Day Two Panels

Room One:

Meet & Greet

We’ve set aside a little time at the beginning of each round of panels to just sit and chat. It’s been a year since we were all last together. Here’s a chance to catch up and talk to some of our panelists in a more casual setting.


Lost Girl

Panellists: Lonejaguar, Heathers, dhamphir, willowpowered, The RainbowWriters
Synopsis: A sex-sucking, bi-sexual succubus? Is it any wonder that the femslash world has embraced Lost Girl with such fervour? Add in Doctor Hotpants and a feisty sidekick and Lost Girl just might be the perfect fandom.


Web Series

Panellists: Caryn Hayes, Christin Mell, quiethearted, ralst
Synopsis: This year we are honored to have Christin Mell from Tello Films and Caryn K. Hayes, the award winning writer, director, and producer of Breaking Point, joining us for a discussion of web series. Tello Films is responsible for such attention grabbing shows as “I Hate Tommy Finch,” “Cowgirl Up” and the “McManusLand”, among others. Tello’s offerings are lesbian-centric. Breaking Point is an ongoing web show in its second season with an ensemble cast. Breaking Point follows the lives of a number of couples, including a lesbian/bi coupling, who like the others have their share of ups and down.


Warehouse 13

Panellists: racethewind10, BeagMacTire, ralst, redlance_ck, Athena
Synopsis: The introduction of H.G. Wells to Warehouse 13 transformed it from an undoubtedly quirky and enjoyable show into must-see TV for all femslash fan. The subtext has not only grown stronger with each season, but has been embraced by the actors and producers, who don’t shy away from brining it up at every convenience. With season four just days away, and certain questions dying to be answered, it’s the perfect time to discuss just what makes Warehouse 13 so special.


Room Two:

The Devil Wears Prada

Panellists: chilly_flame (Harriet), BeachBum, Jazwriter, Gin
Synopsis: Miranda Priestly continues to stalk the halls of Runway while pursuing, or being pursued by Andy Sachs. That a single film with minimal subtext has launched such an enduring fandom is unique to the femslash world. Join our panels while we discuss its amazing longevity and where you want to see DWP go in the future.


The Good Wife

Panellists: Dame Lola, Jazwriter, ralst
Synopsis: Alicia/Kalinda, Alicia/Diane, Kalinda/Diane, Kalinda/Lana. Which is your favorite pairing? Our panellists discuss theirs and where they see femslash going for this show as it nears the beginning of its fourth season.



Panellists: BearBlue, Beachbum, ariestess, shesgottaread
Synopsis: It’s the age old concern of writers everywhere. Do I or don’t I? How much is too much? Is there such a thing as tasteful without resorting to fade-to-black? Or maybe F2B is the right choice for you. There are a number of options and none are the only true way. Writing Sex for the first time can be daunting. Hear the stories of other writers who’ve faced these choices and overcome the roadblocks to writing good sex scenes.


Legend of the Seeker

Panellists: dhamphir, seriousfic, synergyfox
Synopsis: What does the future hold for Kahlan Amnell and Cara? With the series now cancelled, the femslash ‘verse is wide open for change and interpretation. What would you like to see for the pairing of Mother Confessor and Mord’Sith?


Law & Order: SVU

Panellists: Lonejaguar, Heathers, ariestess, D, Rae D Magdon



Panellists: Del Robertson, Gin, Kim Pritekel
Synopsis: The largest and longest running fandom is still alive and thriving having spawned a generation of published writers. What makes Xena so popular? Is there more there still to write? Our panellists will be discussing this and more.


Room Three:

Alternate Realities

Panellists: BearBlue, ariestess, blackgrl71
Synopsis: Ever wanted to drop your favorite pairing into another world and see what happens? That’s the fun of Alternate Realities. However, adapting your OTP to an entirely different universe without them becoming OOC can be challenging. We’re going to talk to a few writers who’ve done so with great success and find out what considerations they looked at when making the change of reality.



Panellists: Ryoshu, quiethearted, Kim Pritekel
Synopsis: Reports say that hardcopy printing is declining in popularity, replaced by the various forms of ebook delivery systems. What does that mean for your original work? With the print industry falling by the wayside and so many new options to present your work outside of the traditional formats, where does a writer looking to break in begin? Can one really become self-published in the current market? And, if so, how?



Panellists: Jazwriter, shesgottaread, D, Rae D Magdon, Alsike, blackgrl71, Daniexi
Synopsis: Blending two fandoms can often be fun, but it’s more than just slapping two fandoms together and hoping for the best. Doing so successfully requires thought and attention to detail. Let’s talk to some writers that have written successful crossovers and see what it takes to write a believable, engaging crossover story.


Creating Audio

Panellists: Allaine, Ryoshu
Synopsis: From the written to the spoken: from podfics to radio plays, femslash discussions and interviews, the audio world is ripe with femslash potential, and except for a few brave pioneers its full potential has yet to be tapped. So join us to discuss how to make the most of the spoken word; including discussions on the best recording software, broadcast platforms and the difficulties posed by multi-person discussions versus single-person recordings. Plus, just what would you like to listen to? Do you want more podfics or are you just crazy about fandom discussions? This is your chance to let the people who make the programs know exactly what you want.


Shared Story Worlds

Panellists: DocWho2100, dhamphir, shesgottaread, Gin, ariestess, quiethearted
Synopsis: What is a Shared Story World? What does it take to create and maintain one? The Tales of Ryh’na is a new SSW that is breaking new ground. TofR is the first lesbian-centric SSW and the first to be created by committee. Meet the team who has put in a year of planning, creating and organizing to create something never seen before.


Hot Topics

Panellists: Ryoshu, ariestess, quiethearted
Synopsis: No Accounting For Taste, Or Is There?

Why are some fandoms considered full of femslashy goodness while others are completely ignored? What makes a show/book/film slashable? In the past it’s been shown that shows/books/films that are 100% lesbian centric often inspire very little femslash. We watch, read, and love them and the characters, but they don’t inspire the femslash outpouring that offerings with more subtext than maintext do. What intrigues our imagination and why? What can creators do to inspire a femslash following? Let’s tear it apart and see what makes femslash tick.


  • Following the final panels of each round, there will be a wrap-up and critique in Room One. We ask everyone to join us there who can and let us know what works for you and what we can improve for next year.

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