Rizzoli & Isles

quietheartedfsc: Hello, and welcome to the Rizzoli & Isles panel

crackinois: yay!

Anamatics: yo!

KDWilliamson: claps!

Ravenfairy00: *fangirl squee for QH

quietheartedfsc: I’m quiethearted and I write the Bass Isles fics…


quietheartedfsc: lol raven

quietheartedfsc: we’ll start by having our panelists introduce themselves

quietheartedfsc: crackinois

crackinois: Hi all, I’m Jenna, I’m currently writing the Hunger Games Rizzles AU "Tribute" and another longer work "Of Arias and High Sticking" Greetings from Iowa

quietheartedfsc: Anamatics

Anamatics: Hey everyone, I’m Ellen. Currently I am writing a series of unrelated oneshots, but in the past I’ve written a few long fics for R&I – Most notably A Gentleman’s Dilemma.

Anamatics: Greetings from the QC

quietheartedfsc: and kd

KDWilliamson: Hello everyone from North Carolina I’m Kim currently writing The Beautiful Lie and responsible for finished works One Shot, Uprising, Scarlet Letter, Hurricane

quietheartedfsc: that makes 2 of us from NC…it’s a southern panel, y’all.

KDWilliamson: woot woot

crackinois: well I’m originally from Bama so…

Gin Akasarahsmom: Yee Haw

sunsetwriter: woo hoo for southern women!

handprinted: I’m here from Georgia as well.

Anamatics: (SEC SEC SEC /footbal)

Anamatics: *l

tuesfork: I’ve spent lots of time in NC, does that count?

KDWilliamson: hells yeah

crackinois: and now we’ll talk about football instead of R&I LOL

quietheartedfsc: I finally had a moment to watch this weeks ep before the con started…and wasn’t Jane just the sweetest thing to offer Maura her kidney? *G*

Anamatics: excellent

Otakugamer01: which if find funny cause the characters are in boston

the_dhamphir: i’m gonna move there to NC. ; )

quietheartedfsc: it was a definite awwww moment

Anamatics: it was pretty cute. The Maura’s Kidney tumblr, however, is amazing

KDWilliamson: Yes she was I try to catch the hilights before I actually watch

Otakugamer01: *note to self move to NC

KDWilliamson: don’t want to be disappointed

Anamatics: don’t it’s hoooooot

KDWilliamson: Yes it isssssss

Stacicle: Hello! Finally, didn’t realize I’d have to update the software.

Otakugamer01: i’m in TX, i’ll be fine

quietheartedfsc: hey staci

KDWilliamson: That’s wet heat in TX lol

sunsetwriter: it’s the humidity that kills you!

Ravenfairy00: what is wet heat? no nvm i don’t want to know lol

quietheartedfsc: hey, free saunas all summer long…what’s to complain?

Stacicle: Hi QH

quietheartedfsc: so anyone have any questions for our panelists?

tuesfork: How are you handling the onslaught of this season’s male love interests

crackinois: Personally? or in fic? lol

sunsetwriter: by ignoring them?!

KDWilliamson: sheesh

KDWilliamson: is back from the boot

tuesfork: In fic

quietheartedfsc: wb kd

quietheartedfsc: Bass has ways of getting rid of them. *G*

crackinois: in fic, the couple of season 3 one shots I’ve done, I try to find realistic ways to boot them out of the picture "What’s in a Name" and "I’d Give You Anything" are the 2 I’ve done in S3

Anamatics: I’m fine with them. They’re there, you know? In Fic, I just have everyone have sex with everyone! it’s brilliant and works perfectly. I like to write angst so that really works well, I think.

Gin Akasarahsmom: Where is Bass this season?

Anamatics: Jo Friday ate him

AlexReading: Haven’t seen Bass yet.

KDWilliamson: what did I miss

tuesfork: Yes, where did Bass go?

quietheartedfsc: we jsut started kd

AlexReading: and watson?

KDWilliamson: a lot of things are missing this season so far

quietheartedfsc: go ahead otak

sunsetwriter: is his name really watson? have they said that on the show or just twitter?

AlexReading: TwitterJane called him watson i think

tuesfork: Sunny asks, because she writes tortoise smut

Anamatics: I think it’s maybe just fanon at this point. The sort of fanon that will eventually become canon.

Anamatics: Like Francesco being Frankie’s real name

Otakugamer01: do you find it difficult to continue writing when you hear Tamaro basically backpeddaling from the closeness in the characters

KDWilliamson: No I don’t because my stance is we will always have fanfic

Ravenfairy00: i might have seen 2 pics on tumblr where they freeze framed and you could see *watson at janes place. in his little home.

quietheartedfsc: I’ve never listened to TPTB and never will.

KDWilliamson: and imagination

crackinois: I don’t, I just rewrite scenes from the show or in longer works they become my own and I try to keep to a S1 feel of their relationship

Anamatics: Not really, I just think that JTam is a victim of her own sucess, doesn’t like the fact that she made this gay-ass show and as KD says, we’ll always have fanfic

KDWilliamson: S1 was the best for chemistry

Anamatics: True, although I do like oversexed S2 maura a lot (because smutshots)

KDWilliamson: She’s afraid to let their chemistry carry the show imo

crackinois: I think the only issue now is S3 IMO isn’t giving us much to work with, I think it’s why everyone is writing AU now

sunsetwriter: agree KD

AlexReading: she picked the actress for their chemistry!

tuesfork: There’s plenty of that

quietheartedfsc: I think there’s a general fear of letting the subtext outweigh the text and losing audience over it

Anamatics: That said, I am enjoying S3 because it seems to be at least making an effort to focus on Rizzoli and Isles, rather than the random crime subplots and the cock of the week subplots that no one cares about too

KDWilliamson: all the characters have good chemistry they really need to do something with Frost I’m afraid its too little too late

Anamatics: Frostie is a thing

crackinois: Frostie is my new OTP lol

KDWilliamson: LOl they are so cute!

crackinois: I love writing Frostie, it’s my new crack

Anamatics: and then Angela and Cavanugh (bumping heads with Korsak and Angela)

Anamatics: (someone needs to write a good angsty fic about that love triangle)

crackinois: Don’t forget "Rondola"

Ravenfairy00: Love Angela. holy moly

Anamatics: ahahaha

AlexReading: lol

sunsetwriter: I actually like Ang w/ Cav better than w/ Korsak

crackinois: See, this is what JTam has done to us….I’m writing male slash fic now hahaha

KDWilliamson: lol

Anamatics: I’ve written a good of that. Basically the same thing, only less feelings and different plumbing

Gin Akasarahsmom: I can’t see Korsak with anyone… he’s nice.. but… um.. no.

KDWilliamson: but u gotta love Korsak

Ravenfairy00: aww Gin but Korsak is so cute sometimes.

KDWilliamson: and it depends on how u write them I think its good to add a little spin

psychotic-cat17: I love Korsak’s quirky animal lover thing

Gin Akasarahsmom: yes.. he is… but by himself… not with anyone.. lol

Anamatics: I love the older mentor guys on shows like this – Artie in WH13 is probs my all-time favorite tho

sunsetwriter: I had to laugh when someone pointed out he was a male Tyne Daly… think about it!

quietheartedfsc: true

KDWilliamson: oh god don’t get me started on WH13

KDWilliamson: wahhhh

Anamatics: ;_; I know, but that’s not this panel!

KDWilliamson: lol Tyne Daly I like that

quietheartedfsc: we got a whole panel for that…lol

tuesfork: True sunny, and stop dating us

sunsetwriter: I was just waiting for someone to ask who she was!


KDWilliamson: lol

quietheartedfsc: sorry, I’m in that age group too

Gin Akasarahsmom: who doesn’t know Tyne Daly??

KDWilliamson: me too shhh

tuesfork: I’d rather know Sharon Gless

Gin Akasarahsmom: hehehe

KDWilliamson: lol I’m sure

quietheartedfsc: oh, yeah!!1

the_dhamphir: i agree, tues

sunsetwriter: ditto on Gless!

tuesfork: But we digress……

quietheartedfsc: lol…

Kaqlittle: I prefer Tyne

sunsetwriter: diGless?

KDWilliamson: I just think there is this overwhelming fear that the show will lose popularity if they keep up with the gayzolli

tuesfork: Ha! you outquick me again

Anamatics: There is

Ravenfairy00: sharon gless is such a sweetie.

Gin Akasarahsmom: if they kept it like Season 1 it would be fine

crackinois: they’ve already lost millions of viewers since S1

quietheartedfsc: they haven’t learned to walk the fine line like Xena did.

tuesfork: Advertisers always call the shots anyway

Anamatics: because the show was so bad

KDWilliamson: but when you look at shows like Lost Girl, The Good Wife, hell even WH 13

sunsetwriter: I think JT is just pissed because people thought her BFF characters were gay

Anamatics: and Angie isn’t down with that

crackinois: Let’s be honest this isn’t groundbreaking tv, and if they ever want to seriously compete for awards they need to be more than a below average crime drama

crackinois: since they’re barely a drama and the crime plots aren’t that good lol

KDWilliamson: yeah I was about to say you have to take into account what the actors are will to do

the_dhamphir: no, but she’s the one that brings teh gay to Jane!

Gin Akasarahsmom: There are ALWAYS gonna be people who think BFF women are gay.. especially if they are strong independent women…

Gin Akasarahsmom: it kinda sucks in a way

Gin Akasarahsmom: because women CAN just be friends

Ravenfairy00: true

quietheartedfsc: like me and Gin…*G*

Gin Akasarahsmom: in this case though.. they are SO not.

Gin Akasarahsmom: rofl!!…

KDWilliamson: lol

Gin Akasarahsmom: yes.. like me and QH…

sunsetwriter: True, but in this case it was the eyesex. Have you seen the way they look at each other???

Gin Akasarahsmom: we’re both taken by other people… but we’re still BFF’s

KDWilliamson: yes there is lots of eyeblazing

quietheartedfsc: their chemistry is superb.

Anamatics: it truly is

KDWilliamson: I agree QH

Gin Akasarahsmom: right.. sunset… they CAN be just friends… but, sometimes it is more… of course.. like Jane and Maura

Gin Akasarahsmom: or Xena and Gabrielle

sunsetwriter: and touch each other? All. the. time.

Stacicle: Text is back whew! What are we talking about?

quietheartedfsc: let me ask ya, if you could meet one or the other…the characters, not the actors, which would it be?

KDWilliamson: X and G was in its own class

Anamatics: So does anyone have any questions about fanfic? We’re all writers, so have at it.

Anamatics: okay that face was scary

handprinted: I think we can debate forever who is to "blame" for the show not going down the BFFs-turned-lovers route, but in terms of fanfiction, have any of the panelists gotten feedback that criticizes their decision to write about a same-sex relationship?

KDWilliamson: hmmm Maura I’m a sucker for a genius lol

tuesfork: Jane, deffo.

Gin Akasarahsmom: I would want to meet them both.. but I think I would be more comfortable with Jane… Maura is a little to.. fancy… I could have a beer with Jane

crackinois: there’s that little handraise button if people aren’t familiar with it, to put you in a question queue

Ravenfairy00: both. both is good

quietheartedfsc: handprinted had a question

sunsetwriter: tough question QH – they’re so different

Kaqlittle: id like to meet Jane

crackinois: @ handprinted…..I have not, I’ve gotten more hate when there are hetero interludes in my fic than anyone lashing out about it being femslash

Anamatics: I got hate for writing crack fic with Maura and her biomom

KDWilliamson: I haven’t gotten those kind of flames

crackinois: the Chris Kelly situation in my Jealousy fic though was a whole nother can of hate worms lol

quietheartedfsc: so far, no…no lashing out…maybe they’re afraid of me..*G*

Anamatics: I loved Chris fuck the haters

KDWilliamson: lol nothing wrong with a little fear

KDWilliamson: I had a Bob the douchebag club with Scarlet Letter

quietheartedfsc: Carolina grrls is fearsome

KDWilliamson: funnnn!

KDWilliamson: we are QH

Kaqlittle: true

quietheartedfsc: so what’s your personal fav stories in this fandom?

quietheartedfsc: rec a little for the group

crackinois: Mine are snuff’s Untitled, Interference, and Anamatics’ Gentleman’s Dilemma

KDWilliamson: I don’t get to read like I used to but I really really like Dianaprince89 fics

KDWilliamson: love snuff as well her first fic is my all time fav

Anamatics: I like Snuff’s stuff, When Maura Isles Made it Rain

crackinois: yeah def that fic by Harper_m

Anamatics: and also crack fic (I’m trying to finish up my HP Crossover, I did a Mario Bros fic as well)

keeylyme: Jealousy and then Interference by Snuff are 2 of my faves

sunsetwriter: When Maura Isles Made it Rain by harper_m

KDWilliamson: ooo I haven’t read that one by Harper didn’t know about it gotta get on that

Anamatics: it’s on ao3

tuesfork: I’m saving the Rizz fic for when the A/O well is dry

quietheartedfsc: so what would be your ultimate crossover with R&I?

Anamatics: Leverage

Kaqlittle: I like the fic where they have super powers

Gin Akasarahsmom: Bones! I totally want Dr. Maura Isles to meet Dr. Temperance Brennan

crackinois: I’m thinking about writing a RI/Lost Girl crossover, Rizzles meets Doccubus

Anamatics: I know it sounds crazy and there’s no lesbians in Leverage, but they both take place in Boston and I think that the plot could be amazing.

KDWilliamson: I like your idea crackinosis

Anamatics: Sophie + Maura + Shoes

tuesfork: Then it’s probably not crazy

Ravenfairy00: Law&Order SVU alex/olivia

KDWilliamson: I do love the whole Addison addition to any fic tho lol

the_dhamphir: oh, i don’t think Sophie would be opposed to playing with both sides of fence

KDWilliamson: Maybe Criminal Minds

Anamatics: nah, Sophie is hung up on Nate hard core, however. For a con, I’d say yes, but I certainly won’t be having her try and con Maura (it’d be far too easy)

psychotic-cat17: I can’t do crossovers, they mess with my OTP

tuesfork: I’m like a fic toddler……all seperate.

KDWilliamson: If its well done I’d read anything

tuesfork: no gravy touching the green beans

Anamatics: I don’t particularly like crossovers or AUs (and yet they’re all I seem to write)

crackinois: I think with a crossover one show has to be dominant and the other subordinate or it can be a total character clusterfuck

KDWilliamson: such as the humor from R and I mixed with the seriousness of Criminal Minds or SVU

slave2free: If Sylvia hadn’t died it would have been fun to see Jane and Maura interact with their counterparts from LHDP Sylvia and Pepa.

Anamatics: I agree. I read this awesome SG1/WH13 fic where the Warehouse crew was secondary and it was amazing.

Gin Akasarahsmom: sigh… I hated LHDP for doing that… it sucked SO bad

crackinois: I guess my Tribute, HG/RI AU is a crossover b/c I use HG characters but not Katniss and Peeta and I keep the others secondary

KDWilliamson: That story is on my list to read I can’t wait!

crackinois: I’m told everyone should have tissues at the ready lol

Anamatics: Crossovers are hard because getting the balanace right is hard. If you’re just borrowing a universe than it’s fine, but to put say, Harry Potter and Jane Rizzoli in the same room takes a lot of skill

tuesfork: Slave’s idea sounds great, it could still be written…the magic of fiction

crackinois: I get lots of "fuck yous" in the reviews and asking for tissues

KDWilliamson: I agree a lot

Anamatics: Does anyone have any badfic rec?

crackinois: hahaha oh no you didn’t

quietheartedfsc: lol…now that would be mean

KDWilliamson: lol

AlexReading: nonono

quietheartedfsc: otak, you ahve a question?

Kaqlittle: it could work but u have to pick a universe and make the characters fit in

Otakugamer01: i’m a romantic at heart i love my OTP’s and don’t like extra people horning in on their relationship, how do you guys feel about fics where there are three people in the relationship?

Stacicle: slave2free, an R&I/LHDP crossover would have been a hoot, if done right.

Kaqlittle: sometimes it works and sometimes not so much

crackinois: lol don’t read my Jealousy fic then, on the show they’re not together, so it’s perfect for introducing other people into the mix, it all depends on how it’s done and resolved

KDWilliamson: I think it adds good drama and makes things mroe realistic

Ravenfairy00: It would depend on the the 3some. and how they all interact together.

quietheartedfsc: to me polyarmory is a lot like crossovers…you have to have a really, really, really plausible reason for it to work.

KDWilliamson: sometimes its a catalyst

crackinois: I like both the tension of other love interests in some instances, and using the secondary characters from the show to more fully develop a story

Anamatics: Like a threesome? that’s really not my speed. I can handle Jane/Maura being casual fuckbuddies but I can’t imagine that they’d have sex, with say, Dean or Casey hanging out and providing a penis

crackinois: yeah I was not talking about a threesome lol

KDWilliamson: lol me either

Anamatics: I was responsing to the actual question

Anamatics: sorry guys!

crackinois: I don’t really, characterwise, see Jane being interested in a threesome at all

Otakugamer01: sorry should have clarified, poly..whatever relationship

KDWilliamson: ah

Anamatics: yeah, she’s more than enough for Maura

KDWilliamson: no I don’t see Jane doing that

quietheartedfsc: I could see Maura doing it before Jane….

KDWilliamson: me too!

crackinois: ah, yeah I misunderstood lol I wouldn’t tackle a threesome I don’t think, it’s not in character for Jane IMO, I can see Maura being game

tuesfork: I can see Jane’s nose wrinkle now….

Ravenfairy00: exactly

psychotic-cat17: I don’t mind a little love triangle to add some conflict, but if things move to include sex, I’m pretty much of the belief that three’s a crowd

quietheartedfsc: and a loud "Gross!!"

AlexReading: seriously, Maura will try anything once.

quietheartedfsc: twice if she likes it

Ravenfairy00: or twice.

Anamatics: Maura’s game for whips

Anamatics: she’s game for anything

Ravenfairy00: and leather

KDWilliamson: yeah but she knows Jane extremely well so she knows she wouldn’t be game

sunsetwriter: the whips and leather are actually canon now!

Anamatics: I would agree with that

quietheartedfsc: it would be funny watching her try to talk Jane into it though

alezabee: Poor Maura looked so sad when Jane walked out during her whips and leather talk

KDWilliamson: lol yes it would be

KDWilliamson: I can imagine the look on Jane’s face

sunsetwriter: I would love to have seen Jane’s face!

KDWilliamson: and the Really? Really?!

AlexReading: no talking needed, just lots of pouting …

Anamatics: maybe I should follow up my piercing fic with bondage stuff

Anamatics: ._.

KDWilliamson: lol

quietheartedfsc: as maura drones on about anthropological and pshycholigcal studies

KDWilliamson: or a nice tattoo fic

quietheartedfsc: Maura would have to do a lot of talking on that one too

quietheartedfsc: what’s the wildest thing you think Maura could talk Jane into?

crackinois: I love how now we’re on to the kink fic lol

KDWilliamson: well you had to know it was going there lol

Anamatics: I know

quietheartedfsc: sgr, you had a question?

Anamatics: lol

crackinois: well, I know we’ve all written it so

crackinois: lol

Anamatics: I think that we’re underestimating how kinky Jane is

KDWilliamson: really?

KDWilliamson: do tell

Anamatics: Jane’s all about control

sunsetwriter: I think Jane would do just about anything for Maura

sunsetwriter: but only for Maura

KDWilliamson: quantify that anything

quietheartedfsc: I think Maura would have to provide a lot of incentive for some things though….like the running suits

crackinois: well I’ve written anal, some serious strap on action, and tie-up with some very brief breath play

sunsetwriter: give her a kidney?

the_dhamphir: lol

KDWilliamson: Well there just isn’t enough strap on fics out there lol

Anamatics: dude that’s all I write

crackinois: lol

KDWilliamson: lol

quietheartedfsc: then we need to clone you Anamatics

Anamatics: no the world couldn’t handle more than one of me


crackinois: it’s true, she’s pretty cray, I’ve met her in real life

KDWilliamson: lol

sunsetwriter: try aolurker’s R&I fics

tuesfork: Yes!

KDWilliamson: Oh I’ve read hers

crackinois: yeah, love her smut

Anamatics: yup

KDWilliamson: lol yep more vowels and constanants

KDWilliamson: lol

KDWilliamson: I do love the humor and the sweet fics too

tuesfork: She could write how to books

quietheartedfsc: Give that most femslash is written to get a couple together, do you think it would kill things if it actually happened on the show?

KDWilliamson: nah

tuesfork: Not right away, depends on the writers

crackinois: I personally don’t think it would, if them getting together was a process

KDWilliamson: I agree

quietheartedfsc: so many shows that are based on that dynamic lose ratings once it happens.

Anamatics: I think that if it was handled well (it wouldn’t be – ratings grab all the way) it’d be amazing and ground-breaking.

crackinois: if they were canon….people would still write AUs and rewrite eps and all of that, so I don’t think the fic would die

KDWilliamson: It has to be done really well and maintained

Anamatics: R&I is the sort of show that’d have them make out and then not talk about it during sweeps week

sunsetwriter: Since there is no other show like that (with 2 women), not really, but the will they/won’t they is a big draw for a lot of folks

alezabee: I think that, while it happens in a lot of shows, it’s because the show puts a lot of it’s energy into the will-they-won’t-they

Stacicle: Good point, Anamatics.

crackinois: well the will they won’t they has all but been demolished this season

alezabee: but there are interesting stories that they could do with them together

KDWilliamson: agree with crackinois

sunsetwriter: I think the writers are gonna kill it before that anyway if they keep going like they are

crackinois: I think the show is really trying to go friend route, they’re just not even doing friends very well

KDWilliamson: no they are not

Gin Akasarahsmom: It’s sad when the writers don’t know what to do with the characters

quietheartedfsc: is it just a case of the writers not having found the character’s voices yet?

KDWilliamson: i think they are trying to appeal to everyone

Anamatics: I think the fault is with the showrunners.

crackinois: add in the lack of character consistency and poor continuity

Anamatics: also bad crime plots.

sunsetwriter: agree KD

alezabee: they seemed to have them down well in season 1

Gin Akasarahsmom: it’s a case of the writers trying to CHANGE the character’s voices and doing a piss poor job of it

crackinois: I think a lot of it is too many writers hence the lack of consistency

KDWilliamson: really bad crime plots

Anamatics: terrible crime plots

crackinois: look at a show like the X-Files, Chris Carter wrote or co-wrote every single episode of the series except for 1

sunsetwriter: season 1 happened without any feedback from viewers

Stacicle: forgettable crime plots

Gin Akasarahsmom: they should let the characters be themselves and they’d do a lot better

quietheartedfsc: do the crime plots seem like rehases of other shows?

Anamatics: or the west wing

Anamatics: fantastic until Sorkin left

KDWilliamson: I dug the whole hoyt angle

slave2free: Yes, too many writers with very different perspectives

crackinois: the crime plots are definitely regurge from other shows

Anamatics: Hoyt was unique – definately unique as it’s in the books

crackinois: they’ve ripped off LAO, Bones, Criminal Minds and I know there are others

KDWilliamson: yeah but the tension he created was good

sunsetwriter: when they started writing in the lesbian ‘subtext’, it lost its charm

Stacicle: Seems like the Hoyt story/connection was the only one that had any meat or depth to it.

tuesfork: maybe no chemistry between the writers???

KDWilliamson: culd be tuesfork

crackinois: I also think there’s a laziness to the writing, as evidenced by the poor research for so many eps

sunsetwriter: yes!

Gin Akasarahsmom: Yeah.. they ended the Hoyt thing too soon

Anamatics: It really isn’t htat hard to google shit

Stacicle: Right!

Kaqlittle: have the writes really strayed far from the book?

tuesfork: writers are looking to make the big time too

KDWilliamson: I think they are now lasping into formula writing

Gin Akasarahsmom: I haven’t read the books

Anamatics: The books are very different

crackinois: their names and Hoyt are from the books, my understanding is, that’s about it

sunsetwriter: True. I google for fan fic why can they google for real scripts??

Anamatics: Dean, for one, is likable

tuesfork: They need to hire a few of you guys

alezabee: I’ve heard the books have basically no subtext

Gin Akasarahsmom: I think after a certain amount of episodes.. when they get writers that have written for TV fairly often… they fall into a formula

Stacicle: I mean, what was the nonsense Maura was spewing about right hand/left hand injections this last ep???

crackinois: even Maura’s bio mom is totally different from the books

sunsetwriter: Completely different from the books.

KDWilliamson: agree Gin

Gin Akasarahsmom: and formula just doesn’t work now… they need to change it

KDWilliamson: exactly

alezabee: the injection thing was totally wrong!

Gin Akasarahsmom: rofl!!

KDWilliamson: freshness is the key

quietheartedfsc: I get the impression they don’t always know what to do with Maura.

Stacicle: Maura, the genius, the expert, the knower of random, obscure, totally tangential information… gets that wrong? Please.

quietheartedfsc: like they can’t write to her level of IQ

sunsetwriter: I would really love to know Tess G’s honest opinion of the show

alezabee: Maura’s character is completely differently week to week

crackinois: They’ve nearly ruined Maura IMO from s1 to now

KDWilliamson: Ooo ooh I agree totally QH

the_dhamphir: agreed

crackinois: she’s the least consistent character on the show

AlexReading: I really don;t want to know what TessG thinks of the show.

Anamatics: i would agree as well.

KDWilliamson: its sad

Gin Akasarahsmom: character assassination

alezabee: wasn’t she supposed to be awkward? Now she’s rebellious, sometimes artsy. She’s really not socially awkward at all

Gin Akasarahsmom: just like they did with Tempe on Bones…

crackinois: she’s really not awkward, and she lies now

Anamatics: Tempe is maura

Anamatics: because JTAM

KDWilliamson: yes that’s the impression I got she was awkrard socially etc

sunsetwriter: She’s awkward for comedy, but not consistently

crackinois: well JTam wrote for Bones so there you go

Gin Akasarahsmom: I know… that’s why I want them to meet

Stacicle: That must make it hard for Sasha A to play her, being thrown these ‘different’ Mauras every other week

Anamatics: was involved with both shows

Gin Akasarahsmom: but Bones sucks now… it’s totally horrible to watch

quietheartedfsc: Sasha does a great job with what they give her though.

sunsetwriter: and Tempe is TOTALLY different from Reich’s books too

KDWilliamson: sigh

crackinois: I honestly think, after SAsha won that WIN award for S1 they turned her into a sidekick on purpose

KDWilliamson: formula

the_dhamphir: tempe is different from tv tempe this last season

Gin Akasarahsmom: Sasha does an excellent job with what they give her

KDWilliamson: they go with what they think works and what has gottne them the most ratings

crackinois: to try and propel Jane/Angie as Lead actress and Maura/Sasha as supporting

sunsetwriter: I gave up on Bones a while back

Anamatics: They should be sharing the spotlight

KDWilliamson: yes there needs to be sharing

Anamatics: because it’s Rizzoli and Isles not The Rizzoli show with occasional Isles

Ravenfairy00: true

quietheartedfsc: Is it going to squew anyone’s world if I allude to the trailers for next week?

KDWilliamson: yes!

alezabee: Yeah, did you guys see those billboards a year or two ago that had just Angie on them, no Sasha?

Stacicle: Yes, Sasha is great, and you can sort of piece together a Maura growth curve through the seasons, but it still doesn’t excuse the inconsistency of the character.

crackinois: S2 introduced Maura as a complete charicature, terrible comedy for the slapstick lolz and reversals on core components of her character

KDWilliamson: no not me

sunsetwriter: go for it, qh

quietheartedfsc: have you seen the trailers for next week? Since when does Jane do helpless terror?

Stacicle: what about the previews?

alezabee: I think I saw one in NYC. It’s pretty dumb for them to bill it as a friendship show and then make one of the friends supporting

KDWilliamson: I haven’t seen them but already that doesn’t sound right

crackinois: omg I called that trailer Angie’s "This is me ACTING" face

Anamatics: AHAHA

Anamatics: yes

alezabee: haha

KDWilliamson: lol

Anamatics: I haven’t seen it, just caps

alezabee: it’s true

Stacicle: I haven’t seen it

Anamatics: but that definately is a ‘this is me acting’ face if I ever saw one

KDWilliamson: The way I figure it they will have to shake up things or it won’t last past 5 seasons

crackinois: I’ve put on a more terrified face when I realized I was down to one beer in the fridge

quietheartedfsc: It’s almost like they’re trying to have a subtext moment and have lost the touch…it’s very ."Hey, we’re having subtext here!!!"

Stacicle: And on the friendship balance, I don’t think it’s fair to focus on just Rizzoli. I think AH’s Rizzoli has gotten a little lazy this season

KDWilliamson: but I’m tired of the mocking subtext tho

darandkerry_1: Been away for quite a while, but jumping in anyway: One of the many things that has turned me off this season is the poorly timed <and usually in very bad taste> joke Jane throws in before almost every commercial break. What happened to all those well-timed smart assed remarks she used to make?

sunsetwriter: Yes, when it’s intentional it doesn’t work

crackinois: yes the Giovanni fake relationship thing in S2, I found insulting

KDWilliamson: very insulting

alezabee: they seem to be going between wink-wink-nudge-nudge to the femslash audience but "no homo" to the other audience members

Anamatics: I like Giovanni

KDWilliamson: Dar bravo

Anamatics: he’s the fandom in a dude

KDWilliamson: I agree totally she had some awesome wisecracks

Anamatics: Jane isn’t nearly as snarky as she was

quietheartedfsc: the writing has gotten very lazy

crackinois: oh I like Giovanni, but I thought the schtick of pretending to be a couple in the garage was insulting

KDWilliamson: it was like ha ha

Anamatics: yeah that was pretty ad

Anamatics: bad

KDWilliamson: see we can do maintext

Stacicle: Yes, QH, the writing has gotten lazy, and then it follows to the characters

KDWilliamson: u should be satisfied with this

Stacicle: AH – I’ve seen her acting this season.. ‘oh, here I raise an eyebrow, here I slow walk to my desk, here I sigh’

sunsetwriter: they seem to be throwing the lesbian audience a bone, when all we really need is the two main characters being themselves

KDWilliamson: lol Stacide

quietheartedfsc: Angie may inspire an automatic les following, but it doesn’t follow that it’s automatically gonna carry this show if it sucks.

Stacicle: I thought some of the best, understated acting happened around the dinner table last episode

KDWilliamson: true

Anamatics: do you think she’s mailing it in at this point?

quietheartedfsc: I don’t think she’s getting that close…lol

KDWilliamson: lol

Stacicle: A littel bit, Anamatics

Stacicle: *little

tuesfork: Maybe she doesn’t like the writers either

sunsetwriter: In some interviews she seems a little less than happy with some of the writing (but she tries to disguise it)

Stacicle: The actresses must realize the roller coaster they’ve been on

crackinois: I think Sasha is giving up more than Angie, I mean, she by far gets the worst writing and she’s done better work

KDWilliamson: i remember what they did with Xena and Missy Good it would be nice if they would give some of us a chance

crackinois: JTam’s ego is too big for that lol

Stacicle: TNT won’t go down that road, I’m afraid

KDWilliamson: lol i know but we can dream right!

Gin Akasarahsmom: lol

KDWilliamson: Its hilarious TNT’s thing is we know drama

quietheartedfsc: no offense to anyone but it reminds me of straight guys making girl on girl porn….totally not getting it…but still trying to sell it.

KDWilliamson: R and I is not drama

tuesfork: Broadcast TV…a two edged sword for fan fic writers

crackinois: Dramedy if anything

Anamatics: The only drama is the between JTam and the fandom at large

Stacicle: Sasha’s got a lot to do just being ‘Maura -of-the-week’; I think Angie is feeling the formula of it

KDWilliamson: yeah exactly

KDWilliamson: because the crime edge isn’t there

sunsetwriter: I think that’s part of the problem – is it drama or comedy? Pick one and go with it

KDWilliamson: yep

Stacicle: right

KDWilliamson: there is no tension there is no victim to care for

Gin Akasarahsmom: the crimes have always been fairly comical… even Castle has better crime stories

alezabee: Personally, I think it works best as a comedy.

crackinois: I think it would be hilarious if someone from TNT was in here right now

darandkerry_1: Right now it’s a very poor dramedy.

Jaely: I think it’s more a comedy that happens to have dramatic moments….

Gin Akasarahsmom: I hope they are… maybe they’ll fix things

crackinois: I think it could work as a drama, but they would need to regain the feel of the Pilot ep

KDWilliamson: oh god and that music

Stacicle: I t would be a good education for them, crack

sunsetwriter: I wish they were, crackinois

quietheartedfsc: it all smacks of trying too hard

slave2free: Crime stories don’t matter if the characters interact authentically with one another. Who remembers the crime stories from Cagney and Lacy? I’m just saying.

KDWilliamson: agree they really need to revisit what worked in S1

Stacicle: yes, the show can work as a drama, we’ve seen it. Few things gave me the chills Maura did facing down Hoyt on Jane’s behalf

crackinois: Well, the show we can’t change, but the fic is our world….anymore questions on that?

KDWilliamson: hmm u do have a point but they built it up that way

Anamatics: I did enjoy the episode in s2 with hoyt

sunsetwriter: yes, stacicle!

Anamatics: up until the birthday party

Stacicle: Very good point, slave2free (Hi btw)

slave2free: Hi Stacicle. I like the show as a drama, but I like the comedy fiction.

quietheartedfsc: If you could turn on next weeks episode and see one of the fanfics presented instead…whihc would you choose?

KDWilliamson: Agree the show can’t change but we can write it the way we want

Stacicle: birthday party?

sunsetwriter: The my pretty pony party for Jane’s birthday

KDWilliamson: lol one of lil miss’ strap on fics

Stacicle: oh *that* ehhhh

crackinois: well KD that would require a move to Starz or HBO lol

KDWilliamson: lol I’m okay with that

Gin Akasarahsmom: Cinemax late night

Stacicle: thanks Anamatics

quietheartedfsc: fade to black!

KDWilliamson: lets see a show of hands

KDWilliamson: lol

Anamatics: of what?

Stacicle: Hey, they’ve canceled Sparacus, there’s room on the schedule!

KDWilliamson: lol

crackinois: That’s another R&I AU I’m going to write…Spartacus universe lol

KDWilliamson: thats a good question tho what fic would yall like to see represented

KDWilliamson: I’m not sure

sunsetwriter: The Real LLBFF – new on showtime!

KDWilliamson: lol I would so read that

Stacicle: lol

Anamatics: idk how it’d work

KDWilliamson: Hey they have the Real L word

Anamatics: but I’d rad it

Anamatics: *read

crackinois: I think there are elements from different fics that could work on the show

crackinois: take snuff’s crime plots lol

KDWilliamson: do tell

KDWilliamson: yeah i can see that

crackinois: I’d love to see Maura in a relationship with a women, even if not Jane

KDWilliamson: make it a lot more gritty

KDWilliamson: me too

sunsetwriter: I’d like to Jane’s reaction to that crackinois

KDWilliamson: didn’t think about that angle

quietheartedfsc: well, y’all mentioned having a fanfic writer do the show….so what writing team would you put together?

Anamatics: bonus of Maura’s new GF is Jaime Murray

KDWilliamson: oooooooooooo thud

crackinois: but actually give her relationship with a woman some depth, not this throw away crap like they do with the CoTW

sunsetwriter: Nice Anamatics!

Anamatics: it was Jenna’s idea

Jaely: I think Jane would get jealous if that were to happen crackinois… which would be fun

KDWilliamson: I think I would like to see someone who has a handle on good humor,

crackinois: hahaha, though when I wrote Jealousy, I pictured a redheaded Katee Sackhoff in the Chris Kelly role with maura lol

Stacicle: Or even, because of the story of the week, have a women Maura was once involved with show up, have to meet Jane, etc.

KDWilliamson: good dialogue, romance etc

Gin Akasarahsmom: I do think it’s interesting that Jane gets romantic male interests… but when Maura dates Jane gets all jealous like

KDWilliamson: oh I like that Stacicle

Anamatics: Jealous Maura’d be fun too

sunsetwriter: Me too

tuesfork: same here

Stacicle: kudos to Jenna then… Jaime Murray, she pulls off smart and sexy very well, a good match for Maura

KDWilliamson: let see Jane suprised

KDWilliamson: and Jamie Murray would totally be comfy with it as an actress

Anamatics: thing is

Anamatics: this could never happen

slave2free: Stacicle: Jaime Murray with Maura. Oh, that would ease the pain of missing H.G. Wells

KDWilliamson: sigh HG

Stacicle: thanks KD

Anamatics: because it’d mean that HG’d be dead

KDWilliamson: yes I know Anamatics

Anamatics: cannot. deal. with. that.

KDWilliamson: shhhhh

alezabee: I agree. No dead HG

KDWilliamson: it will be on in a week or so

KDWilliamson: but I digress

Gin Akasarahsmom: meh… people can play two characters on two different shows… no problem

Stacicle: no, no, I’m talking about one episode, then let the repercussions fall where they may.

KDWilliamson: ohh kinda like a rebound effect

sunsetwriter: She could have time to do a guest spot and still not be dead

KDWilliamson: I like that

Stacicle: Jaime’s got Defiance and Warehouse 13 to juggle (I hope)

KDWilliamson: stir the pot

KDWilliamson: Now see that would totally fit in Maura’s character the one from S1 at least

Anamatics: ooo that’s a good idea

Stacicle: Crackinois, a few posts back, you mentioned ‘depth of the relationship’ with this ‘other woman’…

crackinois: yes

Stacicle: It’s too bad that TPTB so often squander any depth they bring to a story

Stacicle: Like you all were pointing out with the ill-timed birthday party

quietheartedfsc: Maura’s gotten very good at intense relationships between commercials

crackinois: I agree, I wrote about this RE CAsey on tumblr….how am I supposed to buy Jane being in love with him when we haven’t seen any relationship develop

darandkerry_1: *Wonders if any series has had a Virtual Season written while still on the air*

KDWilliamson: oh i agree!

crackinois: So, if they did bring in a woman as a relationship for Maura, I’d like them to actually show the development of it

sunsetwriter: And again last week when Maura went from crying to joking in 1 second flat

KDWilliamson: Then why would she do what she did with dean

KDWilliamson: doens’t make sense

slave2free: daraandkerry: Great idea.

Stacicle: Right, it’s juvenile, ‘oh, I like him’… based on what? Childhood?

crackinois: so that it’s not only believable for her but also serves as an interesting point of tension with Jane

KDWilliamson: yes it would

Stacicle: right KD

quietheartedfsc: they tend to bring in backstory without explaining the backstory

Anamatics: yeah

KDWilliamson: a catalyst

Anamatics: that could be really interesting

KDWilliamson: maybe if we just send JTam a strongly worded letter lol

Stacicle: yes, crackinois, although having it be a past relationship speeds up the process for Jane and Maura getting together

crackinois: haha

quietheartedfsc: do you want to speed up the process?

KDWilliamson: god no

crackinois: see, I don’t like past love interest b/c I actually like the idea of present tension of grappling with a current relationship, a current relationship is where the tension comes from

sunsetwriter: Anyone going to Rizzlescon?

KDWilliamson: i would want to see every excruciating moment of it

Stacicle: No, QH, I guess I just want it (the subtext) back

crackinois: I’ll be at RizzlesCon on the fanfic panel so…lol stop by and say hi if you’re going to be there

Anamatics: I will be in CA, but enjoying the Bay Area instead

Anamatics: sorry guys

sunsetwriter: Not going, but curious to hear how it goes

KDWilliamson: I’m curious as well

quietheartedfsc: It’s not on my Ralst approved list of things to do…lol

Stacicle: A con? Is it one day, a weekend?

Stacicle: Is the whole cast going to be there?

crackinois: I only bought the get me in the door ticket so, I’ll mostly be doing the fanfic panel and then drinking the rest of the weekend hahah

Stacicle: heh

crackinois: it’s the whole weekend, most of the cast except Angie, JTam will be there, Tess G etc

Stacicle: Ralst-approved?

KDWilliamson: oh take pictures and send updates

sunsetwriter: I saw yesterday where JT backed out

quietheartedfsc: I’m head minion of ralst’s plan for world femslash domination

crackinois: oh did she?

crackinois: hahah I hadn’t seen that…color me not surprised

Stacicle: See, that’s weird. No Angie, when it’s the Angie & Sasha show.

KDWilliamson: hmm interesint y did she back out

Gin Akasarahsmom: nice.. I know a lot of people who want to go… I think it’s weird that they’re having it in L.A. instead of Boston.. but that’s just me

crackinois: the location was so the actors could attend

crackinois: they film up until Friday and so their panel is on Saturday

sunsetwriter: Family obligations was what I read – no details

Anamatics: makes sense and seems considerate

crackinois: "Family obligations" aka LezboCon…no thank you lol

quietheartedfsc: family obligations? a desire not to get killed by fans?

Stacicle: QH, does that mean Ralst has you chained to your computer, typing up more and more fic? Because then it’s also Stacicle (statuepup)-approved.

Gin Akasarahsmom: lol.. I know.. but the show is set in Boston.

KDWilliamson: lol lezbo con

sunsetwriter: my thought, QH!

quietheartedfsc: fic is the one thing she hasn’t left time for…lol

quietheartedfsc: when con is over I have a promise of 2 full weeks of nothing but writing

KDWilliamson: u know its too bad Nikki and Nora didn’t make it

quietheartedfsc: that make ya feel better.

thebronzey: LezboCon sounds awesome

sunsetwriter: so true KD

KDWilliamson: that would have been our answer right there imo

Stacicle: QH-Yay! 2 weeks of writing, but I bet it’s Mirandy, right?

quietheartedfsc: not necessarily…whatever the muse gets interested in

Ravenfairy00: yeah mirandy

Stacicle: Ooooh, KD, now there’s a crossover – N&N/R&I!

KDWilliamson: Mmm hmm I was thinking that Stacicle

Stacicle: [Not a Whisper] – Facts of Life!

Stacicle: Did you hear that, Muse?

quietheartedfsc: lol

Anamatics: lol

KDWilliamson: lol

quietheartedfsc: sgr, you had a question?

shesgottaread: thx. you know I’ve barely seen the show, and recently been reading R&I fics, but is it canon that Bass eats lettuce, strawberries, etc?

Stacicle: KD, I will be scrutinizing the P&P and R&I LJs for your N&N/R&I crossover fic. (grin)

Ravenfairy00: british strawberries

sunsetwriter: yes

shesgottaread: I often see it in fic, but my beta-ish research says that’s not good for tortoises, and the African wouldn’t hibernate much

KDWilliamson: smirks

Stacicle: yes

slave2free: I’d like to see more "back history" in the RI fanfic. The show did an episode with a flashback to Maura meeting Jane when Jane was undercover as a prostitute, but very little information as to how such a strong bond formed between the two.

quietheartedfsc: yes, the last episode of the first season Maura is trying to tempt him to eat those.

crackinois: I think Maura has mentioned him eating several different things, but if you do a little research you’ll find what they’ve mentioned isn’t really appropriate

slave2free: stacicle: There is never enough fan fiction for you – is there?

sunsetwriter: figures – more of that great research

Gin Akasarahsmom: she was trying to get him to eat anything… because he was sick

Stacicle: No, slave2free, there really isn’t.

sunsetwriter: probably sick from eating strawberries & lettuce

shesgottaread: thanks for confirming what I’d found.

darandkerry_1: lol

quietheartedfsc: BAss was in the lab when the bad guy took over…

KDWilliamson: I’m all with the background and seeing how they got so close

shesgottaread: yup, basically no nutritional value

Stacicle: And we haven’t seen Bass since he was sick, yes?

Gin Akasarahsmom: yeah.. but I haven’t seen him this season at all

crackinois: lol yeah I did research on tortoise diet for an fic I never published (ahem anamatics) lol

Gin Akasarahsmom: not even mentioned

KDWilliamson: more inconsistencies

shesgottaread: ok, goes back to the rear of the auditorium

sumaulus: speaking of research, has anyone found anything about the name Cailin?

Anamatics: (ahem Crackinois I need to work on that as well)

crackinois: they did film Bass for some S2 stuff but cut the scenes

quietheartedfsc: they’re afraid of him taking over the show…he has the biggest fan club.

shesgottaread: lol

sunsetwriter: I think he’s very expensive to have on set

KDWilliamson: lol

alezabee: Did they ever mention Jane’s turtle again?

darandkerry_1: I’d love to see a scene with Bass & Angela.

Stacicle: And slave2free, you are the Queen of Backstory. ;D

slave2free: Bass would have been a great adddition to the dinner party for Maura’s mom.

KDWilliamson: well hell he can’t just disappear like the baby did on STV

Anamatics: was it just me or did that kid not look sick at all??

sunsetwriter: lol – true slave2free!

crackinois: @slave I think the issue with doing more backstory in a non-AU fic is it’s hard b/c you never know when an ep might arise and blow your fic to hell

shesgottaread: not just you anamatics

crackinois: I suggested on twitter once they get a tortoise dummy and just have in random wide angle shots

crackinois: then they don’t need to pay for the live tortoise

quietheartedfsc: at least in STV they had a tag line about the baby being left with the other kids family

Stacicle: nice option, crackinois

quietheartedfsc: truly…it’s not like Bass sings and dances

KDWilliamson: yeah QH but if you blinked u missed it

sunsetwriter: Good idea – Bass stunt double

crackinois: I think Bass was a case of JTam going "Pet Tortoise! Edgy!" and then she got bored with it or forgot

Anamatics: that is a pretty good idea

Stacicle: But it’s these breaks in continuity and character that get me. No Bass, no little turtle, heck no Jo Friday most of the time

KDWilliamson: i know i think they feel like fans of the show will forget

quietheartedfsc: animal actors cost more than human ones

KDWilliamson: like these thigns are very minor

Stacicle: And Jane only rubs her palms when it’s pertinent to a case, which I guess it never will be again,a s Hoyt is dead

shesgottaread: but even if the animal isn’t on screen, a mention helps keep the continuity

KDWilliamson: i for one would have like to have seen how damaged Jane was by the whole Hoyt thing

slave2free: So, the producers are not only lazy, they are also stingy.

Stacicle: Right, I’m just asking for a "I have to go walk Jo Friday, then I’ll meet you…"

KDWilliamson: There was your drama right there

Gin Akasarahsmom: do they do anything with Jane’s hands anymore? she doesn’t rub them or anything… do they still put the scars on them?

crackinois: they occasionally put the scars on, the scars also change shape and size LOL

Anamatics: they’ve been there a few times that I’ve seen

crackinois: it’s like Ensign Ro’s mole from Star Trek TNG

shesgottaread: do producers not learn that fans *obsess* over the details? Haven’t they learned anything in the 40+ yeaars since ST?

sunsetwriter: It drives me nuts that Maura doesn’t have a massive scar on her leg from her compartment syndrome – that’s a serious thing AND she was cut open with a jagged piece of glass

KDWilliamson: oh oh I know what happened to the animals they are going to have a ep where they were kidnapped …since you know the whole crime angle is ludicrious

Stacicle: Right, that’s what I meant to bring up when I mentioned depth. How could they not give us something with Jane dealing with the end of Hoyt?

crackinois: lol well, JTam gave us a gift there…..she didn’t deal with Hoyt, so we got to in fic

Stacicle: Then again, we never got to see any fallout or followthrough when Jane shot herself either.

KDWilliamson: I know like I said that could have been awesome drama

slave2free: As if Hoyt’s death erased all of the trauma Jane suffered at his hands.

crackinois: the S2 leap forward was the worst thing the show ever did

Anamatics: apparently, it did

quietheartedfsc: too many bandaids

KDWilliamson: she’s all better now no physological effects

crackinois: you can’t have your main character nearly kill herself and then flashforward 4 months

crackinois: I think JTam realized that when she did S2 to S3 the way she did

crackinois: it was still done poorly

crackinois: lol

KDWilliamson: I think they tried to show her working through it because she was still in so much pain

KDWilliamson: no PTSD

KDWilliamson: from being shot

Anamatics: no that was a terrible way of writing to explain away why they didn’t show the aftermath

KDWilliamson: stabbed or kidnapped

KDWilliamson: uh huh

crackinois: At this point btw all of Maura’s resolution in the first 6 eps of S3, I don’t know where they go…I think the Hope storyline should ahve been drawn out for most of the season and Maura not have met her until S4

LZClotho: Who all is going to the RizzlesCon in Anaheim next weekend?

KDWilliamson: I agree because I am like what is the point of this

crackinois: but it’s typical of this show….eveverything resolved in 1 ep

Stacicle: They have shown them running or Maura attempting to get Jane to go running with her – maybe (squinting here) that’s Maura’s way of dealing with the leg injury and rehab?

Anamatics: I think they can still draw out the hope storyline, it’s just out in the open now

Gin Akasarahsmom: I think Hope should have known/figured out that Maura was her daughter and that was the reason she came back to Boston.. to coerce Maura into donating her kidney…

crackinois: @LZ I’ll be on the fanfic panel at the con

LZClotho: crack: cool!

darandkerry_1: Gin: I actually thought she had and was ‘playing’ Maura.

KDWilliamson: Yes Gin they should have figured it out

Gin Akasarahsmom: Me too Dar

darandkerry_1: Now THAT would have been drama.

LZClotho: I also think Hope figured it out.

crackinois: there were many ways to do it better than they did, but I still think with all of the Paddy Doyle drama at the beginning of S3, bringing Hope in was too soon

Anamatics: I think hope had the hots for Maura

Gin Akasarahsmom: it would have been a much better episode and much better way to hurt Maura actually… to make her nothing more than a spare parts bank

alezabee: For a genius doctor, Hope is pretty dense

Anamatics: and was suffering from insta squick

Anamatics: but that’s just me

Anamatics: so is Maura though

Anamatics: maybe it’s genetic

sunsetwriter: What happened to Paddy? Did he die?

Stacicle: Interesting Dar, kind of like having Hope get Maura and Cailin to meet, on the sly?

crackinois: Gin that’s a brilliant idea, someone write that AU fic lol

Jaely: arrested

quietheartedfsc: Hope will be back…now that she’s all upset the kid changed her tune…did you see her face?

LZClotho: yep, Paddy’s dead. happened end of last season.

KDWilliamson: lol

crackinois: I guess we’re supposed to believe that Doyle is in the pokey now

slave2free: I wonder how Hope will react when she finds out that Maura and Jane are a couple? So far her motherly instincts seem lacking.

KDWilliamson: no slave that would be interesting

alezabee: He was alive when he told Maura he would have killed Jane, so I guess he was arrested

KDWilliamson: for her to see the "subtext"

sunsetwriter: No, he survived (miraculously) the fall/gunshot, but he hasn’t been mentioned since the first or second ep

Gin Akasarahsmom: yes… he was in the hospital and on his way to jail when we last saw him

crackinois: yeah Cavanaugh had the little throw away line "You get better so we can throw you in the clink"

alezabee: It would be interesting to see Hope reject Maura (for her relationship with Jane, especially) and see Constance accept her

sunsetwriter: I missed the on his way to jail part

Ravenfairy00: love constance

Stacicle: yeah, QH, Cailin was definitely pulling an "oh sh*t, what did I do?" face

LZClotho: oh

crackinois: but Hope is in 1 more ep this season so as we know….everything will be fine and she and Maura will be mother/daughter and get their hair done and shit

alezabee: A lot of shows seem to be pretty mean to adoptive parents lately (like Once Upon a Time)

Stacicle: alezabee, ooooh, I could see that happening!

quietheartedfsc: they’ll bring it back for the last eps so Maura can do a miraculous recovery over the hiatus

sunsetwriter: lol crackinois

crackinois: I’d love to see Constance come back and be really hurt by Maura looking for Hope

KDWilliamson: that sound about right QH

crackinois: they gave a little bit of that in the hospital when Constance was all "You’re my daughter"

KDWilliamson: probably not going to happen tho crack

Gin Akasarahsmom: No.. maura told Hope flat out that she didn’t want or need anything from her.. because she already has a mother

crackinois: I’d like to see them explore that angle more, it would be so authentic

KDWilliamson: come on they don’t do authentic

Anamatics: which was dismissive in its own right to Hope’s trauma at losing her daughter

KDWilliamson: we do lol

quietheartedfsc: I’m not sure authentic is in the writers vocab

crackinois: I know, pipe dreams

crackinois: and PLEASE don’t have Maura do the stupid kidney donation

Stacicle: Did they actually have a resolution scene with Constance? I mean one that showed her healed up from her hit & run injuries?

crackinois: lol

crackinois: no they didn’t

slave2free: The authenticity will have to be revealed in fan fic.

crackinois: she was in the hospital for the premiere and then poof gone

KDWilliamson: yep just like BAss!

sunsetwriter: I guess she poofed with Paddy

quietheartedfsc: poof is the word for the show sometimes

quietheartedfsc: ah, but Bass will strike back!!

slave2free: femslash writers will do the whole mother/daughter/mother thing much better than TNT

KDWilliamson: I agree slave

Stacicle: very true, slave2free

sunsetwriter: looking forward to it slave

quietheartedfsc: *sigh* we have to save the world far too often

KDWilliamson: lol

KDWilliamson: puts on cape

Ravenfairy00: yes but you all do it so well.

crackinois: dons beer hat

Stacicle: You know, The Closer was such a good crime drama on TNT, so I know they have the staff somewhere to do proper research, why don’t they?

slave2free: QH is my superhero

crackinois: the beer hat is my version of a superhero cape

KDWilliamson: or a cowl

quietheartedfsc: why, ty, slave….now that sounded all wrong..lol

crackinois: research doesn’t require budget, it just requires having the fucks to give

KDWilliamson: Caust Stacide they would have to pay

crackinois: sadly, R&I doesn’t seem to have them

Anamatics: no they wouldn’t

Anamatics: they could seriously just google

KDWilliamson: shakes head

KDWilliamson: so sad

Anamatics: for one thing: authentic southie accents

crackinois: it’s the difference between having the desire to put out a quality product and just putting out enough to get by and collect the check

Stacicle: Google is free

KDWilliamson: anybody in on that letter yet?

crackinois: If the Big Bang Theory can make sure its physics equations are accurate, JTam can google bloodtype genetics

KDWilliamson: amen

crackinois: or make sure the reason a drug dog doesn’t hit on 1 million lbs of heroine is accurate

Stacicle: ehh the accents.. for me it’s like Kevin Costner in Robin Hood, plese just don’t even try. Focus on the plot and… ohhhhh, I get it now.

quietheartedfsc: google it, yes….understand it? Maybe not so much.

crackinois: or why a non-homicide would go to the Pd morgue instead of the hospital

crackinois: or…maybe I should just stop there

KDWilliamson: hmm

Anamatics: true true

darandkerry_1: I’m thinking that The Closer intimidated the hell out of them and they went for light-hearted. GUess they figured they didn’t have to be accurate on anything.

quietheartedfsc: it’s amazing that as much as we can find wrong with the show, we still love and write the fanfic…

KDWilliamson: u never know dar

crackinois: haha I know, this show is my Brokeback Mountain…I.Can’t.Quit.You

KDWilliamson: i kno but i think its because we want to fill in the holes

KDWilliamson: and make it what we know it should be

crackinois: actually I’m just shallow, I watch because Sasha is hot

Stacicle: The Closer was the beginning of the current TNT show juggernaut.

KDWilliamson: lol

alezabee: haha I agree with crackinois

quietheartedfsc: what bugs me is not the errors, but that they don’t think we’re smart enough to notice them.

KDWilliamson: well she is

Anamatics: this is why I watch Glee

Anamatics: they’re all hot

KDWilliamson: lol

darandkerry_1: lol

Stacicle: That’s where great fanfic comes from, filling those plotholes

Ravenfairy00: sasha is super hot but angie’s husky voice is also a must

crackinois: I do think JTam is very dismissive of the intelligence of her fans

Anamatics: I think that JTam has an ego bigger than texas

alezabee: I think there’s some piece of the characters that we saw at the beginning, that have become the fandom versions of them, which comes out in the fic

sunsetwriter: Yeah, I pretty much watch for AH & SA!

KDWilliamson: well I think a lot of show runners think their viewers are stupid that is their downfall

crackinois: TNT knows where it’s awards shows are….The Closer and now Major Crimes, R&I is lighthearted numbers fare

quietheartedfsc: but really, does the rest of the world watch as closely as fanfic writers?

crackinois: JTam could have had more, but I think she squandered it

Gin Akasarahsmom: It’s such a disappointment when the powers that be look down on the fans… we’re the reason they are there

KDWilliamson: i think it is something they woull hopefully realize one day Gin

darandkerry_1: So, QH, you sending a copy of this chat to Tamaro???

slave2free: No QH, we are the only ones watching this show.

Gin Akasarahsmom: It doesn’t matter though.. if no one else realizes the mistakes… the problem is that they ARE mistakes.. and it shows that the people just don’t care about the quality of the show they are putting out

KDWilliamson: i wonder what the demographics are for the show anybody kno?

Stacicle: I think others watch, fanfic readers like myself included, but beyond the fic world, viewers probably just say, huh they made a mistake and move on

crackinois: I agree Gin

crackinois: the show skews old

Gin Akasarahsmom: every mistake we’ve listed could have been EASILY avoided with a tiny bit of research or…thought

darandkerry_1: Old? Who you calling old???

crackinois: it’s numbers in the 18-49 key demo this season are about a 1.0 which is the minimum to stay renewed

sunsetwriter: so true Gin

crackinois: lol dara


crackinois: just reporting the ratings facts

KDWilliamson: huh

KDWilliamson: interesting

crackinois: I think that’s why they waited a few extra eps to renew for S4 this time, to see if they held the 1.0 in that demo

thebronzey: 8)

Shatterpath: YAY!

Ravenfairy00: lol

quietheartedfsc: well, to wrap up, I’d like to thank our panelists for being with us today.

sunsetwriter: it’s been fun, y’all

Anamatics: thanks guys

tuesfork: there’s a very large pile of story ideas in this thread…don’t hurt each other whilst picking them up

Stacicle: Thanks panelists!

darandkerry_1: Nice job, ladies.

Anamatics: been a blast!

quietheartedfsc: and all of you for making this a most enjoyable discussion.

KDWilliamson: it was fun thank you


shesgottaread: ty, everyone!

slave2free: Thanks superheros.

alezabee: it’s been great

KDWilliamson: lol

crackinois: Thanks all, nice chatting with you all

tuesfork: Excellent and thanks

Stacicle: drunk!Maura just saying

sunsetwriter: drunk!Maura – where??

Stacicle: Sunset – a fic idea I hope someone will run with.

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