ariestess: Glee Panelists, please change your font to bold red [like mine]. Everyone else, please use black text…

geekgrrllurking: I still love it when you;re so bossy AJ. Lol!

ariestess: LOL @ Geek!

ariestess: Okay, first hte ground rules. You MUST raise your hand for questions. The mods [those of us with an @ in front of our names] will keep track of the questions for everyone.

ariestess: Normally, this would be the time where I ask all of the panelists to introduce themselves, but that’s not quite going to happen here.

ariestess: We have one potential panelist and one that was set for this panel, but neither have shown up yet, so I’m going to open this discussion to the entire room and just toss a few questions at you.

ariestess: But let me do my introduction first, as the panel mod. I’m AJ, aka ariestess, aka A. Magiluna Stormwriter. I’ve written a handful of things in the Glee ‘verse, among other things.

ariestess: So first question for everyone. Favorite and least favorite pairings?

olli01a: favourite: Brittana

dottiep_20: Favorite: Quinntana & Pezberry

Alsike: Favorite: Quintana & Faberry

ariestess: My favorites are Santana/Brittany and… Well, I have a soft spot for Sue.

Alsike: I did love Terri/Emma like burning for a while.

ariestess: I wrote at least one Sue/Emma piece, a Sue/OFC piece, and a couple of weird crack fics.

thebronzey: I like Zizes and Tina

olli01a: Brittana is canon and in my eyes it works

ariestess: @olli :: I agree

Jaely: Faberry all the way..

ariestess: So what is it about pairings like Faberry and Pezberry that work?

zep1980: Quinntana

dottiep_20: The potential for tension…the whole "opposites attract" vibe

Jaely: I like the dynamics between Quinn and Rachel

Jaely: yeah dottiep that’s it

dottiep_20: How lust/anger are two sides of the same coin, really.

ariestess: *nods* Okay, I can get with the "opposites attract" vibe. I don’t necessarily see the pairing myself, but I can understand where you’re coming from on that.

Alsike: I feel like none of them are really ‘likable’ characters, which means you know that any relationship is going to be fraught with tension and interesting.

ariestess: @dottie :: lust/anger, love/hate .. same thing yes?

Alsike: not the same, but one can feed into the other.

dottiep_20: Agreed, ariestess

Jaely: yes you have the one that likes/loves the other but can’t show it so it translate into a hostile interactions.

ariestess: *nods* That’s where I went when I started writing Sue/Emma.

ariestess: Right.

Alsike: It’s harder if they’re hostile to everyone equally.

Jaely: never even thought of that pairing… sounds interesting

ariestess: @jaely :: I don’t see it anymore, but it was fun while it lasted in S1.

Alsike: I may have to check it out. it seems like the power dynamic would be difficult to work with.

ariestess: And if anyone has a question, raise your hand and we’ll get it.

dottiep_20: Though, I think Faberry and Pezberry work for different reasons.

ariestess: @Alsike :: It was. But I think that once both Sue and Emma started evolving, it just died instantly.

ariestess: Jaely, you have the first questiopn!

Jaely: Yes that is ture Dott they do work for different reasons, My question is what stories can you put out there that shows off your pairing really well for us to look up? what ever pairing you like

Liberty Stewart: How the heck do you view multiple rooms? Some people here are simultaneously in room 3.

dottiep_20: Is the question for any/all writers in the room?

Liberty Stewart: yes

Jaely: mhmm

Jaely: writers readers

zep1980: I’m not a writer, but everybody should read Misty Flores’ – The Sex Has Made Me Stupid (Quinn/Santana)

ariestess: @Liberty, you can open up to 3 rooms in the dl’ed client, and you should be able to do the same in the browser client.

Jaely: just whatever story you all like that shows off your pairing

dottiep_20: That’s a good one, Zep

ariestess: Oh, good question. Honestly, I think my favorite Glee fics of mine are Armor @ & Forever @

ariestess: Hmm… Did either of my comments with links come thru? I got a notification that one didn’t go thru and I’m not sure which it is.

Alsike: I’m still upset about losing so many of thememoriesefire’s fics

Jaely: yep

Alsike: Anyone happen to save the Pezberry where Quinn bets Santana she can’t be a good date?

dottiep_20: Authors I like kabensi, astano, letscall, wearecrossroads

dottiep_20: *:

Jaely: for me I love this story Somewhere in Between by K.AudreyLeto

dottiep_20: I know that story, Aisike…can’t remember the title

Liberty Stewart: @ariestess: okay got it working now.

ariestess: So extending on this, what stories by other authors would you rec for your preferred pairings?

ariestess: @Liberty :: sweet!

Alkmaion: I liked a story withQuinn and Brittany going bowling together…sadly i forgot the title

dottiep_20: I’m going backwards apparently. My fic (Quinntana): Seeing You Again for the First Time

ariestess: That’s okay.

Liberty Stewart: So is this solely Glee fics discussion? Cause I’ll be honest and say I don’t watch the show but got morbidly curious by it yesterday due to the one they call the p*ssy bandit.

Alsike: I love all of the Time Travelers’ wife fusions. Both Kabensi’s (faberry) and World Enough and Time, (Brittana), are great.

ariestess: This is about Glee femslash. Fics, vids, graphics, what have you.

dottiep_20: Well, who isn’t curious about Naya?

ariestess: @dottie :: ITA!

dottiep_20: Kabensi writes great Faberry but also writes other pairings well, too.

ariestess: Does anyone else write femslash for the adult females of the show?

Liberty Stewart: @dottiep: p*ssy bandit is actually Dianna and the real life gay rumours about her.

dottiep_20: Oh that’s right. Oops…I once again confused those two.

Jaely: another good author for my pairing is ChristieCW

zep1980: I think the_girl_20 has written some Terri/Emma

Alsike: yep – it’s good

Jaely: oh now that is an interesting pairing

ariestess: *nods* Terri/Emma seems really forced to me, because they hardly had any airtime. I mean, I get the hate/angry sex stories, but anything beyond that seems OOC to me.

olli01a: agreed

dottiep_20: Fapezberry and Faberritana are interesting options…

Alsike: I think it’s a good pairing because they didn’t have a lot of airtime. Angie – thegirl20 – isn’t really into the hatesex and drama, and so the fic is more seeing whether they could work together, and she makes them work. (Better than Wemma, urgh)

ariestess: Those make for interesting options, that’s for sure.

Liberty Stewart: Anyone ever read fic where Dianna (Quinn is her name?) is a superhero?

ariestess: *nods @ Alsike*

ariestess: That’s seriousfic’s story, isn’t it?

dottiep_20: I’m sure there are a few of those, Liberty. What is the pairing?

Alsike: there are a few

Alsike: they all seem to be incredibly depressing

Jaely: there are a few of those in FFN Liberty

ariestess: I only know of the one by seriousfic.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: sorry, I just came into the convo, what is incredibly depressing?

Alsike: I love seriousfic, but OMG the angst

ariestess: So here’s another question. Where do you go to find your Glee femslash?

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I usually stick to FF but there is the Treasure Trail on LJ

Alsike: @between – Glee superhero fics where Quin is a superhero

olli01a: passion & perfection on LJ

Alsike: ao3

Liberty Stewart: @ariestess: Yup. Haven’t read it but would like to know if anyone would recommend it. Especially for someone who only watched parts of season 1.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: ah, haven’t read any of those. have to look ’em up. Though I DO love the I Am Number Four crossovers.

ariestess: @liberty :: I hven’t read it, just know of it.

Alsike: best glee superhero fic – Summerstorm’s Sky High fusion

zep1980: I usually (somehow) find a fic I like, then see what authors they like and check them out and so on

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I’ll have to look that one up, where is it located, @Alsike?

ariestess: *nods*

Alsike: it’s here:

Alsike: It made me go rent Sky High

Liberty Stewart: @Between: I actually thought a Number 4 crossover with Dianna could be interesting.

Alsike: @ between – what are the good #4 crossovers?

ariestess: Sorry, trying to multitask and got distracted. Bad mod!

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I just recently read a Hunger Games one with Quinn as the tribute and it was a tear jerker. The I am Number Four that’s good is by the same author

Liberty Stewart: @Alsike: who’s the author of Summerstorm Sky High Fusion and where can I find it? Please tell me it’s not angst driven.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: It’s on FF but I can’t seem to remember the names. I’ll look for the links

BetweenLove_n_Hate: It’s by Animatedbrowneyes on FF

Alsike: – it’s this one. The author’s Summerstorm. And don’t worry, not an ounce of angst.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: it’s just called Four

BetweenLove_n_Hate: but both are good.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I actually recommend anything by animatedbrowneyes

BetweenLove_n_Hate: she/he wrote the school shooting Faberry story that I adore as well.

Liberty Stewart: Oh it’s a cross with Sky High? I like that movie. Does anyone fight John McClane’s daughter Royal Pain?

ariestess: And one of our panelists is here. Would you like to introduce yourself and chime in on the current topic of where to find all the Glee femslash love [yours or your favorites to read]?

dabkey: I came late to the party so maybe her work has already been mentioned, but thememoriesfire has some really great stuff. Not writing anymore, but most can still be found on ao3

xMinipizzax: o_o Hah, I feel shoved out of the panelist closet. Hmm. I usually go to fanfiction?

ariestess: @dab :: which pairing[s] does she write?

xMinipizzax: Or that LJ Rachel_Quinn thingy.

xMinipizzax: I write Faberry.

Alsike: found it! Thanks!

dabkey: faberry, pezberry… and some others

ariestess: *nods*

Jaely: yay faberry!

xMinipizzax: Pezberry friendships ftw.

Alsike: you don’t happen to have copies of some of the things she took down, do you?

dabkey: anything she writes, though, is just done so well. I read it even if I’m not into the pairing

ariestess: Okay, and next question for everyone… Where do you get your inspiriation for your stories?

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I like Pezberry, just boarded that train recently, any recomendations?

dottiep_20: One of the under-written pairings that I like: Santana/Shelby….just hot

dottiep_20: @Between: purrpickle writes a lot of Pezberry

ariestess: Santana/Shelby? Hmmm…

BetweenLove_n_Hate: well I can’t really say much about that since the only Faberry story I’ve ever written is not posted anywhere and is based on a prompt from the Faberry meme community on livejournal

xMinipizzax: I’ve never heard of Santana/Shelby.

xMinipizzax: Until now, anyway.

Jaely: I’ve never heard of that pairing either

ariestess: I’ve not heard of it as a ship, so am curious…

Jaely: ditto

Alsike: Shentana?

dottiep_20: alicia-meade has a great Santana/Shelby story (on FF)

xMinipizzax: Santelby?

dottiep_20: Sheltana, I think

Alsike: I must blend all the things.

Breaking Point Caryn: @Between

BetweenLove_n_Hate: it says the page is not found.

xMinipizzax: Looks like the website hasn’t heard of that either.

Jaely: lol

Breaking Point Caryn: Use the fanfic: santana/rachel tag

dottiep_20: She has good stuff, @Breaking


ariestess: See if that one works.

Breaking Point Caryn: She’s a really good writer. almost makes me want to read her Finn though I hate.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: and it’s still not working, what’s the name of the author?

xMinipizzax: I’m scared to read that particular pairing. I don’t think I could think of Idina Menzel the same afterwards.

Breaking Point Caryn: smc-17

BetweenLove_n_Hate: okay, @Breaking, that one worked.

dottiep_20: Yeah, I can’t read her straight stuff. *shrug*

xMinipizzax: ha!

BetweenLove_n_Hate: can I pose a question?

ariestess: LOL! I can separate Menzel from the character, so that’s okay.

ariestess: @Between :: go for it!

xMinipizzax: I can’t read any straight stuff. Unless it’s anti-Finn and Quinn kicks his … rear end.

Jaely: LOL

xMinipizzax: Lies. I’ve read Quick once or twice.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Now I’ve seen some fics for school shootings but not as many as I thought would come from a show based off the lives of students who are tormented everyday during school. Why do you think that is?

xMinipizzax: I’d say because it’s a touchy subject. Not like most of Glee’s topics aren’t, but that takes a lot of psychological issues to cover.

dottiep_20: I have a feeling the lingerings of Columbine resonate a lot for many writers. Flip over to American Horror Story to see an amazing/scary take on that whole topic.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: (I ask b/c I just read With or Without You by Animatedbrowneyes) and Stay by KelseyO but didn’t see others.

ariestess: I think it’s a situation that is too close and emotional for a lot of people, and that’s not what some want in their fanfic.

Alsike: I still think there are more in the Glee fandom than in other comparable High School fandoms

BetweenLove_n_Hate: and yes, that’s true. it is a very deep subject to get involved indepth in especailly for those sorts of reasons

ariestess: *nods*

ariestess: And in a lot of ways, I think that kind of story is really hitting the "angst for the sake of angst" trigger, which I HATE in stories.

xMinipizzax: The first thing that comes to mind when I imagine a story is actually a school shooting, but I know I could never grasp exactly how one should feel during such an event. Thus, I wouldn’t feel comfortable writing about the topic.

ariestess: Gratuitous angst is NOT character/plot development.

dottiep_20: Agreed, ariestess

BetweenLove_n_Hate: true, very true.

Alsike: I think glee fandom is a place where some people come to work through their own troubles

Alsike: it does make a lot of the fic more angsty and horrific than in other fandoms

dottiep_20: That’s an understatement about all fan fic, Aisike

xMinipizzax: I would only add on to say it’s also to relate.

ariestess: It’s a way to work through your own teen angst/issues, even if you’re no longer a teen. And that can make the fandom really muddy in a lot of ways.

xMinipizzax: Yea, because Quinn is a basket case

xMinipizzax: gah! I wanted the colon and paren… I can’t spell that.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: yes, it can. and yes she is. lol can I pose another question?

xMinipizzax: Do it!

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Do you enjoy fics where Quinn keeps Beth? If so what are your favorites and if not well…why?

Alkmaion: pancreas?

xMinipizzax: lol, no not pancreas. ) <– that guy.

xMinipizzax: Agh, I enjoy ones where she keeps Beth, but they’re also really painful to read.

Alkmaion: I see.

Alsike: See, now that we’ve talked about the angsty fics I can only think about the horrific ones, like the one where Quinn steals Beth, then they both die in a car crash and Finn goes crazy and Rachel gives up her career to take care of him

dottiep_20: Yeah, that’s beyond angsty…

ariestess: I’ve not read any stories like that, but I"m not sure I’d like them. It would completely change Quinn, for one thing, and I’m not sure that could be conveyed properly.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: oh…wow…never read that one and certainly won’t be. lol

xMinipizzax: One of my favorite stories of all time actually has it where she kept Beth, only I completely forgot the title. Beth is babysitting and telling a story to a girl.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Bedtimestories by roxystyle

BetweenLove_n_Hate: on FF it’s a really good one.

xMinipizzax: I have NEVER read one like that, alsike, and I’m glad for that xD

ariestess: All right, we have 8 more minutes to go in this panel.

xMinipizzax: Yes. I LOVE that fic.

xMinipizzax: bestimestories is so freaking adorable.

Alsike: I actually would really like more stories where Rachel and Shelby work out a relationship and Quinn ends up dating her daughter’s sister.

xMinipizzax: This is me highly suggesting it as reading material.

ennabee: Hi all re the question: I have enjoyed fic that explored why Quinn wanted Beth back–sort of an extension to the most recent season

Jaely: Alsike, there are a number of them on FFN the one I put up has that going on in it

xMinipizzax: Beth is a bittersweet topic for me. I actually prefer stories that don’t even mention her before it makes me all angsty.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: (nods) I haven’t really read many where she goes after Beth like she did in this season but she kept her from the beginning

xMinipizzax: agh, because** not before.

Alsike: cool!

BetweenLove_n_Hate: THERE is a story where Tina thinks Rachel is imprinting on Beth when she’s born and Santana guesses that Beth will suck since she’s only a few minutes old and she’s been introduced to Berry and Twilight. AND in it Rachels the only one that can calm Beth down from crying. it’s my favorite story and I ALWAYS forget the name

Alsike: That sounds hilarious!

xMinipizzax: That’s mad awk, yo.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: it is, the whole story is really good

Jaely: LOL

ennabee: Hmm–it doesn’t need to be angsty, necessarily, but if you’re staying true to the character, then Beth is an integral part of Quinn’s

ennabee: Oh lord. Twilight AUs?

ariestess: All right, as we wind down our last 5 minutes of this panel, are there any last questions you may have?

dottiep_20: @Ennabee – really good point, that sounds interesting

xMinipizzax: Oh, whether or not the story is angsty, I am about it. I just want Quinn to live with Rachel happily ever after with Beth… sooo.. yea.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: NO. lol it was just a comment

ariestess: Also, just to let you know, we will be asking everyone to move to Room 1 for general chatting when this panel ends.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: it wasn’t a twilight crossover just a joke. lol it was really sweet though cause it was a Faberry story

dottiep_20: As long as it doesn’t turn into 50 Shades of Gray…

BetweenLove_n_Hate: ugh…(shiver)

ennabee: Lol

Alsike: is it this: A Family of Trees by powergrapes ?

xMinipizzax: General chatting… does that mean I go back to regular text?

ariestess: Yes, you go back to regular text.

xMinipizzax: I’m rather fond of my red.

ariestess: Thank you to all of the panelists and attendees for making this such a great panel!

xMinipizzax: : (

ariestess: Transcripts will be available after the con is over. Give us a couple of weeks ot recover and get them all ready for you, then they’ll be on the site.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: yes, thank you to you as well.

Jaely: fun times!

ariestess: @mini :: You don’t HAVE to.

xMinipizzax: lol, I was just joshing ya.

Alsike: found it:

BetweenLove_n_Hate: yes! that’s it!

BetweenLove_n_Hate: read it if you haven’t already!

Alsike: Thanks AJ!

Alsike: I think i’m going to read it again.

ariestess: You’re welcome! Thank you to everyone who participated in this panel.

olli01a: thank you

ennabee: Thanks for the few minutes I was in here

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