Fandoms on the Rise

fsc_ralst: Are we talking fandoms on the rise? Is a little confused.

Alkmaion: So, what fandoms do you think have made a comeback, and for what reason?

geekystorytelling: PowerRangers

wolvie_dk: Yes!

Shatterpath: the only other verse I need to get off my rear and finish is my Power Rangers fic. DON’T JUDGE ME

fsc_ralst: Is there much Power Rangers fic?

Shatterpath: the girls are WAY to young for me, but YOWZA

Shatterpath: yes, yes there is

geekystorytelling: bwahhaa

geekystorytelling: Kim is a good age for me someone tell her im available?

fsc_ralst: The film made them very slashable

Shatterpath: i couldn’t even tell you WHY loved the movie, because I LOATHED the show and was dragged into it years ago by my ex who I came out with

Shatterpath: (Geek: Pyramid will have a fascinating AU version of the Rangers. I can’t WAIT)

fsc_ralst: I never saw the TV show but really enjoyed the film

geekystorytelling: it was just a group of very diverse people that the film didnt harp on and neither did the characters

Alsike: it’s the only movie I’ve seen in years that I was perfectly happy with afterwards

geekystorytelling: it was very true to life in my opinion which made it relatable

Shatterpath: i never expected to like it and went back to watch it again in the theater

geekystorytelling: besides the crazy powers thing

Alkmaion: So the new movie is the reason for a renewed flow of fanfics?

geekystorytelling: without a doubt

Shatterpath: surprisingly good film

Gin Akasarahsmom: Power Rangers have always had a strong presence at sci-fi/Fantasy Conventions

geekystorytelling: it had a low turnout but the people who did became ride or die for it

geekystorytelling: a la a rise in fandom

Gin Akasarahsmom: Since the first series until the lastest movie

Shatterpath: go in prepared for silly scifi, awesomely over the top baddie and surprisingly likeable characters

Alsike: and great act structure

wolvie_dk: It was a very pleasant surprise to have a teen/superhero movie without a tacked-on romance plot

Shatterpath: Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa is pure gold

Alsike: yessssss

Shatterpath: there was, actually. Audiences didn’t like it and they -GASP- snipped it out

geekystorytelling: everything was just so great

fsc_ralst: They even let the female characters gravitate towards each other

Alkmaion: Cool for the Powies, I guess

Shatterpath: -swoons- My tiny angry yellow

geekystorytelling: Each of the characters brought their own set of baggage that you were able to unpack and empathize with

Alsike: zack’s mom ;_;

geekystorytelling: uhg


Shatterpath: there are a couple missing scenes on the disk that make them MORE slashable

fsc_ralst: Yeah, some have appeared on tumblr

Shatterpath: and I have zero interest in guyslash and I could see it

Shatterpath: a little something for everyone

Shatterpath: but the three ladies were the standouts (obviously)

fsc_ralst: Are they doing a sequel?

Shatterpath: adn I’m going to aim to watch the Legends of Kora this winter

geekystorytelling: its up in the air

Shatterpath: The PR sequel is yes, up in the air

geekystorytelling: they were going to but then the turnout was low..but merch has been high

geekystorytelling: also I just tried to start Legends of Kora

fsc_ralst: Maybe good DVD sales will tip the balance

geekystorytelling: but am finding it hard to continue because Kora is a little…dicky?

geekystorytelling: I hope so

fsc_ralst: Any other new fandoms looking ready to break out?

ThatRumple: I recall the letter from a couple years ago

theg1rl20: There are a few nice Glow fics around.

wolvie_dk: @geeky: Stay with Korra, it gets better

geekystorytelling: ekjrngq;erng ugh im the worst

geekystorytelling: I watch 15 minutes of GoT before turning it off

theg1rl20: And lots of Glow girls to play with.

fsc_ralst: I’ve not seen Glow but I like the lead actress

geekystorytelling: and it took me months before I could swallow wynonna earp

theg1rl20: Alison Brie?

fsc_ralst: Yes

geekystorytelling: in terms of femslash

geekystorytelling: give it a few months and Dr Who

theg1rl20: She plays kind of against type in Glow, but she did grow on me eventually.

fsc_ralst: Oh, yes, the female Doctor should be interesting

wolvie_dk: Any word on the new Who companion?

fsc_ralst: I shall nudge Glow slightly up my list of shows to watch

theg1rl20: It’s Bradley Walsh, isn’t it?

fsc_ralst: Yeah, that’s what I heard

theg1rl20: Idk if many people watch The Shannara Chronicles, but it looks like Eretria will have a girlfriend in the new season.

Alsike: oh man, I just ship leela/romana in the gallifrey audio drama spinoff so hard

fsc_ralst: I’m not thrilled at the choice but then I wasn’t thrilled at the idea of Catherine Tate and she turned out to be amazing

Gin Akasarahsmom: Leela is my favorite Companion of all time

theg1rl20: I’ve never seen a Dr Who, so I cannot comment

geekgrrllurking: I haven’t watched Dr Who either but willing to check out new Doctor, she was great in Broadchurch

fsc_ralst: In the Shannara Chronicles didn’t they ship her and the other main girl? I know no names but they bathed together

ariestess: *perks up* GoT?

theg1rl20: Amberle, yeah.

ariestess: And yes re: Shannara Chronicles, Ralst.

theg1rl20: But Amberle is…not quite herself.

ariestess: I loved that triad in SC.

fsc_ralst: Is it a good show?

geekystorytelling: Ghostbusters fandom also rose this year

theg1rl20: It’s very Legend of the Seeker-ish.

ariestess: I’m looking forward to more. I never read thbooks, so I’m digging it big time.

geekystorytelling: with Kate Mckinnon doing her amazing thing as Holtzmann

fsc_ralst: I loved Legend of the Seeker… well I love Cara and Kahlan

ariestess: Man, all the GoT femslash options LITERALLY being killed this season…

Shatterpath: i’m really sad I never got a good Ghostbusters idea, because I LOVE THAT MOVIE

theg1rl20: Amberle and Eretria were pretty much a younger Cara and Kahlan.

fsc_ralst: Oh I loved Ghostbusters but ended up pairing Holtzman with almost everybody

geekystorytelling: I read a few really aweome ghostbuster fics

ariestess: I’m still chuffed that I wrote Abby/Holtz and got to squick Patty in the process. *veg*

geekystorytelling: but this was almost a year ago when the movie first came out

fsc_ralst: Okay, that settles it, it’s going on the watchlist

geekystorytelling: yeah Holtzman can def be paired with any of them

theg1rl20: Both that and Glow are only 10 eps each, ralst, so they’re pretty easy to rattle through. And Glow is only half hours.

geekystorytelling: I heard Glow was amazing

geekystorytelling: its definitely on my list

ariestess: I still highly rec Juana Ines.

fsc_ralst: Sounds good. Now Dark Matter and Wynonna Earp are finished I need something to fill the void

fsc_ralst: That’s on there too, AJ

theg1rl20: Glow is good. Not sure I’d say ‘amazing’, but it definitley has future potential.

ariestess: Woot!

theg1rl20: Debbie is my love.

ariestess: Glow doesn’t even sound remotely interesting to me somehow. IDK what it is.

Alsike: not everyone likes audio dramas but dammit the gallifrey series is so good

fsc_ralst: I love audio dramas but haven’t heard those

theg1rl20: <– A wonderful Glow fic. (still ongoing, but check it out if you’ve watched the show)


fsc_ralst: Does anyone watch The Bold Type? I keep seeing it appear on my Tumblr and it looks interesting

geekystorytelling: YES


geekystorytelling: it is amazing.

fsc_ralst: Thanks, Als, I’ll have to check to see if it’s on audible

fsc_ralst: Is it a drama?

Ceridwyn2_1: hello

fsc_ralst: Hello Ceri, we’re talking fandoms on the rise

wolvie_dk: Hi

Ceridwyn2_1: late to the party

geekgrrllurking: hey Ceri! good to see you

Ceridwyn2_1: well, I’m behind on Orphan Black & Wynonna Earp – both are on laptop

Ceridwyn2_1: rewatching Scott & Bailey

Ceridwyn2_1: and Holby City

theg1rl20: Scott and Bailey!!

theg1rl20: I love it so.

Ceridwyn2_1: back up to S4

fsc_ralst: Rachel/Gill for the win

theg1rl20: Rachel/Gill is everything.

Ceridwyn2_1: I LOVED S3 with Nicola Walker

fsc_ralst: So tragic

theg1rl20: Poor Helen.

Ceridwyn2_1: ah, see I prefer Gill Murray and Julie Dodson

theg1rl20: I think most people do

fsc_ralst: I like them too but my OTP is R/G

theg1rl20: Rachel/Gill just totally gets me in the feels.

Ceridwyn2_1: Sally Wainwright had so many brilliant lines in that series

fsc_ralst: The last series was good but not the same without Gill

theg1rl20: I felt like they tried to shove too much into the last series, and gritty it up too much.

Ceridwyn2_1: catching up on Holby while Catherine Russell and Jemma Redgrave are on their respective breaks

theg1rl20: It was fine but it felt like a different show

fsc_ralst: Yeah, we needed Godzilla

Ceridwyn2_1: a bit yeah

theg1rl20: I liked, at least, that they mentioned her a lot.

theg1rl20: But she was sorely missed.

Ceridwyn2_1: Godzilla was writing S5

Ceridwyn2_1: Amelia wrote 3 in S4 as well

theg1rl20: I knew she wrote in S3 & 4 but I didn’t think she wrote series 5.

Ceridwyn2_1: maybe more, I can’t remember

Ceridwyn2_1: yes, that’s it, 3 & 4

Ceridwyn2_1: I’m looking forward to S3 of Paul Abbott’s "No Offence". great cast

theg1rl20: I liked the first series. Drifted away during the second, but I should go back and finish it.

fsc_ralst: Oh and I can’t help slashing the leads on that too

Ceridwyn2_1: Joanna Scanlan, Elaine Cassidy & Alexandra Roach

Ceridwyn2_1: yeah, that could go Viv & Dinah or Dinah & Joy (my pref)

fsc_ralst: Dinah/Joy

theg1rl20: Dinah and Joy had me at the whole ‘I’ve got your back, you’ve got my heart’ thing.

fsc_ralst: Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s much femslash for the show

Ceridwyn2_1: yes!

Ceridwyn2_1: no, I don’t think so

fsc_ralst: Has there been any breakout fandoms this year? I mean new fandoms that have really exploded onto the scene?

Ceridwyn2_1: i’d also ship Frankie (Eve Myles) & Zoe (Jemma Redgrave) from "Frankie". only 1 series, wish there had been more

wolvie_dk: Anyone watching Call the Midwife?

Shatterpath: Power Rangers. -laughs and scampers off-

Ceridwyn2_1: yes, not sure where the next series will go without Patsy & Delia tho

Ceridwyn2_1: there are a few Frankie/Zoe stories out there

fsc_ralst: Thinking more of an Otalia style explosion

Alsike: supercorp?

Ceridwyn2_1: there was Berena (Bernie & Serena) on Holby City – which will continue when both actresses return

Ceridwyn2_1: there are over 1k fic stories out there, mind you some are bloody aweful

fsc_ralst: Supergirl fandom was already there but I guess Sanvers and Supercorp was the 2017 explosions

Alsike: (I am hoping for Colleen/Misty to be a thing)

fsc_ralst: A thousand Berena fics?

ariestess: 5 minutes until What’s Next.

fsc_ralst: The Defenders?

Ceridwyn2_1: I’m looking forward to what Jodie Whittaker brings as The Doctor

Alsike: yeah–not that I’ve seen it yet but I still ship it in principle

fsc_ralst: lol

Alsike: when your ship name is canonically Daughters of the Dragon, i’m in

theg1rl20: Colleen and Misty had some nice interaction. As did Colleen and Claire.

Ceridwyn2_1: yep. over 1K. i’ve been working on one myself

Alsike: Claire is shippable with _everyone_

Ceridwyn2_1: more than 1K on AO3

fsc_ralst: Hmm, maybe I need to start recruiting fics when I get back int he game

Ceridwyn2_1: ncruuk’s got some that are Bernie/Alex (the latter played by Heather Peace, in one ep)

fsc_ralst: Yeah, I saw that ep

Ceridwyn2_1: whispersmummy has some of my favourites.

Ceridwyn2_1: there’s one Holby/Bake-Off AU that’s brilliant by PotofCoffee

Alsike: is there any good Crazy Ex-Girlfriend fic?

Alsike: a bake off AU? link plz!

Ceridwyn2_1: I come away from that AU hungry pretty much everytime

theg1rl20: I’m gonna head off to bed soon, so I’ll bid you all a good evening. It’s been fun

geekgrrllurking: Lol I love Bake Off au’s in general in any fandom


Alsike: woooot

fsc_ralst: I love the idea of Bake Off AUs… there should be one for Murder in Suburbia

geekgrrllurking: see yah theg

Alsike: hahaaa, that would be perfect!


theg1rl20: Okay going now Night.

Alsike: honestly: they would totally investigate a murder at the tent

wolvie_dk: Night

Alsike: that’s their style completely

fsc_ralst: Night

Alsike: (Scribbs would watch it religiously, and Ash be like . . . i’ve seen what you eat)

fsc_ralst: And Ash would try to win the competition with perfect pastries

fsc_ralst: and Scribbs would have flour all over her face

Alsike: <#

Ceridwyn2_1: whispersmummy has one she just finished, an AU one that had Bernie open a craft shop after returning on a medical discharge post injuries in Afghanistan. teaching Serena to crochet. very good

Ceridwyn2_1: it got me into crocheting.

Alsike: HAA :D, that’s like the Bering & Wells fic that got me into Opera

Ceridwyn2_1: would that her gardening au would have tweaked my brown thumb into a green one

Ceridwyn2_1: plants survive to spite me


fsc_ralst: Okay, so any other fandoms or pairings that people are excited about?

ariestess: LOL @ Ralst. Getting a start on the Fandoms on the Rise panel for later?

fsc_ralst: I’m just trying to find new shows to binge watch

ariestess: LOLOL

ariestess: I highly recommend Juana Ines.

ariestess: I want to write fic for it, but cannot figure out a way to do so. Plus, based on a real person, so…

fsc_ralst: Is that the one on Netflix with the woman from Without Men?

ariestess: IDK? It’s the one one Netflix about the lesbian nun.

fsc_ralst: Ah, no, a different Netflix show. But I think I put the nun in my wishlist, so to speak

ariestess: It’s a Spanish-language show, but I was fascinated through all 8 eps. 17th century feminist lesbian nun. I actaully want to find books on her and her poetry. She gives me ideas for novels.

Alkmaion: So, what femslash movies from the last year would you recommend? We had the queer film festival in june, i watched a couple of movies…AWOL, 17 and others

fsc_ralst: I have watched many a Spanish soap or the femslash content

wolvie_dk: Carol, Kyss Meg (Kiss Me), Below Her Mouth

fsc_ralst: Oh god, now my mind really has gone blank… I must have watch a movie this year, I must

fsc_ralst: I just found out earlier today that Below Her Mouth is on Netflix, so I’ll give that a watch over the weekend

wolvie_dk: just remember it’s very explicit

fsc_ralst: Got it

Alkmaion: I watched >Lovesong from 2016, Barash, Israel 2015,…Io e Lei, 2015 from Italy…

fsc_ralst: I don’t think I’ve seen any of them. Do you recommend them?

Alkmaion: …Dohee-Ya from south Korea, 2014…

fsc_ralst: I must admit that I haven’t seen Carol yet either. I read the book years ago but somehow didn’t get around to the movie.

wolvie_dk: Carol is really good

Alkmaion: I liked Lovesong and Barash…Israel has some of the most interesting lesbian movies over the years

fsc_ralst: I liked Kyss Mig but I haven’t really seen that many non-English language lesbian films

Alkmaion: The doku ‘Out in the night’ from 2014 from 2014, USA, AWOL from 2016 and First girl i loved…

Alkmaion: I think I saw kiss myg at Identities…some years ago…go there since 2005 I think…my sommer of love

fsc_ralst: What’s that a film festival?

Alkmaion: a couple of days with films of a certain sort of movies. We have a short film festival soon in vienna, a jewish film festival, and some others…

Alkmaion: a celebration of a certain sort of film

fsc_ralst: Sounds interesting. I wish I lived closer.

Alkmaion: I just looked at the website, they had a part that was English, but it is gone, sadly

Alkmaion: Where are you from ralst? British or US?

fsc_ralst: British

Alkmaion: i dimly seem to remember something. That´s actually not that far away.

fsc_ralst: What’s that?

Alkmaion: Vienna, Austria. We are EU…at least for a while

fsc_ralst: Ah, yeah, not a million miles away but not around the corner either although I have always wanted to go.

Alkmaion: Ah, I still want a Summer of love fic…10 years later

Alkmaion: Hehe, I just recently downloaded a lot of British genealogy stuff(I´m a sucker for pedigrees), about heraldic visitations

fsc_ralst: I don’t know much about genealogy

Alkmaion: Not!? I thought every Brit has his/her own inner Giles with tweedness and an app woth a permanent link to ‘The British Peerage

fsc_ralst: App? You mean our leather bound scrolls?

Alkmaion: No, like ‘What´s app’ for a smart phone

Alkmaion: How long has P&P been around, if I may ask?

fsc_ralst: I’m not sure. Over 15 years.

ariestess: I know SSP has been around since at least 2001 and P&P was close to the same time, wasn’t it?

Alkmaion: Wow. That´s stamina. A toast on that. Cheers! *raises glass*

ariestess: Or was it 2002? I’d have to check.

fsc_ralst: I really need to write down the dates at some point because my memory is shocking

ariestess: LOLOL

Alkmaion: than hopefully to more joyful years

fsc_ralst: *clinks glass*

fsc_ralst: Diet coke

Alkmaion: I´m curious: Which fandom roped you in? 15 years…Buffy, or Xena?

fsc_ralst: Xena as a reader and then Voyager T/7 for getting involved

fsc_ralst: What about you?

Alkmaion: Ah, Buffy around 2000, then kept with Anime/Manga mostly, but kept up with most series, albeit a late follower

fsc_ralst: I was late to Buffy but got there eventually

ariestess: ST:TNG roped me in.

Alkmaion: I want to rewatch the whole thing. I had this theory that Angel was acting for the mayor to get the order of Aurelius eliminated and the master out of the Hellmouth

Alkmaion: TNG: into Femslash?

Alkmaion: or fandom generally speaking?

fsc_ralst: TNG got me into writing fanfic – Data/Tasha – but that was before I got on the net

Alkmaion: Do I hear a villainous BWAHAHAHAHA in the background?

geekgrrllurking: Oh man, I loved TNG

geekgrrllurking: Xena got me writing though

geekgrrllurking: I’m looking forward to the new Star Trek show this fall

fsc_ralst: Is that a network program?

ariestess: NO, it’s not.

ariestess: I want to watch it, but I’m not paying extra for it.

geekgrrllurking: it’s on tv in Canada on Space

ariestess: @Alk: TNG got me into femslash. Bev/Deanna is my first f/f pairing.

geekgrrllurking: otherwise its streaming on CBS service

geekgrrllurking: check in the UK it might be on your tv somewhere

fsc_ralst: Right. I’ll wait and see where it turns up over here

ariestess: The CBS streaming is a paid thing, too. You don’t get it for free. At least not in the States from what I understand.

geekgrrllurking: No CBS is trying to get Star Trek fans to pay for their new streaming site. I thought I’d have to wait for it to show up somewhere online but I saw it advertised on Space here

geekgrrllurking: *happy dance*

geekgrrllurking: The Good Fight also ended up on a tv station here in Canada

Alkmaion: Okay, aries. Figured around Xena/BTVS…Voyager is a nice surprise

geekgrrllurking: but that was also stream only in US I think

fsc_ralst: The Good Fight was on Sky over here, so fingers crossed it’s the same with ST

Alkmaion: Just an idea: What if the V´ger from the Star Trek movie wasn´t the old space probe, but a Voyager that travelled back to the past?

geekgrrllurking: I had to hunt for Supergirl once CBS dropped it. Luckily a smaller cable station picked it up.

geekgrrllurking: damn distribution rights

fsc_ralst: Yeah, it gets confusing

Alkmaion: haven´t watched tv series on tv in a while

geekgrrllurking: the commercials are the worst after any sort of streaming a show

fsc_ralst: Box sets and streaming is a lot easier

fsc_ralst: Unless it’s the Beeb as they don’t have adverts

Alkmaion: yeah, I’m ticked off at short commercials in YouTube videos and then i remember long 5 minute breaks

geekgrrllurking: Box sets are great because you can then gif and vid stuff too

fsc_ralst: I lost access to my video editor and photoshop so no gifs or vids for me

Alkmaion: ‘for’ or ‘from’?

geekgrrllurking: sadness

fsc_ralst: the making of

Alkmaion: ah, comprende now

fsc_ralst: Not that I was any good at making either but it kept me busy

ariestess: I don’t get gif making, so…

ariestess: 7 minutes to Fandoms on teh Rise.

fsc_ralst: I was very bad at gif making. Very bad

Alkmaion: What is ‘Fandumb on the rise’? Old fandoms that make a comeback, like Baywatch after the new film? Or just new, aspiring fandoms of series in their first season?

fsc_ralst: Both

ariestess: yes. LOL

Alkmaion: okay, thanks. How about ‘The L-Beach’