Hot Topics day one

fsc_ralst: And welcome to our first Hot Topics of the weekend…

Ceridwyn2: and back from the GL panel

LZClotho: ooh, what’s hot?

Ceridwyn2: As I’m not really into Glee

Otakugamer01: Lana Parrilla in leather

Shatterpath: The weather

Shatterpath: hell ya!

Ceridwyn2: I haven’t seen that pic yet

geekgrrllurking: did someone say Lana in leather? woot!

the_dhamphir: lol @ geek

fsc_ralst: who’s she?

Shatterpath: oh, it’s gonna be THAT kind of party

fsc_ralst: lol

geekgrrllurking: well D, have you seen her in those costumes! shes the Evil Queen on Once Upon a Time

Otakugamer01: would you consider JMo/Emma in leather pants hot too?

ariestess: *stares at ralst* You don’t know the beauty that is Lana Parrilla? The Evil Queen Regina from OUaT?

geekgrrllurking: actually Emma in the leather jacket is NICE

Shatterpath: so much hot for a bitty little thing too

Otakugamer01: goddess ralst why have you forsaken me!! *ugly sobbing

fsc_ralst: I haven’t watched OUaT yet

grumpybear1031: me either

Shatterpath: GASP

Shatterpath: you poor dears

docwho2100: so many fandoms, so little time

fsc_ralst: I feel ashamed… will watch it this week

Ceridwyn2: Also, Patricia Vico (Hospital Central’s Maca) in any of the leather jackets Maca wears. Thud

docwho2100: how does one decide what fandom to follow?

Aquila1nz: missing out

Aquila1nz: see much fic, get curious, usually

fsc_ralst: lysachan usually lures me into new fandoms

Ceridwyn2: Lost Girl is more hotness

Aquila1nz: i get curious faster if it’s sff

Shatterpath: yes, i have een sucked into many fandoms via fic

LZClotho: I have to watch a show and feel a connection to want to read fanfic.

quietheartedfsc: *steals ralst’s tv and runs for the door* oh, no you don’t…means more work for me!!!

Alkmaion: unthreaded paths, actually

LZClotho: it doesn’t work for me in reverse

docwho2100: so if a fav writer changes fandoms, people follow?

Otakugamer01: *imagines Emma in leather pants and leather jacket…with Regina in the leather dress Lana wore…

Aquila1nz: yes, often

fsc_ralst: Q – you don’t have time to steal anything, I have a list of jobs for you

the_dhamphir: only because you keep volunteering, qh

jazwriter: @doc…I

Ceridwyn2: I think Lysachan, Hysteria74 and I all got hooked into the Spanish series, "Hospital Central" about the same time

quietheartedfsc: no, D….I voluntold you, but ralst voluntolds me

jazwriter: I hve been known to lure people away from DWP to HP

LZClotho: I have had people pop up in my feedback for my OUAT fics saying they have been following since I wrote Xena fic or Voyager fic, and are glad I’m still writing, so I guess they do follow from fandom to fandom

docwho2100: : )

the_dhamphir: pffft

the_dhamphir: yes, you have, jazzy. *G*

Liberty Stewart: since I missed the BtVS discussion, can I some things about it?

LZClotho: I tend to find good writers in each fandom to read, but there is seldom crossover.

angharad_gov: are people more likely to follow tv/movie fandoms than book fandoms?

ivanolix: A lot of times fandoms migrate together when a show is canceled. Or somewhat together. In groups.

jazwriter: oops, I’m not a panelist here–back to black

LZClotho: for example, my favorite xena writers are not my favorite voyager writers, nor ouat writers. even if they write/wrote for all three.

Ceridwyn2: I think so, ivanolix

fsc_ralst: I think TV fandoms are easier to follow, maybe just because there’s more of it

Liberty Stewart: forgot "say" in my last response

geekgrrllurking: a good writer will be followed from fandom to fandom I think, good writing is hard to resist

jazwriter: ty, D *G*

Otakugamer01: it’s absolutely a coincidence we keep meeting up at new fandoms…except that like buffy i don’t believe in coincidences…great minds then…i like it

Ceridwyn2: Sometimes I go back and read fic and find the occasional writer in different fandoms

LZClotho: I know that I do not write to the same level in all the fandoms I write in. I try my best, but each strikes me in a different way and causes very different types of stories out of me.

the_dhamphir: you’re right, geek

geekgrrllurking: Thats true LZ, sometimes I’ll write darker in one fandom and light and fluffy in a different one

Ceridwyn2: But I think I’ve only ever read Melissa Good in her XWP/Dar & Kerry stuff

LZClotho: it surprised me recently to realize that an author I love in OAUT is one I enjoyed in Xena.


Ceridwyn2: And DAx’s L&O Olivia/Alex stuff then her GL stuff

Otakugamer01: hope it works…here’s a hot topic…the one from earlier

Shatterpath: AH, love that smirk!

Ceridwyn2: Ota?

ivanolix: Still gotta say, the girls from LotS have it made when it comes to pulling off leather. All of them.

Otakugamer01: ?

fsc_ralst: Ah, Cara, she knew how to work leather

grumpybear1031: I agree ivanolix

Ceridwyn2: And Lost Girl’s Bo. Great with leather

ivanolix: There’s not a woman on that cast who couldn’t kill me with a hip sway or a smirk

Shatterpath: I’m sad to say that I could not get into Lost Girl

Ceridwyn2: then there’s Xena. And she’s kinda in a league of her own.

Shatterpath: I tried!

grumpybear1031: yup me too

ivanolix: Me too shatterpath

grumpybear1031: same with me I lost interest in lost girl

Shatterpath: broody wanna-be wolf boy grated on my nerves firstly

Ceridwyn2: I’m kinda waiting to see what they do with the third season

Shatterpath: and i didn’t get enough backsoty on how the fae worked and got lost very fast

Shatterpath: backstory

fsc_ralst: But Dr Hotpants!

Shatterpath: very hot, yes

Shatterpath: and her chemistry with Bo rocked

ivanolix: I’d watch the Lauren Show but Bo put me off

Shatterpath: but, as a series, it left me too confused

Ceridwyn2: reading a couple old fics – Melissa Good’s XWP – "Bound", and Sel Vecanti’s B5 story "Reunion"

the_dhamphir: I love Lost Girl

fsc_ralst: Dyson was too prominent

Gin Akasarahsmom: Bound is a good one…

Ceridwyn2: and I was watching season 4 of "Bad Girls" the other day

Gin Akasarahsmom: Champion is my favorite

yurianimeotaku: I liked season 2 of Lost Girl better than season 1. Too much "Wolf Boy" in season 1.

Ceridwyn2: well, I finished S4. yes, I liked Champion, too

Ceridwyn2: i have all seasons of "Bad Girls" on dvd

Ceridwyn2: BG is still a show that stands the test of time

Shatterpath: Dyson’s actor is one of those types tha thinks he can play a subltle character

fsc_ralst: The first three series were good, not as good as the first but still good, but it went off the boil after that

the_dhamphir: agreed. the first season of BG was the best

Liberty Stewart: I prefer S2 of Lost Girl more too because it’s not focused on that damn silly love triangle.

Ceridwyn2: Yes, they’re still my favourite but I still like some of the storylines of later seasons. Liz May Bryce (Pat) is still hot

Shatterpath: I liked the Helen and Nikki highlights, but the rest of hte show was too dark and sopa opera for my tastes

Shatterpath: i’m annoyingly opinionated

Ceridwyn2: lol

geekgrrllurking: lol, oh Doggie

docwho2100: : )

fsc_ralst: that’s what I liked about it

ivanolix: Only the best people are @Shatterpath

Shatterpath: flattery will get you nowhere. *chuckle*

the_dhamphir: I’m with you, ralst.

Ceridwyn2: I suppose that’s part of its attraction for me , tho

ivanolix: If we weren’t opinionated, we wouldn’t write

shaych03: even my mother is a bad girls fan

shaych03: she loved all the varied characters

Ceridwyn2: I liked the interactions with Yvonne & Karen

fsc_ralst: I never took to Karen

Shatterpath: the only drawback of being opinioated is that I limit myself with what I will read/write/watch

Ceridwyn2: And the older characters I preferred, except for Bodybag – Nikki, Helen, Yvonne, Barbara, Karen (when she wasn’t moping over Fenner)

fsc_ralst: Dod anyone see Bad Girls the Musical?

Ceridwyn2: Yes, I saw it at the West Yorkshire Theatre in Leeds

ivanolix: Me too @Shatterpath but that’s not too bad, since there’s too much to do even with being picky

Ceridwyn2: And the Two Julies

fsc_ralst: Okay, hot topic… what is the future of femslash?

Ceridwyn2: I preferred Hannah Waddingham as Nikki than the girl in the London production

Ceridwyn2: I think the future is whatever we, as fans, make it

LZClotho: I see the future of femslash as very healthy. lots of new voices entering fandoms every day.

Ceridwyn2: I think there’s a lot out there as long as there are people willing to write

docwho2100: Is that the writing fans or reading fans?

Ceridwyn2: and participate in discussions on fandom

Otakugamer01: hopefully new shows, or a show with the ovaries to have a female relationship front and center…*wakes up, sorry i was dreaming what was the question?

ivanolix: I wonder if femslash will grow or fade with more f/f representations in canon, though

LZClotho: as TV shows add more strong female characters of all diversities we will have more fodder for stories.

docwho2100: @ceridwyn I agree, I think participation is key

shaych03: what about the graphic artists? what role are they going to have?

Shatterpath: the biggest problem i see is WHERE is everybody? I can’t find anything anymore. I know Tubler is a big one, but it confuses the daylights out of me

LZClotho: until there is an unapologetic/non-stunt les/bi women relationship on many mainstream programs however there will always be a place for femslash.

Otakugamer01: i view graphic artists like muses…they inspire and inspiration is key

docwho2100: @ivan I have thought that too, but not just because of canon couples but because more properties have started offering "extensions"

fsc_ralst: It’s getting harder and harder to find where the femslashers are hiding

ariestess: The future of fandom depends on participation, end of story.

ivanolix: Yeah, femslashers are like unicorns. I know they’re real but WHERE? 😛

darandkerry_1: lol

ariestess: And that includes feedback.

Ceridwyn2: I think for right now, there’s more f/f pairings (canon) in non-US series

ariestess: But I don’t always get the urge to write for canon f/f pairings.

Alkmaion: @ivan: ask Ally McBeal! *g*

ivanolix: Subtextual pairings draw me more than canon ones, though, so I’m drawn to series that just have a bunch of women interacting in interesting ways

Shatterpath: considering what stupidity my country is displaying right now, this doesn’t shock me

Ceridwyn2: I find most of my femslash thus far on LJ

Liberty Stewart: @ivan: Most likely fade because canon is giving us what we want and the feeling that a fic isn’t necessary

docwho2100: how can "we" make it easier to find?

Shatterpath: @ Doc, teh archieces still seem the best bet

Ceridwyn2: A few months ago, I got rehooked on the Spanish series, "Hospital Central" which had lesbian characters and storyline for 11 seasons

LZClotho: ariestess: I also have trouble writing for already-canon pairings.

Shatterpath: sorry, i meant to type ‘archives’

Ceridwyn2: Learned / learning Spanish to help. Although the fact that it’s medical stories & terminology makes it easier because I’m a nurse

LZClotho: my fanfic drive has been always to extend into areas not covered by the show, and even more often, to explore what a show’s writers will NOT give us for whatever reason.

ariestess: @LZ :: the only one I really still LOVE to write for that’s canon is from a little show that basically no one’s heard of. Adn I can’t find source material anymore, so it’s VERY rare when I do write it.

geekgrrllurking: I think just as there is always fanfiction, there is always something we want to fix or get more of. Subtext is fun, maintext is fun too, I think you can have both, look at the L-Word fic out there.

ariestess: Though I have written Brittany/Santana and Otalia. Oh, and Elphie/Glinda.

fsc_ralst: @aj what fandom?

LZClotho: and I have trouble once a show has gone off the air, unless something was really left undone in my mind.

winter156: Maybe in TV the f/f canon pairing doesn’t inspire much writing, but in games (like Mass Effect) the femslash writing for the canon f/f pairing is pretty large.

ariestess: @ralst :: bedtime

LZClotho: like I started writing a Miami Medical fic when I really liked the Eva Zambrano character and at the end of ep 13 (last) she’s facing a professional medical inquiry.

shaych03: @ariestess have you lost your PTL fix?

fsc_ralst: @aj yes. it is *g*

quietheartedfsc: ah, I loved that show

yurianimeotaku: @winter Where can I find ME3 fics?

LZClotho: that kills me. I gotta write her out of that.

ariestess: It was a 1 season series on Showtime back in 1996 or so with Susan Gibney and Felicity Huffman as a lesbian couple.

winter156: A lot are on

ariestess: @Shay :: I"ll NEVER lose my PtL fix. That is my first love.

LZClotho: I decided to make it a Miami Medical/House crossover and bring Dr Allison Cameron from House to Miami.

Ceridwyn2: This is my fanfic archive – – most of it is femslash. A couple pieces aren’t tho

LZClotho: now I’m having great fun with it.

xMinipizzax: Showtime, ‘nuf said.

winter156: There’s an active ME kink meme on livejournal that has every pairing imaginable with a good chunk dedicated to femslash

Ceridwyn2: I still remain enamored (although it wasn’t featured much at all) was Paige Turco’s role in NYPD as a lesbian cop

ariestess: I need to find Miami Medical source material, so I can write about Lana’s character.

LZClotho: I’m not a gamer, never have been.

Ceridwyn2: NYPD Blue

LZClotho: ariestess. I have the entire 13 episodes from torrent, and I found an episode guide with character summaries. email me and I’ll try to hook you up.

yurianimeotaku: @LZ I’m not either, but after seeing all the "cut scenes" of Specialist Samantha Traynor, I’m in lust.

Shatterpath: I actually wrote fanfic for gaming systems I once played in

Ceridwyn2: But I’ve had a thing for Paige Turco from when she was first on All My Children many yrs ago

ariestess: @LZ :: Thanks! Will do!

Shatterpath: Included friend’s charcters and everything. One of my best kink scenes was in one of those

shaych03: @ariestess there are streaming sites that have the eps, too

ariestess: @shay :: really?

shaych03: @ariestess yes.

ariestess: @shay :: Thank you!

ariestess: I must pay homage to Lana.

Ceridwyn2: well, the temp has dropped to 88F

LZClotho: one of my favorite screenshots of Lana from Miami Medical is her leaping onto a patient gurney, right toward the camera.

ariestess: guh!

LZClotho: happens in the pilot of all things

LZClotho: she was totally hands on — and the perfect workaholic character, totally dedicated.

ariestess: *swoons*

Shatterpath: h@ Clotho- Why is it that all I can see is Teryl on top of Amanda?

ariestess: *giggles* I LOVE that story!

fsc_ralst: Miami Medical – not heard of it – is it still going?

LZClotho: but she was such a softee in the emotional dept. loved her telling about the trip from Cuba during the hurricane, totally in the feels as she describes her mother’s death.

the_dhamphir: @shatter: I’m with you on that one!

the_dhamphir: @ralst: no it’s not, I think it was on only 1 season

yurianimeotaku: I came over from the world of Yuri anime to Femslash and the one thing in Femslash that irks me to no end is the fans (readers) find it extremely difficult to separate the actresses from their roles.

LZClotho: no, Miami Medical is the series Lana Parrilla last starred in before she got the role as the Evil Queen in Once Upon A Time.

Ceridwyn2: LOL, Shatterpath

LZClotho: it ran 13 episodes in spring 2010.

fsc_ralst: Oh, right, ta

Shatterpath: YUuri, you are SO bang on

ariestess: @yuri :: I can separate them, but also sometimes can’t.

yurianimeotaku: @Shatterpath I’m SO sick of being told "Nancy is NOT a lesbian."

Shatterpath: Nancy?

yurianimeotaku: McKeon

Shatterpath: ah!

Shatterpath: well, that goes along with my inate hatred of real person fic

Ceridwyn2: We can separate but still its occasionally fun to speculate. One thing I don’t like is RealPeopleFic

Gin Akasarahsmom: doesn’t matter if Nancy is… Jo Polnaichek totally is

grumpybear1031: rpf makes my skin crawl

fsc_ralst: @yuri why would femslash readers say that? It’s normally something non-femslash fans would say

Otakugamer01: i get pissed when people can’t seperate actress from character…

Gin Akasarahsmom: me too.. it’s really ick

ariestess: RPF bothers me…

Shatterpath: if a person loves it, that’s fice, we’re all grown-ups here, but it creeps me out

the_dhamphir: yeah, rpf is rather squicky to me, but i realize there are people who like it

shaych03: @grumpybear DITTO

yurianimeotaku: @ralst I’ve received PMs from readers informing me of this fact.

Otakugamer01: that pic of lana and jen…someone tweeted them

Ceridwyn2: I can’t get into RPF at all

Gin Akasarahsmom: yes… I know some people really like it.. but it’s totally not for me

winter156: RPF seem like an invasion of privacy

yurianimeotaku: What is "Real Person Fic?"

fsc_ralst: @yuri they’re probably not real femslash fans, then, just people who stumbled across a story

LZClotho: otaku: Jen and Lana apparently posed for another one together at the signing area.

the_dhamphir: a story about the actors rather than the characters, yuri

Ceridwyn2: when someone writes a story using the actors instead of the characters

ariestess: @yuri :: It’s fic about actual people, usually actors/celebs of some sort.

yurianimeotaku: Thanks. I haven’t seen or read any.

Ceridwyn2: be glad

yurianimeotaku: @ralst Probably.

Shatterpath: I broke once and did write one, but it will never see the light of day. I changed all the names and made them OCs

Otakugamer01: i know lz but after someone tweeted that to them…seriously what was that person thinking…just like during the hiatus someone tweeted to lana to stop screwing her boyfriend and send more pics/tweets

ariestess: If I wrote RPF, I’d consider going there with Jen and Lana. But I don’t, so I’ll stick with Regina/Emma.

ariestess: Then again, RPF also tweaks me because I’ve met a bunch of actors and just can’t do it for them.

Otakugamer01: here do this an AU where Regina and Emma are actresses in a show…

Liberty Stewart: Does it count as a RPF when it’s clearly a fictional version of said actor and they’re living in a fictional world like those movies when someone playing themselves make an appearance?

the_dhamphir: I’ve run across some RPF’ers that really get an attitude when i say it’s not for me.

shaych03: it feels like crossing a line for me – i guess the question is, would YOU want someone writing that about YOU and someone you weren’t even friends with?

Shatterpath: @ Liberty- I wouuld say, technically no

quietheartedfsc: I agree, shaych

Shatterpath: Shya, you nailed it

darandkerry_1: Have always wondered how people wite RPF. There is no real basis for how to write the ‘person’.

Gin Akasarahsmom: I don’t like putting thoughts and feelings into someone elses head… it’s just creepy

ariestess: @shay :: Exactly!

darandkerry_1: write RPF, that is

yurianimeotaku: Why would someone want to write a fictional story about a real actor, when all you have to do is pick up the National Enquirer?

Otakugamer01: lol

LZClotho: some tweeters are asshats.

Ceridwyn2: true dat

Shatterpath: it’s writers fictionalizing real people

shaych03: isn’t it slightly libelous, too?

Shatterpath: slightly?

Gin Akasarahsmom: Very I would say

shaych03: hedging my bets

Shatterpath: *chuckle*

docwho2100: What about historical figures?

Gin Akasarahsmom: Abraham Lincoln… Vampire Hunter!

Shatterpath: the snarky bi#ch in me wants to say that it could ruin fandom at large

yurianimeotaku: I guess those are fair game. Lincoln was recently turned into a vampire hunter.

ariestess: I still don’t agree with it, but at least with historical figures you have a little more background info….

Liberty Stewart: @yuri: There’s a massive AU of mine I’m planning to write that fully acknowledges fictional worlds and one story in particular has a real life actor stumbling into one of those fictional worlds.

Ceridwyn2: historical figures are sort of a different ballgame, as there are many fictional accountings of historical figures out tehere

Liberty Stewart: @gin: That’s the type of RPF I’m talking about.

shaych03: but in a historical sense, you can call it an "alternate history"

Shatterpath: see, now i feel bad that i hadn’t even thought of hte Lincoln angle. It’s such a stupid concept that I hadn’t thought of it fitting this convo

yurianimeotaku: @Ceridwyn But Lincoln as a vampire hunter?

Gin Akasarahsmom: if no one knows the figure and all we have to go on are biographies and such it’s a bit different…

Ceridwyn2: I heard about that, but haven’t the inclination to go see it

yurianimeotaku: @Ceridwyn Me neither…and I’m a HUGE vampire fan.

ariestess: For me, if hte person is still alive, they’re off limits. You wouldn’t want that sort of fic written about you, so why is it okay to write it about other people?

ariestess: Just create OCs and be done with it.

Shatterpath: yes, that

the_dhamphir: i admit, as a vampire lover, i will have to see it. but then i’m a dhamphir. LOL

shaych03: yes, it’s absolutely easy to use an actor’s face as inspiration for an OC

Shatterpath: and I’m an odd woman out in that I don’t get the vampire fetish

the_dhamphir: that’s because you’re wolf, shatter. LOL

tuesfork: I don’t either

Shatterpath: woof!

yurianimeotaku: @Shatterpath For me, there’s just something about a female vampire.

the_dhamphir: lol

ariestess: I don’t get teh vampire fetish either, and I’m not a wolf.

LZClotho: I’m not into vamps, but I love shapeshifters (not weres, shifters, there’s a diff, IMHO)

Shatterpath: ah, a sistah!

Otakugamer01: as long as the vamps DON’T sparkle i’m good

Ceridwyn2: Like, i’m hoping to go see "Farewell, My Queen" in NYC in a couple weeks while I’m there. Now it takes a different slant on the whole Marie Antoinette in the final days of the revolution, told from the point of view of one of her readers

Gin Akasarahsmom: hehehe

Ceridwyn2: I’ve read the book and looking forward to the movie

the_dhamphir: anything that sparkles is NOT a vampire

yurianimeotaku: @Otaku I AGREE! Vampires do NOT sparkle.

shaych03: but i think vampires can be not evil.

Otakugamer01: here’s a hot topic what kind of impact do you guys forsee from the popularity of 50 shades of gray

the_dhamphir: so do i, shaych

Ceridwyn2: Shit is right

yurianimeotaku: @shay If you ask Anne Rice, some have souls and look like Brad Pitt.

ariestess: @otaku :: Ugh! I wouldn’t read that if it was the last thing to read on the planet.

LZClotho: more "soccer moms" admitting to their borderline porn reading.

Gin Akasarahsmom: rofl.. and some dont and look like Tom Cruise??

angharad_gov: for femslash? none.

ariestess: LOL @ LZ

Shatterpath: lol

LZClotho: but no impact on femslash readership

Otakugamer01: fanfiction has been put front and center cause of the craptastic books origins

yurianimeotaku: "Mommy Porn?" Ewww!

Ceridwyn2: I’ve only taken a brief look at a preview of the writing and it scares the hell out of me. reads like badly written fanfic

Shatterpath: so i’ve heard

the_dhamphir: it IS badly written fanfic

LZClotho: it IS badly written fanfic.

the_dhamphir: LOL

LZClotho: LOL @dhamp

Otakugamer01: it was originally twilight fanfic

Shatterpath: and insults me as a inhabitant of Washington State and Kitsap County….

LZClotho: yeah… not even changed up that much.

shaych03: it’s only mommy porn because of the original source material. if 50 shades was based on Sports Illustrated, they’d call it Daddy Porn

Liberty Stewart: @arietess: There’s only two stories where I feel the need to use a real actor. The big one in particular involves a openly gay actress and her girlfriend, who’s a fictional canon bisexual character played by said actor’s real life friend, and it mostly involves them trying to survive in a monster world.

Otakugamer01: the writer got the names changed and got it published

Ceridwyn2: which scares me even more because shit like this gets published and yet there’s really well written stuff that can’t seem to get published

LZClotho: it’s also classed as D/s fic and it doesn’t even handle that right.

yurianimeotaku: If Stephanie Meyer can write about sparkly vampires and be successful…why not BDSM ones?

shaych03: and it’s still about straight people.

LZClotho: right shaych

Shatterpath: @Shay- That too

yurianimeotaku: @ralst For what?

Shatterpath: wow! That went fast!

yurianimeotaku: There’s nothing on the schedule

Ceridwyn2: Ah, I’ll stick to Tanya Huff’s Vicky Nelson series

shaych03: if 50 shades had been a fauxed version of bella and whatever female character, it would languish in obscurity forever

angharad_gov: you got that right, shay

ariestess: @yuri :: For general chatting.

Ceridwyn2: definitely, Shay

Otakugamer01: what i would LOVE to see is a GOOD or even GREAT femslash fic author approached to get published…but with this getting published not sure about that

docwho2100: Yay for Vicki Nelson : )

Shatterpath: we will have our day, ladies!

fsc_ralst: femslash fic authors do get published

yurianimeotaku: @Otaku By mainstream or Lesfic?

LZClotho: both

angharad_gov: big mainstream like 50 shades?

Otakugamer01: either

LZClotho: mid-list mainstream.

yurianimeotaku: Two of my fan fic author friends are published. They both started writing J/7 fics.

LZClotho: there are really very few anything that get published at the top levels of a stephen king or a stephanie meyers

LZClotho: most authors live mid-list or lower.

Ceridwyn2: just read a good story "The Slayer" by Nadine LaPierre –

yurianimeotaku: ty panelists…off to 1

Ceridwyn2: It’s a mystery series with lesbian characters

Ceridwyn2: well written

Ceridwyn2: okie dok

fsc_ralst: Thank you all for a very diverse panel *g*

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