PalTalk Guide

 How to use PalTalk

  • Download & install PalTalk desktop client from
  • Use the mobile app for Android or iPhone.
  • Create your username and password.

How to find the rooms

Room Names & Owners

  • FemslashCon Main Room – fsc_ralst
  • FemslashCon Second Room – dhamphir
  • FemslashCon Third Room – ariestess


To join a room via downloaded client via the PalTalk Messenger window

  • Click on Actions
  • Click on Join a Chat Room
  • Double click on Arts & Entertainment in the left hand column
  • Double click on Other in either of the two columns
  • Double click on the name of the room you want to join
  • Note :: You can ONLY be in multiple rooms via the downloaded PalTalk Messenger, though we have heard some information that this may also be possible via PalTalk.



How to use the menus

All of the information below has come from personal use of the program over the last year.  There is also a great set of FAQs for PalTalk Messenger @, complete with some screencaps if you need that.


Text Menu [FAQ @]

  • From here, you can choose the style [bold, italic, underline], size [small, medium, large], color, formatting, and emoticons info.
    • Please do not use bold red or bold purple for your text unless you are an active mod or panelist for that specific panel.
    • Please do not use ALL CAPS as this is basically shouting in the room.
    • Please do not use bold fonts at all in the room.
    • Please only use medium font in the room.
    • There is also a button for emoticons/smileys to the right of the text button.  While emoticons are fun, please use these sparingly, if at all, as they can be jarring in a conversation with up to 200 people in it.
    • All of this [except the formatting bit] can also be done through the T button below the chat window.


Actions Menu [FAQ @]

  • From here, you can do a lot of things.  The primary ones you’ll most likely be using during the con are below:
    • Instant Message a Pal:: This allows you to open up a separate IM window to talk to someone privately.  None of this conversation will appear in the main window.
      • You can also do this by double clicking on the person’s name in the right hand column and selecting “Start a Private IM”.
  • Raise Hand:: This is crucial as this is how we will be working with questions in the various panels.  If you don’t have your hand raised, your question may not be seen by the panelists or answered.
    • This can also be done by clicking on the “Raise Hand” button on the lower right hand side of the window.
  • We are not using anything with video or live chat/mics for the con, so those options will not be discussed here.


Chat Room Right-Click Menu [FAQ @]

  • For regular attendees of the con, this will primarily only be important for using the “Start a Private IM”, “View Profile”, “Send Whisper”, and “Add to My Pal List” options, which are all relatively self-explanatory.


Updated 24 August 2017: Removed all references to PalTalk Express as this option was removed by PalTalk in December 2016.

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