Day One Panels

Room One:

Meet & Greet

We’ve set aside a little time at the beginning of each round of panels to just sit and chat. It’s been a year since we were all last together. Here’s a chance to catch up and talk to some of our panelists in a more casual setting.


Rizzoli & Isles

Panellists: quiethearted, kd_williamson, anamatics, crackinois
Synopsis: The third season is upon us and this new vehicle of femslash icon Angie Harmon offers us wonderful characters in Detective Jane Rizzoli and Dr. Maura Isles. Join our panellists as they discuss what we love about Rizzles and why this series went straight to femslash gold status. And let’s not forget the true star of the show, Bass Isles Wonder Tortoise!


Once Upon a Time

Panellists: chilly_flame (Harriet), Dame Lola, Ryoshu, ariestess, DanieXJ
Synopsis: Fairy tales are real and live in an alternate reality. But magic and revenge on the part of the Evil Queen have brought many fairy tale characters into this world in a small Maine town called Storybrooke, cursing them to forget who they really are, for the last 28 years. Now, a magical savior comes to town with the ability to break the curse. But does she believe enough to do it? There are a variety of strong female characters that create a myriad of femslash opportunities. Are you a Swan Queen fan or do you follow a different pairing? Come and discuss what’s good and bad about Once Upon a Time.



Panellists: DiNovia, Beachbum, Fewthistle, Lisa Countryman, Gin
Synopsis: Seven years locked away in the Delta Quadrant with nothing to do but fight alien hoards, drink copious amounts of coffee, and model skin-tight catsuits, is it any wonder that the USS Voyager is running amok with femslash? Come and discuss just what was going on during those long, lonely years in the wilderness.


Room Two:


Panellists: Bearblue, Ryoshu, Valyssia, Whedonist, ariestess, Crys Loch
Synopsis: Buffy The Vampire Slayer started as a movie. The TV program ran for 7 seasons. There are several novels and comic books based on the TV program. Angel became another TV program. The 8th season of the Buffy TV program is a comic book series. There are F/F pairings in the Buffyverse canon. Some of the fan fiction features canon pairings, for example Willow/Tara or Willow/Kennedy. Some of the fan fiction features non-canon pairings, for example Buffy/Faith or Willow/Illyria. Some of the fan fiction features crossover pairings from Buffy, Angel or another fandom. Do you prefer canon or non-canon pairings? Why do you prefer canon or non-canon pairings? What are your favorite pairings? Why are they your favorite pairings?


Grey’s Anatomy

Panellists: dhamphir
Synopsis: The doctors of Seattle Hope Mercy West make for some interesting pairings. With a diverse group of characters, including maintext pairings, what does the future hold for this lively group of Residents and Attendings? Let’s talk all things GA.


Harry Potter

Panellists: Jazwriter, Ryoshu, quiethearted, winter156, blackgrl71
Synopsis: Seven books in the series, offering a variety of femslash pairing opportunities. How can magic make a relationship better or worse? Can two different Houses created a fantastic couple or enemies? Let’s all get our Rita Skeeter on and dish about the goings on at Hogwarts.


Criminal Minds

Panellists: lysachan, ralst, Alsike
Synopsis: Criminal Minds and Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior TV programs show a different team of profilers, of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit based in Quanico, as they investigate crimes by focusing on the criminal. The character Penelope Garcia appears in both TV programs. Some fan fiction features pairings of Penelope Garcia, Elle Greenaway, Emily Prentiss , Jennifer Jareau or Ashley Seaver. Some fan fiction feature crossover pairings with one or more of these characters and one or more characters from other fandoms.


Guiding Light

Panellists: Susan P, Geekgrrllurking, Calliopes_Muse, ariestess, rysler
Synopsis: Even after the daytime soap opera had ended, Otalia continues to capture the imagination of femslashers. Our Guiding Light panellists will discuss why Otalia is one of the few maintext fandoms that continutes to thrive and what the future might hold for this enduring pairing.



Panellists: ariestess, xminipizzax
Synopsis: Unique in its own right as a musical series, Glee offers a variety of pairings both subtext and maintext. Are you a Gleek? If so, join the panellists as they discuss all things Glee.


Room Three:


Panellists: Ryoshu, ralst
Synopsis: Imagine Me & You, Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe, I Can’t Think Straight, Bound, Kyss Mig; the number of lesbian themed films is growing, maybe slower than we’d like, but the opportunities to explore the world of cinema through femslash have never been greater.


Non-English language fandoms

Panellists: lysachan, ralst, Ryoshu
Synopsis: Thanks to YouTube and the dedicated fans who have taken the time to compile and often subtitle non-English language lesbian pairings, it has never been easier to become enraptured with the maintext love stories that seem so much more prevalent on foreign language TV. The opportunities for femslash are almost inexhaustible and we hope to encourage even more people to take up the challenge.



Panellists: DocWho2100, ralst, Deborah Ashby, Emma Harvey
Synopsis: Join the ARG panel at FemSlashCon where our expert will reveal how to use modern means to craft your fanfic into Alternative Reality Games (ARG) and Transmedia stories. In addition to the panel, we are looking to form a group who might be interested in working on developing an ARG for next year’s International Day of Femslash.


Social Media

Panellists: DocWho2100, Shesgottaread, Ryoshu, quiethearted
Synopsis: Today virtually everyone uses some type of social media. From Facebook to Twitter, social media has become the way that people connect. These types of sites and programs have become a major component in advertising campaigns. One of the first steps in opening a business today is to grab all the online real estate for the name of your company which includes social media. Writers and publishers maintain a web presence to bring awareness of their name to people they might not reach otherwise. Let’s take a look at the ways that internet advertising can help your site, name recognition, and/or business. In addition, let’s look at the concept of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). No matter what type of web presence you maintain SEO is vital to reaching the mazimum number of potential readers/clients/writers. Bring your own experiences and share them. Listen as our panelists tell you what they’ve done to use Social Media to it’s fullest.


Original Fiction

Panellists: Jazwriter, Gin, ralst, Kim Pritekel, dabkey, Jae, Erin O’Reilly, Del Robertson
Synopsis: Writing fanfiction has its own problems and difficulties, but once we make the leap to original fiction, the world created becomes entirely our own. No longer will we have set universes with fleshed out characters to work with. Original fiction means starting from scratch and relying entirely on your own imagination. How difficult or easy is that to do? What makes original fiction work? Let’s talk about what it takes to make it as a writer of original fiction.


Hot Topics

Panellists: DocWho2100, Ryoshu, ralst
Synopsis: Where do we go from here?

This year’s FemSlashCon is concentrating on all the new and different ways to tell stories and to get your work before an audience. With all the exciting new options out there, is there the potential to spread ourselves too thin? And what about Femslash Apathy? FA sets in periodically throughout the Femslash community. With the latest delivery options requiring major commitments of time, will we be able to complete these vast projects? Equally as important, will we be able to support those who’ve made the effort? Bring your opinion and let’s see what the future holds for Femslash.


  • Following the final panels of each round, there will be a wrap-up and critique in Room One. We ask everyone to join us there who can and let us know what works for you and what we can improve for next year.

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