Social Media

quietheartedfsc: hello, and welcome to the Social Media Panel

Jaely: Hello

shesgottaread: hello

quietheartedfsc: If our panelists would introduce themselves

quietheartedfsc: doc

docwho2100: hi I am doc (aka jojo) and I use social media for work, play and assorted writing

quietheartedfsc: sgr

shesgottaread: Hi, I’m sgr, and have been involved with researching social media for both my RL job and our SSW

shesgottaread: is it just the two of us on the panel today?

LZClotho: how does everyone best use SM here? I use to it track tumblr story updates (Bows to the Queen! and FYSQ are my top two) and the livejournal and Facebook communities to socialize.

quietheartedfsc: adn I’ll be both mod and panelist for this one. quiethearted. I use social media for both my company and the SSW

shesgottaread: Good question, LZ

shesgottaread: I’ve been using LJ and FB, and recently joined pinterest

shesgottaread: what is FYSQ, since that’s one I’ve not heard of.

quietheartedfsc: I’ve found that using FB to connect to potential clients has proven invaluable

Jaely: how so qh?

quietheartedfsc: I left an existing chain to go out on my own. For obvious reasons, I couldn’t contact existing customers, so used FB to make those connections outside fo the normal channels.

quietheartedfsc: It let me show folks I was there still but in my own setting.

Jaely: ah…

quietheartedfsc: It has become part of our regular advertising package

quietheartedfsc: more and more companies and individuals are using social media for that reason

Jaely: I just graduated as a Graphic designer and trying to figure out how to get myself and my work out to others using Soical Media… but I’m not too up to date on how it all works.

quietheartedfsc: then I’d tell you to do 2 things right off…a professional FB page, and join LinkedIN

Jaely: *nods*

shesgottaread: right. especially the LinkedIN

quietheartedfsc: then, as a graphic designer, you want a portfolio website.

Jaely: that I have

Jaely: had to inorder to graduate

quietheartedfsc: are you in a city or small town?

grumpybear1031: It works well when you use it. Just signing up for social media sites won’t do you much good if you don’t actively keep up with them. You need to make sure to keep supplying new content and constantly updating.

shesgottaread: and you probably want a Tumblr and Pinterest account as well.

Jaely: Large southern city

Jaely: what is tumblr?

quietheartedfsc: fine

shesgottaread: Pinterest is very graphically oriented, while Tumblr seems to be a good mix of graphics and text postings

quietheartedfsc: find the local women’s professional organization and join up..go to the meetings

Jaely: Ok *takes notes*

quietheartedfsc: the key is to get your name in front of as many people as possible

Jaely: *nods*

quietheartedfsc: these days, more than ever, it’s who you know

grumpybear1031: Whatever you do also keep proffessional accounts seperate from personal ones.

quietheartedfsc: I started a business last august in probably the worst economy in decades and we’re already close to breaking even.

Jaely: sound advise… I never like mixing the two

Jaely: oh nice

quietheartedfsc: definitely keep personal and private separate…far separate. most of my friends aren’t even on my professional FB pages

Jaely: right makes sense

quietheartedfsc: you may not do anything out of the way on your site, but there’s no telling what a friend might do inadvertantly

shesgottaread: angharad?

angharad_gov: do you think the fragmented nature of social media is a help or a hinderance for fandom (in general) and femslash fandoms (specifically) ?

quietheartedfsc: and people, employers, check that now. they google you

quietheartedfsc: ang, it’s both…it all depends on how you use it

shesgottaread: good question. Personally I think it’s a hinderance

shesgottaread: I find that there’s a definite splintering, having been used to finding everything on yahoogroups

shesgottaread: QH, how would you say that it is a help?

quietheartedfsc: depends on if you’re looking to connect…or trying to attract connections….

quietheartedfsc: you can use the scattered nature of it to focus people in a certain direction.

quietheartedfsc: like when we gathered all the real estate for the ssw…FB, tumblr, twitter, etc.

shesgottaread: true. and in connection w/keeping it separate from your professional or RL, how many of you on FB belong to femslash groups?

quietheartedfsc: all to focus attention to a single location

quietheartedfsc: *raising hand*

quietheartedfsc: me

quietheartedfsc: lol

shesgottaread: *g* I "belong" to a J/7 group, but never see any of the posts for some reason.

the_dhamphir: but do you belong to femslash groups on fb with your professional acct?

quietheartedfsc: not my r/l professional account…I do under my femslash pro account

shesgottaread: I actually only have 1 FB acct, so personal and job get commingled

quietheartedfsc: that wouldn’t work int his part of the country sgr…you can’t cross the two…at all

quietheartedfsc: I created a separate email and used it to join FB for all my femslash activities…my real name isn’t on any of it anywhere

shesgottaread: however, my employment situation so far hasn’t made that an issue for me. hanging out w/drag queens, involvement with femslash, none of those are currently an issue, but it is something I think about when I hear of femslash groups on FB

quietheartedfsc: You always have to remember that once it’s one the web…it’s eternal…you can never break those connections once made

shesgottaread: however, I also try to keep this name separate to an extent from RL

quietheartedfsc: In the South that’s more of an issue than where you live

shesgottaread: true, true indeed. and my employer is pretty liberal as well.

shesgottaread: so I’m lucky, I know.

quietheartedfsc: my employer is too…now…lol

quietheartedfsc: but not before…it was one of those known secrets…

quietheartedfsc: the point is social media can get you a long way, but you’ve got to be very conscious of how you use it

shesgottaread: However, I’d like to share a couple of links on security since hacking is a concern. You don’t want your accounts ripped away from you when you’ve spent time building a following.


quietheartedfsc: all these links will be posted to the con site a bit later on as well, if you want to refer to them in future

quietheartedfsc: sgr, if you’ll email those to ralst, she’ll see they get up.

shesgottaread: That one covers several of the SM sites, and here’s one abt Pinterest:

shesgottaread: I will do that. MakeUseOf is a pretty reliable blog on tech things.

quietheartedfsc: I’ve found it useful since you turned me on to it, too.

shesgottaread: If anyone is interested, Pinterest is currently in beta, so you need an invite. Send me an email at shesgottaread @ gmail and I’ll send you an invite

quietheartedfsc: ang, you ahve a question?

angharad_gov: do you think the rise of social media makes it more difficult or easier for fandoms to come together as they did in the days of email lists? is it easier to connect with fen or harder because of social media’s fragmented nature?

quietheartedfsc: I’m going to say easier

quietheartedfsc: I have talked to more people, fans and otherwise, since I’ve been using social media than I had in ages.

Ceridwyn2: okay, my browser locked up on me, so I had to go in another way

shaych03: i feel like it’s harder. i know there’s a lot of fan goodies on tumblr, but hardly any of them migrate to livejournal

quietheartedfsc: and I’m relatively new to the social media scene….just a matter of a few months

the_dhamphir: I agree with shaych

shesgottaread: I think overall it is harder, there are writers in fandom that don’t know of others, because the they’re on diff. SM networks

Ceridwyn2: I tend to use LJ for reading fic, but sometimes get drawn into fandoms by word of mouth on Twitter or FB.

the_dhamphir: a long time ago most stuff was in yahoo groups. then the writers migrated to LJ, and i followed. now, some are on lj, some on tumblr, some are somewhere else.

shesgottaread: certainly, I find it harder to find/keep up with writers that I adore

grumpybear1031: yeah I dislike having to search all over creation for things and always feel like an idot posting the same thing to three or four different places

LZClotho: there is more out there which makes it harder to be sure you aren’t tracking all over the same stuff. I don’t know how many times I’ve downloaded from tumblr only to find it further along on one of the other sites, or vice versa.

Ceridwyn2: Or things that had been posted in one place but get taken down by the author, webhost, or other reason

Ceridwyn2: Oft times I’ll save something, but sometimes I don’t and it’s a bitch to go and try and find where it was posted, if its still there

quietheartedfsc: that’s been true forever though

quietheartedfsc: geocities is a prime example

shesgottaread: and depending on the interface for a site, trying to go back and find earlier work is incredibly difficult

Ceridwyn2: Then there’s the Wayback Machine, which is good for finding some old stuff.

quietheartedfsc: if you ahve the url

shaych03: but then you have writers who post a "first draft" for fans to read and love – then take it down when it gets published.

Ceridwyn2: I’ve got tons of stuff bookmarked, which is only really useful if it’s still working or if WBM has archived copies of the site

quietheartedfsc: often that’s the publishers requirement, not the writesr

shaych03: i realize some publishing companies require that, but i think it’s a disservice

Ceridwyn2: However, I love that Melissa Good’s Dar & Kerry series has been published, but she still maintains it on her website.

shaych03: and she has a massive, still-growing fandom because of it.

Gin Akasarahsmom: different versions…

Gin Akasarahsmom: in the published versions all the X&G stuff is removed

shaych03: i still get feedback for Banshee’s Honor from the web version where the reader goes and buys the book and loves it just as much

Ceridwyn2: Yeah, slightly different, but mostly the same.

shesgottaread: yes, I’ve recently been using a program to help me save and convert fic to epub for just that reason, but it doesn’t help with most sites

Gin Akasarahsmom: mostly the same

Ceridwyn2: Yeah, but the sentiment and main gist of it remains

shesgottaread: I know I’ve gone to GCLS convetions & spent $100s on books that I had read online originally.

quietheartedfsc: I buy the ebook versions in a heartbeat….saves me doing the converting myself.

Ceridwyn2: I’m currently rereading Sel Vecanti’s Babylon 5 story, "Reunion".

Ceridwyn2: I had a print version of MG’s "Tropical Storm" but it’s disappeared somewheres

Gin Akasarahsmom: what pairing on the B5 story Ceri?

quietheartedfsc: I think it has to be faced that, especially in this economy, not everyone can afforde to buy the book….when they can they do, but otherwise, it’s nice they can still read when possible.

Ceridwyn2: Susan/Talia

Gin Akasarahsmom: Yay!… the best one

Gin Akasarahsmom: my *signed* copy of Tropical Storm is around here somewhere

shesgottaread: so what SM networks do you find best for following femslash?

quietheartedfsc: after that, ang has another questions

shesgottaread: for me, it’s still LJ

Ceridwyn2: It takes place in S5, but focuses on Ivanova and her new command of the EAS Rasputin. A ship that was partially built with Shadow technology. A well written series

shesgottaread: go ahead, ang

angharad_gov: is it a positive or a negative for you if you follow/friend/etc a fandom writer on whatever social media platform they’re on and he/she mostly ends up discussing personal matters rather than fandom ones?

Ceridwyn2: Still LJ here, too

shaych03: lj and i think tumblr seems to have a goodly amount on it

Ceridwyn2: Doesn’t really bother me at all.

yurianimeotaku: @sgr I use FB to stay connected to my favorite lesbian fiction authors and publishers. I don’t track fan fiction authors via SM.

shesgottaread: it doesn’t bother me really

Gin Akasarahsmom: I’m mostly on FB now

Gin Akasarahsmom: different groups there

quietheartedfsc: I think you have to remember that it’s their page. Everyone uses them different ways.

ivanolix: If tumblr was better at getting everyone to tag things with the same pairing tags, it would be great

quietheartedfsc: If someone’s too chatty, I take them off my feed.

Ceridwyn2: I don’t have enough fan writings outside of OVS to have an LJ, FB or Twitter feed for just fandom stuff

shesgottaread: yes, @yuri, I’ve also got lesbian authors/publishers on my FB feed, some fanfic writers, but they’re not posting fic there

Ceridwyn2: So, it’s mixed interspersed with other stuff, too

shaych03: i think it’s a two edged sword – some people, i like the personable stuff, some i’m not interested in the minutiae

quietheartedfsc: no, I’m not much on…"going to the store to buy milk now" postings

shesgottaread: some I read their posts via a LJ community so don’t see the minutia

Ceridwyn2: same as I follow both Val McDermid & Tanya Huff on twitter, and they don’t always post stuff on writing.

quietheartedfsc: unless they’re planning to pick me up a gallon too, I could care less.

the_dhamphir: and that’s the very thing i dislike about twitter

Ceridwyn2: And I know of some authors that choose to have their fanfic on their own website so they can control where it’s posted or reposted.

quietheartedfsc: I’m moving in that direction myself, Ceri

Ceridwyn2: See, i don’t mind. Like, Tanya Huff was tweeting about something today regarding the heat, and if she wanted that heat she’d be at San Diego Comic Con this weekend

yurianimeotaku: I find femslash author Slave2Free’s use of SM rather interesting. The series is posted on P&P with video clips referenced in the chapter posted on YouTube.

quietheartedfsc: that’s a creative use of SM

shesgottaread: That sounds pretty cool. I know I’ve seen diff. fic that refer to songs that include a YouTube link.

quietheartedfsc: I think you can do a lot with it, if you think creatively

angharad_gov: since there isn’t a "fandom filter" for most SM, does exposure to the personal blatherings of fandom (or otherwise) authors turn you away from being a fan?

Ceridwyn2: Not unless they’re being an ass in SM, that would turn me off their fic

shesgottaread: ah, how do you define fandom? the ficcers or the folks who are making the inspirational material?

quietheartedfsc: no, becasue I don’t think the two equate. Just like the actor is not the character.

Ceridwyn2: For the most part, I can disassociate the SM chatter if they can write really well

shaych03: i think it’s again, a perception issue. is their blather interesting? then probably not. are they hyper political in a way that makes me uberrage? then i’d go away.

yurianimeotaku: @ang I like knowing why my fav author hasn’t posted anything in awhile, but other than that, I personally don’t care if they what they are doing every minute of the day.

Ceridwyn2: I think it encompasses a lot

shesgottaread: I’m interested in the fic, and when I have a friendship w/the writer, that’s relevant

Ceridwyn2: I follow some actors that I like from sf fandoms – Jeri Ryan & Patricia Tallman, because both are pretty darned geeky.

quietheartedfsc: with the notable exception of LZ and Gun, I don’t really friend or subscribe to writers. Thankfully, they’re not overly chatty

Ceridwyn2: Neither is Melissa Good and I follow her on twitter

shaych03: as a writer, i don’t tend to be overly chatty in my social media sites

Gin Akasarahsmom: lol… I have a lot of writer friends

shesgottaread: yeah, for me, MG’s posts abt the boats & networking is interesting

quietheartedfsc: I never post anything on my sites…except pleas to stop me from volunteering for things.

shaych03: i feel like it’s really not my place to air my bs unless it’s affecting something i’m posting

Ceridwyn2: mine, it depends on time of day. Because I primarily work nights, then my time on twitter/FB is dependent on when I’m awake in the daytime.

quietheartedfsc: If I’m on FB it’s to check my farms…*G*

quietheartedfsc: not tell my business

shesgottaread: not supposed to be on FB during the ‘Con… *g*

Ceridwyn2: FB – my feed is personal, not specifically fandom oriented

Gin Akasarahsmom: always on… always on..

yurianimeotaku: I’m still getting used to the whole "being friends with authors" thing, so I tend to keep my distance online.

shesgottaread: how many different sites/networks can you keep up with at any one time? That’s part of my reluctance to keep joingin

Ceridwyn2: Depends on the situation and the writer.

Gin Akasarahsmom: since I started on FB I haven’t gone on LJ too much

yurianimeotaku: @sgr You mean AND have an offline life?

Gin Akasarahsmom: mostly one or two at a time for me… three or more becomes overwhelmong

quietheartedfsc: I think it’s all about why you’re doing it. If you’re just hanging out, that’s one thing, but using SM to advance your professional reputation is something entirely different

Gin Akasarahsmom: overwhelming

Gin Akasarahsmom: true QH

Ceridwyn2: I haven’t been on FB as much but that’s because I’m supposed to be writing OVS not getting stuck in reading other fic for the moment.

shesgottaread: @yuri, LOL. I’ve not had an offline life in years

Gin Akasarahsmom: yes… if you spend too much time online writing goes to the back burner too

quietheartedfsc: I think we all find that R/L interferes with our net life far too much

Gin Akasarahsmom: that’s for sure

shesgottaread: Anyone have any questions

quietheartedfsc: I want to thank our panelist/s. Doc has had some computer trouble but should be back with us later.

angharad_gov: thanks everyone for answering my questions.

quietheartedfsc: yw, ang

yurianimeotaku: ty panelists

shesgottaread: I hope we answered them to your satisfaction

shesgottaread: thank you all for being here

angharad_gov: yup. very much so

shesgottaread: cool

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