Once Upon a Time

ariestess: All right, let’s just start this Once Upon a Time panel with the inevitable question… What’s your fave f/f pairing on this show?

ariestess: Predicting about 75% SQ.

Alsike: Ruby/Lacey

theg1rl20: I’m in the 25%. Ruby/Regina.

ThatRumple: belle and any female

geekgrrllurking: SQ but only watched until Regina broke the curse and sent Emma and Henry over the line

ThatRumple: Regina would have no patience for Ruby’s childish ways

Alkmaion: Ruby/Cameron

Shatterpath: you lasted long than I did, but I still wrote a MESS of fic for it

ariestess: While I write more SQ, I am 10000000000000000000000% a DragonQueen girl.

ariestess: Who’s Cameron?

Alkmaion: eh, Emma *hides under a rock…a BIG rock*

theg1rl20: What’s childish about Ruby?

Alsike: i also protest this characterization

ariestess: Yeah, I don’t see anything about Ruby as childish.

ThatRumple: you forget first season

theg1rl20: What was childish about her?

Alsike: when she’d lost her memory?

ariestess: Um, cursed behaviors don’t count.

ariestess: She had no control over that.

Alkmaion: cameron, her character on house

Shatterpath: I liked RedSwanQueen

ariestess: And she wasn’t childish, she was promiscuous.

Shatterpath: good balance of personalities

ThatRumple: I see promiscuous childlike because my teenaged sister

theg1rl20: I’d even argue about the promiscuousness. We’ve seen Ruby kiss two people: Peter and Dorothy.

geekgrrllurking: I also liked Red/Snow kinda a rarepair tho

ariestess: She talked the talk, but never walked the walk.

theg1rl20: She dressed provocatively and flirted.

ThatRumple: hormones and flirty

ariestess: I like Red/Snow.

theg1rl20: I love Red/Snow.

Shatterpath: REd/Snow was an easy one for sure!

Alsike: i feel like anyone that age trapped in a town like that . . . man that sucks

theg1rl20: Red was so in love with Snow.

ariestess: I love the idea of Regina/Ruby because both are flawed and seen as worse than they really are. They are kindred in that sense.

Shatterpath: Poor Red just got stuck her in her ‘teenage punk phase’ as it were, for 28 years because of the curse

theg1rl20: I always say Ruby and Regina are like two sides to a coin flipped by Snow.

ariestess: Hormones and flirty is NOT childish. If that’s the case, then I’m "childish" at 47yo.

ariestess: @theg1rl20: YES! Exactly. One’s dark side is revered, the other’s is reviled

Shatterpath: well said

theg1rl20: Ruby had support after her dark side appeared. Regina didn’t.

theg1rl20: Ruby learned to control hers. Regina was pushed to let hers grow out of control.

ariestess: Exactly!

ariestess: And I honestly think that Ruby would have [and SHOULD have] been one of the first to support Regina when she started on ehr redemption path.

theg1rl20: Yes. I do too.

Shatterpath: that would have been really compelling

ariestess: Granny should have, too, lbr.

Shatterpath: she was never used enough after the curse broke

geekgrrllurking: if the actress had been available

theg1rl20: The actress was available.

Alsike: if they’d remembered she was on the show

theg1rl20: They didn’t write her any storylines.

geekgrrllurking: they should have recast and had Ruby more involved

ThatRumple: yeah she’s available

ariestess: It wasn’t a case of the actress not being available. It was a case of A/E telling her to get other work because they dropped her centric SL to do Neverland.

theg1rl20: And she went to them asking if she was gonna get stories and they told her to go for the other show she was being offered.

geekgrrllurking: well now, but didn’t she have a show for awhile

ThatRumple: she’s not busy at all

Alkmaion: is she available nowadays

ThatRumple: Adam and eddie ducked yp

theg1rl20: She has a show on the Hallmark channel. She’s the lead.

Alsike: oh man, I loved Granny, all the Granny

theg1rl20: Chesapeake Shores.

geekgrrllurking: well big surprised E&D f’d up

Shatterpath: Graaaaanny!

theg1rl20: It’s the most successful Hallmark channel show ever.

Shatterpath: I had some good times with Granny in fic

Alkmaion: ah, okay. thanks

theg1rl20: (I know far too much about Meghan Ory’s life.)

ariestess: Actually Meghan Ory’s been working pretty steadily since OUaT started.

geekgrrllurking: A&E sorry, too much rum

ariestess: She’s working NOW because A/E basically said "We don’t need you. We’d rather worship at the alter of Hook."

theg1rl20: @ariestess Yep, pretty much.

ThatRumple: literally

theg1rl20: Neverland fucked so much up.

Alkmaion: Hehe, she was one of the two girls with john tucker in the end

Shatterpath: the minute Hook lost his leash that Cora held, he was unmanagable

Shatterpath: started peeing all over the furniture

geekgrrllurking: the potential of this show and how massively off track it went is so sad

theg1rl20: I always felt they broke the curse too soon and had nowhere to go.

ariestess: Yep. The second my Queen of Hearts was killed, the cast started… Nah, I’m gonna be good.

ariestess: I agree. The curse was broken far too soon.

theg1rl20: And that they didn’t deal with any effects of the curse breaking in any great detail.

theg1rl20: It was brushed over in a couple of eps.

Shatterpath: definitely broke too soon

ariestess: *nods*

wolvie_dk: They had the plot to a movie and suddenly had to expand it into a tv show

Shatterpath: thank all the Holies for fic!

ThatRumple: see they didn’t deal with the after

ThatRumple: that’s their mistake

ThatRumple: they rushed to create new problems instead of addressing current ones

theg1rl20: They never dealt with anything, or bothered much with continuity, making it a really frustrating watch.

ariestess: Well, they had 10 yrs to create S1 and less time to do the rest.

ThatRumple: like Emilie de raven was supposed to stay dead , she was a last minute add in to the finale because they needed drama

ariestess: I’d REALLY love to see their timeline, ngl.

ariestess: When was Belle supposed to be dead?

Shatterpath: their timeline must be fascinating

ThatRumple: she was only supposed to be in skin deep

theg1rl20: I never felt like they looked much beyond half a season.

ThatRumple: to make the point that Rumple chose finding his child over loved

ThatRumple: that was it

ThatRumple: but yeah let’s erase a father/ son story because romance is more important

ThatRumple: it was the shippers fault

ThatRumple: Adam and eddie caved in

ThatRumple: and ruined rumple forever

ariestess: I’ve never heard that theory. There’s no point in making her fulltime cast to do that. She’d have been an "also starring"/guest cast like Dornan.

Shatterpath: dude, what?

ThatRumple: she was in second season

ariestess: No, Felix. We’re not doing that here. This is for femslash. Not for your thing about Rumpel and Bae.

ThatRumple: she wasn’t a main until third season

ariestess: Okay, moving on and back to the femslash…

Shatterpath: I’m surprised they never pursued the sparks with Ruby and Belle

ariestess: Or Ruby and Mulan.

ariestess: Though I will say that I loved Ruby/Dorothy.

Shatterpath: right????

theg1rl20: I think Ruby and Mulan was the plan.

ariestess: And of course, my OTP was canon from basically ep 2, but verified in S4.

theg1rl20: But maybe Disney got involved?

ariestess: I do, too, tbh.

Shatterpath: it would be like Disney, unfortunately

theg1rl20: Because Jamie Chung posted something on twitter implying something had changed.

Shatterpath: and i like Disney! But the Mouse is a force to be reckoned with

ariestess: Yeah, Jamie was PIIIIISSED! I remember that.

theg1rl20: Yes. And Mulan has a live action movie coming out.

theg1rl20: I liked Ruby/Dorothy too, but it was too rushed and out of nowhere. The Ruby/Mulan story would’ve been better.

Shatterpath: yup

theg1rl20: Ruby has chemistry with just about everybody

ariestess: I agree. But relationships DO happen IRL as quickly as Ruby/Dorothy did.

Shatterpath: it would be nice to see the organic pairings happen sometimes, eh?

ariestess: Meghan and Lana have that same ability to have chemistry with everyone and everything.

ariestess: There’s a reason my list of Regina ships is like a mile long.

Shatterpath: ah Once and your cracks pairings! lol

ariestess: *beams* I’m quite proud of my ability to pair her off with pretty much …anyone.

theg1rl20: Yep, Lana and Meghan definitely have that ability.

theg1rl20: Not everyone on the show does.

Shatterpath: I still use Regina as a secondary character in fics to this day!

ariestess: Someone recently departed certainly doesn’t.

theg1rl20: Indeed

ariestess: Oh, I have my thoughts on that one. Suffice it to say, she’s burned so many bridges and I will NEVER watch a project she’s involved in again.

ariestess: I’m still laughing about the "gay sheriff" thing that happened in NYC.

ariestess: But I digress.

ariestess: What do you guys think of the new slew of female characters for S7? Or as I like to call it, "Lana’s harem"?

Shatterpath: I’m looking forward to giving Once a try again

theg1rl20: I’m not hugely keen on the idea of recasting existing roles, so I’ll have to see how they do it.

geekgrrllurking: so having been out of the OUaT loop, are they all recursed for the next season?

Shatterpath: thankfully, the recasting, as it were, is built into the show concepts

ariestess: I get the point that they’re making with what amounts to ARs of SOME of the characters. There are multiple versions of the stories, so why wouldn’t there be multiple versions of the characters?

ariestess: I mean, I totally dig a Latina Cinderella.

ariestess: And if they could recast Robin Hood and Jafar with [relatively] few complaints, why not other characters?

theg1rl20: I pretty much feel like the show never had a handle on its worldbuilding stuff.

ariestess: Honestly? A big part of my beef with the people complaining about the Cinderella "recast" is that many people framed it almost in a racist sort of way. It’s not recasting a "favorite" character. It’s recasting a white character as non-white.

Shatterpath: i’d be jazzed if the reboot basically gives us a whole new show with familar faces. Hwo cool is that?

theg1rl20: So, yeah, sure, have multiple versions of the characters. I’m just not convinced they’ll explain it adequately.

ariestess: Well, given that A/E can’t give a single straight answer on TL vs. soulmates, that’s a given.

theg1rl20: And I’m all for more POC in Once. Totally.

ariestess: Plus, y’know, their inability to allow us to see ANY aspects of their timeline.

ThatRumple: or you know an actual nonromantic character

ariestess: All I know is that I’ll be pissed if they recast QoH …for reasons.

ariestess: Romance is what sells, especially in a fairytale-based show, whether we like it or not.

ariestess: And ESPECIALLY in a fairytale-based show owned by DISNEY.

Shatterpath: too true

ariestess: And Eddy’s comment at SDCC about why they recast Alice pissed me tf off even more than his usual fckery.

ariestess: That was a childishly low blow and wasn’t necessary at all.

theg1rl20: I didn’t hear about that?

ariestess: Eddy basically said "We recast Alice because it’s not like any of you watched OUaTiW."

ariestess: He basically blamed the recast on the fans.

theg1rl20: Ah.

ariestess: Yet, they could recast others [including Jafar, from the same show] without tht kind of snark.

Shatterpath: ah well, not like showrunners listen, eh?

ariestess: I mean, at least wrt Jafar, they said "Hey, Naveen’s too damned busy with Sense8 and we couldn’t get him long enough for what we needed."

Alkmaion: @theg: Question is: gives their failure at World Building you more, better possibilities to write fics, or does it hinder you to do s?

theg1rl20: Both.

Shatterpath: oooo, that’s a GREAT question

Shatterpath: me? I like ambiguity, actually

theg1rl20: It obviously gives you the freedom to make up whatever you like.

ariestess: Yeah, both. For me, on one hand, it means more work to create a "realistic" worldbuilding background, but at the same time, it allows me to play with what I want and skip their BS.

Shatterpath: after decades of scraping for merely hints of femslash, I like detailing out myself

theg1rl20: But sometimes it’s nice to stay within established parameters and make things work within the context of the show or the characterization.

theg1rl20: But continuity of character and storyline is not Once’s strong point.

ariestess: Given that it took them 6 yrs to do about 4 yrs of "real time", they have no idea what they’re doing.

ariestess: And basically from 3b to 6b, we went about 6 months tops.

ThatRumple: their lack of information bothers me personally because I write more technicality then character or emotion because it’s more interesting to me and Adam never answers my damn question

theg1rl20: I’d have been happy with a better explanation of the first curse tbh.

theg1rl20: I really feel like they did not establish how that worked in any detail that made it easy to write about.

Alkmaion: I want to watch Once somefday to get an idea about its world formula and then play around with Sappherella, Ruby and the others

ThatRumple: like I’ve come up with my own answers but I hate not having affirmation if I’m right

ariestess: Same. And the BS about the Black Fairy? What a farce of a story.

ThatRumple: omg major cop out

ariestess: That and the backstory for the Dark Ones were both horribly sloppy writing.

ThatRumple: it upsets me so much

Shatterpath: writing close to canon is certainly a challenge

ariestess: You cannot have this HUGE "OMFG DARK ONE" fear and have it turn out that lame and shortlived.

ThatRumple: it hurts me literally

theg1rl20: I hated the Dark One shit. Particularly with Emma.

ariestess: Fanfic and headcanon don’t require affirmation. I prefer not having them for the most part.

theg1rl20: It could’ve been an interesting character study.

ariestess: They dropped the ball there by making Hook another DO.

ariestess: That was the last time I found JMo interesting because of the research she did and got screwed over for.

ThatRumple: as a magick researchist myself into alchemy potions and Wicca I am offended by Their play around with the rules

ariestess: @Felix: I’ve been practicing for 30 years. Magic in television/film is NEVER going to be realistic. They ALWAYS mess around to give the best flashbang for visual effects.

ariestess: The only thing that pisses me off re: the magic is breaking the "dead is dead" rule.

theg1rl20: Nobody bloody stayed dead.

ariestess: Rumpel should be dead, Hook should be dead, Zelena should be dead… And let’s not touch Daniel and… Who am I missing?

ariestess: I’m missing someone here…

theg1rl20: Alterna!Robin?

ariestess: But Daniel at least was semi-explained via bringing in Frankenstein. I’ll accept that. ESPECIALLY given how they made it that Daniel was not Daniel, but a monster.

ariestess: Actually wish!Robin doesn’t bother me.

ariestess: That was a created realm, so he could be there because he was NEVER touted as "OUR" Robin.

theg1rl20: It bothered me that they all literally went to hell to get Hook back, but Robin was disintegrated or whatever.

theg1rl20: That was unfair.

ariestess: YES! That was utter fcking BS.

ariestess: But I didn’t have an issue with wish!Robin or with the EQ staying with him.

ariestess: And I kinda hope Roni’s a bit sapphic, ngl…

theg1rl20: Don’t we all

Shatterpath: Pleeeeeeeeeeeease!

Shatterpath: I want to see Lana get her gay on, even a little bit!!!1

theg1rl20: I feel like, if she is, it’s gonna be in a throwaway line about an ex or something.

wolvie_dk: I wouldn’t have gone to 7-11 to get Hook back!

geekgrrllurking: amen wolvie

ariestess: LOLOL @ wolvie

Shatterpath: just one more boring white boy, eh?

ariestess: Honestly, I just want Mal to come back so Regina has her girlfriend.

theg1rl20: Oh, I love Mal.

wolvie_dk: @theg: "many of my lovers were men"

ariestess: DragonQueen is so beyond canon, it’s not even funny.

ariestess: And once I get my SQSupernova fics done and submitted, I NEED to get back to writing some DQ Annealed.

ariestess: I actually promised a friend an update on that AU this month. She’s riding my @ss about it, too. LOL

Shatterpath: Dragon! What’s not to like?

ariestess: Right?

theg1rl20: I guess Mal should be dead too, if we’re talking about dead staying dead.

ariestess: She’s the one I’m forgetting. LOLOL

Shatterpath: yeah, tptb have never been real clear on their ‘rules’

ariestess: Though with the dragon thing, and being supernatural like that, the rules MIGHT be a little different?

ariestess: Then again, I love the theory that Regina actually died in S2 with the ECT and everything since has been her limbo nightmare somehow.

Shatterpath: my fave theory!

theg1rl20: Most of it certainly felt like a nightmare.

ariestess: Amen to that.

Alkmaion: Limbo nightmare? Isn´t that one with David Hasselhoff in it?

ariestess: LOLOL

wolvie_dk: I think it’s of his new album

Shatterpath: a david Hasslehoff nightmare. Perfect

ariestess: No, that was that cheesy video of his from GotG2

geekgrrllurking: any favourite OUaT fic recs?

geekystorytelling: I am finally back home on my computer and not coming to you live from my phone in the middle of the woods

ariestess: I have lots. What pairing/type you looking for?

geekystorytelling: we are in OUAT?

ariestess: Yes, we’re almost done with OUaT.

geekystorytelling: thanks

ariestess: 7 minutes to Fandoms on teh Rise.

geekgrrllurking: just go for all time favourites

geekystorytelling: im only at the end of season 2 of once…Ive rewatched the first two seasons twice now

Alkmaion: Ah, finally remembered Emma/Elsa was my favourite

ariestess: Hmm… I mean, I can give you some of my fics that I’ve liked.

ariestess: I assume you want SQ, Geek?

Shatterpath: hey Geek, at least it gives you enough to dream up ideas, eh?

geekgrrllurking: nope go outside of your work if you can

geekystorytelling: I mean at this point of course

ariestess: Because I HIGHLY rec my DQ Annealed series.

Shatterpath: I loooove that series!

geekgrrllurking: I already love your and Doggie’s stuff

geekystorytelling: I love both characters on their own and the thought of them together to and all of that

ariestess: Oh! I have one for you. It’s till in the works. Lemme find the link.

Alsike: any epic au DQ recs?

Shatterpath: though all kidding aside, I am looking forward to what S6 might bring

theg1rl20: http://archiveofourown.org/series/70298 <– My fave Ruby/Regina series.

geekystorytelling: Ruby is the best

ariestess: Despair by SgtMac @ http://archiveofourown.org/works/11012589/chapters/24537483

ariestess: Actually, any of her work is good, tbh.

ariestess: @Alsike: check out Annealed @ http://archiveofourown.org/series/486500

ariestess: @Alsike: It’s a full series AU with Mal in the curse as a glassblower.

Alsike: awesome!

ariestess: Doggie, we’re up to S7.

Alsike: will do!

Shatterpath: doh!

geekgrrllurking: thanks for the links all. love finding new fic thats good