Guiding Light

ariestess: Okay, panelists, please introduce yourselves. I’ll go first. I’m AJ, aka ariestess, aka A. Magiluna Stormwriter. I’ve written a handful of things in the OUaT ‘verse, among other things. I’m your moderator for this panel.

ariestess: Except this is the GL panel, which I’ve also written in. *fails at c/p today*

calliopes_muse_2: I’m calliopes_muse. One of the troublemakers that got the OVS going. *pointedly glares at geek*

suzotchka67: I’m suzotchka67, and i’ve written a few Otalia fics, including a couple featuring Doris, as well as things in other fandoms

Rysler: Hi AJ! I’m Rysler. I’ve written Otalia fic and I host the Otalia Thematic Index, and write the Among the Words blog for Venice: The Series. All hail the OVS folks!

geekgrrllurking: *looks innocent* what did I do now CM?

Ceridwyn2: Thematic Index is awesome stuff

calliopes_muse_2: Always something, Geek.

ariestess: So, does anyone have a question or shall I start things off?

geekgrrllurking: I’m Geekgrrllurking, the other troublemaker with OVS and I’ve written a few Otalia fics in my day

Ceridwyn2: pussycat was trying to help type. Her way of letting me know she wants treats

calliopes_muse_2: Just a few. Huh, Trouble!

Ceridwyn2: Ditto, me, Geek & Callie. I’m up to 5 full eps, 2 partial eps, and a few minisodes.

geekgrrllurking: well, there are a lot still in progress I guess

ariestess: Okay, so for the first question to the panelist, let’s try this. What keeps the GL femslash alive for you?

Ceridwyn2: not including beta work

calliopes_muse_2: LOL!

thebronzey: y’all crazy

thebronzey: but awesome!

Ceridwyn2: the damn characters keep telling me to write their stories.

geekgrrllurking: I’d say that writing the characters in alternate yet similar universes keeps them interesting for me

Ceridwyn2: Especially Dinah, for some reason

calliopes_muse_2: For me personally, it’s the characters. Olivia and Natalia are so amazing to write.

Rysler: There’s so much source material. If I get bored with angst, I can go to pre-slash. If I get bored with post-series honeymoon, I can start all over at Natalia’s a maid and that’s hot.

Ceridwyn2: I manage to get her working as a waitress at Company…

calliopes_muse_2: The OVS has helped me too because I can imagine them going on and living their lives together with their children.

geekgrrllurking: I can agree with that CM, it took the sting out out the show being cancelled, and continued it in a direction that I really enjoyed

suzotchka67: in terms of reading: i think there’s still so much to ‘fix’ with respect to how TPTB handled the s/l (aka the Frank factor), that i really enjoy reading all the possible takes on how things *could* have played out

calliopes_muse_2: The fact that GL gave them a future helped immensely. Unlike some other fandoms, there’s been hope for them.

Ceridwyn2: I also like the fact that OVS unlike some stories, goes beyond just Otalia and uses other characters as well

geekgrrllurking: I never get tired of a Frank bashing fic, lol!

thebronzey: hehe yeah Frank bashing ftw

Rysler: Good point, suzotcha67. That’s a huge driving factor for me too.

suzotchka67: plus, up to a certain point, the Otalia s/l on screen was the best i’d seen (until it wasn’t, anyway)

calliopes_muse_2: Well, hopefully, we’ve fixed some of that too.

Ceridwyn2: They certainly had a future, and I’m glad Callie & Geek were nuts enough to continue that story

suzotchka67: so, there’s still that fascination with the characters

ariestess: LOL @ Frank bashing.

geekgrrllurking: also there is the CC production machine out there giving us other versions of Otalia

ariestess: That is true, Geek…

calliopes_muse_2: I have to agree with Ceri too because the other characters keep propelling them forward. As much as I’d love for them to stay holed up in the bedroom having amazing sex, they do have kids and jobs. Eventually, they have to come up for air. LOL

Ceridwyn2: And aside from Otalia in OVS, the other characters are also dynamic. Like Blake, Doris, Anna, Eleni, Reva, etc

Ceridwyn2: And Dinah just doesn’t shut up

Ceridwyn2: Okay, she doesn’t shut up in my head.

calliopes_muse_2: Honestly our original characters like Anna have intrigued me more than some of the GL peeps.

geekgrrllurking: the GL universe is a rich resource for fic ideas

ariestess: LOL

Ceridwyn2: I do like our version of Eleni tho….

suzotchka67: plus, i loved Doris and the whole Doris/Blake shipper fic phenomenon, as well

calliopes_muse_2: I like Eleni too.

Ceridwyn2: One of my favourite things in writing the OVS, is writing Natalia’s back story in S1.

geekgrrllurking: Blis was one of those interesting never in a scene together and yet were femslashed

Aquila1nz: two scenes, right near the end

Ceridwyn2: very few scenes together

calliopes_muse_2: If it hadn’t been for them sitting on the bed that ONE time on GL, would we even have Blis? It takes so little.

Rysler: That’s the fun part. The WTF in the What If.

Ceridwyn2: And I liked the development of Ashlee & Rafe.

suzotchka67: and yet Blis was so awesome, because you could still *see* it in your head, whether or not the two ever interacted onscreen *lol*

ariestess: Next question, since we have so many OVS peeps on the panel. How do you separate OVS ideas from regular Otalia ideas?

calliopes_muse_2: I loved developing Natalia’s past too from what little we knew about her.

Aquila1nz: nope, blis already existed, enough that the actresses knew how we’d respond to that bed scene

Ceridwyn2: there are other Otalia ideas?

thebronzey: zombies… lol jkjkjk

Ceridwyn2: lol

geekgrrllurking: Oh bronzey don’t tease us with zombies

calliopes_muse_2: In a way, I think that’s the reason I haven’t written that much Otalia that’s not OVS. I’m so invested in that world that it’s hard to separate.

ariestess: LOL @ Ceri

Ceridwyn2: Okay, mind you, I’ve only written one non-OVS Otalia story

calliopes_muse_2: Damn it, bronzey! I want my zombie-fighting Otalia back! Don’t tease!

geekgrrllurking: I think the Otalia fics I have outside of OVS are in alternate versions of GL, so it’s easier to keep seperate

Rysler: vampires. What I love about OVS is that it feels like watching the show. It has a very concrete aspect that ties it to GL in ways that AUs or even past fics don’t. So in that way, it’s become Otalia. I cannot overstate that.

Rysler: Or, what Geekgirllurking said.

thebronzey: I finished it in my head… it was glorious.

Ceridwyn2: LOL bronzey

geekgrrllurking: lol Rysler

calliopes_muse_2: Right there as well, Geek. If I write them, I write them in an alternate universe. *cue me ignoring the call to continue my Xena/Otalia x-over*

Ceridwyn2: Bwahaha, callie

geekgrrllurking: hey we finished the pirate fic, cut yourself some slack CM

ariestess: *nods*

calliopes_muse_2: see, an alternate world!

Ceridwyn2: brb

calliopes_muse_2: I LOVED writing that fic!

geekgrrllurking: Me too

Rysler: I love reading it. And not having to do any work!

geekgrrllurking: however having said that I write in several different fandoms all the time, so if i feel stale in OTalia I just write something else for a bit

calliopes_muse_2: Actually, I have an original fic that at one time I did as a jump off of Xena and Gabrielle, but they became more like Otalia in my head by the end.

geekgrrllurking: and sometimes it takes a little rereading of OVS to get my head back into that universe

ariestess: I know I’ve written a handful of Otalia fics [including one OVS minisode], but I think I’m still in a minority in that Natalia doesn’t really have a pull for me. I’m all over Olivia like white on rice, but Natalia? Meh…

Rysler: I find when I write Natalia I have to assume and create a lot, and really make an effort to define her.

calliopes_muse_2: I like both of them for different reasons.

geekgrrllurking: with Natalia there is the fun element of spirituality that isn’t common in other characters out there

calliopes_muse_2: There have been some writers that have taken on Natalia’s POV in fics, and I admire that. She is hard to define because we didn’t have much to work with from canon.

ariestess: @Geek :: There is the spirituality aspect that nromally pulls me in, but for some reason it doesn’t with Natalia. I STILL haven’t figured that out yet.

suzotchka67: i seem to be able to get into either Olivia’s or Natalia’s head fairly easily, which isn’t always the case for me, when writing any given pairing. i tend to identify more with one than the other :/

Ceridwyn2: Just finished writing a couple Hospital Central fic stories, which separated me out of Otalia fandom for a bit

calliopes_muse_2: For some though, it’s hard to identify with the spirituality part of Natalia, and I think it makes it hard for some to identify with her.

Ceridwyn2: Sometimes I just need to get out of that space before I get back into it again

ariestess: *nods*

Ceridwyn2: It depends on the scene. I enjoy writing scenes with Natalia and Emma for example

curlytops20: sorry i’m a little late folks what did i miss

Ceridwyn2: I have a seafood paella here and the cat is driving me nuts

suzotchka67: well, i admit, i do have to think of Natalia as more ‘spriritual’ as opposed to ‘religious’, as in adhering to doctrine. b/c that allows me more flexibility in dealing with her dealing with her baggage, if that makes any sense…

ariestess: Making Natalia spiritual as opposed to religious does help.

geekgrrllurking: the interesting thing about Otalia is that the fans have very definite ideas of what "their Otalia" is like, so as a writer you don’t want to annoy readers, but the fun part is pulling the characters apart to see how they think/react

Ceridwyn2: And I love how we’ve explored Sister Anne in our OVS, since she was only ever on-screen for one ep

Daxilla: always late. Sorry! Howdy

geekgrrllurking: and Father Ray was SO annoying

calliopes_muse_2: and to push them into other areas that WILL push the limits of reader acceptance

Ceridwyn2: yes

geekgrrllurking: Hey Dax!

Daxilla: hey!

Ceridwyn2: hence using Sister Anne much more

calliopes_muse_2: Hey Dax!!!

Ceridwyn2: hey Dax

Daxilla: so many faces I have missed!

Daxilla: so are we bashing Father Ray cuz he was an ass

calliopes_muse_2: I never saw Natalia especially religious except when she needed something to fall back on to make her world make sense. Spirituality is what she evolved into as she fell for Olivia.

curlytops20: ass is too polite lol

ariestess: LOL @ Dax.

geekgrrllurking: @Dax like we’d do anything else when talking about the good Father, lol

Ceridwyn2: very true, especially post kidnapping

calliopes_muse_2: Hehehehe

suzotchka67: @ Dax pretty much, although it was in connection with discussing the difficulties of getting into Natalia’s head, b/c of the religious aspects of the character

Daxilla: I still think it was interesting how she EVOLVED into such a religious character when she was to become inolved with O

calliopes_muse_2: For those who have been reading OVS 3, you all will notice several faces that were commonly around in previous seasons not being as prominent this time. Just sayin’. *wicked smile*

Daxilla: I dont remember her being so "Yay God" before that

geekgrrllurking: True, I was just wondering if that was something that happened as she became more aware of her attraction and then she pulled the religious card as an excuse

Daxilla: THAT is a good theory

Ceridwyn2: I think her relationship with Olivia changed her perception of her religious background

calliopes_muse_2: It did seem she pulled it out more any time her life became out of control

calliopes_muse_2: She was like that when Gus died too.

Daxilla: until she immersed herself in it when she lost her nugget over O

Ceridwyn2: so, bringing that forward forced her to acknowledge the difference btw doctrine and her own view of love being love

calliopes_muse_2: I guess that’s what I mean by it being her fall back position.

suzotchka67: that’s a good point. i’d missed out on a lot of the Natalia backstory the first time around, although i saw some of it after the fact, so i never really caught onto the fact that she *became* more obviously religious as the story progressed

Daxilla: painfully so

ariestess: *nods*

Rysler: I think that’s one of the things even spiritual people want to "fix." It was so haphazard that it just creates more possibilities for us.

geekgrrllurking: also was this a ploy by the GL writers to play the conservative viewers vs the liberal viewers

ariestess: Okay, so now we’ll just open a big old can of worms. What would you change with the Otalia storyline if you could go back?

calliopes_muse_2: one of the first scenes I saw of Natalia was right after Olivia got Gus’s heart and Natalia was in that bun and dark suit. She looked like a prunie old nun and I thought, "OMG! Olivia’s supposed to be attracted to THAT?!" LOL

Daxilla: the pregnancy. It was ridiculous

Ceridwyn2: doctine being about gays & lesbians being wrong vs her heart which said, this love can’t really be wrong if its this powerful

Rysler: No baby.

geekgrrllurking: Natalia disappearing without a trace. I could deal with the baby, somewhat, but the running away thing was annoying.

Ceridwyn2: Yes, Geek

calliopes_muse_2: I don’t have as much problem with the baby but the Nataway…that still irks me to no end.

Daxilla: oh and… might have been a tad more realistic if they had maybe.. I dunno… KISSED???

suzotchka67: the biggest thing for me: if Frank *had* to be in the mix, then it should have been done as a true triangle, where Natalia had genuine feelings for him that conflicted with the feelings she was developing for Olivia

thebronzey: no baby ^5 Rysler

geekgrrllurking: Lol Dax!

curlytops20: must admit i only stumbled on otailia fic after speaking to a friend so ended up watching their story on youtube….now well hooked

ariestess: The baby was a bit ridiculous with the timing, but the whole "Blake keeping such an important secret when Natalia ran away, despite seeing how much it ws killing Olivia" was awful.

suzotchka67: though my preference would have been: NO Frank, and NO oopsie-baby!

calliopes_muse_2: Yes, Dax! A kiss would have been good.

ariestess: In a lot of ways, I think that’s what started really turning Natalia "meh" for me.

geekgrrllurking: thats how a lot of us started on the obsession Curly

thebronzey: Kissing is really far too scary for daytime tv… the gay might jump from the screen and infect everyone!

Rysler: I do love the Nataway to watch all of Olivia’s exquisite pain.

Daxilla: yeah Nat running made me hate her a little bit….

Ceridwyn2: I remember sitting in Jill Hurst’s living room last year and AMC was on, right at the time Bianca & Marissa were getting close and kissing, and I remember her being rather annoyed when she said she wished they could have had Otalia do that but were blocked at every turn

ariestess: @Dax :: I agree. I was mostly meh about her, but that whole situation made me starting hating both Natalia AND Blake.

Daxilla: It will be the Gay Apocalypse!!!

calliopes_muse_2: I hated that Natalia was shown as so weak. I didn’t imagine her that way.

geekgrrllurking: the rushed drinking storyline too, well…if they’d only had more time that could have been really a big one

Daxilla: yes, Blake really pissed me off. She should NOT have taken sides

Ceridwyn2: no. not sides, but I REALLY appreciate that Jess came back early from her pregnancy to finish off the Otalia storyline, stronger than ever. She came back determined

giftofamber: @Ceri Yet B&B didn’t have the same issue w/kissing. Ideas why?

Ceridwyn2: back from mat leave, I mean

calliopes_muse_2: We all knew Olivia had drinking issues. That was no secret. That could have been more of a general issue for the Otalia relationship than only picking up more after Natalia took off

geekgrrllurking: And of course a kiss would have really helped us all

Daxilla: oh Jess I have the utmost respect for… It’s Natalia that ticked me off lol

thebronzey: I think the Otalia fandom basically took the characters and made them right… the show did it wrong, plain and simple

suzotchka67: yeah. the Nataway thing, and Blake’s involvement in it just weren’t really believable, to me. it smacked of character assasination

calliopes_muse_2: I could see Natalia telling Olivia to put down the martini because they have a kid on the way.

Ceridwyn2: B&B is Bell. GL was Proctor & Gamble and CBS

Daxilla: Olivia’s 4th of July outfit was fashion assaination….

geekgrrllurking: LOL!

geekgrrllurking: yes i totally agree

Daxilla: assassination lol

Daxilla: whatev!

ariestess: I adore Jess completely, just don’t like Natalia.

calliopes_muse_2: LOL, Dax!

Daxilla: I didnt like her again until she told Doris "She’s the love of my life." like… duh… Then I kinda liked her again

calliopes_muse_2: I liked the "you stop!" Natalia, not the Nataway one.

Ceridwyn2: I think there’s different politics around it, too.

suzotchka67: amen to that, CM

geekgrrllurking: it took me awhile as well, I think the rooftop scene drew her back into my good books

Ceridwyn2: I do know from talking to Jill that she and Ellen wanted the Otalia kissing.

ariestess: I’m honestly not sure she ever got back in my good books.

calliopes_muse_2: Awwww, the rooftop scene. She literally was trying to woo Olivia and it was so beautiful!

Ceridwyn2: AJ – you mean Blake?

geekgrrllurking: oh the dimples do me in every time AJ

ariestess: @Ceri :: Blake and Natalia both.

Ceridwyn2: Yes, the wooing and the backbone when she returned was something to behold

Rysler: I always liked the flowers. It seemed like such a blatant, out thing to do, send your "lover" flowers.

ariestess: @Geek :: Yes, I know the dimples are your kryptonite. And in other projects, like Venice, I’m sucked in.

calliopes_muse_2: Actually, I loved it the way she came back. She was very determined to get her girl. I just wish she’d never runaway to find that backbone.

geekgrrllurking: @Rysler we needed more wooing and the flowers were a good start

curlytops20: dimples make me weak at the knees

calliopes_muse_2: I think I could have taken it better if she’d just told Olivia upfront that she needed some time away to clear her head.

Ceridwyn2: Always more wooing. The only problem was that time was so short to the end

Ceridwyn2: Yeah, that was hard to take, the just disappearing. that was out of character

ariestess: @CM :: ITA! That would have made great strides toward Natalia being more elevated in my brain.

Rysler: Olivia’s 4th of July puppy love is heartbreaking.

suzotchka67: @CM – yeah. Nat running away without a word just didn’t fit the character, imo, b/c it was unnecessarily cruel

calliopes_muse_2: I’m very thankful we got them together in the flashforward.

Ceridwyn2: but pissed that everyone but Olivia got to hold her daughter

Ceridwyn2: We fixed that in the OVS

calliopes_muse_2: Yes, Ceri.

geekgrrllurking: sometimes i think OVS is fan therapy, lol

ariestess: LOL

Rysler: Oh definitely!

calliopes_muse_2: LOL, I know it was MY therapy.

Ceridwyn2: LMAO

suzotchka67: lol

Ceridwyn2: Looking back at the OVS, we’ve got a LOT of story in there

ariestess: *nods* Very true.

calliopes_muse_2: Yes, we have!!!!

Ceridwyn2: 17 eps plus I think 3 minisodes in S1, S2 10 eps + minisodes, and S3 8 eps in with 2 more to go, and minisodes

geekgrrllurking: you all still haven’t let me run Frank over with a purple bus, just sayin’

curlytops20: lmao geek

calliopes_muse_2: LOL!

ariestess: Geek, you need to just give up that ghost.

suzotchka67: LOL @Geek – ohpleaseohplease, let me know when you do

Ceridwyn2: LOL. But…but…but. There are two eps left to go. a purple minibus in a minisode?

geekgrrllurking: I think it was the first thing I pitched in Season 1

ariestess: Your continuity beta would smack you for it.

Ceridwyn2: LOL

curlytops20: havnt read s3 eps yet waiting for completion first

calliopes_muse_2: How about as a dream?

Ceridwyn2: We could almsot make it like Dallas – a whole season that’s a dream…but not. Maybe one minisode

ariestess: *shakes head*

Alsike: he doesn’t have to die. An incident with a minibus is totally a soap-tastic element

Daxilla: bleh

calliopes_muse_2: Now you all can see where the madness comes from.

Rysler: Muwhhahaaha.

Ceridwyn2: lol

geekgrrllurking: Hm, a dream minisode, that sounds awfully interesting

Daxilla: he is in a coma!!

Daxilla: I could stand Frank in a coma

Aquila1nz: i’d accept a cery long term coma

Daxilla: if he didnt talk

Daxilla: or move

Ceridwyn2: LOL

Daxilla: or … breathe… too mych

ariestess: LOL @ Dax! ITA!

Daxilla: much

geekgrrllurking: lol dax

calliopes_muse_2: ROFL…you all are BAD!

Ceridwyn2: It would be another case that Dr. Rick screwed up

suzotchka67: LOL @Dax

Ceridwyn2: Mind you, we did kill off Marina, the oranged-one

Daxilla: at least a chart mix up? Accidental colonoscopy?

geekgrrllurking: we must get bonus points for the offing of the orange one

curlytops20: lol yeah explore the working for his mind wilst hes out cold then when he comes round hes had personality transplant is is lusting after father ray/dr rick

Ceridwyn2: DAX – Bwahahahahah. Oh gods

calliopes_muse_2: SHE HAD TO DIE!!!! Grrrrr…

Daxilla: I thought she was a descendent of the Oompa Loompas

calliopes_muse_2: Bwahahaha, curly

Ceridwyn2: No, Dr Rick & Phillip. Now those two you could slash

Ceridwyn2: Along with Remy & Cyrus

geekgrrllurking: totally slash material

Rysler: Oh yes.

calliopes_muse_2: I think the readers can appreciate that they’ve gotten a fairly sane OVS after seeing this. *snickers*

curlytops20: yup

ariestess: LMAO

Ceridwyn2: Yeah, you should see our writer’s discussion sessions…or maybe not

ariestess: And now y’all can see what this poor continuity beta has had to deal with for 3 years. LOL!

calliopes_muse_2: Yeah, NOT!

curlytops20: luv to b fly on the wall

calliopes_muse_2: Some of us could get committed to Ravenwood for our comments.

giftofamber: I think some of those writers discussion sessions would be interesting reads

ariestess: Chaos!

geekgrrllurking: I have to say, group brainstorming is awesome. I always thought it would be hard to write in a group, but it’s been such a fun thing.

ariestess: *smirks*

Ceridwyn2: Ravenwood, yeah. Hey maybe we can send a minibused accident prone Frank that way

calliopes_muse_2: I’ve already bought a shredder, Amber. Hehehe!

ariestess: LOL

geekgrrllurking: so much material is tossed up and only a small portion is used

calliopes_muse_2: It has been awesome, but it’s been because of awesome people.

Ceridwyn2: yeah, I do tend to go crazy on the beta work I’ve done…

ariestess: There have been some incredibly awesome people in OVS.

curlytops20: can i just say tho its been a pleasure reading ur works on IF made me raise a smile in many a dark moment so thanks

ariestess: And we have about 12 minutes here. Any questions from our audience?

Ceridwyn2: And really glad when my betas thoroughly go thru my eps because it makes them better in the end

calliopes_muse_2: I do a virtual season again in a heartbeat! maybe not RUN it, now mind you, but write for it or do art for it…definitely.

ariestess: LOL!

geekgrrllurking: aw, thanks curly. I love IF too, there are so many talented writers out there and it’s a great community for new writers

Ceridwyn2: Speaking of, Callie, let me know what ads you want for ep 9

calliopes_muse_2: ‘k

calliopes_muse_2: I know, we’ve just been yacking. Someone HAS to have a question?!

Ceridwyn2: I prefer reading GL stuff on LJ but that’s personal preference for quality of fic.

geekgrrllurking: I believe I have smut to write for a certain minisode going up tomorrow as well

Daxilla: mmmm smut

calliopes_muse_2: Yes you do!

geekgrrllurking: mmm smut

Daxilla: you owe me a coke!

Daxilla: jinx!

Ceridwyn2: Callie, who are our betas for ep9?

geekgrrllurking: lol

curlytops20: theres an lj gl pg??? can i have a link pls

ariestess: *raises hand and waves it at Ceri*

calliopes_muse_2: I’ll send it later, Ceri.

Ceridwyn2: okie dok

Ceridwyn2: Hiya AJ

ariestess: Wait, did I read ep 9 yet? I didn’t get a couple in there…

Ceridwyn2: No, we’re still writing it

ariestess: *has mushy swiss cheese for a brain atm*

geekgrrllurking: no it’s still sitting in my inbox, its a combined effort

ariestess: Oh good!

Ceridwyn2: Callie, Geek & Me

calliopes_muse_2: I’ll send you a draft later, AJ.

ariestess: sweet!

geekgrrllurking: I have to say how much of a fan I am of Rysler and friends Venice recaps. Kudos to you and the girls!

Ceridwyn2: ditto. Awesome stuff

ariestess: I need to go catch up on those, as I haven’t seen ANY of S3 except for the first ep that was free.

Rysler: Thank you so much. I’m just the heavy. Kelinswriter and Jaina bring the talent, as they do to their stories.

calliopes_muse_2: *nods*

Ceridwyn2: Curly, yes there is.

ariestess: I need to find the money to buy the DVDs.

curlytops20: ceri do u have a link pls?

geekgrrllurking: just read the recaps, its almost as good, lol

ariestess: LOL

Rysler: We tactfully ignore any bad parts.

Ceridwyn2: here you go –

geekgrrllurking: Lol, good way to put it, still its a fun thing

curlytops20: when is the grove airing?

Ceridwyn2: It’s filming in Aug

Rysler: I don’t think it’s started shooting yet, but it’s moving along and I can’t wait. I think it’ll be more soapy than Venice. If that’s possible.

geekgrrllurking: Lol, really?

calliopes_muse_2: I’m really looking forward to The Grove!

curlytops20: sorry got booted

geekgrrllurking: I can’t get into the bold andthe beautiful at all

thebronzey: bah @ emoticons not bending to my will

curlytops20: can i have the link again pls sorry to b a pain

Ceridwyn2: I’ve watched a few eps. I can pick it up on my iPad with the CTV app

geekgrrllurking: and I’ve been trying but they drag it out so long and then bam rush into something and then nothing again, urg!

Ceridwyn2: is Burning City

curlytops20: can’t get b&b over here most annoying

Ceridwyn2: I tend to check the BPD to check for days that CC’s story is on

calliopes_muse_2: I haven’t gotten into B&B, but I have watched the Karen/Danielle clips.

calliopes_muse_2: It’s cute.

curlytops20: thanks ceri

calliopes_muse_2: I still love Otalia most of all. There will never be another Olivia Freakin’ Spencer.

geekgrrllurking: CC would have chemistry with a plant, and it’s true, but they are cute together as well

ariestess: LOL!

Ceridwyn2: No, there won’t

curlytops20: lol geek

ariestess: Thank you to all of the panelists and attendees for making this such a great panel!

Ceridwyn2: reminds me, the CCnF chat is this evening

geekgrrllurking: thanks for joining us gang!

Rysler: It was wonderful to see all of you.

suzotchka67: great panel, everyone!!

calliopes_muse_2: I’ve enjoyed being here again this year. Thanks for asking me to join!

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