quietheartedfsc: all voyager panelists please change your font to red

Gin Akasarahsmom: I haven’t written much in Voyager… but here I am

lisaofnine: and here I was switching to lime

DiNovia: ma’am, yes ma’am

thebronzey: DiNovia! <3

raiderl_1: wow, DiNovia’s in the house?!

DiNovia: bronzet!

lisaofnine: how is everyone? how many time zones are present?

the_dhamphir: hey DiNovia!

beachbum3668: Now it’s MY turn to squee!

thebronzey: *tackles Di*

Ravenfairy00: Squee for Di

Kazamen: Eastern here!

raiderl_1: i second that squee!!!

beachbum3668: Central

charlistorm: hello – London GMT in the house!!!

lisaofnine: western here

raiderl_1: Eastern

Ravenfairy00: Mountain

quietheartedfsc: eastern

Daxilla: western

Gin Akasarahsmom: Central

lisaofnine: awesome we can take over most of the world!

the_dhamphir: central

DiNovia: Raider, did you think I would abandon my lovelies on IDF? Even though I’m still writing my round robin piece still.

wolvie_dk: Central European Time here – it just turned midnight

lisaofnine: oui! london

raiderl_1: of course not!

lisaofnine: wolve: thanks for staying up late

Kazamen: We are waiting eagerly for said piece DiNovia!!

wolvie_dk: hey it’s saturday night. what else was I gonna do?

lisaofnine: she was working on it until late last night. i was whispering suggestions and generally being a pest

quietheartedfsc: pesting is good

lisaofnine: wolvie: well, after midnight, not much

DiNovia: Well, I’m 2/3 done now. Just a little bit more and maybe I can pull off something resembling a cohesive resolution. LOL

quietheartedfsc: so let’s start with the panelists introducing themselves, like they need

lisaofnine: quiet: "pssst… maybe 7 should say…." and show more cleavage.. errr. write more cleavage

Gin Akasarahsmom: Hi… I’m Gin… I was told to be here… so here I am. LOL… I don’t write Voyager, but I do adore the J/7 pairing

DiNovia: DiNovia: Co-owner of VJB. Author of Queen of Hearts amongst others. General femslashy geek. Fiancee of Lisaofnine.

lisaofnine: oh.. yeah… i am dinovia’s fiance, lisa

quietheartedfsc: Gin is helping mod this panel

Gin Akasarahsmom: hehehe

thebronzey: finish that Otalia fic, Di *hides* jkjk

beachbum3668: I’m BeachBum and Ibegan writing fanfiction in J/7

lisaofnine: hee we spelled it different and yet typed in tandum

Gin Akasarahsmom: I have written one tiny tiny Voyager fic…

quietheartedfsc: same for me…one teeny tiny one

thebronzey: I have read ALL the Voyager fic and written none! *flexes*

lisaofnine: oh and wrote some B7, She who hesitates."

Gin Akasarahsmom: You’re was Big QH!!

Kazamen: likewise, one little chapter for vjb

beachbum3668: I’ve written a few voyager fics

lisaofnine: and I am SUPPOSED to finish seven wonders

Kazamen: Yea, SWH is probably one of my fav stories so far

Gin Akasarahsmom: She Who Hesitates is my MOST favorite T/7 fic… because I can’t stand that pairing… except in that story.

quietheartedfsc: oh, yeah…that crossover thingy, gin means. *G*

raiderl_1: Loved She who Hesitates! one of alltime faves!

lisaofnine: gin, thanks!

quietheartedfsc: I agree with gin, lisa…still read it frequently

Gin Akasarahsmom: lol.. totally welcome. I re-read it fairly regularly

lisaofnine: i have been rereading seven wonders in the hopes of completing it.

DiNovia: Me too. I love SWH. It was VJB’s first fic after all.

lisaofnine: i have time now that I just graduated nursing school and passed my boards this Wednesday… I am NOW an RN

wolvie_dk: SWH was what got me hooked on B/7

beachbum3668: congratulations

Kazamen: Congrats!!

quietheartedfsc: congrats

Gin Akasarahsmom: Yay! congratulations

raiderl_1: congrats lisa!

charlistorm: congratulations

Ravenfairy00: congrats!

Daxilla: grats!

DiNovia: ::applause::

thebronzey: nerds

lisaofnine: thanks. now i need one of those elusive jobs. they are rarer than helmrats spine

quietheartedfsc: So now you can support Di in the style to which she wishes to become accomstomed? *G*

foodie14: total nerds

springloadedbunny: congratulations. So how does it feel knowing that your fics are on peoples hard drives and in trapper keepers and in e-readers everywhere? *grins*

the_dhamphir: congrats lisa

lisaofnine: total nerd. i am guilty

Gin Akasarahsmom: rofl… trapper keepers

DiNovia: FOODIE!

Ravenfairy00: trapper keepers? really

thebronzey: I’d tell y’all my fav Voyager fic, but all I can remember is "that one with the gloves and the tree"

lisaofnine: spring, well odd. I just worte cuz i love tha pairing.

springloadedbunny: not that I would admit to having one hehehe

DiNovia: Hey, I signed someone’s trapper keeper in 1999 for a Xena fic once. I know this to be true.

foodie14: DINOVIA!!

Gin Akasarahsmom: LOL

Ravenfairy00: not knocking it. just didn’t know they were still made.

LZClotho: I did too, Di. Someone had printed out my Xena fics and asked me to sign the front pages.

quietheartedfsc: they’re not…we keep them faithfully cared for

DiNovia: LOL Raven, they are also rare now.

DiNovia: LZ, must have been the same person. We met at a convention somewhere. LOL

Ravenfairy00: that’s cool. i think i have my old one in storage somewhere

lisaofnine: LZ, same for some of my buffy fics, sent me the titlte page to sign. seems so surreal

thebronzey: I had Xena fic printed out… totally abused that printer in the college computer lab

Gin Akasarahsmom: I printed my Xena stories out once… it took a ream of paper and two printer ribbons..

raiderl_1: I printed out the entire Just Between series at one point!

Gin Akasarahsmom: lol

beachbum3668: I’m totally impressed

DiNovia: LOL, Bronzey. Unfortunately, my college days were before Internet. I was writing bad Star Wars fanfic back then

lisaofnine: bronzey: we habe ALL abused the school printers. i would make a penn st ref but… too soon

wolvie_dk: me too. still have about 40.000 A4 pages lying around

beachbum3668: The first thing I loaded on my Kindle was Just Between

lisaofnine: god. i just found my first ever fan fic. a DS9 in script form… done on a typewritter

Daxilla: Just Between was inspirational.

Gin Akasarahsmom: I saved all the Just Betweens on my hard drive so that I could read them at my Mothers… she doesn’t have internet access

quietheartedfsc: same here, beach

evilbunyovrlord: my trappers with stories fell apart I got some drings with appropriate Voyager pics sealed into the fronts hehe

LZClotho: lisa: I have a Next Gen script I wrote in my footlocker

lisaofnine: raider… how many trees did that kill. O_o

raiderl_1: hmmmm. lost count

lisaofnine: LZ nerds one and all.

DiNovia: Wanna know what my first fanfic was? Written at the tender age of 10, a Buck Rogers episode extension, written in pencil on my handwriting tablet from school.

thebronzey: I only printed out porn fic because I needed that… later

Ravenfairy00: lol

charlistorm: lol

foodie14: lol

LZClotho: Di, we must have had the same childhood. I was writing Wilma Deering stories at 12.

DiNovia: LOL

raiderl_1: Ten?! impressive!

DiNovia: LZ, if only I had known you then. My family thought I was nuts!

beachbum3668: I STILL make all my notes in those $.99 essay books with the black and white speckled covers.

Gin Akasarahsmom: rofl.. yeah… but…. c’mon.. Wilma Deering…

lisaofnine: oh, i dont count my grade school scribbles. if i did, well, i "wrote" wilma deering /laurie partrige cross voers

Ravenfairy00: i’m not going to ask

LZClotho: we won’t discuss my parents opinion of my writing back then. now 30 years later they get me. back then, writing was a waste of time.

lisaofnine: no singing was involved

quietheartedfsc: *looking at the stack of comp books sitting beside me and slidign down in chair*

raiderl_1: LOL!!! wilma was hot!

evilbunyovrlord: I thought Ardala had real potential if she could get over her draped over all the furniture thing

lisaofnine: totally hot

LZClotho: totally Erin Gray all the way for me.

thebronzey: my tiny brain hadn’t invented the concept of fanfic until I saw some Xena fic lol

lisaofnine: oh crap.. i also wrote wilma/ardala kissy fic

LZClotho: I wasn’t sharing with anyone back then, just writing to/for myself.

raiderl_1: Fanfic has made most of what’s on tv bearable!

lisaofnine: me too, then I tore them imnto tiny shreds

LZClotho: but back to Voyager…

Kazamen: One of the first fanfic stories i read was I Am Borg

evilbunyovrlord: amen raider

lisaofnine: erin grey… sse i knew then i would marry a woman named erin

DiNovia: LOL

beachbum3668: I had never written a bloody thing except my Masters thesis until I wrote my first J/7 fic

foodie14: My bff met Erin at Comic Con last year…score me an autographed pic (white tank top and jeans shorts…no complaints)

lisaofnine: lz: sorry. i have been thinking of a B7 alt fic with them as arizona/callie torres from greys anantomy

Gin Akasarahsmom: nice… we have met her a few times… she’s very nice

Ravenfairy00: i got great pics of her this year at our comicon.

Stacicle: Late, sorry, what’s being discussed?

beachbum3668: Voyager

Gin Akasarahsmom: lol.. we’re off topic at the moment.. but it’s supposed to be Voyager

lisaofnine: stacie.. you being late

Jaely: not sure if it’s voyager or comic con at the moment… *grins*

Stacicle: heh, lisa

Ravenfairy00: @beachbum what made you write your first j/7 story?

Stacicle: Voyager, Comic Con, all good

lisaofnine: so, once upon a time… there were two ladies in the dela quadrant…

lisaofnine: delta

Jaely: lol

quietheartedfsc: raven had a question for beach

lisaofnine: and an evil short witch trying to seduce one them… wait…

Ravenfairy00: sorry i didn’t raise my hand. bad raven.

Stacicle: once upon a time

lisaofnine: yes! someone ask questions

quietheartedfsc: it’s ok, raven. I’m more trying to make sure Beach saw it

Ravenfairy00: yeah gin won’t send me to my corner.

Gin Akasarahsmom: my fingers are poised over the keys… just waiting to use my POWER!

quietheartedfsc: *pounding on the screen* Hey BB you in there?

evilbunyovrlord: Okay. If there was one thing beside the obvious that you could have changed in the tv series whaqt would it have been

beachbum3668: I was listening to some of the music from Moulin Rouge…Come What May to be precise…and a picture of Seven of Nine demanding to know what Capt Janeway’s HEART was telling her instead of what her brain was telling her. Absolutely crystal clear in my head.

DiNovia: LOL Gin.

beachbum3668: So I sat down and wrote What The Heart Knows

quietheartedfsc: kaz, go ahead

beachbum3668: quick question for the mods….how far are we allowed to Chakotay-bash?

Kazamen: So, my question goes to Lisa and Erin… What got you into writting T/7 stuff?

lisaofnine: beach bum, just enough to kill him, twice

Gin Akasarahsmom: do we have to talk about .. him?

quietheartedfsc: ya mean, plank? *snicker*

the_dhamphir: helmrat

beachbum3668: Just because he (inadvertently) was one of the reasons I started writing

lisaofnine: yes, beginings.. that made me switch to the dark side

DiNovia: Well, Lisa and I met in HerCaptain years ago and were writing J/7. Then Lisa wrote Beginnings which had a moment of subtext between B’Elanna and Seven and it was like a phaser to the head. Suddenly we both went hey, what if…? VJB was born not much later, with the first six chapters of SWH.

Kazamen: Ah very nice thank you

quietheartedfsc: staci, go ahead

lisaofnine: then i saw an interview with kate mulgrew… and when asked whoi she should be paired with on the show… "Anyone but 7." so…

DiNovia: You’re welcome!

Stacicle: beach, where can I find What the Heart Knows?

beachbum3668: On my website:

lisaofnine: pssst. stacis google :what the hear know janeway seven"

Stacicle: Thanks!

beachbum3668: No, thank you.

beachbum3668: FYI …some real nasty-looking clouds starting to arrive here. If I disappear I’ll try to come back in again.

DiNovia: BRB

quietheartedfsc: k BB

Ravenfairy00: whoever is having a storm, thanks alot for sending it here. lol

Ravenfairy00: had to go bring in the animals.

quietheartedfsc: BB, working on anything new or finishing anything current? *G*

beachbum3668: I’ve got a J7 fic in the works called Time Will Tell. It’s my re-write of Endgame.

Stacicle: Same here, thanks all, but it’s thundering out, so I better preserve my computer. First I’ll download beachbum’s story, though. (big grin)

beachbum3668: and, of course, I’m still working on Decisions and Destiny

quietheartedfsc: come back when you can, staci

lisaofnine: it amazes me that voyager fic is so long lived after the series

Ravenfairy00: yes decisions and destiny!!!!

beachbum3668: LOL.

lisaofnine: i personally think it is due to seven of nine but i am bias

Jaely: agrees

quietheartedfsc: I agreee, lisa

beachbum3668: the chemistry between the two of them was electric.

Kazamen: I think its because the characters are so well liked (for the most part)

lisaofnine: BB ever consider B7? come on.. try the dark side.

quietheartedfsc: been reading D and D in my 2 seconds of down time this week

beachbum3668: Granted, it was based on mutual hatred, but it was obvious there was SOMETHING going on

Gin Akasarahsmom: the dynamic is universal too… the older/younger… teacher/student… thing

thebronzey: 7 of 9 is one of the most fascinating characters in the history of television

Gin Akasarahsmom: for the J/7 fans

Ravenfairy00: exactly purr

evilbunyovrlord: I think overall the characters (Save the mighty oak) had more and better flaws and are therefore more fun to play with hehe.

beachbum3668: LOL…you know, I’ve tried B7. I simply cannot get my head to accept it

lisaofnine: i agree, plus.. well. jeri ryan+catsuit? helllllo

Kazamen: I have one major problem with the series though..

Gin Akasarahsmom: the only story that lets me believe it is She Who Hesitates BB…. otherwise.. me either…

quietheartedfsc: it ended?

lisaofnine: well i will convert you if i ever fiunish seven wonders, ok?

beachbum3668: I read an article in a mens magazine where they asked readers to vote for the sexiest Star Trek Babe and listed every female in a significant role from ALL the series.

DiNovia: back, and Bronzey, I agree.

shesgottaread: @qh: lol and I agree

Kazamen: 7 years, kim is an ensign, tom gets promoted, busted down and promoted again… just not fair lol

Jaely: Oh She Who Hesitates is what got me into B/7 in the first place

raiderl_1: i’ve never cared if it was B7, J7 or JT – like it if well written

raiderl_1: heck, even JT7!

quietheartedfsc: yes, beach?

lisaofnine: for me its all about the 7

beachbum3668: The voting results were 79% for 7 of 9….she got more than the total of the rest of the star trek females combined

Gin Akasarahsmom: rofl

Ravenfairy00: it was the catsuit

lisaofnine: BB of course. they have great taste

Jaely: catsuit…

beachbum3668: don’t we all…she still takes my breath away

Kazamen: I dont know, personally i would have put Ezri up on the hottest list

quietheartedfsc: yes, she’s better all the time

shesgottaread: not surprised, even the gay guys I know when I tell ’em I read J/7, they’re like *yes!*

wolvie_dk: just curious, who got second place?

lisaofnine: raven, no, i i was a catsuit i would have gooten 1 vote. dinovia’s… and then under duress. LOL

beachbum3668: who cares?

beachbum3668: LOL

beachbum3668: Hang on. lemme see if I can find it

lisaofnine: i am guessing dax

quietheartedfsc: oh, yeah…

lisaofnine: the spots… yum

Jaely: which dax?

the_dhamphir: only if you mean jadzia dax

charlistorm: jadzia

lisaofnine: jadzia

quietheartedfsc: still want to connect the dots and see where they end

Kazamen: Yes lisa Ezri Dax.. Loved her

DiNovia: in addition to being beautiful, though, Jeri is kinda the total geek girl package. Anyone who tweets about standing in line to see HP7 part 2 is my kinda geek.

Gin Akasarahsmom: Mmmm…. Jadzia…

lisaofnine: a jadzia fic was my first trek fic

Jaely: I lost interest after Jadzia died..

the_dhamphir: Jadzia… yummy

Gin Akasarahsmom: what’s she doing lately… terry Ferrell?

lisaofnine: jae; me too

DiNovia: my first trek fic was a crusher/troi, unpublished

Jaely: and I thought they should have brought Kahn back… but that’s just me.

Ravenfairy00: true Di

Ravenfairy00: but i can’t help that i fell in love with janeway mostly casue of kate.

Ravenfairy00: cause*

Gin Akasarahsmom: Do you think the Voyager fandom has ran it’s course or are there still things to explore in it?

wolvie_dk: Gin: Terry’s last IMDB entry is from 2003 so I’m guessing… not much of anything?

Gin Akasarahsmom: the stories often seem to be the same to me, lately

lisaofnine: terry f- nothing new on IMDB since 2004

lisaofnine: opps 2003

beachbum3668: Yup…Jadzia Dax was 2nd…she had, like 12% of the votes

Gin Akasarahsmom: thanks… I could have looked it up myself… I was kinda just thinking outloud.. LOL

lisaofnine: i think there are more stroies to be told.

charlistorm: I think its one fandom I never get tired of reading

Jaely: I think there is more that could have been told…

DiNovia: Gin: I personally believe there’s much to explore in it and even had a grand idea about a very, very long fic but I haven’t been able to carve out the time.

lisaofnine: poor terry F, I came in secon? great, what percent? …ummm 12

the_dhamphir: I’d like to see more B/7 stories being told. ; )

Kazamen: here here!

Gin Akasarahsmom: Do you find you like reading the sort of.. beginnings of the relationship, first kiss type stories,, or would you rather the relationship be established when the story begins?

beachbum3668: I think part of the appeal is that TPTB let the writers have some fun with the subtext because it put bodies in front of the screens

Jaely: I agree dhamphir

Kazamen: I like the stories that start from scract

Kazamen: scratch**

thebronzey: beginnings all the way!

wolvie_dk: As they say, half the fun is getting there

Jaely: yes I want to see how the love starts

shesgottaread: start from scratch, but continuing the relationship is great!

DiNovia: Gin: I like all three but prefer long intro to the relationship stories. Spoiled by lisa’s SWH, I think.

beachbum3668: Me too…I love the trials and tribulations of the two of them trying desperately to NOT be attracted to each other’

Gin Akasarahsmom: You think the stories set in the Delta quadrant are better than the ones after they return to Earth?

charlistorm: beggining

the_dhamphir: I like stories about their beginnings

lisaofnine: i prefer to start from where they are now and show how they came to be together, otherwise, the reader cant see past cannon… in my mind

lisaofnine: i do have a sequel to she who hesitates rattling around my brain, but its been years since i touched it

shesgottaread: not partial to one or the other Gin

Gin Akasarahsmom: yes.. I also like the ones that they try to fight their feelings..

Kazamen: Touch it Lisa!

thebronzey: a first kiss done well > all

Kazamen: Touch it now!!!

Jaely: please touch it Lisa!

thebronzey: pervs

Jaely: I love that story and read it a few times a year

lisaofnine: there is so much that would come up with the return to earth. if i wrote that, it would be really long, even for me, to cover the red tape and other issues

DylanChase: somewhere, someone is regretting their choice of words lol

Gin Akasarahsmom: don’t touch it Lisa… grab it… throw it against the wall and.. um… well.. hehehe… just go ahead and write it eh?

DiNovia: Gin: I have seen a trend in the post-return stories to have the couple in question separated by impossible circumstances, so I prefer Delta Quadrant stories. But, if a post-return story is well-done, well, I can’t not read it.

beachbum3668: I prefer post Endgame stories…whole lots more freedom

lisaofnine: geez, now you all sound like erin

Jaely: agrees with Gin

lisaofnine: err.. i mean, that she encourages me to write.

Gin Akasarahsmom: hehehe

foodie14: Who is this "erin" person????

lisaofnine: foodie : some chic tha followed me home and my two cats begged to keep her

DiNovia: aaaaaand DiNovia turns red…in more than font

Jaely: LOL

beachbum3668: Ok, here’s one….is it easier or harder to write in a fandom with such a vast amount of Canon?

lisaofnine: BB both

lisaofnine: lol

alannasky: meow…hi…just came in

foodie14: Oh THAT "Erin"… got it.

Jaely: depends on the story you are writing…

lisaofnine: easier because you can research, harder because if you dont research, people let you know

alannasky: cats yay

beachbum3668: Oh yeah, ST fans are by far the most well-informed fans. They don’t lwt you get away with ANYTHING!

lisaofnine: our kitty babies run the house.

DiNovia: BB very good question. I think it is easier to write it from personality pov and less so because of the science involved. take my round robin piece for instance. i now know more about warp theory and warp physics than i ever wanted to…..

lisaofnine: BB which makes writing trek fic the best place you hone your skills at keeping characters true

beachbum3668: I know….I mean, I can actually explain how a slipstream drive works.

lisaofnine: which is why trek has inspire SO much of our current tech

quietheartedfsc: scary, isn’t it

DiNovia: Lisa, yes. Nothing puts me off more in a ST story than a deliberate departure from canon with no plausible reason.

Jaely: you know the techno babble is what keeps making me not want to publish my ST stories… I have like three written but I’m so worried about the tech that I don’t want to post it and have the flames that I got it wrong…

lisaofnine: all todays cell phone invents, ipad folks… grew up watching trek

Kazamen: Scary? Hell no! Exciting? Hells yea!!

shesgottaread: betas, Jaely

DiNovia: Jaely, are they b/7?

quietheartedfsc: I mean how much tech you learn, just trying to write a small story

lisaofnine: jae: get a technobabel beta reader!

Jaely: yes

lisaofnine: VJB is a flame free zone

Gin Akasarahsmom: yeah… just find a beta reader to check it for you

Jaely: I’ve tried to get betas but no one has come forward

DiNovia: Publish them at VJB then. Very gentle, no flames. Part of the rules. Our group would LOVE new stories.

Jaely: and yes they are all B7

alannasky: yay new stories

Gin Akasarahsmom: and if you do get a comment saying that something is incorrect.. just check it.. and if they’re right then change it…

lisaofnine: umm yes please

Gin Akasarahsmom: and say thank you for pointing it out

Kazamen: Yea at VJB everyone is just happy to read anything, and then have great feedback

Jaely: ok I will see about posting them there

lisaofnine: you could post it as a beta version and ask for suggestions sent to you privately

Jaely: is that an option?

beachbum3668: What about playing around with the dynamic between the characters?

alannasky: hey shegottaread has a question i think?

lisaofnine: vjb is like a family, only not as F*cked up as real family.. like family with moms that allow no fighting

Jaely: *smiles*

lisaofnine: i missed the question… let me backtrack

shesgottaread: yeah, I was wondering if anyone’s read the post-endgame novels, and how have they impacted your writing of VOY fic?

shesgottaread: *takes my hand down*

beachbum3668: I haven’t read any of them deliberately.

Jaely: nope I’ve never read them.. so they have not empacted my (thus far un posted) stories

lisaofnine: i havent read ANY trek novels except one.. it was set in the mirror verse and i was hoping for some lesbian 7 of 9… and i just remember be grouchy when i finished it

beachbum3668: I own them all, but I’m not going to read them until I decide to quit writing J/7

Daxilla: you read them on accident?

Daxilla: oh wait… wrong inflection lol

DiNovia: SGR: I stay away from the novels because it adds so much to the research. They have more leeway with canon and then I have to go and determine what is canon and what is not and then….well. Too much work. LOL

shesgottaread: lol. I scanned ’em in the store to see if I should buy ’em for beta-dutes

Gin Akasarahsmom: novels often contradict each other

Gin Akasarahsmom: at least they do in the TNG ones…

lisaofnine: so do epeisodes

Jaely: oh yes they do

lisaofnine: episodes

shesgottaread: true, Gin. as do episodes.

DiNovia: Exactly, Gin.

lisaofnine: and then the movies….

DiNovia: True. Oh, the life of a ST fanfic writer. If we can do the research, why can’t they? LOL

beachbum3668: Well stated

lisaofnine: and kahless on a crutch … do not get me started on that abomination "Enterprise"

beachbum3668: I have a whole file drawer full of research for D&d

Gin Akasarahsmom: LOL… I have only ever seen ONE episode of Enterprise…

Gin Akasarahsmom: and that is all I want to see

Kazamen: … seen the whole series 😛

quietheartedfsc: Enterprise is like the book dwp…never seen it, never will

beachbum3668: I gave up of ST after they paired Seven with Plankhead

the_dhamphir: I’ve got it on DVD because, well, it completes my ST set. ; )

lisaofnine: i was so excited to watch it, then… it opened with WORDS to the hokey theme song and knew the world was ending. seventh seal was broken… started hoarding food for like three minutes until i switched channels

Gin Akasarahsmom: lol… lets hear it for OCD

Kazamen: yea, i never understood Chuckles and 7.. never made sense

Jaely: lol

alannasky: My question is actually for not just the writers but everyone…which sites would you recommend to read STV fanfics? and which authors do u like?

blackgrl71: Love that nickname for him

beachbum3668: I really think Beltran won a bet with what’s his ass and that’s why Seven went with him

Gin Akasarahsmom: I read it on

Jaely: which pairing?

LZClotho: there was a fic "Close Enough" (I think) which was the only "logical" explanation for C/7… because they both wanted Kathryn and couldn’t have/get her.

Kazamen: I know eh? Q is beast

lisaofnine: seven an chuckles was done by brannon braga to kill all the seven slash fic. had to be

LZClotho: but C/7 is generally verboten in my computer. LOL

beachbum3668: Was Braga drunk at the time?

Gin Akasarahsmom: it’s just wrong

beachbum3668: On so many levels

Gin Akasarahsmom: he hated her… there is no way he would have gotten past that

DiNovia: allana: I tend to stake out P&P for fics, and the VJB group.

Jaely: agrees with Di

LZClotho: I dramatized that entire Braga/Beltran exchange in my fic

Kazamen: Well, passion and perfection is a great site

lisaofnine: agreed


beachbum3668: and did it well, LZ

Kazamen: has a great section for VOY stuff

beachbum3668: I was so infuriated I quit watching the franchise after that

Gin Akasarahsmom: P & P is the best

LZClotho: Yeah, i did too, Beach

wolvie_dk: chuckles happened because the only ones available for 7 were him and Janers… and they didn’t have the guts to make her gay

lisaofnine: i read at and vjb when i have time. oh wait. i DO have time now. (sneaks off to check for updates…)

slave2free: agree with Gin

DiNovia: I stopped watching it with the marriage of B’Elanna and Tom. It went against everything my heart and mind told me about Klingon honor. Couldn’t watch that.

beachbum3668: You know, in the original storyboards for Seven of Nine, she was supposed to be gay

blackgrl71: there’s also this awesome monster-novel fic by Bearblue & Llachlan called Wonders of the House of Presba

quietheartedfsc: I didn’t watch Endgame until last year….how’s that for stubborn…still wish I hadn’t

Kazamen: for those who want/dont know it

beachbum3668: For one brief shining moment, somebody at Paramount tried

Jaely: Yeah Di I had such a hard time after that and watched rarely

alannasky: thank you guys and yeah i have p&p in my fav list

Kazamen: Yea! WOHP was a great great series!

beachbum3668: I shudder when I have to watch him touching her

lisaofnine: question for everyone… what draws you into a fic you come across? in those few instans when you start the first lines? AND what sends you screaming for the page back button?

DiNovia: BG: yes. I’ve read it but many won’t because it goes against their squicks.

LZClotho: out of character dialogue throws me out of a fic instantly.

beachbum3668: My biggest bugaboo is spelling andpunctuation and un-beta’d stuff.

lisaofnine: my text is frozen. be right back

LZClotho: atrocious grammar will be next… stuff that just makes it hard to even comprehend.

Kazamen: Usually whenever the story starts with B’Elanna swearing, it pulls me in

LZClotho: also writing adult characters as if they are 14/15 yrs old

LZClotho: I work with that age group. I do not want to read that age group

jazwriter: and vise-versa LZ…inappropriate thoughts/language from a child throws me out of a story

Jaely: clear characterization… if they sound right and the writing is well done at the start then I will give it a go

lisaofnine: LZ: *snort*

DiNovia: LZ: agree.

Kazamen: lol

lisaofnine: grammar gets me ever time

blackgrl71: i can deal w/ an occassional grammar mistake (since i’m as yet perfect & don’t have a consistent beta) as long as it doesn’t color the WHOLE fic.

thebronzey: boringness makes me leave a fic… I want some sort of plot beyond "I’m attracted to you. This is hard. Am I gay? Oh nos. More attraction. Processing time!" stfu at that point…

beachbum3668: You can tell pretty early on if they’ve got their characterizations right. If not, I run for the hills

Gin Akasarahsmom: I’m horrible at grammar

DiNovia: I’m usually thrown out by OOC and bad grammar and FORMATTING. I’m pulled in by a compelling opening line, humor….

LZClotho: agree, beach

quietheartedfsc: ok, ya’ll need to approve me since it took me 4 tries to join

beachbum3668: That’s why they invented beta readers, hon

blackgrl71: too much fluffiness tends to drive me away

Alert: An admin left the room: shesgottaread

lisaofnine: also, writing dialogue they would never say SEVEN: "So, lana, what’s up?" B: "just chillin in the holodeck" BLECH

Gin Akasarahsmom: rofl

the_dhamphir: lol

blackgrl71: LOL

Jaely: lol

beachbum3668: I started a fic not too long ago where they had B’Elanna saying O.M.G.

LZClotho: fluffiness often goes hand in hand with under-aged characterization or dialogue… if it’s too cute it is NOT Janeway or Seven. Neither woman was ever CUTE in their speech.

Daxilla: bleh…. OOC dialogue always kills a story

DiNovia: LOL honey

Gin Akasarahsmom: Seven is always very formal

blackgrl71: that is all kinds of ridiculous. but getting the character’s… personality right is key for me. i tend to do x-overs so that’s a challenge i’m really mindful of

beachbum3668: She’s formal, but contrary to public opinion she DOES use contractions

Gin Akasarahsmom: oh yes.. she does… it’s more efficient.

the_dhamphir: yeah, she’s not Data

DiNovia: I LOVE writing Seven’s dialogue. I find it a personal challenge to be succinct and efficient in my speech, so I appreciate the challenge of writing her.

lisaofnine: true, but NOT, ‘ what’s up’

Gin Akasarahsmom: rofl.. no.. not "What’s up"

Daxilla: I love writing Seven too… she always made me giggle

thebronzey: "sup bitches" is better *nods*

DiNovia: LOL bronzey

blackgrl71: very true about Janeway or Seven… B’Lanna doesn’t do fluffy very often either

lisaofnine: bronz: much better

Gin Akasarahsmom: writing Seven is fun

beachbum3668: I agree…so much potential there

lisaofnine: 7 to janeway and torres: "Sup bitches?" torres" bitches?" pounces on seven in cat fight

lisaofnine: 7: to self. "works every time

Kazamen: lol

DylanChase: lol

blackgrl71: oh, and ‘hi’!

beachbum3668: and, personally, I give thanks nightly for whoever invented the prosthetic they used for her ocular implant. Every time she cocked her eyebrow it moved and my knees get weak

the_dhamphir: LMAO

lisaofnine: BB i think jeri actually had that at birth. they cover it with makeup for other roles

blackgrl71: lol

beachbum3668: "Yes, Captain." *eyebrow twitch* ::BeachBum passes out::

DiNovia: I think what draws me to both characters is their journey to accepting themselves and seeing how that manifests in their lives. If someone were to write B’Elanna embracing her Human side more in a fic, I would read it because I’d be interested to see the outcome.

the_dhamphir: lol

lisaofnine: BB for me it would be "Your engine, lt?" twitch…. then i faint

Alert: An admin joined the room: shesgottaread

lisaofnine: i cannot read any unimatric xero fic. i was SO grossedout by that

DiNovia: Lisa: SECONDED

the_dhamphir: that just… didn’t fit well into the series

beachbum3668: I agree. One of my favorite episodes is the one where the Vidiians separated her human and Klingon halves.

lisaofnine: i think that was there "QUICK! make seven NOT gay. she’s pinging gaydar on every station"

the_dhamphir: *nods*

beachbum3668: And SO not well done. I agree. Unimatrix Zero makes me nauseous

DiNovia: Charli and QH: I just subbed you to VJB. You’ll get your welcome emails shortly!

lisaofnine: bb: i didn’t care for the klingon half, and i thought the human was too weak. it would have been AWESOME to have those reversed, that she gets her strength from her human half

thebronzey: What’s your favorite subtext moment on the show? Or moment that you felt should have been more subtexy?

Daxilla: "YOu belong with us."

charlistorm: tyvm

lisaofnine: SON OF K’Vok

DiNovia: Bronzey;: Son of K’Vok

wolvie_dk: The Son of K’vok!

lisaofnine: lol

Daxilla: should have been "you belong with me"

beachbum3668: hands down, the last 5 minutes of Dark Fontier

thebronzey: hehehe

Gin Akasarahsmom: I don’t know the episodes that well

lisaofnine: son of K, cheek bite…

beachbum3668: janeway tucking Seven into her alcove and saying "sweet Dreams"

lisaofnine: seven has a split personallity moment.. and tries to mate with b’elanna. b’elana seems more put out by the TIMING of the bite, not the bite

lisaofnine: bb: which I read as "Sweet dreams" to which seven thought "they will be. they will be able my hot headed little klingon engineer"

DiNovia: Infinite Regress is my favorite episode for understanding the character of Seven. It shows so much depth that we normally didn’t get to see.

lisaofnine: Di: agreed

beachbum3668: Not to mention it showcased Jeri Ryan as a talented actress

DiNovia: I think my favorite episode for understanding B’Elanna’s character would have to be Barge of the Dead.

lisaofnine: i have wnated to write a piece about the fall out from that forever.

DiNovia: BB: agreed.

lisaofnine: bb: jeri was insanely good in that ep

shesgottaread: true

lisaofnine: jeri as a ferenghi? as a child? scared ensign? klingon? vulcan? WOW

beachbum3668: How about when the Doctor had to take refuge in her cortical node. Jeri had Bob Picardo COLD.

Kazamen: the ferenghi was hilarious

the_dhamphir: yes, she did!

shesgottaread: BB, you are totally right!

Gin Akasarahsmom: she’s just a fantastic actress

shesgottaread: I don’t think she gets enough credit for her acting chops

beachbum3668: She never did. Kate Mulgrew was mostly responsible for that. She thought Jeri was just tits and ass. Surprise! The lady could act too.

DiNovia: SGR: that’s changing a little now that she’s proven she can do more than ST. Some don’t make that transition well.

lisaofnine: they should have had her guest on DS9 as a ferenghi women’s basketball play… nude of course with the damn ears

thebronzey: she’s a very natural actress

Kazamen: I think she does… Out of all the ST actors, there are very few who do more then just ST, so the fact the she has so many other shows is proof

thebronzey: Kate’s kind of an asshole lol

DiNovia: Kaz: Body of Proof?

lisaofnine: bronzey: which kind?

Kazamen: Leverage

blackgrl71: she’s an asshole that doesn’t work nearly as much as Jeri too… lol

lisaofnine: body of proof is great and there is SO much subtext with dana delany

Gin Akasarahsmom: she does.. she just does stage plays… not tv

beachbum3668: So what ws the cause of the chemistry between Mulgrew and Ryan onscreen? anybody want to take a stab at defining it?

thebronzey: I love Jeri in Leverage

beachbum3668: me too1

Kazamen: Likewise

lisaofnine: bb: i thinkj mulgrew is trying intimadate jeri by "Acting!!" at her, and jeri could have chemistry with a turnip

LZClotho: Kate’s competitiveness was at the heart of the chemistry. Jeri really caused her to bring her A game every single time.

the_dhamphir: LOL

LZClotho: IMHO

lisaofnine: LZ: agreed

LZClotho: I had to give this a lot of thought beyond the "she was secretly attracted to her" to make my story work.

Kazamen: Well, like B’Elanna and Seven, Anger can be mistaken for attraction so that could have been it

beachbum3668: I agree LZ. Kate would over-act to bully the other actors. Jeri just ramped it up and kept up with her

shesgottaread: but Kate made it too, ’cause she was staring at Jeri’s ass in Drive

thebronzey: agree LZ and lisa… they were sparring each time they were on screen

lisaofnine: plus, kate was acting INTO jeri’s breasts due to her height… lol and so, well, damn! kate, her eyes are up there!

wolvie_dk: BB: for more of that, listen to Garrett Wang’s interview at GeeksOn – hilarious and informative


thebronzey: I’d act into Jeri’s breasts all day long

beachbum3668: I’ve heard it. He tells it like it is

DiNovia: LZ: agreed. I saw Kate at a convention 5 years ago and she does tend to act the queen. But she also wanted to be certain that everyone in the audience knew she was not homophobic, too. Which is a direct response to the interview Lisa mentioned earlier.

lisaofnine: broz: i would NOT be acting

thebronzey: hehe

thebronzey: she could call it whatever she wanted

lisaofnine: that interview came off COMPLETELY homophobic.

Ravenfairy00: the oldest kid in a family of like what 5 kids. irish catholic. yeah it’s already ingrained in there.

thebronzey: it did! omg I had to repress that interview to continue imagining her as a giant lesbian hehe

shesgottaread: was it the ET interview? Who should be Janeway’s love interest? "DeNiro"

lisaofnine: i think anytime there are too strong female characters played by actresses who can bring it, there is going to be subtext

beachbum3668: kate doesn’t have a problem with gay men, but she’s scared to death of lesbians

lisaofnine: bronz" i wrote "she who hesitates’ in response to that interview

slave2free: LZ: Agree. Jeri was hired as eye candy, but she knocked her scenes out of the park – Mulgrew had to step it up to keep up with her or else allow Jeri to steal the spotlight completely. Mulgrew is a very good actress, but she needs someone to bring it out of her.

DiNovia: that interview and one with Lucy Lawless on Rosie are the reasons I don’t read press while writing a couple. Forgot and messed up my Otalia by following a certain person on Twitter. UGH. I hate interviews while I’m writing. LOL

lisaofnine: and chuckles wasnt bringing anything but yawns

thebronzey: lol Di

thebronzey: what? Chappelle didn’t make you want to keep writing due to her extreme awesomeness??

shesgottaread: none of the guys were really bringing much. well, maybe Picardo, but I didn’t care for the sexism in his character

lisaofnine: how about everyone else? does seeing the actor in interviews change your feeling about the fic?

DiNovia: LOL Bronzey. ‘

lisaofnine: awesomeness of vodka?

Gin Akasarahsmom: it helps me sometimes… I can mix the persona from the interview into the character…

beachbum3668: Not for me. I focus on the role they played

Kazamen: Not really, cause for me its not really the actors that i am thinking about, its the characters that are being created

shesgottaread: characters for me

thebronzey: I think I’ve learned to separate the two. Angie Harmon and Rizzoli and Isles being a good one… I think it’s hilarious how many people imagine her as a giant lesbian on a daily basis

Gin Akasarahsmom: I will sometimes have my characters say something that the actor has said in the interview…

blackgrl71: while i don’t go out of my way to avoid seeing them, i try not see interviews because oftentimes the ‘real life’ person isn’t nearly as interesting as the character i write about.

lisaofnine: shegot: i think they really were off mark having the doc be such an asshat toward women. he was a computer program. he should have been mr. political correctness

Gin Akasarahsmom: I totally separate the two in my head… there are actors which I don’t touch in stories… and there are characters that I can play with to my hearts content

beachbum3668: Ah, but look at her programmer.

slave2free: Totally separate. If an actress does her job well, we forget about her and focus on the character.

DiNovia: For me it removes me from the character too much. When I first heard LL’s real accent, I couldn’t hear Xena in my head very well anymore. It was that practical.

beachbum3668: Wait…but look at HIS programmer

Gin Akasarahsmom: yeah.. Dr. Zimmerman was a total asshat

lisaofnine: i cannot separate angie harmon from her republican, social conservative values…all the why MILKING the lesbians to get them to watch her show. it infuriates me

shesgottaread: yeah, he was so 1950s to me, but I kind of got that from the other guys too. felt like a big slap in the face to feminism and what StarTrek started out as. *ignoring Kirk’s behavior*

lisaofnine: definately 1950s

Gin Akasarahsmom: if the actress is good enough, the characters are separate…

Ravenfairy00: true

shesgottaread: oops! gotta go, drag bingo folks are here. See you all tomorrow! It’s been tons of fun!

Gin Akasarahsmom: Lindsay Boxer and Jane Rizzoli are different… but close to the same… but different enough that I can separate them out in my head…

thebronzey: I think Chappell thoroughly broke me when it comes to the whole milking the lesbians thing… I’m numb lol

beachbum3668: bye SGR

lisaofnine: see, not to me. i cant support an actress that i know doesnt believe in my rights to be equal WHILE she is playing to the subtext for ratings

Gin Akasarahsmom: they did that whole thing all wrong bronzey… Guiding Light writers were idiots

thebronzey: indeed

Kazamen: FLcit has a hand up 😛

libertygirl: didn’t know this was going to be political discussion. outta here

lisaofnine: at least chappell admits she is playing to the gays

Gin Akasarahsmom: rofl… is it political?

lisaofnine: lib: sorry

Ravenfairy00: who is chappell?

lisaofnine: ok… back to voyager. Any Kes fans here?

Gin Akasarahsmom: Crystal Chappell is an actress that is one half of the lesbian pairing on Guiding Light

Gin Akasarahsmom: was

thebronzey: crystal chappell from guiding light/venice/etc

Gin Akasarahsmom: yeah… back to Voyager…

thebronzey: omg I hated Kes lol

Gin Akasarahsmom: no.. I never really cared all that much for Kes

blackgrl71: i was going to ask that…lol. also what about all the buffy fics, knowing Sarah-Michelle is a big-time Repub

Ravenfairy00: ah gotcha. thanks

beachbum3668: The only episode I like of KES was WARLORD

blackgrl71: me neither.

lisaofnine: does anyone think Kes was wasted as a character by the way she left?

Gin Akasarahsmom: that one was cool BB.. I do know that one

slave2free: FLcit has hand up

DiNovia: FLcit has a question?

blackgrl71: i was going to say, her character was almost a non-starter for me.

lisaofnine: warlord was great. she acted that so well

lisaofnine: ask away

wolvie_dk: Kes was okay but pairing her with Neelix was just weird

FLcit: There are a few writers who have incomplete J/7 stories, will they ever be completed? Y’all know who you are….LOL! If already asked apologies for being late.

beachbum3668: What? Incmplete J/7 stories? Never1

thebronzey: I think of Kes as a necessary loss to bring me my 7 of 9… then I go insane and think maybe we could have had Seven for 3 more seasons if only it hadn’t been for Kes! Then I take my meds…

Gin Akasarahsmom: lol

lisaofnine: flc: ummm… oh, look a squirrel outside my window… brb. (so NOT hiding)

DiNovia: LOL Bronzey.

Kazamen: I wish Kudara would finish with ME and finish I Am Borg 😛

DiNovia: LOL Lisa

blackgrl71: neelix creeped me out a little… maybe it’s his food

beachbum3668: Yes. Decisions and Destiny WILL be finished.

Gin Akasarahsmom: as far as Kes goes… I think they came very close to having Janeway in a relationship with her… which is why the one with Seven isn’t a surprise to me…

DiNovia: FLc, for me, not likely. But I might start a new one. We’ll see.

lisaofnine: i keep swearing i will never post any of a fic unless it is complete because i hate having un anfinished ifc… which i SO have several of at the moment

Gin Akasarahsmom: posting complete is the best way

lisaofnine: gin: true

FLcit: LOL………thanks, Beach!! great, Di, Lisa ….no need to leave!! LOL

slave2free: BB: yay.

lisaofnine: i think they should have kept Kes and let tom die

the_dhamphir: LOL

DiNovia: As for the question about Kes, I think the writers wrote themselves into a corner with her.

the_dhamphir: Yeah, with her age

beachbum3668: I agree. With her shortened lifespan they really didn’t have anywhere else to go with her

lisaofnine: yes but trek has the ultimate get of jail free card… Q could have fixed that.

DiNovia: They shoe-horned a way to make her live beyond her life expectency and evicerated her character to boot.

geekgrrllurking: Or Kes could have transformed like a butterfly into an interesting character

DiNovia: GG: there is that

the_dhamphir: good point, geek

lisaofnine: geek:

Gin Akasarahsmom: They couldn’t make her interesting before.. what makes you think they could do it after her life was supposed to be over?

beachbum3668: LOL

geekgrrllurking: lol

DiNovia: The thing is, she WAS interesting when with the Doc. The writers screwed that up too by making her part of the Neelix subplot.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: aww…I liked Kes, especailly when she went all most have a child and eating beattles

BetweenLove_n_Hate: that was interesting.

lisaofnine: is there any character (female) that you will NOT read in a pairing? (of course any underage is off limits)

FLcit: LOL…Gin

lisaofnine: voyager

thebronzey: kes and janeway

Kazamen: Well, personally I really only read T/7 for star trek and some Sam/Janet for Stargate

lisaofnine: i wasn’t suggesting betty white fic

Gin Akasarahsmom: sigh… I love Betty White

Gin Akasarahsmom: she’s adorable

charlistorm: no go for me is – kes

lisaofnine: kaz: i love sam/janet

thebronzey: I only ship Betty White with me

beachbum3668: Yeah, Kes and Janewayis squicky

Gin Akasarahsmom: it would depend on the writer…

slave2free: I would totally read a Betty White fic

geekgrrllurking: not a big Kes fan actually, tend to give those a skip

DiNovia: On VOY? I don’t know. I don’t think I would have been able to write a Kes fic with any confidence. I’d love to see more use of Sam Wildman in stories but she’s really quite het.

geekgrrllurking: now Betty White, there’s fanfic, lol

the_dhamphir: I don’t know, I remember reading a couple of Janeway/kes fics that weren’t too bad.

Gin Akasarahsmom: I really only read J/7… except for SWH

BetweenLove_n_Hate: There was one that I liked, I think it was by Susan Thompson where Kes was reincarnated into a hologram

lisaofnine: gin: as do i but i do not want you see a character of hers slashed which/delores umbridge

BetweenLove_n_Hate: and she got with Janeway, not so bad.

thebronzey: not saying the fics are bad… the pairing is icky

FLcit: all about J/7 over here!!

Gin Akasarahsmom: rofl!… um… Ewww

the_dhamphir: @ between: I think that’s one of the one’s i liked too

thebronzey: j/7 4 life

beachbum3668: I vote for J/7 as the best too

lisaofnine: i thinkj kes has been made hologram in at least 2 fics. SWH is one

the_dhamphir: I still like B/7 the best

lisaofnine: me too!

thebronzey: b’elanna/7 is acceptable if done well, but I need to be won over

Kazamen: Im not really into the whole ‘group’ thing, but The Wonders Of House Presba did it well

lisaofnine: why do you think voyager fan fic is still so sctive?

Kazamen: casue the autors are bomb

thebronzey: is it active?? maybe I should ponder writing one hehe

BetweenLove_n_Hate: a desire to see a movie come out?

LZClotho: because it’s still in reruns in places. so there are new viewers to the fandom.

Gin Akasarahsmom: the authors have a lot to work with.. seven seasons..

DiNovia: If you think about it, the main females on VOY are Janeway, Kes, B’Elanna, Seven, Sam, Naomi, Mezoti….and then you have lower deck and that consists of the Delaneys and Tal Celes. Not much to work with.

lisaofnine: bronz: yes write

BetweenLove_n_Hate: yes, the re-runs certainly helped when they were still on in NY

geekgrrllurking: I think Star Trek in general is a lasting cultural thing, voyager is still a strong corner of it for femslash writers to play in

lisaofnine: plus we know which reruns to avoid… like unimatix zero

thebronzey: must finish my Once Upon a Time fic that no one is reading first

beachbum3668: SpikeTV still fills the occasional 3am time slot with Voyager

lisaofnine: bb: really?

lisaofnine: damn

Kazamen: i hear its on Netflix so that helps too

Gin Akasarahsmom: I think Netflix has it on streaming

beachbum3668: yeah, usually when they cant get something else to work

lisaofnine: we are getting close to the end of time, are there any more questions?

DiNovia: Voyager is also on Amazon Prime for Fire owners for free. All seasons.

the_dhamphir: we have about 16 minutes left

DiNovia: BRB

lisaofnine: question to writers: how much effort do you put into research for your fics? readers: how much does accurate research matter to you?

LZClotho: yes, bronzey, you must finish Madness Returns.

quietheartedfsc: as a writer..tons, weeks, months…as a reader, very much so

lisaofnine: brozey will never finish having her madness returns. ;-0

beachbum3668: I put in tons of time researching. It’s those details that really hook a reader.

thebronzey: hehe I will I should have an update tomorrow actually

charlistorm: I have not seen much of voyager so when I read fanfic I dont always know how accurate they are- if it reads well and is believble then Im happy

Gin Akasarahsmom: I don’t care for research.. but I usually end up doing it… like.. homework you don’t WANT to do but you have to do it or you won’t get an A on the assignment

lisaofnine: i do more research than writing. i agree it fleshes out things’

Ravenfairy00: sorry guys gotta jet off early. much love and fangirl squeeing to all the writers out there. J/7 was one of my very first otp’s/ xoxoxo

thebronzey: I mostly just avoid anything that needs research lol

the_dhamphir: I enjoy researching for a story

Kazamen: Well for me as long as it isnt a big big thing that is changed or skipped over (B’Elanna went to the engine room to fiddle with the big glowing blue thing) I can usually let it go, sometimes i like technobable but its not necessary for me

lisaofnine: gin: I am a whore for those A’s

beachbum3668: Bye Raven

lisaofnine: bye raven

Gin Akasarahsmom: hehehe… you have an A in my book Lisa

Ravenfairy00: bye ladies.

lisaofnine: YEA!

slave2free: The amount of research seems to be directly proportional to the authors love of the characters so I always appreciate it.

lisaofnine: not yeah to bye

lisaofnine: yea to a

lisaofnine: slave: cool. that is good to know.

Gin Akasarahsmom: if the author knows the fandom really well, they don’t have to do SO much research

the_dhamphir: that depends on what kind of story you’re writing, gin

the_dhamphir: i can know all the canon of x-files, but i still have to research stuff … medical stuff, ciminal stuff, etc

DiNovia: back and I love the research. i agree that it hooks readers, especially those in the know

Gin Akasarahsmom: but if you know the Star Trek ‘verse then you don’t have to do so much research on the terminology and such

beachbum3668: What is the most iconic thing in J7 fanfic?

Gin Akasarahsmom: so that part of the research is cut out

Gin Akasarahsmom: iconic?

beachbum3668: Yeah…remembered

beachbum3668: I vote for the WonderWand 9000

lisaofnine: gin: well, yes and no. i frequently have to research minerals, planets, theories on alternate evolutions.. ect. like, if reptiles were evolved to our inteligence, but they be bipdal due to its advantages, or would they slither. i simply have to know

LZClotho: LOL

FLcit: I am so happy that I have all 7 seasons of Voyager on DVD and not sugject to the whim of a network to show it in some ungodly time slot…LOL!

charlistorm: lol

DiNovia: oh fanon LOL

the_dhamphir: I agree with you, lisa

Gin Akasarahsmom: right… that kind..

beachbum3668: I was never a

DiNovia: Reason # 3,142 why I love Lisa. LOL She has to know.

Gin Akasarahsmom: but you wouldn’t have to research the way they speak… "Red Alert"… would be natural.. instead of.. "Sound the alarm".. things like that..

beachbum3668: TNG or DS( fan so i had to research the dominion War extensovely

lisaofnine: well i do!

beachbum3668: My typing is deteriorating

slave2free: Gin: I get your point. Those who have watched all the episodes for love of the series already know the characters and most of the tech babble.

thebronzey: we must have a similar personality type, Lisa hehe

Gin Akasarahsmom: if you don’t KNOW something then obviously research it… but if you already know the fandom… then there are certain things you wouldn’t have to research

Gin Akasarahsmom: right… that’s all I’m saying slave

lisaofnine: yeah, the bable, but there are a few great sites that pull ALL the shows and movies into chronological order

beachbum3668: I use them. I can never remember which deck Cargo bay 2 is on

lisaofnine: that helps with stuff like that time travel round robin on VJB right now

DiNovia: I still use Janet’s VOY site to research Voy–everything from ship decks to room layouts to episode names, to crew death dates….

lisaofnine: BB: you totally should get the tech manuals on amazon.

Gin Akasarahsmom: right

beachbum3668: I have them

lisaofnine: love them.

beachbum3668: And Janet’s site is bookmarked

lisaofnine: they are my nerd bibles

beachbum3668: couldn’t agree more

lisaofnine: dammit janet, i want whats true

DiNovia: who is this Janet woman and why is she never in one of these rooms??? LOL I love that site. It helped me with QOH SO much

lisaofnine: sorry. RHPS moment

beachbum3668: TIMEWARP!!!!

lisaofnine: dear god.. i see a voyager/RHPS xover on the way

beachbum3668: I think the doctor would be enchanting in fishnets

lisaofnine: "we are in orbit over the planet transexual transulvainia"

lisaofnine: bb" ew

lisaofnine: my eyes!

beachbum3668: ROFLMFAO

wolvie_dk: would 7 be Rocky then?

lisaofnine: lana and doc frank

wolvie_dk: in little gold shorts?

beachbum3668: Oh please let it be so

lisaofnine: wolv: no, she is janet

thebronzey: who would Chakotay be?

wolvie_dk: cousin eddie. he dies right?

thebronzey: *asks the hard hitting questions*

lisaofnine: except in this version, they kill brad(chuckles) and she runs off with dr frank(lana)

DiNovia: PS Just checked: Janet’s VOY site is gone.

beachbum3668: crap

lisaofnine: is it in the wayback machine?

wolvie_dk: are we almost out of time?

Gin Akasarahsmom: Yes… two minutes left

beachbum3668: One last question….does anybody else have a model of Voyager or one of the action figures on their desk?

wolvie_dk: what happens if we go over the time limit?

Gin Akasarahsmom: nothing.. wolvie..

Gin Akasarahsmom: lol

thebronzey: we get vaporized

the_dhamphir: umm. not on my desk… on some bookshelves

DiNovia: I have them in storage, BB. But I won’t give them up.

Gin Akasarahsmom: I don’t have a desk

lisaofnine: bb: absolutely not! and I CERTAINLY do not have a closet full of Seven of nine action figues. in 3 colors

quietheartedfsc: sorry, mine’s Xena

charlistorm: I still have Geordi Lar Forge from way back…

beachbum3668: touch my model of Voyager and die

Gin Akasarahsmom: rofl

lisaofnine: and I especially do NOT have crates of xena and gabby and calisto action figures in the rafters of our shed

slave2free: Thanks panelists. It’s been a blast.

Kazamen: Thanks everyone! had a great time

Gin Akasarahsmom: good times

beachbum3668: Thanks to the mods and organizers

lisaofnine: its been great having everyone here!

lisaofnine: you guys are awesome

Gin Akasarahsmom: yepper… great chats

lisaofnine: bb: I second that

FLcit: Yes, thanks all.

wolvie_dk: thanks. had a great time

lisaofnine: goodnight

Shatterpath: and more tomorrow!

Kazamen: Now give a round of applause for the panalists!

Shatterpath: yay!

DylanChase: thank you all!

Kazamen: (clapping at home)

thebronzey: pfft

DiNovia: Goodnight everyone! Always a pleasure to be a part of this.

charlistorm: *claps* thanks everyone

lisaofnine: and for the chatroom folks as well

DiNovia: Muah!

Jaely: fun!

thebronzey: nerds!

LZClotho: thank you everyone! this was great!

BetweenLove_n_Hate: goodnight DiNovia, have a pleasant evening

Jaely: lisa I have to go read your story again now!

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