Sci-Fi and Fantasy

ariestess: Okay, so scifi and fantasy…

Jaely: I don’t post on P&P now because I don’t have a beta so all my stuff now goes up on FFN

geekgrrllurking: These are the voyages of the Sci Fi panel, to boldly go where no panel has gone before…

the_dhamphir: I’m here for that one too. So for those of you who haven’t already heard this… I’m Dhamphir, and I write for X-Files, SG-1, and have tested the waters with Bird of Prey.

the_dhamphir: aj?

ariestess: I’m doing double duty tonight, both here and in the other room. But I’ve written a whole bunch of scifi and fantasy fandoms.

Aquila1nz: sff is the best!

ivanolix: Geek shoooooows

the_dhamphir: I agree aquila

Alkmaion: Welcome to ‘War of the Panels, huh? *g*

the_dhamphir: I love the freedom that SFF give me

Shatterpath: D- agreed

ariestess: Oh, 2 is nnothing. I was an active mod in panels in all 3 rooms in the same hour last year.

fsc_ralst: Oh, sci-fi

ariestess: *is hardcore*

ivanolix: I like the variety that SFF can add to femslash relationships. Modern or historical stuff has all this baggage, sometimes

Jaely: rock on AJ

synergyfox: My wife has me watching SG1 because apparently I’m a horrible geek who has yet to watch said show… does anyone ship ships of doom in ASoIaF?

the_dhamphir: To explore favorite characters and to have fun with the extraordinary.

ivanolix: *flails over ASOIAF*

the_dhamphir: ASoIaF???

ariestess: AsoIaF?

Jaely: what is ASolaF?

geekgrrllurking: thanks D, I thought it was just me…

ivanolix: It’s the book series Game of Thrones was based on

the_dhamphir: please use words.. lol

synergyfox: A Song of Ice and Fire, it’s an epic fantasy series… er… what ivanolix said. XD

ariestess: Ahh

synergyfox: So much femslashy goodness

synergyfox: Hnghn

confuzzedly: song of Ice and Fire George RR Martin

ivanolix: It’s got a tiny femslash fandom which is SAD

Jaely: oh

synergyfox: Tiny but epic.

the_dhamphir: No. I generally don’t do fanfic for books

geekgrrllurking: Oh, it sounds interesting

the_dhamphir: mainly because i don’t read many of them.

fsc_ralst: book or show, the small fanfic group?

Jaely: There is only one book fan fic I write and that is HP

synergyfox: Both

ivanolix: There’s also the show. Which adds 150% more subtext to be honest

synergyfox: Both the show and the book

ariestess: My book fandom to write in is Wicked.

synergyfox: The show and the book have fairly small femslash groups… oooh Wicked.

ivanolix: Is there a book fandom for Wicked?

geekgrrllurking: so do you recommend the show more or both @syn

Shatterpath: My best SFF is from a role-playing system i guarantee no one ahs heard of

fsc_ralst: Cersei needs more scenes with adult females, because Lena always brings the subtext

ariestess: I’ve heard of it!

fsc_ralst: @iva yes

synergyfox: I personally recommend both the show and the book series. Both are excelent.

ivanolix: I ship Cersei with EVERYONE

synergyfox: *excellent

Alkmaion: Hm…a Song of Isles and Fire, perhaps?

Jaely: Whitewolf Shatter?

fsc_ralst: Cersei is amazing, so flawed, but amazing

ivanolix: Actually I ship all the girls with all the girls in Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire. It’s one of my super shippy fandoms

synergyfox: Of course Lena brings all the subtext to everything ralst… everything… there is no possible way to have her in something and not have her bring subtext to the floor.

Shatterpath: JAely- No, but I have a damn good crossover with CSINY and WhiteWolf I should finish one day

synergyfox: Everyone’s pretty damned flawed in that series. It’s why I love them all so very much.

fsc_ralst: @synergy totally agree

synergyfox: *flails over white wolf*

ariestess: Yes, Doggie, you SHOULD finish it.

geekgrrllurking: Yes, Doggie, you should!

geekgrrllurking: ack stop that AJ

ariestess: Brainshare with the geek!

Shatterpath: Ponies first, dammit!

ariestess: LOL

ivanolix: Ponies…MLP?

Shatterpath: I have to get those technicolor buggers OUT of my head

synergyfox: YES

synergyfox: YES

Jaely: it was a guess Shatter you sent me the CSI/white wolf one which I love btw

synergyfox: Allll the ponies

synergyfox: mwahahaha

ivanolix: I ship Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash. Hard.

Shatterpath: I am a rare disliker of Dash

alannasky: meow i would love to stay for this chat…but getting way tired and body is hurting…i hope i can see u all guys tomorrow…all i need to know is if this is going to be recorded and put on web and if so, which website

Shatterpath: she annoys me the same way Tony DiNozzo does

fsc_ralst: Erm, drag queens?

ariestess: me, too. Dash is annoying.

synergyfox: @ivanolix of course you ship them. You are TS and I am RD

ivanolix: I don’t like Dash personally but I think she’s perfect for Twilight

tristianmakhai: It is so weird having been a kid that had MLP, to see it 20 years later emerging as a major femslash fandom.

Shatterpath: I’m a die hard Twi and Applejack

synergyfox: @ralst *perks up* Drag Queens are sexy, what about drag queens?

ivanolix: Actually I ship a lot of things where I don’t like one of the characters. Is that weird?

synergyfox: Nope! Hate!Sex

ariestess: @alanna :: The transcripts will be on, but give us a couple of weeks to get everything ready.

Otakugamer01: dash?

fsc_ralst: Sparkles and Rainbows, wondering if they’re drag queen names?

tristianmakhai: Nah, it’s like being friends with one half of a couple: one is a friend, the other becomes something tolerable when they treat that friend well.

Jaely: I’m lost on the Dash too…

Otakugamer01: same here raslt

Shatterpath: I fell hard for Applejack, because I’m most like her and found the nerdy unicorn to be teh best match

Shatterpath: *laughs at Ralst*

geekgrrllurking: Question for the panel, do you prefer writing sci fi or fantasy?

synergyfox: @ralst while they would be perfect drag names – no they’re short for Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash.

Shatterpath: oh, geek, you silly. BOTH

the_dhamphir: I lean more toward sci fi i think, geek

Otakugamer01: which are who/what now?

ariestess: Both. Though my original fic is leaning toward fantasy.

Shatterpath: it’s a cartoon on The Hub

fsc_ralst: @synergy, and they’re not drag queens? sorry never heard of them

ariestess: If I ever get that bitch tamed.

alannasky: okay thanks ariestess…i will see u tomorrow…good night everyone….stargate sg1…sam/doctor… of twilight and fluttershy

Shatterpath: it’s a decedant and shameful secret many share

synergyfox: @ralst no, no… they’re only in drag when rarity dresses them up.

synergyfox: IT IS NOT SHAMEFUL

Liberty Stewart: GeekG: Depends what I’m writing. Both kind of have their advantages.

Shatterpath: LOL

synergyfox: Tame that bitch, tame it.

ivanolix: It is only shameful if you’re not in the fandom

ivanolix: lol

ariestess: @synergyfox :: LOL!

alannasky: cannot make myself ship any of the characters

Jaely: I have to go with both as well

Shatterpath: I know, but it amuses me and makes me cringe how into this show I am

Jaely: they both have their good and bad points to write with

fsc_ralst: and the name of the show is?

the_dhamphir: Very true Jaely

geekgrrllurking: I think I lean to sci fi myself

synergyfox: @ralst my little pony

tristianmakhai: @Doggie: now you know how ever Sailormoon writer felt. 😛

synergyfox: @ralst… technically – My little pony friendship is magic

the_dhamphir: I consider X-Files and Bird of Prey sci fi, but they also have fantasy elements

pbandfluff: Nothin wrong with bronies and pegasises. Pegasisi? Pegasis’? However the plural goes.

Shatterpath: stupid name, awesome show

fsc_ralst: Okay… moves a step back

geekgrrllurking: @ralst be afraid, lol

synergyfox: I love writing fantasy

synergyfox: @ralst watch a few eps and you will be CONSUMED with brony feels

ariestess: "Pegasi are NOT Pegasissies."

ariestess: Thank you, Rainbow Dash.

ivanolix: Fantasy fits with my sense of creativity more. Sci-fi confuses me sometimes

yurianimeotaku: @Shatterpath There is a femslash fandom for My Little Pony?

synergyfox: AHHH scary emoticon

fsc_ralst: I’ve written more sci-fi, kinda, but I think I prefer to read fantasy

the_dhamphir: when i think of fantasy, i think of shows like LoTS.

geekgrrllurking: Yes @D I’d say the same for several of the sci fi shows, there are fantasy elements in them

Liberty Stewart: Fantasy would also include Buffy/Angel.

ivanolix: Fantasy has sexier settings/styles, I’ve found. Porn is more fun to write in fantasy, lol

fsc_ralst: *looks for exit*

confuzzedly: lost girl is fantasy.

tristianmakhai: I think Science Fiction can be a lot more intimidating because you have Hard Sci Fi with a MASSIVE amount of lore, and then Soft Sci Fi which seems to get a lot of grief. Fantasy, there is hard fantasy, but it seems a lot more forgiving to a writer.

synergyfox: @dhamphir i think of LotS and GoT/ASoIaF *nods lots*… but I’m still a LotSie soooo

ariestess: Would it be fantasy or supernatural?

pbandfluff: Would OUaT fall into fantasy, or…?

fsc_ralst: Legend of the Seeker, Xena etc

Shatterpath: yuri- Yes. Mostly written by young men. Which is squicky, I know, but I’m still cauight up in my own saga

ivanolix: Lost Girl is urban fantasy, LotS is high fantasy, Buffy is supernatural/horror

the_dhamphir: Yes, Lost GIrl and Buffy, and Xena, and Seeker… those are fantasy shows

Otakugamer01: OUaT fantasy for the magic aspect

Jaely: ohhh lost girl is fun! but I like getting into fan vids and graphics with that show

the_dhamphir: Yep

Shatterpath: i’m still waiting for inspiration from OUaT

ivanolix: Fantasy is just so *pretty* too. Hairporn and dressporn and corsets and horses. But then again sci-fi has uniform porn and gun porn… Ahhhh

Jaely: but I’m like that with nearlly all fandoms as I’m a graphic artist so I love getting into the art along with the writing

synergyfox: :3 My friend and I are writing an OUaT fic.. it’s at… 50k so far?

the_dhamphir: I have written a couple of ficlet for Lost Girl… one with Bo and Scully. lol

Shatterpath: Oooo! Jaely, I might have to hire you!

ariestess: @ivanolix :: YES!

fsc_ralst: Cara and Kahlan = best fight porn

geekgrrllurking: And I’ve tinkered with Scully and Oracle

the_dhamphir: I know geek.. *G*

pbandfluff: OUaT is like my crack. Ship ALL the females!

Jaely: I would love to do graphics for anyone that would want one

Liberty Stewart: I don’t know why, but I feel there’s more scifi in video games than either movies or TV. Or atleast recently.

shaych03: i love mixing and matching – sci fi with some fantasy and some steampunk tossed in for good measure

geekgrrllurking: which oddly enough made a really good crossover

ivanolix: Cara and Kahlan = best porn in general XD

the_dhamphir: I think it was my prompt

geekgrrllurking: same with SG1 and Battlestar Galactica

geekgrrllurking: Yes it was D and I will finish it, I swear

tristianmakhai: Research, for example, is a HELL of a lot more daunting for me when it comes to my science fiction projects, over the fantasy ones.

ariestess: @pb :: LOL! As long as Regina’s involved and there’s no incest or underage sex, I’m happy.

synergyfox: @ralst – what fight porn? That’s totally Mord’Sith foreplay, Cara has been teaching Kahlan the art of such things.

pbandfluff: @ari Yes! Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes.

the_dhamphir: Cara and Kahlan were made for each other!!

fsc_ralst: @syn Oh yeah

Jaely: trist, I agree the reasearch is a lot more daunting for Sci-Fi

synergyfox: @dhamphir Heh, I multiship in that fandom…

ariestess: @pb :: Though I admit I’m mainly a Swan Queen girl, I’m considering branching out for Regina.

ivanolix: Though research for BSG isn’t as hard. You can kind of bs your way through their "science" and sound geeky

fsc_ralst: Cara and Kahlan had so much subtext, even with Richard hanging around

the_dhamphir: I know. it’s why I recc’d you for the panel. *G*

pbandfluff: @ari Swan Queen, Red Queen, Snow Queen, Evil Princess, I swoon for them all, but Swan Queen holds my heart.

ariestess: @ivanolix :: So true re: BSG and their "science"

synergyfox: @ralst mwahaha, Cara gets introduced – Kahlan suddenly starts dressing up a bit more and showing off a lot more thigh… and side eye glances… and side boob glances…

ariestess: @pb :: Evil Princess?

Liberty Stewart: @ralst: Seeker also had a lot of maintext ever since Cara came on.

fsc_ralst: @syn Kahlan is a little hussy

pbandfluff: @ari Regina and Kathryn

Alkmaion: @ralst: that gives me the image of a hanged man, swinging in the wind *g*

ariestess: @pb :: *facehoof* Of course!

the_dhamphir: Yes. Cara is bi in canon

fsc_ralst: @alk lol

synergyfox: @ralst Bahahahhaa… … wait! @ivanolix didn’t you do a whore!kahlan?

the_dhamphir: as is Bo in lost girl

ariestess: @pb :: I’m even going so far as to rewrite "The Stable Boy" where Daniel is really Danielle.

ivanolix: @syn Yup

synergyfox: @ivanolix… i need to reread that

pbandfluff: @ari I’ve read a few stories going in that vein and I really like the idea. I eagerly await your version.

ivanolix: I need to write more in that universe. I spent a lot of work on developing that AU and so far all I’ve written is a oneshot porn

synergyfox: Yes… yes you do…

synergyfox: er @ivanolix

ariestess: @pb :: It’s part of the onceuponabang stories that I’m doing. Should be out in August?

synergyfox: Ah… the glory of ao3… I just have to skim past your 63 lots fics… clearly you need to write 6 more

pbandfluff: @ari Yay! Then I will sit here consumed with impatience until then. 😛

the_dhamphir: What is your all time favorite SFF pairing?

Otakugamer01: i’m finally trying my hand at writing, it’s an AU OUaT fic I’ve been slooowly fiddling with it and i’m 4 chapters in, many to go, but I have a clear idea where I want this fic to go, and yes it’s swan queen

ivanolix: Choosing a favorite pairing is like choosing a favorite child. I refuse.

the_dhamphir: @ ivanolix LOL

ariestess: Alex/Rachel and Susan/Talia are my top two.

Alkmaion: I don´t have a child. I do *g*

ariestess: Followed closely by Swan Queen and Troi/Crusher.

Liberty Stewart: I can’t even choose a fave movie or series let alone a pairing.

the_dhamphir: I’d have to go with Sam/Janet

synergyfox: @dhamphir D: I’m a multishipper, I can’t do that! I love them all… granted I prefer like… Dahlia/Cara or Cara/Kahlan over like… Garen/Kahlan… but like… every fandom… CANNOT DO THAT… that’s naughty.

Alkmaion: Susan/Lyta from B5.

fsc_ralst: Old school Xena/Gabrielle

Jaely: yay for Susan/Talia! that is what got me into the world of FF to begin with YEARS ago

geekgrrllurking: hard to pick just one, Ruth/Jaime Bionic woman, Sam/Janet SG1, and Xena/Gabrielle

Otakugamer01: i start listing them and it’s a LONG list but i keep shuffling the order depending on my mood

ariestess: It was Troi/Crusher for me, but there’s something really visceral about Susan/Talia. Plus it was, y’know, canon.

synergyfox: Ah… whore!Kahlan… found you…

geekgrrllurking: ooh, forgot Swan Queen too

Shatterpath: *sighs dreamily over Ruth*

michelle_2011: I agree I like several apirings

pbandfluff: Bering and Wells, Swan Queen, Cara/Kahlan, J7, Xena/Gabrielle, and so on and so on.

the_dhamphir: Does anyone know if there’s new B5 fic being written?

ariestess: I’m doing what I can with B5 fic…

fsc_ralst: didn’t you post one the other day aj?

Liberty Stewart: Surprised no one mentioned Lena Headey Connor yet.

ariestess: I just did a full series rewatch with my nephew last month.

geekgrrllurking: @Doggie, Ruth is dreamy all right

the_dhamphir: as B5 or as LWM?

Alkmaion: @ralst: Heh, reminds me of a 2Broke girld’ moment of ‘old schooling it’ *g*

ariestess: @ralst :: Um…

shaych03: writing b5 is so very hard because i so much appreciate what JMS accomplished, story wise

fsc_ralst: @aj?

geekgrrllurking: Oh, yeah @Lib, TSCC is a good sci fi one too

ariestess: @D :: I don’t have B5 in LWM.

the_dhamphir: okay

ariestess: @ralst :: I"m trying to remember if I’ve posted B5 fic recently…

fsc_ralst: @aj I thought you did because I made an obviously translucent mental note to go back and read after Con

Liberty Stewart: I must’ve missed it but what does LWM stand for?

Alkmaion: Well, I would have loved to have Susan lead the resistance instead of Sheridan, no disrespect to JMS…

the_dhamphir: Do you think SFF tends to have more longevity than other genres?

ivanolix: TSCC had some really good femslash potential, yes. I miss that show so much

ariestess: @ralst :: There was one in the calendar that Susan P wrote. Maybe that’s what you’re thinking of?

ariestess: @Lib :: LWM is Light, Water, Muses — a HUGE multi-series AU that Shatterpath and I have been writing since late 2000.

Shatterpath: It’s awsome and MASSIVE

Shatterpath: gotta finish posting that too….

Liberty Stewart: What fandom is Light Water Muses centered on?

fsc_ralst: @aj maybe

the_dhamphir: what fandom isn’t in it. LOL

Jaely: lol

ariestess: @Lib :: It depends on what part of the universe you’re in. There are 30+ fandoms included in the whole thing.

Shatterpath: Hey, all of you, so that we don’t take over this panel again, if you’re MLP fans, please email me at so that we can group up for mutual support after the con. Okay? Spraed the word!

fsc_ralst: Maybe SFF ages better, as it’s never ‘now’, so that helps it stay current?

ariestess: It started with SG1 and teh simple idea of "What would it be like if the SGC had a K9 unit.

Shatterpath: D has it right about LWM. There are over 30 fandoms in it

the_dhamphir: Could be, Ralst

geekgrrllurking: earlier today we were talking about Alien4 femslash, are there other sff film femslash out there that the panel enjoys?

Shatterpath: I like the challenge of crossovers appearantly. IT takes brainsweat to do it right

Liberty Stewart: In that case who are crossovers done in LWM? Does everyone live in the same universes or do you have a method of bringing characters together?

fsc_ralst: Resident Evil

the_dhamphir: I usually don’t get into fandom for movies.

Liberty Stewart: @Shatter: what does MLP stand for? Must’ve missed that one too.

ariestess: It’s all the same universe. And we literally have some doubles and triples.

geekgrrllurking: although sg1 started as film, right?

ivanolix: I need a series to get attached to characters. Single movies aren’t enough.

Jaely: I’m not sure I don’t get into film fandoms…

the_dhamphir: yes, but it was the show that got me interested

confuzzedly: HP of course..

geekgrrllurking: ah, good point, lol

ivanolix: Twilight femslash is pretty good >_>

the_dhamphir: There weren’t any women of note in the Stargate movie

Jaely: Well I base my HP writings on the book not the movies

synergyfox: @liberty I’m not shatter but My Little Pony is MLP..

synergyfox: Hey I like Twilight femslash…

synergyfox: And still need to finish writing my HP femslash… shite.

Liberty Stewart: @synergy: I’ll pass then.

the_dhamphir: I tried Twilight femslash, but just couldn’t get around the image of on screen bella

confuzzedly: @Jaely – good point lot of the movies are book/comics based

ivanolix: OH. Snow White and the Huntsman. Hngh.

synergyfox: hnnghn SWatH…

ivanolix: Also I sort of RPF Charlize/Kristen *guilty*

ariestess: And I’ll leave my PtL love in its little corner of the femslash world.

geekgrrllurking: HP femslash is easier to read now that Hermione has grown up in RL

synergyfox: @dhamphir that might be it. I like Kristen Stewart now.

the_dhamphir: I’m still not a KS fan

the_dhamphir: so it’s hard

synergyfox: @geek it’s still hard to write it when people demand you write sexyteims with a fourteen year old Hermione and I’m like… >_<

the_dhamphir: of course I haven’t seen Snow White yet

synergyfox: brb kitties in bad things

Shatterpath: @ Liberty- Sorry, i’m a little behind!

Liberty Stewart: Question for anyone. Does anyone remember a single scifi movie with a canon lesbian/bi?

the_dhamphir: I agree synergy. I’m not into teenage smexy times

geekgrrllurking: Mostly why I don’t read much HP fic @syn

Jaely: Oh I write a lot of HP but I never write a sex scene until they are at least 17… otherwise it’s a bit squicky for me…

the_dhamphir: The HP stuff I read has Hermoine as an adult

pbandfluff: I’ve always preferred by HP fic to be of age, so yeah, no squicks.

pbandfluff: *my

the_dhamphir: I just relate better when they’re adults

ivanolix: @liberty I’m trying but I can’t thnk of one

synergyfox: @liberty … … I can’t recall one… at least one that was good enough to note…

geekgrrllurking: @D me too, especially since Emma cut her hair shorter, she seems older now

confuzzedly: not scifi but The Hunger (fantasy)

confuzzedly: had canon lesbian pairing

Liberty Stewart: I’m trying too, but it’s damn hard. Okay scifi movie or TV series then.

ariestess: @lib :: I’m sure there was one, but not recalling any atm.

the_dhamphir: Yes, it did @ confuzz

Jaely: I can’t thik of any SciFi that had one…

geekgrrllurking: lost girls bo is canon bi

ivanolix: BSG had Helena/Gina

the_dhamphir: Do you think having a canon lesbian or bi character in a show or movie leads to more or less femslash fic?

pbandfluff: Warehouse 13 has female HG Wells as bi.

fsc_ralst: Can’t think of a film either — that’s depressing

confuzzedly: Dax/Lenara..?

Liberty Stewart: Hunger Games had canon lesbians? Which book? @Geekg: Lost Girl is fantasy though.

Jaely: Dax/Kahn were only a one shot… unfortunatly

synergyfox: @dhamphir I think it depends on how the couple is portrayed…

ivanolix: Warehouse 13 is a weird mix of fantasy and…steampunk? scifi?

confuzzedly: yea *sigh*

fsc_ralst: D – depends on the show and the chemistry

synergyfox: @dhamphir ignoreee that… I need to learn to read

ivanolix: I tend to find canon pairings boring but others don’t *shrugs*

ariestess: As much as I loved Dax/Kahn, it was a copout.

Liberty Stewart: Okay this is why scifi has no femslash following.

Jaely: Lost girl is one but it’s not film or did we move onto tv as well as film?

fsc_ralst: sci-fi has huge femslash following

confuzzedly: I agree.. why I put the question mark – it was annoying/sad

the_dhamphir: There aren’t as many women in the SFF as men, I think

synergyfox: I thought scifi had an epic femslash following… >_>

the_dhamphir: characters, I mean

ariestess: @synergy :: I did, too.

ivanolix: I don’t agree with that @dhampir

Liberty Stewart: @dhamphir: Depends how much they give us. If it’s Legend of Seeker level, would probably be more fics. If it’s Bitch Slap level, fics not necessary.

yurianimeotaku: What’s the difference between Fantasy, Paranormal, and Speculative?

fsc_ralst: you can say that for most types shows, except soaps

the_dhamphir: But when they’re there, I think their following does well.

docwho2100: Sticky FIngers of Time as a movie

ariestess: Paranormal has paranormal aspects. Like X-Files, Angel, Buffy, Poltergeist: the Legacy…

Otakugamer01: lol we love the ladies of’s just those ladies(characters) don’t so we *sigh* as always use subtext

synergyfox: Eh, it depends on how much the actors put into their characters. I mean if they’re flat, I’m not gonna ship them with anyone… if they’re an onion… I’ll ship them with everyone.

ariestess: onion?

confuzzedly: paranormal also gets shapechangers & vampires

synergyfox: many layers.

ariestess: Wait! Layered… Got it.

synergyfox: XD

Jaely: lol

the_dhamphir: I also like adding layer when exploring a character like Scully

synergyfox: Like, for example. Cara is an onion. Ivanolix is an onion. I can’t think of many non-onions atm… that won’t insight rage.

fsc_ralst: aren’t paranomal and whatever the other one was just subtets of fantasy?

the_dhamphir: In my mind, yes, ralst

confuzzedly: yea paranormal is subset of fantasy

ariestess: I used to think that Lochley from B5 was a non-onion. The rewatch showed me she’s got a couple layers.

Liberty Stewart: Oh right, scifi does have a large femslash following but mostly in TV though.

synergyfox: Denna is an onion.

Jaely: well I doubt many would remember the non-onion charcaters really

yurianimeotaku: Speculative?

synergyfox: that’s… usually what happens with non-onion characters. They’re forgettable.

confuzzedly: Scully seems to get used in more x-overs than any other character..

synergyfox: Like… we saw Prometheus… there are a few non-onions in there. Not going further into it so’s not to spoil of course (epic femslashing hnnnnghn)

the_dhamphir: That becuase there weren’t other women to pair her with until the last season

ivanolix: Padme from Star Wars is pretty non-onion

the_dhamphir: Scully is a wonderful character.

fsc_ralst: Was Prometheus any good? Want to go and see it

synergyfox: @ralst Yesss, so worth my monies.

ariestess: I agree re: Padma.

ivanolix: Prometheus was amazing!

fsc_ralst: puts it to top of my cinema list

synergyfox: Yeah… I’m of the same opinion for Padma… I just liked to look at her.

Liberty Stewart: I liked Prometheus though overall people feel mixed about it.

confuzzedly: totally agree @dhamp – also think she was so wonderfully acted that it’s kind of easy to put her in other universes.

synergyfox: I don’t think there was much of tha tmovie I didn’t enjoy, there were even people for me to ship.

the_dhamphir: @ confuzz: I know I enjoy it *G*

Liberty Stewart: Anyone from Star Wars prequel has the dimensions of a cardboard cutout.

confuzzedly: love your x-vers

synergyfox: What… you mean like Bastilla Shan and what not? @liberty

the_dhamphir: I haven’t done a lot, but I do enjoy them.

Jaely: I tend to just add my own layers to Padme…. I have a whole notebook with stories about her…

fsc_ralst: So much talk of crossovers this Con, I never knew they were so popular

the_dhamphir: I tend to go with OFC’s more though, for Scully

synergyfox: I love a well-thought-out crossover.

ariestess: If I do the lighthouse story, it’ll be both Scully/Reyes and Scully/OFC.

ivanolix: I don’t think I’ve ever found a crossover I really liked @ralst

the_dhamphir: But the bulk of the Scully slash I read had OFCs

Liberty Stewart: BTW speaking of Scully, what are people’s views on Family Guy’s comments about her turning out to be true?

the_dhamphir: don’t watch family guy….

the_dhamphir: what was said?

ariestess: @lib :: don’t watch it, so no clue.

Alkmaion: Thanks for reminding me of Padme…I needed a PPP idea *laugh*

synergyfox: ppp?

synergyfox: OH

Alkmaion: Princess Protection Program

ariestess: I was going to ask the same thing about PPP

Liberty Stewart: @synergy: Who’s Bastilla Shan?

ariestess: Ahhh

fsc_ralst: I was thinking perfectly plotted something

confuzzedly: err @lib Hollywood has "open" secrets. Think he just used one openly & no one realized til she came out

the_dhamphir: @lib: what was said about scully?

confuzzedly: that she was bi

Liberty Stewart: @dhamphir: Family Guy – "Helen Hunt and Gillian Anderson are lesbians"

Alkmaion: @aries: the first time I saw the abbreviation I thought of a term in latine grammar *smile*

confuzzedly: err thought he said she was bi..? oh doh right – was lesbian *sorry*

ariestess: @alk :: LOL

Jaely: Bastilla Shan is one of the main characters in the Game Knights of the Old Republic game

synergyfox: @liberty she was around during the jedi civil war *star wars fan here*

the_dhamphir: All I know, is I grinned when it was confirmed that GA was bi. *G*

Liberty Stewart: Gillian is bi but the Family Guy comment was mostly true.

ariestess: It wasn’t a surprise to me.

fsc_ralst: and Helen Hunt?

the_dhamphir: I didn’t know that was confirmed.

confuzzedly: wouldnt surprise me..

ariestess: Also not a surprise if it gets confirmed.

the_dhamphir: Helen Hunt in Twister.. unf

ariestess: YES!

fsc_ralst: there was talk of Helen Hunt and Sarah Jessica Parker years ago

ariestess: Probably back in the "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" era

fsc_ralst: Yeah, and a little wile after

ariestess: *nods*

Liberty Stewart: @synergy: Oh the video games? That doesn’t count, I’m talking about the lousy movies.

Alkmaion: About fantasy…what about X-overs with old fantasy settings…like sending Buffy to the Hyperborean Age?

synergyfox: @liberty she’s in a few books too if i recall correctly – or that was just in the d6 rpg… like I said… big star wars fan here XD

ariestess: I haven’t tried it, but if it’s done right, it’s fabulous.

Kaqlittle: I have read a couple of Buffy LoTR crossovers that I liked

yurianimeotaku: Besides Xena, what are the other SSF fandoms that have stood the test of time?

ariestess: B5

fsc_ralst: Voyager

synergyfox: Ach… I must get snuggles before ivanolix passes out. Night all, see you in the am-er… more… am… pm for some…

ariestess: g’night!

fsc_ralst: night syn

the_dhamphir: I think the stargate franchise has done well

ariestess: Well, the Trek franchise in general.

fsc_ralst: Voyager, yes, but the rest of Trek never really made a big femslash dent, did it?

yurianimeotaku: Anything older than B5?

Alkmaion: Does anyone think the relaunch f the ST movie will turn fans away?

Alkmaion: of

ariestess: I’ve avoided the ST reboot

fsc_ralst: No, I don’t think o

the_dhamphir: I didn’t expect to like the ST reboot… but I ended up loving it.

Liberty Stewart: @synergy: What’s your LJ username? Might want to check out your LJ one day.

the_dhamphir: She’s gone, lib. but it’s synergyfox on LJ

ariestess: @lib :: She’s gone, but I believe she’s synergyfox on LJ, too.

ariestess: And now I’m brainsharing with D!

the_dhamphir: lol

ariestess: That may be a fist!

ariestess: first

ariestess: *facehoof*

Shatterpath: AHAAHHAAHA

Shatterpath: AJ is losing it

ariestess: I"ll just shut up now

Alkmaion: @aries: I have a plot idea that uses Howard´s Conan short story ‘Gods of the North’ and switches him with B

Shatterpath: the ST reboot was better than I’d expected as well

fsc_ralst: I enjoyed the reboot

ariestess: @alk :: Interesting

Alkmaion: Buffy

the_dhamphir: I liked the way they did it. without taking away the original canon

shaych03: i liked bad ass uhura. that rocked.

fsc_ralst: It’s a fanfic AU on multi-million dollar budget

the_dhamphir: so you can it both ways.. Original canon ST and the reboot in the alt universe

the_dhamphir: yes, the new Uhura was wonderful *G*

ariestess: *nods* Good point.

Alkmaion: Kinda at the end of season 5 hen she died, and she returns much stronger, a fledging goddess, but I´m a bit unsure how to write that

Kaqlittle: if u can figure it out I bet it will be good

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