What’s Next

fsc_ralst: So, what’s next for femslash? Any new project in the pipeline?

ariestess: I’m curious how many people submitted for Bella Books’ "fanfiction to published author" contest.

Shatterpath: -chuckle- I think I pretty much rambled on about my plans

ThatRumple: I saw something about that

geekgrrllurking: raises hand for entering Bella competition

ariestess: Also? I have LOTS of projects planned.

Ceridwyn2_1: not that I’m immediately aware of. I watched the web series Different for Girls

fsc_ralst: Would you say that the majority of femslash writers would want to be publish original story writers?

booasaur: I don’t think there’s anything that’s yet revealed itself that’s going to sweep away fandom. People’ll probably go back to SG for a bit.

Gin Akasarahsmom: Nothing new from me… still working on the same fanfics/fandoms I’ve written for, for years.

Alsike: wrote a f*ing 70k draft in the last ten days, so I’m going to take the next month to edit and post it

booasaur: I don’t think so.

Ceridwyn2_1: most of my time these days is work, crocheting, cat care of my new (to me) boys

Alsike: (also get my ass in gear an submit more original fiction)

Alsike: (i did not do the Bella contest, but I wanna write scifi with lots of lesbians, not romance)

Ceridwyn2_1: I’m waiting on Val McDermid’s latest to arrive

geekgrrllurking: I don’t know that a lot of femslash or fanfic writers in general want to do original fic. Its fun to play in a familiar universe with characters people already like.

booasaur: Agreed. I’d think it’s a fraction, really.

fsc_ralst: Anyone interested in writing scripts? I may be looking for a collaborator for an animation project

fsc_ralst: Nods

ThatRumple: I’m on my fourth season of my original tv show I’ve been writing the last ten years

ThatRumple: there’s Two lesbian couples in it

Ceridwyn2_1: I’ve got one or two chapters left of my current Holby fic with another in planning stages

fsc_ralst: Anything we might have heard of, Rump?

geekgrrllurking: I think its hard to give up the freedom fanfic offers versus having to meet a publisher’s demands/expectations.

ThatRumple: I hope not because I dreamt this show up myself

Shatterpath: ain’t that true, Geek

Alsike: i sold a short story this year

Alsike: we will see if it ever comes out

ariestess: I have original fic ideas, but I still like playing in the fannish pond, too.

ThatRumple: what sucks is that characters do write themselves sometimes

fsc_ralst: Very true. Although I have a secret desire to write a really sappy Mills & Boon just to show I’ve been published and it was so, so sappy

Shatterpath: I have a piece I wrote that is in a veeeerry drawn out beta process that will get turned original

Ceridwyn2_1: yep, and sometimes in the opposite direction of where you want them to go

fsc_ralst: Good for you, Als

Alsike: thanks :D, it was actually a very cut down version of a fic, with extra speculative elements, so I’m like, secret smug proud

booasaur: On the topic of What’s Next, I don’t think Life Sentence will be that popular among the online fandom, but Star Trek Discovery could, depending on the quality of the show and the amount of Philippa, provide a good playground for subtext shipping.

geekgrrllurking: its the difference between anything amateur and being a professional. One is personal pleasure and the second is conforming to the rules and working within it.

ThatRumple: aww congrats hope it turns into a successful ny times novel

fsc_ralst: What’s Life Sentence?

ariestess: @Geek: Exactly.

Ceridwyn2_1: extra fuzzy boy Whiskers rubbing against my leg

booasaur: New CW show where PLL’s Lucy Hale plays the main character, a woman who’s always thought she was going to die of cancer, but suddenly is cured and has to deal with that.

booasaur: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=in3OecHvWXQ

geekgrrllurking: I’m looking forward to ST Discovery

booasaur: The mom is the character of interest.

fsc_ralst: Oh, not heard of it, and the CW element is not promising

Ceridwyn2_1: OB & WE are only North American (Canadian) shows I’ve got interest in right now

booasaur: It’s from the Scrubs creators.

Ceridwyn2_1: 98% of what I watch is British

ariestess: LOLOL

geekgrrllurking: Discovery is shooting in Toronto so its almost a Canadian show Ceri, lol

Ceridwyn2_1: or occasionally a Scandi-Noir drama

fsc_ralst: The Life Sentence trailer looked fun but I wish the doctor was in it for more than a couple of seconds

fsc_ralst: So where is femslash mostly happening these days? Is it still tumblr and AO3 or has it moved on again?

booasaur: Black Lightning has a lesbian.

Ceridwyn2_1: still same I think

ariestess: Tumblr and AO3 is pretty much it. I mean, people are also still over on the Pit. And I hear that some are exclusively using Wattpad, but I refuse there.

fsc_ralst: Not really sure what Wattpad is

ThatRumple: I refuse wattpad too

ThatRumple: it’s a zoo

Ceridwyn2_1: never heard of it

ariestess: For one thing, you MUST have an acct to even read stuff. Nothing is public. And everything I’ve heard about it is awful: badly written fic, awful UI.

ariestess: I mean badly written fic is everywhere. And I hate the Pit’s UI, too. BUT I draw the line at "You can’t view anything unless you have an acct."

booasaur: It seems for a young, very…kpop/boyband oriented crowd.

fsc_ralst: A good miss then

wolvie_dk: Fanfic on Wattpad sucks but there is some pretty ood original fic on there

wolvie_dk: *good

ariestess: Basically I’m down on the miss.

fsc_ralst: So we’re still waiting on the next big thing

Ceridwyn2_1: whispersmummy Holby fic on AO3 – http://archiveofourown.org/users/Whispersmummy/pseuds/Whispersmummy/works?fandom_id=9605

ariestess: And there’s a HUGE fannish freakout going on in OUaT fandom that has me laughing because I’m about 95% sure I know what’s going on.

ariestess: I jsut didn’t bring it in the panel because I forgot. LOL

fsc_ralst: What now?

Gin Akasarahsmom: Aren’t the OUaT people always freaking out??

ariestess: LooselyBound pulled all of her fic down like 3 days ago with no warning, including her big OIAQ series.

Ceridwyn2_1: i gave up on OUaT after S1

geekystorytelling: sounds like a publishing deal?

ariestess: SQers are apparently all losing their sh*t over it and the people who HAVE talked to her are only getting "I wish I could comment on it, but I can’t" and that the fic will not go back up.

Ceridwyn2_1: gave up on OITNB after S3. Still watching Wentworth tho.

ariestess: She also made some comment about "If there was any other way," heavily implying some sort of legal reason.

ThatRumple: that’s fascinating

geekystorytelling: yep that reads publishing deal

ariestess: I’m about 95% sure this is a clickbait-style fandom flounce OR a publishing deal [the OIAQ series is over 1 million words total[.

ThatRumple: what is OIAQ?

ariestess: But even if it’s a publishing deal, there are ways to say it without saying it and without sounding like a fcking douche.

ariestess: Of Imps and Queens, the name of the series.

fsc_ralst: Is it femslash?

geekystorytelling: thats very true

ariestess: It’s a huge SQ fic.

geekystorytelling: some people have no sense though

fsc_ralst: Doesn’t ring any bells

Ceridwyn2_1: I still love Missy Good’s Dar & Kerry stuff, which she’s kept up on her own site even though it has been officially published

ariestess: And honestly? With all the people who are getting published, it’s very rare that you cannot say a single word about it.

geekystorytelling: like I know half the time I come off like a douche and I try to be better and more intentional about how I speak…but some of it goes right over my head

ariestess: Plus, she literally just finished the last book of the series like 2 months ago tops and just took it all down without giving anyone any warning.

geekystorytelling: maybe she wants to mod it to find a publisher

geekystorytelling: That just reminds me a hell lot of the uproar in the harry potter fandom

ariestess: there’s one person that supposedly knows what’s going on [besides the author], but is being purposefully vague and douche-y about it, too. Like just say you know what’s happening and that people aren’t in the ballpark or something.

geekystorytelling: when the draco trilogy was removed

geekystorytelling: because of the publishing deal

geekystorytelling: yeah those no need to be an asshole about it

geekystorytelling: *theres

ariestess: Well, y’know, the whole publishing thing is fine, but just say so. And she’s apparently taken EVERYTHING she’s written down. She has said none of it will go back up. But this coy radio silence crap is BS.

ariestess: And I still have serious issues with authors who leave a fandom and pull down all of their work in it. Um, why?

geekystorytelling: yeah you can just orphan it

Gin Akasarahsmom: I’ve never understood pulling stories… it’s just rude

Ceridwyn2_1: wayback machine the story/author and download the fic

Gin Akasarahsmom: If you make a bad deal with some company that is gonna publish it and they want you to pull it I can deal with, but I know that it doesn’t HAVE to be done and there are examples of stories left up even after publication

ThatRumple: of Imps and queens ? what’s her storyline follow

Ceridwyn2_1: had to do that yrs ago with a B5 story by SelVecanti

geekystorytelling: especially since you know someone out there has it downloaded on their desktop

Gin Akasarahsmom: I have several stories that I would rather have never been put online, but they’re there now so I just leave ’em

Gin Akasarahsmom: LOL.. no one reads them anyway

Ceridwyn2_1: 🙂

ThatRumple: no one read my one fic I posted so that does happen

ariestess: @Felix: It’s a SQ fic. That’s all I know. I’ve never read it and never intend to, particularly if it’s published. This has been very shady.

Ceridwyn2_1: i had a notification from ffnet that someone had liked a story I wrote about10 yrs ago

ariestess: Oh, I know that people will share what they’ve dled.

ThatRumple: of Imps and queens makes me wonder if she wrote the storyline I tweeted a summary of five years ago

Gin Akasarahsmom: I get notifications from ffnet about story likes and favorites all the time… so I know what stories are being read

ThatRumple: a storyline I never got to write it’s just how I translate OUAT

geekystorytelling: when was the transition from ffnet to AO3?

geekystorytelling: I realized that was a thing when I started getting into supergirl

ThatRumple: after the website fiasco If I recall

geekystorytelling: with the smut fics?

booasaur: Middle of Glee, I’d say? So 2012ish it started?

Gin Akasarahsmom: Meh… I still use ffnet. I don’t do A03 all that often

Alsike: some fandoms didn’t migrate

geekystorytelling: yeah

ThatRumple: spy kids didn’t

ariestess: @Felix: I highly doubt it.

Alsike: I posted Victorious fic to ffn

geekystorytelling: also

geekystorytelling: the fact that we use Glee to denote time

Gin Akasarahsmom: but I’m old and cranky, and set in my ways….

ariestess: @Felix: It’s literally ALL SQ. So unless you tweeted a SQ-centric fic, I doubt it.

Ceridwyn2_1: i switch back & forth btw AO3 & FFNet

Alsike: because that was where the fandom was

ThatRumple: yeah it was

geekystorytelling: "pre-Glee, Middle of Glee, Post-Glee*

ThatRumple: is it focused on the notion that rumple was raised by lesbians so of course he created the curse to make a new lesbian couple he can form as his new family ?

ThatRumple: OUAT summed up

ThatRumple: how I see the show anyway

ariestess: @Felix: I just said that I’ve not read OIAQ.

booasaur: Glee was a milestone in f/f fandom along with like…Xena, W/T, TLW, Clexa…

Ceridwyn2_1: i have all of the Otalia Virtual Season on my website

ThatRumple: right ok

ariestess: I miss OVS

booasaur: Ah, Otalia too.

booasaur: Well, 2016 has its own place in memory now.

fsc_ralst: I miss Otalia

geekystorytelling: I didnt watch Glee when it was on…a girlfriend after it was over binged it with me…

geekystorytelling: I had very mixed feelings

geekystorytelling: which I think the entire fandom did?

Ceridwyn2_1: prob watched just a handful of glee in full time it aired

booasaur: Heh, yes.

Alsike: it made me miss Popular

ThatRumple: what’s glee?

booasaur: I would say that the fandom did skew younger.

geekystorytelling: LOL when youre happy

geekystorytelling: also

wolvie_dk: regardless of the storylines (or lack of same), they had some great music on Glee

geekystorytelling: have we mentioned One Day at a Time yer?

geekystorytelling: *yet

geekystorytelling: i was in and out all day so apologies if it was mentioned

Ceridwyn2_1: I don’t really go for shows that have 20&30 year olds playing teenagers in F/F pairings

geekystorytelling: I mean i was happy it had representation….but it was pretty bad rep

fsc_ralst: I enjoyed One Day at a Time

geekystorytelling: right?

geekystorytelling: I thought it was great

Ceridwyn2_1: at the age of 44, I want more shows/films with lesbian characters 40 & 50 plus

Alsike: it was great

fsc_ralst: I loved Penelope

geekystorytelling: The whole family was awesome

geekystorytelling: i loved their dynamic

Ceridwyn2_1: ralst, that was the Australian one?

geekystorytelling: Lydia was my favorite I think

ThatRumple: I liked the fosters from what I saw

geekystorytelling: I only saw a bit of the fosters

geekystorytelling: I need to give it more time

fsc_ralst: No, American

geekystorytelling: a lot of these shows came out when I was in grad school and didnt have a moment to breathe let alone fandom

fsc_ralst: On Netflix

geekystorytelling: its based on a Cuban American family

geekystorytelling: I can’t recall where its supposed to take place…but if I had to hazard a guess I would say Miami

geekystorytelling: the mom is a single mother and veteran

Ceridwyn2_1: i was thinking The Time of Our Lives

ariestess: The new ODAAT is so awesome!

ariestess: I grew up watching the original, so I jumped at the remake.

geekystorytelling: yeah it is a bit cheesy but every episode brings something new to unpack which is amazing

Ceridwyn2_1: that was Aus. still need to watch most recent series of Janet King

geekystorytelling: mental health, family dynamics, veterans support, LGBTQ issues,

geekystorytelling: I could go on

geekystorytelling: and theres only like 12 or 13 episodes and they are only 30 min long

fsc_ralst: Yeah, it’s definitely worth giving a looksee

fsc_ralst: Oh, we didn’t get time to discuss it, but we’re looking for volunteers and ideas for next year’s Con and the planned mini cons. So if you’re interested let me know.

Ceridwyn2_1: depends on when it is, I might be in the UK.

geekystorytelling: im always down to help out

Alsike: I’m happy to help with anything

Ceridwyn2_1: 45th birthday next summer.

fsc_ralst: We have the internet here, Ceri, you’ll be fine

Ceridwyn2_1: UK travel planning underway

Ceridwyn2_1: Yes, but depending on where I am and what I’m doing 🙂

ariestess: LOLOL

ariestess: I have a couple of ideas, but I htink I’ve already discussed that with the committee.

ariestess: And given that PalTalk no longer has a browser/Express version, this is the time to speak up about possible alternatives for next year. I need the time to download and test any new options so that training can stay with me.

fsc_ralst: I’m not sure who I’ve got e-mail address for but if you drop me a line at ralst31@yahoo.co.uk we’ll be in touch

ariestess: And don’t forget that we have the Aussie panels tonight.

Ceridwyn2_1: I’ve got a friend who is going ro Jemma Redgrave’s play this fall and will get me a signed program book.

ariestess: In fact, come back in 6 hrs for those [5 hrs for the meet & greet beforehand].

fsc_ralst: What play is she doing?

Ceridwyn2_1: Duet for One

fsc_ralst: I’ll look it up

Ceridwyn2_1: https://youtu.be/TXJecppwWwc

Ceridwyn2_1: that’s the trailer