Vauseman.

geekystorytelling: i mean

ThatRumple: I feel bad that I haven’t watched any of them but I am very glad they exist

geekystorytelling: I dont care so much for the pairings

geekystorytelling: I just love Alex Vause as a sexy character

ariestess: @Felix: You might like Wentworth.

geekystorytelling: is that too much?

Alkmaion: I would try to talk about Parker from Leverage, but I don´t think she was in prison .-)

ariestess: Nope, that’s okay. I honestly despise Piper and wish she wasn’t even in the show, ngl.

geekystorytelling: I also loved Poussey

geekystorytelling: yeah i hate piper

ariestess: @Alk: If she was, it wasn’t for long.

Shatterpath: Paaaaaaaaaaaaaarker!!!!!!

ariestess: Oh Poussey…

geekystorytelling: I love that it shows a lot of Queens which is a very underutilized borough

ariestess: Samira Wiley could break me and I wouldn’t fight it, ngl…

geekystorytelling: LOL

geekystorytelling: she really is great

geekystorytelling: honestly I love all the characters

geekystorytelling: while it certainly is a femslash heavy show

ariestess: I love all of them BUT Piper. Like from the pilot, I haven’t liked her, and she just gets worse with time. Like to the point that I don’t want to watch any projects that TSchilling is in.

geekystorytelling: it doesnt do much for me in terms of relatability with relationships an the whole reason why i love the ship

geekystorytelling: i suppose its the prison angle and its why i just fell out of watcing it

ariestess: I honesty wish Red would get a girlfriend, but I don’t think Mulgrew would EVER go for that…

geekystorytelling: yeah I cant see that happening

ariestess: I like the prison aspect, but I also have a thing for "female commune" style dynamics and this does kind of fit that.

geekystorytelling: Id be more into an actual commune i think lol

ariestess: It’s kind of like my thing with nuns [partially], that same group dynamic that brings out the best and worst in women.

geekystorytelling: I mean I love that it exists to showcase how awful our prison system is

geekystorytelling: even though it barely scratches the surfaces

ariestess: *nods* And S4-5 REALLY get into that whole broken prison system sitch. It’s worth watching.

ariestess: For the most part, I don’t take that show too seriously becuase it’s kind of designed that way. For serious stuff, I watch Wentworth.

geekystorytelling: Ive heard the name before

geekystorytelling: but thats as much as I know about it

ariestess: Wentworth is an Aussie women’s prison series. It’s actually remake/reboot of an older show called… *thinks* Prisoner of Cellblock H, I think?

ariestess: Something like that.

ariestess: But it’s far grittier and more "realistic" than OITNB. AND it’s got sexy af Danielle Cormack looking RIPPED!

Shatterpath: I’m enjoying the squee factor here

ariestess: I’ve been unable to really come up with good fic ideas for either show, but I want to write for them so much.

ariestess: Actually, I take that back. I have written for Wentworth. I have a FreakyTits fic.

ThatRumple: I feel like Oitnb was a show written for women by women and I think that’s great , I Did but went worth on Amazon to support it financially but I’m not sure if it’s my cup of coffee XD but I love financially backing shows like this so they can be made for women who need them

ariestess: @Felix: If you have Netflix, all of Wentworth is on there, too.

geekystorytelling: I just had to search Danielle Cormack

ariestess: Ephiny from Xena.

ThatRumple: I do have Netflix but I already bought it on Amazon to give it money

ariestess: @Felix: OH! Okay. LOL

geekystorytelling: she almost reminds me of Lana Parilla

ariestess: Eventually, when I have money, I’ll buy all the seasons of Wentworth on DVD.

Shatterpath: oh dear, you’ve done it now….

ariestess: @Geeky: You just brought up my OTL…

ThatRumple: because every season buy pass bought on Amazon video stream , 80 percent goes back to the show , Amazon and show creators confirmed this

ThatRumple: I researched it to verify

ThatRumple: so finally there’s a way we can give to our shows

ariestess: @Felix: Really? Oh sweet!

ariestess: @Geeky: Wait until the Once panel and you’ll see me get my Lana love on…

ariestess: Though I’d sh*t a brick if Lana guested on OITNB, ngl…

geekystorytelling: LOL

ariestess: Has Doggie not warned you of my Lana/Regina obsession for life?

ariestess: Okay, so anyone else have any comments on OITNB, WW, or even Bad Girls?

ariestess: Or am I just gonna wax poetic about Pamela Rabe and Joan "The Freak" Ferguson for 20 minutes?

Shatterpath: doh! Awkward…

ariestess: Man, I should’ve had Kakes come in here for this panel. She and I could’ve gone ON and ON about FreakyTits and PRabe.

ariestess: WTH am I smoking? Not 20 minutes, 40 minutes… this gonna be a loooooooong panel if I’m the only one talking, y’all…

Shatterpath: Fcking Krissi. Because now I HAVE to say it

geekgrrllurking: come back and you’re talking about freaky tits…typical

ariestess: Fcking Kryssi! YASSSS!

Shatterpath: it’s actually sorta weird that i don’t have a cop-ish character to talk about…

ariestess: @Geek: It’s the name for the pairing, ffs!

ThatRumple: kryssi — miss relentless

Shatterpath: it’s a solid trope

ariestess: @Felix: Exactly!

geekgrrllurking: sure AJ lol


ariestess: But Geek, srsly, check out Wentworth for some droolworthy Danielle Cormack. I’m serious here.

geekgrrllurking: Ephiny right? from Xena

Shatterpath: yep!

geekgrrllurking: and is she paired with anyone in canon or in fic

Shatterpath: yes, but I can’t remember now. Spotty had to step away for a minute

geekgrrllurking: do you watch it too Doggie

Shatterpath: lord NO

geekgrrllurking: lol

Shatterpath: Wuss, remember?

Shatterpath: I can barely work serious drama into my OWN stories, much less brace myself for TV to break my heart

ariestess: Yes, she is, but in S4 only. Canonically, of course. We pair her with several people for fic.

ariestess: And the canon pairing? I DESPISE her partner.

geekgrrllurking: wasn’t there a british womens prision show too?

Shatterpath: and I’m still stinging for the deep wounds my show left on me. But that will wait another half hour

ariestess: @Geek: Bad Girls?

geekgrrllurking: Yes, that was it

geekgrrllurking: that looked good too

ariestess: It’s been a while, but I remember watching that one a bit.

geekgrrllurking: you would think that would be a bigger femslash genre

ariestess: There’s a lot more canon femslash in OITNB and WW than Bad Girls from what I remmber. And that may well be due to the timing of their productions.

geekgrrllurking: hot women in prison

ariestess: Right?

ThatRumple: bad girls was 90s wasn’t it ?

geekgrrllurking: was it that long ago, crap I’m getting old

ThatRumple: I mean L word was 90s too though

ariestess: Yeah, it was.

fsc_ralst: 2000

Shatterpath: ooof, time flies

ariestess: Ahh, the L Word. The "ultimate" lesbian show that I despise with every fiber of my being. LOL

geekgrrllurking: just jenny needed to be ejected from the island

geekystorytelling: poor Jenny

wolvie_dk: they’re doing new eps of that, right?

geekgrrllurking: and well, Dana broke my heart, so…

geekystorytelling: also I found the app

geekystorytelling: oopz

ariestess: Actually, my best bish Kryssi LOVES Jenny. LOL

geekgrrllurking: *warning flags* yikes

geekystorytelling: yeah more people than you would expect liked her

Alkmaion: they do a dynasty reboot too…so?

geekystorytelling: I’m ambivalent

geekgrrllurking: yes I heard a reboot of Dynasty and L Word

geekgrrllurking: And the Xena reboot got stalled, which seems for the best

ariestess: I’m pissed about the killed Xena reboot.

ariestess: Actually, I’m torn over that one.

ariestess: @Geek: IF you knew Kryssi, it would actually make sense. LOL

geekgrrllurking: well I don’t know the full story, but if they aren’t going to go full on relationship then don’t make it

ThatRumple: it’s true

ThatRumple: agreed geeky

ariestess: I agree.

ariestess: If they don’t go full on relationship, I don’t need a Xena reboot. It’d be weird enough to see it without LL & ROC.

geekystorytelling: commit or don’t do it

geekgrrllurking: enough of this subtext, grow some and lets see it for real

geekystorytelling: pretty sure the Xenia reboot is just not gonna happen

geekystorytelling: Xena

ariestess: Amen.

Alkmaion: I´m not sure I´m sad about that

ariestess: Yeah…

geekgrrllurking: I’d miss Lucy and Renee though tbh

ariestess: Exactly.

geekgrrllurking: I saw someone suggest a reboot with old actors, Xena resurrected and Gabby dealing with it 20 years later

geekgrrllurking: THAT would be awesome version to see

ariestess: Ooooooers. That would be awesome.

Shatterpath: tha’s what it SHOULD be

ariestess: And you know Lucy and Renee would probably jump at the chance.

geekgrrllurking: well when we win that lottery girls…

geekgrrllurking: actually Xena behind bars would have been a great show too, lol

ariestess: Oh, the ideas I have for things to do with a lottery win…

geekgrrllurking: the Amazons inside too

ariestess: Then again, I have a specific writing goal that needs to be done ASAP. LOL

ariestess: See, that would be a badass AU to write/read.

geekgrrllurking: Gabby the sweet innocent wrongly accused

ariestess: Xena behind bars…

Shatterpath: man, I turn away for a few minutes…

Alkmaion: I was starting to watch Hercules to get a good grip on the XH universe

ariestess: LOLOL

ariestess: Hercules is a decent show in and of itself.

Alkmaion: Yeah, and i´m not so bad on Greek mythology

ariestess: Oh, I have eyerolling issues with the XH use of Greek mythology, but I can MOSTLY set that aside for the sake of the show.

Alkmaion: might get good ideas for Xena too…I have both shows

ariestess: MOSTLY…

ariestess: I’m ticked that Netflix doesn’t have the "Lyre, Lyre" ep. I haven’t seen it like since it first aired and I love the soundtrack for it.

ThatRumple: you can buy the episode on Amazon it’s cheap

ThatRumple: it’s like 2.99 an episode

ariestess: I really should. I know the issue is the musical rights.

ariestess: And don’t get me started on THAT rant. *still bitter over the BoP DVDs*

Shatterpath: amen!

ThatRumple: my Amazon video library is so huge because I keep buying the digital copy of stuff I like

ariestess: LOL! This sounds like me and my Spotify library [though that’s not purchased].

ariestess: I live in Netflix because I can’t afford to buy the digital versions OR DVDs.

ThatRumple: then of course Amazon started Amazon channels so you can get more shows for Netflix price

ariestess: Except for Damien, where I found the money to purchase the HD season on iTunes AND bought the DVDs when they came out this year.

Shatterpath: money is the root of all evil