Tools of the Trade

ariestess: Tools of the Trade… What do you use for your femslash creating and finding?

quietheartedfsc: a bit more about all the new ways to tell stories, aj

ariestess: My bad!

quietheartedfsc: sokay

quietheartedfsc: it’s a confusing title…lol

ariestess: I think I’m stuck on a similar panel from cons past.

quietheartedfsc: but aj is also right

quietheartedfsc: we’re going to talk about all the new ways to create femslash

quietheartedfsc: which should help you in finding it as well

ariestess: yay! Femslash creation is always good.

quietheartedfsc: more than ever there are an amazing number of different ways to tell a story

Alkmaion: Are there other ways than female + female = femslash? *smile*

quietheartedfsc: in it’s most basic form, no…lol

quietheartedfsc: but delivering it once you’ve got that idea is a whole new world

quietheartedfsc: there is more software out there for doing all kinds of creating than ever

ariestess: Podfic, graphic novel, comic, web series, videos, fic…

quietheartedfsc: and vast amounts of it are open source

quietheartedfsc: which means free

quietheartedfsc: with programs like GIMP you can now do what Photoshop used to cost you hundreds to do

ariestess: If you can figure out GIMP.

Alkmaion: I´m game, -face and all *g*

quietheartedfsc: GIMP is actually easy to use. it’s more much intuitively user friendly than photoshop

docwho2100: There are a lot of good tutorials (written and video) out there for GIMP

ariestess: I tried it, but couldn’t get it. And I use PSP8

quietheartedfsc: and there’s a lot of tutorials out here as well

quietheartedfsc: just takes a bit of patience

ariestess: *nods*

quietheartedfsc: one of the things we did in preparation for the Con and the SSW which we’ll talk more about tomorrow

quietheartedfsc: is too research all the open source software out there

quietheartedfsc: to deliver stories by

grumpybear1031: I can’t seem to use it either. I tried after the last Con. I’m stuck with overpriced PS I think

quietheartedfsc: we’ve become quite familiar with a good number of them

ariestess: I think I just need to find better tutorials or something.

quietheartedfsc: I started on GIMP, self taught. I didn’t get to PS until I took classes.

ariestess: *nods*

grumpybear1031: I use the whole creative suite at work daily so it’s just ingrained I guess.

quietheartedfsc: Now I use mostly CS5, moving to CS6 in the fall

ariestess: *nods*

quietheartedfsc: Right now, I’m up to my eyebrows in WordPress.

ariestess: Which I think I want to learn.

quietheartedfsc: trust me, you do, aj

quietheartedfsc: it’s amazingly easy once you get the basics down

grumpybear1031: WordPress is pretty easy to deal with compared to some others I’ve used

ariestess: Well, the little bit I’ve played with the posts over on the IDF site make me curious.

quietheartedfsc: There’s a tutorial called WordPress Essentials on that will have you making basic sites in 6 hours

quietheartedfsc: literally takes you from loading it on the host to completing a site.

ariestess: Oooooers….

quietheartedfsc: and since offers a 1 month freebie to start, you’re set

ariestess: Maybe I can do an overhaul on our 3 sites…

quietheartedfsc: Morten Rand-Hendrickson does the tutorial

grumpybear1031: I’m one of those peoples that avoids tuts. I tend to just jump in and experiment

ariestess: And eventually move the pro blog from blogger…

quietheartedfsc: he also has 3 others that will teach you to make your own child themes in no time

ariestess: I’m 50-50 on tutes vs. getting dirty and experimenting.

quietheartedfsc: I’m the same

grumpybear1031: if i really can’t figure something out then I’ll look for a tut

quietheartedfsc: but these are so step by step and easy to understand it took no time at all

ariestess: *nods*

quietheartedfsc: and WP is on most hosts now

quietheartedfsc: One of hte other things we looked at was making audio fics

ariestess: *nods*

quietheartedfsc: for that we came up with Audacity.

michelle_2011: I like using Audacity

quietheartedfsc: All the audio fic we did this year and last was done on it.

quietheartedfsc: You pretty much just need a mic and headphones.

quietheartedfsc: the trick with audio is to keep from popping

ariestess: I hate teh sound of my voice, so always shy away from audiofics.

ariestess: Though my roommate wants me to do recipe porn.

docwho2100: : )

quietheartedfsc: lol

the_dhamphir: speaking of audio fic, where can we find it?

quietheartedfsc: I’m not even gonna ask

quietheartedfsc: we had some issues with audio fic this year….lost most of our recorders

quietheartedfsc: I think 1 fic actually made it in.

quietheartedfsc: I couldn’t do mine for obvious reasons

quietheartedfsc: but we have a bit of a surprise coming later in the year to take care of that

quietheartedfsc: so watch for update

ariestess: @QH :: All I’m going to say is reading recipes in various accents to sound like porn. Including my "Minnesconsin" accent.

quietheartedfsc: updates

quietheartedfsc: I think the best discovery I made in my researching ways was the various open source screen recorders

quietheartedfsc: by that I mean software that records your computer screen and audio together

quietheartedfsc: allowing you to make your own tutorials

quietheartedfsc: CamStudio is the best one we found for that

ariestess: That sounds interesting…

quietheartedfsc: Doc and aj, if you want to tell us a bit about the wiki software you’re using

ariestess: What?

ariestess: wiki software. Right.

docwho2100: sure – a lot of wiki creation is hosted on other sites, but you can also host your own wikis. We’ve been using a software called MediaWiki

docwho2100: It is a similar format to what wikipedia uses

quietheartedfsc: I’ve got the feeling we’re talking to ourselves over here…lol

docwho2100: you need to know a bit of html type coding to make a wiki page and knowing a little php to create the back structure is needed

ariestess: It’s actually a fun format to work with. I’d never done anything with wikis before, other than read them, but I’m learning a lot.

ariestess: LOL!

quietheartedfsc: but actually, I’d like to know more about the wiki…I’ve yet to have the chance to ask you two about it

docwho2100: if you don’t want to code your own stuff, I recommend pbworks (use to be pbwiki)

docwho2100: we added to mediawiki to make it more powerful

docwho2100: we are using the idea of semantic searching

docwho2100: it is an add on for mediawiki

ariestess: It certainly makes it interesting, to say the least.

docwho2100: the semantic extension allows you to add more connections to each wiki entry so you can search for linked concepts

ariestess: Speaking of teh wiki, I have work to finish tomorrow before the panel.

quietheartedfsc: doc, you’re going to have to send me some serious tutorial links for that.

ariestess: And I need them, too. LOL!

docwho2100: such as creating a semantic property that links who is in a relationship with whom

quietheartedfsc: aj… wanna peek?

ariestess: @qh :: sure!

docwho2100: I think I need to use CamStudio to make tutorials LOL

ariestess: Yes, please!

ariestess: LOL!

Whispering ariestess…

Alert: Whisper sent.

quietheartedfsc: yes, please, ditto

quietheartedfsc: you realize that only the 3 of us could get so psyched about talking code

docwho2100: Well, you could say writing code is like writing a story

docwho2100: well, kinda

michelle_2011: I could stand to hear a little more about coding

docwho2100: : )

ariestess: *squees* Okay, that looks all kinds of sexy, QH!

Alkmaion: Well, i´m listening, but I am in over my my head *g*

ariestess: I love coding!

quietheartedfsc: still needs some work

the_dhamphir: what are you flashing over here qh? lol

quietheartedfsc: the site

docwho2100: Her sexy code

quietheartedfsc: pretty code is so squee worthy

ariestess: That it is!

docwho2100: But with wikis – a lot of people gravitate towards blogs or platforms like WordPress for stories – wikis are awesome for cataloguing and keeping track of information

quietheartedfsc: I know. I’m gonna be linking over a great deal

ariestess: *nods*

docwho2100: although with all of these new ways to share story information, you do have to watch for hackers, spammers, etc.

quietheartedfsc: two of the quickest ways to avoid some of the hacking

quietheartedfsc: is to 1. put your content in a meaningless named file

quietheartedfsc: and 2. never, never, never have an account named admin

ariestess: Accounts named admin are so highlighted to be hit by spammers.

quietheartedfsc: it’s an open invitiation to hacking

ariestess: spammers/hackers, yes.

quietheartedfsc: I found out that you can build wordpress sites in dreamweaver…lol

ariestess: OH?

docwho2100: I use dreamweaver to edit the wiki php files often

quietheartedfsc: yes, it does PHP files

ariestess: Hunh…

Alkmaion: So, Cordy is an onion?(I got layers) *g*

ariestess: @alk :: Wrong window.

Alkmaion: sorry wrong room

ariestess: *smirks*

docwho2100: : )

Alkmaion: I´ll never hear the end of it, will I? *g*

quietheartedfsc: prob not

ariestess: You get used to it.

quietheartedfsc: bleeding over into the next panel a bit

quietheartedfsc: it’s not horrendously difficult to prep ebooks for Kindle

ariestess: I’m both surprised and not surprised by that, QH.

quietheartedfsc: which seems like a change of subject but isn’t…lol

docwho2100: Regarding code, if really starting out, CodeAcademy has some great intro HTML exercises

ariestess: CodeAcademy? Hmm… Will have to check that out.

docwho2100: and actually what is a good way to create an ebook? or is that a different panel?

docwho2100: : )

quietheartedfsc: calibre is still the easiest, I think

quietheartedfsc: it does a good bit of the work for you

ariestess: *nods*

quietheartedfsc: and will put the cover on as well, once you supply the art

ariestess: OH neat!

quietheartedfsc: then you can sell even short fic through Amazon for Kindle

docwho2100: nice

ariestess: Oh, that would be fun, and a little extra money on the side.

quietheartedfsc: Spectrum Diva, among others, is selling their short erotica through there

ariestess: Interesting.

quietheartedfsc: and since there’s a kindle reader for the pc……

quietheartedfsc: they sell a lot of the short fic for 99 cents

quietheartedfsc: they go up in $1 increments from there depending on length

ariestess: *nod*

quietheartedfsc: Kim Pritekel who is probably the first self-marketer…sells her novellas and short fic from her website as pdfs payable through paypal

ariestess: Nice!

quietheartedfsc: you make the payment with fic code and name in the comment line and she emails you the pdf

ariestess: That’s pretty damned kewl.

quietheartedfsc: she lost internet access today or would have been with us …she hopes to make tomorrows panels

ariestess: Am I double booked during her panel tomorrow?

ariestess: *can’t even remember her own schedule sometimes*

quietheartedfsc: I think she’s going to be on the ebook panel

quietheartedfsc: so no, aj, you aren’t

quietheartedfsc: you still have to find yourself an editor/beta and be very careful about making clean copy, but you really can do it yourself now

ariestess: *nods* See, and I really want to cut my teeth on freelance editing [and writing], so that sort of this is perfect.

quietheartedfsc: tie it in with the social media stuff we talked about earlier today to extend your marketing reach and you’re in business, aj

docwho2100: Everyone can be a mini publishing house, sorta

quietheartedfsc: yep, like us…lol

ariestess: *nods* I just get hives at most of teh social media stuff.

quietheartedfsc: you have to use it judiciously

docwho2100: And know that just like tools

docwho2100: use different social media outlets for different functions

quietheartedfsc: It’s a process

ariestess: And it’s time to go toward the Self-Publishing panel, too…

quietheartedfsc: One I’ve been following carefully for 3 years

docwho2100: must remember to ask you more later about your 3 year jhourney

quietheartedfsc: you’re part of it, Doc…lol

docwho2100: What opportunities/possibilities are out there, especially with a femslash slant?

quietheartedfsc: rhetorical? or what can I foresee?

docwho2100: Actual and foresee

docwho2100: and also in general, meaning not just for you, but anyone else wanting to jump into opportunities

quietheartedfsc: I don’t think there’s a limit to the opportunites/possibilities. I fyou’re willing to work for it

quietheartedfsc: as an example….from the ssw I can foresee ebook novels,

quietheartedfsc: graphic novels

quietheartedfsc: to animated web series

quietheartedfsc: compilations of short fic

quietheartedfsc: maybe even a live web series

quietheartedfsc: if the base is nurtured so the growth is sustained

ariestess: That’s a lot of options.

quietheartedfsc: yes, it is….and a lot of opporunties for people to take part

ariestess: *nods*

quietheartedfsc: you’re only limited by your imagination and determination to succeed…even at my age

ariestess: That’s true.

the_dhamphir: <– just qh’s assistant. *G*

quietheartedfsc: the secret is to always be moving forward, even when it seems to others that you’re not

ariestess: LOL

mandygirl78: what about a comic version?

quietheartedfsc: yep…

quietheartedfsc: think of how much we’ve grown and accomplished just since the first con

quietheartedfsc: look at the con itself…what it’s grown to in 2 years

ariestess: True enough…

ariestess: And we got the writers group and the SSW out of it.

ariestess: And now I may be getting an OUaT-based writers group out of it, too.

docwho2100: nice

quietheartedfsc: every year con spawns another child

ariestess: *nods*

ariestess: I was joking with Doggie about wondering what would grow out of this year’s con.

michelle_2011: what is next?

quietheartedfsc: and each time all it took was one person opening their mouths

ariestess: Or, actually I put it more like "What will I volunteer myself for this time?"

quietheartedfsc: dunno, michelle….what do you want to be next is the question….it’s what you make it

michelle_2011: oh I may think of a few things

quietheartedfsc: aj, I’m all volunteered out….ralst and Doc got me for years to come I think…lol

docwho2100: : p

ariestess: @QH :: OH, I’ll keep volunteering. It’s the nature of the beast with me.

michelle_2011: me three

quietheartedfsc: ah, but those two just keep expanding on the original volunteer moment

ariestess: And that’s even with ralst and Doc having me for a while to come.

the_dhamphir: @qh, you say that now… but you’ll end up volunteering for something else… lol

ariestess: @D :: You know her too well..

quietheartedfsc: umm, no…there’s no more room at the Inn…lol

the_dhamphir: @aj, I’m gonna marry her anyway. LOL

quietheartedfsc: between the 2 of them, I’m gonna need a dedicated server as it is

michelle_2011: self publishing?

quietheartedfsc: already in the works, michelle

michelle_2011: ah . . .

docwho2100: actually I see that in the next stage of development, more and more people will have their own servers

ariestess: @D :: LOL!~

quietheartedfsc: we might as well split one with ralst and be done with it, doc

michelle_2011: maybe a server in the cloud

docwho2100: people moved from hosted boards to their own, then away from hosted services like blogs and WP and now they are finding they need their own server

ariestess: And me!

quietheartedfsc: yes, aj…you too

ariestess: *beams*

docwho2100: a femslash cloud : )

ariestess: I like that!

quietheartedfsc: lol

the_dhamphir: @aj. well she asked. so i look at it as her volunteering. and she follows thru when she volunteers.

michelle_2011: see . . .

ariestess: @d :: Too true!

quietheartedfsc: not always sure how, but my word is my bond…how I was raised

ariestess: *nods*

Ceridwyn2: I’m back. What’s the discussion?

quietheartedfsc: possibilities

Ceridwyn2: of?

quietheartedfsc: anything, everything

Ceridwyn2: ah

quietheartedfsc: dream wild, Ceri…what’s your ultimate goal

quietheartedfsc: break it down into small pieces and make it happen

Ceridwyn2: Travel photo blogger

quietheartedfsc: so do it

Ceridwyn2: I love to travel, I love to take photos (particularly landscape) and I love to write. Put all three together

Ceridwyn2: Headed to NYC in 12 days

quietheartedfsc: so make a blog and start

ariestess: Yep

quietheartedfsc: find a hook

Ceridwyn2: I have one.

docwho2100: Did you know there are now ways to let people buy your instagram photos

Ceridwyn2: I use any extra money I save with nursing in order to fund my trips

quietheartedfsc: nice

ariestess: I need to figure out other things to write about on my pro blog, not just the pagan stuff, which has been a "fits and starts" kind of start [and needs to be updated]

Ceridwyn2: My other blog has interviews and reviews

Ceridwyn2: I had one interview with Kyler England last fall, and one with Shamim Sarif & Hanan Kattan last fall

Ceridwyn2: I have an interview coming up with The Rescues


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