Harry Potter

quietheartedfsc: Hello, and welcome to the Harry Potter Panel

Jaely: Hi

jazwriter: hello *waves*

alezabee: hi there

winter156: Hello

Kaqlittle: hey

mayIreadtoday: Hello

blackgrl71: Hello!

quietheartedfsc: If our panelists would like to introduce themselves. Jazzy, will you start?

BetweenLove_n_Hate: hi. sorry my attention is going to be torn between this and the OUAT panel but totally thrilled to be here.

jazwriter: Hi, I’m jazzy. lol I’ve written a few HP stories, one a crossover with DWP

quietheartedfsc: winter, you’re next.

Kaqlittle: oh I love that one.

jazwriter: I ship Hermione/Minerva

jazwriter: cool

blackgrl71: Greetings! blackgrl here or you can just call me Nic. i’ve written mostly x-over Harry Potter fics

winter156: Hey everyone, I’m winter…same as jazzy, I’ve written a couple HP stories and totally ship Hermione/Minerva

quietheartedfsc: It’s been interesting to me that folks seem to ship H/M or run screaming the other way..

winter156: Well it’s because of the age difference I think…Minerva is up in age

jazwriter: I have to say I am very loyal to that couple

Jaely: I’ve not really even read any H/M stories…

blackgrl71: thanks to jazzy, she totally turned me onto Minverva/Hermione

jazwriter: the age makes for a wonderful challenge–bridging the gap

Gin Akasarahsmom: I don’t think I could ship them from the movie… but I’m told the Minerva in the book is much younger looking than they had her in the movie

Gin Akasarahsmom: so I think of younger Maggie Smith and i’m good

jazwriter: @blackgrl71 lol–woot

quietheartedfsc: The book has her looking around 35

jazwriter: true–I do picture her younger (and I make her age backwards by the end of The Cerulean Dragon)

Gin Akasarahsmom: so my imagination can meet somewhere between the movie and the book and I’m good

alezabee: Really? I didn’t know that. I was already shipping it, but now hell yeah

shesgottaread: yeah, Jazzy’s explanation allowed me to buy into H/M

winter156: I think Hermione and Minerva just fit on an intellectual level. At least, a lot more than Hermione and Ron

jazwriter: the way I write them, though, they deelop a strong connection thaat defies age–and it helps that Hermione is so brilliant and ahead of everyone else in her age group

Jaely: ugh on the whole idea of Hermione and Ron…

Kaqlittle: I dislike rons character greatly

Gin Akasarahsmom: Yes… Hermionie Ron just makes me go ewwww

winter156: I kind of like Ron, just not with Hermione

quietheartedfsc: That’s a bit brainiac marrying a mushroom

blackgrl71: yeah, i’ve always found that Hermione/Ron were totally unbelievable

Jaely: lol

jazwriter: I’m with you on that, although winter wrote a sympathetic Ron

alezabee: I’m ok with H/R in cannon, but I prefer non canon pairings in fic

raiderl_1: So what do you all think of Hermione and Bellatrix?

Gin Akasarahsmom: LOL.. I don’t

quietheartedfsc: Ok, now that’s just wrong….

Jaely: I don’t mind a sympathetic Ron he is just not right for Hermione

Gin Akasarahsmom:

jazwriter: I like to think characters mature as they get older, but Ron didn’t show much of that

blackgrl71: like Minvera, i grew to really enjoy Hermione/Bellatrix

Gin Akasarahsmom: I don’t do any pairings other than Hermione/Minerva

raiderl_1: it is most of the time but KuraiBites – Those Gilded Chains We Wear is really an interesting read

quietheartedfsc: only if there’s wizarding prozac

Jaely: Oh god I’ve tired to read a few Hermione/Bellatrix and I just see bad BDSM…

Gin Akasarahsmom: it’s kinda creepy though… I mean.. really?? Bellatrix? She’s psycho!

Kaqlittle: I like some of the hermione Bella fics

mayIreadtoday: I’m not a fan of Hermione/bellatrix but I read Hermione/Luna

winter156: Hermione/Ballatrix is tough to sell, but some people have done a great job of it

raiderl_1: Yeah she is and this story is a complex study of it

claudialover4: I think I like H/M rather than Hermione/Bellatrix…she’s a bit too creepy.

quietheartedfsc: I think a really good writer can sell ALMOST anything.

Gin Akasarahsmom: yes.. it would depend on the writing… if well written anything can be good

raiderl_1: i’d recommend it’s not finished yet and loooong

Meneldur: Well, it would have to develop Bellatrix beyond a psychopath into why she is one, if she is

Kaqlittle: I like the fics here hermione goes back in time and meets Bella

jazwriter: I agree with QH–a good writer can sell just about anything, but the writer has to believe in it to get others to

raiderl_1: and that’s what it does without gratuitous bdsm

Gin Akasarahsmom: true Jazzy..

mayIreadtoday: A good writer can sell me on a chapter but if the pairing doesn’t matter sense that’s all I’ll read

blackgrl71: but i tend to shy away where Bellatrix is aall psycho instead of exploring and enhancing other facets of her personality

Alkmaion: Hm, I´m pondering a Fleur/Angelina story, with Angelina replacing Cedric in the tournament

raiderl_1: don’t mind fleur/herm stories but not a lotof good ones

Kaqlittle: I agree

blackgrl71: i’ve always been a big believer that HP -verse is easy to blend w/ BTVS. Willow seems a natural for almost any of our fav HP favs

Jaely: I’ve recently found Fluer/Hermione and that pairing really shocked me at how well it can be pulled off.

mayIreadtoday: I agree Hermione/Fleur when it works

Meneldur: Why does it seem that Fleur Hermione is one of the preferred pairing for femslash?

winter156: There are a couple pretty incredible Fluer/Hermione fics out there

alezabee: yes to Hermione/Fleur

raiderl_1: what’s best Fleur/Hermione you’ve read?

Jaely: yes

winter156: Because they are hot

Meneldur: Anything with Fleur is naturally hot

quietheartedfsc: Nic, did you have a question?

Jaely: Entwined and Entangled

mayIreadtoday: I’d guess there’s more HG/MM than HG/Fleur

quietheartedfsc: That depends on where you read, I think

quietheartedfsc: ffnet is very HG/MM centric

Meneldur: True

Meneldur: But I’ve been notiving there are certain niches

quietheartedfsc: P&P leans more to other pairings

mayIreadtoday: I like Entwined but with Entangled it’s pissing me off that their relationship doesn’t affect canon events

raiderl_1: who wrote Entwined and Entangled Jaely?

blackgrl71: actually my question was answered. but yes, i’m a huge fan of fleur and fleur/hermione fics — but there aren’t nearly enough good ones

mayIreadtoday: I hang out mostly on ffnet for Harry Potter

Meneldur: I see alot fo Fleur/Hermione, Minerva/Hermione, and Ginny/Hermione

Meneldur: I’ve seen very few other femslash pairings

alezabee: there are a few for Ginny/Tonks

Meneldur: And Entangled/Entwined was written by Metal Dragon Kiryu, if I am not mistaken

raiderl_1: I’ll read any of the pairings if it’s well written (not het)

quietheartedfsc: Like with any fandom, I think writers tend to be very true to OTPs

mayIreadtoday: Yes: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/683003/Metal_Dragon_Kiryu

Kaqlittle: there r a few hermione/pansy

raiderl_1: cool thnx I think I read it?

Jaely: Metal Dragon Kiryu

jazwriter: that is the challenge, raider–finding well-written stories

Meneldur: Always

raiderl_1: That’s right, got frustrated with it though I think, can’t remember why though

Meneldur: Although it’s sometimes fun to read abit of trash

Kaqlittle: yes or finished ones

mayIreadtoday: I would love to read a Hermione/Tonks pre-OotP so Harry hasn’t been picked up yet but they’re in HQ

quietheartedfsc: then let’s start by recing a few of your favs

raiderl_1: Okay, u r right but I do have a very trashy side and liidg will never disappoint…

blackgrl71: i’ve beent trying to find a good Hermione/Tonks fic, but there are so few of them

Kaqlittle: anything by tigertales and tanithw

jazwriter: when I first wrote HP, I gave my list of recs…converting people over from DWP to HP…lol

winter156: @raiderl_1 back to the Hermione/Fluer pairing: Golden Haze by anamatics is pretty awesome fic

quietheartedfsc: I’ll add asoulsdream to that, Kaq

mayIreadtoday: I love Bonding that’s HG/MM it’s over 2000 pages, not perfect, continuity errors, and some WTF secondary character sex scenes. But when it’s on, it’s on. It’s on ffnet

Gin Akasarahsmom: I’m worried about Bonding

raiderl_1: Loved your work Jazzy – both are faves!

Kaqlittle: I agree u took the letter off my keyboard

Gin Akasarahsmom: I’m not sure it’s going to end the way I want it to

raiderl_1: I’ve not read Golden Haze will look it up thnx!

quietheartedfsc: she’s definitely keeping us guessing, gin

Kaqlittle: I stopped reading bonding

jazwriter: thanks raider! I am loving your current DWP…and waiting patiently for more

blackgrl71: yeah, Bonding is pretty awesome and of course Jazzy’s stuff. since i’m a huge x-over fan, i loved how you merged DWP w/ HP. who’d a thunk it?

mayIreadtoday: I agree, I hope it ends happy-ever-after but I have no idea

Gin Akasarahsmom: Nic has a question…

raiderl_1: LOL – chap 7 up later…

quietheartedfsc: jaz did an excellent job with that

jazwriter: lol Kaq

blackgrl71: it seems as though HP would be fairly easy to x-over w/ some fandoms and since Jazzy did such a marvelous one w/ DWP, are there any other fandoms you’d like to read?

Kaqlittle: I agree just retread the first one yesterday

Jaely: where can you find Golden Haze?

mayIreadtoday: I think HP is easy to crossover poorly but hard to crossover well

raiderl_1: Kaq – yeah I stopped reading bonding too – couldn’t remember what was going on there was too much and too long btwn updates

Kaqlittle: I have read a few buffy hermione fics but none r finished

winter156: golden haze is on ff.net

jazwriter: That crossover was due to a prompt given by mxrolkr

Jaely: thanks

jazwriter: the hardest part were merging the timelines

jazwriter: and keeping it believable

Kaqlittle: I agree raider

quietheartedfsc: plausability is what makes or breaks a crossover.

raiderl_1: mxrolkr deserves many thnx and you nailed it jazzy

blackgrl71: i mostly ignore the timelines, which makes it possible to write a HP x-over

jazwriter: thanks–I am glad it worked

winter156: I think that’s probably the hardest part about doing a crossover…keeping true to both fandoms

jazwriter: @winter I agree

Gin Akasarahsmom: the author has to know both fandoms

raiderl_1: But Miranda in DWP really lends herself to the HP world

quietheartedfsc: Nic is right…sometimes suspending timelines is the best way

mayIreadtoday: acs on tthfanfic.org does HP crossovers well. Nice Buffy/Ginny

blackgrl71: it did. i’m actually considering a HP/Underworld fic. Narcissa (i also LOVE) and Selene

Gin Akasarahsmom: sometimes you HAVE to suspend timelines

Kaqlittle: I like that idea

quietheartedfsc: me too.

raiderl_1: true dat Gin; especially works though when one of the verses is magical!

blackgrl71: but BTVS seems like a ‘natural’ w/ HP; Willow… magic w/o a wand, powerful magic at that

jazwriter: if not suspend timelines, then change canon

winter156: Magic is awesome

mayIreadtoday: And a Buffy/Luna I love called "The Bandersnatch"

jazwriter: magic is great for sex scenes

jazwriter: LOL

winter156: LOL yes it is

quietheartedfsc: HP made magic so "every day" that it’s believable to drop it into a lot of fandoms

blackgrl71: oh absolutely on the canon. you can have parts of the canon, but otherwise Jazzy is right

Jaely: I don’t know… the Characters in Harry Potter have set birthdays.. so ignoring the timeline is very hard for me to go with as Hermione is the samn age as I am

raiderl_1: Oh yeah…jazzy…esp for growing things

jazwriter: LOL, raider

mayIreadtoday: I think fembuck did that first

quietheartedfsc: a whole new take on the WonderWand200\

jazwriter: I try to stick to the correct ages

quietheartedfsc: 200

quietheartedfsc: 2000

quietheartedfsc: I’ve been here too long

mayIreadtoday: the growing thing I mean

winter156: Is this going to turn into the sex panel?

jazwriter: oh, QH, it’s still early in the day!

quietheartedfsc: don’t they all

blackgrl71: yeah, the magic takes the sex to a whole ‘nother level.

Gin Akasarahsmom: probably winter.. they all do

raiderl_1: Dang the WonderWand…hail hail the Just Between series!

winter156: LOL…we’re all perverts at heart

jazwriter: I can guess who will be at the Voyager panel later

Gin Akasarahsmom: it glows Cerulean Blue right?

quietheartedfsc: The first fanfic I moved to my Kindle…lol

raiderl_1: Hell ya!

Gin Akasarahsmom: hehehe

winter156: But changing anotomy is not necessarily easy to write…

quietheartedfsc: ooo..now there’s a crossover I’d like to see HP and Voyager…*G*

raiderl_1: Anybody ever do a Xover with HP/VOY?

Kaqlittle: just between series?

jazwriter: well, there are several newer HP stories I am watching, but most are WIP

raiderl_1: QH – great minds!

quietheartedfsc: Kaq…Just Between is an epic series of Voyager stories

Gin Akasarahsmom: the Just Between series is a Voyager Series written by Gina Dartt… it’s very good

quietheartedfsc: that was started originally to prove the Janeway Seven pairing didn’t work…lol

jazwriter: so, I won’t recommend them until they are finished, particularly I once recommended a story and the ending was horrible!

jazwriter: *particularly since I

Kaqlittle: I guess I need to finish watching voyager so I can read it

blackgrl71: that’s a great series.

winter156: Going to grab some more coffee…brb

Gin Akasarahsmom: ohhh… never read wips

the_dhamphir: lol… trying to see 7 as she informs Hermoine that magic doesn’t exist.

quietheartedfsc: I can totally see that scene…lol

jazwriter: I know (but I make a few exceptions)

raiderl_1: Kaq – don’t bother watching series – Gina’s world MUCH better!

blackgrl71: that would be pretty funny

Gin Akasarahsmom: LOL… raider

raiderl_1: It’s true!!!

the_dhamphir: so write it, qh. ; )

Gin Akasarahsmom: well.. yeah.. I know

Kaqlittle: really? I don’t need a working knowledge for the series?

raiderl_1: Yeah QH, write it!

mayIreadtoday: I think you do need a working knowledge for Voyager

mayIreadtoday: Especially the characters

Jaely: are we talking about Voyager or HP?

raiderl_1: They’re in space, they’re hot, they’ve got chemistry!

Kaqlittle: sorry I got off topic

quietheartedfsc: hog tie ralst, get D to agree to not seeing me for another month and tell doc I moved and left no forwarding address and I will.

raiderl_1: Yes, mayiread, you’re right, basic knowledge of characters good. now I’ll go backto HP.

quietheartedfsc: let me ask this…which verse do you prefer to write in…book or movie

jazwriter: I think if the writer does a good job, you don’t have to know too much about the fandom

winter156: I leave for a minute and come back to order to hog tie ralst? LOL

Jaely: book all the way

Kaqlittle: sometimes a combination is good.

raiderl_1: Am I a complete heathen for never having read the books or seen the movies?

quietheartedfsc: no, raide

Jaely: nope

winter156: I rely on both depending on what exactly I want to convey

Jaely: there are Fics I read that I’ve never seen them before

jazwriter: thus my point!

raiderl_1: whew. I do enjoy the ff though, brings that world alive and I

raiderl_1: I’m not hampered by canon

Kaqlittle: I don’t do that cause I hate to be confused

blackgrl71: i haven’t read the books yet

Gin Akasarahsmom: there are times I’ve read the fanfic first… then gotten into the series/movie/book

quietheartedfsc: same here

Jaely: done that many times too Gin

jazwriter: I use both and I try to stay true to canon (except the last little part when they show Hermione and Ron married)

winter156: Ron just seems wrong for Hermione on so many levels

raiderl_1: Yeah that’ll make anyone run screaming Jazzy

quietheartedfsc: I combine the 2 canons and hope for the best…and no, it’s not posted yet

Kaqlittle: pretty much

mayIreadtoday: I think it’s possible Hermione and Ron got married in a post-war high but I believe they divorce

blackgrl71: i wholeheartedly agree.

jazwriter: have I seen that yet, QH?

Kaqlittle: I can’t wait QH

quietheartedfsc: no, jaz…no one has

Gin Akasarahsmom: those are my favorite fic…where Hermione and Ron are divorced

quietheartedfsc: though we’ve talked about it

Jaely: I really try and stay with the cannon Characterization but not always cannon because I’m pairing Hermione with some other girl…

winter156: I want this fic QH

jazwriter: ok, yeah, I remember…ad I’m waiting to beta it, dear

mayIreadtoday: QH is your fic plain HP or crossover?

blackgrl71: i actually like when Hermione is making her own way in life after the war’

quietheartedfsc: we’ve actually talked about 3, so I’ll leave you guessing until the beta copy arrives…lol

jazwriter: LOL

quietheartedfsc: I have 2 plain ones and 1 crossover

jazwriter: I am in the middle of writing a new one

the_dhamphir: *stare hard my empty inbox*

mayIreadtoday: QH: cool

Gin Akasarahsmom: LOL… I know D… me too!

Kaqlittle: oh I can’t wait

jazwriter: some have seen the first chapter…

raiderl_1: Both of you guys – writing now!

quietheartedfsc: how about after con, raider…lol

blackgrl71: yeah, i’m working a a couple news fics as well. x-over of course.

jazwriter: hehe, raider

raiderl_1: oh alright

quietheartedfsc: I love your crossovers, Nic

winter156: @QH HP crossover with what?

quietheartedfsc: dwp

blackgrl71: thank you QH!

Kaqlittle: nice

raiderl_1: sweet!

jazwriter: me too, Nic–you do a great job with the details of the world where you place them (and the sex is hot)

Kaqlittle: I agree

quietheartedfsc: I try to cross dwp with everything at some point….lol

Daxilla: Hello?

quietheartedfsc: hello, dax…

blackgrl71: one is starring Narcissa — because i LOVE her character or the charcters fanfiction writers have created

jazwriter: hey dax

Daxilla: hello. New here… sorry to interrupt

winter156: Welcome dax

Daxilla: thank you

raiderl_1: agree Narcissa is a great character with lots of potential. Kind of Miranda like.

mayIreadtoday: hey mods, how about a question about blackcest please?

quietheartedfsc: *thinking I’ll have to give Narcissa a second look*

raiderl_1: hi Dax!

Daxilla: hi raider!

blackgrl71: aww shucks. that’ll be one w/ Underworld and thank you Jazzy.

jazwriter: I would realy love to see more HG/MM stories…really only a dozen or so writers are giving us new stories

quietheartedfsc: Go ahead, mayI

jazwriter: yw, blackgrl71

Kaqlittle: and finishing them

mayIreadtoday: I’m curious about people’s thoughts on blackcest.

jazwriter: yes, Kaq, I want finished stories

raiderl_1: Hmmm. Well, depends on writer and context.

quietheartedfsc: I’m against any "-cest", but that’s a personal preference.

Jaely: blackcest?

raiderl_1: Bellatrix and Narcissa

blackgrl71: i secretly — or obviously not so secretly dig some blackcest

Kaqlittle: I don’t read blackcest

jazwriter: I won’t read them

Jaely: thanks raiderl

mayIreadtoday: Or Bellatrix and Andromeda or any combination of the sisters

mayIreadtoday: Also blackcest includes the boy cousins

Meneldur: I dislike Blackcest

Meneldur: But if done properly, it can be good

raiderl_1: Dance of the Seven Veils by liidg – definitely is a prime example of the potential for absolute smut with the sisters and Hermione. Don’t ask me how I know that…

mayIreadtoday: I think blackcest makes sense in how fed up they were raised bitterfic does a fantastic job with The bones of the Lilac

quietheartedfsc: I have 2 sisters and just ain’t no way…lol

Meneldur: The cousins bother me less, because I did Haruka/Michiru back when I still thoguht they were cousins, before I learned of the dubbing fiasco

winter156: I agree with QH…just no

Jaely: well we already know that there is cousin Marriage in the Black family as Sirius’ parents were first consins so that is not really out of the world of possiblity with them…

quietheartedfsc: tru

raiderl_1: They’re family is so f’ed up that they would rely on each other

quietheartedfsc: cousins doesn’t bug me as much, but then my grandparents were 3rd cousins…which explains a lot of you think about it..*thought I’d beat gin and jazz to it*

the_dhamphir: lol

Jaely: lol


Gin Akasarahsmom: 😛

Gin Akasarahsmom: You are from the south

Gin Akasarahsmom: Oh!

jazwriter: ROFL…

Gin Akasarahsmom: hehehe

raiderl_1: ohno you didn’t! gine

quietheartedfsc: smarty britches

mayIreadtoday: raider, have you read The Bones of the Lilac?

Jaely: Hey!

Gin Akasarahsmom: ROFL!… She knows I love her

raiderl_1: mayi – no who by?

blackgrl71: whoa! LOL

quietheartedfsc: bffs get away with stuff the rest of y’all can’t…lol

mayIreadtoday: I think you’ll like this: http://bitterfic.livejournal.com/53063.html

jazwriter: I just love QH’s Southern drawl…

raiderl_1: cool, thanks!

the_dhamphir: so do i jazzy. *G*

mayIreadtoday: You’re welcome

jazwriter: *G*

quietheartedfsc: pfft…like I’ve got one…

mayIreadtoday: And of course fembuck writes very smutty blackcest

jazwriter: you soooo do!!

Gin Akasarahsmom: hehehe… perks

Jaely: *laughs* I feel the same way about the way I talk to qh but I’m told I have one by those that don’t live in the south..

quietheartedfsc: ok…as a matter of curiousity…what’s the one pairing you could never, ever see?

blackgrl71: y’all are funny. and yes, femback writes good smut period

raiderl_1: yeah I think I’ve read some of hers but can’t remember titles now

Meneldur: Yup, Janine (fembuck) is awesoem at any kind of femslash

BetweenLove_n_Hate: So I just popped my head over, but did you already mention the growth in Hermione/Bellatrix stories? (A secret passion of mine)

raiderl_1: Hermione/Voldy

quietheartedfsc: true..fembuck is da bombe

Gin Akasarahsmom: ewwwww

Gin Akasarahsmom: ANYONE/Voldemort

Jaely: gross

raiderl_1: Major ewwwww

Jaely: <– with Gin on that

jazwriter: oh, I hate seeing HG/Voldemort!

blackgrl71: Ron w/ almost anyone… perhaps Dobby? or do you mean just femslash. if so probably Hermione/Molly

Meneldur: One shoudl distinguish between Tom Riddle and Voldemort, though

Kaqlittle: I don’t like Ginny

Gin Akasarahsmom: Hermione/Molly!? Wow.. that is just so wrong…

Meneldur: And I once read Pigwidgeon/Willow

Jaely: yeah Molly/Hermione is just… wrong in my eyes…

raiderl_1: uh who or what is Pigwidgeon?

mayIreadtoday: Yup, no Hermione/Molly for me

mayIreadtoday: We did talk about Hermione/Bellatrix

Kaqlittle: Ron’s owl

mayIreadtoday: femslash fanon Ginny is very different than canon Ginny

Jaely: Pigwidgeon is Ron’s owl

Jaely: known as Pig most times

raiderl_1: gross

blackgrl71: what?! Pidgwidgeon?!

Gin Akasarahsmom: OMG!

jazwriter: yuck!!

winter156: An owl…really?

jazwriter: I’m sticking with HG/MM, thank you very much

blackgrl71: ROFL

Jaely: mhmm

Meneldur: It was humoruos.

raiderl_1: LMAO

Kaqlittle: I bet

mayIreadtoday: Anyone know this fic (I’ve forgotten where I read it) Hermione pulls a Weasley into a broom closet that she thinks is Ron but it’s really Ginny.

Gin Akasarahsmom: Magic does seem to make more pairings possible than normal

Meneldur: As in, Pig falls in love with Willow and just worships her

quietheartedfsc: ok, now that’s just too wrong for even this setting

blackgrl71: Jazzy i think you could Narcissa some justice…

blackgrl71: i’m just sayin’

Meneldur: But I’m sure I once saw Pig/Hedwig, and Whomping Willow/Giant Squid

Jaely: yeah any mention of animals in a pairing and I’m not going to touch it…

Meneldur: So there are weirder things out there

raiderl_1: someone once did giant squid with Hermione

mayIreadtoday: It’s HP it’s fandom is vast

jazwriter: @blackgrl71–Narcissa and who?

blackgrl71: i concur

Gin Akasarahsmom: hard to think what that would be, but you’re probably right

Jaely: oh no…

quietheartedfsc: ok, evil underbelly is showing

raiderl_1: LOL

blackgrl71: Hermione? Luna? or a x-over

raiderl_1: I say Hermione and Narcissa

jazwriter: yeah? hmmm

winter156: The magical creatures would be interesting to pair up…though a lot of mythology research would have to be done

mayIreadtoday: raider, that you wouldn’t read?

Jaely: what is being asked now?

raiderl_1: after the war’s over

jazwriter: winter–I didi tons of research for the animagi

raiderl_1: mayi, what wouldn’t i read?

jazwriter: since they are magical animals

mayIreadtoday: You said Hermione and Narcissa — what were you referring to?

raiderl_1: oh, a pairing for QH

Kaqlittle: makes sense that u would have to, Jazz

winter156: @ Jazzy- And Minerva is one…so it stands to reason a lot of research was done.

quietheartedfsc: which pairing for me?

mayIreadtoday: Oh, I thought you were answering the q about pairings you wouldn’t read.

quietheartedfsc: huh?

quietheartedfsc: what’d I miss?

raiderl_1: maybe that was blackgrl – who to pair with Narcissa

Jaely: don’t know QH I missed it too..

blackgrl71: yeah, i’m mean turn a slightly tortured-post-Voldy-&-Lucious Narcissa… who needs to be loved — and not by her psycho sister.

quietheartedfsc: ah, yeah..def Nic..lol

jazwriter: yeah–I hate writing sometihng on the fly–I want it to be believable

raiderl_1: me too jazz i m brutal with research!

winter156: I think all good writers are crazy researchers

quietheartedfsc: even magic can’t suspend believablility totally

winter156: It has to line up somewhere with physics

blackgrl71: i agree. i hate reading a fic that’s not even close to suspending my disbelief. but then i’m fairly jaded so i might not be a good person to judge

raiderl_1: but how much of our knowledge of physics is bound by the limits or our minds?

Jaely: I research all the time for my HP stories.

winter156: Even if it’s just to break the rules of the universe, one must know what those rules are before breaking them with magic

jazwriter: raider–it’s storming outside right now (it sounds like the house is going to blow over)–does that help inspire you for your story? *big smile*

raiderl_1: LOL! Yes!

jazwriter: lol

raiderl_1: hope your house still stands once it’sover!

blackgrl71: i also enjoyed enhancing characters’ powers — Asher Henry does some good stuff w/ Hermione (and sex magic)

raiderl_1: this was fun guys!

quietheartedfsc: Thanks to all our panelists

jazwriter: Jae–that’s good! Research can only make the stories better!

Jaely: I guess I did…

raiderl_1: yeah Asher does.

Jaely: thanks

winter156: Thank you QH! For all the work you put into this.

mayIreadtoday: I’ve never heard of Asher Henry.

raiderl_1: thankyou guys.

Kaqlittle: yes thanks

mayIreadtoday: Hermione with who?

quietheartedfsc: yw

blackgrl71: research is good. i’m so thankful to the HP wiki. i’m doing a ton a research for a DWP fic i’m almost finished w/

raiderl_1: Asher Henry on ffnet

jazwriter: The best writers check out their storylines to make sure they make sense

raiderl_1: uhm Bellatrix I believe mostly

blackgrl71: yeah, QH thanks for inviting me & setting this up

jazwriter: thanks to all of you for the great discussion!

mayIreadtoday: thanks

raiderl_1: bye qh!

blackgrl71: bye

jazwriter: bye!

winter156: Thanks everyone for the great discussion. Bye!

raiderl_1: thnx all!

quietheartedfsc: yvw nic

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