Web Series

fsc_ralst: Could the panellists please change their fonts to red, bold and introduce themselves

wolvie_dk: given the panel topic i’m guessing there’ll be more than a fair share of ‘blushers’ in the next couple hours

quietheartedfsc: except Caryn who can’t change colors…

christintello: I’m not sure as I’m on the iPhone

fsc_ralst: Okay, blushing text optional

Breaking Point Caryn: i am what i am.

Breaking Point Caryn: Accept me, damnit!

christintello: does anyone know if I can?

quietheartedfsc: lol

Breaking Point Caryn:

giftofamber: lol

quietheartedfsc: it’s okay, christin…I’m not sure you can from a phone either

giftofamber: um, we could change from something other than black or red?

christintello: I can put a big X in front of my answer

quietheartedfsc: works

quietheartedfsc: For those that don’t know…

quietheartedfsc: our panelists today are Christin Mell from Tello Films

christintello: hi

quietheartedfsc: and Caryn K. Hayes from Breaking Point

Breaking Point Caryn: I’m Caryn K. Hayes, Creator-Director-Producer-Writer, etc of Breaking Point, an online soap about a group of friends and their drama

christintello: I’m christin Mell the founder and CEO of tellofilms that creates and distributs l

Breaking Point Caryn: everyone can go red except for us…

christintello: lesbian webseries

giftofamber: lol

quietheartedfsc: I’ve been following both of your shows and having a ball doing it btw.

christintello: thanks!

Breaking Point Caryn: awesome thx

fsc_ralst: Yes, a certain I Hate Tommy Finch has been watched and re-watch a number of times

slave2free: I’m sure I’m not the oly one thrilled to have such distinguished panelists. This must be the LEGEND room.

fsc_ralst: and I’m halfway through Breaking Point – darn Con got in the way of my watching time

quietheartedfsc: yes, and what’s with all the cliffhangers, Caryn…you’re killing me, girl

christintello: it is our favorite series right now

Breaking Point Caryn: I try, qh…

quietheartedfsc: I know Tello has a new series coming out. Christin can you tell us a bit about it?

christintello: the throwaways

quietheartedfsc: yes

christintello: yes we are so excited. this is about lesbian runaways

christintello: it follows the lead who runs away after her mon

christintello: threatens to send her to a de gay camp.

christintello: we want to highlight that 40% of runaways teens are lgbt

christintello: and the horrible things they do to survive

christintello: that’s all

quietheartedfsc: Then I take it you’re going really nitty gritty on this one?

christintello: oh yes

fsc_ralst: @christin it looks like another very large cast, was that difficult?

christintello: yes!

fsc_ralst: lol

christintello: going from tommy finch to this

christintello: it’s exciting but logistically difficult with schedules

christintello: we basically shot a movie with a cast of 14

fsc_ralst: Caryn, your cast is pretty big too, isn’t it?

christintello: that’s all

Breaking Point Caryn: it’s huge

Breaking Point Caryn: i could cry

Breaking Point Caryn: 15 in the first season

Breaking Point Caryn: 36 in the second

fsc_ralst: Neither of you likes to do things by halves, do you

christintello: wow!

Breaking Point Caryn: No…

christintello: 36 is- wow

fsc_ralst: How does having such big cast affect the story telling?

Breaking Point Caryn: i wouldn’t recomend it

Breaking Point Caryn: for me, it was really needed to tell the stories of these characters

christintello: we try to keep it at a minimum so we tried

christintello: but there are so many stories of homeless youth we

christintello: couldn’t half ass this

christintello: depends on the story you wan to tell so the story defines your cast

Breaking Point Caryn: I tried to minimize the cast to but it got a LITTLE out of hand. I would get so many questions about Imani and Crystal and how they are so different, so we had to intro their mom. they both have kids so we had to meet them

fsc_ralst: story begets story?

christintello: story begets cast

Breaking Point Caryn: the one success I had was when I created Zach, Tory’s brother. I collasped a lot of characters and he fills a lot of roles.

christintello: I’m actually location scouting now for a series that has 8 cast in one house

Breaking Point Caryn: you’re both right, IMO

christintello: but we can’t tell this with fewer people. we tried

fsc_ralst: more cast means more characters for people to fall in love with, or in loath with, depending

fsc_ralst: we do like badguys/girls sometimes

Breaking Point Caryn: I love that idea Christin. 1 location for everything with mimimal gurreilla filming. that’s what I’m doing with my next one

Breaking Point Caryn: definitely, ralst

christintello: locations drive cost so-

Breaking Point Caryn: that’s particularly important for BP

quietheartedfsc: Breaking Point uses a lot of locations I’ve noticed, but interesting how you do them. Redressing plays a large part I imagine.

Breaking Point Caryn: nope

fsc_ralst: When visiting friends, have you taken to scouting their houses for future sets? I know I would

Breaking Point Caryn: we use various rooms in the houses to there’s a good mix of Ben’s house, Crystal’s house, etc. and a little with the offices but we had a shit ton of locations

christintello: hell yes!

Breaking Point Caryn: i can’t walk in to a bank without imagine what I can do there!

christintello: I used 3 people’s house for the throwaways

quietheartedfsc: How do you go about funding these large projects?

Breaking Point Caryn: we had seven houses

christintello: we use our subscription funds – that’s how we fund all if our stuff

Breaking Point Caryn: mostly me and mom kicks me a little bit and we did an indiegog for the second season

fsc_ralst: so more subscribers = more shows?

christintello: yes ralst

christintello: we also like to fund other producers stories

quietheartedfsc: Y’all need to all go get a subscription. I need Cowgirl Up 2

christintello: so support of more lesbian content from more lesbian artists

fsc_ralst: Caryn, is indiegog crowdsourcing?

christintello: haha. cowgirl up 2 is coming

christintello: we are securing cast now

Breaking Point Caryn: yeah, indiegogo (mistype)

fsc_ralst: are you fund raising for season three now?

Breaking Point Caryn: not yet. I need a break!

fsc_ralst: I guess an IHTF sequel is out?

christintello: yeah on IHTF. that’s a one season deal

fsc_ralst: lol sorry, we’re remourseless

fsc_ralst: Yeah, it doesn’t need another season, but the characters are so good I want to see more

fsc_ralst: giftofamber, your question?

christintello: we could do a series when we go deeper into the missing years

giftofamber: How do you get the audience invested in your characters to follow them from episode to episode in so short a time (webseries eps are usually very short)?

christintello: I have amazing writers who write these rich characters – we write for a lesbian audience

christintello: and we can tap into our experience

Breaking Point Caryn: that is so tough! so I took my time. I’m (fairly) big on realism so I strove show you who they were before I showed the bad things they did

Breaking Point Caryn: there should be a "to" in there somewhere…

christintello: make sure you write from a place of truth

fsc_ralst: Is there a minimum running time, under which you think it’s counter productive? Or when is an episode too short? I’ve seen some early series that seemed to finish before they’d started

Breaking Point Caryn: and also I always want relatable characters that are easily identifiable. that makes it easier

christintello: depends on the story. I think 5 min is a good minimum if it’s part of a larger story

Breaking Point Caryn: runtime is such a hard thing. for our first season, we were supposed to have four eps but I cut it up to adhere to a dumb standard. I regret that now (why I did a director’s cut)

fsc_ralst: what is the dumb standard?

Breaking Point Caryn: I did it a little bit for the second season too. (eight eps turned in to ten)

Breaking Point Caryn: eight minutes for a drama

Breaking Point Caryn: this was in 2010

Breaking Point Caryn: and everyone I talked to at the time was like "make it shorter"

fsc_ralst: As a viewer, with absolutely no reponsibilities, I’d have through 20 minimum

fsc_ralst: thought even

Breaking Point Caryn: you should take as long as you need to tell the story as long as it’s good

christintello: our longest Eps are from mcmanusland which is 20 min

quietheartedfsc: as much as you both can pack into those episodes…longer might kill me….

Breaking Point Caryn: the thought was 5 minutes for a comedy and 8 for a drama.

christintello: i think 10-12 is the sweet spot

fsc_ralst: I remember one of the biggest bugbears people had with Venice, the first year, was that the episodes were too short, and I’ve heard the same for other shows — we are greedy

Breaking Point Caryn: wait til S3…

christintello: people wants longer Venice cause they wanted more Otalia

christintello: I think

Breaking Point Caryn: i think expectations are changing now

fsc_ralst: anyone out there have preferred watching times?

Breaking Point Caryn: people watch so much television online now and movies that they are willing to sit longer for a webseries

christintello: a

christintello: 5 min can be long if it’s a bad stoey

giftofamber: I am a avid follower of Girl Girl Scene which often runs 43 minutes

Breaking Point Caryn: as a viewer, I like 5-7minute comedies as long as they’re funny. Drama: as long as it’s good.

fsc_ralst: no running time will help a bad story

Breaking Point Caryn: right

fsc_ralst: giftofamber, another question?

giftofamber: As a fanfic writer, I don’t see a lot of fanfiction based on webseries, even lesbian webseries. Why do you think that is? How can we increase that? Because IMO a good fanfic can spark interest in watching a show.

docwho2100: smaller chunks might a concern in future with data plans

christintello: correct doc who

christintello: we try to get folks to write it for cowgirl up

christintello: we have a dedicated fanfic site called tellofans

christintello: remember this is a new medium so maybe people will start to look at us to write

christintello: more in the future

fsc_ralst: dedicated sites are great but they’re not going to reach people who aren’t looking, to increase of pique peoples’ interest you need to get it out into the wider community

christintello: we didn’t creat the site it was a fan. so we don’t run t

christintello: it. we are super supportive

fsc_ralst: it’s always good to have support

christintello: I can’t tell you what it means to us

christintello: to have a fan site

fsc_ralst: Nikki & Nora is a good example of a show only ever seen online – although not made for the web – that picked up a big femslash following and viewers

christintello: which you can see n te

christintello: on our site

Breaking Point Caryn: the simplest answer is definitely awareness

girlwithuglyshoes: hi everyone

quietheartedfsc: Caryn, your show is more of a mainstream soap opera with a strong lesbian/bi thread running through it with Crystal and Tory. How are your actors gonna feel when we rearrange their lives for them? *G*

Breaking Point Caryn: and i encourage anyone to write BP

Breaking Point Caryn: do it!

Breaking Point Caryn: LOL!

fsc_ralst: lol throw them to the wolves!

Breaking Point Caryn: I think they

Breaking Point Caryn: i think they’ll get a kick out of it

giftofamber: well, Breaking Point actors love it when I screencap cleavage shots randomly…so I think they’d love fanfic. lol

Breaking Point Caryn: Jessica (Gabby) has been trying to get me to put her with Crystal since S1 rehearsals

quietheartedfsc: hon, gabby and lynette need to license those cleavages…they’re illegal.

fsc_ralst: lol

Breaking Point Caryn: ha!

quietheartedfsc: and totally unfair to warn me about crystal’s sundress and forget to mention the little lace jobby in the last scene…I’m still picking up the cheerios I dropped.

Breaking Point Caryn: LMAO!

Breaking Point Caryn: yeah, totally her idea, too!

Breaking Point Caryn: and her outfit!

fsc_ralst: Did someone say screencaps?

giftofamber: um, yes. I did.

quietheartedfsc: Now if I could get crystal to share the lace dress with Tello and Christin to pour Maribeth into it….heavennnnnnn

docwho2100: nice

fsc_ralst: you’re teasing us with the lace dress now

christintello: ha! I’m going to see j

christintello: her Friday so I’ll ask

christintello: Julie keck one of our creative people just joined

quietheartedfsc: hey, Julie…

Breaking Point Caryn: Crystal’s pretty generous… haha

fsc_ralst: Oh, I forgot to say, Gabby/Crystal, yes please

KFink: Hi! This is Julie, one half of King is a Fink. We write for tello.

KFink: This means she’s our boss.

quietheartedfsc: somehow the thought of a generous Crystal does warm things to my heart. *G*

christintello: and direct for tello

fsc_ralst: Hi Julie

KFink: She’s pretty influential. Have no doubt she could make that lace dress thing happen.

KFink: Hi, quiet hearted!

Breaking Point Caryn: noted, ralst

fsc_ralst: Julie, what have you written/directed for tello?

KFink: hello!

quietheartedfsc: oh, yes…Gabby/Crystal…Maribeth and the lace dress….*faceplant*

KFink: so have you guys been picking Christin’s brain about Cowgirl Up Season 2 or The Throwaways…or both?

giftofamber: Hi Julie

KFink: Hi!

quietheartedfsc: I definitely want my Cowgirl Up fix!

KFink: can’t wait to give it to you!

fsc_ralst: I want to know who’s coming back for CU2

KFink: so excited to see how NancyLee works.

quietheartedfsc: all those lovely lesbians in chaps….good for my old heart

KFink: Great question!

christintello: Maribeth Monroe. Kodi kitchen. marnie Alton

christintello: Bridget McManus. Nicole Travolta Mandy musgrave

docwho2100: yay more dee/abby

fsc_ralst: that’s it, book my tickets

christintello: new cast. gaby christian. Maeve Quinlan. Hannah Madison Taylor

quietheartedfsc: I’m sold!…whihc line do I get in?

AllaineF4F: well, we’re all excited for that

christintello: hey Allaine!

KFink: so are we! I think we have a shooting date, yeah, Christin?

KFink: hi, A!

christintello: 90% confirmed

christintello: but October

KFink: ahh…

fsc_ralst: A hint of what we can expect?

KFink: yes, girls in chaps, quiet hearted. doesn’t get much better than that.

christintello: yes-

christintello: we’ve plays an escaped convict who plays havoc with our girls

christintello: and marnies character is. wrangler now

KFink: Marnie + ropes = uh oh…

christintello: same kind of cowgirl stuff and maybe a talent show

quietheartedfsc: Maribeth being a total snark again? *loves it*

fsc_ralst: Bridget Vs the convict should be fun

christintello: yes!

christintello: exactly

fsc_ralst: who plays the convict?

KFink: Bridget is so fun to work with.

christintello: Maeve quinlan

docwho2100: haha

christintello: she is going to play with Nicole Travolta who is hilarious too

quietheartedfsc: Nicole is excllent…great comedic timing

fsc_ralst: a funny combo

christintello: we are excited about that comic pairing

fsc_ralst: giftofamber, a question?

giftofamber: What lesbian webseries have you watched other than the ones you’ve produced?

christintello: girl girl scene. bj fletcher.

christintello: anyone but me.

christintello: out with dad

Breaking Point Caryn: Anyone but Me was a big reason I decided to do a drama

Breaking Point Caryn: others: OWD, girl girl scene

christintello: the slope

Breaking Point Caryn: between women

Breaking Point Caryn: i’ve seen a few of the Slope

Breaking Point Caryn: comedy isn’t my thing tho

fsc_ralst: Anyone But Me was one of the first I saw with really good acting, since then I’ve found many others, thankfully

quietheartedfsc: Caryn, one of the best parts of Breaking Point is when the ladies get together for their chats. Are you planning ot do more of that next season?

Breaking Point Caryn: thanks! I love when my ladies get together. But probably not for S3.

Breaking Point Caryn: too many fish to fry…

fsc_ralst: group scenes are always fun to watch. Are they harder to film?

quietheartedfsc: All those shots ringing out in the finale…lol

Breaking Point Caryn: you’ll probably see them in two or maybe threes though

Breaking Point Caryn:

quietheartedfsc: was also one of my fav parts of Cowgirl Up…

Breaking Point Caryn: they are harder in certain areas but we always get a second camera to cut down on the time

christintello: us too for CU

christintello: 2nd camera is important

fsc_ralst: Are they harder to write or do they tend to flow?

Breaking Point Caryn: so important

Breaking Point Caryn: they are actually some of the easiest to write

christintello: yes fine to write

Breaking Point Caryn: and now that I know the actresses really well, it’s even better

christintello: shooting is difficult

Ceridwyn2: Hello

fsc_ralst: more retakes?

fsc_ralst: doc, your question?

Breaking Point Caryn: two takes! that’s it!

docwho2100: I have two totally unrelated, or maybe related questions.

Ceridwyn2: Hey, Lysachan, your computer woes solved?

docwho2100: 1. Along with the idea of fanfiction, do you have ways you extend your story beyond the webseries? HAve you done, will you do other forms of storytelling to add to the webseries?

KFink: hi, doc who!

docwho2100: 2. Regarding filming – how much footage/time is filmed in a web series that the viewers never see?

docwho2100: howdy : )

christintello: Julie can you take 1

KFink: Question 1: with The Throwaways, we actually just shot additional scenes with our actresses for shorts that will compliment and extend the series. There shorts will be shown on AfterEllen.com.

Breaking Point Caryn: I created twitter and facebook pages for my characters. but I kind of stopped posting for them…

KFink: The actresses did such a great job.

christintello: 2. depends on the story. everything we in IHTF is on the screen by for the throwaways or cowgirl up you lose about 20-30 min

KFink: Gave extra opportunities to great actresses who might not have had lots of lines in the main series.

KFink: BP Caryn, that’s one of the pitfalls of character twitter/FB pages. It’s so fun, but difficult to keep up, especially as you move on to new projects.

christintello: with IHTF it was also a play

KFink: and would you do it again?

Breaking Point Caryn: most of BP makes it on the screen. there are only three scenes that were cut totally and some scenes that were cut down significantly

KFink: great to try, though! how long did you keep them up?

christintello: so it was 2 mediums in one

KFink: And IHTF also just played in longform at the LFest in the UK. All episodes played back to back at a film festival. A fun, unique experience!

KFink: re: IHTF, that’s why it was shot so intimately – b/c it started as a play. really worked out well.

quietheartedfsc: Writing question: With BP having finished it’s second season and CU going into it’s second, how much have the actor’s characterizations affected the writing?

Breaking Point Caryn: I would have kept them up if there had been more interaction with them but when there’s only so much time, ancilliry stuff gets cut first

christintello: it’s so much easier for Nancylee to write for CU2 cause she knows the actrssss

Breaking Point Caryn: @QH, it depends on the character but in general, I would say a lot

christintello: during filing we let the. improv so they really adjusted dialogue to fit them

KFink: Christin, the writer in me just shuddered.

quietheartedfsc: lol

KFink: I love scripts, but I also love that you always pick great actresses/directors to let the material/characters shine.

christintello: haha. I know

christintello: but Cindy is different thame drama

Breaking Point Caryn: I don’t really let them improv but I’m comfortable with them ad-libbing a little

christintello: than

Breaking Point Caryn: the "purse" line in S1 at the party was all Keena (Imani)

KFink: Bridget did some fun adlibbing in The Throwaways. Not an easy thing to do. And the other actresses were great at rolling with her.

christintello: there no Cindy my phone did that. sorry

christintello: it’s easier to let then adlib in comedy

quietheartedfsc: Again writing…which feeds your muse better, writing new characters or continuing a series?

docwho2100: bad Suri

christintello: I differ to Julie

christintello: I’m not a writer

christintello: and caryn

Breaking Point Caryn: it’s pretty equal though there’re sometimes when I’m not AS enthusiastic about a storyline as I am others

Breaking Point Caryn: for instance, for S3, I’m nearly finished writing the Crystory storyline and there are some I haven’t even started yet

fsc_ralst: Caryn, is that standard, to write different storyline strands independantly?

Breaking Point Caryn: for me, it is. I was just saying yesterday that when I get writer’s block, I don’t like to force it. When the muse is with me, I go with it.

Breaking Point Caryn: the others will catch up when they’re ready

KFink: Aw, thanks, Christin: you know, I like writing new characters, but my partner and I also wrote a five short series based on the same group. It was fun to display how the different characters had grown between the shorts…and not.

fsc_ralst: and intersections, between storylines, do you keep them in your head until the others catch up?

KFink: haven’t written a second season of a webseries, but I like the opportunities to bring in old characters as well as new.

Breaking Point Caryn: definitely! I have to.

Alkmaion: hm

Breaking Point Caryn: for the most part, the season is already beat out and I’m just writing dialogue to fill in the gaps

Breaking Point Caryn: and to more directly answer the question, I like both. More than that, it’s about the story.

fsc_ralst: Is it easier or hard, if you’ve also written it, than prose?

Breaking Point Caryn: I’m actually a fiction writer, disguised as a screenwriter…

quietheartedfsc: nice disguise

fsc_ralst: Ah Ha!

Breaking Point Caryn: it was very difficult adhering to script format

quietheartedfsc: *G*

Breaking Point Caryn: now it’s really hard to go back and forth since I’ve been doing this for the past four years.

fsc_ralst: do you find that dialogue has taken on more importance in your prose?

Breaking Point Caryn: now I don’t want to effin’ describe the meadow!

fsc_ralst: lol

Breaking Point Caryn: it’s a damn meadow. let’s move on

quietheartedfsc: lol

KFink: nice

KFink: no time for "it was a dark and stormy night." the characters have to show up all wet, right, Caryn?

quietheartedfsc: I feel that way and I’m still a prose writer…lol

atindall1976: Just joined you all, what have I missed?

Breaking Point Caryn: Right!!

KFink: we’re talking about difference between writing prose & screenplays

atindall1976: nice

KFink: ,..writing new characters vs. rejoining old ones.

docwho2100: and webseries characters getting all wet

Breaking Point Caryn: do they really have to walk in and say ‘hello’ or can they just be there

KFink: hi, atindall!

KFink: just be there

atindall1976: whoa…I have missed alot

Breaking Point Caryn: so you’ve seen BP, doc! LOL

KFink: we watched a movie called "The Room" recently, (a famously bad movie), and it seemed like every scene started with a door opening and ended with a door closing. not good.

KFink: We like starting early and ending late, especially with web series. gotta get as much crammed in there (good stuff) as possible. no time for exposition.

fsc_ralst: @Julie they should have at least called it The Door

christintello: shoot- I need to rewrite this next project…

Breaking Point Caryn: right, that’s like the first rule of screenwriting.

KFink: Ha! YES, ralst!

KFink: you should have produced. on second thought…better for you to be as far away from this as possible.

KFink: christin…

fsc_ralst: lol

christintello: thanks


quietheartedfsc: do not encourage ralst!!!

KFink: ha!

Breaking Point Caryn: love the name!

fsc_ralst: A filming question, how long does it take to film an episode/series?

KFink: a lot of what I learned about people via social work (my coworkers as well as my clients) informs my characters.

christintello: cowgirl up s1 took us 6 days

KFink: Let’s see…how long did The Throwaway take, Christin? A couple of months of long weekends, I think, and pick-ups?

Breaking Point Caryn: we shoot like a feature film. everything in location regardless of the episode.

christintello: same here

Breaking Point Caryn: the first season was five full days and two half days and the second season was 13 1/2 days

fsc_ralst: I’m guessing it’s a tighter schedule that TV?

christintello: location dictates the schedule notthe episodes

Breaking Point Caryn: yeah, for what we shot in the TV world would have been about 20 days

KFink: lots of economy on webseries shoots. impressive.

KFink: it’s not just DIY but DIF&S (do it fast and smart).

KFink: so many ways to be involved on set!

Breaking Point Caryn: let me clarify… 20 8-10 hour days. while we shot 12-14 hour days…

fsc_ralst: Is it a budge thing, the speed, or for other reasons?

christintello: budget and time.

Breaking Point Caryn: totally budget

fsc_ralst: budget

Breaking Point Caryn: if we had the money, i would give my cast more than two takes

fsc_ralst: How expensive is it to shoot?

christintello: the throwaways was under $10k

christintello: Timmy finch was $3,000

christintello: cowgirl up is much more expensive

Breaking Point Caryn: most of the people who work on BP are volunteers so it’s about $800-1200/day depending on the equipment and location for the day

fsc_ralst: Someone yesterday was saying that it’s feeding the actors and crew that eats up a lot of the budget, is that true?

christintello: we pAy our cast and crew. not a lot but everyone is paid

Breaking Point Caryn: yes

Breaking Point Caryn: we spend about 12-15% of the budget on food

christintello: for us it’s actors and crew

Breaking Point Caryn: about the same as equipment

fsc_ralst: an army marches on its stomache

christintello: in Chicago I’m able to hire people who have equipment so their pay is part offhat

Breaking Point Caryn: my DP has a camera and a small light kit so that helps but we have to rent a lot of grip stuff and bigger lights

christintello: and Julie. i pay Julie A Lot of money

fsc_ralst: I’m sure she’s worth every penny

christintello: yes!

Breaking Point Caryn: i give it away for free…

quietheartedfsc: You’re both breaking new ground daily. Advice to someone looking to get started?

KFink: ok ok

fsc_ralst: Post production, is that a big part of the job? Lots of equipment and such

KFink: write write write, then find someone with a camera, editing software, and the same drive to create as you.

Breaking Point Caryn: be unique

KFink: make sure you have the same goals, same ambition.

KFink: Yes, Caryn!

Breaking Point Caryn: get feedback before you start shooting ANYTHING

KFink: We’ve all seen "Imagine Me & You." Make a DIFFERENT movie.

christintello: write what you want to see

Breaking Point Caryn: oh, I love that re: finding a partner

christintello: it’s so easy to shoot and post these days.

christintello: also send stuff to tello.

quietheartedfsc: lol

fsc_ralst: lol

Breaking Point Caryn: Post is huge. I did S2 all myself. will never do that again…

christintello: I have someone writing something for us to possibly shoot

KFink: we love working with Christin: she’s a producer who knows exactly what she wants, then she gives us freedom to write toward that goal.

KFink: so much work. kudos to you, Caryn.

christintello: and Jess and Julie wrote and

Breaking Point Caryn:

christintello: write direct and edit

christintello: so I’m lucky they they love to do this and are talented

KFink: we’re used to doing it all by ourselves. connecting with producer christin was such a relief. we’re happy to write for her, direct, etc.

KFink: we’re not alone.

fsc_ralst: A safetly net?

KFink: we’d do this for Christin full-time if we could. a tello machine.

KFink: working with other people a safety net?

KFink: no, I’d say it’s more away to boost you up and over the wall instead of having to scramble up on your own.

KFink: we can take even bigger risks…more brains to brainstorm, weigh options.

KFink: does that make sense?

Breaking Point Caryn: ooooh, that sounds good…

fsc_ralst: absolutely

KFink: it’s still working smart. And, in the end, we’re able to create more products.

christintello: caryn you can’t have Jess and Julie…

KFink: ha!

fsc_ralst: lol

KFink: caryn writes her own stuff. she doesn’t need us…

Breaking Point Caryn: LOL

quietheartedfsc: watch out for ralst…she’s always minion hunting, Christin

christintello: and edits! she’s a machine

fsc_ralst: Where do you see web series going over the next five years?

KFink: well hello, ralst…

christintello: uh oh


christintello: I see more money being set to original content from advertisers

Breaking Point Caryn: hopefully we’ll see more sponsors entering the game

KFink: I think it’s going to get bigger and bigger, especially with groups like Netflix & Hulu producing original content.

christintello: I think tv is in trouble just like newspapers were

KFink: people are getting more used to watching short series on their computers. more room for us.

christintello: just hasn’t hit them yet.

christintello: also tello is idevice friendly and that’s a game changed

KFink: agree w/ christin. gone are the days when you have to sit in front of the tv at a certain time to watch a certain thing. everyone wants to watch exactly what they want exactly when they want ti.

Breaking Point Caryn: and hopefully it’s not just the big boys coming to take it over

christintello: changer

christintello: production is cheaper too

KFink: and writers are SO much smarter. wait…did i say that out loud?

fsc_ralst: lol

docwho2100: : )

Breaking Point Caryn: you did

fsc_ralst: And yes, they are

christintello: yes Julie… writers Rick

Breaking Point Caryn: i don’t not concur

Breaking Point Caryn:

KFink: i do think we’re in a spot where we can push boundaries a little more. no rules on webseries…

christintello: rock. arg iphone

fsc_ralst: Yes, as with IHTF, you can do things a little differently on the web

christintello: yes!

KFink: and i like that tello tells lady stories that movie past the boring ‘coming out’ episode or the turkey baster episode. bigger stories. more real stories.

michelle_2011: good panel, thanks.

KFink: yes, ralst! we were delightfully surprised as how well IHTF worked.

fsc_ralst: Yes, widen the spectrum

fsc_ralst: Big fan of IHTF

KFink: thanks, michelle!

quietheartedfsc: IHTF is definitely a hit and a great vehicle for the actors

KFink: aw…ihtf is very special to us.

KFink: the ladies did not disappoint.

KFink: a lot of pre-work during skype rehearsals.

Breaking Point Caryn: this was lots of fun!

fsc_ralst: Yes, thank you to all the panellists and guests, this has been a great panel, and I’ve learned heaps. Thanks!

christintello: IHTF was a huge risk

quietheartedfsc: it really was a test of the writers and actors

docwho2100: thanks everyone

Breaking Point Caryn: thanks, ladies!

christintello: yes

KFink: how fun! thanks for having us.

christintello: thanks!

KFink: hugs to you, doc who. you ARE the one who brought us to tello, after all.

Breaking Point Caryn: Shameless Plug: if you’re on twitter, follow @breakpointshow and me @caryngotthis. subscribe to hardlyworkingtv on youtube. And like us at fhtp://facebook.com/breakingpointshow

KFink: will do!


quietheartedfsc: christin get your shameless plug in too.

Breaking Point Caryn: that’s http://facebook.com/breakingpointshow

KFink: @tellofilms on twitter; tellofilms.com on FB. And check out our new site redesign at tellofilms.com.

AllaineF4F: *hug* Christin

KFink: free as well as paid content. enjoy!

christintello: same to u A!

christintello: thx Julie

KFink: got your back, c.

Breaking Point Caryn: and I like feedback so tell me what you think

AllaineF4F: christin, I made an "unofficial" announcement about the next show in the other room, FYI

christintello: oh good!

Breaking Point Caryn: even if it’s "James can suck it!"

quietheartedfsc: he can…as long as it’s not attached to Crystal

christintello: bye!!

docwho2100: haha

quietheartedfsc: *smirk*

fsc_ralst: bye

Breaking Point Caryn: Hahahahaha!!!

Breaking Point Caryn: bye for now!

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