Southern Hemisphere Panels

Room One:

Meet & Greet

We’ve set aside a little time at the beginning of each round of panels to just sit and chat. It’s been a year since we were all last together. Here’s a chance to catch up and talk to some of our panellists in a more casual setting.


Panellists: dhamphir, ariestess
Synopsis: Crime dramas abound in the world of femslash. We love those strong, gun-toting women. From OTPs to crossovers, there’s much to say about all these wonderful women. Our panellists will be discussing the many crime shows and the variety of pairings they produce.



Panellists: dhamphir, ariestesss


All the Rest

Panellists: dhamphir, Ryoshu, quiethearted, ariestess
Synopsis: Throughout the Femslash community there are pockets of fans devoted to their fandom. We’re going to take the time to talk about all the various small and rare fandoms that only those “in the know” are aware of. Do you have a small fandom that rocks your world? Time to stop being greedy and share with the rest of us. Let’s see what new and interesting Femslash worlds we can open up for each other.


Room Two:

Non-US fandoms

Panellists: ralst, Ryoshu, aquila1nz
Synopsis: Femslash is dominated by American fandoms but what about the rest of the English speaking world? Bad Girls and Lost Girl have made their mark, but what about shows such as Lip Service, Skins, Crownies, Shortland Street, Degrassi, why aren’t they more well known to femslash readers? Are we missing out on a gold mine of femslash potential?


Tools of the Trade

Panellists: quiethearted, ariestess
Synopsis: Let’s take time for an overview of what’s offered to help in the creation of femslash in all its various forms. There’s a wealth of open source software available, so there’s no reason someone with the desire to create can’t be producing vids, graphics and other forms of femslash goodness in very little time. We’ll provide links to all the programs we talk about, and offer tips on getting started.



Panellists: quiethearted, ariestess
Synopsis: The wave of the future is here today. Self-Publishing is not the fantasy it once was. Today, a writer can have their work before a vast audience in a sellable format with a little time and effort. It’s just a matter of knowing the formatting and where to find the programs to help you do it. Even traditionally published writers are turning to this new way of getting content out to the world. Let’s talk about some of the ways of doing so.


  • Following the final panels of each round, there will be a wrap-up and critique in Room One. We ask everyone to join us there who can and let us know what works for you and what we can improve for next year.

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