fsc_ralst: Hello and welcome to the Films panel for this year’s Con

fsc_ralst: At this point I’d usually ask all the panellists to introduce themselves but as it’s only me and ryo, whose name I can’t see, I’ll just say ‘hey’

jazwriter: man, I am so mixed up on the times *scratches head*

jazwriter: hey ralst!

fsc_ralst: Is everybody looking forward to the Con?

Liberty Stewart: so this is the film panel correct?

AllaineF4F: yes

Aquila1nz: heya ralstt

olli01a: hi

AllaineF4F: and yes

fsc_ralst: Correct

docwho2100: I’m excited

DylanChase: most certainly!

geekgrrllurking: yes

Aquila1nz: yes

shesgottaread: yay!

Alkmaion: hi

fsc_ralst: Brilliant. Okay, a question for you all, what film would you love to see more femslash for? To make it more difficult, you can only pick one

geekgrrllurking: Imagine Me and You

AllaineF4F: um

Aquila1nz: Alien4

Alkmaion: Hello

Liberty Stewart: this question is hard

fsc_ralst: I was going to say the hard ones are always the best, but maybe not

DylanChase: this is really tough…. can’t choose

AllaineF4F: I’d go obscure and say Laurel Canyon

AllaineF4F: because more than 1 would be nice

Alkmaion: My summer of Love

fsc_ralst: Okay, to make it easier, how about a choice between canon lesbian couples, like Rachel/Luce, and subtect ones?

docwho2100: Bound

Aquila1nz: i want both!

fsc_ralst: Aq – a woman after my own heart

the_dhamphir: i’m with aquila on that one

Liberty Stewart: I thought your question meant if I can make femslash happen in any movie

Liberty Stewart: My plan was to think of film with as much of my fave actors

shesgottaread: someone I invited to the con said she’d be interested in Snow White ATH

olli01a: as long as there are two characters that fit well together

fsc_ralst: Not quite, Liberty, but why not, what non-maintext film would you most like to have seen given the femslash touch?

Aquila1nz: Finn’s Girl fic would be great, but no one else saw that

Aquila1nz: i;d like to see Snow White ATH

Aquila1nz: after all, they kissed

docwho2100: Alice in Wonderland – Alice and White Queen

Alkmaion: Bride Wars slashified

fsc_ralst: Note to self, watch Snow White

AllaineF4F: Devil Wears Prada, definitely. I’d take any of three pairings for that one.

Liberty Stewart: Charlize and Kristen kissed in Snow White ATH?

Aquila1nz: it’s and Autolychus situation, ralst

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I am with Allaine on Devil Wears Prada

Gin Akasarahsmom: There are tons of DWP fics already.. but more wouldn’t hurt

shesgottaread: I’m def. w/Gin on that

BetweenLove_n_Hate: though I am partial to Snow White/Evil Queen from Snow White ATH

Aquila1nz: yeah, it’s really big for a movie fandom

Alkmaion: espcially Andy/Emily *g*

Alsike: I still want more She’s the Man fics. Not enough of those.

fsc_ralst: Ah, right, Aquila

AllaineF4F: well, are we talking about fanfic, or wishing that the movie ITSELF had more of a femslash element?

Gin Akasarahsmom: rofl.. I’m a Miranda/andy person myself…

fsc_ralst: Why do you think, for the most part, there isn’t that much film fanfic of the femslash kind?

olli01a: Avatar. Grace getting very close to a Na’vi

Aquila1nz: 1, Not many films are female centred

docwho2100: There is not as much backstory/canon/content

Alsike: Not enough time for the fandom to start gathering moss, maybe? Some things start small and pick up. Films don’t have that long to pick up.

Aquila1nz: yes, that

geekgrrllurking: I think films don’t generate the same level of fanfic because it’s not in your home every week for a season or longer. So you don’t have as much time invested perhaps

AllaineF4F: two-hour movie versus twenty, fifty, one hundred hours of television

BetweenLove_n_Hate: That’s an interesting question. A lot of films these days don’t center soley on relationships. I mean, look at the ‘popular’ movies. Even Snow White ATH is more about the adventure then the relationships or developements of the characters.

Aquila1nz: yes, Harry potter and lord of the rings wer big because tey had time to grow

geekgrrllurking: exactly AQ, a film series generates more fanfic

Aquila1nz: they’re talking abut filming Wicked again

docwho2100: They also had books to support the films

fsc_ralst: So how do we explain something like The Devil Wears Prada? Very little in the way of subtext but lots of fanfic?

Aquila1nz: that’ll grow that fandom

AllaineF4F: umm

geekgrrllurking: well, Miranda is hot

the_dhamphir: that’s simple… Miranda!

geekgrrllurking: sorry was that out loud, lol

AllaineF4F: a few good authors got ahold of the pairing, and they helped MAKE it popular

docwho2100: I think some of that is how well the actresses playing the characters are received

fsc_ralst: Erm, have to agree to disagree about that, geek

Alsike: No, no. Because it was Made For Fic.

Liberty Stewart: @ralst: Devil Wears Prada has Anne, Meryl and Emily

AllaineF4F: and Gisele

BetweenLove_n_Hate: The spark that we saw on the screen. Andy/Miranda had a LOT of screentime together and when they weren’t together in a shot usually the name of the other was on their lips. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the main characters of that movie are all women.

Alsike: I totally resisted seing the movie for way too long, and when I did, the subtext was like *facepunch*

Alsike: Definitely a Bechdel pass as well

geekgrrllurking: that could be it, the chemistry between the actresses was there if you were looking

fsc_ralst: So female-centric storylines are key? What about Fried Green Tomatoes?

geekgrrllurking: Ooh, that ‘s a good one too. Again the actresses were adorable together

Liberty Stewart: Since we’re on the topic of movies, anyone here besides me is an Amber Heard fan? I think it would be pretty sad if that’s the case

AllaineF4F: problem I had with FGT is that they stripped a lot of the canon stff from the book and made the pairing much more subtle

Aquila1nz: amusingly i’ve been reading a little Avengers femslash, and that didn’t Bechdel

fsc_ralst: and the book was maintext

Aquila1nz: but ti does have surronding canon to crossover with

AllaineF4F: Avengers femslash? There’s like, one woman in the movie

fsc_ralst: lol

Alsike: Did you read Dreiser’s gender swap fic?

Alsike: So awesome.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I think that it also has to do with what there is to work with. What we don’t see, what we can only imagine happening. I also think the year in which it was made counts for something too. Fried Green Tomatoes was 1991 even predating Xena

shesgottaread: does when a movie is released have an impact on how much femslash has come out? FGT being older?

Aquila1nz: there’s two, but the never talkk

AllaineF4F: you mean Fury’s aide?

Aquila1nz: yes, Maria Hill

Aquila1nz: but mostly crossovers

AllaineF4F: or as I liked to call her, "Doctor Director before he gave her the eyepatch"


Alsike: I can totally see that.

fsc_ralst: Are we more atune to finding the subtext and writing about it, do you mean? Maybe the second part, but my little girl radar was pinging the second I saw FGT

Aquila1nz: there’s been quite a lot of FGTomatos fic over the years, but mostly quite short stories

Liberty Stewart: The Avengers femslash I’ve seen involves adding in new characters (scarlett witch) or swapping genders (steve rogers and tony stark)

docwho2100: I think when and how a movie is/was released impacts how much fanfic comes from it

shesgottaread: I just was thinking films before the web mgiht not get as much fic

Alsike: I think part of it is that DWP gave us a new sort of universe to play in as well. Good worldbuilding can do a lot to inspire longer fic.

Aquila1nz: i’ve seen Natsha/Pepperpotts, natasha/darcy? from thor

docwho2100: I agree SGR

Aquila1nz: and yes, the generswap

fsc_ralst: the web has certain allowed people to just go out and write in a way they probably wouldnt have before

olli01a: agreed

docwho2100: I have a lot of Facts of Life I wrote, by hand, before the Internet existed

AllaineF4F: never was a big fan of genderswap. The thought of Tony Stark as a girl, I dunno, shiver

geekgrrllurking: good point Alsike. A good universe to play in makes you want to write the fandom. When a character dies, kinda puts a damper on things too. Thinking Thelma and Louise here as well as FGT

shesgottaread: send it my way, Doc. *G*

Aquila1nz: yeah, i couldn’t really see him swapped

olli01a: genderswap was never my thing

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I think also that the time the MOVIE is passed in can help also. I mean that doesn’t stand up for timeswap fics but I think the character developement and the connection of the actresses really helps inspire it

BetweenLove_n_Hate: based*

Alsike: I usually cringe at genderswap, but I have to say, dreiser pulled it off.

olli01a: in a movie you have no ongoing develpment. after the end the author can steer in any direction even completely changing the characters

fsc_ralst: So, to create our perfectly femslashable film, we need a female centric storyline and distinct universe, plus chemistry. Anything else?

Alsike: Well, good characters, of course.

Aquila1nz: y’mean, how happy Piper Perabo and Lena Headey were to no longer be trapped in a male caving film when they did Imagine Me and You?

AllaineF4F: it helps if they’re hot 😛

docwho2100: although transmedia type projects are changing how movies can have ongoing development

Aquila1nz: hot is in the eye of the beholder

fsc_ralst: The Cave was dire

Alsike: fanfic is the original transmedia

BetweenLove_n_Hate: @ralst I’d say decent plot of the original film.

Aquila1nz: i kinda loved the Cave

Aquila1nz: though in my version Piper survives

olli01a: I like The Descent alot

fsc_ralst: In my head Piper and Lena survive and run off to London together…

jazwriter: although even when some plot points or characteristics were weak, fanfic writers are able to work around that

geekgrrllurking: good secondary characters are always helpful too, can add humour or jealousy etc

olli01a: exactly

AllaineF4F: personally I think it helps if the two women are NOT together at the end. I mean, in DWP Andy walks away. It gave fanfic authors the opportunity to create a hundred different scenarios to bring them back together

fsc_ralst: If there’s an existing male love interest, even a weak one, does that put you off the idea of writing/reading film femlsash?

jazwriter: it even gives us a good place to start since we can develop tose areas and show growth

AllaineF4F: nooo, then we have to save her from being with him

docwho2100: : )

geekgrrllurking: Lol, no. It actually makes me want to go break them up and have the female lead realize the error of her ways

olli01a: @ralst no

Aquila1nz: lol

Alsike: It makes it harder if you actually like the male love interest. But actually, I think it’s a lot like the ‘being apart at the end of the movie,’ it provides conflict.

olli01a: fanfic helps us to correct such mistakes

BetweenLove_n_Hate: @ralst, Not really. I mean I LOVE Alice/Bella from Twilight and look at the ‘STRONG’ romantic male leads in that.

fsc_ralst: What about the other way around? If they’re left with a weak female love interest, do you want to go in and change it?

AllaineF4F: unless it’s a really STRONG romance between guy and girl. I’m less likely to see femslash if the guy/girl "go together" really well

Alsike: yep

Aquila1nz: hah!

geekgrrllurking: that’s true about liking the male love interest. I’d love to write Castle fic, but can’t see the Beckett character with anyone else

olli01a: agreed

AllaineF4F: yes

fsc_ralst: agree about Castle

Aquila1nz: similar for Bones, though there is some femslsh for her

yurianimeotaku: @geek Isn’t that what "crossover" is for?

BetweenLove_n_Hate: In Bones, I like Booth too much to ship anyone else with Brennan

AllaineF4F: then again, you never know. I was a major Jim/Pam shipper from the Office, but that didn’t stop me from reading every Pam/Karen fic

docwho2100: Do people crossover much for films?

geekgrrllurking: well, yes but I’m not a big crossover fan personally. Although I’ve been tempted with Beckett/Bering (Warehouse 13)

Aquila1nz: some fandoms are multi, some are one true love

BetweenLove_n_Hate: @ Docwho, I think it depends on the film

olli01a: can’t remeber any movie crossover

fsc_ralst: I haven’t seen much in the way of crossover in films

jazwriter: I’ve read some DW/Damages Miranda/Patty crossovers that were well done

Alsike: the worlds have to mesh in a sensible way

docwho2100: I’m trying to think og some

Liberty Stewart: crossover is my main thing. Why did you have to make that panel and AUs occur in 6am and 8am for me Ralst?

yurianimeotaku: DWP/101 Dalmations

fsc_ralst: Cruella DeVille gets crossed with DWP

geekgrrllurking: I would think some of the superhero type movies could cross pollenate, haven’t seen any really though

Alsike: it’s harder for films, I think, because you need really strong characters to carry crossovers

debashby: I mostly see them in Anime films, such as Armatige and Ghost in the Shell type stuff.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: The marvel comic movies cross over a lot

fsc_ralst: I’m cruel, LS

BetweenLove_n_Hate: so do a lot of films with Harry Potter

AllaineF4F: well, Avengers was all about crossovers, as were the ones that preceded it like Thor and Iron Man

Alsike: I think if the Universe is a crossover, you’re free to do whatever

fsc_ralst: Those types of films seem very male-centric, so presumably that alone would put off the femslash

jazwriter: but are you talking about just a crossover where two world melsh but the love interests are with their own fandom or when the couple are from two different fandoms?

docwho2100: I had been thinking more crossing from different fandoms

AllaineF4F: Also helps if it’s the same actress in two different roles. Like I’ve seen DWP crossed over with Get Smart, because of Anne

jazwriter: Riht, or the Princess Diaries and DWP

jazwriter: right, that is…lol

Alsike: Some of my favorite stories are ones where they take all the characters from one fandom and put them in a different world

fsc_ralst: I would have thought having the same actress would have the opposite effect?

AllaineF4F: I think I’d love to see DWP and TDKR

BetweenLove_n_Hate: No, that Get Smart/DWP story worked AWESOME

fsc_ralst: TDKR?

AllaineF4F: well, in Get Smart movie, Agent 99 had been given a brand new face

Gin Akasarahsmom: there are a lot of people talking about pairing Miranda with Catwoman

docwho2100: I admit I am interested in seeing AH’s Catwoman

Aquila1nz: bend it like becham was another film thawas very femslash friendly

the_dhamphir: me too

BetweenLove_n_Hate: well there was a good DWP/Batman done where Poison Ivy was Miranda’s sister

Liberty Stewart: ralst yup about the male centric thing. Most Hollywood films still only have females as side characters or don’t even get me started on the likes of Chris Nolan

geekgrrllurking: ah, the dark knight returns, thank you

AllaineF4F: so the author wrote it so that the person who changed her appearance worked from Andy’s face

docwho2100: Something makes me want a Michelle P. Catwoman, AH Catwoman story

fsc_ralst: Not wanting to get lynched by the DWP fans, but Miranda is a cow through the entire movie, is this a plus when it comes to femslash?

AllaineF4F: yes, yes, Ivy and Miranda as sisters, that DOES sound familiar…

jazwriter: LOL…aren’t you fearless, ralst!

Gin Akasarahsmom: lol… yeah ralst.. it does actually help

Alsike: She’s complicated. It totally helps.

geekgrrllurking: I think the idea of softening Miranda is appealing. She revealed a sensitive center in the movie to Andy, and there is a lot of storytelling that can be mined from that

fsc_ralst: I have the Atlantic to save me from most

fsc_ralst: So a character you can fix?

Alsike: not fix, exploit

AllaineF4F: a character you can soften

the_dhamphir: not fix, explore

Gin Akasarahsmom: explain why she is like she is

Alsike: I wouldn’t even say soften

geekgrrllurking: yes I think so, maybe not fix, but see deeper inside. A gruff exterior and a soft center is a fun stereotype to play with

Alsike: You want to dig in, and then you get the sparks and the drama for free

docwho2100: Playing with the opposites attract idea

fsc_ralst: That makes sense.

AllaineF4F: maybe Miranda was a cow, but her husband is leaving her just as the movie is winding down, so suddenly she gets this vulnerability

geekgrrllurking: and Andy stood up to her, which doesn’t happen often

geekgrrllurking: there was respect

fsc_ralst: Can you think of any other films with those elements? The cow-ish character that is dying to be explored?

AllaineF4F: hm

shesgottaread: plus, you knew she had some softness from how she spoke w/her kids

geekgrrllurking: well on TV I’d say regina in Once Upon a time, but in films hard to think of one atm

Alsike: i keep on taking that expression literally, ralst, and now have the image of one of those cows with the window in its side and a hand sticking in it.

shesgottaread: Working Girl? Sigourney/Melanie-chars?

fsc_ralst: Or not necessarily cow-ish (horns, Als, definitely) but in some way bristly

AllaineF4F: oh, ooh, that sounds interesting

AllaineF4F: I’ve never seen WG fanfic

BetweenLove_n_Hate: what’s WG? (sheepish smile)

fsc_ralst: Hmm, Working Girl if very similar in some ways to DWP, but coming out years before it missed the boat

Alsike: There are so few tough competent women in film.

fsc_ralst: I’ve never seen half the films we’ve mentioned *g*

AllaineF4F: Working Girl, with Sigourney Weaver and Melanie Griffith

Aquila1nz: yes, working girl deserves femslash

AllaineF4F: except in WG, Weaver wasn’t a tough boss, she was an evil, screw-over-her-own-employee boss

fsc_ralst: Would you say there are more competent women on TV?

Aquila1nz: i bet it has drawerfic

Liberty Stewart: anyone here ever seen a fic where the ending to Chloe was changed? That film needs a serious alternate ending?

Aquila1nz: yes

AllaineF4F: oh, the Julianne Moore one?

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Yes, there are more competent women on TV in my opinion

geekgrrllurking: I think we have more female leads to play wiht on TV

Aquila1nz: there’s a bunch of executives that keep saying women can’t carry films

fsc_ralst: LS – damn, a different ending is so needed

Liberty Stewart: yup Julianne Moore/Amanda Seyfriend film

docwho2100: Yes on more on TV

Aquila1nz: and since hero centred films are big

Alsike: I think there are more. I think film used to have them, but we lost people like Hepburn who carried them.

docwho2100: Indie films tho’ have more

Aquila1nz: that means women only get supporting roles far too often

AllaineF4F: and they always use female-centric action films as an example too, like Catwoman or Elektra or that Uma Thurman thing

AllaineF4F: never mind that those movies SUCKED

Aquila1nz: why isn’t there more Hunger Games femslash?

fsc_ralst: We’ve had female-hero-centric films for a long time, but there’s usually no other female in the film to slash the with

geekgrrllurking: I wonder if there are any Hepburn movies that would be femslash material

Liberty Stewart: we’re also in the age where all popular films are action and superhero oriented

Aquila1nz: or is it just elsewhere?

Alsike: research is required!

shesgottaread: I’d thought of casting J/7 in Deskset

AllaineF4F: I went searching for HG femslash once, I couldn’t find a lot, it was mostly Katniss and, um, that girl who pops up in the second book

Alsike: Problem with HG – everyone dies.

AllaineF4F: one of the ones who DOESN’T die

Aquila1nz: Winter’s Bone deserved more femslash

shesgottaread: but couldn’t get the snappy patter for Seven in Tracy’s place

Alsike: Have you read the one with that girl and Katniss’ mom?

Alsike: That worked.

fsc_ralst: Does anyone have any film-femslash recs? Stories, not already mentioned, where it’s really worked?

geekgrrllurking: hm, interesting though SGR

Aquila1nz: no

AllaineF4F: *thinks*

AllaineF4F: Winter’s Bone? Pairing Jennifer Lawrence with who?

olli01a: thinking

Alkmaion: Aquila: WB, her and her friend?

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Well Home Room had a great spot for femslash but not many fandoms if any

AllaineF4F: there are a few good films at the Realm of the Shadow website.

Alkmaion: Winter´s Bone…that friend that has a child perhaps?

Aquila1nz: yes, the friend with the baby

Liberty Stewart: I was going to mention X-men as another Jennifer Lawrence movie then I remembered only other women in that movie was deadface January Jones and that Angel chick and… yeah

AllaineF4F: I’ve seen a few good fanfics for the Haunting, the remake.

geekgrrllurking: There were some Alien ones on Pink Rabbit I think

AllaineF4F: for Zeta-Jones and Taylor

Alsike: Yeah – I never saw the Haunting, but I love the fic!

fsc_ralst: The Alien4 ones on Pink Rabbit were excellent

Aquila1nz: The Truth About Cats and Dogs was another film that really hit my femslash button

geekgrrllurking: Sigourney weaver and Wynona Ryder

AllaineF4F: I love "Fruit Flies and Dominance" by Harper. I think it was Harper

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Fembuck wrote a great story for the Mummy series between Evie and Anck-Su-Namun

fsc_ralst: Allaine, what fandom/film was that?

AllaineF4F: Laurel Canyon. So, Kate Beckinsale and Frances McDormand

geekgrrllurking: Alien4, again there is a gruff character that could be explored deeper as well

Liberty Stewart: Anyone ever seen fics for that Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly movie the roommate?

fsc_ralst: and you can’t get more hero than Ripley

AllaineF4F: Fembuck wrote a five-parter also for Jennifer’s Body, with Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried

geekgrrllurking: Ripley was such a protector, and Call was searching for her humanity

geekgrrllurking: they both were actually

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Lots of authors write for Twilight, Bella/Alice Rosalie/Bella, Bella/Tanya and there was a great Bella/Victoria fic on Fanfiction by Avonwolf

AllaineF4F: oh, Cats and Dogs, I can definitely see that Aquila

Liberty Stewart: I saw the Jennifer’s Body thing. The film annoyed me and from what I hear the director and writer had conflicting interests

fsc_ralst: For a character who hates androids, Ripley also opened up a lot for Call

AllaineF4F: yeah, but is Twilight book fic or movie fic?

geekgrrllurking: big character growth for Ripley

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Jennifer’s Body was incomplete in my opinion

Alkmaion: the bandidas fic of Harper

fsc_ralst: Cats and Dogs is one of those films where I like the male love interest too much to find it very slashy, but it’s still slashy

Alsike: There’s some really good Jennifer’s Body fic though

BetweenLove_n_Hate: they NEVER went into the connection the two of them shared deeply enough to explain why when she grabbed that BFF necklace she lost her powers

Aquila1nz: well, ripley got along with the android in the second film too, she respected him in the end

Alsike: (This is why I don’t actually watch the movies before reading the fic.)

fsc_ralst: Didn’t the writer of Jennifer’s Body explain afterwards that the characters had been lovers?

Liberty Stewart: Jennifer’s Body would have been better if Amanada Seyfried was Karen Smith

geekgrrllurking: I should write some Alien4 fic I think, lol.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Hmm, @Allanie, that is a good question. I ship the characters from the movies not the books

Aquila1nz: cats and dogs is an old trope that occasionally gets subverted that way anyway, so it’s not surprising that it works as femslash

fsc_ralst: No idea who Karen Smith is

fsc_ralst: yes, geek, you should – makes note

Liberty Stewart: I saw a funny review of Alien4 where the review was making mention of the constant lesbo tension throughout the film only for it to have a gay kiss between the guys at the end

geekgrrllurking: lol *makes note too*

Aquila1nz: jane austen films can be good for femslash

Liberty Stewart: Karen Smith – character from Mean Girls

AllaineF4F: There are some good Copycat fics for Sigourney and Holly Hunter

fsc_ralst: Copycat was great. Two strong female characters who learnt to rely on each other for their life

Alkmaion: Like Jane/Elisabeth Bennett, Aquila?

Aquila1nz: i rememb that aliens4 review!

jazwriter: Cruel Intentions has potential, too

Aquila1nz: um, not into the sisters so much

Alsike: Somehow, I don’t usually incest ship jane austen

Liberty Stewart: @Aquila was it from Nostalgia Critic?

jazwriter: and of course my current shipping is for HP Minerva/Hermione..,

Aquila1nz: damn, now i need to see copycat

Aquila1nz: i have no idea

fsc_ralst: AQ – it’s a good film

BetweenLove_n_Hate: LOVE Minerva/Hermione!

BetweenLove_n_Hate: lol then again I seem to like older/younger couples in femslash. The appeal is there in DWP with Andy/Miranda as well

Alkmaion: I´d love some Angelina/Fleur

Liberty Stewart: Anyone seen the Cruel Intention movies with Amy Adams? Find it funny Amy has engaged in more liplocking with women than Sarah

AllaineF4F: has anyone ever seen Black Widow femslash? The movie, not ScarJo?

Liberty Stewart: Never heard of Black Widow the movie

fsc_ralst: @Allaine no, but would definitely read it

yurianimeotaku: @Allaine I have read a few, but there’s not a lot out there.

AllaineF4F: there’s a lot of poorly-explored, somewhat wasted subtext between Catherine and Alexandra (Theresa Russell and Debra Winger)

fsc_ralst: Black Widow is a great film and centred on two female characters, and even has a small kiss

AllaineF4F: and a kiss

shesgottaread: omg, I’d forgotten all about that film

Aquila1nz: which black widow, 1987, 2010, 1954, 2008?

jazwriter: @Between Love n Hate–I love them, too…and I have a great time writing them because it is a challenge to bridge the various gaps between them

fsc_ralst: must be 1987

shesgottaread: *rushes off to order DVD*

Aquila1nz: ah, 1987

AllaineF4F: I think the kiss is on Youtube

Aquila1nz: damn, i can’t paste in links on my tablet

fsc_ralst: It’s a good thriller in its own right

BetweenLove_n_Hate: @Jazwriter. I’ve read your Rising Pheonix story, it was amazing.

jazwriter: thanks!

BetweenLove_n_Hate: your welcome.


Liberty Stewart: Seems like Bitch Slap with video game Jill Valentine was still the best lesbo film to bring up

Aquila1nz: ah, Clarice Starling is the character that gets crossed over a lot!

Aquila1nz: took me a while!

fsc_ralst: That’s the one, AQ

AllaineF4F: Oh, that Clarice/Scully fic…

Aquila1nz: which is a musing, because Scully was essentially based on Stirling

yurianimeotaku: @Liberty Resident Evil gets slashed A LOT.

AllaineF4F: Is there any Black Swan femslash?

Liberty Stewart: @yuri I know but Bitch Slap is where I can actually watch Jill having sex with women

yurianimeotaku: The latest one has four strong female leads this time.

fsc_ralst: 4?

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Has anyone seen the movie with Helen Mirren and Kyra Sedgwick where they actually kiss?

yurianimeotaku: @Liberty I have BS. I haven’t watched it yet.

fsc_ralst: Yes, BLH

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I can’t remember the title of the movie but I adored it.

yurianimeotaku: I LOVE Jill.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: and couldn’t find fic for it anywhere!

Liberty Stewart: Only seen some videos of RE6 but I do love those games way more than the movies

fsc_ralst: Finding Chase? something like that

DylanChase: Losing Chase ?

geekgrrllurking: Helen Mirren? Really. Will have to look for that one

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Yes! that one!

yurianimeotaku: The kiss between Helen and Kyra was just painful to watch.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Losing Chase

Gin Akasarahsmom: yes… Losing Chase… it’s a good one

fsc_ralst: sad

BetweenLove_n_Hate: its a sad film, totally agree with you on that one

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I remember starting a fic for it once and never really finishing it.

geekgrrllurking: oh, sad isn’t so good.

fsc_ralst: So, who feels fired up to go write/read a film fanfic?

Gin Akasarahsmom: someone wrote a DWP crossover for that one… with Miranda as the Helen Mirren character.. and Andy as the nanny

AllaineF4F: Was Losing Chase more or less depressing than Lost and Delirious?

fsc_ralst: Less

geekgrrllurking: I always thought that movie with Shirley McLean and Audrey Hepburn should be re done with a happy ending.

yurianimeotaku: @geek I agree.

displacedwarrior: @geek I second

Aquila1nz: *facepalming at the tweet I just sent, referred to the "Ripples" panel*

fsc_ralst: Absolutely, geek. Have them be out and proud and sod what the town folks say

Liberty Stewart: @yuri I have a fic idea to elaborately turn Trxie from BS to Jill more or less. So I can have a gay villianous Jill who also welds a sword

Alkmaion: currently I´m finishing a PPP oneshot

fsc_ralst: Ripples?

geekgrrllurking: Lol, ripples instead of rizzles

yurianimeotaku: @Liberty Really??

fsc_ralst: Thank you everyone for a great panel, but we need to make way now for the Non-English language fandoms panel

geekgrrllurking: ok thanks ralst! Films was fun

yurianimeotaku: @ralst Do we stay here for it?

Liberty Stewart: yes really I can tell you about it over email or something if you wish

Aquila1nz: Autocorrect changed my Rizzles!

BetweenLove_n_Hate: thanks Ralst, great panel!

jazwriter: ty, ralst!

Alsike: Thanks Ralst!

Alkmaion: thanks

DylanChase: thanks

olli01a: thanks ralst

yurianimeotaku: ty ralst

Aquila1nz: thanks ralst, i’ve got some new canon to go find and watch

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