Once Upon a Time

ariestess: Okay, so welcome to the Once Upon a Time panel!

ariestess: Panelists, please change your font to bold red [like mine]. Everyone else, please use black text…

ariestess: Okay, first hte ground rules. You MUST raise your hand for questions. The mods [those of us with an @ in front of our names] will keep track of the questions for everyone.

ariestess: Okay, panelists, please introduce yourselves. I’ll go first. I’m AJ, aka ariestess, aka A. Magiluna Stormwriter. I’ve written a handful of things in the OUaT ‘verse, among other things. I’m your moderator for this panel.

Ravenfairy00: Hi ariestess. fangirl squee

damelola: Hi, I’m Lola, though you may know me as damelola/fictorium – I’ve written, well, a bit for the OUAT fic community!

writetherest: Yaaay, Lola!

shesgottaread: YAY, Lola!

giftofamber: Yay Lola

DanieXJ: I’m DanieXJ aka Danie, I’ve also written a bunch of OUaT stuff recently, although I have lots of other stuff too

chilly-flame: Hi all, I’m chilly flame. I’m somewhat new to OUAT but have a few stories in my collection, and hopefully will have more to add soon!

damelola: And hi/squee to AJ for looking after us all

Aquila1nz: yay to more chillyflame stories!

shesgottaread: Yay, Danie!

Ravenfairy00: yay

BetweenLove_n_Hate: okay, so I’ll just squee the entire time all of you are introducing yourselves cause that’s what fangirls do, right? HI!

shesgottaread: and to Chilly!

giftofamber: yay to more chilly flame stories!

AlexReading: lol

chilly-flame: hi panelists and readers!

thebronzey: squee

damelola: I’m squeeing about Chilly too.

ariestess: All right, so let’s get this panel going with the OUaT femslashy goodness!

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Chilly_flame I nearly passed out when I saw you wrote for OUAT

CyberWoolf: ditto

ariestess: Shatterpath, you have the first question.

Shatterpath: Where can I get my own Emma?

chilly-flame: and writers who are not panelists too! okay, i’m squeeing also.

Shatterpath: hee!

AlexReading: here we go – http://twitter.com/LanaParrilla/status/224217454073753601

damelola: This is a glorious day for the Swan Queen nation, am I right?

Ravenfairy00: exactly! i screamed literally so loud i scared animals

giftofamber: so right!

displacedwarrior: aye

thebronzey: *fist pumps*

alezabee: Ahhhh that is amazing!

ariestess: *facehoof* Doggie, you need to behave. *is partners with Shatterpath*

nallus_: *swoon*

Aquila1nz: argh, can’t follow links on my tablet

writetherest: I am totally dead.

Shatterpath: moi?

ariestess: But, you know, if Shatterpath gets her own Emma, I NEED my own Regina.

Shatterpath: Pfft, jsut givin’ out some Emma love since you got Reg covered! LOL

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Can I have my own Red then?

giftofamber: Aquila: It’s the pic Lana tweeted of herself and JMo that JMo RTed

Aquila1nz: ahh

Shatterpath: I have to say that Red has become really, really interesting!

ariestess: That’s entirely possible. Okay, Otakugamer01, you have the next question.

Ravenfairy00: seriously one of the best things ever. i’m selling my soul to go to sdcc next year.

AlexReading: yap the pic is real, an hr ago on twitter.

Otakugamer01: so many new characters being introduced in season 2, from what you’ve already heard of which ones are you already planning on using in your fics?

Shatterpath: ooo, good one!

ariestess: Good question!

thebronzey: my friend is at sdcc right now… a pox upon her

ariestess: As for me, it’ll depend on how the characters are worked into the show and how they interact with Regina.

DanieXJ: personally I generally start my fics after the episodes, something in them prompts my brain to go… hmmm… so, I’m not sure.

DanieXJ: Hook sounds interesting though

ariestess: All of my fic interests lie entirely with Regina.

Ravenfairy00: purr

damelola: ooh, I think it’ll depend on whose side they end up on – Mulan and Aurora both intrigue me,

Aquila1nz: Mulan is definitely interesting, if they don’t stuff her up

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I’m sad about Aurora joining because Maleficent is gone. (sniffle)

Shatterpath: I have yet to write something, as my brain is currently annexed by a different fandom, but I’d like to!

chilly-flame: I was thinking about that today, how difficult it must be to manage all the characters on the actual show. I will primarily focus on Emma and Regina (and Henry) and folks from season 1 for a while

damelola: And while I adore Regina I’d like to find another ship for Emma I can also get behind (I ship Regina with everyone)

daemoni: I have to go but I am saving the session

chilly-flame: But if they go in a Miller’s Daughter direction I will definitely want to focus on that!

ariestess: Thanks to chilly_flame, I am now starting ot have thoughts of Regina/Emma/Ruby.

chilly-flame: ha

Aquila1nz: Ruby can be slashed with anyone!

xraex21: that’s hottness overload for me

Shatterpath: hell yes! Pack bonding RULES

DanieXJ: I just want Emma to be Daniel reincarnated darnit…

xraex21: i can’t handle it

writetherest: Red Swan Queen heck yes!

damelola: Well as AH said of Maleficent today: we didn’t see a bidy

damelola: *body, sorry

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Ruby/Red is awesome. My new favorite is RedQueen, though I’ll have to check out this Red Swan Queen

ariestess: @DanieXJ :: I’ve had that thought myself once or twice.

chilly-flame: i had a good time with red swan queen. obv.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: true, no body no death. She MUST come back. She’s my favortie to write with Regina. I like exploring their friendship and what might have been between them in a romance.

damelola: I feel like I’m a bad Regina fan for not wanting Daniel anywhere near Swan Queen. Although I have read it done in a lot of stories.

Shatterpath: No, not bad, it sounds like a hard plot thread to do

ariestess: I like Swan Queen #1, Stable Princess #2.

DanieXJ: I think if the writers do it well…. but, I have no doubt that they won’t do it. I love Swan Queen, but… don’t hold out hope that it will actually happen on the show

chilly-flame: i feel crazy for not noticing that you only get one true wuv in FTL. i think that is crap. and also they won’t be able to sustain it.

damelola: Also I think that’s maybe part of why they’re not going back to FTL (yet) – they change the rules by living here, and that’s a LOT of adjusting

xraex21: thankfully they aren’t IN ftl

chilly-flame: swan queen would not happen on the show, but regina never finding love or redemption through it? too horrible.

Ravenfairy00: yeah but true loves kiss can do anything but she couldn’t save daniel so what if he wasn’t her one true love

ariestess: *nods*

writetherest: I agree with that. And it does make me wonder then if Daniel really was her ‘one true love’.

alezabee: that’s what I think

chilly-flame: yes, lola! good point.

Aquila1nz: i think Emma and Regina need to kiss to test this

chilly-flame: lol

Shatterpath: Raven- Good point!

giftofamber: I agree with Aquila

alezabee: That’s what sold me on Swan Queen, the idea that Emma could be Regina’s true love and that’s how she breaks the curse

ariestess: Ravenfairy00 :: That’s something I’ve toyed with, too.

AlexReading: lol

damelola: maybe fic writers think this way more – we look for what gives more stories to tell. Going back to FTL reduces them, in a way

DanieXJ: I’m good with anything, as long as Swan… and Queen end up. (if it’s Red and Swan or Red and Queen I’m okay with that too)

ariestess: Okay, xraex21, you have the next question.

xraex21: With Season 2 promising new villains (ie the captain hook trailer – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhEqxYcyx6E) how do you think this will effect Regina’s moral alignment and her interaction with the "good" characters? Are you worried she might get pushed to the back to make room for more villains or do you think she might step forward to confront them?

BetweenLove_n_Hate: lots of jokes about Emma kissing everyone to break the curse one by one.

ariestess: Another excellent question!

Aquila1nz: I can just see EMma’s face after 7 dwarves in a row

Shatterpath: Poor Emma

damelola: http://instagr.am/p/NEvqdaFWdv/ – a new Jen/Lana pic!

ariestess: I haven’t seen the trailer yet. Been slightly busy with something else today. LOL! But I’ll be watching it tonight.

DanieXJ: I hope that they keep her in the real world mode if you know what I mean. Not all bad, or good, but real.

damelola: I would like to see Regina get some support/a posse. At the moment it’s her vs Gold vs everyone. That’s not sporting

Shatterpath: IT would be excellent to see Regina get her boundaries pushed

chilly-flame: i would be pretty surprised if regina gets pushed out of the way for anyone.

DanieXJ: yeah, lola, I agree, support would be good

chilly-flame: i like to think the show runners have noted the love for our queen and want to hang on to that. not to the detriment of others

Ravenfairy00: i don’t think emma kissing everyone would work. you have to really love them for the kiss to do anything. but its fun to think about nonetheless.

chilly-flame: but i know that even in shows where she appeared only sparingly, she packed a punch.

ariestess: Regina won’t let anyone push her around. Except maybe Cora and Gold.

nallus_: be still my fangirl heart

damelola: I agree, AJ. Regina will front up to other villains, not back away

chilly-flame: i hope regina will step forward and confront villains!

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I’d almost hope that Regina could HELP the ‘good’ guys against some of the villians, even if she is doing it for selfish reasons

chilly-flame: agreed.

xraex21: She’s so isolated…how long can ANYONE last like that.

damelola: And Chilly, any show that doesn’t get every possible minute out of Lana is wasting a wonderful resource, I agree. She’s such an impact player

Aquila1nz: yes, i’d love some forced to work together storylines

xraex21: That’s what I’m worried about

ariestess: ITA, Lola! Not using Lana to her fullest extent is a travesty.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I mean, LOOK at what SwanQueen did when they were forced to work together the first time. EPICNESS

chilly-flame: Working together, resulting in huddled together for warmth. Regina and Emma. I can see it now…

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I look forward to them having to work together again.

Aquila1nz: fwiw that final shot of regina at the window last season said she was definitely still in the game. magic

DanieXJ: or for one have to save the other through burning fire, that’d be good…

xraex21: We just need to find every elevator in StoryBrooke….

ariestess: Okay, and now BetweenLove_n_Hate has the next question.

Alert: BetweenLove_n_Hate hand was lowered by ariestess

damelola: I’m still obsessed with Emma’s instant ‘what do we do?’

Ravenfairy00: i think it depends on Henry, how Regina might act in season 2. if he truly rejects her she could break completely.

damelola: natural alliance tere

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Does anyone have any ideas on what could have happened to Cora? Do you think she might be the Queen of Hearts? And would you like to see her return as a villian for this season?

chilly-flame: Yes, and Yes. times a thousand.

Aquila1nz: damn i have trouble remmeberng what is canon and what is fic

ariestess: If Henry totally rejects Regina, it will kill her. And I’ve a feeling Emma will kick his butt for it.

ariestess: What a GREAT question!

displacedwarrior: I think she’s the Queen of Hearts

Ravenfairy00: i do as well.

xraex21: Emma is a bit of a coward…I’m not sure she can fully stand up to Henry

Aquila1nz: i really hope she’s the queen of hearts

damelola: I’m pretty sold on her being the Queen of Hearts. And BH is confirmed for three eps in s2

DanieXJ: I try not to think about Cora too much… and her being the Queen of hearts just seems so… not surprising, I don’t know

thebronzey: she’s the queen of hearts in my head

DanieXJ: perhaps I’ve watched too many fantasy shows now

xraex21: Danie…no that is the obvious choice

damelola: I rewatched hat trick the other day and the hair above the veil is pretty identical to Cora’s in Stable Boy /nerd

Ravenfairy00: but its weird casue she became queen of hearts after regina married leopold.

chilly-flame: I am convinced that she’s the queen of hearts. I am desperate for good exploration of that.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Awesome. I didn’t know she’d been confirmed for the episodes this season.

ariestess: Cora as Queen of Hearts is interesting, but a little "trite" perhaps.

chilly-flame: mostly i want to see her as she relates to regina.

damelola: and the writers mentioned Cora today, confirming a popular fan theory.

damelola: But I don’t want to spoil too much if people don’t want that?

thebronzey: not trite if there’s a good story behind it

xraex21: SPOIL

ariestess: Whisper it to me, Lola!

Ravenfairy00: spoil woman

chilly-flame: I hear you lola, i wondered the same thing

DanieXJ: go for it lola

Shatterpath: no! No spoilers!

thebronzey: all the spoilers!!

thebronzey: *raises broom*

xraex21: spoilers are your friends

giftofamber: post to tumblr and tag it "spoiler"

ariestess: Ahaha! Thank you, Lola! And I called that the INSTANT I met Cora.

Ravenfairy00: technically is it a spoiler if everyone knows who watches anything about the sdcc panel.

Aquila1nz: damn, *wants the spoiler*

CyberWoolf: yay for spoilers

shesgottaread: *wants to be spoiled*

damelola: it IS all over tumblr and twitter already, but whisper or IM is probably better for now

ariestess: Okay, I’ve sent the spoiler in a whisper to a couple peple already.

CyberWoolf: here too please

nallus_: *spoil me*

ariestess: Okay, and now Aquila1nz has the next question.

sinadino77: I’m like milk….waiting to be spoiled

Shatterpath: I have to admire the track that Disny has taken with this show

CyberWoolf: thanks

Aquila1nz: How do people feel about stories that get really quite dark, about Regina? Because if you really look at her there s a lot of dark (much a I love schmoopy happy ever after kidfic). Do you minimise it or revel in it?

DanieXJ: Depends on what mood I’m in. If I’m in a bad mood, then Regina

DanieXJ: Regina’ll cut someone, if I’m in a good mood, she’ll be puppies and flowers…

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I’ve done both. I’ve minimalized it in A Bounty but am going to play it up in How it Ends

Shatterpath: I’m not an angst fan, unusualy, I know

chilly-flame: I admire people who can go there. I tend to write Regina suffering, but I will admit that adding harm toward others is a challenge in my own stories.

ariestess: It’s a mood thing for me. My Regina muse happens to be an angst-wallower.

damelola: I am torn, personally about dark fic. Regina has a lot of darkness in her, but sometimes it’s done ‘for the sake of it’.

AlexReading: define dark?

ariestess: I don’t like angst/dark for the sake of angst/dark. If it’s got a purpose, I’m all for it.

thebronzey: I find it hard to buy that wickedly dark Regina is also terribly in love with Emma… it aggravates me when people try to mix the two

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I guess it depends on what road you want your story to go. But I’ve enjoyed a lot of the darker fics that really do explore it well. The Girl Who Would Be Queen, is epic with it but deals with it very well

DanieXJ: I think the darkness should always have a point though, it shouldn’t just be violence, or angst or whatever for the hell of it

Aquila1nz: yes, i’m halfway through that

damelola: I find certain ‘darker’ traits OOC for Regina, too. It can be written well, but sometimes the psychology is off, which throws me off

ariestess: The Girl Who Would Be Queen was a PHENOMENAL story.

Aquila1nz: and it’s not the darkest i’ve read

chilly-flame: I agree Lola.

ariestess: And yes, I totally agree with you, Lola.

DanieXJ: @Lola, I think that some stories try to go for ‘mean’ with the dark, where I see Regina as more of a depressed dark

damelola: That’s interesting Danie, I tend to flip her the other way. I don’t think Regina actually knows how depressed she is

giftofamber: ITA Lola

DanieXJ: Maybe, she doesn’t know, but I think she is. After all, every time something starts to go right, something else comes along and punches her in the nose (metaphorically)

ariestess: ITA Lola. Regina has NO idea how depressed she is because she ignores/represses it.

chilly-flame: I think if she ever felt a real moment of happiness, only then would she realize the depth of her misery

damelola: she’s still living in the anger stage of her grief

Shatterpath: Admitting to weakness would break her

ariestess: ITA, chilly_flame

damelola: it feels like to me.

chilly-flame: because she’s lived in this pain for so long, yes lola

Aquila1nz: yes, she created all of storybrooke for her happily ever after, but she’s not that happy, even preEmma

damelola: yes, Chilly. Exactly, painfully that

Shatterpath: Look how she reacted to Henry turning away from her, especially in teh finale

damelola: she’s kind of like a walking bruise, and every so often someone presses down on it and all the blood rushes to the surface again

damelola: she never gets to heal

thebronzey: Regina doesn’t strike me as mean as some people portray her… she’s very nuanced and sad

chilly-flame: i loved that meta discussion on tumblr, about Regina trapped in the stages of grief. just really good stuff.

writetherest: ugh the walking bruise, YES.

ariestess: She’s constantly trying to recreate teh one thing that made her happy as a child :: her relationship with her father. But it never quite happens and she can’t stop trying. Giving up would be admitting that she can’t be happy.

ariestess: @chilly_flame :: Do you have a link for that meta?

chilly-flame: I really wrestle with her father relationship. because I think there is some element of resentment that actually allowed her to kill him.

damelola: very true AJ – if Regina turns around after all this chaos and says ‘oops, it didn’t work’ I don’t know how she’d cope with that

chilly-flame: I’ll see what i can find–i think one of the conversations came from TWOP and then expanded. hold…

ariestess: *nods* This curse was what she based her entire life on, and the lives of how many others? If she admits to failing, it will kill her.

damelola: I agree, Chilly. I don’t think she loves him unconditionally, that’s for sure. He let her down a lot, and I think drawing on THAT let her take his heart.

ariestess: Oh no, she didn’t love him uncondtionally. She doesn’t know how to do that because no one did it for her.

chilly-flame: I think the dad thing relates to the fact that he stood by while she suffered.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: @Chilly yes, I agree. I think a part of her did resent him. In my opinion for not being strong enough to get her and him away from Cora

chilly-flame: he may not have had the power to protect her, but it’s still not fair.

chilly-flame: yes!

damelola: like, my take on Hat Trick is that it’s at least partly about ‘winning’ over the QoH(Cora)

giftofamber: @chilly the fact that everyone, including her father, stood by while she suffered

xraex21: Not gonna lie. He kind of deserved getting his heart taken…it’s one of the few things he ever really did for her and it wasn’t even active on his part.

writetherest: I agree, Chilly. Especially after that line "now you’re trying to protect me"

ariestess: *stares, gobsmacked* Holy crap! I think I just found out WHY Regina hit me so hard. Damn… Now I have to deal with that. *headdesk*

chilly-flame: Regina and her dad were just pawns in Cora’s path to glory. poor bbys.

damelola: yes, @writetherest, there was a LOT of bitterness in that line

giftofamber: But I think the laws of FTL meant there was no way she could change. Storybrooke however, all bets were off.

chilly-flame: yes, writetherest. so upsetting.

ariestess: Okay, Otakugamer01, you have the next question.

DanieXJ: That’s what I love about the show in general. In real life, life’s not fair… and in the OUaT world life’s not fair either…

Alert: Otakugamer01 hand was lowered by ariestess

Otakugamer01: anyone else looking forward to the Charming family reunion, and the first post-curse breaking interaction between Emma and Regina?

Shatterpath: yes!

xraex21: awwwwwkward

Ravenfairy00: hell yeah

Shatterpath: should be hilarious and heartbreaking

Aquila1nz: omg yes!

writetherest: CHARMING FAMILY REUNION. I mean… yes.

ariestess: Oh, that’s gonna be a level of awkward that NO ONE can fathom.

xraex21: how do you even broach that subject

DanieXJ: I guess, I dread every new season of OUaT just as I dread every new season of R&I

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Oh I’m really looking forward to that.

damelola: I think Emma is probably going to ‘run’ from her parents for a bit

chilly-flame: I’m looking forward to it. I have NO idea how they’ll pull it off.

Aquila1nz: oh, i’d dread R&I way more

damelola: I don’t think it’s going to be straight up happy for her

xraex21: nothing is straight up happy for anyone on that show

Aquila1nz: for a wonder, OUAT has *less* redshirts than R&I

DanieXJ: I don’t think that there’ll be happiness anywhere for awhile in the second season

ariestess: I’m looking forward to seeing how they pull it off, but that’s one hot mess that is just burning to be let out.

Ravenfairy00: i bet emma and henry run into snow mm and david first.

Shatterpath: Lola- Emma is totally gonna run off!

damelola: according to Ginny today the scripts are great for the first few eps.

DanieXJ: I can’t wait to see what happens to Red!!! (Still think they should give her a girlfriend… )

damelola: I wonder if Red will get her wolfiness back with magic’s return?

ariestess: Just keep Whale away from Red. And all of the women, actually. He’s a skeevy bastard.

writetherest: there’s a can of worms

DanieXJ: That would make a…. frenetic first episode

BetweenLove_n_Hate: DanieXJ I TOTALLY agree with you!

xraex21: @ariestess WHO IS WHALE…it’s driving me nuts

DanieXJ: *cough* should name her phelan *cough*

shesgottaread: lol

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Lol I’m writing a RedQueen where Red DOES get her wolfiness back with the magic…lol on the first night cause it’s a full moon.

shesgottaread: but I agree

ariestess: @xraex21 :: I’ve no clue who he is. It’s driving me nuts, too.

Ravenfairy00: but magic is unpredictable so should be even more interesting.

thebronzey: Dr. Frankenstein

writetherest: there’s speculation that he could be Captain Hook, but IDK.

xraex21: @ariestess: I’m trying to remember all the skeevy FT characters and I can’t figure it out

Thewhitestars: it’s got to have something to do with water

Shatterpath: ooo!

AlexReading: @AJ peter pan

Ravenfairy00: from cpt hook to a doctor though.

Shatterpath: IT has to be something Pinochio related

thebronzey: James Whale was the director of the original Frankenstein… sooooo *shrug*

nallus_: hook me thinks

xraex21: is that a disney lisence though bronzey?

thebronzey: pay no attention to me… I’m insane lol

Thewhitestars: Triton? lol Ariels dad

xraex21: HAHAHA

DanieXJ: is Frankenstein public now?

xraex21: we need to get him in the lake and check

xraex21: oh it should be…

thebronzey: yeah… I think it’s public domain like Alice in Wonderland

xraex21: I forgot that

ariestess: I’m leaning toward Pinocchio-based character for Whale.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I thought he might be the Witch Doctor

Shatterpath: Everyone in Storybrook’s last names have somehting to do with who they really are

DanieXJ: ooh, maybe he’s lancelot or something. Lancelot always creeped me out

ariestess: And xraex21, you have the next question.

Alert: xraex21 hand was lowered by ariestess

xraex21: How do you deal with the fact that Regina has murdered people? How does it affect her relationships in your stories?

ariestess: Good question!

DanieXJ: *Grumble* yeah…. the killing. *grumble* *sigh*

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I have blatantly ignored her murdering Graham in all of my stories thus far

thebronzey: I’ve rewritten all her murders in my head… she’s like Lucy Diamond at this point

chilly-flame: It’s a challenge! I have written it a few ways–1) no one knows, and 2) they say, "let’s deal with that later" or 3) "we already dealt with it so let’s move on"

ariestess: I admit that I haven’t dealt with it. YET. It’ll come up at some point. My Regina muse and I have some really interesting things planned, if we can work out the logistics.

DanieXJ: @xraex21, I try to do a Xena sort of thing, but probably don’t write it well

damelola: excellent question. I… generally have her express some remorse? At least on a personal level. But I usually imply that Emma can meet her halfway on the ‘doing bad things’ front. Or I try to.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: though she is mentioned to have killed others before, they’re faces we don’t know and have less attachment to and in her mind she was doing it to better her cause. I mean LOOK at Red. She’s killed people. But she’s still considered a ‘good’ character. Hell the GOOD guys MAKE her kill people for them

DanieXJ: Actually, I’m trying to figure out what to do in Promise the Stars… currently she’s sitting in the jail cell… heh…

damelola: but usually the murdering is viewed as a symptom of her pain and lack of control in her own life. An extreme reaction that she’ll be punished for, but humanely.

chilly-flame: I doubt I’ll ever do anything that really addresses it in a serious way, unless I do a "Regina is jailed" fic.

chilly-flame: I like to imagine that if she redeems herself, the citizens of storybrooke will accept that as doing her penance

ariestess: I think the difference, for most people, between Red and Regina is that when Red is the wolf, she doesn’t have control. Regina, theoretically, has full knowledge of what she’s doing and does it anywya.

chilly-flame: like if she saved them all from something super bad.

DanieXJ: Well, we saw her basically kill Leopold…

damelola: but grief is an altered state in a way, too

Ravenfairy00: yeah but leopold was a jerk

xraex21: @ariestess…yeah but red can CHOOSE to be the wolf when she takes off her cloak…just like regina using magic

ariestess: @Danie :: Ah, she just masterminded Leopold’s death. She didn’t actually kill him. Genie did htat.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: But it’s hinted that Red DOES have control that night she attacks the castle because she’s doing it to help Snow get james out of the dungeon

writetherest: I feel like, for me, the people that she’s killed – that we know of at this point – were all, at least in her mind, justified killings

ariestess: @xraex21 :: But for the longest time, she didn’t know that because Granny didn’t tell her. Once she knew, that was a different story.

damelola: also a very good point, BetweenLove_n_Hate!

DanieXJ: still murder… ’cause, she most definitely made genie do it

damelola: killing Peter is not on Red, I’d say, because of that. But killing/wounding guards is a conscious choice it appears

xraex21: @ariestess – true. totally different character developments…and good childhood vs. bad

damelola: Red had love and support, Regina didn’t.

writetherest: @damelola – YES!

chilly-flame: yep.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: that is true, and she’s accepted by her friends because they see it as a ‘condition’ but it’s also a condition they use to help themselves

ariestess: Plus, once she knows what she can do as the wolf, if Red takes off the cloak, she is fully aware of what she can do and is respnsible for it.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I agree

xraex21: the question that always gets me is WHY regina doesn’t get any support as a child…why is she ignored when FTL is constantly helping those in need

ariestess: @Lola :: Good point. And Regina learned how to do her worst from Cora.

xraex21: it’s like she was set up to fail

chilly-flame: Graham’s the only one I am really irritated about. I question why the writers did that. Was Jamie Dornan only supposed to doa limited run?

ariestess: Because she had a destiny to fulfill.

damelola: I think Jamie’s acting limited his run

damelola: *shrugs*

chilly-flame: lol

DanieXJ: @Lola, LOL

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I kinda agree on that one lola

writetherest: @xraex21 – I firmly believe that everything Regina has done is because Rumpel has manipulated it, so that she would cast the curse

ariestess: @BetweenLove_n_Hate, you have the next question.

damelola: and again, the implication today is that Regina’s destiny/choices are possibly not of her own making, as fandom has been yelling since Stable Boy

Aquila1nz: i agree, writetherest

damelola: Cora is the Miller’s daughter. Cora made deals.

xraex21: @writetherest – yeah some evil hand seems to always be clutching her

chilly-flame: me three

DanieXJ: y’all are really giving Regina the benifit of the doubt. I feel so mean about how I’m writing her now…

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Oh, my question was going to be about why do you think the citizens of Storybrooke accept Red killing people but not Regina killing others for her cause. So it’s kinda been answered already.

Aquila1nz: but you can fight destiny

giftofamber: I agree. We don’t know the deal Cora made, but she hinted it was a big one.

ariestess: @Lola :: I feel that way completely. Cora made her choices and Regina got the shaft. Kind of like Snow made her choices and Emma got the shaft.

damelola: niiiiice parallel, AJ

chilly-flame: very

damelola: (watch me steal that in a story now)

writetherest: @AJ – yes yes yes

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Not just one deal, but SEVERAL deals. "You don’t know the deals I had to make"

chilly-flame: Ugh, CORA!

AlexReading: different kind of choices thought.

damelola: God, I really want to see Emma asking Snow why, in nine months, they didn’t find some other solution. Did they TRY?

Shatterpath: And Snow is surprisingly not all sunshine and puppies in this show

ariestess: Neither of them had ANY choice in how their paths began. Both tried to fight it initially, but ultimately, they had to succumb to it.

xraex21: @shatter- THANK GOD

AlexReading: though, i ,ean.

writetherest: Which is why I think they’re endgame!

writetherest: because they’re the only ones who can truly understand each other on that level

xraex21: they’re my end game – which is oddly traditional for me

damelola: That is refreshing @shatterpath! I love this Snow so much.

Shatterpath: I love Snow, as an anti-hero. She was farmore interesting then I would have believed

Ravenfairy00: was one of the deals cora made to have blue fairy be a royal bit…sorry ignore me

ariestess: This Snow fascinates me in ways I can’t explain, and yet I nearly loathed MM.

Aquila1nz: if only i thought tv would let two women ride off into the sunset together

xraex21: MM is boring and a coward and a hypocrite

ariestess: @xraex21 :: ITA!

Aquila1nz: just saw the end of House, am bitter all over againr emembering Xena vs Hercules

ariestess: And David is no better. He’s WORSE, in fact.

xraex21: Snow is vastly more complex…she just needs better dialoge

Shatterpath: Well, think about it, MM was cut off from teh things we love about Snow

ariestess: @Otakugamer01, you have the next question.

Alert: Otakugamer01 hand was lowered by ariestess

chilly-flame: David is so boring. I really hope Charming works in Storybrooke, because David = yuck.

Alkmaion: @aquila: That´s what ‘2 Broke Girls’ is for *g*

Shatterpath: David had the same problem

Aquila1nz: lol, true

xraex21: ugh david and the two cards scene

Otakugamer01: not really a swan queen question but, anyone else wondering if they’ll have scenes dealing with the fact that Snow/Charming were with other people sexually during their time in SB?

xraex21: *shivers* thank god I’m not straight

Shatterpath: most of their personalities choked off by the curse

Daxilla: Howdy!

chilly-flame: On the show, I doubt it.

Otakugamer01: which is what we’re kinda already talking about…lol

ariestess: Good question! I’m sure a lot of people are going to be having a LOT of issues to deal with it.

xraex21: HEy dax!

Daxilla: Hey X!

chilly-flame: I mean, depending on who Dr. Whale is.

AlexReading: hi dax

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I am very interested in seeing that, though on the show? Only if they’re playing the jealousy card meaning a villian brings it up

damelola: the-charmings/adventurepants floated an interesting idea in her most recent fic – that when the curse breaks their pre-curse life is a stronger memory than SB

damelola: like they have both, but SB is hazy, somehow.

Aquila1nz: who wrote the line about one of the dwarves doing brazilian waxes in storybrook? cos that was funny

thebronzey: haha

xraex21: dude what if Dr. Whale is THE whale from pinocio….awkward

Ravenfairy00: lmao

thebronzey: awkward and strange lol

ariestess: Okay, Ravenfairy00, you have the next question.

DanieXJ: *emma with a harpoon* (not that I condone shooting whales)

Aquila1nz: presumably he’d be flopping around on the hospital floor, now?

writetherest: @damelola I think that’s really interesting and also something that could be very true, because Henry did make the comment about them not really remembering their pasts if pressed about them.

Exquisiteliltart: reverse curse- everyone forgets about storybrooke, all Regina’s sacrifice for nothing

xraex21: awww oouch

Ravenfairy00: Just wondering what everyone’s speculation is about who little henry’s birth father is??

Aquila1nz: i think he kinda has to be rumplestiltskin’s garndson

chilly-flame: God. Bae. Ugh. I just hate that. I will probably come around to it, but today? ugh.

xraex21: @danie – just the pervy ones

ariestess: I originally thought it was August. Now I’m leaning toward Baelfire, if he’s still alive.

xraex21: @chilly that’s so obvious i don’t think they will

DanieXJ: Bae, definitely

xraex21: or at least im hoping

chilly-flame: i sure hope not @xrae

xraex21: I’ll be kinda pissed if they do

Aquila1nz: because either his ftaher isn’t from FTL or there’s yet anotehr ale storybrook denison running around out there

damelola: I hope they have something more interesting in mind than Bae or August

damelola: well, we pretty much know it’s not August anyway

Ravenfairy00: Emma seems so depressed and scared about it. like it was a traumatic experience. i was also thinking Bae

xraex21: you’d think august would have remembered that

xraex21: and mentioned it

ariestess: Well, there’s also the theory that Bae isn’t alive anymore. He was separate from teh curse, and how far back in FTL time did he leave compared to the enacting of the curse?

DanieXJ: well, august probably has good wood…. sorry, sorry, sorry…..

xraex21: @arie we don’t know

giftofamber: eww

Aquila1nz: we don’t now, but gold was prepared to believe he was August’s age

BetweenLove_n_Hate: my thoughts exactly ariestess

xraex21: and splinters *backs away*

damelola: time doesn’t have to move at the same speed in both worlds, I guess.

ariestess: Gold is prepared to believe almost anything re: Bae

damelola: I really don’t want it to be Bae, though.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: lol lola, I play with that concept in my story

ariestess: True… But wasn’t Rumple the Dark One for a LOOOONG time?

BetweenLove_n_Hate: how time moves differently between the worlds.

xraex21: Gold can’t change though…he’s the ultimate coward – creating pawns to hide behind

ariestess: And xraex21, you have the next question.

thebronzey: time lines can always converge

xraex21: Do you see the Evil Queen (FTL) and Regina (StoryBrooke) as being the same person? Or was she just as affected by Gold’s curse as everyone else (minus the memory loss)?

BetweenLove_n_Hate: yes, yes he was. But we haven’t gotten a GOOD set on the timeline in FTL yet

Aquila1nz: someone needs to write Emm/Regina fpreg, and who cares where the Y chromosone came from

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I see them as two different people to be honest

xraex21: @aquila – that’s what magic is for

Ravenfairy00: i love babyfics

DanieXJ: I do see them as the same person

damelola: yup @aquila, that’s definitely out there

writetherest: @damelola DRAGON BABY (I had to. For Kristen)

chilly-flame: i also see them as the same person. i think the Mayor has learned to control her impulses, but the Queen’s in there

Aquila1nz: actually yes i think i read that one

DanieXJ: Hey, if f/f procreation can be done with Sam/Janet, Emma/Regina should be cake

giftofamber: I love Dragon Baby

damelola: @xraex21 – I think they are they same person, yes. Regina just got to take a breath and start over, after a fashion, in SB

ariestess: Oh, yeah, there’s definitely Swan Queen fpreg. I’ll probably go there at some point, myself.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I see the Evil Queen as a PART of Regina now that she’s been in storybrooke for so long. and the longer she stays the smaller that part gets

ariestess: Dragon Baby?

damelola: that’s why the Evil Queen bleeds through so easily when she’s stressed/threatened

chilly-flame: Dragon Baby FTW

damelola: Dragon Baby is me

damelola: *sheepish*

Ravenfairy00: i agree with btw love and hate

Aquila1nz: yay for sff fandoms, no fluffing about with turkey basters

ariestess: @xraex21 :: I see EQ and Regina as facets of the same fandom.

damelola: I think it’s called One More Baby, at various points. I must finish that.

writetherest: YES YOU MUST

damelola: Although I’ve written turkey baster babyfic too, only short

Ravenfairy00: yes

chilly-flame: I can’t believe I’m admitting this publicly but I am going there too.

Ravenfairy00: dragon baby ftw

xraex21: *sigh* swan queen babies



damelola: muahahaha

giftofamber: yes

Ravenfairy00: yeah chilly. squeeeeee!!!

BetweenLove_n_Hate: @Chilly, YOU’RE going with an fpreg story!?

AlexReading: waiting for the next update

Thewhitestars: Dragon baby rulez

ariestess: @Lola :: So is Dragon Baby a pseud?

chilly-flame: I had to. Lola’s fault.

DanieXJ: have I gone there? Is it bad that I don’t remember?? I don’t think I have. Which is weird, because I usually do…

ariestess: *is confused*

writetherest: @chilly Come over here, I’m gonna hug your neck. (I kinda suspected)

BetweenLove_n_Hate: like, can I squee and cry at the same time?

Ravenfairy00: yes

shesgottaread: me too!

damelola: and spoiler: it’s already amazing. So chilly is gonna finish it, if she knows what’s good for her

chilly-flame: SHH.

Ravenfairy00: ahhh

damelola: @AJ – Dragon baby is just kinda how it got to be known, it was written as a ficlet and spiraled out of control


xraex21: I do love them

ariestess: Ahh!

giftofamber: @ariestess the fic is called ‘One More Baby (AKA The Continuing Adventures of Dragon Baby)’

chilly-flame: It’s so good. You must finish it Lola.

ariestess: I’ll have to look for it.

Ravenfairy00: swan queen babies ftw!

damelola: Amber knows my fic better than I do! this is why I love her!

ariestess: And here’s a question for the panel. Which female character is the easiest to slash or the hardest to slash? And why?

thebronzey: I hate all baby fics in all fandoms… I’m a heartless monster.

chilly-flame: @writetherest

damelola: Emma is actually easier to slash than Regina, for me. It’s that linebacker walk.

DanieXJ: Red

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Hardest: MaryMargaret though I do ship Snow/Regina

ariestess: LMAO! Linebacker walk…

Aquila1nz: i love the way Emma walks

xraex21: OMG "linebacker walk" cannot be unseen

DanieXJ: Yeah, hardest is definitely MM

Aquila1nz: so ungraceful!

BetweenLove_n_Hate: the easiest besides SwanQueen, is Totally Red, lol who is my new favorite character

chilly-flame: Easiest: Regina. I would put Regina with anyone.

Shatterpath: ‘Hey baby, you packin’?’

damelola: MM is hard to slash… and yet easy enough as Snow? Not sure why

damelola: I have some Snow Queen to finish, actually.

LZClotho: Yay! finally made it!

chilly-flame: Next is Red. I quite enjoy the Red Queen I’ve read, even the dark stuff.

LZClotho: my radio guest stood me up

writetherest: I love Red so much

ariestess: And I’m gonna share a comment that Shatterpath made to me IRL re: Emma’s walk/swagger :: "It’s the Sofia walk." As in Sofia from CSI, with her studly swagger.

Aquila1nz: hi LZ!

chilly-flame: Emma works with Regina, but I don’t really see Red Swan. Not sure why.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I want more people to write for RedQueen. I think they fit so well together. even if my OTP is SwanQueen

DanieXJ: wish there was more Red in the actual show

LZClotho: Red/Queen should be very dark. It’s very much like Graham/Regina… because Red is another under the QUeen’s memory curse.

writetherest: now there should be, hopefully!

chilly-flame: I hope @danie that now Megan’s permanent she will be

damelola: I find Red Swan comes out too fluffy when I write it

Otakugamer01: I want Red/ Dragon

LZClotho: There will be much more Red in s2. Meghan made full recurring.

writetherest: @chilly I’m kinda the opposite. I can see Red Swan more than Red Queen. IDK why

damelola: haven’t really tried Red Queen yet, outside of Red Swan Queen

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I like shipping RedQueen in FTL

Otakugamer01: Maleficent and Red together…think about it

xraex21: ohhh red dragon sounds interesting

writetherest: But Red Swan Queen is the best

giftofamber: I’ve seen a lot of Red/Snow

xraex21: red swan queen breaks things

damelola: I am that one person who doesn’t like Maleficent or ship her with anyone

ariestess: I’m coming to the dark side of Red Swan Queen…

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Maleficent and Regina. Though Maleficent and Red together would work too

thebronzey: I only ship Red with me sooo… lol jk

xraex21: it’s so damn hot

chilly-flame: I hope more Red Swan Queen gets written. They are delish.

LZClotho: those threesome fics can be srsly HOT!

damelola: I find Kathryn easy to slash, somehow

writetherest: I LOVE KATHRYN

chilly-flame: omg I always forget her.

writetherest: /outburst

xraex21: @dame she’s independent


writetherest: Kathryn/Ruby. I’m into it

chilly-flame: mm.

damelola: oooh, intriguing!

Thewhitestars: Sorry about all the hopping in and out. My phone’s wifi is acting up

chilly-flame: do it, writetherest.

damelola: I like Kathryn/Regina and mayyyybe Kathryn/Emma as an outside bet

writetherest: It’s sort of making a tiny appearance in this thing I’m trying to write right now

Otakugamer01: my first OTP is Swan Queen, Red Dragon is my second…i’m kinda getting tired of poly-relationship fics…sorry

ariestess: I think I like Kathryn more than Abigail. I hated both at first, but Kathryn has grown on me.

damelola: yes writetherest, make it happen

nallus_: oh yes, Kathryn/Ruby would be a very nice couple

writetherest: @damelola stop encouraging me

chilly-flame: My threesome was a one off. But I did have fun writing it!

thebronzey: I’m pre-shipping Red/Mulan

damelola: I feel like K/R could bond over being dragged into the Charmings/Whites drama all the time

ariestess: Kathryn/Regina is obvious, but fascinating.

xraex21: I think this show might have the most workable pairings

thebronzey: *invents pre-shipping*

damelola: @writetherest you know I will always make you write more things.

damelola: Kathryn/Ruby I meant, sorry for the abbreviation

writetherest: @damelola *Doralee voice* Lola, NOT HELPING!

ariestess: *thinks she may need Lola to encourage her on occasion*

ariestess: And xraex21, you have the next question again.

Alert: xraex21 hand was lowered by ariestess

xraex21: Most hated character on the show? (And why? I want some ranting)

damelola: @AJ, I am like the Pied Piper of OUAT femslash. I make everyone write for me, be it threats or treats

damelola: We should have a proper writers support group!

ariestess: @Lola :: I"m down with that, as long as Regina is involved somehow.

writetherest: BLUE FUCKING FAIRY


Ravenfairy00: Blue fairy sucks it!!!

BetweenLove_n_Hate: LOL


xraex21: haha the obvious choice

writetherest: ~hivemind~

DanieXJ: David. Boring. Annoying. Getting in everyone’s frickin’ way.

damelola: and Rumpel

Ravenfairy00: Rumple close 2nd of course

xraex21: NO ONE likes her

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I don’t like Archie or Rumple

xraex21: it’s cheating

ariestess: @Lola :: I’m down for an OuaT femslash writers suppport group.

DanieXJ: Hey, I sorta like the blue fairy….

writetherest: @ariestess me too

LZClotho: Yes, BF is bad news… Rheul Ghorm Bae called her wasn’t it? Does that translate to Blue Fairy in German or something?

giftofamber: I hate the Blue Fairy

ariestess: Amsuingly neough, I kind of like the Blue Fairy.

thebronzey: Gold/Rumplestiltskin… I want to rip his face off and feed it to a rabid dog

Otakugamer01: if only Mally could shout at the blue fairy, "Fuck you and precious fairy vagina!" True Blood fans will get it

damelola: @AJ – we can have beta support and maybe little challenges and venting posts!


LZClotho: but man, she’s a strange duck.

Aquila1nz: i hate that rumple as more sympathetic back story than Regina

xraex21: @aquila I don’t think he does

damelola: @Otaku – I don’t even watch TB, but thanks to Tumblr I get it

writetherest: HE DOESN’T THOUGH

LZClotho: I don’t think his back story is more sympathetic at all.

ariestess: @Lola :: I’m totally down with that. Contact me after con and we’ll set it up.

xraex21: I think it shows a pattern of cowardice

Ravenfairy00: send her someonewhere no amount of clappping can bring her back

xraex21: rumple is the most evil and the most unchaning


BetweenLove_n_Hate: @Otakugamer LMFAO

writetherest: /rant

giftofamber: I don’t think his back story is more sympathetic

damelola: get Tinkerbell on the show to kick some fairy ass

xraex21: *unchanging

Aquila1nz: yes, but rumple started out trying to save his son and all the children, got sucked into the evil magic

writetherest: @damelola Tinkerbell, LOL

damelola: I don’t understand the fandom perception of Rumple as being ‘wronged’ somehow. Choices, all the way

xraex21: @write *pat pat* we’ve all felt that

displacedwarrior: I HATE that people that find Rumple more sympathetic than Regina it makes no sense to me.

Aquila1nz: Regina is still blaming a child for betraying her, so she became just like her evil mother

ariestess: ITA, Lola, re: Rumple and his choices.

damelola: @writetherest: Cheno-bell

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Tinkerbell, I’ll squee and clap for hours if she gets on the show

DanieXJ: but, rumple will get a good ending ’cause he’s the dude, and Regina’s the ‘evil queen’… bah

damelola: I still hold out faith in these writers

Ravenfairy00: true

writetherest: @x thanks. It just drives me crazy that everyone is always on poor sad Rumpel’s side when he made all of the choices and Regina had no say

damelola: they could have made Regina way more monstrous.

Aquila1nz: addiction model for evil vs abused childhood model for evil i guess

LZClotho: When they find out Regina’s Rumple’s "payment" from Cora they’d better change their tune. He’s been using her ALL along. Burns me something green.

writetherest: @damelola I already called it, okay?

xraex21: @aquila – the child blaming has to do with world view, she can’t blame herself or her mother, so who does she have left?

DanieXJ: Lola, I don’t trust any TV writer, ever, even the great one’s do really stupid stuff

ariestess: I think Rumple’s more powerful than Regina, but not more sympathetic.

Aquila1nz: Regina’s back story felt lazier and less developed

damelola: a lot of s1 feels like setting up stereotypes to (hopefully) still tear them down

damelola: e.g. the attitudes to adoption

Otakugamer01: I think people are still tricked by the same thing she was, the illusion of choice, where in fact she had none

Aquila1nz: omg the adoption thing, yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ariestess: He, Regina, and Emma are all cowards in their own ways. Two of the three turned to dark magic to try to overcome it. What will happen to the third now that Magic is in our world?

damelola: they can’t SERIOUSLY be that backward about ‘real’ parents here in 2012, can they?

LZClotho: yes, even lana has said she hopes they ‘fix’ that impression.

xraex21: @lola omg they have to tear down the adoption set up, it’s hard to watch that ignorant subtext

Thewhitestars: Oh they can

BetweenLove_n_Hate: wait, what impressiona and catch me up on this parent train

Ravenfairy00: maybe they only think that way at first casue remember they were frozen in time for awhile. and thoughts before that came from ftl.

xraex21: @ariestess – Regina has always been ACTIVE though, Emma runs from her problems, and Rumple creates pawns to fight for me

damelola: Yes, Emma runs. Regina blows up worlds when she doesn’t get her way. And Rumple just… let’s go. Not brave on any front, there.

xraex21: and hides

BetweenLove_n_Hate: lol I wrote a thesis paper on the views of parenthood in Disney Princess films and their contemperary counterparts in OUAT

ariestess: @xraex21 :: Good point!

xraex21: *him

Otakugamer01: i have no regrets, i tweeted adam h. and jane e. letting them know as an adopted person i didn’t like the percieved bias on adopted vs. birth parent

xraex21: IMHO – Regina is the most active character, she faces things head on and if she was "good" she would be the hero

damelola: I tweeted them took asking for reassurance that they had a plan… no response

BetweenLove_n_Hate: (nods) I had that in my paper too

BetweenLove_n_Hate: it bothers me a lot

damelola: that’s interesting @xrae

giftofamber: Horowitz/Kitsis don’t respond a whole lot.

xraex21: hero’s are always blindly acting – but because they are good – good things result even if they die

xraex21: but because regina is "evil" only distruction and chaos happen

Shatterpath: Regina is more selfish and desperate then truly evil

xraex21: it’s entirely black and white, priveledge and non priveledge

thebronzey: I was adopted… I was kind of an asshole like Henry. I’m still convinced my mom was an evil queen of some sort hehe

giftofamber: I think Regina is more about changing the rules of FTL

Ravenfairy00: i think every child goes through that evil parent stage.

thebronzey: most definitely

damelola: I read a thing about how villains are actually people who don’t get a fair shot in FTL

xraex21: @shatter – agreed and she is dealing in the ways she was taught to deal

damelola: that resonates

LZClotho: Regina said it herself, "Just not here" (in response to her father saying she could have her happy ending.)

DanieXJ: don’t think it has to just be adopted kids either who go through that stage

damelola: no matter what they do, they don’t get their happy ending – so why be good?

LZClotho: Regina understood on some level that the rules would always be against her in a world of black and white.

LZClotho: very feminist actually

Ravenfairy00: but regina was trying to be better in sb than in ftl

xraex21: @lola I would agree with that…except for rumple…he’s too delibrate and consistant

xraex21: regina would have followed henry anywhere

DanieXJ: @raven, or at least more sneaky in sb

Ravenfairy00: yes

chilly-flame: Did Magic make Rumpel evil? Did it make Regina? If Cora didn’t have control over everyone in her life, she would not have had the power to make Regina evil

Ravenfairy00: but why ask for a child, if only to try and love it and move on from the past

DanieXJ: @raven, that’s true

ariestess: @LZClotho :: Good point. I really hadn’t thought of the feminish POV for Regina there.

chilly-flame: because she would have been able to fight back. (maybe.)

chilly-flame: I really want to know when Regina started practicing magic. Or realized she was able to do so.

damelola: magic seems to be rare, too.

writetherest: @chilly me too

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Rumpel made himself evil. He had choices and he made them. He had the power to do good things but wasn’t strong enough to use it in a ‘good’ way. And Regina didn’t have magic when she started to plan her revenge on Snow

ariestess: @Raven :: Good point there, too.

Aquila1nz: yes, that must be future flashbacks, right?

LZClotho: magic, as the creators of OUAT said, is a currency, something used to pay for something obtained. how and why is the more important question. (just in their most recent interview for TVG)

ariestess: And BetweenLove_n_Hate, you have the next question.

Ravenfairy00: i think her magic is obviously also a little maternally inheirited.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: What do you think is going to happen when the characters realize they might be able to stay in our world or go back to FTL? What will they choose? Do you think the women will WILLINGLY return to a world dominated by men and THEIR choices?

damelola: well Rumple got his by killing its previous owner. Is that a possibility (assuming Cora isn’t QoH)

LZClotho: chilly-flame: I too want to know when Regina really started practicing magic. She "hated when her mother used it" so clearly saw it as currency she herself didn’t want to use for a long time. The shift had to come at some point after she was Queen over the White Kingdom.

chilly-flame: OH! (@lola)

LZClotho: Are you positing that Regina got her magic by killing Cora?

writetherest: @damelola OHHHH MAN

chilly-flame: interesting point LZ.

LZClotho: that’d be a twist.

damelola: and for people like Ruby who don’t need to be a wolf anymore, potentially. Or dwarves/fairies not being slaves, this world has to appeal

xraex21: oh jesus – http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m762wi0Ej61qbrs65o1_250.gif

ariestess: @Lola :: That’s always been my theory on her magic. And that the first heart Regina took was Cora’s.

damelola: I am positing that, yes

damelola: I agree that at some point Regina really didn’t want to use magic, LZ

chilly-flame: OMGGGGGGGGGGG

Ravenfairy00: but did she take cora’s heart in place of her own?

LZClotho: xraex: love that gif!

chilly-flame: I totally never thought that. Never.

xraex21: It’s not mine…but it popped up on my dash

damelola: I wrote Regina killing Cora as her ‘first’ murder for a prompt

giftofamber: I always thought Cora took Regina’s heart.

damelola: though I had her do it by magic, so the theory wasn’t there yet for me

LZClotho: I still don’t think that Cora ever physically took Regina’s heart. It just doesn’t fit for me

ariestess: @LOL :: Oh GUH for htat gif!

xraex21: original post – http://frivolouswhim.tumblr.com/post/27213018667/singlebrooke-dating-service

damelola: I still swear Cora takes it at the end-ish of Stable Boy

ariestess: Or rather xraex21…

writetherest: @damelola Or maybe she drained Cora of her magic and banished her to Wonderland. Because did the Queen of Hearts really have any power that they showed us? She had the guards but…

damelola: and it’s why that box glows in Hat Trick when Regina rescues her dad’s heart

chilly-flame: Jeez, I came so late to the game (almost near the end of the season) that I always believed that Cora was the QoH. It never occurred to me that she would be dead in FTL.

LZClotho: lola: I disagree. I think that was something else.

damelola: @writetherest – that does intrigue me, too. She doesn’t do magic on Jefferson at all.

xraex21: ….I’m hoping the writers are clever enough to trick us all and give us a few good twists regarding Cora

LZClotho: I also think that Cora is the Queen of Hearts of Wonderland.

damelola: @LZ there’s a fairly even divide

ariestess: Personally, I think Regina taking Cora’s heart was her first test of really using the magic/having it passed on. Taking her father’s heart was a choice that backfired IMO.

Ravenfairy00: but cora had to be queen of hearts after regina married leopold

damelola: but Stable Boy definitely ran long (like Skin Deep) so there are some cut scenes and sharp editing to contend with

damelola: plus they booked Barbara for s2 before they knew there was a s2

chilly-flame: deleted scenes on the dvd. please, god.

writetherest: @chilly THIS

Ravenfairy00: oh yes

ariestess: WANT to see those deleted scenes!

chilly-flame: I would bet they knew pretty quickly that there would be a S2.

xraex21: I want some damn bloopers

LZClotho: that just means there is more to tell of the Cora/Regina relationship

damelola: I mean, the ratings suggested it

BetweenLove_n_Hate: totally there on that wish with you Chilly

Aquila1nz: yeah, ratings said season 2

LZClotho: which was a given. We saw only ONE moment in their lives.

damelola: but they announced that she’d be back

ariestess: Oh, I seriously expect the S2 Cora arc to totally kill my head!canon.

ariestess: Taraetoo, you have the enxt question!

damelola: they could have waited until the summer to say ‘guess who’s coming back’

taraetoo: As DanieXJ mentioned the ending earlier…what do you think will happen to Regina by the end of the series? I’ll be heartbroken if they let her die sacrificing herself as some sort of redemption (I hated the Xena finale for that reason)

damelola: I really can’t cope with her dying.

writetherest: Me either

writetherest: cannot handle it

xraex21: traditional redemption arcs do call for her death though

BetweenLove_n_Hate: i think I could cope with it because I’d have FIC to make sure she didn’t stay dead

damelola: I haven’t loved a character as much as Regina since CJ Cregg.

ariestess: Hmm… While I can’t cope with the idea of Regina dying, I can understand the noble sacrifice, particularly if Henry is somehow involved.

DanieXJ: I do think that Regina will perish, perhaps sacrificing herself, maybe not, but, it also depends on how long the series goes

damelola: I hope they shuck off tradition

LZClotho: I don’t think Regina will die. I do think she will have to make a specific kind of choice though.

chilly-flame: I think about this a lot, and decided that it doesn’t matter that much to me. I care deeply for Regina, but she is something that exists outside the show now. It won’t really matter. If they kill her, I would NEVER forgive, but she will live on anyway. No matter what.

thebronzey: Regina lives happily ever after with Emma… duh hehe

ariestess: @Lola :: The last character I loved this much was Elphaba.

Aquila1nz: she just needs to make the sacrifice, it doesn’t nee to be accepted…

damelola: what I’m considering at the moment is Regina loving (and losing) again to let her finally grieve properly.

damelola: @AJ: Ooh, that’s some big company

xraex21: I keep hoping them will too…but they have been following basic mechanics of fairy tales and tradition closely

damelola: @chilly – I suspect after reacting badly I would do the same

writetherest: @damelola THAT FIC

xraex21: I’m hoping she dies (I really think it will happen) then love brings her back

damelola: sorry @writetherest I hate myself for it.

ariestess: @Lola :: I have a thing for the flawed witches…

xraex21: THEN and only then can she have her happy ending

chilly-flame: What do I want? Redemption. Love. Happiness. Forgiveness. And most of all, for Henry to love her properly. Actually, a Kristen story would be perfect. Dead, then life. Yes, exactly, @xrae.

giftofamber: speaking of the basic mechanics of fairy tales, Emma saved Regina twice. That can’t be coincidence.

ariestess: Which means I can add Rachel Corrigan to that list. *facehoof*

Aquila1nz: if they are doing redemption death then we have to hope for sudden cancellation before they can carry it out…

LZClotho: gift: agreed. not coincidence.

damelola: @giftofamber – that’s a great point

xraex21: @gift NO and that’s why as a pairing they are very traditional

damelola: and Emma is everyone’s savior. Not just the good people

xraex21: except for all the boobies involved

Aquila1nz: yes, saving people’s lives matters

DanieXJ: she’s the knight, regina’s the damsel?

ariestess: @Lola :: Oh, that kind of story with loving and losing again would be fascinating. I have a coupple of ideas for something along those lines.

xraex21: but who can say no to more boobies?

writetherest: and there have been parallels between Snow/Charming and Emma/Regina already so…

damelola: @xrae – it’s why I can’t give up this glimmer of SQ being canon – they have really set them up as a romantic archetype

damelola: and forgot to give either woman a love interest at all in s1

Ravenfairy00: omg the boobs.

xraex21: @lola it makes for damn good subtext

xraex21: either way

ariestess: @Lola :: ITA. They’re totally set up that way. And the only "love interest" was "sharing" Graham.

chilly-flame: It truly does.

LZClotho: I think the modern twist is they are BOTH the knight.

DanieXJ: well, lola, they did sorta kill one of the love intrests of emma’s right as emma was kissing him. a good sign? I think so

damelola: I love this subtext so much.

damelola: It’s an equality thing, isnt it @LZ – they can both save AND be saved.

xraex21: @lz ohhhh that’s cool

Aquila1nz: i love how little redshirting there has been

damelola: which again is a great feminist message, if they stick with it

LZClotho: think how it was Regina, not Daniel, who hopped on that horse and tore off to rescue Snow.

damelola: I hope so @Danie!

ariestess: @LZ :: I think you’re right that they’re both savior and saved.

DanieXJ: but can they stick with it?

Otakugamer01: anyone willing to write a fluffy oneshot where Emma sees Regina dressed as the Evil Queen, in SB post curse… "that’s not right, boobs aren’t evil?" cute confused puppy Emma face

xraex21: I just like bringing opposing forces together…it’s a challenge and it doesn’t hurt that SQ is hot as hell

LZClotho: right from the beginning they made Regina a woman of action

xraex21: @otaku GAHAHAHAHHA

ariestess: @Otaku :: Oh, that’d be hilarious!

xraex21: that’s how evil gets me every time…the low cut tops and leather

writetherest: @Otaku I’m pretty sure it’s been done a time or two, I just can’t think of the fics off the top of my head

ariestess: Evil Queen Regina makes me want to design costumes again, but I can’t top what’s already been designed for her.

Otakugamer01: @write they’ve done the leather pants, but not boobs

Ravenfairy00: omg the leather. maura isles would have a fit. lol

damelola: those designs are BEYOND

ariestess: Xraex21, take it away with the next question.

damelola: @raven : heee! Now we just need to make Maura Alice and…

ariestess: @Lola :: IKR?

giftofamber: @lola so that Wonder Queen fic? Soon yes?

ariestess: LOL

damelola: it’s started!

writetherest: @otaku there was one with boobs too. Because one of the lines was just Emma saying "boobs". I’ll check around

xraex21: Regarding SwanQueen – who do you think would break first and make the first move?

LZClotho: I am waiting for the moment when Regina saves someone. IMHO it WILL happen.

Otakugamer01: they’re in FTL i believe

Otakugamer01: i’ve read it

Otakugamer01: Regina had just come back from a meeting with the royal advisors

ariestess: Oh, Emma will make the first move. Regina will still throw disdain at her.

xraex21: omg this is evil – http://-emmaaa.tumblr.com/post/27213166930

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I’d like to think Emma would. Unless Regina is otherwise enticed BY Emma to make the first move, thus Emma makes the first move by default by provoking Regina

damelola: I usually see Regina as the aggressor in my head… but I split the initating fairly evenly I think

chilly-flame: Oftentimes, mutual.

thebronzey: I live for Regina’s eventual redemption. If they don’t do it, I’ll lose my mind.

writetherest: @otaku ah, maybe that is it.

chilly-flame: Like, oops, our lips accidentally slammed together.

Aquila1nz: given their history of getting right up in each other’s faces

xraex21: @chilly IT WAS THE BOOBS, that’s always the result of exposed cleavage

chilly-flame: Boobs. Yep.

damelola: Mmm. Boobs.

Daxilla: wow I need to start watching this show lol

ariestess: Oh, I’ve totally written them with Regina WANTING Emma to make the first move. That removes teh obstacle then, and if she knows htat Emma likes her, too, she’ll be a PREDATOR to go after Emma.

Aquila1nz: lol

ariestess: Boobs…

chilly-flame: You need to, Dax.

thebronzey: yes you do, Dax… and write fanfic for it

DanieXJ: lol

chilly-flame: There are a lot of boobs. Excellent boobs.

Exquisiteliltart: I just one all about Emma’s boobs :The Sheriff’s new bra:

Daxilla: with how many times y’all have said "boobs" in the last 5 minutes it seems like my kinda show lol

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Wait…Dax, you don’t watch it already? (Gasp)

thebronzey: mmm boobs

ariestess: I like writing Regina as wanting Emma to be dominant…

Daxilla: <<sheepish look>> no… I have been trying to avoid new fandoms lol

xraex21: I kno there are entire spams dedicated to the EQ’s boobs

damelola: I agree AJ. A lot of my smut rolls that way

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I’m split between the two of them both seeming like tops

giftofamber: Dax: someone did a post comparing Evil Queen vs Succubus boobs.

chilly-flame: I just realized I have written exactly one first kiss in seven stories. Whoops.

Daxilla: but now I am gonna go find some fic…

Aquila1nz: where’s the fun in that?

Daxilla: anyone have recs?

damelola: For Regina giving up control in any way is kind of a big deal, so it makes the stakes deliciously high

DanieXJ: there could be more boobs, but it takes place in Maine, which is way too cold for too long

BetweenLove_n_Hate: In A Land Far Far Away

ariestess: @Lola :: I started a series of stories with Regina’s "nightmares", usually involving Emma making the first move and/or being dominant toward her.

damelola: and they film in Vancouver so they’ve almost killed the cast from exposure already

giftofamber: Dax: These Aren’t the Happy Endings You’re Looking For. Enchanted. The Continuing Adventures of Dragon Baby.

damelola: ooh @AJ – that I would like to read!

BetweenLove_n_Hate: by Dashed, Dax uhm…anything by Chilly_flame really

Shatterpath: wimps

Shatterpath: The Pacific northwest isn’t THAT bad

Daxilla: got it thanks!

geekgrrllurking: @Dax check out Heartsways on LJ

Ravenfairy00: the cold rocks.

chilly-flame: Lola and writetherest were my gateway drugs, Dax.

damelola: It probably is when you’re used to LA and it’s non-weather

ariestess: @Lola :: I’ll find the links and PM you with them on LJ. I"m blanking on the titles atm.

DanieXJ: I could use some cold up here in NE right now

xraex21: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m1g7cbZA1R1qdtmwjo1_500.gif

damelola: although Jen especially is from Chicago, so she should suck it up

thebronzey: I recommend not my fic… it’s weird and confusing

writetherest: @chilly you are ridiculous and I adore you

giftofamber: I also recommend Dreamscape.

damelola: @chilly I was clearly just trying to lure you in

Ravenfairy00: @xraex21 are you trying to kill me again?

writetherest: @chilly also second the Lola rec. And rec the hell outta you and adventurepants too

DanieXJ: mmmm…. mine generally aren’t about boobs and more about angsty stuff…

damelola: Read everything by adventurepants on AO3

damelola: and icicleair

chilly-flame: omg @xrae that GIF

ariestess: I’d rec my fic, but I need to write more. LOL!

damelola: *death by GIF*

xraex21: @raven @chilly I don’t know what you’re talking about *polishes halo*

Aquila1nz: someone just link dax some vids

LZClotho: authors I rec: fictorium, B of Ericaland, Scribes&Scrolls, heartsways and adventurepants

Ravenfairy00: the halo held up by horns routine hmm

xraex21: surprisingly this fandom uses ff.net over lj

LZClotho: standbackufools and killerelephants are great one-shotters

chilly-flame: THE DEBT! I tried to lure the author here but she is hopefully writing instead!

giftofamber: this fandom is heavy into tumblr.

damelola: and of course @writetherest’s fics – The Way Things Were Not

Otakugamer01: no comm on lj, or at least i couldn’t find one that was really active

damelola: and The Second Hand Unwinds, which I *will* make her finish

writetherest: The Debt and it’s sequel are AMAZING

damelola: seconded on the Debt

ariestess: *is ded of teh!gif*

LZClotho: oh my goodness, yes, writetherest’s AU switching Regina and Emma’s roles was brill! That’s "The Way Things Were Not", it’s great.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Daughters Will Love Like You Do, one of MY ALL time Favorites and NEver Stay But Then Again I Might

writetherest: there is an LJ comm but it’s pretty dead

writetherest: Aww, you guys. Thanks. *blushes*

Aquila1nz: yes, loved that AU

chilly-flame: yep. not much love on the old lj.

Aquila1nz: there’s plenty of fic being posted on lj

writetherest: @chilly we should change that! *raises banner*

damelola: I just keep my archive on LJ for completeness. But it’s Tumblr/Ao3/ff.net really

ariestess: I need to start posting links to my OUaT femslash on the OUaT LJ comm. I keep forgetting.

LZClotho: I’m writing now, but am just in the beginnings of things

chilly-flame: i keep it there, but the comm seems very quiet compared to the tumblr stuff.

Aquila1nz: i only see thigs on tumblrr, ao3 and fanfiction.net if soemone links to them

Ravenfairy00: tumblr is the new reality taking over lol

damelola: also, I’m kind of over general comms and the het ship resistance

writetherest: @chilly yeah. I started posting there originally, but wasn’t getting much response. Certainly not like tumblr or ff.net

Aquila1nz: livejournal’s the only one i check carefully

chilly-flame: yes, LZ, i have been watching Your Move. Good stuff.

damelola: this fandom is particularly tetchy when it comes to shipping wars

xraex21: READING FIC ON TUMBLR IS SO DIFFICULT. *pouts* I miss lj and it’s comprehensiveness.

LZClotho: tracking a story on livejournal is hard, unless the author is careful with tagging and consistent, and still it has to be downloaded in backward order.

the_dhamphir: I hate tumblr

ariestess: @xraex21 :: AGREED!

writetherest: @LZ yes you need to update soon!

damelola: I haven’t read much of yours yet LZ, but I started Your Move this morning and it’s coming along great!

LZClotho: labor-intensive. I like AO3 and ff.net for the download ease.

ariestess: I don’t mind tumblr for gifs and piccies, but it sucks for fic.

damelola: Tumblr has it’s faults but it’s totally the home of fandom now, IMHO

LZClotho: I have part 5 ready to go up in the morning on Lana’s birthday.

xraex21: AO3 has tagging issues, ff.net brings out a lot of weirdness, all the sites have issues

writetherest: @LZ excited fists

LZClotho: I also have already written part 6. Not sure if I will post it too, or wait a couple days.

Aquila1nz: yeah well, i still read yahoogroups

LZClotho: How does everyone feel about cliffhangers?

xraex21: @lola I agree…it’s just hard to read a 10k fic on there

the_dhamphir: tumblr sucks for fic

thebronzey: AO3 you need an invite or something… I lack the connections for such things

xraex21: @lz THEY ARE EVIL

ariestess: @LZ :: I also put my stuff on AO3 [and am mostly caught up atm], but I know there are people that don’t like that format either.

DanieXJ: @LZ, writing or reading?

DanieXJ: Love writing, hate reading

damelola: @LZ I love writing them (sadist) but hate reading them (whiny)

Ravenfairy00: lol

chilly-flame: I don’t love a cliffhanger. I am notorious for not loving them.

Shatterpath: any of us would be happy to hand out AO3 invites

LZClotho: reading them. part 5 doesn’t leave things in a, shall we say, comfortable place.

giftofamber: I really don’t like the AO3 format. Still can’t figure out how to comment on fic there.

chilly-flame: I try super hard not to read them but in OUAT fic it is impossible to avoid

ariestess: @bronzey :: Shoot me a PM on LJ and I’ll see what I can do for you re: an AO3 invite.

chilly-flame: because everything gets posted in parts!

xraex21: lj is still the best for commenting IMO

writetherest: @chilly I feel like I owe you a personal apology about that. But I swear I’m never posting a story until it’s finished again.

LZClotho: speaking of A03 and ff.net. How serious are the ff.net folks about the MA rating thing?

xraex21: as long as everything is linked properly it works great

chilly-flame: lol, you are an exception, @writetherest

xraex21: @lz that hot mess has not blown over has it?

thebronzey: ok thanks ariestess

ariestess: I’ve heard they’re pretty strict about it.

chilly-flame: please post unfinished! I’m getting used to it!

BetweenLove_n_Hate: they’ve already taken down people’s works. so very serious

DanieXJ: @LZ I think they’re getting more serious for sure.

ariestess: I don’t play over on FF.net at all, so just hear scuttlebutt.

writetherest: @chilly I will finish it someday. I swear.

LZClotho: I haven’t had any of my fic questioned, but I don’t want to suddenly lose access either.

damelola: I have 2 ao3 invites apparently – so hit me up on LJ or Tumblr if you need one

chilly-flame: me too @ariestess. @writetherest, as long as you keep writing I’m good.

xraex21: how do you say no to this face? http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m3eir8fJPo1qcrlhuo1_500.gif

damelola: I have a love/hate relationship with ff.net but everything there is at ao3 so I don’t mind that much

Daxilla: i missed all this. what are the questioning?

writetherest: @chilly I’ll have to start sending you my docs like I do to Lola and Kristen.

chilly-flame: i hate that half the time i try to read AO3 the site is down

ariestess: @BetweenLove_n_Hate, you have the next question.


Alert: BetweenLove_n_Hate hand was lowered by ariestess

Exquisiteliltart: I’ve had a story taken off FF.net, but I still have tons of MA up and it hasn’t been touched yet

ariestess: @chilly :: I know they’re having some issues that they’re working on fixing.

thebronzey: FF.net apparently only gets serious about the MA rating when someone reports/complains about a fic… there are some fandoms getting hit hard because self-appointed MA police (or something lol) are reporting the hell out of things

LZClotho: xraex: I couldn’t say no to that face. surprised me David did.

LZClotho: LOL

Daxilla: if you rate it MA then why should it be a problem>

chilly-flame: @Exquisite, was it an OUAT fic?

Daxilla: ?

Ravenfairy00: you don’t say no to that face

damelola: yes @chilly, maybe if we drag you kicking and screaming to googledocs you get all the sneaky previews

DanieXJ: all writers should always have a fic backed up somewhere, just in case, then you can transfer it to another thing like AO3 or whatever

thebronzey: they don’t have an MA rating… that’s the thing… it only goes up to M

BetweenLove_n_Hate: oh crap, now I have to remember what my question was. OH…crossovers. What other fandoms would you like to see crossed over with Once?

Exquisiteliltart: yeah, cause bitch was in the summary- Regina being a dominating bitch actually

xraex21: @bronzey – yeah there is this organized troll group that things it’s moderating "cleaning up" ff.net

Kazamen: Hey all, just wondering if anyone else has problems logging into fanfiction.net? I click on login and the page just keep loading.. Im pretty sad cause I follow a few stories there and now i cannot even log in.. its beenhapping for a long time..

damelola: Rizzoli & Isles!

LZClotho: I keep all my fics on my computer, including all previous drafts.

xraex21: it’s total bs

damelola: The West Wing.

ariestess: @Lola :: Gdocs is wonderful for sharing, isn’t it?

chilly-flame: urgh. google already knows everything about me. hmmm

Daxilla: lol okay naieve here…whats the difference?

Ravenfairy00: Devil Wears Prada

DanieXJ: I love doing Xena with it at the moment

Daxilla: naive even

writetherest: @Lola YES YES YES

LZClotho: I think for part 4 of "Your Move" I had four complete drafts and two more edits.

Aquila1nz: gilmore girls

writetherest: I did a Castle one once which was really fun and kinda goofy.

damelola: Ooh, Las Chicas Gilmore? That could be brilliant, actually

DanieXJ: stana katic and lana parilla…. yum

damelola: I’ve crossed it over with The Good Wife already

damelola: and Devil Wears Prada briefly

chilly-flame: No crossovers for me, alas.

Aquila1nz: any of the paranormal investigatin series would be good

writetherest: And I keep joking that I’m gong to do a Desperate Housewives one at some point

damelola: but DWP needs a longer thing where Miranda is the Snow Queen

ariestess: I don’t really think about OUaT crossovers at all.

Aquila1nz: x-files/fringe/supernatural/warehouse13

Exquisiteliltart: oh my god, Regina meets Bree!

writetherest: @lola YES

DanieXJ: @chilly, others will make up for your lack of crossovers… heh

xraex21: oh i’ve done DH…that was fun while i lasted

chilly-flame: @danie I just can’t do it!

damelola: I’d like a LOST AU/crossover maybe

BetweenLove_n_Hate: @Lola, YES, I would LOVE something like that.

damelola: fairytales on the island

writetherest: @exquisite Bree and Kathrine and Regina in the kitchen. Mmmm

DanieXJ: @chilly, see, I just can’t stop doing crossovers

Aquila1nz: anyone done House?

ariestess: Though Shatterpath and I did bring at least 3 [4?] of the OUaT characters over into LWM, our big multi-series AU.


damelola: I’m still mad at House, but maybe some day…

xraex21: I’m just picturing Regina glaring at the polar bear

writetherest: I know House has been

LZClotho: the only crossover I’m working on (I’ve never done one before) is House/Miami Medical. I’m giving Dr Allison Cameron something to *do* by having her come to Miami to work with Dr Eva Zambrano. LOL

Ravenfairy00: yes i’ve seen the house crossovers aquila

damelola: I have a Miami Medical/House crossover to finish actually

writetherest: @LZ YES PLEASE

DanieXJ: @LZ, ooh, nice, might have to read that one

writetherest: @lola *cracks whip*

xraex21: problem, for me at least, with MM and House is that both charcters are too NICE

damelola: ooh excellent LZ. I sent Eva to Chicago in mine for trauma and ER depts to butt heads

ariestess: I totally want to do a Miami Medical/CSI: Miami crossover. I just need some Miami Medical source material to peruse to get ideas.

Otakugamer01: i wanna read that LZ

fallonash: @ I totally just wrote a Calleigh/Eva one!

LZClotho: I’m familiar with the Miami area, and I preferred the hands on Eva showing Allison a thing or two about ‘active’ medicine.

LZClotho: LOL

damelola: I would read the hell out of that @AJ

damelola: I miss Calleigh

Exquisiteliltart: I need to finish my Rizzoli and isles/ swan queen crossover

ariestess: @fallonash :: I want that, too, or a Calleigh/Eva/Natalia threesome.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: it’s been lovely folks. hopefully I’ll see some of you in the Glee panel later on today. Bye.

ariestess: @Lola :: See? This is why I need you to crack my whip…

LZClotho: Miami Medical has an episode guide out there, but also all 13 eps are available by torrent (that’s how I got mine)

damelola: it’s been great BetweenLove_n_Hate!

fallonash: @ariestess : I made Natalia Calleigh’s BFF in mine

DanieXJ: see ya btw lovenhate

fallonash: but that would be hot

LZClotho: thank you for hosting this panel. SWAN QUEEN is LOVE!

damelola: @AJ, I am officially taking you on in the writers’ posse.

LZClotho: LOL

LZClotho: OUAT is great for the strong women too *g*

ariestess: And we’re down to the last 15 minutes of our panel. Any last minute questions?

Shatterpath: I want a good, clean fight ladies

Ravenfairy00: isn’t someone also doing a ouat/swing town?? or am i reading things wrong again lol

ariestess: @Lola :: I’m down!

chilly-flame: What do our writers here have on the docket? I want to know what you’re working on!

damelola: there’s a one shot where the Deckers live in Storybrooke?

Exquisiteliltart: Helebette did a Ouat/Swingtown

Ravenfairy00: thats who its was. thanks exquisite

damelola: @chilly : Oh dear. I’m scared to start telling.

chilly-flame: Oh you.

Shatterpath: I’m hoping for an idea to strike

LZClotho: yeah, I saw that OUAT/Swingtown crossover.

ariestess: Xraex21, go for it with your question!

xraex21: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m3cyzodmuI1r1vyc0o1_1280.png – Anyone else think that rumpel having this "please" power should be more of a problem?

Otakugamer01: once/buffy or angel, emma is a bounty hunter with the slayers group or with Det. Kate Lockley…

ariestess: I am working on a couple of things, including a rewrite of The Stable Boy where Daniel is actually Danielle.

Otakugamer01: once/Supernatural, one of the winchesters is henry’s dad

damelola: ‘please’ is a a massive squicky consent issue for me. I know I’ve talked with @chilly abour it

chilly-flame: lol, that png, but the Please thing is a big deal. Something that has so many issues!

chilly-flame: Yes!

LZClotho: Rumple’s "please" power is an irritant. his way of showing her he has the upper hand.

chilly-flame: fun stuff @ariestess!

LZClotho: it’s a "taunt"

damelola: basically I can only live with it when the ‘please’ makes her do something she wants to do on some level anyway

damelola: and even then

DanieXJ: yeah, I don’t like the please thing ugh

chilly-flame: I worry that it will be more than a taunt

damelola: does please work without the curse?

xraex21: It’s a HUGE consent issue

DanieXJ: and, I’m trying to write myself out of the hole I got myself into with Promise the stars

ariestess: @chilly :: I haven’t started it yet, but it should prove to be interesting, and makes even more sense as to Cora’s reaction to the relationship.

Exquisiteliltart: hopefully with the curse broken in season 2 he’s lost that please power

xraex21: I mean…she has NO power ovver her own life if he uses it aggressively

Destinylove1: hello

chilly-flame: I hope the please thing goes away, yes, @exquisite and @xrae

thebronzey: I can’t get past the whole Rumple + Stockholm Syndrome + Belle = True Love

DanieXJ: it would be awesome if he lost the please power

damelola: oh bronzey that’s my biggest bugaboo too.

xraex21: ewww @bronzey

damelola: how that is romance I will *never* know

Ravenfairy00: yeah

xraex21: I love that EQ made a joke about it

Exquisiteliltart: ooh the first time he tries please and it doesn’t work! Regina be tricking!

thebronzey: and people ship that too!

ariestess: @bronzey :: ITA! I have issues with that one. They didn’t give it a proper shakedown IMO.

Otakugamer01: that is romance the way people who love 50 shades of shit is romance…these ladies don’t know better

damelola: I don’t ship Gold with anyone, but then he’ll always be Begbie to me.

ariestess: ITA otaku and LOL

thebronzey: lol Begbie… yes

Destinylove1: the weather its crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy

damelola: to repeat @chilly though – what is everyone writing?

damelola: I want things to look forward to

xraex21: we cannont end this pannel on rumpel….someone find some more boob gifs

Ravenfairy00: lol

Destinylove1: lol

Otakugamer01: swan queen

xraex21: @Lola YES. we need a comprehensive list from everyone

Ravenfairy00: @xraex ok no rumple or begbie, imagine full monty lol

Exquisiteliltart: I’m writing Swan Queen humor I’m on a kick. Also, lots of Smut

ariestess: So my The Stable Boy rewrite, a "5 steps in the Swan Queen relationship" [hopefully finished and posted this weekend], and a couple of other currently nebulous Regina or SwanQueen stories.

xraex21: so we can make sure you’re writing

ariestess: And I’m hoping to do Swan Queen for my kink_bingo card this year.

giftofamber: finishing the fluff fic prompt for SQ and writing some Miami Medical smut

xraex21: You guys might also want to say whre you post your stuff

DanieXJ: ch. 8 promise the stars, other than that… I’m stumped for ideas… (Well, in the OUaT genre at least… )

xraex21: so we can look for it better

chilly-flame: as discussed, the pregnancy thing (ugh), and hopefully some smut this weekend.

writetherest: I’m currently working on a fic that i hope to post today as well as a fic called The Worlds You Never See

damelola: I will ‘fess up to mine: Asylum (AU) Regina as patient, Emma as psychiatrist. 2) A really, horribly sad one that I can’t talk about yet. 3) Swan Queen goes Baby Mama.

chilly-flame: TODAY, YES

writetherest: and also trying to get back to The Second Hand Unwinds

Otakugamer01: anyone want swan queen prompts i have some in my tumblr…not sure you might have to dig for them i tend to reblog ALOT more than i thought i would

Exquisiteliltart: yes, I want my smut, @ chillyflame

damelola: and I do want to tie up Dragon Baby now I know how it ‘ends’.


ariestess: All of my stuff is posted on my LJ, my DW, and AO3 under the same name of ariestess

chilly-flame: Tumblr and LJ for me.

writetherest: and then I’ve got like, a million other ideas and half formed stuff started too

ariestess: @Lola :: I’m down for all 3…

DanieXJ: my stuff is all on ff.net (and eventually hopefully on Ao3)

writetherest: Tumblr and FF and LJ when I remember for me

damelola: fictorium everywhere for me – LJ, Tumblr, AO3, ff.net

chilly-flame: ugh @lola #2. sniff.

ariestess: @Otaku :: I"ll ALWAYS take prompts.

damelola: @chilly: I hate myself. Kristen might actually kill me when she finds out about it

xraex21: Thanks for being such a great panel guys! and for answering my 11 million questions.

writetherest: @lola #2 NOOOO. but YESSSSS

chilly-flame: I might too.

damelola: uh oh

chilly-flame: you’ll be dead twice.

chilly-flame: like emma.

Otakugamer01: http://gamergirloracle.tumblr.com/ i hope that works

writetherest: and then I’ll come in for the third kill

giftofamber: thank you for hosting the panel!

damelola: eh, she bounced right back. As long as I come back with her hair

ariestess: And Tareaeto gets the last question.

damelola: this has been great, thank you @AJ for modding so well!

taraetoo: Not a question, I just want to throw in a heartfelt "Thank you for all your work!" to the writers in this room. Your fanfic really creates happiness (…at my end of the PC).

DanieXJ: thanks for hosting the panel AJ!!

chilly-flame: thanks for the great chat people!

damelola: ahhh, thank you @taraetoo!

chilly-flame: and great mods. fun times.

ariestess: Thank you to all of the panelists and attendees for making this such a great panel!

DanieXJ: And Taraetoo, and all the other readers, we would be nothing without y’all

damelola: Thank you to everyone for the reading and commenting too. It means the world!

writetherest: yeah, thanks everyone.

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