Dark Matter/Other

fsc_ralst: Anyone in this room wanna talk Dark Matter?

booasaur: Sure!

Alsike: ah! I need to catch up on Dark Matter! I love it like burning and keep reccing it to people and I’m still in the beginning of season 2

fsc_ralst: It gets so much better as the seasons progress, A, keep going wth it

fsc_ralst: It’s one of those shows where I actually like all the main characters (now One’s gone)

Alkmaion: I would Als, but I´ve neér seen it

Alkmaion: never

Alsike: even he was growing on me, but watching him die like that was So Refreshing

fsc_ralst: Yes, they actually got rid of the bland white male lead! Yes!

fsc_ralst: Going back and re-watching season one I like it so much better because I know he’s going

booasaur: I do think it’s gotten better but I think part of what made me think it was so-so at the beginning was my own expectations of what it’d be, where One would save the day repeatedly and Two would warm to him and eventually grant him the captaincy.

booasaur: That’s just experience.

booasaur: But they’ve subverted so much.

Alsike: oh man, those feels: so real

fsc_ralst: Exactly, boo, I thought we’d get a very stupid love triangle and One would save the day.

fsc_ralst: When he went it really opened things up because it broke the usual mold

Alsike: (my friend who recs me shows still gets excited about things and I just look at her and I’m like . . . you actualy watch TV, how can you be so innocent?)

Alkmaion: It´s a gift, Als

Alsike: I was just really enjoying the crazy worldbuilding and focus on plot in season 1, my friend had just gotten me into Stargate and I could feel the cleverness in the best Stargate eps in it, but in the whole season

fsc_ralst: I like how you have these two wars – corporations and Ryo’s – that would normally be the big thing that crosses seasons for most shows, but now they’ve gone and trumped that with aliens and an android revolution (for season 4)

Alkmaion: Now you have hooked me up

booasaur: Yeah, ralst, one of the things that comes with a lot of TV watching is knowing where things are going, not because they were foreshadowed so well because of skilled writing but because…they always go that way. And losing what seemed like the character built to be the sympathetic audience proxy has changed the game.

booasaur: Kind of like what The 100 pulled when it killed Finn. Of course, the writers there were addicted to "shocking" twists at the expense of the characters and plot and logic. But I believe the Dark Matter writers when they say they had it all plotted out, instead of just making things up as they go along.

fsc_ralst: Apparently they hadn’t planned to kill off One (at least not that early)

Alkmaion: I recently read all the things Straczynski had to work with and how he worked around it in Babylon 5.

fsc_ralst: and had to abandon a big-ish plot directly connected to him

Alsike: oh man, but that was a LOSS, and this is a boon

fsc_ralst: B5 lost me when it took away Talia

Alsike: I’m still trying to finish it, but I’m just like, but I wanted _Talia_’s plot arc

geekgrrllurking: ah Dark Matter chat, excellent

fsc_ralst: Also talia being the secret spy in her head made no sense

fsc_ralst: You another Dark Matterer, geek?

geekgrrllurking: want to start watching, I’ve seen clips and it looks interesting

geekgrrllurking: plus the Android, wasn’t she in Lost Girl

fsc_ralst: It is. My love of Two has been growing and growing each season

fsc_ralst: Yes, she was Lauren

geekgrrllurking: I liked the idea that they didn’t remember anything and had to figure out who they are

fsc_ralst: The Android is very funny and she’s become a bigger and bigger part of the story as the seasons progressed

fsc_ralst: Yeah, and we’re still finding out really big things about all of them

booasaur: I don’t want to spoil people on some of the latest revelations.

booasaur: But I wish they’d come earlier. Might have helped save the show, when now it looks like it’ll be cancelled.

Alsike: i really feel like they do a good job with the themes of creating a new self when cut off from your past

fsc_ralst: I don’t get why its future is in doubt because i thought the numbers were good? stupid execs

geekgrrllurking: don’t worry about spoiling me, I’m a spoiler ho, lol

Shatterpath: no! I only just found out about it!

Shatterpath: dammit… I always get involved too late

fsc_ralst: No decision has been made yet, I think, so there’s still hope

fsc_ralst: I can’t lose another favourite TV character so close to the last one

fsc_ralst: Oh, question, do you ship Two/Android?

Alsike: from the first episode

fsc_ralst: I’m not sure. I mean I love their scenes together and they have a special bond but I’m not sure if I see them romantically

fsc_ralst: But then you have the punching bag scene and I’m ‘oh, yeah’ to a Two/Android pairing

Alsike: i just really wanted them to bond

fsc_ralst: Yes. I wonder how finding the daughter will affect their relationship?

Alsike: i feel like they had a good set up for the robot wants to do feelings meets humans who does her best to not do feelings dynamic — but this is Dark Matter and everything just swoops forward hard with plot

fsc_ralst: Plus Two isn’t exactly human. So they could do an android teaches a synthetic about human romance.

fsc_ralst: That’s different

Alsike: yesssss

fsc_ralst: and with a possible android revolution on the horizon it might affect who Two and the Android side with, which I imagine will have consequences for the entire war

Alsike: and I doubt they’ll make it easy to make those choices

booasaur: I love that as soon as …oh, wait, spoiler for the finale.

fsc_ralst: Definitely

booasaur: Can we spoil things here?

booasaur: Like, so that it has to be highlighted to be read?

fsc_ralst: I’ve seen the finale so I’m okay, how about everyone else?

Alsike: i have nottttt

Alsike: i’m fine with spoilers tho

fsc_ralst: Okay, so type in white? Does that work?

fsc_ralst: Then go for it boo, I think it’s just us

Alsike: (all I really want in a ship is characters who have a connection being wrecked by circumstance)

Alsike: (oh shocking, i think my kink is plot & characterization)

ariestess: LOLOL @ Alsike

fsc_ralst: I’m with you there

booasaur: I was just gonna say that I loved that as soon as Two was recruited by the aliens, she was able to literally bring them over.

fsc_ralst: Two is totally unstoppable. She ends wars. Starts alien invasions. She is amazing.

booasaur: Re: the conversation about who Two will join in the android war. She’s such a valuable resource, possibly the most valuable one.

fsc_ralst: I think her relationship with the Android and Shaw will be big influences but as the captain of the Raza her crew will still be her number one concern

fsc_ralst: also, with the alien and android stories both happening in the same season, it might depend on how one affects the other

fsc_ralst: as Two is now central to both

booasaur: Yeah, one of the things I wanted to see next season was all the different corporations and empires realizing who the common enemy was and uniting against them, at least in the battle right there.

booasaur: It’d be ridiculous to have Ferrous still going against Mikkei and Ishida when…you know…aliens.

booasaur: Even the androids would have pitched in against them, had they been there.

fsc_ralst: I dunno, corporations are stupid enough to try and make a deal and sell out everyone else, at least until they realised that you cannot make deals with aliens who want to devour your universe

Alsike: i have listened to that Doctor Who audio drama

fsc_ralst: With the androids I wonder if the aliens can take them over in the same way they do the simulants?


fsc_ralst: I like the complexity of what they’re building

Shatterpath: I’ll be without cable, but have Netflix all winter, so maybe I’ll give it a shot

fsc_ralst: I think you’ll like it

fsc_ralst: The characters grow on you

Shatterpath: the characters are the important part!

fsc_ralst: Yes. Characters and relationships.

fsc_ralst: A positive of Dark Matter is that they don’t have a male character problem (post season one)

quietheartedfsc: One minute to Supergirl

Alsike: lol, i thought that was ‘one minute of silence for Supergirl’

Shatterpath: -SNORT-

wolvie_dk: lol

ariestess: LOLOL

wolvie_dk: they could’ve used that at sdcc

ariestess: And now I can come over here and cause trouble for the next 2 hrs because I’m not into Supergirl [or most superhero stuff]. LOL

Alsike: but then they would have had to acknowledge that dudebro frat boy murdered their show, and they all would have been beaten by the execs

Alkmaion: I thought supergirl was the next best shit?

booasaur: Problem is that they thought so too and figured they could do whatever they wanted without consequence.

Alkmaion: Ah, okay. Sorry about that

ariestess: I gotta say I was a bit miffed when DH started to defend them.

Alkmaion: DH?

ariestess: And I don’t even watch the show.

booasaur: David Harewood?

ariestess: David Harewood

Alkmaion: ah, okay.

Shatterpath: the radio silence from Chyler is veeeeeeeeeery telling. Smart woman

Alkmaion: Btw, about B 5. always found Talia a bland character, only in her last episode she showed herself stellar. And how the romance came up plot-wise was…meh.

booasaur: It was supposed to be a lot more, later, but the actress wanted to leave.

fsc_ralst: I thought Talia had a lot of potential until they ruined it

ariestess: Oh Talia… I loved her so much.

booasaur: I’d hate if they cancelled Dark Matter now because it’s not as if any new show will do much better? They’d have to spend so much to get another Expanse or Magicians.

ariestess: I cannot say enough about Talia, particularly with Susan and Jason.

fsc_ralst: The channel has a pretty good line up at the moment, I think, and changine one could rebound on the others

fsc_ralst: We should have got more Susan/Talia, dammit!

booasaur: Yeah, the Killjoys->Dark Matter->WE combo is really great.

booasaur: It’s the summer, too, they can’t be getting phenomenal ratings.

Alkmaion: @boo: You see Susan with her issues with the corps…and BANG! Suddenly they are sitting together, eating, sharing a bed when she had been practically not been seen for 5-6 episodes. no built up there-to

fsc_ralst: Fingers crossed – DM

ariestess: @Alk: But that was very rich fic fodder for me… I have a whole AU or two about Susan/Talia.

Alkmaion: I always thought they should have discovered that jason Ironheart had deliberately destroyed the hidden personality when giving Talia his gift

fsc_ralst: The writers left a lot of the Susan/Talia stuff off screen, which was extremely annoying as a watcher, but as a fic reader it did leave a lot of possibilities for writers

ariestess: @Alk: I like the idea of split levels in her brain for all of them.

Alkmaion: Hey, Ironheart caused mindquakes on the station being there and then crossed over into another plane of existence…insert mindscapequake and…oops, Control is gone

fsc_ralst: I’m sure Control was meant for a different character originally, anyway

Alkmaion: I am currently rewatching B5 and I thought Talia was bland and I wouldn´t raise a finger to write about her…then, Divided Loyalties. I liked that Talia, beautiful, with Susan. Would have liked more build-ing up to that though

Alkmaion: yeah, it was a bit ambiguous in the Mars episode Control is introduced.

wolvie_dk: the plan was to use the VCR recording of Talia to bring her back, but the actress wanted out so it didn’t happen

fsc_ralst: They should have re-cast

Alkmaion: Still, I am a Lyta/Susan shipper at heart

fsc_ralst: I mostly stopped watching after Talia went

Alkmaion: It still is a great series though.

ariestess: The actress wanted out because she and JMS did NOT get along. LOL

fsc_ralst: That make sense

ariestess: Also, the way I understand is that because JMS had issues with her, he changed his plans to make Talia have Control.

fsc_ralst: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

ariestess: The original plan was that the XO would have Control. That was before Claudia came in. And then, I’m not sure WHEN exactly it changed to Talia, but I know it dealt with the issues between JMS & AT.

fsc_ralst: I’m not surprised but it just makes it worse, because we could have had a decent storyline for the pair

Alkmaion: No, she wanted to leave(understandable, as her character hadn´t been with the core plot), even as JMS said Talia would get a bigger part in season 3 and such. JMS rerouted the parts h had wanted her to have…most to Lyta, and some to others

Alkmaion: They should have paired Susan/Lyta later on instead of hooking Lyta up with Byron

ariestess: I remember the commentary tracks on one of the DVDs saying that it was their interpersonal issues that led to less airtime, etc.

wolvie_dk: ugh Byron

fsc_ralst: There were some really good Susan/Talia fics back in the day but I can’t remember who wrote them. any idea?

Alkmaion: Hmm, no. I found one decent one a few days ago…

fsc_ralst: I’m sure there was a series of longer fics… they might have been on Pink Rabbit as a lot of really great stuff is on there. I shall have to look.

Alkmaion: it was newer though

Alkmaion: And I found a fun Neooma/Na´Thot one

fsc_ralst: Who?

wolvie_dk: sel vecantie’s reunion is one I’ve read a number of times

wolvie_dk: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/2704770/1/Reunion

Alkmaion: https://archiveofourown.org/works/153110/chapters/219748

fsc_ralst: I’m sure I’ve read Reunion, but I’ve bookmarked it for later, thanks

Alkmaion: Neeoma Connally, she was a dock workers rep in Season 1

fsc_ralst: I’m not sure if I’ve read the other but I’ll bookmark it for later (I’m terrible at remembering titles)

Alkmaion: https://archiveofourown.org/works/59696

fsc_ralst: Oh, a long shot, but does anyone here play Uncharted? I am now shipping Chloe and Nadine

Alkmaion: That´s the Neeoma/Na´Thot one

fsc_ralst: ta

wolvie_dk: i just picked up the new game, but i haven’t played it yet. as soon as it was announced I was like: QUE THE FEMSLASH

fsc_ralst: I just finished it and ‘thank the femslash gods’ it was fun

fsc_ralst: AJ did you say you’d written long Susan/Talia fics?

ariestess: I’ve written several fics with an AU series.

ariestess: Lemme find the link.

ariestess: I have the Strength to Try series at http://archiveofourown.org/series/13456

Alkmaion: Honestly, working around the data crystal is what gives me shivers. Don´t like that one

fsc_ralst: Do video games inspire much in the way of femslash fic? I remember there being Mass Effect fics but not if if there are any others?

ariestess: That’s the main one, though I have a LOT of of other S/T fics.

Alkmaion: thanks, aries

wolvie_dk: there was a little after the tomb raider reboot in ’13

wolvie_dk: but most games have a male protagonist, or the just one female

wolvie_dk: character

fsc_ralst: Thanks, AJ, I’m bookmarking everything for later

fsc_ralst: That’s true. I do generally prefer my games with a female lead but I liked Nate from Uncharted.

ariestess: No worries!

ariestess: Just check my AO3 profile to find the other stuff.

Alkmaion: Not much into games…and the Femslash Factor of Civilization 2 was…mediocre

fsc_ralst: Do you simultaneously archive on AO3 and your site, AJ?

wolvie_dk: the entire uncharted storyline was just good. I loved the epilogue in no. 4

fsc_ralst: I’ve only been playing games for just over a year and Lost Legacy, Tomb Raider and Mass Effect are the only femslash-y ones I’ve found

Shatterpath: I am made of suck when it comes to video games. -chuckle-

fsc_ralst: What was the epilogue? I’ve played it but my minds gone blank

Alkmaion: What sucked you into games, ralst?

fsc_ralst: Oh, I’m not good at playing them, but I’m very stuborn and keep going until I get it done (usually)

ariestess: I’ve actually stopped a lot of archiving on our site. I need to do some serious thinking and updating there. Pretty much everything is on AO3 though.

wolvie_dk: with the daughter

ariestess: I have about 4 yrs of time that still need to get added to AO3, but those are all on SSP.

fsc_ralst: My friend showed me a video of Uncharted 4 that got me interested and then Prime day had a deal on a ps4 + Uncharted 4 and I thought, why the hell not. I kinda got hooked for a while after that

fsc_ralst: Ah, the daughter, right. I thought she’d be the new lead before they announced Lost Legacy

wolvie_dk: still time for that. there’s gonna be more spin offs

fsc_ralst: Sweet, AJ. I must check ’em out. I need to get back into femslash reading as the last year has been poor in that respect